Talk to Me—Chapter 12

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Talk to Me

Chapter 12

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When Eric returned, breakfast was a chatty affair. Gran told about her evening travels and O.I. was much applauded for being such an excellent tour guide.

“When we get this settled,” Eric was sipping the honey liquor that Gran kept on hand, “we shall all go to Paris. And where ever else we like.”

“Well, it did not take S-A long to send those Weres. You think she will be on the move tonight?”

“Who is to say?” Eric shrugged. “The Were we cut loose should scare her into keeping her ass at home. Now, she may send Hadley and Jason this way. Just to do a preliminary look see.  After all, Old Snick would not attack them, they are family. So perhaps, be prepared to see your grandchildren either late tonight, she will fly them in, or perhaps tomorrow, if she has them drive.

I am sure they will both be wearing a wire and probably some type of little camera. We shall spend the day setting up a few jamming devices. I need to make a few more phone calls and get those on their way to us. And around lunch time, I am making a few calls to the continent. Might as well bring the boys on over for a visit and call Samuel. Time to get all the paper work switched over so that Sookie inherits.”

“Eric,” she said placing a hand on his arm.

“You are my wife. This is how things are done,” was all he said. “If something happens to me, you will be provided for. And if that shifter Merlotte comes calling here, wondering when you are coming back to work, I am kicking his ass to the moon.”

“Shifter?” she echoed. “A Were?”

“No, just a shifter. He can shift to any animal. And there are rumors that they can skin walk. Impersonate other people.”

“What?” Sookie’s eyes grew round.

“Yes,” Eric nodded.

“So maybe I should call him and tell him I quit,” she said.

Eric refilled his glass. Setting the bottle down, he gave Sookie a very small, tight smile.  “That would keep his ass from being on the moon. Because I would be more than happy to kick it there.”

“I’ll go do that right now,” she replied, all business, getting up from the table. “Do I tell him I am married?”

“You are my wife,” Eric’s voice was very serious. “We hide that from no one.”

For a moment she just stood and smiled at him. “You  know, you make me very happy.”

Raising her hand to his lips, and keeping his eyes on hers, he kissed it again. “That is all I want,” he placed another small kiss there. “To make you happy.”

“I’ll be right back,” she leaned down for a deep kiss. When she stood up, Eric excused the two of them and followed her into the house.

Gran watched them walk off, his arm around her. Opening the door for her, they disappeared, inside.

“He is custom made for her,” she said, wiping at the tears. “All I have ever wanted for her was to know happiness. I mean down in her soul. Even if it was only for one minute.”

“I would say, Miss Adele, she is gonna have a lifetime.”

“Yes,” she smiled at O.I./Tor. “Yes,” she nodded. “For the rest of her days, blessed beyond belief.”

“And how about you?” O.I. asked. “You feelin’ up to bein’ blessed?”

“You charmer,” she stroked his face. “What kissing you along the Seine under that moon did not do it for you?”

“Oh, it did it for me Miss Adele. And then some,” he smiled and winked at her.

“You are just bad,” she grinned, “but very good. You feel like taking a walk and showing me where those Weres dug around on our land?”

“Yes ma’am,” he bowed his head and standing, helped her from her chair. “Indeed I do.”

Gran and O.I. stood looking at the hole. “That thing is huge,” she said walking around it. “What were they going to do, make a home down there?”

“Yes,” O.I. nodded. “S-A would come with staff, etc. So if she had vampires in attendance, they would need shelter during the day.”

Gran took out her phone. “Well then, let us go on record. I am calling the Sheriff. Show him so he knows one no- good was up to something. And I just might point the finger at Compton.”

When Andy drove up, Adele introduced him to Tor Torlesson.  “He’s a distant cousin from Ohio,” she said in way of an explanation. “Not by blood, only by marriage,” she added.

Andy hid his grin. So maybe Miss Adele was shopping around for a husband and had decided to import one in and that was trusted and true! Good for her!

“This way,” Grad said once they got past the how do’s.

Walking through the woods, Gran told about how William T. Compton had come calling at midnight and how she had taken silver spray to him.

And… “He was wanting to rent a room from me,” she sputtered. “I don’t own a boarding house, especially one for vampires.”

“That is quite some dirt mound,” Andy replied, “Miss Adele, I can see it from here.”

“Wait until you see the hole,” she harrumphed. “I never would have known anything about it if Tor had not been  scouting out a deer stand.”

“Vampire, huh,” Andy snorted as he was taking photos. “Must be the one who dug it, also. I don’t see any foot prints.

It is quiet out here. A vamp could do a lot worse. Set up shop here in the middle of nowhere and make yourself at home. If you accidently drained the body, you could bury it without any fuss.”

“Kinda what we thought,” Adele was scowling. “Look at this mess! Sheriff, this hole is going to need to be filled up. You got anyone looking to make a little extra money?”

“My cousin Ramey does ditch work. Owns a small back  hoe. How much you willing to pay?’

“I’ll give him fifty if he does not tear up my ground,” Gran replied.

“I know he is working a job today and tomorrow. Saw him this morning buying coffee. I’ll talk to him and send him out,” he replied.

“Thanks,” she nodded. “You need anything else? If not, the wind has a bit of a chill and we are going to head on back.”

“You go right ahead,” Andy replied. “I am going to take a couple more photos and head on back, myself.”


“Let’s call Gran,” Hadley kept giggling. “I mean I am going to be royalty! Let’s call Gran,” she laughed and clapped her hands.

“Jason, you roll a really nice joint,” she smiled as she watched her cousin work with the weed and paper.

“Thank you,” he smiled. “I do know a little somethin’ about the workin’s of rollin’ your own.”

“Well, I guess you do,” she nodded as he passed it to her. “Damn, this is good stuff,” she nestled back into the chair and took another hit. “You think Gran will be happy to hear from me?” she asked as she exhaled and relaxed even more.

“I think so,” he replied as he finished rolling his and lit it. “I mean, we are her grandchildren. Our successes are her successes. When we do well, it reflects upon her.

Besides, you have not been gone for that long?”

“Really?” Hadley perked up. “You think so? I…I have been gone for six years, Jason,” she sighed.

“Well, is that all?” he took a deep hit, held it, then blew it out. “Why, you are just the Prodigal Granddaughter comin’ home. Gran will kill the fatted calf and there will be a feast in your honor!”

“Really?” she smiled. “I would like that. Maybe have an open bar and dancin’ at Merlotte’s. Let Bon Temps know how well I am doin’. That would be real nice.”

“I have decreed it so,” Jason winked at her.  “As the oldest Stackhouse male, my wish is my command. Everyone will be happy to see you! I know I was!”

“Can we call Gran? I mean, really, let’s call her! You talk to her and tell her how fine I am and how well I am doin’.”

“I like it,” Jason grinned taking out his phone. “Let’s make this happen!”


When Gran picked up, she was greeted with, “Hey Gran. This is Jason! Guess where I am?”

“At work,” she responded. “Out of town on a road crew somewhere.”

“Naw…not today. I am in New Orleans making some big money. And guess who I ran into!”

“Well, from the excitement in your voice, Hank Williams, Jr.? I know he is your favorite country singer.”

“No-o-o-o, Gran,” he laughed. “Besides that was a million years ago when I would sing along with Hank. My new favorite is Keith…”

“Jason,” Hadley whispered in the back ground. “Tell her about me. You know, how well I am doin’ and how lovely my home is and I only shop at the finest places. Tell her!”

Gran rolled her eyes. Let the drug induced bullshitting begin…!

“No, Gran,” Jason was giggling, “not even close. But it was someone we all know and love! And miss! We have missed her so much! Do you know now?”

“Patsy Cline?” Gran asked as O.I. snickered.

“Who? No-o-o-o,” he laughed, “I am here with Hadley. And she has a sweet deal goin’ on. She is workin’ hard and savin’ her money….”

“Tell her about how pretty I am and lady like!”

“And she is gorgeous! I mean, really cute, Gran. Just as cute as a button and doin’ well. Did I say that?”

“Yes, Jason, I believe you did.”

“So, Gran, I know how much you love us and as the oldest Stackhouse male, I have invited Hadley to come home with me and visit for a while. You know, until she has to get back to her job…that she is very good at and she is you know…just really good at it.”

“So, you are taking her to your house, is that correct?” Gran replied.

“Well no, I said I was the oldest Stackhouse male and I think she needs to come to the Stackhouse homestead.”

“That would be your home, correct?” Gran countered.

“No Gran,” he took another hit and twirled his index finger around his ear and mouthing to Hadley in a quiet whisper, “She’s crazy!” and he giggled.

Gran rolled her eyes. “Jason, I can hear you,” her voice held frustration.

“Oh. Well, yeah. Okay,” he giggled and took another hit. “No, we would like to see you and maybe have a meal with you. You know, you can cook and we’ll eat and we’ll just chat while you are cookin’. I really like your cream gravy and biscuits.”

“And when would this be?”

“Oh, you know, sometime in the next couple of days. Not for real sure when, but we are lookin’ forward to one of your home cooked meals, cause you know, she is the Prodigal Granddaughter comin’ home for a visit.”

“Hey, tell her about the open bar and the dancin”,” Hadley whispered back.

Gran stood staring at the phone.

“And, because she is the prodigal, maybe we could invite the town and have an open bar and some dancin’, you know, at Merlotte’s” Jason added. “Just to show the town how well she is doin’.”

“Good,” Hadley laughed, “You got in the dancin’! I love to dance! And I love an open bar!”

“So we’ll be there,” Jason’s voice was filled with joy! “And lookin’ forward to the party! Thanks Gran, we love you. I gotta go now, Hadley needs me to roll her another   joint. And do you know why she does drugs? She started usin’ so she could understand Sookie.”

“Damn straight,” Hadley said. “That poor  miserable soul. I am just tryin’ to understand her horrible miserable life. She was just so sad and pitiful and my life was so full. I was just tryin’ to get down to her level.”

“Okay Gran, we’ll see you,” Jason said, hanging up.

Gran sat in the chair with her mouth open. “Both of them,” she sat there, shaking her head, disbelief in her voice, “higher than a kite.”

“What do you want to do, blessed lady,” O.I. came over and sat down beside her and took her hand.

“Take a nap,” she replied, stroking his hand. “Could you use a nap?” she asked.

“I could use a nap,” Tor smiled at her.

“Good,” she said standing. “Everyone feels better after a nap.”


The day passed in a delightful blur. Eric and Sookie roamed the woods, keeping to the shadows so that Sookie would not worry about Eric.

Eric was playing peek-a-boo with her as he hid behind trees and jumped out to scare her and sometimes seduce her.

Any time Eric might start to feel a bit feverish…Sookie would offer him a sip of blood and unfasten his pants while he helped her to undress!

For someone who had not seduced a woman in the late autumn afternoon shadows in a millennia, Eric had no problems remembering to use flowers, feathers and other small charms he found to stroke her skin with as he placed kisses all over her body.

When they returned to the house, Gran and O.I./Tor were in the kitchen, preparing vegetables for the pot of stew that was going to be their supper. Gran put the cornbread in and O.I. cleaned the chopping board and got out the cheese.

“Looks like a feast,” Sookie remarked. “And cornbread! Yum!”

“Indeed,” Gran smiled. “Thought maybe Eric could do stew. Just meat and vegetables. His body should remember stew.”

“Oh, okay,” Sookie nodded. “That sounds like a plan. After all, he does not have a problem with the honey liqueur.”

“That is what I was thinking,” Gran smiled at her. And then frowned. “Guess who we heard from today?”

“Your other two grandchildren,” she replied as she snitched a piece of potato that was ready to go in the pot. Sprinkling it with salt, she popped it in her mouth.

“You mean my two x-grandchildren.  Jason called. He is in New Orleans and he ran into Hadley while he was there. He wanted to know if they could be here tonight for supper.  A late supper, mind you. Maybe midnight. And if not then, maybe an early breakfast. Or lunch. Or any meal within the next two days. But I would know when they showed up! Like I was going to sit up and wait! Oh, and also since the Prodigal Granddaughter was returning, maybe we could have a party at Merlotte’s. With dancing and an open bar. To show Bon Temps just how well she is doing. And by the way, she became a drug addict so that she could relate to your poor, miserable life.”

“What?” Sookie countered.

“Exactly,” Gran snarked.

“There was not even a kiss my ass or by your leave from that boy!” Gran grumped. “Both of them higher than a kite. I could hear Hadley there giggling and telling Jason what to say.”

“So what do you want to do?” Sookie asked.

“Fill them with rock salt,” Gran replied.  “I cleaned and oiled Old Betsy, today,” she said with delight in her voice.

“All right,” Gran sighed. “I got that out of my system. O.I. says we can set Old Snick on them. Show them the fires of hell and the pit of demons!”

“Well,  I am liking this!” Sookie air pumped.

“I see that hole the Weres dug is inspiring us one and all,” Eric grinned.

“Indeed,” O.I. wiggled his eyebrows.

“I like it,” Sookie smiled. “So until they show up?”

“Let’s play a game of some sort,” Gran said. “After a round or two, we’ll make a pie and it they are not here by bedtime, then we are turning out the lights and going to bed.”

Eric looked over at O.I. who only wiggled his eyebrows, again.

“Should I call Pam?” he asked.

“Could,” O.I. grinned. “She could be the wind rider while I belch out hell fire.”

“Oh, I like this,” Eric smiled taking out his phone. “Pamela will declare you a hero,” Eric continued on with his text message. “So this is what, both of you; you blowing out flames while she screams in torment?”

“Something a whole lot like that,” O.I. replied sharpening the knife on a claw. “Those two will think twice about dis-respectin’ their Gran and before a comin’ this way, again. Mo’ fo’n, just wait up for us and fix us whatever we want.If I would have talked to my granny like that, I would not be here, today! I would be toastin’ coals in hell!”


When Sophie-Ann rose she was met by her day walker, Lauren. “The Were, Wills, is in a bad way. He has not stopped crying and shaking and shitting himself since he returned.”

“Did you shoot him up with a calm the fuck down drug?” she asked.

“Yes, I used the cocktail that we have reserved for the humans when you remove their flesh and feed it to the sharks. He just sits and moans and shakes.”

“Where is he?” she asked.

“The basement. That is the only place we have that has been sound proofed so far.  And the new packmaster, Big T is here. She called, wanting to know why the ones we hired had not returned. I called her back and explained they would not be returning. I saw no reason to delay this. Get all the questions answered at once.”

“Big T,” Sophie-Anne nodded. “That is Packmaster’s Stennis’ sister?”

“Yes. And she is just as big and nasty as her brother.”

“Excellent, the basement it is,” she sighed.

Listening to Willis the Were crying and shaking about what he had encountered at the old farmhouse gave her pause. As it did everyone else in the room.

“Old Snick,” he kept bawling, “he ate the other nine! In front of me. Dangled them by their hair and started with their feet and he ate them while they screamed in torment! Chewed through their leathers and…and their boots and I begged and pleaded and he laughed at me! Told me I was too old to have any testosterone left in me. Told me to take myself on home and to spread the word that he was hungry and he liked rough and ready meat! My gawd, he ate the packmaster! And my boy, Reynolds! And Glenda,” he sobbed. “He ate my Glenda,” the grief racked his body. “She had just tatted my name on her tits. And now she is gone…” he howled in misery.

Big T was nobody’s fool. As the new packmaster, she   had been notified that out of the ten that had contracted to work for S-A, only nine had returned. You had to be some kinda strong and mean to destroy nine Weres!

“There now, Willis,” Big T said as she walked up to him and put her arms around him, her voice soft and caring.

“You are the new packmaster now,” he sobbed. “Jimmy Joe is gone. He was a good brother…a good packmaster. Now…now, he is livin’ in the gullet of some horrible, hell dwellin’ beast,” he whimpered.

“Come on in here,” she sighed, “just rest your head right here against my bosom.”

“I can’t stop shakin’,” he wept as he snuggled his head between her breasts. “Have not been able to. I keep shittin’ myself I am so scared!”

“I know,” she was stroking his back. “I know. Now you listen to Big T. Everythin’ is gonna be just fine,” she said lifting his head and stroking his face. With a hand on each cheek, with a swift jerk, she broke his neck.

Staring at Sophie-Anne, the six-foot five woman in the biker boots and leathers was watching the vampire queen. “That’s ten of mine, down. That’s a million apiece. I want it now.”

“Of course,” she nodded. “Do you want to take retribution on the one that did this?” she asked.

Big T laughed out loud and slapped her thigh. “Good one,” she growled. “This thing ate nine of our Weres like a smoked pork rib covered in Sweet Baby Ray’s. Just ate until there was nothing left. I am contacting every pack in the US and giving them the grid coordinates and telling them if they value their pelts, they will stay away from this cursed land that devours those who do not belong there.

Now, our money. And no paper shit. I want it in gold.”

“Yes, of course,” S-A rose and started up the steps. “Were shit,” she breathed out. “Why me?” she moaned to herself. “Why me?”

Upstairs, the gold bricks were being loaded off a cart and into wooden boxes.

“Wait one,” Big T said stepping forward. “That piece of shiny bright is not the correct shade of shiny bright.”

“What?” Sophie-Anne replied, a sharpness in the word.

“You listen to me vamp,” Big T snarled. “I know fool’s gold when I see it. That bar there, it is not genuine. I can smell the lead from here.”

“Goget,” she nodded to the vamp in charge of her treasury. “Break that bar in half.”

Snapping it in two, it was most assuredly a lead bar, coated in gold.

“Whose area gave that as tribute?” she hissed.

“Gift out of Vegas,” he replied. “From De Castro when he was in power.”

“Fuck…me…!” she yelled. “Get a new bar, out of Area Fives’ tribute.

I apologize Packmaster,” she said with a bow of her head. “This will be set to rights in a few minutes.”

“Area Five,” Big T smiled. “Northman still got his hold on that land?”

“Yes,” she replied through closed teeth.

“Well say, isn’t that where you sent my pack, into his area unannounced?”

“Yes,” she replied, again. “And before you say another word, Packmaster, I would advise you to keep any and all thoughts of blackmailing me for more money to yourself.”

“Oh now,” she smiled at Sophie-Anne, “I was not going to do that. I was just going to ask you if you think he would fuck a Were. He is one good looking, tall, undead piece of meat.”

The Queen of Louisiana started to laugh. “Big T,  I am of the impression Eric would fuck anything. Seriously, probably even a dinosaur if they still walked the earth.”

“Do you think he would see me if I went callin’ on him? I have been told I clean up real nice.”

S-A broke into hysterical laughter. “I have no way of knowing, of course, nor can I think of a reason why he would not. Ah look, here is your solid gold bar. I am so sorry for your loss…and congratulations on your new job. Now, Fleet will see you out. I have a phone call that is waiting on me.”

The Were left and S-A was standing there, trying to gain some type of control over herself. “Goget, how many bars of gold did we purchase from Vegas?”

“My Queen, bars, hard to say but it was about one ton. We paid sixty-three million.”

“Do…do we have any more of those gold bars left?” she asked.

“No, the extras, those went in a shipment to Catherine. You wanted pounds sterling to purchase that island off the British Coast.”

“Goget, give me your best yes or no. Do you think Catherine unloaded them on her child,  De Castro, for cash?”

“Catherine loves gold, your majesty. Of course, if she was releasing bogus gold, sure why not, sell it to your child. I mean, what are they going to do if they find out?”

“Good point. And who did we send the rest of that bogus gold, too?”

“We paid your taxes to the National Committee. We shipped that out to the East Coast two days, ago.”

“So it has arrived safely there…?”

“Count on that my queen. I have the received the stamped paid-in-gold manifest.”

“Well Were shit…we are moving out to the Stackhouse place. Find out where Jason is. And round up Hadley. If anyone in Boston checks that gold shipment, we are in deep Were shit. They will be sending everyone after us!

Tell Crankshaft he is to be here to open the door.  I am going to grab a few things, but I can shop on line anywhere. Get the breathers and let us go.”

“Not a problem, my queen,” Lauren replied.  “They are both still in the party room. They have been smoking and eating all day. Jason called their gran. Told them they would be by sometime to visit with her.”

“Excellent,” she nodded. “So them showing up at the door will not be a total surprise. Lauren, I am going to need you there with me to monitor the humans by day.”

“Not a problem my Queen,” she said with a bow. “You know I am happy to be of service to you.”

“Grab some cash, a weapon, and let us leave by car. A helicopter leaving out of here would draw attention to itself. We’ll drive to Baton Rouge and take another look at our options.”


Pamela got the phone call from Crankshaft. “I owe you, my friend,” she said to him. “Once they are gone, you get to the Blood on the Quarter.Ask for Samuel. If anyone gives you any Were shit, you call me and hand them the phone.”

Hanging up, Pam called Eric. “I am inbound. Prepare for Were shit.”

Hanging up, Eric looked out at the group. “The Child is on her way. She has news of the to war, type. I can tell by the glee in her voice.”


With Pamela’s arrival they all settled in to listen to the story. When she had finished, Sookie sat back. “So they are actively on their way here.”

“Yes,” Pam nodded. “They will drive to Baton Rouge and probably take a helicopter to Shreveport. Or they could over-night in BR and then just drive on in the next evening.”

“They will be here before sunrise,” Eric said, tapping his fingers, together. “She is running scared. She has sent lead to pay her taxes and those in Boston, when they find out, will not be amused by that.”

“Boston? National HQ is located there?” Sookie asked.

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “This changes things a bit. Sadly, perhaps Pamela will not get to go dragon riding at this time.”

“What do we need to do?” Gran asked.

“Not one thing,” Eric responded. “We will take care of the vampires. What do you want done with Hadley and Jason?”

For a moment Adele looked lost. “Send Jason back to his job and his house. Hadley…she is going to be trouble no matter where she ends up.”

“Well, she apparently has a life in NO,” Sookie responded. “How about if we just send her back there?”

“Can do,” Eric said with a nod of his head.

“Will the queen still want her when we won’t grant them sanctuary?” Gran asked.

“Miss Adele, if S-A shows up here, there will be nothing left of her and hers to return to NO.

O.I., Pamela and I, we will let Hadley and Jason pass. But not the others. If S-A has an ounce of brains in her head, she will see the death and destruction and run. Perhaps we will scare her so badly that Boston will not look nearly as terrifying.

Or, she could meet the true death. Just depends on how all of this rolls out.”

“What happens if she does meet the true death?” Sookie asked.

“I am crowning Pamela queen,” Eric replied.

“What?” Miss Pam looked up from her phone.

“You shall rule out of Fangtasia  and we shall go about our lives.”

“But, but, but…” she stammered.

“Child, there is nothing to it. Literally. You are not one to embrace drama, so there shall be no drama. We do not need tax money, or fealty money or insurance money. So no accountants, no lawyers, no hanger-on-ers. No no and no.

There is no longer a HQ in NO. So that part would be easy. Nor do we care about what is no longer standing in NO. Very easy.

The Louisiana vamps will check in from time to time with you at the club. You will either bless them and send them on their way or curse them and bring them the true death.

Any other royalty shows up, you can bless them or send them on their way or curse them and bring them the true death.

If Boston throws a fit and wants taxes, we shall turn them over to the IRS. We just might do that anyway.”

“So it will be my undead life as usual at the club, but perhaps with a little more killin’,” she mused on that thought. “And we won’t be collectin’ money so we just might have an influx of vamps,” she nodded.

“Indeed,” Eric nodded in agreement.

“They going to call me Queen?” she asked.

“If that is what you want,” Eric replied.

“We leave the Sheriffs in place?”

“That would be the smart thing to do,” Eric grinned at her.

“You still gonna’ be the Sheriff of Area Five?”

“I am yours, your majesty,” he smiled.

“Well just damn,” she mused.

“Until the baby comes along. Then I will be required at home.”

“What?” she was like a rubber band, snapped back to this reality.

“The Northmans shall be expecting, one day. When that happens, my time will be limited.”

“This have somethin’ to do with Momma Sookie’s magic knife?”

“Everything to do with it,” Eric responded.

“Well just damn,” she said again. “So what are we doin’ until NO shows up?”

“Let’s play Spoons,” Sookie looked around at the group. “We have five, enough to make it interestin’. We can still play until we get tired or the baddies show up. I can smell Gran’s apple pie bakin’. We can have some of that in a bit.”

“Spoons?” Pam looked thoughtful.

“Card game,” Gran replied. “Let me get the cards and the spoons and we will get started.”

“Can you bet on this?” Pam asked.

“If you could not before, you can now,” Eric chuckled.

“Show me what we are doin’. I will figure out the spread, call my bookie in Vegas and we can make some serious money.”

“Is she serious?” Gran asked.

“When it comes to money,” Eric was nodding his head, “always.”

Pam was explained the rules. “Let’s play a quick hand,” she said, “and I will think on this.”

The little missy was entranced. “So it is all about speed…and always losing a player. H-m-m-m, we could hit this as a race as well. Give me a minute.”

“It is actually very scary to watch her mind at work,” Eric smiled as Pam sat there with her phone in her hands as she continued to fire off text messages.

“Good thing I have Vegas wired,” she said at one point, not looking up. “Most good. And look,” she grinned, “we are taking odds already! Looks like Blue Sword and Older Excellence are the go-to at the moment. Beautiful Fall and Long Legs and sadly Cutie Pie is coming in last. But still, we could make a couple of mil off this. Let’s play.”

“Is she serious?” Sookie asked.

“Yes,” Pam smiled.  “Only thing that could make this any better would be if there was some killin’ goin’ on tonight.”

The cards were shuffled and passed out. Gran began the round.

”Oh, and talk among yourselves. Fangtasiais going to be open All Hallow’s Eve. I even have some free tickets if my family would like to attend.”

Eric looked over at Pam, doubt on his face. He finally choked out, “Free, Child, seriously. Are you feeling well?”

“Yes I am fine. No headache, no dizziness, no pre-menstrual cramps. Seriously, really, free,” she stressed as she threw down a card. “It is Roaring Twenties night. Come dressed in sequins and beads. Why, there will be all manner of folk there. Someone with a Russian credit card keeps purchasing tickets. About one hundred so far.”

Eric put his cards down and looked over at her.

Pam was looking very pleased with herself. “Tracked them from server to server but the purchases all originate out of Russia.

Also, chatted up British Isle, Eire and of course, Brother Samuel. I am also gifting them with free tickets. They cannot wait to meet the family,” she smiled as she batted her eyelashes, “and of course, do a little killing.”

“I had invited the threesome to come and meet the family,” Eric responded.

“Well, that was before I found out about Russia. And you know how those three are,” Pam pouted. “They would blame it all on me if they did not get to be here for the All Hallow’s Eve to do.

“Granted,” Eric replied, holding up a spoon. When Pam looked down, they were all gone.

“Well,” Pam looked around and saw smiles, everywhere. “Looks like Cutie Pie is out of the game,” she said arching an eyebrow. “Let me call this in. The odds on me being first out were not the best. Hm-m-m-m, looks like only fifty thousand on that round. Let’s see if we can do a little better.”

The little better turned up about an hour and a half later.

There was a knock at the door and when Eric went to answer it, there stood his comrades-in-arms! Gran was called over and they were invited in.

After hearty congratulations and well wishes, along with hugs and kisses that were passed around, the game continued.

The night was loud and boisterous. Fun was had and some were clearly better at sneaking then others.

Miss Sookie and Gran were lavishly complimented and more than one looked longingly at Sookie’s blade.

“Viking,” they would mutter from time-to-time.

Ian finally could not contain himself. “Clearly Miss Sookie,” he began as he dealt the hand. “Eric has picked the perfect bride. I recognize that belt and knife handle. His gift to you appears to have been made especially for you.”

“Yes,” she replied. “Would you like to see it?”

Pam started laughing as she threw down a card.

Ian pulled back into his chair. “The Child is honestly amused. No snark there what-so-ever.  So what does she find to be so genuinely funny that would cause her to laugh out loud?”

“Long story, short,” Eric grinned. “My grandmother’s magic has manifested. Sookie’s family magic has manifested as well. With the blood exchanges, we have made a whole new type of magic.”

“She comes with magic?” Cedric looked intrigued.

“Indeed,” Eric nodded.

“And now there is something new?” Ian drew back.

“Yes,” the piano said and began to play.

“We have more now, Gran,” one of the spoons chimed up. “Get some more of us and another deck of cards and let’s play!”

“Like at Fangtasia,” Samuel laughed.

“Yes,” Eric smiled at him. “My wife, show Brother Samuel your sword.”

When Sookie drew it, blue fire danced around it.

“I have not seen that since the war,” Samuel whispered.

“What war?” Ian asked.

“The weapon, I is covered in fae fire,” Samuel whispered and then looked at Eric and then Sookie.

“The Unholy Wars,” Ian nodded. “Just a bit before our time but Eric has certainly told us the stories.”

Eric was regarding the three. “Do you remember the prince I told you about, Brigant?”

“Yes,” the boys nodded.

“Sookie is his great-granddaughter. He died at her hand, she inherited his magic.”

Cedric let out a low whistle. “Beautiful and deadly.”

“He was gonna kill Gran,” Sookie replied matter-of-fact. “So I shot him first.”

“And she is also strategically sound,” Ian nodded.  “Eric, you have surpassed yourself. None of us are of course, surprised.”

Cedric looked over at Tor. “Oh honored one,” he said with a bow of his head. “Me granny told me that one day I would meet you. And I have lived to see her promise come true.”

“How so?” Ian asked.

“Do you not see how his aura shifts and scatters on the candle flame. How his shadow changes from that of human to that of the fiercest creature to ever walk or fly.”

Samuel chuckled. “You just have to love it when the Irish has his magic up and running.”

O.I. looked over at Cedric and grinned. “You come from a long line of wind riders, my Irish lad. I thought they were all gone from this place and time.”

“Tis a pleasure, sir,” the Irish lad said, bowing at the waist.

“Indeed it is,” O.I. returned the bow.

“Dragon,” Cedric said looking at Ian and pointing with his head.

“Oh…oh-h-h-h-h,” his eyes grew round. “Makes perfectly good sense. Eric needs help and the Cavalry comes calling.

His brother, his two friends, his child, his lady with her fae magic and a dragon…good to know Eric your luck has not changed.” Ian stood there shaking his head and rolling his eyes.  “Now, looks like you are playing a card game. So explain to us the rules and let Pamela call her bookie while we get the rest of the story.”



After the humans went to bed, the vampires gathered out on the roof of the house watching the road and the night shadows.

“S-A won’t be able to help herself,” Pam was snickering. “She will be here.”

“Yes, she believes she really is the end-all. And tonight I am thinking will be her end-all,” Eric replied as he hefted his sword. “I like O.I.’s dragon flame and Pamela, you screaming and scaring the un-death out of them. But I am beginning to feel I want to be face-to-face with her. Her sending those two Were shit grandchildren here has just pushed me over the edge.”

Ian laughed. “I remember the last time you got pushed over the edge. I believe that outburst of rage was sponsored by Tully.” Samuel and Cedric both laughed. “That tower in Pisa still leans to this day.

It really is all about the tactical advantage,” Ian said as they watched the car turn off the highway and onto Hummingbird Lane.

“Does that look like a limo that is pulling off beside the road about a quarter of a mile from here?” Cedric asked.

“I do believe so,” Pam replied. “If you listen closely, you will hear a car door opening and you can sniff two humans on the wind…a cannabis saturated male and female…along with some Johnny Walker and they are  still giggling away. And there are five vampires remaining inside the auto. Oh my, just whatever could they want? And at this hour?”

“Gran says only trouble shows up at this time of night,” Eric said in his most sincere voice.

“Well then,” the Irish lad smiled, “we would not want to disappoint Gran, so trouble it is.”

“My exact thoughts,” Eric grinned and together they floated down to the ground.

“Now let us wake Gran and Sookie and explain to O.I. about how this is going to happen. I am of the opinion, if I let my bride sleep through this, I would never get laid, again. Besides, Sookie can change the locks. That should provide some value-added entertainment. As high as those two are, I would be surprised that they can find the front porch.”

“Change the locks?” Samuel read the look of pride on his brother’s face. “She can do this in a short amount of time?”

“Oh,” Eric grinned, “just wait until you see what she can do.”

“Yes,” Pam was dead-pan. “Just don’t shit yourself when she does.”

Sookie, Gran and O.I. were up and dressed and getting a quick briefing.

“High on weed and drunk on whiskey,” Gran was disgusted.  “Here to be invited in so the vampires have an advantage. I am done with those two and I am calling the law. Let me get my phone.”

Sookie was not very happy about the situation, herself. The house had gone quiet. Listening for her slightest wish. “Listen up, doors. The keys that these two, Hadley and Jason  are going to use does not work. Windows, pull the drapes, close the shutters and everyone else, go on alert. We have evil waiting for us out and about in the yard. I have no idea what they will try and do, but they are not gonna’ push their evil ways off on us.”

“Hear hear!” those things in the house shouted and blue glitter danced on the air in the shape of Sookie and Eric as the house went about the task of preparing for a siege and chatting among themselves!

“Good work,” Eric grinned. “Now, let the fun, begin.”


Jason and Hadley had their arms around each other and staggered their way to the front door.

“Damn, that was some good Johnnie Walker  Miss Sophie-Anne had and was mighty generous with it. I have not felt this good since I scored that winning touch down my Senior year. Damn, I got all kinds of laid that night. Girls I thought I would only do once, I did twice.”

“It was a good night for the family,” she hiccupped. “I mean, I got three different proposals of marriage that night. Everyone was ridin’ your high. If you were related to Jason Stackhouse, you could do no wrong.”

“That’s a fact,” he giggled. “Aw-w-w, Hadley, we are standin’ at the foot of the porch steps. How are we supposed to get up those steps? I can’t seem to keep my feet where they are supposed to be. You know,” he said turning to look at her, “Supposed is a good word. I don’t use it very often. But when I do, I feel like I am the smartest person in the room.”

“I know,” she replied as she started counting the steps, pointing to each one with her finger. “I feel the same way about their, thereand they’re.  I know they’re  has an apostrophe in it so it is two words, which means they are.So I know I am gonna get one of the three, right. I am never for sure about the other two.”

“Way to go cuz,” they tried to high-five and missed. “You are so smart. I will have to remember that. Now, how are we gonna get up these steps?”

“Well, I keep countin’ them and gettin’ a different number,” Hadley had her finger working, doing some serious air pointing as she was twirling it about. “That time I counted seven. But I think that originally there were four…maybe five? You lived here. Does four sound right?”

“Maybe,” he replied nodding his head and then sat down on the ground. “Starting to feel a might bit pukish. Give me a minute.”

“So, how we gettin’ up the steps?” she asked, sitting down next to him.

“How about if we butt walk?  You know, just sit on a step and push our butt up to the next step.”

“That could work,” she looked relieved. “Cause I think the rain is gonna move back in.”

“Cuz,” Jason looked up, “all I see is stars.”

“That’s cause you are not female. We females, we know things like that. We are born with it. That way we know to carry an umbrella or some such so that we are always lookin’  good. Perfect hair, perfect makeup. Just perfect.”

“Oh-h-h-h-h!” Jason was granted a great revelation. “Well yes, the women I date, they always look good. To include great tits and ass.  Some of those I saw in a wet t-shirt, but it was beer and not rain they got caught in.  Hey…I just felt a couple of brain cells kick in. Damn, I am feeling very phil…philo…no wait, I have this…fill-o-sock-able,” he smiled as he got out the word, “about this. Life has taken on a whole new structure. And I am thinkin’ thoughts new and you know, not from this country. You know, not anti-American, just someone not from here.”

“You mean foreign?” Hadley burped and then giggled.

Yes, that’s it. Foreign. Another good word. Now where was I…oh…but Sookie, she has been caught in more than one rain storm.”

“See,” her voice was very sorrowful, “that is why I do drugs. She was born without the most essential of womanly things. Loser plus.  Which is why I feel so sorry for her and I do drugs hoping we have some kinda link so she can feel better about herself.”

“So very kind of you,” Jason’s voice was a whisper as he reached out and stroked her face. “You know, for my cousin, you have some great tits and ass.”

The inside crowd was standing at the window and watching. All of them at one time had rolled their eyes and whispered rocks are smartermore than once.

“Oh gawwwwd,” Sookie choked back. “Do not, you man whore, kiss her!”

Hadley was batting her eyelashes at him and giving him her best fuck me smile. “Well thank you Jason. I will always treasure that, coming from the biggest stud in the county. But I have to pee. So let’s butt walk up the steps, use your key and go potty. Then tell Gran about the party I want. After all I am the Prodigal Granddaughter.”

“Prodigal Granddaughter,” Gran hissed. “Where is Andy? He needs to get here before I fill them both with rock salt!”

“Wait for the entertainment, Gran,” Sookie chuckled. “Look at them butt walkin’ up the stairs. Both of them  countin’ out loud! Wait one, did Jason just count five and Hadley six? Wow…dumber than rocks is correct. Okay, now they are stand—ing…or maybe not. Oops, another try. Oh how sweet is that, they are now hanging onto the wall and one, two, three, ups-a-daisy, here comes Jason and Hadley is pulling herself up by hanging onto his legs. Making progress, now she has his belt. And up she goes…no wait, back down, hanging onto Jason’s belt and she finally lets go.”

“Doin’ great Cuz’!” Jason smiled down at her. “You just wait there. I’ll get inside and call for help and Gran and Sookie can get you onto the toilet.

Now, take the key out of the pocket,” he smiled as he accomplished that task.  “And insert into the…the…hey, where is the key hole?

Oh, there it is…no wait, it is gone again.”

Jason leaned down until he was eye level with the key hole that had just reappeared and it spit something that smell a whole lot like pee at him.

“What the fuck!” he yelled. “Either Gran or Sookie just pissed on me through the keyhole!” he yelled wiping his eyes.

“You fuckers!” he shouted as he leaned back down and began yelling obscenities through the hole.

The house did not at all, like being on the receiving end of his foul mouth. Out of the keyhole came a deluge of pee! Knocking him off his feet and down the steps and into the yard.

“Damn,” Sookie chuckled. “And do I see Bon Temps finest pulling into our yard?”

Andy and Kendra got out of the vehicle and started walking toward the front of the house.

Jason sat in on the ground cursing and trying to stand up.

“What the hell Jason?” Andy said as they approached. “I can smell the weed and alcohol from here? And did you piss yourself?”

“I did not piss myself!” he said indignantly.  “Andy, if you would be so kind to help me up and help me get up the steps, I am gonna kick that door’s ass. Then I am goin’ kick Gran and Sookie’s ass. They pissed all over me!”

“That’s right,” Hadley giggled. “I saw the whole thing. And I need to get inside  so I can pee and explain to Gran  how I am the Prodigal Granddaughter and I want dancin’ and an open bar at Merlotte’s. I want the whole town to be there to welcome me home, beeeeee-cause,” she twirled her hands around, stopped for a moment to admire them and then focused back on Andy, “I have returned home and am worthy of such a lovely to-do. Yes I am,” she said lying down. “I am rich and successful and have made for myself a life in New Orleans and anyone would be proud to say they know me.”

Andy stepped over her and knocked at the door.

When Adele opened it he gave her a pitying look. “We have this. Kendra and I will take them and put them in the drunk tank.”

“Thank you Andy. Sorry to disturb you but I have no way to handle these two.”

“I understand that,” he nodded. “When they detox, what do you want me to do?”

“Send Jason back to his home and Hadley, apparently she is doing very well in New Orleans. You put her on a bus and I will pay for the ticket.”

“Can do,” he nodded.  “Do you know how they got here?” he asked.  “I didn’t see a car.”

“No idea,” she replied.

“We will get them up and out of your yard.”

“Thanks Sheriff,” she wiped at the tears in her eyes.

“Yes ma’am,” he said patting her on the shoulder.

When Gran closed the door, Andy and Kendra went to work.

“Just what the fuck happened to these two?” Kendra asked.

“Who knows,” Andy answered. “Good thing Gran has Sookie to look after her. I cannot imagine having to depend on these two for anything.”

“I really have to pee,” Hadley kept saying as they loaded her into the back of the cruiser. “I mean, that is why we stopped by, so  I could pee and tell the town I have come home.”

“Just pee in your pants,” Kendra said buckling her in.

“I’ll wait,” she smiled. “I am the Prodigal Granddaughter, I can do no wrong.”

“Well that went to Were shit,” Sophie-Anne huffed as they watched the police car roll out. “What do we do now?”

“Well, the house is up,” Bill replied, standing uneasily on the edge of the road.

“The house is up,” she smirked. “Well, you started this, you go to the door and tell the blood bags we are out here and want to work a deal.”

“What deal is that?” Bill asked.

“That we won’t stand out here and firebomb their house if they will let us in.”

Bill hesitated. “What about Old Snick? He will be offended by such a threat!”

“If you want to be my second-in-command, you had better act like it.”

“But Old Snick…”

“If he does not end you, I will,” she hissed.

“Yes, my Queen,” he said, squaring his shoulders and starting towards the house.

“As I live and no longer breathe,” Eric grinned. “Here comes Billy Boy. What oh what should we do?”

“We can dragon up!” O.I. chuckled.  “Miss Pam, you feel like screamin’?”

“I could possibly have a little angst comin’ on.”

“Most excellent,” Eric grinned. “Well then, out the back door with you  and hit him front on. Toss him back to Sophie-Anne.”

“Would that cause S-A to run away?” Gran asked.

“Well, yes, probably,” Eric nodded. “And we need to draw her in. So Bill gets to live for a few more moments. So we will let Bill come to the door. Maybe be nice to Bill, Sookie, and perhaps pretend like he can glamour you. While Bill is speaking, we shall pay a visit to the soon to be dead queen of Louisiana.”

“This is so much fun. And to think, Momma Sookie,” Pam blew her air kisses, “you are making all this possible.”

“Well, I do what I can,” she smiled. “Now, here he comes. I have this. Up the steps and oh…there is the knock. Please, allow me,” Sookie gave Gran a kiss. “I’ll be right back.”

Vampires went out the back door while Sookie opened the front door. “Huh,” she looked Bill up and  down. “My dumber than a rock brother and cousin were here and now you show up once the Sheriff is gone. Is there a method to this madness or am I imaginin’ things?”

“Why Miss Stackhouse,” he took a step closer to the screen door. “There is nothing here to imagine. It is all truth as you look into my eyes.

See,” he said looking over his shoulder, “she can be glamoured. The world is now our oyster…my queen?” his voice trailed off. “My queen, where are you?”

Giant flames raced across the sky! Followed by a hideous, hair raising scream that spoke of vomit and death!

You could hear a bit of panic in Bill’s voice. Not much but there was certainly a pitch that his momma would have recognized when she told him he was gonna get a spanking.

“Old Snick,” he whispered. “He’s here!” he gasped. “Run,” he screamed. “Run for you lives.”

Sophie-Anne and her now entourage of three goo spots were having a bit of a problem.

Three were finally dead and she was laid out in the woods in silver. Burning…and she would have been screeching except for the gag that was in her mouth.

Eric was smirking as he pulled his gloves off. “Would you look at that…the queen comes calling but cannot seem to make it to the front door.”

Pam dismounted from O.I. and was licking her fangs. “What do you think, Eric? A stake or the sword to cut her head off with? My personal favorite is ripping her heart out with my hand.”

“Those are quick and painless, Child,” he answered. “I think she needs something a  bit more.”
“You just going to leave her, here,” Ian asked. “And let the sun take her?”

“She is not worth much effort and that is very effective,” Eric answered. “You know sunrise is coming and you can feel the heat as it begins to cook you. And then it starts to crest and those life giving rays bring on your death. First you scorch, then your blood boils and then you feel you skin melting off before you implode.

And her court thinks she is living here. We will just see to it that they continue to think that.”

“Film at eleven?” Pam asked.

“Absolutely,” he replied.

“I am so on that!” she replied with glee. “Oh Sophie-Anne,” Pam kneeled down and patted her on the cheek. “Guess who Eric wants to be Queen? Why little ole’ me,” Pam smirked batting her eyelashes. “How fortunate that your residence was blown all to hell, by us, and you are homeless. We will be done in New Orleans and I shall rule out of Fangtasia. Well,” she sighed, “if you can call it ruling. No vampire taxes to be paid in the great state of Louisiana. No drama to feed or to deal with.

And how, I can see the laughter in your eyes, you are thinking, are we going to make that happen?

Well, Daddy Eric has a brand new bag of tricks and they are spectacular. So you don’t have to worry for him. Things in Louisiana will be just fine.

And so you know, treachery abounds. All Hallow’s Eve is coming on and Catherine just might show up. Seems a hundred or so out of Russia will be in attendance. And I bet she did not clear that with you.

But don’t you worry,  we have a nasty surprise waiting for her as well.” With an extra special smirk, Pam turned away.  “What about Bill?” she asked.

“O.I., can you find him?” Eric asked.

“Indeed I can. Master Cedric o’ last of the wind riders,” O.I. sparked as he spoke. “If you would like to join me?”

“I would be honored,” he replied as he climbed on and they took to the air. “Back soonest,” he grinned and then they were gone.


William T. Compton had hauled ass off the Stackhouse property, through the cemetery, past his old homestead and when he found the main highway, he headed toward Shreveport.

“I can hear the boo-hooing all the way up here,” Cedric said rolling his eyes as he watched the vampire below him, who had finally sat down and was blubbering and wailing about Old Snick!

“Pickin’ him up and takin’ him back,” O.I. chuckled.

There was not even a shift of the breeze when O.I.’s  claws went around Bill, shook him around, bouncing him off the ground and then took flight.

The screaming from Bill was non-stop and once they were back at the farm, O.I. revved up for the pitch and Bill crashed through the trees and onto the ground.

“Bulls-eye,” Gran smiled and waved at O.I. as he fluttered to the ground. “You hit S-A dead-square in the face with his ass. Looks like his upper body landed on a stick and he exploded right in her mouth.”

“That is the closest Compton has ever come to you know, cumming in a woman’s mouth,” Pam chuckled.

“Let the bad, tasteless jokes, begin,” Ian hooted.

“Let me get the cameras,” Pam was back to being all business. “We will record S-A’s death for any and all who we need to torture. Just play this over and over and bore them to death.”

Sophie-Anne saw the dragon approaching. “Old Snick, Old Snick,” she kept whimpering, her eyes rolling into the back of her head! With a moan she bit off some of the silver and swallowed it in her fear! It passed through her heart and just like that, she was goo.

“Huh,” Ian looked down at the mess. “Not very elegant but effective.”

“The Queen is dead!” The cheer was taken up as Cedric   tossed Pamela up into the air, “Long live the Queen!”

Talk to Me—Chapter 11

talk to me coveere page

Talk to Me

Chapter 11

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charline Harris. No infringement on my part is intendedThe characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Sophie-Anne was watching Hadley dance. Dressing her in a long evening dress and heels, she was intrigued as Compton waltzed her across the floor. The girl had some moves. Some delightful, others distracting. But  for now, the pros outweighed the cons so she was still delightful.

Her Hadley was an addict. Her Hadley acknowledged that. And that she liked being an addict.

Yes, the Queen of Louisiana licked her lips. Hadley would not refuse anything, but Oxy-Contin   was the breather’s drug of choice, ,  and she could admit to herself, she liked it as well.  Opium had been her go-to when she was a human.  There was just a slight tingle to Hadley’s blood that made the newest wanna be child interesting and brought back a bit of a buzz from her human days. Of course, if she turned her, that lovely high would be gone from Hadley’s blood, but the girl was lovely and pleasant and sneaky and conniving. Not a bad child to keep around and running the day-to-day. Plus, a new child would mean a grand party and right now she had no place to hold such a gala…well, she snickered, unless she graced Area Five with her presence.

“What the fuck?” she chided herself. “This is how you ended up in this mess to start with. Eric…” she closed her eyes and counted to ten. When the Queen of Missouri had wanted to marry him and offered her money she had laughed outrageously. Hell, she would have loved to have worked that deal! Except Eric came with his own caveats!  Like he owned those acres of her, oh ha ha, northern border. Apparently had since he came to the new world, which was a fuck load of time before anyone else did!

And since he inspired loyalty, had a warrior’s spirit, loved to war and came with a fuck you personality and  an abundance of muscles and brains, he was left alone. In the early days, there had been one or two who thought to make a run at him. Those poor fools were not even footnotes in vampire history. They were just listed under stupid fuckers, she had heard from more than one of their history keepers.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! If only she could get rid of Eric! But if she did, who would she put in that most strategic  northern border? Certainly not the nitwit Compton who was smiling and laughing as the music went to a Rumba and  both dancers fell into step.

That old scoundrel Niall, was supposed to be here tonight with a small, blonde, breather as well. It would   be fun to pit the two of these little girls against each other and see which one came out the winner. But the old vampire so far was a no show. He had touted his breather’s delights to far exceed the likes of which she had ever encountered.

“Hah!” she snickered to herself. “Niall is a proven liar but I am intrigued why he would not keep such a delight for himself.

But then, those same rumors say he has a harem of only the finest which is why he has lived so long and prospered. He hand selects the mother himself and finds a stud to get the job done. Raises them in the fine way of serving your vampire master. Damn….what a lifestyle! You have to have money and a lot of security to make that happen. And where in the hell in the U.S.  could you do that? Phones are fucking everywhere and there is always someone trying to get ahead. My gawd…the Were shit going on in the Californias is enough to convince anyone that there is always someone willing to cut off your head for a step up! Who would have thought that idiot Rappion capable of ending Granting? In what universe does that happen?  Well, apparently this one! That I should live to see such a day!

But this one that Niall touts, I am intrigued. If she is sweeter than Hadley, we just might have to make a deal!”

Looking at Bill, he stopped dancing and brought Hadley over to her. “Do you see child, how Mr. Compton watches for my every move and anticipates my needs? That is why he is my Procurer.

As my child, I shall desire this behavior from you.”

“Of course your majesty,” Hadley replied with a deep curtsy, flowing gracefully to the floor.

“Rise child,” Sophie-Anne smiled at her and extended her hand.

“Thank you your majesty,” Hadley replied, keeping her voice very soft and demur. When she was once more standing on her feet, she kneeled and kissed the queen’s hand.

“Rise child and come sit at my feet and stare longingly into my eyes. While we chat, William shall provide us with our next bit of entertainment.”

Bill looked at her and she nodded.

With a salute, he was gone.

“Dear child,” Sophie-Anne began, “are you adverse to having another child?”

Hadley looked confused.

“Speak child, what is on your mind?”

“Your majesty, can I be a vampire and get knocked up?”

“Such a vulgar term, child, for our heir. And no, you cannot. You would have to carry the child to term and remain drug free. When the babe is born, then you shall be turned and be Mother-to-the-Regent.”

“Really?” It was easy to read the desire in her eyes. Yes, Sophie-Anne smiled to herself, you just had to dangle the right bait.

“Yes,” she smiled. “And I would want our child to be perfect. A child so beautiful that all would stop and gaze in wonder.

This is easily doable with you as the mother and the handsome young man we have picked to father our child.”

“So…so…it would be sex and nothin’ artificial to get me pregnant? With a good lookin’ guy…and I live here and you pick up all the bills?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “Ah-h-h-h, Mr. Compton is bringing him in now.”

When the door opened, all Hadley could do was stare…dumbfounded at the handsome man that was entering the room.

“Hadley?” Jason bellowed. “What the fuck girl? Is this where you have been? Feedin’ vamps. I been doin’ a bit myself on the side, but damn, you are lookin’ like a million bucks!”

“You know each other?” Sophie-Anne drawled out, feeling herself wondering if she was ever going to have a moment when she did not have to kill someone.

“Yes,” Hadley smiled and waved at the man whore who was just as gorgeous as the day was long. “He is my cousin, Jason Stackhouse.”

“Just what are the odds…”Sophie-Anne regarded Bill with a frown. “Jason, do you happen to live in Bon Temps?”

“Yes ma’am,” he smiled. “I do. Bill here said that if I did a stud service for him, I would get a couple of grand and maybe get a job here on weekends, you know spreadin’ my goodness around and pleasin’ the ladies.”

“Oh…my…gawd…” the Queen of Louisiana was shaking her head. “Inbred country bumpkins. This will not do at all,” she thought.

“Bil-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l,” she drawled out the word. “Report to Zimmerman. Tell him to give you the royal fuck over treatment. I’ll be down in fifteen minutes.”

“My queen,” Bill threw himself on the floor. “Mercy…please…there is something that guards the Stackhouse homestead. I brought Jason as…as…”

“Thinking to get back at what guards the house?” her voice went up an octave. “Did you bring Were shit down on my home?” she screeched.

“What?” Jason and Hadley both said.

Sophie-Anne and Bill both turned and looked at them.

“Somethin’ guards the house?” Jason shrugged. “I have never seen anythin’?  Of course, Sookie is a bit odd.”

“A bit,” Hadley snickered. “How about a lot.”  Oh goody, she had an audience! Look how interested everyone was!   “However my momma did say she when she was a little girl, she would see lights out in the woods from time-to-time. And maybe an old man walking there. Some ghost of a relative or somethin’, she always thought.”

“A ghost?” the queen shivered. “And this Sookie, does she talk to this ghost?”

Jason hooted. “Who knows just what or who my sister talks to. Maybe the Man in the Moon. And maybe he answers her. Damn…at times, she is just spooky.”

Hadley rolled her eyes. “Not spooky, just stupid! You know, she was the reason I started doin’ drugs. I was tryin’ to see if I could understand just what she was goin’ through, poor thing. No boy wanted to date her, and most of the time, they were just mean. And well, maybe I was too.  But as I got older I got kinder, tryin’ to understand her poor, miserable existence.  I mean I can sometimes see pretty lights when I am usin’, but so far, the only thing that talks to me is my toothbrush.”

“Really?” Jason looked shocked. “Me too. I mean, honest to gawd, if I would drink too much, after puking my guts out, there would be my toothbrush, passin’ judgment on me. Damn I  hate that. Just like listen’ to Gran, only worse, because I have to live with the toothbrush.”

Sophie-Anne just sat there with her mouth open. “Inbreed hillbillies,” she shivered. “Well good, I have dodged a bullet.”

Motioning for the closest guard, she was watching the two cousins and she felt like puking…however, there was no need to burn that bridge. The male might be useful to Niall. “Streeter,” she smiled at him,

“Take these two to the party room,” she smiled sweetly at her. “I understand we have some wonderful cannabis.”

“Oh goody,” Hadley smiled. “Jason, if you don’t want your share, save it for me.”

The two humans were escorted out of the room.

“Bill,” she was shaking her head. “I want the story. The complete story. And if you leave anything out or lie to me, your ending will go on for years.”


Bill began with tears of gratitude in his voice…


…“So…”  she looked thoughtful. “This thing, Snick, protects the Stackhouse property. And those that live there. I wonder if it would protect me if I lived there with Hadley? And maybe Jason?”

“My Queen?” Bill was still prostrate on the floor.

“While the work is being done, I need someplace to live. Someplace safe. Somewhere filled with homey goodness and yet deceptively simple. Someplace if someone was to think to make a run at me, this thing would destroy them.”

“Oh…” Bill paused. “My Queen, that is brilliant. Rid the kingdom of wanna be’s at no expense to you.”

“But we would have to be careful. Hadley and Jason will be our   way in. Then we can glamour the Stackhouses  and move in and cause no harm to them. This just might work.

Bill,” she stood and toed him, “you should have told me this upon your return. Report to the Zman and…and…have him put a tracking chip in you.”

“What? A tracking chip? You have those?”

“Bill…are you questioning me?”

“No my queen, of course not. Tracking chip it is. Do you require anything else this evening?”

“No,” she replied as she went back to her throne. “Send in Crankshaft on your way out. I need my feet rubbed.”


“Zman,” Bill began when he entered. “I am required to have a tracking chip. Her blessed and most sincere requests it.”

“Bill, you dumb fuck, you keep pissing her off. Sit on the birthing stool and let us get started.”

“What?” he yelped.

Zman just looked at him and Bill immediately stripped and sat down on the silver dildo, screaming and bucking wildly as his feet swung in the air above his head.

“Now for the chip,” Zman was all business as he advanced toward Bill. “Smile for me and hold your head still for a moment. I need to push this piece of silver right up into you gum, on top of your fang.  It takes ten minutes for it to mutate your fang, then I will remove it. It won’t grow back for about thirty days. So be a good boy and take your medicine and for fucks sake Bill, pay attention and stop pissing her off.”


It was morning at the old Stackhouse farmhouse and Gran and O.I., still wearing his Tor persona, were sitting outside on the porch sipping coffee. Tor had made scones this morning and Gran was having hers hot from the oven with butter and lemon curd.

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. took a sniff and rolled his eyes. “Can we please have a nice breakfast just sittin’ and rockin’ and enjoyin’ each other’s company. Ams I askin’ for the world, Miss Adele?”

“Certainly not,” she replied. “Who comes calling so early in the morning?” she asked as she took another bite.

“Mo’ fo’n Weres,” he sighed and rolled his eyes. “I hates that they is out there tressing the pass  in your woods. Doing gnarly and snarly things that decent folk do not abide.”

“They hurtin’ my land?” she asked as she took a drink of coffee and eyed another orange cranberry scone.

“Hm-m-m-m,” he took a sniff. “They is diggin’. Let me go take a look see what is goin’ on. I’ll be right back.”

Gran watched him shift to dragon and take flight. There were screams and then she thought she smelled burning hair.

O.I returned shortly. “Took care of those mangey mo’ fo’ers,” he smiled as he settled back into his Tor body. “Left one for my prince to be talkin’ with. There were ten of them, diggin’ a big hidey hole. Now there is just one of them, in the hidey hole. All dragon glamoured up and waitin’ to tell his truths.”

“What was all the noise?” Sookie asked sticking her head out and carrying a cup of coffee and a scone.

“Weres, Mr. O.I. said, but he has dealt with them and left one for Eric,” Gran nodded, looking very pleased. “Good morning,  Mrs. Northman,” Gran blew her a kiss.”

“Hope we didn’t keep you awake last night,” Sookie smiled. “I mean…”

“I know what you mean dear and no you did not,” Gran got up and hugged her. “Mr. O.I. took me flying. We just got in ourselves.”

“Really?” she looked intrigued.

“Yes, I saw the moon rise over the Eiffel Tower.”

“Wow,” Sookie’s eyes got big. “Way to go, Gran!”

“Yes,” she nodded and smiled at O.I.

“Wait,” Sookie took a step back. “Is that…is that bad girl talk for sex?”

Gran chuckled. “No. I really did see the moon rise over the Eiffel Tower. Now how is Eric? Did he go to ground or is he tucked up under your bed?”

“Oh,” Sookie’s smiled got bigger. “He’s comin’. We watched the sun rise and did some more fun stuff and showered and now he has business to conduct before he comes on down. Seems our blood exchanges really do work. And damn, he is just handsome in daylight!”

“Excellent,” Gran smiled. “Come sit down and rock with us for a spell. O.I made the scones. We stopped off in London and purchased the lemon curd. Such a nice way to start the day. I feel like royalty!”

“Well you certainly look like royalty,” Sookie nodded in approval. “Where did you get that dress and matching outer duster?”

“Lovely, huh,” Gran smiled. “O.I. took me into the cutest little shop in Paris. Bought this for me. Check out these little house shoes to match!” she said very pleased, holduping up her feet.

“Wow, you sparkle like a million bucks,” Sookie smiled at her. “And that shade of burnt orange with all those fall colors with all those rhinestones looks fab on you, Gran.”

“Well thank you dear,” she sighed. “Shortly, I shall be retiring for the day. But I am putting this outfit back on when I rise. It is just too pretty for words!”

“Yes, it is,” there was Eric’s voice and then the screen door opened and he stepped out. “Good morning family,” he kissed Gran on the forehead and taking Sookie’s hand, he placed a lavish kiss, there.

“Good morning husband,” Sookie smiled at him.

“And a very good morning to you, wife,” he smiled back as he sat down beside her in the old wicker love seat.

“Sorry to have to conduct business before breakfast, but Pam left me voice mail. And I thank you, O.I. for dealing with the Weres. There is something about the smell of burning Were first thing in the morning,” he grinned. “Tends not to set well with the lovely evening you had,” Eric said as he brought Sookie’s hand up for another kiss.

“My pleasure, saved you one,” O.I. replied as he sipped his coffee. “Glamoured and waitin’.”

“Most excellent. But I probably know more than he does. S-A needed a foot massage and she talks like Crankshaft is not even there. Musing to herself and laughing and chatting while she plots and plans.

I am so sorry to bring this to the breakfast table,” he bowed his head. “But I have a thousand years of dealing with business first. So, before I start, I would like to acknowledge the beautiful women that sit here with us.

Gran, you look like the Fall Goddess Capro,this morning. What a lovely ensemble. Did it come from Le Vol des Ailesin Paris?”

“Well yes it did come from The Flight of Wings,” she smiled. “How did you know that?”

“Pamela loves to shop there. Their one of a kinds,” he nodded to her, “are truly one of a kind.”

“And my beautiful wife,” his voice was soft and tender. Leaning over, he  gave Sookie a kiss.

“Grandson,” she smiled at him, “you were not the first to bring business to the table. It started with those pesky Weres out in our woods. Is that what your business was about?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “I had to make a few phone calls and put some boots on the ground.

I come bearing sad news. Your Hadley is in New Orleans but so is Jason, hiring himself out for stud service.”

Gran closed her eyes and shook her head. Looking up she sighed and said, “Just tell me. All of it.”

“S-A fancies to breed her own. Have a good looking couple give her a child and then turn the mother…” Eric shrugged. “Maybe or not. Depending on her mood.

When I ran Bill off as Old Snick, Bill thought to get even with the Stackhouses for embarrassing him and found Jason. Offered him the job of getting a woman pregnant for two thousand dollars and maybe a romp through S-A’s headquarters.”

“Well, it was a nice morning, glad I had my adventure,” Adele replied.  “What’s the rest?”

“Oh-h-h-h,” Eric lifted his nose and arching both eyebrows, blew her a kiss.  “The queen needs someplace safe to stay until she has a place in NO worthy of her. She thinks here would be ideal. Bring the Stackhouse kids, glamour you two and move in. So that Old Snick will protect the Stackhouse land and any and all friends that are invited in. Meanwhile, she will let all her enemies know where she is and she hopes they will come calling. This way, she rids herself of those who wish to bring her the true death at no expense to herself.”

“Mother…fucker…” Gran shook her head. “Well,” she said buttering her scone, her voice a bit more upbeat, “at least I know where those other two grandchildren are. I honestly thought Hadley was dead from a drug overdose. To me she still is. Guess I will not have to Christmas shop for Jason this year.”

“Gran?” Sookie was watching the older woman and wondering what had just happened. Gran always made excuses for those two.

“Sookie, it is past time to cut my losses. Those two are just whores. Willing to bed anyone to get what they want. And bringing into this world a child…my great grandchild…to become the property of a vampire queen! So that this bitch could what? Breed her own blood whores? With our bloodline?

And those two! This is what they think to do with the Stackhouse blood that runs through their veins!

We are honest, decent, hardworking folks. Always have been.

Those two have no self-respect. Jason looking for an easy lay and Hadley being an easy lay.  Time for me to speak the truth and stop hiding behind the excuses I have been making for them. Because of their poor choices, look what they have rained down on us.  I see war once more being fought on Stackhouse land. Let them bring it. We are ready!”

“Go Gran!” Sookie applauded.

“Grandson, do you have a plan?”

“Oh Miss Adele,” he grinned, “I always have a plan. And now that I have day walking ability and the House of Brigant at my side, I have multiple plans.

I am going to have a brief chat with the Were. Load him with information and send him on his very scared and terrified way. I shall return shortly.”


Talk to Me—Chapter 10

talk to me coveere page

Talk to Me

Chapter 10

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Dear Readers,

Who loves you baby?

Happy Halloween!

Boo and be boo’d!




Eric got down on his knees in front of the fireplace and Sookie kneeled down with him. Taking her hands, he let his love for her shine from his eyes.

Staring back at him were blue eyes that sparkled with joy, laughter and love.

“I love you Sookie,” Gran began, “and I have a place in my heart for this fine man that you are marrying.

To my darling Sookie, who has not traveled this world, and Eric, who has a thousand years of traveling. I have chosen this verse. I am going to read from  Ruth 1:16-17.

 Sookie, if you would repeat after me: But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.”

“Eric, do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.”

“Now Eric,” Gran smiled at him and nodded.

“Sookie, do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.”

“These rings,” Gran said holding the thick gold bands up to the firelight, “they came to this world from England. The story goes that the Stackhouses were landed gentry and the oldest son, despite his mother’s crying and his father’s threats, married not the woman his family had picked for him, but the woman he loved.

The last thing his mother did as he was banished from  his family’s land, was to press a small bag into his hands and in the bag were these rings.

Eric, with these vows, you are now my oldest grandson. My oldest heir. To you and my granddaughter goes these rings. God bless you and keep you both,” she said and bending over, kissed both of them on the forehead.

She then handed a ring to Eric and then one to Sookie.

Eric brought Sookie’s hand up and placed a kiss on her ring finger. “My grandmother,” he began, “told me of a woman who would bring light to my darkness. Children to my arms and bestow upon me a love that few have ever witnessed. That she would be the strength to my strength.

I could not envision such a woman. But I have found her in you, Sookie. Just as Grandmother promised.

Will you be my wife?” he asked, looking into her eyes and seeing love.

“Yes,” she nodded, and began to cry when he slipped the ring onto her finger.

“Eric,” she said through her tears, “I did not know you were there, waiting for me. But if I had known, I would have waited a thousand years to finally be with you. You shall temper my light with your star filled nights. I cannot wait to see our child in your arms. And to spend the rest of my life, knowing your love. I cannot conceive of that blessing, but I want it. And I will stand beside you and fight your battles. Death to any and all that think to come against us,” she said. Kissing his ring finger, she slid the band on and leaned her forehead against his while he whispered back to her,

“Death to any and all that think to stand against us.”

“I know pronounce you husband and wife,” Gran said and everyone applauded. “You may kiss your bride and your groom!”

There was a lot of cheering and clapping while Sookie placed both of her hands on Eric’s face and pulled him in for a kiss.

It was sweet and lovely and love affirming, that kiss. Something that spoke to her soul and she knew that this was right. That this man was home and despite all the odds, they had found each other. And despite the odds, they would keep follow each other through hell and back.

Sookie pulled out her knife. Sparks sizzled until the blade became one blue flame.

“Hot damn!” Pamela breathed out. “I don’t know what she is, but I like it!”

“Eric,” Sookie smiled at him and reaching up, un buttoned his shirt and pushed his collar to one side, “You are blood of my blood and blood of my bond.” Lowering the knife toward him, the flame hissed out. The blade left a small prick and you could see where the blood oozed out. Leaning in, her mouth made contact and she liked if off with her tongue.

Righting herself, the wound closed and she drew back.

“Sookie,” Eric’s fangs dropped. “You are blood of my blood and blood of my bond,” his voice low and husky. His hands rested on her shoulders as his fingers began to move slowly, massaging her collar bones as he leaned in for the vampire kiss!

Licking her neck he bit and felt the blood ooze onto his tongue. Like a red river of molten lava, rich and dripping with life giving elixir!

Closing the wound, he drew back.

“Family,” Sookie said standing and pulling Eric up with her. “I would like to introduce you to my husband. Eric Northman.”

“Family,” Eric smiled, “I would like for you to meet my wife, Sookie Northman.”

They both said, “Death to any and all that think to stand against us.”

“And rightly so,” Gran nodded, as she moved in to kiss and hug on the bride and groom.  “After you are finished receiving your congratulatory kisses, you need to sign the paper work so I can register it with the county.”

The crowd was small but love filled. And love had carried the day. Eric and Sookie hand in hand, walked over to the table where Gran was standing and signed it. Then Gran and Pamela, who signed with a flourish, while O.I. was applauding and whistling and cheering them on!

Eric glanced down at the document and gave his child a look. There was no missing her signature. She had indeed, learned something from John Hancock.    “The War for Independence was very good for you,” he smiled at her.

She smiled and replied, “It is not every day you get to sign your maker’s marriage certificate. And I think,” she said eyeing the document, “we need something a bit more  fancy. I have been taking classes on line from The Graphics Fairyand learning  some very cool things and the downloads that come with membership is pretty sweet as well. So now, are you going to want this done in a Victorian motif or Viking?

Or,” she pointed to Sookie’s knife, “something blue and fiery? And damn,” she leaned in, “where can I find something like that knife, Momma Sookie?”

“It is one of a kind,” Eric responded “and made especially for my wife,” Eric finished with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Well, all righty then,” Pam nodded. “I know when I have been invited late to the party. I shall just be on my way, now, unless you want me to escort you two upstairs and perhaps be invited in?”

“Child…” Eric threatened.

“A very merry life to you both,” she blew them kisses and then was gone.

“All the best to you and yours,” Gran smiled in agreement as O.I./shifted to Tor,  walked over with a bottle of honey liqueur and four glasses.

Pouring each a liberal shot, they all raised their glasses and clinked them together. “To happily ever after,” Gran smiled. “For my grandchildren, and those children yet to come, only the best!”

“Only the best,” they all shouted and downed their glass. Even Eric.

“How are you feelin’?” Sookie asked him as he set his glass down.

“Not like I am going to puke,” he replied. “Would not matter if I did. I was not not going to toast my bride and future children.

Speaking of which, wife,” he grinned at her, “might I entice you by carrying you up the stairs to our chamber?”

“Indeed you might,” she smiled in return as she placed her arms around his neck and he slide his arm under her legs.

Facing Gran and O.I., they both blew them kisses and with a very purposeful and somewhat flamboyant stride, not that he was bragging, but in his heart he was screaming a Tarzan yell, Eric was walking with his bride out of the room and up the stairs.

When Eric walked into their bedroom and closed the door, Sookie slid down the front of him and wiggled her eyebrows.

“Eric,” she began sweetly as she pulled him down and placed little tiny wet kisses on his lips. “Do you like bad girls?”

“Sookie,” he put both of his hands in hers and stepped back. “Is this a trick question? I just got married. I am hoping to get laid and have a hot, nasty blood exchange with my wife at her request.  Am I going to stake myself in the heart, here?”

“No, I don’t think I am asking anything tricky. I just want a straightforward answer.”

“Then please define bad girls,” he answered.

“Well, one night, there was this guy in Merlotte’s, said he was from Houston with a lot of oil money in his pocket and that I was the cutest little thing he had ever seen. Said he would be real good to me if I would dance for him…in private.

You know, take me to New York  in his private jet and we would shop and eat and see the sights if I would just dance for him. And if I was real good to him, why, there would be enough money for me to go to school. He called it an Easy Rider Scholarship and he would sponsor me for the entire four years.

I came home and told Gran about it and she said that was a bad girl come on. And sometimes high rollers did make their way to Bon Temps looking for something sweet and uncomplicated. That’s just Gran’s nice way of saying simple minded. And she pointed out how  Gracey Mae went off with a sugar daddy. She just spent one night pole dancin’ for him and he gave her ten thousand dollars and a new car. Of course, she had to move away because she was shamed and her momma now goes to the Piggly Wiggly and church in Shreveport because everyone knows her around here and always asks if Gracey Mae is still takin’ dancin’ lessons.”

Eric nodded. “Me thinks you are going somewhere delicious with this, wife,” he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“Well, I got to thinkin’ about that and especially after seeing the moive, Dirty Dancin’, and now that I can levitate, I feel like pole dancin’, only without the pole.”

“Oh,” Eric nodded in agreement, “I have a pole you can dance on.”

“I knew that was comin’ as soon as I said it. You are such a guy,” she said rolling her eyes and shaking a finger at him. “And I am sure you do and I am hopin’ we get around to that…but first, you know…” she hesitated and looked a bit sheepish. “I am inexperienced. But I…I…I do have some fantasies. And I have never been a bad girl and I think for my husband I could be a bad girl.”

“Indeed you can,” Eric said kicking off his shoes. “Do you want me in the chair or on the bed? Or standing? You can use me for your pole,” he said batting his eyelashes at her. “You just let me know, wife, and I am there for you!”

“Oh,” she nodded. “That might work. I undress myself and you and…and…oh…this could work!” she squealed in excitement. “I need some music! Nothin’ real loud, we don’t want to disturb Gran. But…I really like Barry White.”

“Barry White it is,” Eric said concentrating on his phone, his fingers flying over the keypad as he purchased every Barry White song in the playbook.

“Now what?” he asked, anticipation in his voice as I Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Baby  started to play.

“Well,” she said, running her hands down her body and wiggling her hips, “how about if I just help you out of that shirt.”

Grinning, Eric gripped the right side and pulled as all the buttons went flying out into the room.

“Oh-h-h-h-h,” she cooed as she ran her hands down his bare chest and undid his belt. “Nice start,” she winked at him as she undid the top button on his slacks and leaning in, kissed his belly button. Poking in and out with her tongue, slowly she stood back up, running her tongue up the middle of his chest as she went. When she could go no higher, she thought higher and was now face to face with him. “Your neck, husband,” she winked as she pulled her blade. “I am going to start there with sipping your fineness before I move on down to the baby making stuff.”

Eric might have let out howl! Then he just might have howled again when she nicked his throat and latched on. Wrapping her legs around his waist he placed his hands on her ass and adjusted her so that she made contact with King Eric and enjoyed the ride as she bounced and wiggled around on him in time to the music and drank her fill!

As the song ended, so did Sookie and when Never Gonna Give You Up,started, she motioned Eric into the chair and she jumped up on the bed. As she sang along, she did a slow and languid and she was hoping, exciting strip tease! First her shirt, which she twirled over her head and then passed between her legs. Turning around, she ran it across her butt as she continued to dance along.

When her bra came off she fondled her breasts and then squatting down to the mattress, shook them at him. Just as slowly she went back up and dropped the slacks. As they pooled around her feet, with an easy grace she kicked them off the bed.

Which left only her panties…and her hands kept moving in and out of them with long sighs and whimpers coming from her mouth. When her fingers slipped inside her, pulling her hand slowly out she waved a come on at Eric.

Standing, he took a step toward the bed.

“Time to lose the pants, big guy,” she bit her bottom lip and reaching down, unzipped him. There to greet her  was King Eric, bobbing away in time to the music. Kneeling down, she put both hands on the shaft and licking her lips, attached her mouth to the head.

When Eric started panting and thrusting his hips at her, she laughed wickedly and pulled back. “You want this?” she cooed, thrusting her pelvis forward.

A deep growl came out of his throat as his fangs dropped and his right hand dropped down and started stroking King Eric.

“Well,” she wrinkled her nose at him, “please do not finish before I do,” she blew him a kiss and standing back up began to undulate her hips in a slow, sensuous circle, making a point to bump her pelvis out more than once as it went by.

She pulled her panties off as she stepped slowly off  into the air and then down onto the floor. “Please stand perfectly still,” she asked sweetly. “This is where I get to do my pole dancing,” she smiled. Holding Eric’s hands out in front of him, taking air steps until she was even with them, she stepped onto them and then onto his shoulders.

Just because she could, she did hand stands on top of his shoulders. And when she did deep knee squats, he tilted his head back and pulled her pussy down onto his mouth. When his tongue entered her, she moaned and ground around on his face.

“M-m-m-m-m,” came out of him in a low, guttural rumble which caused all of her girly parts to vibrate! “Put your legs around my neck and dance for me,” he  growled.

Fluidly, her body moved into position and once his mouth made contact, she started sobbing, “Yes, yes, yes, yes…”

“Hold on,” he moaned as his hands played with her flesh as he made his way to her nipples. Taking them between his fingers, she gasped and sputtered, Barry’s words somehow forgotten in her moanings for more!

Her pants came out in short, hot gulps of air. Trying to escape from her lungs and trying to fill them as well. His tongue was doing something fantastic to her insides! Her breasts felt full and heavy and ached!

“Ah, ah, ah, ah,” she panted as she shook from side to side oh his shoulders.

Fixing his thumbs and forefingers on her nipples, he pulled out and pinched.

The scream left her! Turning his head, he bit her femoral artery! And when she finished her orgasm, Eric licked the wound and pulled her down to him.

“Your turn,” he smiled at her.

“I..I..didn’t I just have my turn?” she asked.

“It gets better,” he said picking her up and placing her on the bed. “Much better.

Now,” he laid down beside her, “I am going to lavish kisses on your breasts, while my hands work your front and back.”

“Woof,” was all she could get out before Barry switched gears and so did Eric. He was stretching her. With his fingers, scissoring inside of her while his thumb worked  over her nub. When she began to rock back and forth, her hands gripping his shoulders, his other hand followed the curve of her hip to her ass. Then he was doing incredible things to her ass! And her front and…and…and…his mouth was now on her breast and he was sucking! And she was screaming! She could not stop screaming! It was like some wild animal was going to claw its way past her throat and she bucked, begged and bounced around on the bed!

“Please,” she was finally sobbing when he lifted his mouth from her breast, kissed both nipples, and then lowered his mouth, kissing his way down her body. She was ready for him. Her wetness was running down her legs! With a deep tongue kiss inside of her, he moved, his body so that he was resting beside her while his fingers continued to stroke her. “You are wet and ready,” he was kissing her mouth where she could taste herself. “Do you want me?” he asked.

“Yes, oh please Eric, gawd yes. Please, please, please,” she was doing her best to wiggle under him and release the pressure that was building inside of her!

“My wife,” he sighed as he pushed himself up and on top of her. Placing King Eric at her entrance, he felt her moving in an ancient rhythm that beat in the blood. And it beat to the rhythm of his name!

His thumb became a bit harder on her nub and reaching behind, he placed a finger on the brown spot that made her gasp with pleasure.

“Now Eric, please now,” she groaned. Then he was inside her, his fingers working their magic while King Eric broke through and reigned supreme inside of her!

Her orgasm went from screams to ending in a whimper this time as her body relaxed against his. Good…he was most pleased with himself. A thousand years of practice had made sure he had satisfied his wife. When his grandmother had told him about this woman, he had often wondered if he would be good enough for her. Be able to please her in all ways. Be enough of a man to protect her and provide for her. That had been what this last thousand years was about. Being the best at everything so that she would not find him lacking.

Letting go of that small, nagging fear, he smiled to himself. Her body was now that of a woman, satiated and no longer longing for it knew not what. For now, there were no more mysteries about the mystical sharing of their bodies. For either of them.

The last thing she would learn about being a woman was when she gave birth and suckled his children. She was still shaking. With a kiss, he moved down to her lower body and spreading her legs, he licked the drying blood and once more he bit!

He felt the fire engulf him. Looking up, he could see the blue flames consuming both of them! They were pulling him back up to her! As he laid his head on her breast he  nuzzled there gently as the fire began to diminish.

When the flames burned out, she kissed him and went to sleep.

“Barry, you never sounded so good,” he sighed as he pulled her onto the top of him and joined her in that in between place where lovers go after taking and giving pleasure.




Talk to Me—Chapter 9


talk to me coveere pageTalk to Me

Chapter 9

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

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The small dragon was the center of attention! Eric sat and watched him, many things ringing loud and true in his brain that was recalling his past.

“Tor,” he snapped his fingers and O.I. looked over at him. “There was an older gentleman that would come calling on my grandmother. His name was Tor. You are a shape shifter.”

“Yes, my prince,” O.I. grinned at him. “So you do remember me.”

“Indeed I do.  And you were the skull in the fireplace?”

“Indeed I was.

And I am most grateful my prince that you only took me out once a year to sit in the ashes. This allowed me to be out and about until it was once more time to be seated in the flames of your desire.”


“Embla asked me to watch over you until your true love rolled around. And so I did and so I have. Now you have Princess Sookie to watch over you. And the two of you together, you can watch over each other.”

“Are you fae?” Sookie asked.

“No,” he shook his head, “I am dragon. Like unicorns, they are not fae either. Although I can never get a straight answer out of the water dragons if they is fae or not. For sure, they don’t pass the dragon standard for our fineness.”

“Prince?” Sookie said, looking at O.I. “Eric is a prince?”

“Yes, his father was a king.”

“Clan chieftain,” Eric said, making a face at O.I.

“King,” the dragon shot back.  “Mo’ fo’n my prince. You can dress it up and backwards, or any ways you like, but King Er-erik was of royal blood and righteous.  So was your momma, Gretta. Proud and beautifuls she was. By rights, you should be sittin’ on the throne and rulin’ the frosted nights of the north. Instead you lives in warmth and lets the cold settle its own accounts.”

Eric growled. “Is there a reason you could not just sit in that box year round?”

“Has to keeps up,” O.I. responded. “Read the news, create some news  and keep on truckin’!  Smiley face, peace out and you knows, I am nots a crook! All said with a dragon emoji.”

“What?” Sookie said and pinched Eric.

“He is the rightful heir,” O.I. nodded. “Those supernaturals that lives and does not breathes in the Old World, they all owe him allegiance. They rule by his whim.”

“They rule,” Eric growled, “because I do not give a fuck about the old world. Because I am content to live in warmth and let the cold settle its own accounts.””

“What?” Sookie was staring at Eric.

“He holds the Balance of Power,” O.I. nodded. “Not to worry nones,” O.I. patted Sookie’s hand. “He can and has been trusted to do this. TheBOP was handed to his family at the beginning of time and they have walked it well. When the prince was turned, the BOP  still walked with him. Surprised most, put the jealous green-eyed in many, but his heart rings true.

Those wanna’ be’s rulers  gives our boy any Were shit, then death and destruction falls down on them.”

“But he can be killed?” Gran said.

“Yes,” O.I. nodded. “But when it comes to rulin’, if he wants your kingdom and claims the BOP then things happen. Good things for him, mo’ fo’n bad things to the wanna’ be.”

“That would be no to ruling,” Eric smiled. “Area Five is more than enough for me. I am happy where I am.”

“Rightly so, my prince,” O.I. nodded. “Your grandmamma always did see you living your happily ever and ever in a faraway place with sea monsters that could live on the land and where the air was warm.”

“So I really am being swept off my feet by Prince Charming,” Sookie’s voice was hushed and low. With a frown she was shaking her head at Eric.  “Were you going to tell me?”

Eric closed his eyes and counted to ten. Opening them, things did not look much better. That fucking O.I.!  This shit still somehow managed to find him!

“Sookie, I did not acknowledge that part of my life when I was human and that is a part of my life I have not acknowledge since I was turned.” His gaze rested on O.I.  then it was back to Sookie. “And so I probably would not have discussed it with you.”

“Secrets,”  she nodded, a bit of glare in her eyes and hurt in her voice.  “Some I am not worthy of knowin’ unless someone came knockin’ at the door, askin’ you if you wanted to be king of the world?”

“Please do not do that,” he sighed. “Of course you are worthy. Sookie, I have a thousand years of living. Some things you do not want to know because they are things I don’t want to know. And yet, here I am, still standing. And if someone came knocking, yes, I would have discussed it with you then. But this is something I have never wanted,” he stressed.

“Along with a stalker. There is a mean bitch by the name of Catherine. She is the queen of the Old World Empire. Which consists of Russia. That is hers to keep. However, she fancies herself queen of the entire continent. This is not so. She also fancies herself in love with me. The bitch does not know what love is. She just wants to rule supremely. From time to time she sends someone to plead with me to come for a visit. No,” he said shaking his head.

“So, while I am at it, there are also vampires by the name of Ian, King of British Isle; Cedric, King of Eire and Samuel Da’vid, my Jewish brother. They can all be trusted.

And Pamela, who you know, my child. And I own area Five. As in, I hold the deed to the land. I was just left in place when the U.S. was divided up because no one wanted to war with me to claim it.

There is an entire cast of characters that span centuries. There have always been women who wanted to attach themselves to me. But the only one that I am actively aware of is Catherine. The others are dead. Lucretia Borgia comes to mind. That was a business arrangement only. She did help us rob the Vatican Vault, but she did not stick around after that. There was Empress Sunee, who with my help, overthrew her Uncle and crowned herself the First Lowland Empress of China. Elizabeth the First who loved sailors; Mary, Queen of Scotts, who loved anyone who could get her the throne. Matta Haria, who was a fine woman and actually loved Samuel more than she loved me  and Amelia Earhart, whom Pamela had a fantastic crush on. All these women were looking for romance and a name change. I was happy to provide the romance, but not share my last name.  And the Vampire Queen of Missouri has been nosing around, but she just wants my brains, brawn and lover expertise.”

Sookie reached over and pinched him, rolled her eyes and continued on. “So, there are those out there that want to marry you for your power and position of present day Eric?”

“That is correct,” he said nodding. “But I have been waiting on the woman my grandmother promised me.”

“So, so…” she looked at him. “Does everyone know this about you? That you pull your ace of spades and play it and…they what? Turn to dust?”

“Only the older ones, those who have lived in the frost lands know of this. The young ones do not believe it nor do they care. Which is fine with me.

Because if  I were to shoulder that crown, the world would take a different path,” he shook his head. “How can I make that decision?

This is a grave responsibility. The world is to find its own way. Empires rise and fall. Vampires come and go. So far, I have continued to stay and the world goes on…the sun rises and sets and people bank their money and raise their children. This is how it should be.”

Sookie was listening to him intently.  “Then why did you side with Niall? During the fae war?”

“Because seven hundred years ago, my ego was out of control. I thought there was nothing I could not do.”

Sookie was covering her mouth to help control her mirth.

“Stop laughing at me,” he pulled her in that much closer. “As I was saying, my ego was out of control. And I was looking for a good brawl. I had never fought fae so I hired myself out as a mercenary and Niall offered the most money.”

“So you went to the highest bidder…” Sookie said.

“Indeed I did. I could just as easily stood with the other side, but there was a sword that Niall was wearing and I wanted it.”

“So are you still for hire?”

“No, I am my own king and I rule how I see fit. My kingdom consists of those I care about. And I will fight to the death to defend my kingdom. You know, mine…”

“Yes,” she gave him a smile, “mine. So does that work both ways, are you are mine as well?”

“We are team Northman. Mine, mine, and mine. If you marry me I expect you to refer to me as such for I will certainly refer to you as such. Hello world, please allow me to introduce you to Mrs. Eric Northman. You know, mine.

Hello bitch, I am Mrs. Eric. Northman. Yes that fine looking fellow with the long legs, handsome face and very fine bedroom equipment is mine!

Go Team Northman!” he said with a shout and shaking his fist in the air.

“So protocols be damned?” she asked.

“We write the protocols from this point forward. If N.O. looks at us sideways, and they will,” he smiled, “war will be declared. No more Mr. Nice Guy,” he said with a straight face.

“No more Mr. Nice Guy….? Really…?” she hooted. “Ahhhhh, how many have you taken out since you started calling me lover?”

“Not enough,” he made a face. “You got to kill Brigant and I still have Compton to deal with,” his fangs dropped. “I expect that to be most delicious. That piece of Were shit is just waiting for me to end him.”

“That is a lot to think about,” Sookie nodded. “Good things to think about,” she smiled at him. “Can we start on my self-defense training?”

“Absolutely,” Eric nodded.

“So-o-o-o-o, what do you think about the method of fight or flight?” Sookie nodded. “You know, get me alarmed? Frightened? Anxious?  That should cause somethin’ to happen? Right?”

O.I. threw up his hands and had a shocked look on his face! “You means scare the fae out of you? My princess, we is talkin’ somethin’ powerful and scary being unleashed. You sures you want that aimed at us? We gots us four, count’m, four fae houses residin’ in that little bitty package. I am seein’ powerful sparks floatin’ ‘round you.”

“Really?” Sookie asked, intrigued.

“Indeeds,” he nodded.

“Before she aims at us,” he directed his focus at Eric,  “I would be feelin’s much better ‘bouts this if the two of you had a one  good and mightly blood exchange. You knows, her magic knife recognizes you!”

“Good point,” Erc nodded. “Sookie, what say you?”

“Blood exchange, I could do that,” she responded, looking at Eric, her heart starting to speed up.

Eric took her hand and placed it between both of his. Clasping it, he leaned down and rubbed is nose against hers. “We will take it slow,” he kissed her forehead. “I don’t want you to commit to something you have questions about.”

“Will you tell me your stories?” she asked.

“Of course,” he smiled. “But Ian, Cedric and Samuel can tell you about my most embarrassing ones. And some of them are priceless.”

“Excellent,” Gran smiled. “O.I., if you would please, join me in the kitchen and we shall bake brownies and leave them to their privacy.”

“Brownies,” O.I. sighed. “Mo’ fo’n Miss Adele. I loves me a woman who can make the chocolate square goodness,” he smiled at her as they made their way to the kitchen. “I like the crunchy sides. And do you use walnuts? I had one once with walnuts…added the magic of the tree to it…” he sighed as they disappeared from sight.

“How do you want to do this?” she asked.

“Well, I think if I start with a Thai massage, get you to the corpse pose and see what happens.”

“Corpse pose?” she asked.

“After stretching you out and manipulating your muscles, it is a state of rest at the very end. You let go of everything and you just feel like dead weight. This should push all your human aside and get down to the fae. Or at least, it is a place to start.  And if that does not work, then we will try something else.”

“You think we have time? You know, enough time, to try other things?”

“No,” Eric shook his head. “I do not. I can’t help but wonder if Hadley changed everything before?  We might have a couple of days,  but I would not count on more than that.”

“Okay, let’s get started. On my bed? Nude? What do you think?”

“A somewhat firm surface. Perhaps just some blankets on the floor. Nude is fine, but you can also wear loose yoga clothes.”

Sookie gave him a blank stare. “How about jammies?”

“That could work,” he nodded. “You get changed and let us get started.”


Eric came up stairs, carrying a pan of water. Once in Sookie’s bed room, Eric felt the mattress.  “This is pretty firm. Perhaps if we just placed it on the floor?”

“Okay,” she nodded.

With a heave and a ho Eric had the mattress in place. “Now, Gran gave me this. I have filled it with warm water. I am going to wash your feet. So please sit in the chair. Then, if you would, on your back please. I am going to start with massaging your feet.”


During the massage, there were times when Sookie whimpered, cried and laughed out loud. Once or twice she farted and trembled all over as muscle spasms shook her body. When he massaged her gum line, she fell asleep and then woke again when he massaged her chin.

For an hour and fifty minutes he worked on her muscle groups and stretching her limbs. Making his way down her front he ended back at her feet and he carefully worked those over once more as well.

“Now, take a deep breath and let it out and let go of everything that is not important at this moment. Feel it drain from the front of your body to the back then as it flows out of you, through the mattress and through the floor. That part of you is now gone. Feel the cleansed blood pulsing through your veins, as it moves like a gentle stream, nourishing your body. Feel the energy it creates and helps to push the blood along, creating for you a place of peace and sanctuary. Let the energy radiate out of your blood and into the surrounding tissues, creating a warmth where ever it touches you. From the very ends of your hair to your toe nails, you feel this sense of wellbeing.

Now, with your eyes still closed, use your third eye and take a look at your renewed self.  What do you see?”

“Light,” she whispered. “It is everywhere and it holds warmth…”

“What do you like about the light?’ he asked.

“Everythin’,” she smiled. “I like everythin’. It is like an old friend.  So familiar and comfortin’.”

“This friend, where is it located? Can you see it?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “yes…it is in the center of my breasts and goes straight through to my back…it spreads from there and engulfs the upper part of my body…it floods through my eyes…I see everything with this light.”

“What else do you see?” he asked

With her eyes still closed, Sookie brought both hands up to her face and wiggled her fingers. “In my hands, there is light…the light is magic and it can heal or has the  power to destroy. To create life and to nurture the helpless. To plant a garden or to destroy the sun.”

“Do you see a color?” he asked.

“No,” she said quietly. “There is no color. Just a pure white light.”

“Sookie, can you find this place, again?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded, “it is right there,” she placed a hand between her breasts.

“Can you hold onto that place?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I can see it now. I can see it with my third eye.”

“Good,” Eric nodded. “I want you to slowly open your eyes. The lights are low and you are home, in your own bedroom. Can you see it? Can you see the ceiling?”

“Yes,” she nodded “Yes.”

“Good, now, I want you to close your eyes and roll onto your stomach.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

“Now, I want you to slowly open your eyes and tell me what you see.”

“Well…ah-h-h-h-h, I see my mattress below me.”

“Correct,” Eric responded. “Now draw your legs under you and sit up.”

“Eric…am I levitating off the floor?”

“Yes, you are,” he smiled at her. “And have been since I started working on your front.”

“How do I get down?”

“Just straighten out your legs and float down. Don’t think about it, just send the message to your brain.”

When her feet were once more standing on the mattress she let out a deep breath and yelled, “Holy shit!”

Eric’s smile got bigger as she kept yelling, “Holy shit! Holy shit! Gran! O.I.! Holy shit!”


They were in the kitchen, having a brownie and Sookie demonstrating her newly functioning gifts.

“She can heal and destroy,” Eric began the story of what he had discovered. “As well as levitate,” he grinned at her. “And probably a few other things.

But her gift was buried,” Eric explained.  “Deeply buried. I found it on her back, first. Then on her front. If you were to place your hand between her breasts and your other hand in the same position on her back, you can feel it. But it had been deeply embedded. A pocket that was buried and not meant to be found.”

“I wonder if it was Niall that pulled me out of car?” Sookie’s thought went back to that horrific time. “My parents were drowned in a flash flood. Maybe?” she shrugged as she looked at O.I. and then Eric.  “I was found on the slope leading up to the bridge. I don’t remember anythin’ about that. So maybe Niall pushed them in and pulled me out. Saving me for when I was older.”

“That makes sense,” Gran nodded. “Possibly influenced Bartlett to molest you, to keep you from having sex with other men so that when he rolled around, he could drain you of everything, to include your innocence. What an evil pervert,” Gran shuddered. “He was playing the long term game. He seduced me so that he could easily get to Sookie.”

“He didn’t count on Eric,” Sookie smiled. “Thank you,” she looked over at him. “From my heart, thank you.”

“Well, let us get your fae power up and running so you can blast the bad guys if I or O.I. are not around,” Eric smiled at her.

“Then we shall see if you still want to  spread around those thank yous. Remember I told you that there are many who want to bring me the true death. And attempts are generally made at least once a week, although, during the summer that has a tendency to slack off and pick up again with the longer nights of winter.”

“Okay, so you piss off everyone. I have a tendency to do that myself. We make a great team.”

“Sookie,” he regarded her.   Noting the smile on her face Eric shook his head. “Sookie, we can get you to a point where you will not need me.”

“Really?” she eyed him. “How can I have your baby if I don’t need you?”

“Point taken,” and it was impossible to hide the pleased look on his face.  “Blood exchange it is.”

“Gran, we are going back up to my bedroom. Is that okay?”

“Of course dear,” she smiled. “Of course it is.”

“Race you,” she laughed and flew out of the kitchen with Eric right behind her.


Once they stood in her bedroom, Eric said nothing as he motioned toward the door.

“Close it,” she nodded, “please.

How about we do a blood exchange? You know, the real carnal delight one.  I have heard one or two girls talking about having sex with a vampire. They say it gets really good after they orgasm and the vamp bites them on the inside of their leg.

You ever done that before,” she grinned at him.

“Maybe once or twice,” he replied, his focus on her and it was intense.

“Seriously,” she eyed him. “You know I have actually heard how you can please a female. I would like to be on the receiving end of that.”

“You know that involves sex…and I find I want to be married to you before we chase this endeavor.”

“Seriously?” her voice held trust and perhaps longing.

“Okay soon to be Mrs. Northman and mother of my child. What is going on? I am calling you on your bullshit. Two can play this. You are willing to seduce me before the nuptials? What is going on?”

“I just want to have sex with you before you find out I am not the person you feel in love with,” she sniffled as the tears formed in her eyes.

Laughing, he pulled her to him. “Lover,” he stroked her hair. “I no longer remember what that Sookie was like because I love you. You are one of the most honest people I know and you call me on my bullshit. I have not had this sense of peace since I was a lad and I knew my parents would take care of any troubles that might come my way.”

“Really?” she said, wiping her eyes and looking up at him.

“Really,” he kissed her on the nose. “I expect you to get your blue flame up and running and I am just going to sit back and take bets while you toast any and all that would think to harm me.”

“Ouch,” he laughed when she pinched him that time.

“You felt that?” she looked shocked.

“Yes,” he grinned at her. “I would say your fae is manifesting.”

“Well, I still want to do a blood exchange and I want to have sex with you. Do you think we can sign Gran up on line to be a minister? I know my friend Lafayette did that and he files the legal paper work.”

Eric became very solemn. “You are really serious about this? What happened to the engagement and night of dancing and romancing and…”

She placed her finger over his lips. “You know, sometimes, my ego takes control of my mouth. Which is something you would know a little bit about.”

“Ouch,” he mumbled in a very sad voice while the grin included the sparkle in his eyes.

Sookie looked at him a long time and then nodded to herself. “There is,” she began carefully,  “what I think the dream should be and then there is what I want. I expect you to take me dancin’,” she smiled at him. “But now I find I want to be your wife when you do.”

Eric was smiling at her and leaning in, gave her a kiss. Kneeling down he took her hand and said, “Sookie will you marry me? Be my wife and walk with me through this life?

“Yes,” she nodded with a smile. “Yes Eric, I will. And am proud to do so.”

Getting up he pulled her to him and kissed her long and deep, his tongue feeling her warmth and wanting to taste her everywhere! When she tried wrapping her legs around his waist, he broke off the kiss.

Giving him a frown, she then looked very sad. Putting his hands on her ass, he positioned her on King Eric  and thrust forward. “This is dangerous stuff,” he said matter of fact. “That cleft between your legs is calling to me,” he drew back and pushed into her again, “and how sweet it is going to be when I get to find my release inside of you.”

“Okay,” she nodded, as she relaxed her legs around him and slid down his front.

Eric’s hands were still holding her butt cheeks. He squeezed them ever so gently and once more impaled her on him.

Setting her on the floor, his eyes searched her face.

“I trust you,” she nodded. “And I love you Eric and want to stand with you, no matter what.”

Nodding his head, he kissed her lightly on the lips and then took her hand. “Let us go inform Gran and set up the printer. I see a wedding in our future. And a hot, nasty, carnal blood exchange after that.”

They went back downstairs and informed her of their plan.

“Land o’ Goshen,” Gran kept repeating as Eric connected their phones to the printer, paid for Gran to be their giver in marriage, and waited for the paper work to whir through the machine!

“How do you want to do this?” Gran asked as she scanned the legal paper to be filed.

“Just here, in front of the fire,” Sookie replied.

“We need two witnesses,” Gran said, looking a bit anxious. “I can be a witness but we need another.  You know, this is a legally binding contract. I won’t do anything that is not right.”

“We know Gran,” Sookie patted her hand. “And we would not ask you to.

O.I.,” Sookie looked at the dragon that now wore human form. “Is Tor registered someplace? You know, a driver’s license or somethin’?”

“No,” O.I. responded. “I  do have a yearly pass to my favorite theme park, does that count?” he asked. “It has a photo and my thumb print?”

“I have this,” Eric responded, standing. “I’ll be back in a moment. I am going to call Pamela.”

“I have your grandpa Earl’s and mine gold wedding bands,” Gran smiled and started to cry a bit. “They came over from the old country. Been passed down in the Stackhouse family ever since. Suppose to go to the oldest son, but I have always been afraid Jason would hock them for beer money, even if he was to marry someone.”

“Thanks Gran,” Sookie wrapped herself around the woman. “Thank you.”

“I’ll go get them,” she smiled, “and be right back.”


Eric was waiting for Pam in front of the house.

Floating down, she adjusted her hair and taking in her surroundings said, “I’m here, where ever this is. What’s up?”

“I need you for a witness. Sookie and I are getting married.”

“What?” her voice went up.

“Put it in bitch neutral,” Eric replied. “If you want to live, you will stand there, say the appropriate congratulatory words and sound like you mean them and then you can be on your way.”

“Alright then,” she nodded. “Marriage, witness, and live forever. Go Team Northman!”

“Much better,” he nodded.

“Have you been monitoring the news?” he asked.

“Yes,” she shuddered. “If the South America humans keep leaving, the southern border kingdoms are going to be overrun with South American vamps. And they are very territorial, unnaturally so. They all think of themselves as Zorro and the high priest of the Templo Mayor,” she shuddered. “Please, that mask does nothing for Miguel. And I wish he would learn how to use that whip. If they bring that Aztec mumbo-jumbo with them, we are in a world of hurt. We have anyone who can out mumbo-jumbo them?”

“I think the wife has that,” Eric said nonchalantly as they walked toward the door.

Pam stopped and Eric turned to face her.

“You actually love her…” and in her voice was concern.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Does that surprise you?”

“No,” she regarded him. “I guess not. If I had to pick a breather for you, I would have gone with her. I actually like her.”

“Oh my,” Eric arched an eyebrow. “Need I be concerned about you? Are you feeling feverish or perhaps having premenstrual cramps?”

Pam rolled her eyes at him. “I can, once in a while, have a good idea. Now, let’s get this done and hope the kingdoms of Texas, New Mexico and gawd help them, but not really, the Californias see the writing on the pyramid wall.

And Sookie has this….my gawd, Eric, just what are you marrying?”

“The love of my life,” he responded with a grin.

“And by the way, the furniture inside the house talks. All of it, if it has a mind too. Just like at the club. So don’t pee yourself if the love seat invites you to sit down.”

“What if it doesn’t,” she said turning to look at him, worry on her face.

“Still don’t pee yourself,” he grinned.

Talk to Me—Chapter 8

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Talk to Me

Chapter 8

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


Gran was up and moving at seven. When you were as old as she was, there were just some things your body regulated.

At nine, Sookie was still asleep so she missed out on the special delivery letter that came to their door. And then the boxes that were delivered to their door.

Then she missed out on the Jeep Grand Cherokee that was delivered to their door.

When Sookie came down stairs at eleven, Gran only smiled at her when she came in the kitchen and there on the table were weapons of various sorts, some modern, some ancient looking.

Pouring a cup of coffee Sookie looked at Gran and then went over to the table.

“I am liking this knife,” she smiled, picking it up. “Wow…very Viking looking. And this leather case to carry it in! The leather work on this is fantastic!”

“That is because it is Viking,” Gran replied.

Sookie put it down…this was going somewhere…not good!

“Oh…” her voice was low and even as she continued looking at the table and maybe not that killer knife! “These are the iron swords and knives and pistols and special ammo.”

“Yes,” Gran nodded.

Sorting through the things on the table, Sookie spotted the small object and picked it up. “Why is the Jeep fob back?”

“Because it goes to the new Jeep sitting out front in the yard.”

Sookie started to say something and then stopped. Gran was shaking her head, no.

Gran took the phone out of her pocket. “There is one for you as well,” she said placing it on the table.

“We wondered what had happened to Hadley,” she sighed, handing the phone to Sookie. “She is at the vampire queen’s new residence in New Orleans. Apparently Sophie-Anne wants to make a new vampire child, since she had Compton kill her old one early this morning. Hadley just might be that replacement.”

“Mother…fucker…” was all Sookie could say as she looked at the photo.

“Read Eric’s letter,” Gran sighed, again, as Sookie sat down next to her.  “I have already called Sam and told him you were sick and would not be in.”

“What?” she jerked, looking over at her, spilling her coffee.

“And wear the knife,” she nodded. “Strap it around your waist. You are now the bonded of a Viking vampire warrior.

And if Brigant, or anyone who looks like him, takes one step on our property, he is dead,” she said picking up the pistol and putting a round in the chamber.


“He did this to you, Sookie.” Her face was set in stone.


“He has been out in the woods. I can sense when he is about. He is out there now.”

“Gran?” There was a bit of panic in Sookie’s voice.

“He is going to come to the door and knock and smile and before he can speak to entice us with his words, he is dead. This whole incest thing…” she was shaking her head. “I got to thinking on that after Eric left. Your great grandmothers, they had the gift at one time in their lives. I know that because the family used to speak of it. I had the gift, child, when I was younger. After I had sex with him, I no longer did. I think, like  a succubus, he drains you of your power. So he invites himself into bed with all his female human relatives, because his fae relatives knows what he is about, and takes whatever fae power they have.

So if he comes to the door, shoot through the screen. We can replace it. Eric sent  money for incidentals as well.

There is no such thing as coincidence, Sookie. Not ever. We do believe in a higher power. And for right now, God has sent us Eric Northman.”

“But Gran…” her voice was low and serious.

“Child,” she was shaking her head. “Hadley is going to blab about you. Run at the mouth for everything strange, imagined or real, to give to Sophie-Anne so she can be her child.

And I am of a notion Brigant put this in motion.”

“What?” Sookie choked on her coffee.

“All of this happening at the same time? No,” Gran shook her head, anger in her voice. “No such thing as coincidence. There is someone behind this driving it. That would have to be Niall. He just did not count on us having a guardian angel. That would be Eric.”

Everything about Gran said that she was set on this so she needed to get on that wagon with her. “Why would the old fae do that?”

“So he could bed you, you lose your power and Sophie-Anne sees you as not the big deal Hadley set you up to be and she or Hadley drains you or enslaves you and you drop off the face of the earth. No fae is going to go into a den of vampires looking for a Halfling. So if anyone comes looking for you, you are nowhere to be found. And how could I possibly complain about you missing if I am dead and Sam gets a phone call saying you are moving to Ohio to live with family there.

So show me the woman I raised you to be, Granddaughter, and shoot to kill. I am not kidding. This asshole wants to rule Fae and Hadley will do whatever it takes to live the big, glamorous  life as the child of a   vampire queen. I wish I could grieve for Hadley, but I lost that when she walked out of rehab. She wants this life style. Niall, well,” there was anger in her words, “he was working this plan long before I was born. Listening to Eric, you can see the strategy he was been working down through the ages. And he is vile and evil.”

There was a knock at the door.

Nodding her head, her eyes staring intently at Sookie, Adele stood, loaded her weapon and  walked to the front door holding the pistol behind her back.

Sookie did like-wise and followed her with another gun.

Opening the door, there he stood, the charmer who thought to drain her granddaughter and control the world.

“I smelled the coffee,” his smile was sincere and in his eyes was the blue of gentleness and lost passion. “And you my dearest…m-m-m-m-m,” was followed by a boyish grin. “You look edible…” he whispered, opening the screen door and taking a step forward, into the house.

Blam!  Went the gun, the bullet hitting him right   between his eyes.  “Sorry Gran,” Sookie said still aiming the pistol, “but not in this life time.”

Gran was drawn back to this reality as blue glitter exploded out of Niall and pushed up into the air, hovered by the roof for only a second, and then regrouped. You could see a coat of arms that looked like two back-to-back B’s formed and then it shot through the ceiling and then 1,2,3, it was floating gently down onto the main floor. Then whoosh, it regrouped into the coat of arms and then whoosh, it was a living stream of energy and flowed into Sookie!

Gran turned to say something to Sookie. Saw the gun still raised in the air and could only stare with her mouth open!

“What?” Sookie screeched.

Gran turned her and walked her into her bedroom.

“Oh my gawd,” she screamed, “I look like a smurf! Only I am all glittery…

or…or…I am still blue but  now…now…I have lost the sparkle!”

“Holy shit!” Gran laughed and then stopped. “Sorry dear. It is just…just…well…well…you do look like a smurf. Just like Smurfette! And I know I should not laugh…because in no way is this funny…but you are a dead ringer for her. I think it is the blue complexion and the blonde hair.”

“Gran really!” Sookie was still staring at herself, on the verge of hysteria.  “I just shot my fae grandfather and how do I explain this?”

“Well, a bad Halloween costume idea gone wrong, for starters.

And Niall, well yes, he had me in his thrall. I was hoping he was going to put my legs over his shoulders and eat me like a popsicle. He may have done that in the past and I was thinking what a fine idea that would be to do in the future.

Thank you dear. I was all set to pull the trigger then I was all set for oral sex. That was close. And on a more positive note, you have lost the glitter effect. We’ll just see how it all washes out.

Sorry dear,” she shook her head and hugged Sookie. “I know this is not going to wash out. That was just an old saying…I did not mean to mock you. But Eric said nothing about seeing blue fae and he warred with thousands.  I mean, you did lose the glitter. Absorbed it,  I guess.  I wonder if absorbing it starts the process?”

“What?” Sookie turned and looked at her.

“You know, maybe you have to have the sparkle to start the chain reaction. I mean, don’t you think? So when you absorb the blue, it has something to attach, too?”

“That makes sense,” Sookie said nodding and feeling a bit better. “And if not, well then, I am just a Halloween costume gone horribly wrong. Maybe for the rest of my life,” she rolled her eyes. “Fuck-ing fae!” she hissed. “That asshole! Could they just not stay in their own world! Why did they have to come here and fuck with ours!”

“Have faith, dear,” Gran smiled at her. “Since you are not working, today, I am going to call Eric and leave him a voice message. Ask him to come by as early as possible. We have big news…”


At thirty minutes after sundown, there was a knock on their door.

When Sookie answered it, he took a step back and nodded, “Big news, indeed. Although you are not nearly as blue as Miss Adele lead me to believe. I believe Crayolablue was the term she used to describe you.”

“Yes,” Sookie eyed him. “I am not as blue as I was. More like a very light baby boy blue. Come on in and let’s get the story told. Mine and yours.”

“Eric, why don’t you begin,” Gran said.

Eric did just that. “You saw the photos of Hadley and got my message.”

Both women nodded…

“Hadley,” Gran closed her eyes and wiped away the tears. “That child has been lost her entire life. And now this…perhaps a child to the vampire queen. And if not, then her play toy.”

“Correct,” Eric nodded. “Especially if she has just a touch of the charm of the fae.

The bonding ritual,” he sighed. “I am beginning to understand how this was pushed upon us in the future   time. To keep NO at a distance, you needed to be bonded to me. The same applies now. How likely do you think Hadley will not mention you?”

“Oh-h-h-h fuck,” Sookie moaned. “If it will get her what she wants, she will make shit up and put a nice  bow on it.”

“Sookie,” Gran said in a disappointed voice and sadly shook her head.

“Gran,” Sookie answered back, her voice stern.  “She is a junkie. And now apparently she works as a blood whore.”

Gran looked over at Eric who nodded his head yes.

“So, bonded,” Sookie nodded. “I drink from you three times and magic happens? Yes, no, maybe?”

“I have no idea,” Eric answered. “I have never been bonded and I know no one who has ever been bonded. With my blood in you, you will smell like me. And I should be able to track you and feel your emotions but you are fae so that is probably a no.”

“So what else?”

“As my bonded, we would be having sex and I would only be drinking from you.”

“Can they tell?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded, “you smell like a virgin. Innocent.”

“On that future time line, I told you I had your last name.”

“Marriage,” Eric nodded, “very doable. But puts your life in danger. I tend to piss everyone off. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes in mutliples.”

“Really?” Sookie chuckled.

“Yes,” he smiled at her. “I do not understand it myself. But I do.”

“So bonded and married,” Sookie regarded him.  “You would be agreeable to this?”

“Yes,” Eric smiled at her. “Yes I would. How about you?”

“Yes,” she managed a smile. “Do I get a marriage proposal?”

“Of course,” he replied.

“I am good for now, how about you?” she asked.

“For now,” he replied.

“I am good for now,” Sookie nodded,  “tell us your story.”

Gran was feeling much better about this and much worse as Eric talked, past, present, future. This is not what she wanted for Sookie, but here it was, all laid out as neat as a pin.

“Well, after we got your message on the phones you sent us…” she began…

…and ended with,  “Thank you for being so thoughtful of us. We would have been at Niall’s mercy.

Eric was thoughtful. “You saw hovering in the air two back to back B’s that reminded you of Cinderella’s coach?”

“Yes,” they both nodded.

“Looked just like a coat of arms,” Gran was drawing it in the air with her finger,  “but really fancy. Like a designer label. Big swirling B’s with lots of curves  and curly cues coming off of them.”

“Yes, the family’s coat of arms,” Eric nodded. “During the war, if you slew a family member, you would sparkle blue for several days…so fae will know who has passed on and who has absorbed the energy. Gave them a chance to say goodbye to the old holder’s magics and acknowledge the new owner.”

“So, when I fade back to normal, which those on the battle field did,” she stressed and he nodded yes. “No one will know that Niall is dead and I did the deed?”

“That is correct.”

“Well, that has to count for somethin’. So tell us about your day,” she smiled, let out a lot of air and slumped a bit, “I could use a drink.”

Eric was watching Sookie as he told them what he knew.

“Did you have on the knife when you shot him?” he asked.

“Yes, I was wearing it,” she answered. “Why?”

“It looks different,” he answered. “May I see it?”

“Sure,” she nodded taking out the knife and passing it to him. “I mean it is yours.”

“You mean it was mine,” Eric said as the knife rippled with the blue flames of fae.

“Whoa!” Sookie drew back.

“Indeed,” Eric nodded and handed it back to her.  “Please place it back in its sheath. Now, I will just reach forward and try to pull it out…

Nothing,” he nodded. “It does not budge. It is not mine to remove.”

“Like the sword in the stone?” Sookie asked.

“What?” he responded.

“King Arthur,” she replied.

“Oh,” he nodded. “Well perhaps. Would you please take it out of its sheath, place it on the table and walk away.”

“Sure,” she said standing and left the knife on the table only to find it back in its leather resting place at her side.

“I have heard the stories,” Eric grinned, “but never witnessed one.”

“What? You  mean I am wearin’ this knife the rest of my days?”

“Looks that way,” he grinned.  “Apparently the knife wants you to be safe as well.”

“Fuck-ing fae magic,” she hissed this time and stomped her foot.

“I like it,” Eric’s smile got bigger.

“You would,” she stuck her tongue out at him, a great big frown on her face.

“Now Sookie,” Gran chided  her, “you would not want your face to freeze like that.”

“I am beginning to think maybe I would. After all, I am a delightful shade of blue. Maybe I am already frozen.”

“Is she always like this?” Eric asked, smiling.

“No,” Gran nodded her head. “I think you give her a case of the bat shit crazies.”

“Well good for me,” his smile got bigger. “I am always happy to help out.”

“You know I am sittin’ right here,” Sookie looked at Gran and then Eric.

“Yes dear, now if you two will excuse me, this old lady has had a day. Oh,”  she looked at her granddaughter more closely, “the blue is gone! Most good!”

“Woohoo!” Sookie sighed. “Back to normal skin tone. I guess I am not cursed to live my life as a smurf!”

“Good night Miss Adele,” he said standing when she stood. “I thank you for this information exchange. I shall be going myself. I have not fed in the past several days and I am starting to feel a mite bit peckish.

Sookie, if you wish to continue this conversation, I can be back by ten.”

Gran said nothing as she left the room. Only had her fingers crossed!

“No need to go,” Sookie said. “I have  blood, you can feed from me. But no funny business,” she arched an eyebrow at him.  “And, out of my wrist, only. Not from my neck or anthin’ like that. Remember, I have this magic knife…blessed with dragon magic and fae magic and Viking’s blood and who knows what else! And I am no longer a smurf! So you had better be nice to me.”

‘”Yes, ma’am,” Eric gave her a grand sweeping bow as he sat back down beside her.

“I will need to lick your wrist. To help prep it. This way my fangs will taste me and it will not hurt you when I bite down.”

“Okay,” she nodded, offering him her wrist.

His hand massaged her hand. He continued to caress it when her turned her wrist over and licked it every so gently.

“That tickles,” she giggled. “Your tongue is rough!”

“Yes,” he nodded and looked up at her. “That helps to keep the blood in my mouth.”

“The perfect predator,” she replied.

“Yes,” he nodded again.

“Sookie, how do you really feel about this?” he asked as he sniffed her wrist and then licked it, again.

“Eric, my life has never been normal. I don’t know what that is, to be honest with you. Would I like a home and a family, yes. Did I think I would ever have a husband and a child, no. Or be more than a waitress working for Sam, no,” she said shrugging. “I knew a Prince Charming was not going to ride into town and sweep me off my very tired at the end of the day, feet.

Did I dream about that, well yes. I know it happens, just not to me.

And now, here you are, Prince Charming. Wanting to sweep me off my feet. And I am…” she shrugged. “I want to believe in the happily ever after but that is just a fairy tale, as well. Only, I am apparently a princess fairy. Just go figure.

But this I know. Relationships take work. And every day you have to work that relationship. I know this from my family and friends. I don’t know that from experience with a lover, but I certainly hear enough folks complaining about how their marriage went wrong because they did not spend enough time working on it. You  know, they just started to take things for granted. And I don’t want to do that. And I certainly do not want to be treated like that.

How about you?”

“I want the relationship that my mother and father had,” he replied. “One of mutual trust and faith and honor for each other’s talents.

My father loved and respected my mother. And she loved and respected him. I am not willing to settle for less than that.”

“You know how I get,” she sighed, leaning in and rubbing her nose against his. “Stubborn and willful and stubborn on top of that.”

“And what causes that?” he asked her.

“I am not willing to compromise on who I am or what  I believe.”

“Excellent!” he smiled at her. “And neither am I. Let us get your fae up and running and you can blast anyone who tells you how they think you should live.”

“Even if that includes you?”

“Especially if it includes me.”

“So, are we goin’ get married and have sex?”

“That is the plan,” he smiled at her.  “So, leading up to me asking you to marry me, what would you like to do?” he asked.

“Go dancin’,” she replied. “You know, somewhere lovely, me in an evenin’ gown and you in a nice suit. I just want to feel special and that I am worth a little bit of  effort.”

“A little bit of effort Miss Stackhouse?” Eric was sadly shaking his head. “Only a little? Please note, I can give to you whatever you desire.”

“Really?” she smiled at him. “There goes that ego,” she chuckled.

“I am famous for it,” he grinned. “What else do you want to feel?” he asked as he licked her wrist again and gently bit.

“Well,” she began, as she laid against his chest, “loved. And cherished.  I don’t mean big things, just little things. Like saying please and thank you. And I have always wanted to have my car door opened for me. And…respected. You know, mutual respect for each other,” she continued on down her list that she did not even know she had.

She didn’t realize that Eric had finished feeding until he pulled her up onto his lap.

“That was painless,” she smiled at him. “So how am I? Sour, sweet, minty fresh?  Chocolate? Tasteless?”

“You are delicious,” he smiled at her.

“Really?” she eyed him. “That is an impish grin. I think that was one of your small falsehoods.”

The grin got bigger.

“So does Fae taste different than humans?”

“Well,” he made a face, “I cannot really comment on that. I can drain a fae and then immediately puke my guts out because it is not human blood. I know this from experience. And it is not pleasant. Either going down or coming back up. It leaves in my mouth and my vampire psyche a nasty reminder that it was not human blood.

However and this is a very big however, a Halfling is different. Your genetics are human, so is your blood, though fae heavy, is compatible with vampire. And I can taste the difference in yours. There are four distinct tastes and all four are very satisfying.”


“Yes, in a I am full, I do not ever need to eat again, kind of way.”

“So, I would equate that to a Thanksgiving dinner. All the fixin’s complete with all the different desserts topped off with a nice cup of coffee.”

“Yes,” he nodded. “exactly. When we would have our midsummer feasts when I was human. Satisfied.”

“What,” Sookie hesitated. “What do you think about me just going ahead and getting started on this bonding process? I mean, if we are going to do this, let us just do it. What do you think?”

“I think that is a grand idea,” he nodded. “How do you want to do this?”

“Well, I have the bonding knife, courtesy of my bonded,” she smiled at him. “How about if I use that?”

“Fine,” he nodded. “From my wrist, neck or other?”

Reaching over, she pinched him. “How about just from your wrist?”

“We shall start there,” he smiled at her.

Drawing the knife, the closer it got to Eric, the flame diminished. When it touched his skin, there was no flame at all and a drop of blood seeped out.

Taking his hand, she placed her lips on his skin and licked.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“You taste like something I ought to know,” she replied. “Something heady….something sinful and rich. I had a Crème Brulee, once. The texture was silky smooth and dissolved in your mouth. There was just a hint of vanilla and they caramelized the sugar on top so it was a bit sweet and maybe smoky. After eating that, I always thought that was what sex should taste like. Rich and decadent and soul satisfying.”

Eric wiggled his eyebrows. “Well just how fabulous is that,” he grinned. “I taste like sex!

Want to go for a second?” he wiggled his eyebrows again.

“Well yes. I mean I really wanted a second Crème Brulee, but I denied myself that. But I could have another little taste of you.”

“Yes you could,” Eric was grinning and winked at her.

“You are a horrible flirt,” she pinched him.

“Yes I am,” he picked up her hand and kissed it, passionately. “Now,” he raised his head and looked into her eyes, “where, oh where,” he said breathlessly, “would you like to drink from next?” Asked Mr. Innocence as he was pulling down the collar on his neck and unbuttoned the top button.

“You are just bad,” she glared at him but then her focus was on his neck. “Gawd,” she let out, as her hands roamed his neck and then under his shirt. “You are gorgeous!

I think I am licking my lips,” she sighed as she raised her knife and put a tiny pin prick under his collar bone. With her hands she pushed his shirt aside and slowly and with purpose, she licked the blood that was welling up out of him.

Eric leaned back on the couch. “I think my heart is beating,” he said, a very satisfied sigh coming out of him.

Sookie got up and settled back in, her legs now straddling his legs as she sat on his lap and she undid another button. “How about if I drink from the other side, same place?” she asked, her voice low and straining.

“Yes-s-s-s-s-s,” slithered out of his mouth as he pushed his head into the top of the sofa and put his hands on her ass and pulled her into him. “Please,” was all he said as he pushed up and into her.

He felt the knife when it pierced his skin. This wound was longer and deeper and his blood was pouring out of him, searching for and calling to her. Her mouth latched on and sucked! Holding her next to him he thrust up and moaned, the life ebbing out of him and something else taking its place. She continued to suck until his moan got deeper and when he grunted and collapsed upon himself, she stopped.

Raising her head, staring back at her was the same insanity that she felt in her own blood! Getting off of him, she sat down beside him and he pulled her into him.

“Da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-mn,” his body was relaxed and satiated. Just like after an earth-shattering multiples fuck!

“That good, huh?” she elbowed him.

She could feel the vibrations of his laughter shaking his body. “Better than good,” he looked at her and kissed her on the nose. “Crème Brulee, huh? I now know what that tastes like.”

“Really?” she smiled at him.

“Most satisfying sex, ever,” he said picking up her hand and kissing it.



“Hello,” Gran called out. “I don’t mean to disturb you, is it alright if I come out?”

“It’s okay Gran,” Sookie answered. “You need somethin’?”

She stuck her head around the corner.  “Well, I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and when I came back out, my bed was made. Did you do that?”

“What?” they both said.

“Yes,” she nodded. “So I turned on my bedroom light. My clothes are neatly folded and the top of my dresser has been neatly arranged.”

“Not us,” Sookie replied wide-eyed. “We have been right here the entire time. You think we have a ghost?”

“I think we have something,” she replied. “I am going back to bed. If you hear me screaming, please come and rescue me.”

“Maybe you want to sit out here with us.”

“No,” she said shaking her head. “But if you will walk back with me to my room…I mussed up the bed before I came out to tell you.  You know…” her voice trailed off.

“Can do,” Sookie replied standing. “Come on Eric,” she said taking his hand. “You first. That way it will get you and Gran and I can make good our escape.”

Eric turned and looked at her. The smile covered her face.

“That’s right, sacrifice up the fiancée,” he sobbed.  Then he added in a more serious voice. “You know, you do not   inherit my wealth until after we are married.”

“Well drat,” she chuckled. “So all I’ll get is the Jeep,” she hooted. “Okay, I’ll go first. After all, I am with one with the sparkly new knife,” she said pulling it out of its sheath and watched the fire dance along the blade. “You two follow me. And if it is the ghost is Grandpa Niall, I am going to ask him if he does windows. And if he does, to paint these walls and maybe the outside while he is at it.”

All three of them were laughing and the seriousness seemed to fall into perspective. They all three realized weird shit happened.

“I can see why I love you,” Eric added, taking her hand and kissing it. “Ladies, please,” he dropped his fangs and extended his claws. “Allow me. I am gentleman enough to take the brunt of whatever this is.”

Carefully Eric pushed open the door and searched the room. “I don’t see a ghost,” he replied as Sookie and Gran peeked around him.

Reaching over, he flipped on the light.

“Land o’ Goshen,” Gran gasped. “Would you just look at that!”

“Wow,” Sookie was looking around. “Gran you did get a new paint job, and bed…and bed coverings…” her voice trailed off.

“And would you just look at that chandelier,” Eric let out a low whistle. “I don’t think those are crystals, I think those are diamonds.”

“Welcome to the new Brigant seat of power,” Gran’s  vanity stool came walking over on its two back legs and bowed. “I am Baltimore and it is my pleasure to help you through the transition.”

“Just like in Beauty and the Beast,” Sookie’s voice trembled and Eric caught Gran as she fainted.


“Just like at the club,” Eric’s voice was a whisper. “Only, everythingseems to be alive,” as he placed Gran on the bed and the pillows stood up and began fanning her.

Eric nicked his finger and placed a small drop in Gran’s mouth. When she opened her eyes, Eric and Sookie sat staring at her, along with her pillows and her blanket that had curled up around her.

“You feel like walking?” Sookie asked.

“I am still a bit wobbly,” she replied.

The rug took its cue. Floating over, Eric placed Gran on top of it and off all three went to look over the newest Brigant home.

“Nice redo of the kitchen,” Sookie was still in a state of shock. “And is it a bit bigger?”

“Seems to be,” Gran whispered. “I mean those are all new appliances and we don’t have room for one of those massive two door refrigerators with the freezer on the bottom and yet one fits. Along with a dishwasher and a massive new stove and a double oven.

“Take a look at the back porch,” Sookie whistled, opening the door. “It is now enclosed with a new washer and dryer and cabinets and that looks like a slate floor and granite countertops. And a freezer! Gran, we have a freezer!” she said turning into the room to look at the older woman who was trying to take it all in. “And a new hot water heater, which is now back here in our bigger enclosed in porch. That looks like a laundry room right out of a Country Living magazine!”

“Well, let’s go take a look at the front of the house,” Eric said. “And maybe you won’t be marrying me for my money after all, but I will be marrying you for yours.”

“Whoooooooooa momma!” Sookie exclaimed as they walked along. “Nice redo of the living room. Just damn! How did they work in a tray ceiling and all that crown molding? And the fireplace! Would you look at the size of that thing?  And is it faced with white marble? And those are some seriously nice drapes!”

“Our photographs have become oil paintings and are hanging on the wall!” Gran exclaimed.

“Baltimore,” Eric addressed the stool as the ladies made their way up the stairs, owwwing and awwwing! “Is it only the inside of the house that has changed?”

“The outside has been cleaned up and repaired,” he said with pride.

“What I mean is, would the fae recognize this as a Brigant home?”

“No,” he sighed. “The Brigant existence shimmer was only set loose on the inside of the dwelling. None escaped to the outside. So there is nothing there to announce that Niall Brigant’s  sovereignty has been dismissed and is now located here and the Brigant line resides in his great granddaughter and that the Sookie Brigant line has begun.”

Gran and Sookie came back downstairs.

“I heard that conversation,” Sookie’s words were a bit strangled. “Niall’s line now resides in me?”

“I believe so,” Eric nodded.

“Yes,” Baltimore confirmed. “His magics are now yours as well.”

“But can the fae tell that?” she asked. “I mean, I don’t want to war with anyone. Can I just continue to be me?”

“Of course,” Baltimore assured her. “You are a Halfling to the fae. A human to those here on earth.”

“So how do I spark?” Sookie asked. “Do you know?”

A knock sounded at the door.

Eric’s fangs dropped. “I’ll get it,” he replied as he turned to answer it.

Eric opened the door and stood there, not moving.

“Who is it?” Sookie called out. “Eric?” You could hear the panic begin in her voice.

When she stepped up behind him and peered around the side of his body, Eric said, “I think this is for you…”

“Mother…fucker…!” she squeaked.

“Mo’ fo’n,” came the reply, “and a very good even’ to you and yours my prince,” the small dragon said and gave a big bow. “I am O.I., king of the dragons. I was also tasked by your great and good and wonderful grandmother, the Lady Embla to look after you, Erikr. And so I have.

I am see’n’ that you have found your one true love that she foretold and I am now released from duty.”

“Who is there?” Gran asked coming over. “Oh…” she gasped, bringing her hand up to her mouth. “Oh…” was all she was able to stutter for several seconds. “Pardon my manners,” she finally got out. “For a moment, I forgot my social graces.

Did I hear you say your name was O.I. and that you knew Eric’s grandmother?

Won’t you please come in!”











Talk to Me—Chapter 7

talk to me coveere page

Talk to Me

Chapter 7

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


Sitting in her own living room, Sookie thought maybe this did not seem so weird. It definitely felt weird driving Eric’s Jeep. This was home and she was safe and she could tell Gran anything.

So over a pot of tea, Sookie started. After about twenty minutes, Gran got up and got the honey liqueur and poured some into both of their cups and then topped them off with more tea.

The shadows started to lengthen and a bit of chill was in the air. Gran pulled on her sweater and shivered. “So your ghost  told Eric that Rene had killed me because you were dating Compton.”

“Yes,” Sookie nodded. “So I talked with Andy this mornin’ and he went lookin’ in his data base and here we are.”

“And Eric knew all these things because you were a ghost and you told him…” she nodded.

“Do you still want him to come here?” Sookie asked. “We can go someplace else.”

“Of course not dear. This is your home, also. And I very much want to meet the man that knows your Grandpa Niall personally.”


“That is what you called him, dear. Grandpa Niall. That is what your fairy godmother called him. Your grandfather.”

“Gran, what’s up?”

“I can do without the tea,” she sighed as she poured the sweet alcohol into her cup. “You know your Grandpa Stackhouse had the gift?”

“Yes,” Sookie nodded.

“Your grandma, his momma, when she was dying, she talked about the fairies coming to get her to take her home. How the prince of the fairies, Niall, had lain with her and gave her your grandpa. Well, perhaps I did as well…”

“What?” Sookie sat back in her chair, shocked and  stunned, “Gran, no!”

“Sookie, yes,” the older woman nodded.  “That he is your great-grandfather, apparently so,” she sighed as she emptied her cup and refilled it. “Your grandpa Earl had all kinds of stories about seeing odd things out in our woods. When he was a boy, from time-to-time he would see an older gentleman out there  walking. He said he was a handsome chap. Unnaturally so. And he reeked off stardust and moonbeams.

When I would ask him what he meant by that, he would just smile and say, Baby Doll, if you ever see someone swaddled in stardust and moonbeams you will know exactly what I am talking about.

And I know what he is talking about. I have caught glimpses of Niall from time-to-time myself. And he is beguiling…”

“Oh Gran, no,” Sookie’s voice was trembling.

“Oh Sookie, yes I did,” she answered. “You know I can always appreciate a nice looking man.

He was a kind and gentle lover. Your grandpa had been gone for a couple of decades. I could no longer have children and I was flattered.

So do I think it is odd that you would love a vampire and have his child. No I do not. And if you are looking Sookie, for the voice of reason when it comes to love? Please, Baby Girl, do not be looking at me to set the example for you. I loved your grandpa Earl. I had fun with Niall but there was not love there, just gratification.

So let us go back to what love is? Love is sacrifice. Earl sacrificed for me everyday he was with me. The fairy,” shaking her head no she stared at Sookie. “Now that I am older and a bit wiser, I think he just wanted to fuck what his son had fucked.”

“E-e-e-euuuuuuuuu,” Sookie let out and still a bit dazed when she asked, “But it was good, I mean the sex, right?”

“Yes,” Gran nodded, “but e-e-e-euuuuuuuuuu is right.

On a more pleasant note, let’s have some dinner. Seven is coming up. I am looking forward to meeting your Eric.”

On Sookie’s face was a frown.

“Okay,” Gran smiled at her. “Not your Eric. How about just Mr. Northman.”



Eric was at the club, checking in with Pam. “Leave my sleep chamber as it is for now. If Sookie wants to see what my anger looks like, I can give her a first hand preview.”

“There is a bed in there. Do you want me to remove that?” she smirked at him.

“Stop laughing at me,” he shook his finger at her. “Give me the updated news before I am out the door.”

“Compton is coming into town. He wants to look at the damage done to his home so that he can file an insurance claim. I was told he danced with Zman in the old dark. So he probably will be easy to make cry.”

“Do tell,” Eric raised an eyebrow at her.

“It had to do with a silver saw, the birthing stool, and his man parts. So do not snarl at him and  bring him the true death at first sight. Please wait until I get there,” Pam batted her eyes at him.

“Will do. Now, I am off. I suspect I just might see Billy Boy sometime this evening. And if it is past nine when he shows up, he is going to be dead just on the principle. It is just bad manners to come calling so late.”


Eric arrived promptly at the Stackhouse door at seven. When he knocked, Gran opened the door and introduced herself.

“Gran this is Eric Northman,” Sookie said.

Picking up her hand, Eric placed a kiss there and Gran invited Eric inside.

“Good evening Sookie. Miss Adele, thank you so much for inviting me in. I appreciate your trust in me. Please remember to revoke my invitation after I leave.”

“Well,” Gran invited him to sit down. “Sookie and I have been doing nothing but talking since Rene was arrested, this afternoon.

We have got a lot of things worked out and talked out. Now, if you would not mind, Sookie said you could do a blow-by-blow playback of your conversations with her as a ghost. I would very much like to hear them.”

“Of course,” Eric nodded as he settled in next to Sookie on the love seat. “But first, I need to inform you. Bill Compton might be this way tonight. I was notified he was in this area, hoping that there was insurance on the house his family owned.”

“I doubt that,” Adele said. “Old Man Compton was as tight as they came. If he had money, he took its where   abouts to the pauper’s grave with him.”

“Good to know,” Eric replied. “And if Compton should knock on your door, please be aware that he can glamour humans and he is low on blood and missing some essential parts of his man hood. If he as much as looks cross eyed at you…he will not see another new dark.

However, glamour does not work on the fae. Miss Adele, if I might? Look me in the eyes and place both hands on the top of  your head and flap your arms around.”

“Do what?” she laughed at him.

“When I picked your hand up and kissed it, I caught a whiff of fae. And because I had spent so much time around them, I know what markers to smell for. There is a very slight aroma of what you would call a stink bug.”

Gran made a face. “Seriously, the fae smell like stink bugs?”

“It is a camouflage technique so they can walk among humans. A Supernatural would just think you had been around the smelly insects. Their order lingers.  I would not have known if I did not already know you were fae.

Now, let me see,  Sookie, if you would please, lean over and give me a great big kiss!” he said with enthusiasm.

“I will not,” she drew back and then reached over and pinched him instead.

“Excellent. So if Compton shows up, just tell him you walk in faith of whatever it is you believe and cannot be glamoured. Keep a broom by the front door and shake it at him. For a supernatural, he is very afraid of the supernatural. I think he must have been as a human.”

“What if he shows up and you are here?” Sookie asked.

“I hire your skills for Fangtasia. You know, blessings and curses to keep me and mine safe.”

“Got it,” Sookie nodded.

“With that out of the way,” Eric smiled,  “let me begin.”


Gran had questions. A lot of questions. She was methodical and precise in her approach and assimilating the information. She came at this from a different angle. Her age and her experience had a lot to do with that.

“Explain to me about the bonding?” she  said.

And so he did…

…“To announce to those in authority, I had Sookie hand me a knife that would have been used to let my blood so that she might drink. That is ancient. No one does that, today. Who even knows if I did it right? Just the fact that I did it speaks volumes to me. I have no idea what sort of desperate set of circumstances would have held us in its grip for me to do that. But I did it for her protection and for my own.”

“So my Sookie is not safe with you?”

“No ma’am,” he replied.  “I cannot guarantee her safety.

But I think she can. The fae throw around an energy stream. I think if Sookie practiced concentrating on that, she just might spark,” his voice said he believed.

“Really?” Sookie eyed her hands. “Power pushes out?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “You are fae. You are a fae with blue eyes. The blue eyes are caused by the blue spark that you carry. You should have the ability. So you should be able to take care of yourself.”

“Well, there is something else Claudine did not tell me,” her voice held distrust.

Eric smiled at her dolefully. “Sookie, Niall bragged that the blue eyed dwellers on this planet have fae for an ancestor. That there were no blue eyes here until they mated with the humans. I am sure she will not tell you that, either.”

“Well, what about you?” she asked. “You have your women’s magic and blue eyes and are a vampire. What does that make you?”

“Just a bad ass in general,” Eric replied.

Gran was carefully following the conversation. “But, Sookie has to get there…to that place where she is confident with her gifts,” Gran’s voice held concern, “so that she might also be a bad ass. Do we have your help?’

“Of course,” he replied.

Gran let out a sigh of relief. “You have removed most of these threats?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “The ones that she told me about.

But I will continue to investigate and act accordingly.

Now, have others of your family gifts?” he asked.

“I just have a brother and I would say Jason….well, he’s a man whore. So maybe?” Sookie shrugged.

“And my granddaughter, Hadley,” Gran added. “Nothing exceptional about her as far as  I can tell. I mean, nothing has ever been mentioned. ”

“She does drugs,” Sookie added.

“Sookie…” Gran’s voice sounded disapproving.

“Truth only Gran,” she replied. “And she does. You paid for rehab. Only God knows where she is now. She skipped out what, after only being there for a week? That was six years ago.”

Sookie titled her head to one side and held up her hand. “There is someone out in the woods. I feel a blank spot in my head, Eric, like when you are around. So I am guessin’ that it is a vampire.”

“It’s midnight,” Eric was shaking his head. “I hope the fool does not come to the door. That would just be rude and a bit questionable.”

Eric grinned and took a small spray of silver out of his pocket. “If you feel so inclined, spray him through the screen with this. It will get his attention. I mean, really, who comes calling this late?”

“Trouble,” Gran grinned.

“Indeed,” Eric smiled back and then made a face when there was a knock.

“Hello,” was called out. “I know the hour is late but I saw your lights are on.”

Gran got up, took the spray from Eric and went to the door and opened it. Spraying it in Bill’s eyes, Bill let go of a terrified scream and started with wild scratching as he tried to  remove the offender from his eyes,  disrupting his balance and falling backward.

“Vampire,” she said in disgust. “Who else would come calling this late. Sookie, hand me a stake. I’ll get him while he is down.”

“No wait, no please,” Bill was crawling off the porch. “My name is William T. Compton. My family lived in the mansion across the cemetery from you.”

“Mansion,” Sookie hooted. “That fire trap. I am just glad it burned while it was rainin’. I would have hated for it to take out the forest and our house as well.”

“I….I just wanted to know if you had any photos of my lovely historical pre-Civil War home so that I could use them for my insurance claim.”

“Lovely? Historical?” Gran was shaking her head. “Part of the roof was missing. The front porch had lost a couple of columns and had fallen down. There was dry rot everywhere. And not at any time could that have been called a mansion. Maybe twenty five hundred  square feet at the most.”

“Surely, madam, you are mistaken,” he was trying to stand as he kept wiping at his eyes.

“No,” Adele shook her head. “No mistake. When Old Man Compton died and they came to remove the body, the place was condemned by the county. If it had not burned, it was on the county books to be demolished by the end of December.”

“What? My family manse? I am incensed!” Bill cried out.

“Then you need to speak to the county, not to us,” Adele replied. “And the hour is indeed very late and no one comes calling at this time of night. So you need to be gone.”

“Madame,” he was smiling as he started back up the porch. “I was a neighbor. I knew the first Stackhouse family that lived here.”

“And we walk in faith,” Gran smiled at him as she watched Eric walk up behind him. “You want to take on what guards our house?”

“What?” Bill said looking confused and then he was bodily picked up and thrown through the air! When he landed in the cemetery, there was a limb sticking through his chest, just barely missing his heart.

“Were shit,” he sobbed. “I have been staked. And look, here I am, at my headstone! I am so fucked….first my manhood and now this…this…and I am dying…and I have no time left to contemplate the good things I have done and want to do!

I miss being a child,” he wailed as he put his hand on the limb and began to draw it out.   When it touched the side of his heart, he screamed again.  “I am going to die here, and rightly so! Here where I had my beginning I will have my end,” he boo-hooed as bloody tears ran down his face. “I just wish I could face it with Ole’ Nub.”

“Wooooo-ooooooohoooooo!” was being moaned out in the woods. “I am coming for you Billy, you naughty boy. This is Old Snick, and I am hungry and I am coming for you-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-uhooooohowwwwwwoooooo! I have guarded the Stackhouse land since time began,” it screeched. “I guard it still!”

“Ah-hhhhhhhhhh, ah-hhhhhhh!” he screamed as he got up and was vamp speed out to the road. They heard his car start and his tires screech as he took off in a hurry. The smell of burning rubber was very distinctive.

“Damn that was fun,” Eric chuckled as he walked back to the house.

Gran and Sookie were waiting on him when he climbed the steps back up to the porch. “He just might bleed out between now and Shreveport,” he chuckled. “Or he might not. But he is gone for the time being.”

“Can you tell me about Niall?” Gran asked as Eric opened the door and the ladies went inside.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I will tell you what I know. I knew him as a fierce warrior,” Eric began. “He showed no mercy to his enemies and was very charming when he wanted to get his way. I spent minimal amount of time with him because I did not find him to be trustworthy.”

“Why not?” Gran asked.

“Because of the way he treated the humans that he had dealings with. They were just a lower life form to be taken advantage of. He often bragged that he established the Tudor line.” Eric shrugged. “I can believe it. Niall was a fiery red head at the time.”

“No kidding,” Sookie was wide-eyed. “The Tudors, that was a blood thirsty lot. You think they got that from him as well?”

“That does come to mind,” Eric nodded. “The Fae do love a blood letting event.”

“So…you said you could smell Fae.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “Miss Stackhouse, you are descended from two different fae houses. The Brigant and possibly the Bromley line.”

Sookie looked at her gran. “Why that family?” she asked.

“Because that would make you the granddaughter of the two most powerful houses in fae. From a political standpoint for Niall, that would make sense.”

“Okay,” Sookie nodded, “I am getting a bad feeling about this.  Both of those princes have the same initials and names that sound sorta alike. Is there a reason for that?”

“Yes,” Eric nodded, “He is Brigant’s brother. His triplet to be exact.”

“So….so…so…” she was at a loss for words.

“That makes you a double whammy,” Gran was shaking her head. “Can they know?” she asked, her eyes were on Eric, hoping for the best possible outcome.

“Possibly not,” Eric responded. “Miss Adele, you just faintly resonate. And the fae’s sense of smell is not that good.”

“Is Niall the oldest of the three?”

“No,” Eric gave a brief shake of his head. “But because his mother’s house is older than Brigant, Nigel took that name and draws his power from that house. The first born brother is Nathan. He rules the Brigant house and Niall is known to war against him from time to time. Niall would like to be prince regent so that he can stake a legal claim if he makes his way to the throne.”

“And Grandpa Niall,” Sookie’s voice held disgust, “he has drug me into this.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded.

“So she needs to start practicing her fae powers,” Gran was watching Sookie. “I mean, concentrating on pushing that power out.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded.

“I have never felt what you are talkin’ bout,” Sookie responded.

“You have been too busy blocking everything dear,” Gram smiled at her. “We work on getting you past others thoughts infringing on you and I bet this power is there.”

“What if it is not?” she asked.

“That,” Eric smiled, “is why there is iron and lemon juice.

I will have weapons delivered to you with the coming of the day. Several iron knives and short swords. Also, an  assortment of pistols with bullets made with iron and filled with lemon juice. Sookie, I believed you said you liked your shotgun. There will be bullets for that as well.

Personally, I keep the little yellow plastic looking lemon filled with lemon juice within easy grasp when I have to deal with the fae.”

“You still see them?” Sookie asked.

“From time-to-time,” Eric answered. “One that I knew from the war will stop by and want to trade me jewels for U.S. dollars.”

“So,” Sookie was staring intently at Eric. “So, which house should I pull my strength from?”

“Why choose?” Eric asked. “Tap into both if you can. You use whatever is needed to keep you safe.”

Sookie was watching him intently.  His attention was now on the fire.

“You could tell, right, which blood line was stronger,” her voice was low. “I mean, if you tasted my blood?”

“Perhaps, maybe…” Eric’s voice trailed off.

“Perhaps? Maybe? What is goin’ on here Northman? You have gotten mighty quiet.”

“I should be able to,” he replied.


“Yes, I should be able to do a read on you.”

“What is really goin’ on here?” she asked. “You have really backed off your ego and bullshit.”

Eric grimaced. “In that future, we had a rocky relationship, you and I. I suspect that as things were revealed and pushed upon you, our relationship began to unravel. Plus, I am all about safety first and you treat running home in the early hours from work as training for softball season.

I would have known this about you and we probably argued about me spending money on you. Like purchasing for you a Jeep. I understand about pride and providing for yourself. But I care for you, and I am not at all excited about the prospect of having to bury what is left of your remains after you have been hit by a drunk motorist.

Nor, do I wish you to think the only reason I am with you is because I can daywalk if I drink from you.

I understand about having someone control your life. But I take care of those I care about. And I care about you.”

“That was a lot more than what I was expectin’,” she took his hand.

“And you are a lot more than I ever expected,” he replied. “And you deserve the truth, up front. That was probably also a problem. Me trying to keep things from you to keep you safe. From me, you shall receive nothing but the truth, even if you cannot stomach it.”

“But I was pregnant when I died. So we must have been doin’ somethin’ right,” she placed her other hand on his arm.

“Finger please,” he smiled at her and placed both hands in her lap.


“Sookie, please. If you want to know, just hold up a finger.”

“Okay,” she nodded offering him the digit.

Tapping it lightly with a fang, Eric licked the drop of blood that appeared there.

“That’s odd,” he drew back. “I don’t taste any human at all.”

“What?” she said, looking at her finger and then him.

“There are four distinct tastes. Two I recognize as Brigant and Bromley. I would guess, perhaps, the other two would be someone perhaps older in the family tree.”

“So, your blood comes from four distinct houses of Fae,” Gran nodded. “That makes some sorta sense, Sookie. You know dear, how you always divide things into four equal parts. Even your shopping list. You make that cross on the paper and then list things in each section. How you take four bites of food, then a drink of water. When you were little, you insisted that there be four buttons sewn onto the neck line of your shirt. You never cared if they matched, just that there be four.

We always thought that it represented your family. Maybe it really did represent your family,” she said, her voice filled with wonder.

“Ladies, the hour grows very late and I have area business I have to attend.

There shall be several boxes arriving for you tomorrow. Weapons in one and one box should contain phones, for both of you.”

“We could not possibly…” Sookie began, her voice a bit high. “We cannot afford phones,” her voice was much more reasonable.

“Sookie, this is about your safety. And I can afford it. And, without sounding like a controlling asshole, we cannot develop a relationship, be it good, bad, or indifferent, if you are dead.”

“We don’t take charity,” she replied.

“Stubborn, I believe you said,” on his face was a grimace. “And I am just as stubborn. Well then, please accept the weapons.

Your car will be delivered sometime today. Along with the bill for a new starter. If you would please hand me the fob for the Jeep, I will be on my way.”

“But…” Sookie began.

“Miss Stackhouse, you need to think on these things. You have been handed a lot of information in a very short time to process it. This information can have a very big impact on your life. I advise you to take what we have discussed and apply that information wisely.”

“But…I thought you said you would be here to help us through this.”

“And I will. You let me know when you wish to practice your fae skills and I will coach you in whatever way I can.”

Sookie took the fob off the coffee table and handed it to him.

“I can see how me bein’ so self righteous really got in our way.”

“Yes, I can see this myself, as well,” Eric replied.

“You know,” she pinched him, “you were not supposed to agree with me on that.”

“I know, but I promised you the truth.”

“Can you stop by  tonight? I have to work until ten. Can you be here at around eleven? Please.”

“I will check my schedule and adjust it if I can so that I will see you at eleven.”

“Will you call the house and let Gran know, please?”

“Indeed,” he nodded to her.

“Miss Adele,” he bowed his head to her.

“Miss Sookie,” he bowed again.

“Ladies, rest well this dark and walk well in the daylight.”

Sookie closed and locked the door behind him. Going over to the couch, she sat down next to the older woman.

“I am an idiot,” she began as she felt the tears creeping down her face.

Gran shrugged. “Sookie, if you want to talk, we will talk. But if you expect me to tell you you are not an idiot, I am not going to do that.

You run home from Merlotte’s if you cannot get a ride? Sookie, what is wrong with you!

Yes, I want you to be strong, smart, independent and think for yourself. But I do not want you dead!

It is not wrong to take kindness from others.”

“What if he wants to be paid for his kindness? You know, give me a slurp or two so I can daywalk.”

“What if he does not?” Gran countered.

“Ouch, Gran,” she sighed.

“Yes,” she nodded. “But Eric is correct. We are adults and there is to be only truth between us. I will not be a part of your pity parties, Sookie.

Yes, I want you to make the decisions. Do not be asking me what I think you should or should not do. I have raised you to know there are consequences for your actions.

So either believe him or not. Work with him or not. Love him or not. You are smart and you can make an informed decision.

That being said, if you want to talk, I will. If you just want to brood, I am going to bed.”

“No, no brooding,” she sighed. “I am okay. I am just gonna sit and think. You go to bed. I love you Gran,” she smiled at her.

“I love you sweetheart,” she smiled at her and kissing her on the top of the head, Gran left.

“I guess I could do a small job for him,” Sookie nodded to herself. “Listen in to his staff and see who is stealing. He could pay me for that. Maybe his payment could be a couple of cell phones with a two-year plan. That might work,” she nodded to herself again as she stared into the fire. “That just might work.”


Bill had hauled ass back to NO. The helicopter got him back in time to have several more bags of blood and work his contacts. With the new dark, he was going to make Were shit happen!


It was a day at work. Arlene was not there and everyone hustled!


When Eric woke, he smiled and go up to start the new dark. There were plans afoot, Good plans.



Sophie-Anne had feed, frolicked and was walking through the night, wondering if she was still in her day slumber and having a nightmare. No, apparently not. For where ever she looked all she could see was a money pit.

She had taken to calling the mayor’s generous gift of lodging as the Were Shit Shithole Whore. Otherwise known as WSSW. She had taken it on as a personal challenge as to how much money she could squeeze out of her five areas to breathe life into this dump.  Doing a walk through with a couple of vampire architects out of Area One was an eye-opener. Just the cost in permits alone was around fifty thousand dollars.

Then there was her residence…she felt like banging her head against a wall! That was going to cost her at least ten million, probably closer to fifteen because everything now had to be hurricane proof.  And it would have to be much smaller. Much smaller. The architects had told her if she wanted to replace what had been there, the cost was about one hundred million.

What had made her think to take on Eric? Oh, that was right, Andre had wanted The Viking’s club! And she had thought that was a brilliant idea! “No one to fucking blame but myself,” she sighed wanting to lift her spirits. “I deserve a treat,” she lifted her head high. “Something just for me!

Bill,” she said and he stepped in right beside her. “I want something young, blonde and female. Something Southern. Something lost to the ages.”

“What does that mean, my Queen?” Bill asked. “I want to get your order exactly right.”

“I want firm of flesh and pert tits. A shapely ass and a lovely pedicure. Blonde. Natural. But I want a real woman,” she purred. “Maybe one with stretch marks from giving birth. That adds a nice flavor to the blood. And a Louisiana accent. None of that Texas twang. Backwoods Louisiana is not  bad thing.”

“I know where I can find one of those my queen,” he smiled at her. Taking out his phone, he pulled up the nude picture. “What do you think?”

“Perfect,” she grinned. “Can I have her now?”

“It says she is available twenty-four seven my queen.”

“Most excellent. Make that happen. I think here, in this, my new residence. Might as well go ahead and get it blessed by the vampire gods,” she laughed. “You know, bite her in each corner in every room.”

“Of course my queen. Will I need to dispose of the body?”

“Bill you really don’t know Were shit about anything, do you? It is very bad luck to drain your first victim in a new home. You want them to live a long and healthy life so that you might live a long and healthy life.”

“My Queen?” he choked.

“She shall be my newest child,” she smiled, a little dreamy eyed. “Oh, I am so excited! Andre shall have a baby sister! And I shall have someone to dress and shop with!”

“My Queen,” Bill began, his voice earnest. “How can you possibly take three darks to make a child? There is the re-build of both buildings and the take over in Nevada and…and…and the mayhem in the Californias! You will need a secure resting place!”

“Why Bill, this is not a problem, not if I leave you in charge.”

“Me?” he squeaked.

“Can you bring the true death to anyone who would plot   to over throw our regime?”

“Of course,” he stood taller. “Gladly I would die defending your realm, my Queen,” he kneeled before her. “I would tread on any that thought to tread on you!”

“That is good to know, William, that you would destroy even Andre if the call came.”

“Yes,” he said solemnly. “I would do what I must to defend your throne.”

“Most good. Bring her to me. I will see if she has any moral fiber or a righteous character that is worthy of making vampire. If she is exceptional,  I will have a new child! And if not this dark, then shortly.”

“Should…” Bill righted his shoulders, “My queen,” he said with a grand bow, “do you wish for me to inform Andre of the happy occasion?”

“I do believe he should be informed,” was all she said as she turned to admire the original woodwork in the old library.

Bill did not often get to gloat! Well, apparently his time was now! Sophie-Anne had vampires doing work on the house. And since Andre was being punished, his job was in helping to right the basement. Which is where Bill knew he would find him. And if he did not, he was going straight to the queen and report in that her child was not on task.

But first, the all important phone call to the blood bag’s manager!

Bill passed Andre in the stairwell coming up from the basement carrying a load of coal. The Were shit had not yet paid for his new speakers! Perfect!

The child of the queen was dirty and covered in cob-webs. His task had been to shovel what was left of the coal bin out and remove the coal furnace.

“Have you been banned to the basement?” Andre asked, with a grin on his face. “I knew she would tire of you and ask for me.”

“Not exactly,” Bill grinned. “I am to inform you that our Queen is going to make a new child. A baby girl,” he cooed. “One she can dress up and go shopping with her.

I will be left in charge for those three days she is resting with her newest. I just wanted you to know that you are going to need to pick up the pace. I want the house finished when she brings the new child home.”

“She cannot do that!” Andre yelled and stamped his foot. “She does not need another child! I am enough!”

“Well,” Bill’s smile got bigger. “Until you are not. You overstepping your boundary, inviting de Castro here. I told you that was a mistake but you would not listen.  It is a good thing I am far wiser than you and understand how our queen thinks,” Bill said righteously.

“You stink like Were shit,” Andre responded, throwing his load down the stairs. Pushing past Bill he was up the steps and standing in front of Sophie-Anne.

“I will not let you do this,” he bellowed at her. “I do not need a sister and you do not need another child. I have decreed it so!”  By this time Andre was shaking so severely that his fangs dropped as well as his claws.

Bill staked him from behind. Then moving to the front of him, he plunged a stake into Andre’s heart.

There was a look of disbelief on his face as he turned to blood.

“Thank you William for saving my life,” she smiled sweetly at him. “I do so appreciate that. Now, have you made contact? With…what was her name?”

“Hadley, my queen. And yes I have. She will be here in an hour to do the initial meet and greet. Will I be needed to step in starting with the new dark?” he asked, concerned.

“No, this will take as long as it takes. If she is prime child material, I am going to want something grand! Something sumptuous! Something to show her the great honor I am going to bestow upon her. This will take planning and money…a lot of money…and your  fine eye.”

“Of course, my queen,” Bill bowed.

“Thank you William,” she smiled. “You are excused from my side. Please finish up for me what Andre was working on.”

“Of course my queen,” he bowed again and started for the basement.

“William,” he cursed himself, “apparently your momma did raise a fool. You will never get your speakers replaced!”


Pam looked at her phone and picked up. “Hello my darling one,” she smiled at the old vampire. “Cranky my love, what is going on?”

“S-A set up Compton to stake Andre. Played him like the fool he is and now her child is dead. And not by her doing. She told Compton she wants a new child. A female. The woman is coming in this dark. In about an hour. Can you get here?”

“On my way,” she replied, hanging up and stepping outside the bar, she took to the air.


Everyone knew Crankshaft. He was an old vampire that had been badly abused by his human master and vampire maker, alike. He came and went and opened doors and laid out the red carpet when it was necessary for the arrival of who ever Sophie-Anne wanted to impress.

He was sweeping the sidewalk, prepping for the arrival of what could possibly be the queen’s newest child. The vampire guards were all licking their fangs in anticipation and the Weres were feeling their hard-ons’ get harder.

“Andre was dead! Long live the newest child!” Was snickered among themselves.

The old vamp was finished brooming. Most good. Here he came rolling out the read carpet. The woman was on her way!

When the car pulled up, there was Compton with flowers and the old vamp was spreading flower petals for her to walk on.

Pam was hovering above with a telephoto lenses, snapping away. The car door opened and the circus began!

Eric’s phone chimed.

Need the name  was all the text read.

“Oh child,” Eric grinned, “what have we here?”

Punching one on his speed dial, when Samuel picked up, Eric said, “My brother, I am forwarding photos to you as they are being taken. We need a name.”

“What’s up?” he asked.

“I have no idea. I left Pam at the club and here she is in NO, taking aerial photos of a female at the S-A’s new residence. Start with Louisiana.”

“On that,” Samuel replied, opening his facial recognition program.

“Her name is Hadley Savoy, married to Remy Savoy. She gave birth five years ago to a boy named Hunter.  Divorced. According to court records, she does not have custody of the child. Her maiden name was Hadley Hale. On her birth certificate her mother’s name was Linda Stackhouse and her father’s name was Beux Hale.”

“No fucking kidding,” Eric felt like he had just been hit by an ice-cold ocean wave. Every grain of salt exploding every cell in his body!

“I fucking kid you not,” Samuel replied, very serious.  “What is going on, my brother?”

“Looks like I am going to have to kill my queen sooner than I thought…

….and introduce you to my lover…”







Talk to Me—Chapter 6

talk to me coveere page



Talk to Me

Chapter 6

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


“So you are a Viking that carries your clan’s magic. That explains a lot about you.”


“I never saw you on those nights I would come in and work back stage at Fangtasia. But plenty of others did. Every once in a while someone would sneak out front for a peek, hoping to catch a glimpse of you. Girls and guys. If they saw you, you were a hot topic of conversation. Apparently, one night you had on chain mail and leather and some Viking jewelry. I thought I was gonna be back there by myself doin’ all the work because everyone else had fainted from breathin’ so fast and heavy. They said you were talkin’ to a pewter mug that was hangin’ up on the bar. It would clang around and beat out messages in Morse Code.”

Eric grinned. “Yes, that pewter mug was spelled by Rachael of Gent. A witch that masqueraded  as a prophetess so she would not be burned at the stake.”

“Wow…and okay,” she nodded.  “I am good with all of that. So what happens next?”

“I am made vampire by one named Godric. You shall hear this name again, later. But for now, with my turning I learn that there are all manner of creatures that go bump in the night and I am now one of them. But there are also things that inhabit the day, and the fae are one of those.”

“Fae,” her voice was quiet and low. “Faire.”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“You have seen one?” she asked.

“I have warred with thousands,” he responded, “during the Resplendid War. Fought here on earth about seven  hundred years ago. I stood with a prince of the realm by the name of Niall Brigant. You shall be hearing that name later as well.

During this war, I watched fae throw tremendous blue bolts of energy from their hands and turn to glitter when they die. They also fight with sword, bows and arrows and other things typical of ancient warfare, of which I am familiar.

So, fast-forward to present day. I am a 1,000 year old Viking vampire that is part owner of the club, Fangtasia.I am empowered with two types of magic. The dragon magic from my clan which can help me see the future and the vampire magic. Both magic but very distinct types.” Eric looked over at her. She was good so far. He didn’t see anything that looked liked she doubted.

“I have an office at the club.”

Sookie nodded yes. “I worked until nine one evening for the Highland gig and I left out the back door.  As I went by, there was a lot of screamin’ comin’ from behind a closed door and Pam said you were having sex.”

“Well yes,” he cleared his throat, made a note to himself to toss Pam out into the sun, and carried on as if she had said nothing.

“The past week, during my day slumber, I started having very vivid dreams. They were so real, I thought it was evening and I was at the club.”

Eric stopped. Now that he was in the moment, he wondered just how in the moment he should really be? A couple of miles passed by with nothing but the wipers making noise.

“Up to this point, you have been very forthcoming,” Sookie said. “I mean, vampires are secretive and all that, from what I have gathered from working at Merlotte’s.  I am a bit shocked that you have told me all you have so far. So what is it that is holding you back?”

“You,” he replied.


“I was on my couch in my office and you literally walked through the door. You were a ghost.”

“You mean as in I was dead and was a ghost.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “That is exactly what I mean.”

“So I guess that is why you touched me and said I was real, sounding very shocked.”

Eric nodded. “Was you are real cold a nice recovery?”

“No,” she nodded, intrigued and smiled a bit.

“Aw, my ego just took a hit,” he smiled in return.

“I doubt that,” she grinned at him. “Remember, I heard you havin’ sex. So, as a ghost, what was I doin’ there?”

“You came to talk to me. I can give you the conversation blow-by-blow if you like. My words, your words…”

“Why would I do that? Come and see you. I don’t know you.”

“Because in that future, you did. You had worked for me. You had saved my life more than once. Because we had been lovers…still were until you were killed in an auto accident. There were things you wanted me to understand.”

“What things?”

“That your car did not slide out of control during the storm while you were on your way to see me. That you were  murdered, your car pushed off the road and into a tree by a lower than Were shit vampire by the name of Bill Compton.”

“Why was I on my way to see you during the middle of a storm? What was that important?”

“You just found out you were pregnant,” he wiped at his eyes. “The child was mine.”

“That is a very wild and fanciful story Mr. Northman,” her voice held a hint of anger. “So if we were lovers, what do you know about me?”

“You are a telepath.  That was the job you did for me. But you cannot read vampires. That is one reason you like us, because we are quiet around you. Which attracted you to Compton.

That you are stubborn and bull headed. And fair and very tender hearted. That you smell of Niall Brigant. A very light on the breeze clean aroma. You also told me Niall was your grandfather. So you are a direct line descendent which makes you a princess of the realm. And the fae love to war, Sookie. As in, it is a part of their DNA.

Is this where you want me to pull over so you can drive yourself home?” he asked.

“Not yet. Although that might be an option. Please give me the blow-by-blow conversations I had with you. And I want everything. Body posture, tone of voice, I want all of it.”

And so Eric began…

…“Okay,” Sookie said sitting back into the seat. “So I said to burn out this lower than Were shit Compton,” she was looking over at Eric, “and do you know what? His ancestral home, which is across the cemetery from us, which was a fire trap, has burned to the ground.”

“Neighbors,” Eric was nodding his head. “That is how he would have met you. Would have worked his way into your lives and found out things about you.”

Sookie was looking very pensive. “I called us soul mates?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

Then was glaring at him. “Before we go any farther, you did not know my name?”

“No,” he shook his head.

“So what did you call me? Surely not Hey you!

“No,” he looked over at her. “Of course not. I called you Lover.”

“Can…can you pull over for a few moments,” she asked. “I feel…I don’t know…I need some fresh air.”

“Of course,” he said, putting on the signal and pulling off the road.

Opening her door, she moved her body so that it was now out in the fine mist that was in the air. Taking several deep breaths, she tried to calm the feelings that were surging around inside of her!

“Are you all right?” Eric asked, rubbing her back.

“No,” she said, shaking her head as she continued to take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. “For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been workin’ a lot. Multiple shifts. Staying to clean at night because you get paid more than just waitin’ tables. So I”ve been sleepin’ some durin’ the day. And I like sleepin’ durin’ the day because there is this male that I sit and talk with and I know I am happy. I mean really happy. And I feel safe…and he calls me lover…” her voice trailed off and the tears started.

Eric was out of the car and over to her, his hands cradling her face. In her eyes he saw misery and wonder and hope…only to be dashed by more misery.

“I would not lie to you Sookie. Not ever.”

“I get that about you,” she said wiping her eyes. “I need a few more minutes to put myself back together. Some levels of this is unbelievable and yet gives me hope. I…I can’t believe I had a sexual relationship with someone.”

“Because of your uncle, Bartlett?’ he asked.

“Man, I told you everythin’, huh?”

“Not everything,” he wiped the tears from her face. “I like to think we have more things to discover about each other. “

“Well okay,” she nodded, sniffled a bit, and brought her legs back into the Jeep. Buckling in, she smiled at him and said, “Tell me more.”

Putting the car in gear, Eric pulled back onto the road and continued the story. Parts of it he could hear her muttering, “Are you kidding me?

What?” Sookie finally had mumbled enough and reached over and pinched him. “We got engaged, sorta, by me handin’ you a knife? Really? Northman, really? Yes, well, no wonder I was pissed. I am pissed now! A knife? How do you run that in the social column? Yes, Miss Sookie Stackhouse has announced her bondedness/engagement/ what-the-hell-was-that! today, when Mr. Eric Northman, at least she will know her new last name, tricked her into giving him a knife.

Do I have news for you bubba, that is not going to work for me. Not ever! I want a ring! I don’t care if it comes out of a box of Cracker Jacks! So…so…you just tuck that away somewhere for a future lady! Bonded with a knife…you have got to be kiddin’ me! You are lucky I did not use it on you!

And you can drink my Brigant fae goodness and day walk and it will apparently make you fertile! Not if I use that knife on your nether regions, first!” She huffed. Righting herself,  she settled back into her seat. “I have gotten that out of my system…maybe,” she smiled at Eric.  “Now, back to the story.  So, how do you defeat the Were-witches?”

“That…that has been taken care of,” Eric said nodding. “By there own kind, by the way.”

“Did you watch?” she asked.

“Why would you ask me that?” he asked, sounding shocked.

“Oh poor Mr. Innocence,” she hooted.

“Well,” he grinned, “I do not believe in leaving anything to chance. And I always want proof.”

“Tell me more,” she smiled at him.

“Well, the next time you stopped by….”


Sookie listened intently. “So if de Castro makes it difficult for us, do you have plans for him?

“Not so much,” Eric grinned. “He has met the true death.”

“I am beginning to see a pattern here, Northman,” she laughed. “You really are all about the preemptive strike.”

“Yes, I am,” he replied. “Which brings us to what you told me about what happened in Dallas…”

“Dallas! Really! I finally left the state! I’m listening!


…FotS,” she shivered. “God has a special place in hell for those folks.

And,” she pinched him again. “You tricked me into sucking the silver out of you? You lying bastard!”

“It was just a small lie,” he laughed in return. “But it was most charming. You down there on the floor with me, you lips on my body, just sucking away! I am sure it was divine! Now, I am all about that type of lying…you know…next to you…on top of you…you on top of me,” he chuckled.

“Damn straight it was divine!” she laughed.  “Yes, I am beginning to see why I pinched you so much! You are just a horny toad!

So tell me,” her voice became somber.  “What did you do about Godric?”

“I have talked to him. And yes, he has been thinking about meeting the sun. He is tired of living and wishes to move on. If he does this thing, at least I had a chance to tell him good-by and try to understand this.

Before, I did not. My final goodbye was on that rooftop. Where I left him with you.”

“So the last day I came to  you…” her voice trailed off.

“There was the storm, Compton pushed you into a tree. Everyone thought you had lost control of your car. But this is why you had come back from the grave. To tell me you had just found out you were pregnant. And how excited you were that you wanted to tell me in person.

When I woke from that dream, I destroyed my sleeping chamber. The berserker rage took me and I took out my anger on my surroundings. Compton yet lives but his days are numbered.”

“I am a bit puzzled,” her voice was low and serious. “Where was my gran in all of this?”

“You were sleeping with Compton at the time,” he began slowly.

“Yes-s-s-s-s…” she nodded, turning her body and watching him.

“There was a serial killer. His victims were women that dated vampires. His name was Drew Marshall but he changed it to Rene Lenier. He killed your gran.”

“What…what…!” she sputtered. “He is dating Arlene! Is he….” she was yelling, “is he on your preemptive strike list? And if so, why not! And why is this motherfucker not already dead!” she was stilling yelling at Eric.

“Okay Sookie,” she shuddered, “get ahold of yourself. I am gonna’ go talk to Andy and ask him to do a little snoopin’. He kinda knows I am a bit strange. He would do this,” she was nodding to herself and reining in her emotions.

Taking a deep breath, she let it out. “Sorry about that. It is just that Gran is all I have. She took us in and she believed me about Uncle Bartlett. I can work this from the legal side,” she said to Eric. “Now, where were we before I lost it.”

Eric put on the blinker and took the Bon Temps turn off. “I know we both have questions. You more than me. I don’t know what any of this means to you, Sookie. I am not for real sure what it means to me. Vampires are possessive and cruel. They will take what you cherish. If they knew I cared for you, they would do their best to take you from me.

I would love to hire you for your telepathic gift. But I am sure your gran and you have discussed how this cannot be made known to any government. They would use you and put you into some of the most horrific minds in this world.”

“Would the supernatural world keep my secret?” she asked. “Apparently somehow I was able to work for you and not worry about the government.”

“We Supes are a secretive bunch. Perhaps. I mean, Sophie-Anne uses a lawyer that is a demon. I have a skull in my fireplace by the name of Æsir that talks to me.”

“What?” Sookie eyed him.

“Oh yes,” Eric nodded. “Supes,” he chuckled. “You will find them where you least expect them. There is a lot of under the table dealings and unexpected deaths. No one wants the local sheriff’s department looking their way. So perhaps this could work.

Now for the really difficult part,” he said.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“While your car is being worked on, I want you to keep the Jeep.”

“What?” her voice rose.

“No kidding, here it comes,” he laughed. “All the reasons why you say no.”

“Really?” she huffed at him. “This is not fair! You know things about me and I know very, very little about you!” she said, squinting at him.

“This is true. I acknowledge that.

Because I know,” he began, “you are a 21stcentury woman raised with morals and the canons of righteous living. But I am a 11thcentury male, also with morals and very specific rules about staying alive. And if I ever meet your brother, I am going to kick his ass for letting your walk home from Merlotte’s. No brother allows his sister or any female he knows to do this. All types of unseen and unknown predators lurk in the night. And most can outrun you.

And I know that vampires have a mind set. Mine. We say it often and loudly. If you are seen with me, I will tell them that you are mine.”

“Mine!” she hooted. “That is pushing it, Northman.”

“There are reasons for that,” he countered. “Safety reasons.”

“I am sure there are,” she replied. “And also mister, my brother is not my keeper,” she said, her squint smaller and her nose wrinkling, her lips pressed together.

“I can see how our opposing views about safety caused conflict between us,” Eric countered.

“Is there an us?” she asked.

“Sookie, I loved the woman that came to see me in my day slumber.

And you are that woman. And not just for your fae goodness that allows me to daywalk.”

“Love,” she said nodding her head. “Most girls will do anything to hear that word from a male. Love, lover. Those are some powerful words that carry a lot of emotion, good and bad.

But on the flip side of that,” her voice was now reasonable,  “I don’t know you.

Turn down this road,” she said, gesturing with her hand.

“You are correct,” he said agreeing with her.  “Let this be the beginning place. That place where all relationships start. Be it for business or personal. Would you see me with the coming of the new dark?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “But really, I could not possibly drive the Jeep. Gran has a car, I will drive hers.”

“Fine,” he smiled at her, “sunrise is going to be a horizon event before I get back to Shreveport. I am just going to leave the Jeep here, along with the fob, and I will see you with the new dark. What time do you get off work?”

“I work the lunch shift,” she answered. “So I should be home by six-thirty.”

“I will see you at seven,” he smiled.

“This is my driveway,” she said.

Pulling in, Eric stopped the car and hopped out. Going around to her side, he helped her out and was vamp speed with her to the porch.

“Whoa!” she said when he put her on her feet. “Can all vamps do that?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “More on that later and it is all confidential. Remember we are super-secretive.

This is the fob,” he said handing it to her. “Just have it on you to start it. Put your foot on the brake, push the start button and put it in gear.”

Eric turned his head and sniffed. “A fae has been in your yard.”

“My fairy godmother stopped by. She said my grandfather Niall sent her.”

Eric said nothing, only looked at her.

“We have a lot to talk about,” she said staring at him. “And it is not that I don’t trust you, I just don’t know you to trust you.”

“I see your point.

But I know from experience the Fae are sneaky, devious beings. And I am not saying that I am not. I am much better at being devious and sneaky. But I would trust me before I would trust the Fae.

Please Sookie, drive the Jeep. Just as a very small favor to me.”

He could see her thinking about that. “How would I explain that? Especially to the folks that I work with at Merlotte’s.”

“Tell them you have a loner car while yours is being worked on. Ronnie’sis the name of the shop in Shreveport. Just have them call him,” he chuckled. “He can work motherfucker into his opening conversation if he feels the need, too. Or tell them that you have a new position. And with this part time appointment comes a car so you can go back and forth, safely.”

“Do I have a new part time job?”

“Someone has been stealing from our club. With your help, I think maybe we can find out who it is. And I pay much better than Merlotte.”

“I would like to be able to say I won’t work for you if you hurt them. But I want Rene dead. So what does that say about me?”

“That you love your grandmother,” Eric replied. “And you would do what you must to protect her.  Besides, what if it is a vampire?” he asked. “And he wants to destroy me?” he smiled at her.

“Oh-h-h-h, I see your point. Well, there are exceptions to every rule,” she sighed and then leaned over and pinched him. “Stop laughin’ at me,” she smiled back at him.

“You know Sam?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

Laughing she said, “So does he have secrets?”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “But his story is not mine to tell.”

Sookie looked shocked!

“There are many players in this supernatural game, Miss Sookie and whether you like it or not, your grandfather has acknowledged you as being one of them. His end game would be to benefit himself. Iron and lemon juice kill the fae. In case you can’t rip their heart or throat out. Take the Jeep and purchase what you need to defend yourself.”

Raising her hand to his lips, he placed a kiss there. When she unlocked the door and stepped into the house, bowing to her he was gone into the storm.

“Claudine,” Sookie sighed, “why didn’t you tell me instead of talking in mysterious gobbledy gook of a non answer? Why did I have to find this shit out from a vampire? Why didn’t grandpa just come on down and explain it to me himself?

Just how screwed am I? Oh man,” she rolled her eyes. “The possibilities are endless on that one!

I am a princess from a realm that likes to war? Fuck! Claudine….just fuck you and the stardust you floated in, on. Your I can’t answer that question just now…perhaps it is just the rightness of the situation that causes you to doubt me?And my all time favorite Claudine,” she snarled,  “Well Sookie, I could not stop your uncle from molesting you…just what the fuck! You had no idea what that word meant!  You are to live your lifemy ass.

You would just stand by and let some perverted, evil monster do that to a child! I do not want to know anyone who would do that!

Only person I can get a fucking straight answer from is a vampire that I have just met and I have worked for part time for the past seven years. Who pays a whole hell of a lot better than Sam ever did…and apparently that ass hole has supernatural secrets!

Maybe I will drive the Jeep,” she snarled at no one and went upstairs to bed.

Eric was standing at the side of the house, next to the living room window, listening. “That’s my girl,” he smiled and blew her a kiss. Then vamp speed, he was gone.


Sophie-Anne stood on the smoldering, soggy, water logged roof of her once upon a time primary residence. The building had been condemned. Floating down to her throne room, which was easy to do now that the firemen had cut holes through her floors, there was water damage throughout the building.

The mayor had been very sympathetic and had offered her the old Rudolf mansion that was located in the old warehouse district. Granted, the area was now home to upscale bars, restaurants and art galleries, but the mansion was suffering.

The house was not that large or grand and it was old and it needed a new roof, plumbing, and who knew what else. Which the mayor encouraged her to pay for because the city did not have the money for those nice things at this time.

“Damn it Eric,” she was seething, “do you ever play nice?”

She knew the answer to that. The only reason he did not place the bomb on the helicopter was because there were humans on board.

“I would love to move my court to his place of business,” she was bitching to herself. “Except he sends me a lot of tax revenue. And he would probably rip my heart out if I asked. Fuck!” she kicked at a chair that was apparently full of water because when she made contact, it splashed all over her. Fuming, she made a face and pushed a chair out of her way.

“Besides, I signed a contract with the mayor. If I stay here and bring in the tourists, I do not pay city taxes on my buildings.

Well fuck,” she sighed. “Looks like I am buying a new roof for the Rudolf house and putting to rights this one as well.

Unless I really do want to move into the monastery.  Fuck no. Eric was right about that. No way to truly secure the place. Well just fuck!” she kicked the chair again and was once more covered in water. Stomping her feet, multiple times, and cursing in her mother tongue of French.

“Bill,” she said as she looked up and could see the moon passing overhead.

“Yes, my Queen,” he said stepping up and bowing.

“Please tell me where you planted the bomb at Fangtasia.”

“My Queen?” he stuttered.

“Where did you place the bomb? The paraffin bomb that went off in my palace that did exactly the type of damage that is should have done to Fangtasia. Where did you put it?”

“My Queen, I placed it in the warehouse with their other decorations. I watched them unload. The warehouse was clean. There was nothing left in it. They returned all the empty crates to the warehouse. I looked in each one personally. They were empty!” he sobbed. “I cannot explain it.”

“Bill, you reek of lies and smoke.”

“My Queen, I helped to fight the blaze. As to the lies, my life is in your hands my Queen,” his voice was soft and pleading.

“The bomb was in the basement sleep chamber area Bill, and blew all the way up to the roof,” she smiled at him. “There is a crater under this structure that will have to be reinforced and filled before this site can ever be considered stable enough to build on, again. How would anyone get access to that area without a guard knowing it?”

“I do not know,” he replied.

“Here is what I know,” she sighed. “I am going to need you in the following weeks so I shall not be able to bring you the final death as I would like. But I am going to have you castrated with a silver knife and with what remains of the dark, you shall be of service to those vampires that are faithful to me and when they have finished, any Were may help themselves to your delights.

Plead with who you must to hook you up to an I.V. during the day because with the new dark, you will be of service to me. Now, take yourself to Zamperelli and tell him what my orders, are.  I shall be there in fifteen minutes to see to it that my orders are being  carried out.”

“Yes my Queen.”

Lying prostrate on the floor as she left, he got up and thought about fleeing and then pushed that aside. Andre was doing penitence. And perhaps would never be given the same amount of trust. She would need someone to confide in. If he could weather this, he could be that person!    “I can do this,” he nodded to himself as he walked to do The Dance with Zman. “I can do this. I will stop by the commissary, pay for the blood and then I shall go to Zman and I will endure The Dance.”

Bill reported to duty. “Zman,” his voice was very humble. “I am on a countdown. I stopped at the commissary to purchase blood for I must survive my punishment. I am to be castrated with silver. If you would please, I have one minute before our Queen shows up and this must be done. If you would please,” he said laying down on the torture table.

Zman was shaking his head in disbelief! “What the fuck, Compton? Strip naked and get your ass up from there. For castration, you are impaled on that stool. See that lovely silver dildo sticking out, sit and take that into yourself like you are going to make love to it. I mean grind away then I shall remove your front.”

“What?” he gasped.

“Do it now or I will silver your wrists to the wall as well and carve on your front.”

“No, our Queen said castration. She said nothing…”

Bill was grabbed from behind, his wrists wrapped in silver as he was pulled screaming over to the wall. His ass cheeks were spread and he was slammed down onto his newest lover! His arms were attached to hooks as the lower half of his body bucked widely!

“Looking good, Bill,” Zman smiled as he snapped some photos. “Now,” he said pulling out a silver saw. “Since you gave me Were shit, this is not going to be a quick and clean cut. So just settle in, this is going to take me a while.

Oh,” he licked his lips when the door opened. “Look at this, you ordered me room service. Thanks for the bagged blood, dude. You rock!

Now, let’s start by splitting your nut sack in half then we will do the same thing to Little Bill. Once we have the halfsies, I will saw away each half and make a nice opening for the boys to enjoy!”




Eric called Samuel. “My brother, I need everything there is on a Drew Marshall who now lives in Bon Temps and has changed his name  to Rene Lenier. This is to include any sealed juvenile records. Predators do not change. I suspect there is a long list of wrong doings attached to his name.”

“Will do,” Samuel replied. “So, you have a lead!”

“Indeed I do and her name is Sookie Stackhouse!”


It was 09. Andy poured them another cup of coffee. Sookie sat in his office and he was taking notes. “He has a Louisiana driver’s license,” she said. “Thanks for the coffee,” as she took it from him. “He is not from around here. That accent he has…no,” she was shaking her head.  “That is not real. Along with his name. It is Drew Marshall. And…besides, there has maybe been a few other things.

I want to be wrong about this,” Sookie sighed. “I want to. Arlene says she is in love with him. Wants to have his baby kinda love,” Sookie sat staring at her coffee. Then at Andy. “Just please, if you could check around.”

“Will do Sookie,” he nodded at her. “Got nothin’ goin’ on right now.”

“Thanks,” she replied, finishing the coffee and carrying the cup to the sideboard. “Thanks. Seriously. I would want nothin’ to happen to Arlene or her babies.”

Andy watched her walk out the door. “Nothin’ to this,” Andy told himself as he rolled his chair over to his computer and opened up the law enforcement data base.  “Drew Marshall,” he typed it in and started to have a drink. “Oh shit…” he muttered putting his coffee down and started reading.


Sookie was working the lunch shift. It was two-thirty and the highway workers were just now drifting out. Rene had dropped in to make eyes with Arlene and talk about what she wanted him to grill for supper tonight.

That was when Andy walked in with an officer she did not know. Looking around, there were officers she did not know standing at all the exits.

“Good thing he is sittin’ in a booth,” she said to herself as she watched the drama unfold. “Or he would make a run for it.”

“Drew Marshall, aka Rene Lenier Marshall, you are under arrest for…”

The list was long and horrible.

Sookie went to Arlene who was sobbing and held her as she cried.

When Rene was escorted out, he looked at Arlene and said, “I love you baby! You would never let a vamp suck on you!”

Bursting into tears, Rene continued to shout, “I love baby! I will always love you! Even in death! You and me, forever and always! I know you would never fuck a vamp! I don’t know about your kids, though. They need me for a father…” his crying was now hysterical as he was taken out the door in handcuffs.

Sam walked over to where the two women were standing. “Sookie, take Arlene home.”


“Sookie,” Arlene was sobbing, “what the fuck have I done? What have I exposed my babies, too? What…how could I have been so wrong?”

“Arlene, it is a cliché, but love is blind. Especially if you want to be in love.”

“Come on, Sookie,” she looked over at her. “That is not very comfortin’. You got anything more positive than that?”

“Arlene,” she sighed. “Lisa and Colby are gonna be fine. You are a good mom.”

“How do I explain this to them?”

“Tell them the truth…because they are gonna hear about it at school.”

“Well shit,” she grumped. “This Jeep is nice. Smells new,” she eyed Sookie.

“Yes, mine is in the shop. This is a loner.”

“What’s wrong with yours?” she asked.

“Starter I think. Won’t know for sure until I get the phone call. I was hopin’ they would have called the house by now and Gran would have called and left a message about how much this is gonna cost.”

“Well, if they loaned you this, they are gonna charge you a fortune to fix it.”

“That thought has crossed my mind. But I had to get home and I was not gonna’ call Gran to come and get me.”

“We are just about home,” Arlene started to sniffle, again.

“If you will give me your keys, I’ll get Gran to drive me to work and I’ll get your car and bring it back.”

“Thanks Sookie,” she said digging around in her purse and then started to cry. “I…I think I might be pregnant,” the tears were flowing. “Oh gawd, Sookie, what if I give birth to a serial killer?”

“Arlene,” she said pulling into the driveway  and turning off the engine. Getting out, she came around to the hurting woman’s side, opened her door and held her. “If you are, this baby will be surrounded by love.”

“You are right,” she sniffled. “Sookie, you are the voice of sanity, because right now I have all these insane thoughts runnin’ around in my head.”

“Do you want me to stay with you?” she asked. “You know, throw away Rene’s things?”

“No,” she took a deep breath. “He didn’t have anythin’ but clothes. And I am not gonna’ donate them. Just put them in the burnin’ barrel and call it done. I am gonna have the kids help me. That way, they will know what is goin’ on while I explain it to them.”

“Now that sounds like a good plan. You know, moralize it. Rene was a bad man and we shall not allow him to live on in our home.”

“That’s real nice,” she nodded. “Thanks.”

“Be good to yourself,” Sookie hugged her again and watched her walk to the door.

“In love with a serial killer,” Sookie was shaking her head as she walked back to the Jeep and buckled in. “I believe I can probably relate to that.

Watch yourself,” she was trying to be rational. “You have just not had the prospect of having someone to love, before. Don’t blow this out of proportion. I mean, I might not even be that Sookie that he got to meet,” she nodded to herself as she put the car in reverse and backed out. “Maybe it was the circumstances that we were both under that changed us and made us agreeable to each other. If I don’t save his life a couple of times, maybe he would just find me a nuisance. I could sure use a sign,” she said looking heavenward. “I am starting to get the self doubts. I mean he is a vampire…well fuck…” she hit the steering wheel. “I am a fairy.  Just what the fuck?

Okay, Sookie, pull up your big girl panties and roll the song on the radio give love a chance path of destiny.Because I need a sign. When the music started, she began to cry.

Singing along with Martina  to one of her favorite songs, she found herself at home, not for real sure how she got there and feeling a tremendous sense of peace.

The song ended and there was the mindless chatter of the DJ as she turned off the engine and went inside to explain to Gran what had happened and what needed to be done.

“Gran,” she said as they got in her car and started for Merlotte’s. “Do you believe in fate?”

“Well of course I do, Sookie,” the older woman looked over at her troubled granddaughter.

“Can something be so right for you that it is wrong?”

“That would depend on your point of view,” she replied.

“Gran, can you love someone you have not met?”

“Sookie, I am not sure where you are going with this.  But love is sacrifice. Deferring to the needs of others. Sometimes it is something as simple as buying their favorite brand of ice cream instead of yours. Or placing yourself in harm’s way to keep them safe. So maybe the question could be, would you sacrifice yourself for someone you have not yet met?

Can you give me a clue what this is about?”

“I met a guy, the other night, atFangtasia. The one that brought me home. Loaned me his car to drive. Had mine towed. Wants to see me and meet you tonight at seven.”

“Do you want to tell me about him?”

“Yes, I really do. Especially after today. It will help explain what happened at Merlotte’s.”

“This have something to do with Rene being arrested?”

“It has everthin’ to do with it,” she said as they pulled into the parking lot. “Let’s get Arlene her car and get home. Have some tea and sit and talk.”


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Talk to Me—Chapter 5

talk to me coveere page

Talk to Me

Chapter 5

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


It was Friday night before Saturday’s big to-do and after hours. All the vamps that lived in Area Five were sitting at a table with a knife, garbage bag, and a couple of pumpkins. Eric was diligently working on carving his and noticing what was going on around him. There seemed to be some fierce competition. Several in his area were obviously artists. He had no idea there was such talent in this group.

His pumpkin was indeed looking like a longboat at sea. Pam stopped by to check it out. “Those rivets,” she smiled sweetly, “they look a bit not to scale.”

Growling at her, she batted her eyelashes and went make to the miniature of the outside of Fangtasia she was working on. The gargoyles on the slate roof were looking very good, Eric had to admit to himself while he took another look at the rivets. “Fuck,” he hissed, “she just might be right.”

The phone call came in at 3:30. Eric knew it would. There would be only be a couple of hours for him to react to the information.

“My Queen,” he smiled when he picked up and everyone stopped. “What may I do for you that remains with the old dark?”

“Eric, I finally got a head count on how many will be in attendance. It is going to be roughly one thousand. I believe that includes spouses.”

“A nice turn out, my Queen. What a great honor for you. And a thousand, why that is perfect. The fire marshal will not allow us to have more than a thousand at time. Fire codes and all that.”

“Yes, Eric, and I just want to thank you for doing this for me. And you will have security in place?”

“Of course my Queen. Your guests will need a valid form of I.D. Other wise, they will not be allowed in.”

“Of course Eric, thank you,” and you could hear the delight in her voice. “We will see you at nine.”

Eric looked out into the crowd. Bailey stood up. “We’ll be here, Sheriff. What ever you need us to do.”

“The Shreveport Police Department will be outside   handling cars and keeping the riffraff out. I will need you to run the metal scanners for weapons and the I.D. scanners as well. They will be one hundred percent I.D’d before they enter the building. Once everyone has checked in, then we will leave one or two of you outside for stragglers and move the rest inside to work wherever is needed.

Thank you,” Eric said. “Thank all of you. I am sure there will be some FotS somewhere in the area. If you have access to Were shit, I invite you to throw it, just don’t get caught.

Now, I believe we are voting on the best pumpkin. At this time please drop your ballet in front of your favorite jack o-lantern. Winner gets to take a month off from the bar.”


The evening of Sophie-Anne’s event arrived and it went just exactly as Eric had expected. One-third had no I.D. and they were turned away. Those mayors of even the smallest towns thought they were someone who was recognized and arrived without even a driver’s license. Which the staff thought was most odd.

They were hit with some glamour and told, “So sorry, but you must have I.D.”  Pam was having a field day with that! A photo was taken and they were run through the facial recognition! A name and address was attached and stored for future use.

And then odd just continued to happen! At eleven, the newest king of Nevada, Victor Madden, walked in through the door!

Pamela gagged when she saw Sophie-Anne embrace the newest piece of Were shit to wear a crown. Walking past Eric, she stuck her finger down her throat and kept walking. She had staff to attend, too. Hell, she could even do a Were a favor.

“Packmaster,” she smiled as she stopped by the man in the tuxedo with the earwig. “At your eleven, do you see the vampire with the tan and wearing that tux with an open collar? That is Victor Madden, the new king of Nevada.”

Alcide raised his eyebrows and said, “What the fuck is he doing here?”

“Slumming,” Pam replied.

“You are not one to bullshit, Miss Pamela. I admire that about you. Well, that and your ability to clear a room by just walking in. Damn, that is just impressive.”

“I pride myself on that, well, that and my shoes.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. “Your feet do sparkle like Cinderella’s.

I have been inform that the last delivery truck with the hot hor devours has arrived. Do you want them to come on in or wave them off?”

“We are through here at twelve and we have the twelve portable hot racks filled with food. Plus the cheese board has just been refreshed. Go ahead and wave them off.

Also, let’s start having the crates of dirties picked up. We don’t want rats on the loading dock.”

“Will do,” he replied, “I’ll call Jimmy and get that started. His restaurant certainly appreciates the business you are bringing his way tonight.”

“I would like to say that I believe in buying local. But that would be Eric’s line. I just go with those that I know I can trust. And if they screw me over, they are close enough so that at a moments notice, I can rip their heart out.”

“No bullshit what so ever, Cher,” he grinned at her  as she blew him a kiss and walked off.

Alcide nodded to one of his Weres as he was heading for the loading dock.

Pam walked on, discretely inspecting everything and everyone. And Victor. Just what the fuck was he doing here?


“Victor,” Sophie-Anne smiled when she said his name but her eyes held death. “Just what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I wanted to make you a deal,” he smiled at her.

“No,” she replied, as she nodded to the Mayor of Shreveport as they strolled by.

“Oh come on, let me put it out there before you shoot me down.”

“No,” she said again, this time waving to the Mayor of Boise City off to her right.

“Just loan me The Viking…”

“Do what?” she hissed at him. “Do what?”

“He knows all the major players in L.A. Hell, he knows all the major players, everywhere. I need someone to negotiate for me. You know, be my ambassador.”

“Since when?” she asked him. “You have all manner of lawyers working for you. Get one of them to do the deed.”

“That’s just it, they all work for me. I need someone impartial. And I’ve seen Eric negotiate,” he said with a chuckle.  “He always walks away from the table with what he wants.”

“Eric,” she motioned him over. “The King of Nevada has a deal he would like to talk to you about.”

“No,” Eric said, shaking his head.

“Oh come on,” he said, in somewhat of a whine.

“You think you can storm that gold mine in the Upper Californias, with me leading your charge? No. The last time I went  that way on a fact finding mission, the witches had warded that mine a hundred miles in all directions around it.  And that mine should just about be played out by now. The gold that you want for your war, it is not there.

And without it, you cannot take the Lower and Upper Californias.  I don’t care how much money you think you have to pay the Old Empire to throw in with you. Catherine wants gold. Not paper money.

And let me make this perfectly clear, you invite their Old World asses into one of your raiding parties, you will be without a head and Catherine will dance in your goo.”

“But the turmoil the Californias are in at this moment,” Victor leaned in and spit out each word. “We could have the entire California coast line.”

“No we couldn’t,” Eric replied. “Catherine would have the entire California coast line and you would be dead.”

“She has changed, Eric,” his voice was low and soft.

Laughter erupted out of Eric, causing everyone within hearing distance to turn and look at him.

“No, she has not,” he replied. “And if you believe that she has, then you are already dead. Just do us all a favor and greet the sun so that you do not pull us into this insanity with you.”

“But she loves you,” he said, his voice full of assurance.

“She loves no one,” Eric answered him. “Not even herself.

What have you done, Victor?” Eric asked him. “Just tell me. I don’t have all night to listen to you dance around the truth.”

“Nothing, yet. She…she called me…congratulating me on my kingship.”

“De Castro was her child, Victor, I doubt seriously she was congratulating you.”

“What? He was what? Were shit,” he swallowed the words.

“Yes,” Eric patted him on the cheek.  “And she thinks you had him assassinated. So be very careful in your out and about.

And if you ever, again, entertain the idea of trading me to her because you envision yourself king of the world, I will be what you will need to be wary of.

A  .300 Win Mag folds up nicely and is easy to transport.”

“No one,” Victor began, “knows that. The news has not been released that is the rifle that killed De Castro.”

Eric stared at him and Victor swallowed.

“Oh Victor, come now,” Sophie-Anne patted him on the arm. “That is the favorite rifle of choice by snipers all over the world. Eric will scare the Were shits out of you if you let him.”

The newest king of Nevada now had several things to reconsider. Apparently, he did not want to live in L.A. as badly as he thought he did. Why, there was nothing wrong with his sandbox….what…so…ever! “Queen Sophie-Anne,” he said taking her hand and giving her a kiss. “Thank you for your time.” Bowing to her and then to Eric, he started for the doors.

“I am so sorry Eric,” she began. “I had no idea that was what he wished to discuss. He told me he would just like to make contact and discuss investing in casinos.”

“Yes, Fangtasia would make a lovely casino, would it not?” he leveled his gaze on her.  “Victor called me before he left. Wanted to know what I thought of that idea. He told me that you backed it one hundred percent.”

At least she had the decency to look betrayed by the king that just left her holding the bag full of Were shit.

“I can feel a storm brewing, my queen, perhaps you should be on your way, shortly. You would not want your helicopter to get caught in the tempest.”

“Of course not,” she smiled at him. “Thank you for being so thoughtful of me. I will say my good-byes and well wishes.”

“Of course,” he smiled at her. “Your guests are more than welcome to stay until midnight. At which time we shall see them safely escorted to their cars.”

“Thank you Sheriff. Truly, a lovely evening. And please,” she smiled graciously while she was seething inside at the idea, “send us the bill.”

“Of course,” he bowed. “Child,” Eric motioned Pamela over, “our generous Queen knows how costly these events are and has asked for all the receipts.”

Pam placed both hands over her unbeating heart and kneeled. “Thank you your majesty for being so generous. I will send that forward to your accountant, Weatherford. I am on the phone with him right now discussing our tax bill. If you would please,” Pam smiled sweetly, handing the phone to her.

“Weatherford, I am here with the Sheriff of Area Five. The party is magnificent and I am thrilled to pay for tonight’s gathering.” Removing the phone from her face, she looked over at Eric.  “He wants to know if you would   rather take it as a tax credit?” she asked.

Pam shook her head no. “My Queen, cash would be for the best. Those are all off duty policeman we have working security. They get paid for providing this service. They are raising money for a local children’s hospital so we will make a sizeable donation to this fund.”

“Yes, of course,” she nodded in agreement. “A deposit into their account, Weatherford,” she said and handed the phone back to Pam.

Bowing, then standing, Pamela continued on with her conversation and was headed to her office to fax the bills.

Sophie-Anne walked out to the helicopter that was waiting to take her home.

With longing, she took one last look at Fangtasia. “Pity,” she admired the fine lines of the Gothic looking manor. “Oh Eric, if I cannot have it, you cannot either.”

Yes, she made a nice income from their taxes, but once it burned, Eric would get a nice insurance claim and she would get a part of that as well. Then she was shipping his ass out to Victor and he was going to learn everything there was to know about running casinos and slowly, but surely, he would take over Nevada and she would be queen there as well.


When the clock struck down midnight, the staff in the cloakroom was busy handing out wraps. The rain had started and so the ladies were escorted out with an umbrella as cars pulled up under the awning that had been erected.

Food was being parceled out among the staffers and the empties were being gathered up, placed back into the boxes and were being loaded into a truck to be returned to the restaurant supply house from whence they had come.

It was a well organized machine, all of it over seen by Pamela. She had hired the best and backed it up with the local Packmaster and his Weres to do the heavy lifting.

Like a swarm of locus, they started at the front of the club, moving everything  that did not belong to Fangtasia to the back where it was removed out to the loading dock. The cleaning crew followed right behind them. When they locked the doors at two, she checked her watch to make sure they would make that deadline, everything would be put back to rights.

That would just leave her to give the out briefing to Eric and call this mother done.  By three, both of them could be gone, with a few hours to call their own.


There were still several miles out, but from this altitude, Sophie-Anne had a lovely view of the New Orleans skyline and her palace of power!

“Oh Eric,” she shook her head in disgust. “You have no idea who you are dealing with.” Taking out her phone she dialed the code to the paraffin firebomb that was inside his building and smiled. “Ka-boom!” she laughed, then… “What…what is that?” she asked no one as she leaned forward in her seat trying to get a better look. “On my roof top? What is that?”

Frantically she was dialing her palace! “What’s on the roof?” she screeched when someone finally picked up.

“My Queen, a fire! We cannot talk now. We are battling the flames!” Then her phone went dead.



The club was quiet. This was perhaps Eric’s favorite part of his business day, to stare, uninterrupted, at his business. When everyone was gone and quiet reigned supreme amongst the things he had spent a lifetime collecting. Things that could speak to him and would warn him of danger. He also enjoyed listening to their stories. And the gargoyles had some good ones!

The luxury of the time alone here was due to his child. He knew that and appreciated it far more than she would ever know.

Pamela had done exceptionally well. She did know how to manage a schedule. Taking a long last look around The Library, he smiled to himself as Bell rang down the time in ship’s bells.

“Thank you,” he said as he passed by the small brass bell and steadied the rope that was still vibrating.

It was time to give the child her due. Let the crowing begin!

Going into the back, he sat down on the other side of her  desk. She was there, running numbers and smiling. With that pencil stuck behind her ear, she looked like any accountant as she fussed at numbers, invoices and how much the help had cost.

They both heard the last of the people leaving the loading dock. “A text from The Were,” she said checking her phone.  “He says the loading dock is clear, clean, and the last truck just pulled out.”

“Good,” Eric nodded. “That was brilliant to hire The Were and his pack.”

“Yes,” Pam nodded. “I have that land outside of town on the river. The deer population is taking over. For their work tonight, they have running and hunting rights. As human and Were.

And I must say my maker, tonight I think I actually had a pretty good time.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “This cost us nothing and we got a lot of good will from the locals all over Louisiana.”

“That was a real windfall,” Pam snickered, smiling at him. “S-A willing to pay for the party. She did not see that coming,” Pam hooted with glee.  “And she still does not believe that you ousted de Castro.”

“Victor did not have a hard time believing it, though,” Eric smiled. “You are smiling in victory, child. Did we actually make money, tonight?”

“Indeed we did. I overcharged NO by ten percent. Just a small nothing of twenty thousand dollars, but that is twenty thousand we did not have before.”

“And yet I feel there is still more,” Eric was still smiling.

“Well, the event tonight just actually cost one hundred and thirty thousand. But I rounded it up to two hundred and ten thousand, since I knew she would fuck this up and end up paying for it. Then, just to be the exceptional child I am, I added that other ten percent.”

“So we made about ninety thousand tonight? Is that what I am hearing?”

“Not a bad profit for having to get dressed up, order people around and have S-A kiss our ass,” she was laughing.

“Oh-h-h-h,” Eric sighed. “Have you heard the news coming out of New Orleans?  Apparently the Queen’s residence is burning,” Eric said with a shocked look on his face.

“That stupid bitch,” Pam rolled her eyes. “Who does she think she is dealing with?”

“We get the money from her tonight?” he asked.

Pam looked shocked. “Who do you think you are dealing with? Of course we did. That is in our account.

I did that the very first thing. Because I know in the middle of this awful tragedy of her being so stupid she blew up her own building, that we would be forgotten about and that money would be used to ease her pain, or perhaps purchase a new wardrobe. No way would she use it to rebuild that tasteless hovel she lives in. Seriously my maker, she has done the world a favor and removed that architectural  blight from the face of New Orleans.”

“Miss Swynford De Beaufort!” they both heard her name being called and the banging on the door.

“You expecting guests?” Eric asked.

“No,” she shook her head. “I suppose one of our worker bee’s could have forgotten something,” she said checking the security camera. “And indeed she did. Coming,” she said into the speaker.

Pam opened the back door and there stood the human version of her hard working self, looking like a drowned puppy.

“I am sorry Miss Pamela about disturbing you, but my car won’t start. May I use your phone?”

“Of course, come on in,” she said closing the door. “This way.”

“Thanks,” you could hear her teeth chattering. “I may need to make a couple of calls,” she said as they walked down the hall. “One to my mechanic, he has a tow-truck but he won’t be able to be here until tomorrow, and another to my Gran. I hate to get her up this time of night, but I need a ride home.”

Eric was checking his text messages when he stopped what he was doing and listened…and listened…his eys fixated on the door!

Then Pam walked in the door…

…followed by…by…a ghost!

“Sookie, I would like for you to meet my boss, Eric Northman, Eric, this is Sookie Stackhouse. She is here to make a few phone calls. Her car won’t start.”

Standing, Eric took a step forward then a step back. He reached out with one finger and touched her on the hand and took another step back. “You are real,” he said, then he realized he said it out loud. “You are wet and real cold,” he corrected himself. “Miss Stackhouse,” he said smiling, he was sure, like an idiot! “I am Eric the Northman. Would you like a towel and something warm to put on? Perhaps a fire in the fireplace. It was just put out. But I can start a fire with my flint. Perhaps you need shared bodily warmth. This is what we did in my time as Viking if someone fell into the water.”

“Shared bodily warmth? A fire with my flint?” Pam was having a moment because she was sure her maker had somehow contracted a case of the bat shit crazies!

“Ah-h-h,” Sookie was at a loss for words. She had heard all about the big blond but never seen him. Damn, he was a nice looking guy, just like everyone said. “That is very nice. I got caught in the rain. And then I really got caught in the rain coming back to call for help. Ah-h-h, a towel would be nice. You know, just a towel. I know where some are kept in the stock room. I can get one if you do not mind.”

“I’ll get it,” he said as he started out the door. In a flash he was back. “The ladies room is this way….no…” he said shaking his head, “you would probably be more comfortable in my office. I have a shirt and suit jacket you can put on. My pants would probably be too big. I guess you could roll them up,” he hesitated and focused on Pam.

“I have something she could put on,” Pam responded to her maker as she got up and went to her closet.

“She can wear my shirt and jacket,” Eric said as he watched Pam sort through clothes. “A pair of jeans would be fine. Or wool pants would be even better if you had a pair.”

Pam was staring at her clothes with her back to the two of them wondering just what the fuck had happened to her maker!

“This way Miss Stackhouse,” he said taking the jeans from Pam. “Oh, and a pair of boots and some socks please,” Eric asked.

“Really,” Sookie smiled through her chattering teeth. “Just to get dried off is enough.”

“Nonsense,” Eric shook his head no. “This is not a problem, is it Pam?”

“No,” she said wondering what part of the rabbit hole she had fallen down. “No, not at all.”

“Come,” Eric opened the door, then crossing the hall, opened his door. “Please. I’ll get you a shirt and a jacket. Please,” he escorted her in. “I would be honored if you would seek shelter in my things.” Sitting her on the couch, he went straight to his closet. “This blue shirt matches your eyes perfectly. And this blue pin stripe jacket. Just lovely together. Please, take as much time as you need. And help yourself to whatever you want. Make yourself at home. I am glad we are here to be of assistance to you.”

Sookie watched as he took the things out and left.

Going back into Pam’s office, he leaned against the wall and slid down it into a crouch, balancing on the balls of his feet. “Did I do all right? Do you think she will be warm enough? I don’t want her to get sick. Of course if she did, I could giver her a little blood,” he mused.

“Give her a little blood…” Pam’s voice trailed off, then look on her face saying he had lost his mind.

Then he made eye contact with Pam. “Did I really look like the idiotic fool I sounded like?”

“One hundred percent,” she replied. “Eric, what is wrong with you?”

“That’s her!” he whispered, joy in his voice as he stood up and walked over to Pam.

“Her who?” Pam asked.

“The one I told you about. The one that saves our lives.”

“What?” Pam looked around Eric to get a clear view of his door. “She is the saver of  Area Five Messiah?”

“Not a messiah, at least I don’t think so. Or maybe,” he shrugged. “But yes, she is the one that has been giving me the warnings. And so far, she has been spot on!”

“Well Were shit,” Pam replied. “So what do you want me to do?”

“Be nice.”

“What?” she replied.

“That is all, just be nice to her. She said that if you had only cared for her a little, maybe things would have been easier between her and me.”

“What?” Pam hissed. “As in a coupleher and me? As in you and her?”

“Yes,” he hissed back. “Now get into neutral. I want easier. Easier! I am all about easier,” he hissed back. “So be nice.”

“Fuck Eric! Since when are you all about easier? And be nice? I am a sarcastic, cutting, caustic wit! There is nothing nice about me.”

“Do you want to die?” he asked her, point blank.

“No,” she replied.

“Then be neutral.”

“That is twice now that you have said that. What the hell does that mean?”

“Do not be in either 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4thor 5th bitch gear. Or in reverse. Just idle along in neutral.”

“I can do that,” she nodded, thinking about the bat shit crazies that had taken over her maker.  “Eric?”

“Yes,” he replied, staring at the door, listening for sounds in the hall.

“Have you been spelled?”

“She is the reason I will not be spelled,” he hissed at her. “Now smile. Her she comes.” Eric turned and looked at Pam. “By the gods, child. You are scaring even me. No smile. Just look busy.”

When Sookie walked in she was wearing Eric’s shirt and suit jacket.  The shirt was a dress on her. It came down to her knees. The suit jacket worked for a coat, hitting below her calves.

“Thank you so much for the offer Mr. Northman, of the jeans and boots,” she placed the neatly folded jeans on Pam’s desk. “But I have worked with Miss Pamela and she is very particular about the way things are done. I cannot imagine she would be at all pleased about me wearing her things. So I thank you kindly for the offer.

I do appreciate your clothes, though.  Your shirt and jacket I can send to the cleaners. That is a guy thing.  And I will and return them to you here.

I have no idea where Miss Pam would send her jeans to be cleaned and pressed. Those are some serious creases in her jeans. And I cannot begin to imagine how much these boots cost. The leather is very rich and supple. It would not do for me to wear them out in this weather and damage them in any way.

So, if I might borrow your phone?” she smiled. “Please.”

“Yes,” he replied. “I can see where the shirt and jacket are a good fit. They will keep you warm and dry. I wish there was a blanket to wrap you up, in.

Pam,” he directed his attention at her. “Perhaps we should add a blanket to our emergency kit.”

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…” Pam kept repeating to herself. Where did this end?

Then he was back, looking at Sookie. “No need, Miss Stackhouse for you to wake your Gran.  I will drive you home. Pamela shall call my mechanic Ronnie. He is here in Shreveport. He will tow your car and repair it for you. His prices are most reasonable.”

“Please, call me Sookie. That is a very kind offer. But I live in Bon Temps, or just right outside of it. Just let me call my gran. She can come and get me if my brother Jason cannot.”

“Nonsense,” Eric smiled. “And you must call me Eric. This is not a problem. You have worked very hard for us tonight. It will be my pleasure to take you home.”

Sookie looked at Pam.

“Sookie, he can be trusted. Beneath that blabbering idiot is the soul of a saint. But he is a vampire. So if you invite him inside, make sure you revoke his invitation.”

“Oh,” she said. “Got it. So I sayI revoke your invitation?”

“That will do it,” Pam nodded.

“I’ll go get my car,” Eric was smiling.

“I will not roll my eyes, I will not roll my eyes,” The Child  was chanting. Eric was acting just like a guy who was going to get laid for the first time, Pam thought. Good grief! This was just sad and pathetic on so many levels. But then, they were all going to get to live. Yippee-i-o-tie-a mother fucker, this was vastly entertaining, though!

“I think the Jeep would be for the best on a night like this! Good ground clearance and I think you will enjoy the heated seats!”

Pam could hear the eagerness in his voice. She was sure Sookie could hear it as well. A little boy, wanting to please. “I’ll pull around front. There is a porch there and you won’t get wet.”

“Keep it in bitch neutral, keep it in bitch neutral,” Pam kept repeating. “Because I really want to howl and sing and dance on the ceiling! Would you just look at Eric! Damn! I love being his child and I love being here at this time….he is soooooooooo fucking screwed for the rest of his maker days! Oh the fun I shall have with this…keep it in bitch neutral! Do not scare her off!”

The two women walked to the front of the club. “He is not normally like this,” she said to Sookie. “Women fight each other to get next to him. I mean knock down, drag outs. He considers none of them  special and most of the time is bored with whatever starved, fashion challenged, As Seen On TV waif he is with for this month.  I have never seen him this giddy.”

“I have never had anyone be giddy over me,” Sookie replied.

Pam started to laugh but then realized the little blonde was not kidding.

They probably did not do giddy out in her neck of the woods. Bon fucking Temps. She had gone that far out looking for experienced help to stock the bar before they had opened. She talked to Merlotte if his people could use some extra money.

So along came Sookie. She came in during the evenings with others she had hired and helped to pull Fangtasia together. She had been so efficient, Pam always called her to work the back area during special parties like tonight. In truth, Pam liked the breather. This girl was methodical, organized, did not flirt or walk slow and tantalizing, moving her hips with an all-knowing motion. She hustled, told others to hustle if she saw them loafing, and got the job done. She had worked all aspects of the restaurant business for Merlotte. Had for a lot of years. And it showed in the way she conducted herself.

Now here was Eric making a fool of himself! Over a barmaid…oops…bitch neutral! Sookie was the savior of Area Five! A barmaid! Damn….she loved this!

His grandmother’s magic! As much as she wanted to deny its existence, there was just no fucking getting away from it. And Eric lived by it. Which meant she did as well. Well yes, she could do neutral, no to the bitch gears!

Eric got out of the charcoal grey Jeep Grand Cherokee and came around to open her door. Once she was in he closed it and turned to Pam. “Have Ronnie  check everything. Anticipate everything. Fix everything. She is so stubborn she will not let me purchase for her a new car. She must be kept safe until I can convince her.”

Pam opened her mouth and then closed it. “I will tell him,” she said as Eric walked around to the driver’s door, got in and the motored off. “I thought I had seen odd, apparently I have not,” she muttered as she went back inside to lock up and call Ronnie. “Won’t let him buy her a new car? Everyone lets Eric buy them a new car! How does he know these things about her? I need to go talk to Æsir and see if he can tell me what is up.”


“Thanks,” Sookie sighed as she snuggled into the heated seat. “This is really nice. I am embarrassed though, about having you do this for me.”

“Why?” he asked. “Your car does not start, you need to get home, this should not be embarrassing. Things fail. This is just a fact.”

“Well yes, but the owner does not normally take you home.”

“Why not?”

“Because you have a lot more important things going on. I mean, I asked Sam, the guy I work for, once, if he could take me home because I had a flat and my spare was in the shop being fixed. He bitched the entire time about how he should be doing inventory.

After that, if my car did not start, I either ran home the seven miles or if my brother Jason was there, for a couple of bucks he would take me home.”

“You run home?”

“Yes, I play softball during the summer so actually it is good training for me.”

Eric looked over at her.  “I have been on those back roads. There is no shoulder. Sometimes there is no pavement.”

“Yes, I know it is not safe but I grew up there and I know where the gators hang out and the low areas the snakes like.”

“You don’t worry about rapists, murders, vampires, ghosts, the list of things that walk the night is endless.”

Shrugging, she replied, “I don’t dwell on that. I can’t. I know there is a risk, but I could also slip in the tub and break my neck.”

“Point taken,” he replied. “You said you pay your brother to take you home?’

“Yes,” she nodded. “Because he is not a taxi service and if I am going to use him like one, he wants gas money.”

Eric looked over at her and grinned. “I could see where we would butt heads, together.”


“Sookie, I have a story to tell you. Afterwards, if you do not wish to see me again, I understand perfectly. And at any time, if you want me to get out of the car just say so. I will pull over, give you the fob and you can drive yourself home.”

“As a rule, I like stories, but you are starin’ to weird me out, a bit.”

“Good,” he replied. “I should. Because I have seen, done, and fought weird. But not anything like this.

Let’s get started. Do you believe in magic?”

“Magic…?” her voice hesitated. “Can you define that?”

“Having supernatural powers.”

“Ah-h-h-h, can you define supernatural powers?”

“Not natural powers,” he replied. “Such as, walking would be a natural power. Being able to dematerialize and walk through a wall would be a supernatural power.”

“Okay,” she nodded slowly, “I guess I believe in magic.”

“Good, so let me begin at the beginning with my grandmother and how I inherited our clan’s line of women’s magic.

Somewhere in the mists of time, a grandmother mated with a dragon and passed this magic…”

Sookie listened intently, nodding her head from time-to-time.

“That concludes my human history. Any questions?”


Talk to Me—Chapter 4


talk to me coveere pageTalk to Me

Chapter 4

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended.The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


Pam eyed Eric as he came into her office and sat down in her chair.

“Pissed off much?” she asked him. “And this time, at whom? And you do realize you flew here naked.”

Eric rolled his eyes at her. “What would you say if I told you that there was a conspiracy to destroy everything that I think of as mine? That there are those who are working to deny me everything and everyone one that I consider mine?”

“I thought this was no secret,” Pam said as she sat down on her desk, facing him. “Anyone who knows you or knows of you wants what you have.”

“Would this include the queen of Louisiana, everyone in her court and even my own child?”

“What?” Pam came up off the desk.

“We are getting ready to be hit with a bunch ‘o Were shit. For starters, if a Were Witch and her brother come into our club, smile nicely at them and then take them out back and pull their fucking hearts out.

If Compton or Andre or both, happen to venture back this way, pull their fucking hearts out.

If a sweet little grandfatherly looking type by the name of Brigant comes looking for me, pull his fucking heart out.

If you give me any shit about women that I shall date in the future, I am going to pull your fucking heart out.”

“Women you shall date in the future,” Pam zeroed in.

Eric’s fangs were down and he was seething! “I now have an understanding about the key to our survival. I have not yet found the key, but when I do, it just might all go to Were shit and there will be a blood bath. And if Sophie-Anne gives me any shit, I am pulling her heart out and crowning you queen.”

“You can do that?” Pam asked.

“I can do whatever the fuck I want,” was his retort when he stood up and started for her door. “And I have got the balls to prove it.”

“Yes you do, my maker,” Pam nodded. “Are you going out front nude to show off those balls to any doubters or are you going to dress first?”

“Shower, then dress,” he replied. “Find Ginger. And If she has been drinking vinegar, I am going to rip her fucking heart out.

Oh,” he stopped as he stood in her doorway. “Whenever I am dressed, I am going to want to talk to Sophie-Anne. Have her on the phone and ready to go. I want a date for her meet and greet. And it had best not be on All Hallow’s Eve. The bar will be closed that night and I am staying home as all good supernaturals should, so sayth the TV vampire Spike!

On a personal note, child,” he smiled sweetly, “my day chamber is in somewhat of a mess.”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I will see to it just as soon as I get you on the phone to S-A.”


“So-o-o-o,” Pam nodded as Eric closed her door and went back to working on her laptop. “Now we are living our lives by the whims of TV vampires. It is indeed a new age. And obviously we are prepared. He has the glimmer of an idea of the key to save us all. Well yippee-I-o-kie-a you mother fucker. All hail The Viking and his great big balls.

I hope the Were that is sitting in his office waiting on him can appreciate them,” she snorted with laughter.


The shower was excellent and gave him time to calm down and think. King Eric had thought to voice his opinion and Eric had just taken hold and made him spit it out!

Opening his door, Eric recognized the smell and said, “Herveaux, Ginger,” with a nod of his head.

“Mistress did not tell you there was a visitor waiting for you, did she,” Ginger nodded her head. “Some nights Mistress runs with a tough crowd.

Master, you have a nice set of balls.”

“What?” Alcide looked askance at Ginger.  “You need to stop glamouring this poor soul,” he said to Eric.  “Leave her what brain cells she has left.”

“You mean I don’t have a nice set of balls,” Eric asked in all innocence.

“Not playing vamp mind games with you Northman,” he replied. “I am a Were, nudity does not bother me. And I have certainly seen bigger than yours on full moon runs.”

“Bigger than mine?” Eric said pointing downward.

“Really,” Ginger smiled. “Bigger than Eric’s? And are they as shiny and as nicely polished? They remind me of the apple I would take to my teacher.”

“Thank you Ginger from keeping the Packmaster from pissing on the furniture. You may go.”

Opening the door, she took one long last lingering look while Eric pulled on his pants. When the show was over, she closed the door and they could both hear her singing,  “Ninety nine pairs of balls on the wall, ninety nine pairs of balls, take Eric down, pass him around, ninety eight pairs of balls on the wall…”

“Cher,” the Were was shaking his head at Eric.  “I remember Ginger when she first started working here. She had a lot more going on then she does now.”

Ignoring the remark, Eric continued to dress.

“What brings you Packmaster, to our part of town?” Eric asked sitting down.

“Been hearing some talk. Folks asking about you. A sister and a brother. They come and they go. Like they can’t make up their mind if they want to stay or leave.”

“Weres that practice dark magic? Perhaps witches who have strayed from their path?” Eric asked.

“Possibly,” Alcide replied. “I just hear they  don’t sit with Jesus and if they curse your crops, don’t be surprised if a swarm of locus  descends and eats everything you spent the spring time planting.”

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “That is my understanding. They wrap spells in a human blood sacrifice.”

“They do what?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “For something big, and I have no idea how they define that, I know for a fact the spell is wrapped in the death of one of the members of their coven.”

“Were…shit,” Alcide breathed out.

“No kidding,” Eric replied. “I have not meet them nor seen them. This is only what I have heard from a very reliable source. And perhaps that they would like to have words with me. Something about wanting to own my club.

If they should happen this way again, if you would not mind notifying me, I could be grateful.”

“And if  I took care of the problem for you? Could you see your way to forgive my daddy’s gambling debts?”

“I have already done that. I would never hold your mother accountable for his actions. She is a good and righteous woman and from time-to-time speaks to her god for me.”

“Momma said that about you,” he let out a sigh. “That you were fair.”

The Were’s head was back in the game. “Well just fine then and I thank you for your kindness to my momma because I am not kidding about the farm. My cousin lives in Alabama and lost everything because he would not let them run on his land. Even burned his barn. He managed to get the livestock out, but just barely.”

“I can be grateful,” Eric nodded. “Very grateful. But proceed carefully.”

“How about just some running rights where it is safe for my pack to howl and I was thinking a silver bullet from a rifle for these mother fuckers….”

“That is good thinking,” Eric nodded.

“I’ll see myself out,” Alcide nodded and got up.

“Fuck,” Eric mumbled as he heard the back door close. Getting up he walked out into the hall and opened Pam’s door. “No more glamouring Ginger. Pass the word.”

Tossing his phone up into the air as he went back to his office. Eric caught it one last time and punched in a number as he closed the door.

“What do you want, Sheriff?” came Compton’s better than thou reply.

Eric growled, deep, throaty and with a bit of the berserker attitude.

“The Queen is awaiting your call. I will put her right on.”

“Sheriff,” she gushed.

“This is something short notice,” he said to himself.

“I have been talking this up with the mayors and they cannot wait for our meet and greet and they say that shortness of time is not an issue and they would love this to be on All Hallow’s Eve. With your fabulous decorations, of course.”

“Fuck…!” he hissed to himself.

“My Queen, you know that Halloween is one of our busiest nights of the year. I make most of my revenue that night to pay my taxes.”

“Oh,” she sighed.

“Now, how about a week from Saturday? Is that too soon?”

“Oh Eric,” she oozed happiness, “No! Of course not! Thank you, Sheriff.”

“My Queen, I am glad I was able to be of service.”

Sending Pam a text with all the information he had just gleaned, which was not much because they would be lucky to get a number count, he heard her scream.

When she stuck her head in the door he said, “It was either that or All Hallow’s Eve.”

“Run everyone out at midnight Sunday night and I’ll call in the locals and we’ll get it decorated.”

“We still taking the night of the 31stoff?” she asked.

Eric rolled his eyes. “She wanted to do it that night, I told her it was the busiest night of the year. Tax money, lost. Etc. However,  I think we might have a water leak or something that will keep us closed.”

“Fuck,” she growled. “I think I want the money, now that I have a choice.”

“Charge whatever you want to get in the door.”

A smile took the place of her frown.

“When you run the ad, include that photo I.D.’s will be checked against the face so do not wear a mask. Make it a Roaring Twenties night.”

“Are we looking for someone?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded. “There is a coven of Were-witches that wants to own our bar. I want facial I.D.’s of everyone that walks in the door, starting with the new dark.”

“Is that why the Were was here?”


“You going to call your witch?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Well all right then. Just let me know when she is going to be here and I will be someplace else.”

“I am going out front to show off my balls,” he said eyeing her.

“Please keep them covered,” she asked nicely. “Ginger’s impersonation of Bubba singing it will be a blue ball Christmas without you just gets worse and worse.”

“I will endeavor to do that,” he bowed to her and took himself out front.


Pamela left the club to see what could be salvaged from Eric’s chamber.  Standing in the middle of what had once been Eric’s favorite resting chamber, all she could do was shake her head. “Death and destruction everywhere you look,” she sighed. “And yet,” she pointed to her freshly manicured perfect nail, which she was getting ready to mourn, at Æsir. “It all goes to hell in here and you still sit happily in your throne of embers. Good for you,” she snarled. “And if you dare talk to me, I am dropping your ass into the Mariana Trench. Let’s see if anyone wants to sit down there and chat you up!

Were shit, Eric,” she said shaking her head. “Oh well, at least I can get a path cleared out and a bed brought down. Might as well get started on this.”


It was two and last call had just sounded. Pam walked in out front and sat down next to him. “Well, you have a bed and I think I got all the splinters pulled out of the walls.  I had no idea a minuscule sliver of wood could penetrate stone.”

“Thank you child,” he smiled at her.

“Do I want to know what set that off?”

Shaking his head no he went back to reading a text message.

She was trying her best to make him seem like a furious beast on a very short leash this evening! Because the other vamps in the bar were listening and she was not in the mood for any of their moans and groans about working for free. “Fuck, you live my life and you know about doing everything for free,” she thought to herself.

Eric cut his eyes to her gave her a sad look.

“Stay out of my head,” she mind flashed him.

Grinning, Eric went right on texting.

The boss man was going to rain were shit down on them. Tonight Eric would inform them that they were the decorating committee.

There were vampires strategically placed around the room. No one had their back to a door. They were always aware of their tactical surrounding when they worked for Eric. He insisted.

The missive was passed around the room in the form of text messages to those vampires present. The Viking was pissed! If he looked at you, just nod and smile.


It was after closing and all the vampires of his area had gathered.

“Our Queen has deemed she wishes to hold a meet and greet of all the Louisiana mayors a week from Saturday. It would delight her if Fangtasiawas bedecked and bewitched for this occasion. Which means the All Hallow’s Eve decorations are coming out of storage and next Monday night, we are decorating.  As in you and I. So clear your calendars. The soonest we get this done, the less painful it will be for all of us.

What?” he asked. “You staggering silence is subterfuge for the scary show of submissiveness that is searing into my eyes. The sugar shell encasing the sprinting of  suspicions I am seeing crossing your faces is suspicious   and makes me highly skeptical about your sincerity to your sheriff.”

There was a round of applause with a couple of bravosthrown in for good measure.

“And so it begins,” Eric responded with a bow. “Tonight we discuss NO.”

“With all of us here, are we going meet the true death? Is that the news?” Middy asked. “We have all heard the rumors out of NO, Eric.

Andre is on a rant and that Were shit Compton is sucking his dick while the child who wishes to be king  is plotting to overthrow S-A. We were just wondering if he knew about this to-do and wanted to take out her most loyal subjects and first line of defense.

Can’t you hire breathers to do this?”

“No,” he shook his head, “because there are plots within plots. Only those that are trusted will be doing this. So that should speak volumes about you. And on that note, when you bring a breather in with you, from this point forward, all faces will appear on a security camera. And we just might be running that facial recognition program in real time. So if you bring in a blood bag of questionable repute, you both will be escorted off the premises  and then youwill have a sit down discussion with me. It will not be pleasant. To protect yourself, I would suggest you be without human when you come in. Because you know how my child, is. She will find something in their past that she will see as a threat to us.”

“This have anything to do with the Lower Californias attempted take over of Nevada?” Cromby asked.

“It has everything to do with the take over,” Eric replied. “So be on guard. Vamps, Weres, humans, others,” he stressed, “that you do not know or perhaps have just met, say, within the last year. Be weary. If a long lost brother or sister shows up or you maker, I want to know about it. As in, bring their unhappy asses here and I will do the meet and greet and perhaps a stake.

To the boys in the band, I am going to need you to play that Saturday night. Sorry it is such short notice.”

“We will clear our calendar, Eric,” Herman stood and addressed him. “You can count on us.”

“Excellent,” he replied with a bow of his head to Herman.

“And to the rest of you, there will be more to follow. Just consider this your friendly heads up. Now, have a most pleasant walk with the remainder of the old dark. And rest well this day.”

“To you as well,” they all replied and vamp speed, they were gone.


“Whoa,” Moe said when they all loaded into the van. “I thought we were done with the super political vamp shit when we moved out of L.A.”

Herman snorted. “How would you like to be in the middle of the political Were shit storm that has hit the Lower Californias. Fuck, here we can keep ourselves safe. There are not twenty million people and about that many supernaturals living all around us.  I hear from Bossie that no one is safe. He is now wishing he had moved his recording studio out here with us.

And that Victor is holding onto Nevada by his fangs and claws. He apparently has a handle on his in-house vamps but those looters out of the Northern Calfornias are trying to drive more silver nails into his coffin with him locked in it. I hear they do not particularly want Nevada, it is just that Victor warred against them during the gold rush days. And they are having some fun.

Besides, The Viking has stood for a thousand years, I am counting on him standing at least a thousand more.”


The week passed quickly. The nights were full of Sophie-Anne personally wanting to come-up and help decorate, to Pamela threatening to greet the sun if she did. Eric found it best just to be out of the way so he watched the loading out of the warehouse and escorted the semi each night that brought their decorations to Fangtasia, just to make sure no one was adding to their inventory.

“Who is carving the jack o’ lanterns this year?” Pam asked when the last crate was unpacked.

“We are,” Eric replied. “The Friday night before, after closing.”

“I will pass the word,” she nodded her head as she removed the animatronic and  shook out Glenda the Good Witchand adjusted her crown.

“Is Miss Jesse gong to be here to tell fortunes this year?” she asked.

“She has been busy blessing the building. I will not ask her to be here for this power play. I am going to want her to come back.”

“Good to know, I will pass the word on that as well. It is just that your vamps always enjoy hearing how their year is going to work out for them.”

“Once this is done, and these Were-witches are taken care of, we’ll have her in and invite the locals. But until then, I want no out of pocket causalities.”

“Got it,” she nodded. “Maybe I’ll get our full time staff a bit more health insurance.”

“I would advise that,” Eric nodded in agreement. “I am going to check on the warehouse. We seem to be missing a crate. Have you seen E. A. Poe?”

“No,” Pam said looking around. “Now that you mention it, I have not seen our favorite dark season bard.”

“I’ll be back shortly,” he said and left.

“Were shit,” he muttered under his breath. “Alabama is just a short drive away. Sounds like they are looking to switch their home base. Packmaster, I hope you find those fuckers and skewer them.”


While standing in the warehouse and checking the rafters, Eric got a phone call. The caller I.D. said The Were.  He was out of the building and 100 feet up in the air.

“Her coven name is Hallow Stonebrook. On her driver’s license it says Marnie Brook.”

“You have her?” Eric asked.

“Indeed we do, minus her voice box and we have bound her fingers and hands as well. She is presently providing a service for my cousin’s pack. Just as soon as they finish up, which looks like now, she and her brother Max will be gator bait. I believe they are going to kill them first instead of tossing them in live.”

“A very small courtesy,” Eric said.

“Yes,” Alcide replied. “I would not have been so kind. I am going to face time so you can witness it.”

“Thank you,” Eric said as he watched the wolves tear out their necks and then eviscerate them.  “I will send you the grid co-ordinates where your pack may run.”

“Thanks,” Alcide replied and logged off.

“That takes care of that threat,” he said as he floated back down. “Now, where is Poe?” he asked himself as he searched the rafters. Their empty crates had been returned here and stacked neatly.

His phone chimed, again. “Eric, Poe’s crate just arrived by truck.”

“Do not,” he hissed, “let them bring it inside.”

“Got it,” she nodded.

“Have them leave it on the truck and bring it back to the warehouse!  Escort it here. From a safe distance. Tell them to leave it inside. Watch for other vamps.”

“Can do,” she replied.

Eric sat on top of the roof and inspected the flat bed while it pulled in. “That is not our trucking company,” his eyes were tracking each movement as Pam appeared beside him.

“NO?” she asked.

“They would be the only ones that would know about our plans. And S-A specifically asked for the palm reader Poe to be out.”

“Fuck,” Pam sighed, “it cost us a fortune to have that machine re-done for E.A. Switching out that gypsy for our favorite dark bard. I always enjoyed stopping by and having him read my palm.”

Eric’s smile did not carry to his eyes. “Well that will not be the case this year.”

“Time to burn the warehouse down, with that in it?”

“I believe so,” Eric nodded. “I see no other way around this. If it is spelled, we don’t want it going to the dump and doing damage to the workers, there. If there is a small bomb within….” His voice trailed off. “Same principle applies…”

“What?” Pam asked him.

“There will be a bombing at the Rhodes conference. How would FotS do that?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, scrutinizing her maker. “Eric, are you having a vision? Is your grandmother speaking to you?”

Ignoring her fear and her questions, he continued.  “How would they get a bomb in past security?

That would be the easy part. The travel coffins would be kept in the basement. Lax humans would be checking things off on a list, or perhaps a FotS human just waving them on through. You just let in a couple of coffins with explosive devices. On perhaps the busiest night of the conference, you get your people out….or maybe not…maybe they want to be martyrs and you blow the building. The bombs strategically placed in the basement, to do the most damage.”

“You know you scare me and yet give me a case of the endless happy giggles because you are so fucking smart,” she said as she watched the truck drive away. “How do you want to do this?” she asked.

“The old fashioned way.”

“Candles placed on top of a make-do altar it is,” she smiled. “I’ll be right back.”

Setting the blaze was easy. Opening a top window, the breeze did the rest.

Eric was tucked into a different warehouse office watching the fire fighters put out the blaze. Their empty packing crates that had been returned there made for a very nice, hot fire. But it should not have been this hot! It smelled distinctly of paraffin and he did not think that was Poe burning. Perhaps it was a crate of life size wax voodoo dolls burning instead. All of them with stakes through their hearts.  Whatever it was, it was a wax  based accelerant. Innocent enough in a bar full of candles providing open flames. Yes, a lovely building the humans would say. And yes, there were fire codes, but you know how vampires are…and the humans would roll their eyes.

At this point it did not matter what was in the crate. Just who was gunning for him? Several came to mind. One in particular.

There was a movement in the top of trees several hundred feet away. That was what he had been waiting on. The one tasked with the assignment. Just like any perp, they would not be able to stay away. They would have to come back to admire their handiwork…or in this case, just the fuck what went wrong!


“Sophie-Anne,” he chuckled to himself. “You are a child when it comes to playing the game of subterfuge.  If you want my bar, you just should say so. Gladly I would give it to you just before I ripped your fucking head off.”

Eric arrived back at the club, sitting out on the roof, admiring the night sky. They had shut down for the night and he had sent everyone home with strict orders not to trust anyone out of NO “If you value your undead life, do not sign for a package, do not accept a gift,” had been his parting words to them.


Bill was sitting on board a helicopter high tailing it back to his Queen. “Well that all went to Were shit,” he was shaking so badly he thought he might throw up. “I was tasked to get the crate into the building. That was all. No fancy footwork. No lying !I did not even have to be charming, which I must admit is where I do my best work…just get the fucking crate into the building! Were shit,” he sobbed. “When she is finished with me, she will give me to Andre and he will do his worst!

Well,” he righted himself, “not if I lie.”








Talk to Me—Chapter 3

talk to me coveere page

Chapter 3


Talk to Me


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Eric was airborne and landed at his home in NO. Taking out his phone, he hit 2 on his speed dial. “Child,” he said. “Get me eyes and ears in Vegas.  I want to know if de Castro has left yet. I am betting he has not.”

“On that,” she replied and hung up. Dialing a number she could hear the music in the background when Daisy picked up. “Hello gorgeous,” she smiled. “How goes the all male revue tonight?”

“Why Mistress,” was the giggle. “It is all very, very, good. What goes on?”

“I need a visual. Is the King of Nevada in the audience, tonight? I feel like being very, very bad.”

“My eye-in-the-sky says indeed he is. He has rented the penthouse for his out-of-town guests, to include some Prince out of Europe. They are all buddy-buddy down there on the floor and inspecting the newest pieces of meat out strutting their all bouffant styled-up selves. These boys maybe pretty and they are…but they ain’t nothing like the real thing. And you know just what I am talking about.”

“How right you are, Miss Daisy,” Pam said licking her fangs.

“Why you sweet thing, you coming this way? Have not seen you in an age Mistress P.”

“That is the plan and I am going to work the plan.”

“All the ladies on the strip miss you like crazy!”

“I miss them like crazy also,” she smiled.  That was the key phrase that activated the glamour. This conversation would not be remembered. Just like all the previous ones had not. “Now Daisy, I need you to hang up and delete this call then chunk that burner phone into the nearest shredder that you have up there. Along with all those other burner phones and CD’s and memory sticks your boss has you destroying.”

“Of course Mistress, on that,” she replied and hung up. “Delete, delete, delete,” Daisy said. Walking over to the shredder she tossed in the phone along with all the other electrical gear that was being demolished.

“He has not left,” Pam said when Eric picked up.

“I did not think he had. It’s only four hours away and he is notorious for showing up late, forcing a decision before sunrise and then loading on a plane and going home. I am off to Vegas. More when I return.”


Eric arrived in plenty of time to watch Phillip get into a limo and make its way to the private airport.

There were three planes in the hanger. Eric watched as de Castro loaded in the second one. The first one taxied out and then was airborne.

Then the second, then the third, all awaiting their turn from the tower.

“Not nearly as fucking clever as you think you are,” Eric chuckled. “The flight manifest that must be filed with the FAA says who is on board and who the captain is. You really should not fly your own plane.”

Lying on top of the hanger, Eric fixed the scope on the sniper rifle, just because he could and forensics would be checking that and fired into Phillip’s heart. Bloody goo! Then he put a round in the co-pilot, who just happened to be Prince Johan, of Lower Siberia.  Bloody goo!

There were two very satisfying vampire explosions and the cockpit windows were covered in blood and vamp parts.

Leaving the rifle on the hanger roof, he took to the sky. So what if he had stolen it from one of the guards from the king of the Lower Californias? That just made things that much more interesting.


At five minutes until three, Sophie-Anne came into her throne room. She was dressed for entertaining one of her peers. When the clock struck three, she called for Andre.

“Where is he?” she asked as her child came in and bowed before her.

“I know not, my Queen,” his voice disheartened. “I am sorry that you have taken time from your busy schedule to prepare for this visit.”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Child,” she addressed him, “if you ever again make an appointment for me, I shall chain you in silver for the rest of your days. And once a week, purge you with a silver enema.”

“Yes my Queen,” he sobbed. “And rightly so.”

“Do not try me,” she said lifting his face to hers. “And Compton is to stay here. If  ever again I call for him and he is not present in my residence, I shall see this as treason and your death is imminent. Now, be gone.”


Andre went to his chambers and locked the door and opened his safe. Taking out the gold pieces that he had minted in his likeness, he could see himself passing them out to those that found favor with him in the new regime. Holding onto that vision a moment longer, he lovingly ran his hand over his face stamped on one and the put them back into the safe and locked it.

Better. He felt better. He could abide. He had for centuries. What did a year or two matter to him? Time was his ally.

He was going out. Going to his closet he opened the door and walked in. He felt like raising hell and draining humans! Instead he would go to Bourbon Street and just watch the humans and see what supernatural would pay him homage on the street. It was good to be the Queen’s Child!

Did he really need to know what Eric was doing? No, of course not. He just needed to know where he was on those final days before the coup so that when de Castro took over, Andre could dispatch The Viking first.

What? His outer door just opened? How was that possible? Getting down on the floor, he prostrated himself before her.

“As you can see, we have had all of your codes over written. Your schedule from now on is upon rising, you shall cleanse yourself, dress in business attire and then you shall purchase True Blood from the commissary for nourishment. Drink it there and then you are to come straight to our throne room.

You are relived of all duties. So you will sit with us in the Throne Room and utter not one sound until our duties are done. Your job henceforth is to read to us when we have any free time.

And we were just informed. De Castro is dead. Assassinated. Apparently a sniper with a silver bullet. This was a wicked business you invited into my house, Andre,” her voice was still and even.  “There will be questions directed at me.When ask, by the human and vampire authorities, gladly I will tell them that you invited him here.”

Turning, she walked out. He could now hear the chatter out in the halls. Speculation was running rampant! Who had done the deed?

“Victor,” he thought. “That Were shit hates me and now he has perhaps grabbed the crown for himself.

A sniper, though! That was fucking brilliant! True Blood,” he shuddered. “This too shall pass. She will miss my wit and charm and I shall be back at her side….!


Going to her throne room, she sat down and motioned Compton, forward.

When he kneeled, she began.

“Why William,” she began her voice sickening sweet. “How nice of you to join us tonight. So William, we have a question for you. Do you no longer desire to be our Procurement Officer?”

“Of course not, my Queen, I am honored that you have placed me in such a position in your regime.”

“Well, William, we must tell you it is very difficult for you to procure anything for us if you are not present. Is that correct?”

“Yes my queen,” his voice was low and held regret. “Yes, you are of course correct. I cannot be of service to you if I am not in your residence.”

“Do we pay you a wage?” she asked.

“Yes my queen,” he responded. “You are most generous.”

“William, I must ask you, would you pay someone if they did not show up for work?”

“No my queen,” he whispered.

“And are you  provided a place to go to your day rest, here in our residence?”

“Yes my queen,  you are most generous.”

“Until further notice, you will receive a stipend to purchase True Blood. And that is all you will receive. If you ever again, leave our residence without notifying us  first, I am going to personally wrap you and Andre in silver chains where you can declare your love for each other and leave you in my rose garden to greet the sun. Do you understand me?”

“Yes me queen,” he was now prostrate before her on the floor.

“If he ever approaches you and says our queen desires you to do such and such…if you value your undead life, you will check with us first.

Madam Vedo has finished a dress for us. See to it. You will pay for it with your own money. Now get out.”

Sophie-Anne went up to the roof to admire the skyline. “So, a sniper made this happen and not Eric. Blow up the plane in flight,” she laughed. “That Victor. I wonder how much it cost him to make that happen? Well, I am glad I have been encouraging him to step out and take control. That money that I gave him was well invested. I shall have to send him a congratulatory note. Maybe tattooed onto a breather that no one will miss and he can drain. Welcome to the world of ruling, Victor. Enjoy!”



Eric was in his sleep chamber, checking his laptop for messages and the latest technology. Samuel had folks that were all over anything that could be the newest and greatest.

When his brother’s message popped up, Eric answered, How much are you investing? Match mine to it. We need to talk. Let me know when you are going to be in the area.Before he shut down, one last message came across. It was from British Isle’s secretary.

Do to the turmoil in the desert states of the colonies, I shall council my king that at this time he should stay on British Isle so that he may be safeguarded…

…You cowboys…

“Hm-m-m-m-m, and I was so looking forward to the visit. Old Weller has a point, Æsir,” he said looking into the fireplace. “It is just not safe for vampire royalty in these here parts, par-r-r-r-rdner,” he chuckled.

Looking over at his bed, he started to get undressed. “I hope I dream of her today,” and he felt a warmth flood him.


He was lying on his couch, looking up at the ceiling and listening to Pam council Chow out in the hallway about “glamouring the customers is one thing, but you keep strictly to business with the help,” she growled at him as they went back out front.

This time when his lover walked through the door, she came over and sat down on the couch and pulled his head into her lap.

“How was your day?” he asked as she kissed him on the nose.

“Good, I think,” she shrugged. “I mean, I feel good. Very positive, very upbeat! I think that means it was a good day.  It reminds me of that feeling I had the first time I left Louisiana to go to Dallas and I actually flew on a plane! That was some exciting stuff for me! Small town girl out and about in the world! Even if it was with Compton.”

“So you weren’t scared at all,” Eric teased her, “about being out and about with a vampire and meeting other vampires?”

“Naw-w-w-w, well maybe a little. I was slowly figuring out that Bill was not the power behind the throne like he wanted me to believe. I think he was more scared of you then I was.

Plus, on this trip, I got to see you outside of Fangtasia and turns out you really were a hero, not that smirky, try and get me into bed vampire that you painted yourself to be.”

“Really? Try and get you into bed?  Me?”

“Pb-b-b-bl-l-l—t!” she blew a raspberry at him.

He winked at her. “Me? A hero?”

“Well of  course, when that FotS piece of Were shit blew himself up along with part of Godric’s home and you stepped in front of me, to protect me…”  her voice was soft with the remembering, her hands even softer on his body…

Then she pinched him on the arm…

“…you blocked the silver that would have killed me and you said you needed to have the silver sucked out of you or you would die…so I sucked the silver out of you….you liar…,” she smiled at him and thumped him with her finger. “There I was down on the floor with you and sucking away….I am sure the smile on your face was a mile wide.

It pissed Bill off though when he came back in and I told him what I had done. I believe you called it just a small falsehood.”

Eric grinned and held up his thumb and forefinger smashed together. “Just a very small one,” he grinned at her and bit his lower lip.

“I had some nasty assed dreams about you after that…but still, you saved my life. I don’t think I ever thanked you for that. You save someone’s life, that makes you a hero.

Enough about me. How about you?”

“Excellent,” he ran his finger along her bottom lip. “De Castro is no longer causing anyone problems. A sniper got him.”

“Well just woo-hoo!” she exclaimed air pumping her arm. “Now that is some good news.”

“Yes, no one is going to miss him,” Eric chuckled.

She became very serious. “Do…” she ran her fingers through is hair, “do you still miss Godric?” she asked with concern in her voice.

Eric felt himself panic. Had something happened to his maker?

“Okay, I can tell by the look on your face that you do,” she sighed.

“The sweetest thing you ever did,” she said stroking his face “was when you asked to me stay with Godric when he met the sun. Your heart was breaking but your concern for your maker being alone at this time broke my heart and gave me a whole new perspective about you.

On that rooftop, Godric asked me if I would be mindful of you, if, if I would see to you.

I told him I just did not know if I could do that for you. He seemed at peace with that. I don’t know, I think maybe he saw the future at that point and just knew that…that I would end up lovin’ you. He was without fear there at the end and joyous. I know I cried for him. Cried for him from time-to-time until I was done walking the earthly plane.”

“Do you see him?” Eric asked.

She shrugged. “I don’t remember anything about the other side once I step over. I think it is probably better that way. My focus seems to be only on you.

Only on you my brave, beautiful Viking,” she smiled at him and lovingly running her hands through his hair as  she faded away and he sat up on the couch.

Eric sat up on his bed. “Damn, they just keep getting more and more real. And just what the fuck! Godric meets the sun! What the fuck?”

Pulling on his clothes, he called his maker.

“Hello my child,” he heard the soft voice.

“My Godric,” he began and then cleared his voice. “My maker, I desire to see you.”

“Eric,” he began, “child, now is not a good time.”

“Please Godric,” he sobbed, “please do not greet the sun. Please.”

“Come for a visit. I will clear it with my king. You inform Sophie-Anne. Come tonight, if that is possible. I am here and will do nothing until you arrive.”

“I am on my way,” he replied. Dialing Pam’s number, she picked up and he said,“ Child cover for me,” and then he was gone.


Eric sat with his maker in the living room. It was peaceful listening to the water feature in the yard and the fire crackling next to them.

“Just make me understand this?” Eric said again. “Please…”

“How did you even know?” Godric smiled at him. “I was blocking the bond so you would feel nothing. Your grandmother’s magic?” he asked.

“Yes,” Eric nodded.

“Æsir finally speak to you?” Now Godric was laughing.

“Yes,” Eric smiled in return and nodded.

“Your grandmother and her magic. I am glad the mysteries of the universe are unraveling for you,” he said leaning forward and kissing him on the forehead. “And for now, I am fine and staying.”

“But you wish to die…”

“Child, I am a few years from that moment, but I contemplate it. I am two thousand years old and…and there are times when I am tired of living.”

“We could…” Eric began.

“No Eric, no we could not. There is nothing left I desire to do. For the moment, I just wish to sit and read. I have had this desire for the past one hundred years. I wish for nothing more than a good book and a warm fire. I have turned into my grandfather,” he smiled at Eric and took his hand. “He lived to almost one hundred, which was unheard of in our village. The last several years of his life, he often wondered why he had been allowed to live so long. He said he made no impact upon the village. He was not a blessing or a curse, just an old man who had lived long and learned much. And he felt it was time to take that knowledge he had learned of this place to a new home.  This way he could show that he had lived well and learned life’s lessons and hopefully had taught others.

When he died, I could not sorrow for him for I know he had fulfilled his life’s purpose. I missed him terribly, but I rejoiced for I knew he was at peace.

Eric, I believe in my spirit that the greatest gift I have given to this world is you. That you still walk here and carry with you your sense of justice. You make me proud and every time I hear your name muttered as a curse I know you have righted a wrong. It does not matter if I stay or go, you will continue to right these wrongs. You will continue to make me proud.”

“So it really is not about me,” Eric managed through his tears with a smile.

“No,” Godric shook his head. “It really is not. But I will be here. I can feel that you are going to need me. And…and I will not leave without first saying good-bye to you.”

“Thank you,” Eric sighed and then looked at Godric, his eyes serious. “In no way do you hand yourself over to the FotS crazies. Promise me that. Greet the sun if you must on your own terms, not theirs.”

“Your grandmother really does talk to you,” he said, shaking his head. “I promise.  My terms, no one else’s.”

“Good,” Eric responded. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked.

“No my child,” he leaned over and kissed Eric on the forehead, again, and ruffled his hear. “Just be at peace. Rest well this day,” Godric smiled at him.

“And you as well, my Godric,” he bowed and then stood up and was gone.


Eric arrived back at the club just at closing time. “How did things go tonight?” he asked Pam when she came in his office.

“Good and weird. Do you know anything about Sophie-Anne wanting to host all of the heads of the Chambers-of Commerce from every dirt road mayor to the mucky-mucks with paved highways for a meet and greet here at Fangtasia?”

“No-o-o,” Eric replied. “But it does not surprise me. I have warned her off the monastery. We could certainly host her here. We will just hire more help for the night she wants. I’ll talk with her and either talk her out of it or get it started.

If handled right, this could be very good for business. Get the locals in here and show off our Gothic manor house. They can see that we really are not that scary. We just happen to be blood suckers with very good taste!”


Pam waited until Eric left. She was going to pull the files of those she had hired to actually set up Fangtasiaand she did not need him micro-managing her ass while she tried to get the work actually done.

The initial startup group had all actually had some type of bar experience. “Let’s just start with easy before we have to make this hard,” she said to herself. “He will get me the date and I will have my roster ready to go. But not tonight. The hour is late and the sun is getting ready to rise.”


“Talk to me,” he said to Æsiras he entered his chamber and lay down. His eyes were fixed on the skull in the embers.  “Talk to me,” he whispered as he closed his eyes and walked into his office to find her there, waiting for him.

She was crying…

“Lover,” he said as he took her in his arms. “What has happened?”

“I have to tell you why I am here,” she smiled through her tears. “This is the reason I have been back. I…I just could not but now…now…” she wiped at her eyes. “I am out of time. Hold me,” she sighed. “One last time, hold me.”

“Of course,” he said taking her in his arms. “Of course I will hold you. What?” he asked her, his eyes searching hers.

“You and I…we shared our blood and our bodies and your last name. The fae in me allowed you to daywalk…”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“It also allowed other things,” she said quietly. “It allowed you to be fertile. When Bill murdered me, I was pregnant. I had just found out. I was on my way to tell you,” she sobbed, the grief pouring out of her!

Eric held her while she shook, the wails of heartache coming from her!

“I love you,” she managed to whisper and then his arms were empty.

Eric woke and wiped the bloody tears from his face. “He murdered my wife and my unborn child!” His berserker rage took hold of him as he screamed in agony and pain and destroyed everything in his chamber! The entire time him wishing it was his hands on Compton and that piece of Were shit Andre!

When the room had been reduced to rubble, he sat down on the floor and was eye to eye with Æsir. “Hold me, one last time, hold me,she said. Am I never going to see her again?

But I want to see her again!” he yelled at the skull, causing all the embers to jump and seek shelter beneath the logs.

“A wife…a child…” he felt the tears form. “A family. To what end? To have them snatched from me before I can even walk with them? My maker wishes to commit suicide and…and…my wife and child somewhere in the future are dead, killed by a whining, lying, self-serving lower than Were shit piece of scum! Whom I have had  plenty of opportunities to end and yet I…did…not!”

He felt a longing in his body that he thought he had completely extinguished! His desire for a family…his family…the joy that his mother and father knew…he had wanted that for himself.  Then vampire changed everything. The bloody tears now stained his face.

“When I find her and I will,” he minced off each word, “we shall be a team. Team Northman!” he shouted shaking his fists! “ I will love her with all that I am and teach her about the Fae. She will love me and bless me with a babe and those that I do not destroy, with her blue lightning, she will blast into dust any that thinks to challenge us.

What say you Æsir?” he asked, directing an arched eyebrow at the skull. “Talk to me. That is an order from one who carries the dragon magic of my Embla’s clan of women.”

“Mo’ fo’n,” he heard and then deep, heady laughter as the eyes blazed purple. “Look who finally grew a pair!”

“What?” his voice held surprise as he searched the bone  head that now came with attitude.

Staring back at him was just a skull. The embers filling the eyes and mouth as the flames kept a respectful distance from the head.

“Look,” he said pointing his finger at the skull, “you are the one that is ball-less. And dick-less.  Pbbbllltttttt!” he made a mouth noise at the skull and pointed to himself. “I am known for my balls! Fuck with me and my sword is the last thing you will see.

Fucking head,” Eric said rising. “It is bad enough I have a child that gives me attitude. No way am I going to sit here in my own chamber,” he shouted over his shoulder, as he turned and walked off “and have to take your Were shit as well. I have a woman to find and a child to father.”

“About fucking time!” Æsiryelled back.

“Fuck you!” Eric yelled. “And clean this shit up if you really are all that,” as he was pushed past the rubble on the floor and was out the door.