Parsnip and Apple Soup…Something for the Hair of the Dog that bit you!

When we were in Ireland, I ate a different soup for lunch and dinner every day. This one was at the Muckross Museum.


Parsnip and Apple Soup


4 TB. Butter

4 apples (the recipe called for Fuji. I use Gala in everything….that is what we eat if we want an apple, so I don’t buy anything special to cook with.)

1 onion (I use just a regular yellow onion, whatever I pull out of the bag. Probably chops to ¾ of a cup.)

1 carrot, peeled and chopped

2 pounds parsnips, peeled and chopped

4 cups chicken broth

4 cups water

1 cup milk

1 /2 cup   heavy cream or Half and Half



Melt butter in large, heavy pot. Add apples, parsnips, onion, carrots. Stir until onions have softened.

And water and broth. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat then cover and simmer until the vegetables are tender, about 15-20 minutes.


Puree soup in batches in blender until smooth. (This can be done the day before.)

Return to pot, add milk and half and half. Season with salt and pepper. Serves 12 people easily, depending on the size of your soup bowl.

Deciphering Secrets: The Illuminated Manuscripts of Medieval Europe

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Believe—Chapter 8

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

Chapter 8

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Believe—Chapter 8

Sophie-Anne was in her throne room, coming to terms with what had happened. For her to heal, it was time to comes to terms with what had happened, tonight. To rid herself of any doubts about destroying Andre, she sat on the floor, with a bucket and a rag, cleaning where her child had met his true death, at her hands. As she scrubbed she let her mind remember the first time she saw him; the night that she had made him; and the days that followed.

“I was young not long turned myself and I wanted a friend and a companion,” she wrung out her rag and began soaping down the area again, “I was not nearly the judge of character that I am today. Age gives you many gifts and to be able to see past the bullshit and even the hurt…to get to the heart of the matter…” she felt the tears starting to form, again.

The Sheriff of Area Five really was all that and had warned her about a war a year ago and that he was working on the particulars. When he had appeared at court and had told her what to expect, she had wept and thought she was prepared for the feelings that would riot through her. She was nowhere close to imagining the desolation she now felt. This dark, there had been tears of sorrow and tears of joy and longing…then she had cried for herself. Because it could very well have been her bloody bits that had been cleaned up here. And Andre would not have lingered over her memory. Since she had been crowned the queen of Louisiana she had watched him slip away from her and bring misery to others. She had indulged him even unto the possibility of her own death. “What the fuck…” she wiped her face with her cleaning rag and righted herself and went back to scrubbing the floor.

At that time, the doors opened and in walked Compton’s child. “What the fuck…?” she said as she watched the blind vampire walk towards her.

“I smell vampire blood,” there was joy on the young vampire’s face, “is my king here?”

Silently she sat and watched the show. “Well fuck, just like Eric said. That traitors would continue to show themselves!

No,” she responded, still scrubbing away. “He is not here.”

“Is the Crown Prince Regent of Louisiana and Nevada in the building? I need to speak with him.”

“Crown Prince…Regent?” Sophie-Anne just went on scrubbing as she made a gagging face. So de Castro hand dangled multiple baits. She was sure he had Andre with just the Crown Prince title alone. “You mean the queen’s child, Andre?”

The eye less red head walked toward her. “I might not be able to see, but I can hear the disrespect in your voice. Now, is de Castro still here?”

“I do not believe so,” she responded as she dipped her rag in the bucket and wrung it out, again.

“Well, do you know if my meals, arrived? My maker stressed he would have them sent here after de Castro was our king. I don’t know exactly when that is supposed to happen. He never got back with me on the date.

I know the take over was tonight and I was hoping our King would be merciful and provide for me. I have been listening for the sound of crying babies, but have heard nothing. Have you heard any infants? Hell, I’d even roll with older, maybe a couple of months old, if I could have my eyesight back.”

“Babies…” she whispered up at the abomination. “It is punishable by the true death to feed from a child…”

“Oh, do not sound so shocked and horrified,” Jessica snorted. “That is true if a lesser is caught doing so. But not for me. My maker consulted a witch and to grow my eyes back I need untainted blood. The freshest possible. Newborns preferably. That way their brand new stem cells should be able to override the marred ones in my eyes and give me back my sight. I cannot very well be the Queen to The Lower Californias if I cannot see. And I will never be presented to Catherine,” she said regally, “Queen of the Old Empire if I am marred. As a Queen, I could be a candidate to be one of her ladies-in-waiting. And once I had that job, if I pleased her, perhaps she would kill my husband and I would rule Lower California and her empire would begin to stretch across the New World.”

“Seriously?” Sophie-Anne went right on scrubbing. “The New World?”

“Brilliant, huh,” there was laughter in her voice. “Bill thought if he could sell de Cas…oops, I mean our King, on the idea of a take over then he could certainly charm HRM Catherine. It took a while, but eventually, he got to talk to her. So they started chatting once a week and they became great friends. For me to be a queen, this was my maker’s idea and when he pushed it past her, well, I was listening to the phone conversation and she did not disagree with him so Bill thought that was as good as agreeing. Man, I could be a queen!” her feet were dancing in joy! “Who knew that by ousting that little suckling pig Sophie-Anne I could be a fucking queen and handmaiden to Catherine, Queen of the Old World Empire,” she sighed. “Now there is a woman with balls. She takes what she wants and everyone else can just fuck themselves and greet the sun. I heard,” she giggled, “that she bathes in virgin’s blood. Damn, I would love that but I have to get my eyesight back, first.”

HRM had heard the stories. She did not doubt the truth of them. Her sister was a hellish abomination herself, of the depraved pit of the immoral and handmaiden to evil.

Regarding the child, she could tell by her expression, she had bought into all of it…and that she could be the handmaiden to the bitch from hell herself. There was no turning back for this one. Evil abided within her as well. Compton’s heir, she gagged, had signed her own death warrant.

“I have a bit until it is time to go to my rest. I am through playing nice but I am still up for a bit of fun. Just how far will this moron go?

Virgin’s are a rare commodity these days,” her voice was stating a fact. “Just how old would those virgins be that are drained and fill her tub?”

Jessica took a step back. “For a cleaning woman, you come with an unpleasant attitude. I would tone back the snark if I were you and practice being a bit more…well… humble and simple in my outlook on life. You have no idea of the breadth of the politics that has gone into this.”

“I am sure you have no idea as well,” Sophie-Anne replied as she put her rag down and crossed her legs and stared at who could only be Compton’s child. “You are just as ignorant as your maker.”

“Bitch,” Jessica replied as her fangs dropped. “How dare you speak about me and my maker that way? The things done by your betters does not concern you…you…you gossip whore.”

“I am not the one gossiping and if I add a correction might the more proper way to say that would be: How dare you refer to my maker and I that way. You should always reference the other person first and yourself, last.”

By letting Jessica talk, she was learning useful things. Sophie-Anne watched Jessica’s face as it went from anger, to shock, to rage. Then a slyness crept over her countenance. “Here it comes,” she grinned. “This fool cannot help herself.”

“A grammar lesson,” Jessica chuckled. “I am going to be a queen and you dare to correct me? Well, that was a mistake on your part and this conversation was a mistake on mine. I probably should not have been discussing any of this with you. So, you understand that your life ends now. Guards!” she called out and laughed jovially when they entered the room. “This woman is a traitor to our king, the great and wise Phillip de Castro of Nevada and Louisiana. While you escort her out, I will walk with her to her ending so that I might give a final account of her days to our good and righteous king. When the deed is done, I will be sure and tell our king about your devotion to him.”

“My Queen?” Riley bowed as the guards grabbed Jessica and forced her to her knees. “Should we bring the true death to this traitor now?”

HRM of Louisiana flowed gracefully up off the floor and stood over the child moron who had been spawned by the biggest moron. “Queen,” she snorted. “Handmaiden to Catherine,” she laughed out loud. “My dear sister would have skewered you for entertainment and listened to you scream for pleasure. From where did you get such ideas? Catherine believes anything in the New World is lower than Were shit. Handmaiden,” she laughed even louder. “She would not even allow you to give her a hand job,” she said with a roll of her eyes.

Bending down, she was now face-to-face with Jessica. “Yes child,” she said sweetly, “I am that little suckling pig and there are no meals for you now or ever.

Let’s not kill her right away, Riley,” she smiled sweetly as she stood. “Apparently she was privy to the plotting and planning of installing de Castro onto our throne. And she and her traitorous maker have been speaking with that abomination that is my sister. I want to know what else she knows. Start with chaining her down and piercing her nipples with silver. I want to know all about the conversations her maker was having with Catherine.”


The sun was getting ready to be on the horizon in British Isle when a text popped up on Ian’s, the King of British Isle’s, phone. Reading it, he paused, read it again and then dialed his best friend for life and in death. “Cedric, my Irish lad,” he said when the phone was picked up. “Did you get the text?”

“I am looking at it and not believing it, me boyo,” the king of Eire replied. “What the fuck?”

“I am sending it on to Eric,” Ian said. “Get to ground. We’ll talk later.”

“Will do,” he replied as the Irish lad crossed himself, said a prayer for Eric and started down the stairs to his day chamber.

Eric’s phone chimed. “King of British Isle,” he smiled as he opened the text, tapped on the attachment and read: Her Royal Majesty, Catherine, Queen of the Old World Empire is requesting to know the whereabouts of Erik The Viking, the Prince Regent and Heir Apparent of the Old World Empire. All loyal subjects are to be on the watch for our Prince and report to us immediately if you know of his whereabouts.

By order of HRM Catherine, Queen of the Old World Empire.

“This is not going to end well for Catherine,” Eric laughed as he watched Sookie telling Lafayette and Gran about the evening and how Sophie-Anne was even recounting events to the amusement of all. “Not well at all.”


Samuel Da’vid was sitting at his desk in his penthouse on Manhattan Island watching it snow and the money markets when a message popped up. It was encrypted as were all the messages that he received from HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim, or The Mossad, for short.

Shalom Samuel, it began. You wished to know anytime a message went out through the dark web from Catherine Romanoff. Message reads as follows:

Needed: Supernatural Bounty Hunter. You name your price for bringing us our Prince Regent Erik. Also known as The Viking. In the piece of Were shit New World, he also goes by the name of Eric Northman.

Leave a letter for me at the Paris Vampire Ambassador’s office with your particulars. If we can agree on a price and that you can bring him to us unharmed and undamaged, there will be a small bonus and I will present you with a safe passage permit in my personal kingdom.

Catherine Romanoff


“Thank you director,” Samuel typed out and sent back.

Pulling up his messenger app, putting in Eric’s name, he attached the document and signing it, I love you my brother. When you have a moment, we will talk. Samuel hit send.


Eric picked up his phone as he continued to listen to Sookie’s story and her point of view of what had happened.

“Oh Samuel,” he grinned and then he read the attached message and he was no longer smiling. “Were shit,” he mumbled. Waving at Sookie, he took himself and his phone to the kitchen.

When Samuel picked up Eric heard the slight accent that his brother still had after five thousand years of being a vampire. “I am sorry to bother you my brother,” the small Jewish vampire sighed, “as I wish for you and your bride nothing but happiness and some sweet alone time. But apparently this is not meant to be.”

“Shalom my brother,” Eric smiled at the phone. “I miss you and I do so thank you for this information. I am sending you a message that the boys on the islands received before they went to their day rest.”

Eric fired off the message and he could hear Samuel reading through it.

“Does anyone know where you are? My brother,” Samuel was laughing, “everyone knows where you are. And I must say, you are most handsome in the can we can all get along commercial that plays on the television. I am so inspired by it, I always pay my taxes on time.”

“Yes, I am hiding in plain sight,” Eric responded. “Pay your cover charge and you can admire me in Fangastia. I think she has finally gone bat shit crazy.”

”My brother,” Samuel began, “it is the coming of my God’s holy days. I can day walk. I shall go with you and stand by your side as we bring that unholy monster the true death.

I should have ended her three hundred years, ago, when I walked out with you in my arms. This is the three hundredth anniversary that you have been gone from her. By hiring a bounty hunter, I am guessing she is wanting to right that mistake. I cannot imagine her wishing to celebrate the occasion of you being gone.”

“Let the bitch come,” Eric’s voice dropped and held venom. “Or better yet, I just might pop in and pay her a visit.”

“Eric, my brother,” Samuel grinned at him. “You are married now. You need to discuss this with your wife.”

Eric made a frownie face. “If I tell Sookie, she will be the one who will want to end her. How is that fair? I am the one she tortured and claims that I am hers. Gag…” Eric made an even bigger frownie face. “I could go right now…”

“Eric,” Samuel ached an eyebrow at him. “Go talk to Miss Sookie.”

Making a face, Eric sighed and nodded. “You are correct of course my brother. The wife needs to know.”

“Yes she does,” Samuel nodded in agreement. “Now can I entice you into coming to New York for the holy days?”

Eric grinned. “I would need to talk with Sookie and her gran and her brother, Lafayette. And perhaps her sister Tara as well. Do you feel up to entertaining a house full of humans?”

“I think I can manage,” Samuel grinned. “But I want to meet the family. Not just teleconference.”

“We shall make this happen, my brother.”

“And Eric,” Samuel paused before they disconnected. “I want to go with you when you end Catherine.”

“Will do,” he gave a small bow. “I love you my brother. Shalom.”

“I love you as well,” Samuel bowed his head. “Shalom.”

“Well fuck,” Eric got up from the kitchen table. “Pam is going to want in on this and O.I. and my father…things were much easier when it was just Samuel and I,” he said out loud.

“But not as much fun,” Sookie grinned at him as she stuck her head into the kitchen.

“You are right my bride.”

“Was that Samuel?” she asked as she came in and started the hot water for tea.

“Yes, yes it was. Could you and the family be interested in spending the holy days in New York City?”

Sookie shrugged. “We like decorating the house and having Christmas at home. Do you think Samuel would mind coming to Bon Temps?”

“I think,” Eric pulled her up for a kiss, “that he would be wherever the family was.”

“What’s up?” she pulled back from him. “Somethin’ is botherin’ you. Your hands are all kinds of restless on my back.”

“I have a story to tell,” he sighed. “Since we are headed back home today, do you want to sleep some and I’ll tell the story when we get home or…”

“Eric,” she looked at him. “It s just now runnin’ past midnight. Is this gonna take till sunrise to tell?”

“Not if I give you the condensed version,” he gave her a tiny little smile.

“Okay,” she nodded. “Your dad is here,” she said as she poured out the hot water and added the tea bag into the pot and placed the cups and saucers in a neat row.

“Well of course he is,” he stared at the wall like he was trying to see through it.

Placing her hand on his arm she said gently, “He is your dad, Eric. And he loves you. And he wants to be a part of your life. And we want him to be a part of our lives. He wants to know his son and his grandchildren. And I want this for him and for us.”

Nodding his head, he gave her a small smile and added a bottle of tequila to the tray. Taking the tea tray out, Eric sat it down on the coffee table while Sookie sat down. Eric greeted his father and then sat down next to her.

“Things have happened,” he began. “Things from my past have reached out and are now trying to influence me. Things all of you need to be aware, off.

I will try and give you the short version because there are some parts of this I do not wish to dwell upon.”

“Eric…” Sookie said as she took his hand and placed it between both of hers. “I love you.”

Smiling at her, he gently ran his hand down the side of her face, then straightening his shoulders, he began.

“The very worst part of my life was when my mother was dying. Then started what I simply refer to as a chain of events. She died. I was turned. O.I. found me and we warred with the traitors of the realm.

The six months I am getting ready to tell you about is the second worst time in my life. There is a queen of the Old World Empire…a vampire by the name of Catherine Romanoff…”

When Eric has finished speaking there was only the crackling of the logs in the fireplace that disturbed the silence.

“Mo fo’n” O.I. hissed. “Gladly my prince, this…this…unholy…vile…druggie, squatter and shitter on life, I will go and end her now.”

“I wish it was that easy,” Eric said as he brought Sookie’s hand up for a kiss. At times she had sobbed uncontrollably when he had talked about the torture and what he had endured at Cathrine’s hands. His father had wept as well.

“She has fail safes in place. Wars will break out all over the continent if anything unseemly happens to her. And not just vampire, but humans as well rumbling across the fields in their war machines. We have to do this with polish and finesse.”

“Those are some nice words my prince but yous is talkin’ about sneakin’…” O.I. laughed. “I ams just the best!”

“No doubt my king of the dragons,” Eric arched an eyebrow at him. “But, there has to be someone just as old and just as strong to take her place. Someone who is feared and respected and will make sure all abide on the side of peace.

Even with such a person in place, I cannot just boldly step out and declare war on her. If I was going to do anything, I would not act without having British Isle and Eire here with me to discuss this. The ramifications of this plan, even if it all goes well, a good part of the fallout is going to land on them.”

O.I. nodded. “I sees the wisdom in that my prince. I do. We is talkin’ and sittin’ proud sayin’ with grace we knows a king and a king. Good kings. Righteous kings. They stand tall like my king. Yous come on with me and we shall go and fetch them. Oh…and I am sorely missing Brother Samuel. He is required as well.”

Then poof, O.I and Eric were gone.


“Good gawd, Eric,” Ian, The king of British Isle, who always had perfect British decorum was a bit off balance…as in…his eyes were bugged out and he wore disbelief like a barrister’s robe. Properly pressed but wrinkled where you sat down. “He’s a dragon…” who would then look at Cedric and HRM of Eire would nod and laugh,

“Me boyo, you really are all that, he’s a dragon!” and the red head would clap and cheer even louder!

“And your married,” Ian would bow to Sookie and raise her hand to his lips and kiss it. “And the Mrs. is expecting…” his eyes would be wide with wonder while his hands shook in excitement.

“A wife and a baby, me boyo. And your Da yet lives. What a blessed life and a blessed day and all good things are a comin’ you way,” Cedric would clasp Eric on the back and then hug him. “Damn, what a dark this is turning out to be. And I thought I was going to me day rest. Foolish I am and a jig dancer without a tune. What a grand time we live in! We have Catherine lookin’ for you when the world knows where you live….and a bounty hunter if she can get one to be a’namin’ his price to come after you!

Yes, bring me The Viking unharmed,” Cedric stood and with a flounce of his hips and a flutter of his hand with his head tossed back, “and gladly I will pay you in BitCoin! The coin of the realm!” He said in his very best Catherine’s voice.

Righting himself, Cedric took a bow to many catcalls and wolf whistles. “Catherine you bitch, tis bein’ a time to greet the true death.

Eric me boy’o, be a’tellin’ us that you have a plan for gettin’ around her fail safes.”

“Well yes,” the tall blond grinned. “It is actually two fold. My brother, if you would.”

Samuel looked up from his keyboard. “All is in place. Bit Coin,” he rolled his eyes. “A vampire’s dream come true. Give me money and I will give you nothing. All the supernaturals on the continent know that was her idea and demanded all of them buy in. Then it trickled down to the humans. Well, BitCoin is getting ready to become worthless. As in Monopoly money will have more value. She will have to sell off her gold to cover her bills.

When she is groveling for pennies and hawking those horrible lumps of bronze statues she calls art, she will commit suicide in her locked chamber and all shall be well.”


Dear Readers,

Very short but tis indeed something which I figured is better than nothing. Answers the questions about Jessica and her mindset in all of this.

I am still living more house reshuffle…cooking for St. Patrick’s day party and I did a read through of a book for a friend…now I am editing said book a bit, and am starting an on-line class about ancient manuscripts…whoa baby…that will be appearing in a back story coming to you… Oh yes…and frequent stops to play ball with Jack!

Thanks for hanging with! And a blest and kind St. Patrick’s day to you and yours!

As always, thanks for reading!

Be blessed and be the blessing,



Believe—Chapter 7

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

Chapter 7

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Believe—Chapter 7

HRM was up and pacing. Andre had returned and as she listened to his story, she chewed vigorously on her little finger. It was a nervous habit and at the moment, she did not care to mask it.

“Do you realize that I am entertaining that fucking de Castro here, in two hours? And you come dragging your ass in here bitching about how Compton ran off and left you and you have nothing…not one thing, to show for the six days you were gone! Eric wades out into the deep and brings me a whole new line of crown jewels,” she smiled as she adjusted the heavy gold necklace set with an emerald the size of a robin’s egg in a cross. “And you just show up bitching.”

“My queen,” he dropped down on both knees. “I am not a sailor. You know this. I was depending on Compton to read the maps. He said he could. He said he was very knowledgeable. He said that he was a good sailor…”

“Do-o-o-o not!” she hissed. “Stop with the lies. You wanted to go and find treasure so you could show up Eric. Bill has not returned, his child can no longer feel the bond. Chances are very good he has met the true death.

There is now a baby vampire in my residence that cannot see and must be cared for. Since this was your brilliant idea,” she smiled at him, “she is now your responsibility.”

“What…” he stammered….”but…but…my queen,” he was weeping as he prostrated himself before her. “I cannot possibly take on that responsibility. I am completely devoted to you,” he whimpered.

“Get up,” she replied, “and see to her. She is in your quarters. She needs clothing and blood. You will provide these things for her until I can find a suitable job for her so that she might earn her keep. Until that time, child,” she hit on the word, “I expect you to be mindful of her.

Now, get out of my sight.”

Andre righted himself and then with a bow, left.

“The only good thing I can say about this evening is that Eric has agreed to be in attendance with me,” she sighed as she left to change clothes.

Sophie-Anne carefully went through her newest crown jewels. The things that Eric had pulled up off the ocean floor were exquisite! Tonight she was dressed in a black long trailing velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Fondly she picked up the five-inch long ornament. “Just lovely,” she laughed as she kissed it. At the base was a round gold sphere, the size of a golf ball. “The earth,” she sighed. “I could rule it!” And around its center was a band of gold set with emeralds. “The equator,” she lightly ran her finger around it as she tried to count the small bezel set emeralds that were held neatly in place. In the center of the equator was an emerald as large as her thumbnail. Up from the top center of this was a tower of gold and emeralds that ended in a Canterbury cross that was set with more emeralds and a gold loop. Slipping it through a heavy gold chain, when she fastened it around her neck, it fell to the top of her cleavage. “Fucking perfect,” she sighed as she adjusted the emerald starburst crown that was now her favorite. Not towering and showy, “But my gawd, those emeralds that go around it are the size of robins’ eggs.”


When Eric and Sookie arrived at the residence that cold and blustery night, the snow still swirled in the air and the ground was frozen under foot and anything with any sense at all stayed home. But Weres and vampires, said with a roll of the eyes, were not known for their good sense and mother nature could not hide the wet Were smell or the vampires that came with the coating of dust from the desert. About ninety in all, was the estimate, that were located a couple of blocks back of and surrounded HRM’s residence.

“De Castro must be in the area,” Eric noted as the Jeep pulled up. “Nothing like the smell of wet Were to put you off your food. And there is no mistaking the smell of the desert. A complete and different fauna then N.O.,” he held his hand out of the window and captured numerous snow flakes, “and the dust clings to you. No tactical sense to this at all. When you are a vampire king or queen, especially when you believe you are already victorious as you go forward to overthrow a kingdom, your pride will get you killed.

For in your heart you know that your name strikes fear into your lesser and the army is a harsh reality that is needed to carry home the treasure.” Eric’s face was dead pan as Sookie sat beside him and chuckled.

“Tactical, always,” Pam was watching the street. “Just ask Napoleon where his tactical good sense was the October of 1812 when he thought he could march into Russia in the winter. That boy was dumber than Were shit,” she chuckled. “Actually de Castro reminds me a lot of Bonaparte. Both short, wore capes, politically ambitious and that ambition got their asses handed to them by The Viking.”

“You were there for the Battle of Paris in 1814?” Sookie asked him.

“Well yes,” he grinned at her.

“My maker’s Mrs. You are very much the historian,” Pam eyed her.

“Not really,” she shook her head. “Read a romance novel called The Battle for Paris. A Parisian count had fallen on hard times and rather than go to jail, the heroine’s father and mother commit suicide, leaving her penny less and cleaning for her relatives. Then the allies invade in 1814 and a British officer stays with the family and he wants to take her with him and for her to be his courtesan. Her name is Paris, of course.”

Pam shrugged. “That happened to plenty of girls during that time. Bonaparte giveth and taketh, away. Wealthy one day, prison the next. She was lucky he was British. Some of the other allies would not have treated her so well. That actually sounds like Cleo. Her folks fell from grace and drank poison. One night I ran into her at a party and she was so distraught I introduced her to a British Major I was flirting with at the time.”

“She was at a party?” Sookie asked.

“Her cousin took pity on her and made her the governess. She had brought the baby out to be nursed and I recognized her from her social butterfly days and asked what was up.”

“Based on facts,” Sookie mused. “Do vamps write historical romance fiction?” she eyed Pam.

“Could be,” was all she got in the way of an answer.

Eric said nothing but his face said everything. So Pam wrote historical romance novels. Sookie thought about that as she was helped out of the Jeep and was met by a blast of wind and snow.

“What do you want me to do?” O.I. asked as the dragon was now fluttering eye-to-eye with Eric.

“Kill them all,” Eric said, his tone matter-of-fact. “And destroy whatever weapons they are carrying. I am sure they are all illegally obtained and we don’t want those left on the street.”

“Happy to do so,” O.I. grinned and was then airborne.

Sookie was laughing. “Do you feel at all bad about hosting the shoot out at the O. K Corral in HRM’s throne room?”

Eric wiggled his eyebrows at his bride and then winked. “Just trying to cover as much ground as I can, Lover, with what time that I’ve got. I don’t know when the Fae Ugly is going to look in the mirror again and blow up in outrage. I want to be past all of this N.O. business before we move on to that…because this I have some type of control over. Fae…” he just shrugged. “It’s a crap shoot. Oh look, our escort is here to greet us at the door.

Andre!” he shouted in good cheer. “Why are those flowers for my lovely bride?”

“They are,” he said bowing at the waist, his face neutral.

“And is there to be dancing again, tonight?” he asked. My Lover is a most excellent dancer. Don’t you agree?”

“She is,” he replied, as he handed Sookie the flowers and then backed up, did an about face and with an entourage of violins, a variety of orchid petals being thrown, and Andre announcing them in a very loud and pleasing voice, they made their way to the throne room

“I am liking this,” Sookie said as she took Eric’s arm. “So much better than being met with machine guns pointed at you.”

“I would have to agree,” Eric smiled. “Don’t you think so Andre? So much better than having weapons pointed at you?”

The young man stopped and turned around. Bowing he said, “You are correct of course. This is so much better.”

Turning back around they continued down the hall. When they reached the red carpet, the doors were opened and they were announced by Andre himself: “The Sheriff of Area Five and Mrs. Northman.”


It was a lovely evening! Sookie admired the fairy lights that were placed among the trees out in the garden. The heaters kept the space warm while the snow danced upon her eyelashes as Eric swirled her in and out of the garden. The waltzes tonight were very romantic and Sookie felt herself being pulled into the moment as Eric made eyes at her and would kiss her when they were away from the others.

The bells tolled the hour. All were to be present in the throne room at ten forty-five and folks started heading that way. At eleven, there was a blast of trumpets and the throne room became still. The doors opened and there stood de Castro. The crown on his head blazing with diamonds as his robe of state flowed out behind him.

“The King of Nevada, Phillip de Castro,” Andre announced in his most solemn voice. “All rise.”

“Uh-oh,” Eric smirked, as Sophie-Anne remained seated.

“Ah-h-h-h, Eric,” Sookie smothered a laugh, “HRM is the only one sitting. Everyone else is standing. An-n-n-n-nd it looks like all the vampires are leaving.”

“Uh-oh,” he said again with a grin. “The party has started. My bride I know you can take care of yourself. But let me handle this.”

The Queen of Louisiana said nothing as the vampires left the room. She would look weak if she called them back. So, Eric was right, about all things. Her dark just got better and a lot worse.

Andre continued to walk down the red carpet to his queen, throwing rose petals. When he was within ten feet, she said in a not so pleasant voice, “We desire for the King of Nevada to sit. Andre, you shall be his seat.”

Andre threw the rest of the flower petals up into the air before he got down on all fours. When he was in position she walked over to him and put her foot in the small of his back until she had him at the height she wanted.

She could feel the waves of satisfaction rolling off that cocksucker! So he thought he had this. “Let him enjoy the moment,” as she kept her face in neutral.

“To have a child address his maker in such a fashion,” de Castro was smirking at her. “We were wondering how you would discipline the unruly child,” Phillip said as he approached. “Servitude is good. A chair is very handy. To use him as an altar while we fuck and suck comes to mind as well.”

There were several ways to play this. Like Kennedy, she just decided to ignore that last remark and was going to be the magnanimous ruler that she was known to be. Eric was right, Andre was the traitor and she knew her sheriff has this. “Please, HRM of Nevada, have a seat,” she smiled graciously as she returned to her throne.

“I prefer to stand in the presence of my maker’s thieving whore,” he replied with a snarl.

Thieving whore. That was a term she had heard often when she was human. So her child had told him what to say to push her buttons. Control was everything but damn…Andre needed to know he was not walking away from this. “What?” her voice was low and threatening as she turned to face him.

“That decoration that you wear around your neck. That was my maker’s. The emeralds came from an Aztec relic. They matched the color of his eyes perfectly. I had it made to celebrate the occasion when he had burned his one hundredth witch at the stake.

Now here sits one more…” he hissed.

“The King of Nevada is mistaken,” Eric said as he now stood between Sophie-Anne and Phillip. “I gifted that to her, along with several other pieces I found on the ocean floor, off Cuba.”

“And you are?” his eyes were glittering with hate.

“Eric Northman, Sheriff of Area Five,” he replied.

“You made a breather a Sheriff,” he hooted with laughter.

Eric had his hand wrapped around De Castro’s throat where he was dangling, madly trying to get his feet back on the ground.

“Vampire,” Eric grinned, with his fangs down. “And older, stronger, and faster than you.”

“Sheriff,” Eric felt Sophie-Anne’s hand on his arm. “Please…” she smiled at Eric. “He asked for this meeting and I agreed to it.”

Eric placed him back on the floor and when de Castro’s feet touched the stone tiles, Eric released his hand from around his neck.

“My Queen,” was all Eric said as he took a step back.

“How?” the short Spaniard asked, with a confused look on his face, as he stared at Eric.

“That,” Sophie-Anne smiled, “is a tale all by itself. But my Sheriff does not concern you. We are here to listen to you plead your case for gambling river boats on our great and mighty Mississippi.”

The King of Nevada looked from Eric to HRM and smirked. “I am here to plead nothing.

However,” he once more looked at the necklace she was wearing, and then at Eric. “Since your queen wears his jewel, I would like to know what happened to my maker.”

Eric shrugged. “I found that trinket on the ocean floor earlier this month. I would guess that he was caught in the hurricane of 6 October, 1634, and went down with the ship.”

“Why that date?” Phillip asked, intrigued.

Excellent, he knew his maker was in the area during that time. It just made it that much easier! “I have a chart showing the region of that year. A known Spanish treasure fleet was headed back to Spain. Several galleons went down in the storm,” Eric replied, placing his hand over his heart. “Brave lads, I am sure but dry land was not to be their fate. Where is not known. The things that I found prove that they started dumping the treasure, hoping to survive. I found several pieces but no wreckage of the ships.”

“My maker was coming home,” and there was a small smile on his lips. “He sent me letters stating he was but he kept postponing saying he was bringing home the wealth of the New World. Thank you,” he said with a slight bow to Eric, “for telling me what happened to him. I would have hated bringing you the true death without knowing for sure what had transpired.”

“How dare you!” Sophie-Anne jeered. “Threaten my Sheriff in my residence!”

“Our residence,” Andre’s tone was one of anger as he started to rise and you could see the glitter of metal in his hand.

“He has a weapon,” Eric said as he raised his foot and drove it into the middle of Andre’s back and held him pinned to the floor.

The two royals stood staring at each other.

“Guards!” she hissed. The room held its breath, waiting for the doors to crash open!

De Castro broke the silence. “Call out all you like. The treachery here tonight is epic. So do nothing rash and you might live,” he smiled at her, “along with those here in the room with you.

You are surrounded and my guards will kill you instantly if you run, if any of you run,” he smiled at her.   “Or try to fly out,” he gloated.

He spit on Andre. “The weapon that this ambitious betrayer of his Queen was going to give me to kill you is nothing,” de Castro said with surety in his voice. “I carry my own,” he removed the pistol from his pocket and pointed it at her heart. “Wood bullets wrapped in silver.

Ambition is a terrible master,” he sighed as he pointed the gun at Andre and fired a shot into his back. There was screaming of the most unholy!

“I must brag on your child and tell you that Andre was most accommodating and happy to take care of security. What few guards are on duty tonight, are all human and there are blanks in the guns they are carrying. And as you can see, there are no guards in here with us now. Your child, when it comes to betrayal, is most thorough.

As am I. I have left nothing to chance.

I have one hundred vampires on your grounds, killing everyone. I am very sincere when I tell you this. They will be in the building shortly. Now, hand me my maker’s jewel and I will spare you for now.

And tell your Sheriff that if he wants you to survive, he will just keep his foot on the traitor’s back and his hands away from me.”

HRM raised her head in defiance!

“You made a very bad mistake, whore,” he smiled at her, “when you put your child in charge of your personal security. It makes duplicity so easy for one so single-minded about ruling. But I will need a figurehead here, one that is already known. So if you play nice, perhaps you can have that job.”

“You promised me,” Andrea cried out and then there was the sound of several bones snapping as Eric pushed down harder.

“Actually,” Eric lifted an eyebrow as he lifted a foot, removed the pistol, and was once more dangling de Castro in the air. “You only had ninety-three in your war party. Most were Weres. Just a handful of vampires. And your personal body guards that you had positioned…” Eric shrugged. “And yes, armed guards are entering the building after doing a sweep of the grounds. They belong to my queen.

Your majesty,” he smiled at Sophie-Anne, “your night patrols should be coming in just about now…” Eric grinned, as the doors were pushed open and armed guards filled the chamber.

“My Queen,” Eric bowed to her, “time is fleeting. Phillip’s second-in-command is Victor Madden. Nice enough in a he would cheat his own mother kind of way. I think he would be happy with being the King of Nevada and not needing gambling boats in your kingdom. He does not have a ‘to war’ kind of ambition. Would you like me to speak to him for you? I would gladly do the ground work and when I am finished you can tell him to spectacularly kiss your ass and to keep his ass out of Louisiana or he will meet the same fate. ”

“And this,” she smiled sweetly out into the crowd, “is why the Sheriff of Area Five guards our Northern Boarder.”

Walking over to Andre, she kicked him in the side and flipped him onto his back. There, clutched in his hands was a short sword with HRM Andre Clive Caron engraved in it.

“And rightly so, that you should meet the true death with your own sword,” she sighed as she took it from him and raising it up into the air, sliced through his neck. Stepping back, she watched as her child turned to bloody bits on the floor.

Looking at Phillip, she started toward him, her fangs down, her eyes glittering with hate with the sword raised in the air. “You did this. Swayed my wayward child with the promises of riches that led to betrayal.”

“My Queen,” Eric’s voice was low and soft. “Do you really want his blood on your hands? Let me do this so that if anyone comes looking to avenge him, they will come after me.”

“Always so thoughtful, Eric,” her fangs retracted and the sword dropped to her side. “Yes, if you would please.”

“I will escort him outside. I think it only fitting that a desert dweller should meet his end in a snowstorm. Speaks to the Viking in me.”

“Of course,” she laughed. “Please,” she looked out into the room. “Please, continue on with the party. It is the holy season and tonight we are counting our blessings.”

De Castro’s eyes were bugged out as Eric carried him out of the building and into the storm. “Oh, Phillip, you don’t mind if I call you Phillip, do you?” Eric’s voice was very serious. “I know you now wish to offer me untold wealth and power if I would just spare your life. That the world is mine. Just name it.”

Eric was laughing as stood and felt the snow pelt his body. “After I tell you this story, you would most assuredly renege on that. You see, I knew your maker, Juan de la Cueva y Mendoza; of the vampire blood line of Espinoza , Prince Regent General of Madrid.

Your maker came to the New World searching for gold and showing that he could just be lower than Were shit in general. He was,” Eric nodded at the memory, “a flaming asshole. Your maker had the great misfortune to think he could claim my port in Havana for his own. I removed his heart and kept the trifle, thinking someday that it might come in handy. And indeed it has. My Queen is very pleased with it and I knew it would sucker you into making your fatal mistake, early on in the evening. My wife really is a superb dancer and we have had a wonderful time here this week. I told her that there would be a smallish war with this dark but it would not interfere with our evening. I must say, I am very pleased how this has turned out.

Any last words,” Eric grinned at him and loosened his grip.

“Fuck you,” the soon to be late king of Nevada managed to get out in a rasp.

“Well,” Eric winked at him. “There was a time when I would have pulled all of your teeth and we could have made that happen. But, now I am married and faithful to my wife. So, not tonight,” Eric brought the King of Nevada’s face up to his, “and not ever,” he shook his head to make his point. With a pull, Philip’s head came off and as Eric tossed the head aside, and then the body, as it all went to goo!

Walking back to the residence, he took out his phone. “This is Northman. Find Madden. Now.”

“Eric,” a pleasant voice came on the phone. “Since you have not met the true death, I take it you are moving to Nevada to scour the humans’ toilets. Job security is everything.”

“Victor,” Eric laughed out loud, “you know how much I abhor Vegas. Our Phillip, he told you he would make you the king of Louisiana, didn’t he. Well just damn! He just now promised me that job!”

Madden was laughing and then paused. “Aw-w-w-w, Eric? Did you take it?”

“Well, no, I will continue on as the Sheriff of Area Five of the great state of Louisiana. I was just wondering if you would like the job as King of Nevada?”

“What?” there was a stilted chuckle? “What?” his voice a bit more serious.

“Phillip de Castro, King of Mother Fucking Nevada is no more. I have not yet returned to my queen to tell her that Phillip is dead although she sent me out to do the deed. So this has not yet hit the bandwidth in official terms or languages. If you want the job, you had better have your team in place. And by the way, those Weres and vamps will not be returning, either. So don’t count on them for your war machine. Sophie-Anne will eventually call you. Make sure you are available to take her call or I will be out there to stake your ass in the Nevada sun. And when you do speak to her, whatever you do, do not mention gambling or riverboats. You just agree to whatever she says and carry on with your undead life.”

“Can you give me an hour?” Madden asked. “Fuck, HRM Lower California is sitting out in the casino playing blackjack. I need him to be someplace else.”

“He likes redheads, in multiples,” Eric responded.

“Thanks, Eric, I owe you.”

“Oh, I would rather you did not,” Eric was smiling and trying very hard not to laugh out loud. “But that will give me a good chuckle the next time you try to kill me.   And remember, I give not one fuck what you are doing when my HRM calls. If it is a fight to the death you kill the fucker and you be available.”

“Can and will do, out here,” Madden replied and hung up.

“Smith,” he yelled, “get Jones and find me as many red heads as you can that want to make a lot of extra money. I am talking millions!”

“What’s up?” his secretary was there by his side.

“Regime change,” his fingers were flying over his phone. “New king of Louisiana?” she asked.

“No, Nevada. And the new king of Nevada is me,” he responded.

“Well fuck,” she grinned. “I want a raise and is this going to be a peaceful take over or a bloody one?”

“Peaceful. As in it is done. De Castro has met the true death. We have to keep any and all cocksuckers from thinking they can walk in and take over. The Lower Californias comes to mind.”

“Oh,” she winked at him, “leave him to me. I understand he likes redheads. I have a wig and a polka-dot business suit. He is going to love me.”

“Polka dots?” Madden eyed her.

“Oh yes. Women in suits and polka dots. Just watch the monitor LoCal is on.”

“Well just damn, Smitty. I have all kinds of new respect for you. You are promoted to my second-in-command. Now we gotta hustle. We have one hour then it is going to rock and roll around here. And if HRM of Louisiana calls, you find me.”

“Yes sir,” she gave him a brisk salute and did an about face. “I have to ask,” she turned around to face him. “It was The Viking, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Damn! Eric,” she laughed out loud, “you always told me I would make my bones in Nevada and be second in command.”

“Really?” Madden looked at her.

“Yes,” she laughed and then vamp speed, she was gone.

“Just like there was a plan,” Madden thought about that and then looked over his shoulder, making sure Eric was not standing there. “Fucking Viking and your love of chess. Oh-h-h-h,” he face palmed his hand. “Eric, you piece of Were shit,” he laughed. “It looks like I was the mastermind of this. In bed with Louisiana and found the perfect opportunity to take out my king. Well just Were shit,” he grinned, “this will be something added to my reputation. That Madden, he is just a ba-a-a-a-a-d fucker! Had his king killed then stepped up and out!”

Wally stuck his head in. “I am hearing the oddest things out of Louisiana,” his voice was low. “Like de Castro is not coming back.”

Victor nodded. “I just got the word from The Viking. Gear up, and put on your happy Madden is our King smile and sword,” he pointed at him. “Unless you want the Were Shit King of Lower California for your new boss.”

“I stand with you my liege. Whom do I need to kill?” he asked.

“Come with me. Smitty is taking LoCal to her bosom in a rough and tumble kind of way. We should be able to get rid of him while he is distracted. This will leave LoCal in a turmoil and fighting for the crown and leaving us alone. Our house is in good order. Phillip saw to that. We’ll just strengthen our borders and send any refugees wanting to emigrate, running. There will be no sneaky Were shit on LoCal’s part. That’s how they over ran UpperCal back in the early 1800’s. O’ woe is me, please let me live here, times are so cruel and miners are so yummy.

Took about a century to kick those fuckers out but we finally did. They were deeply entrenched in the mining community and took their gold with them when they got wind of the shit storm that was coming for them.”

“You guys really hire witches?” he asked as they strapped on swords.

“Yes. The witches were effective but we paid a price for it. And I understand the King of UpperCal is still paying off that debt.”




It had indeed, been a terrific evening. The dancing continued as did the gossip. Both of them a whirlwind of entertainment because at midnight the vampire guests showed up and the stories were grand and entertaining. Even Sophie-Anne telling her version on how honorable she had been, how brave Eric was and what a piece of Were shit Phillip had proven to be. Andre was not mentioned and no one noticed the sword that was presently sticking up in the middle of the floor and was being danced, around.

On the ride home, Sookie was eyeing Eric as he rubbed her feet and would place kisses on her insteps. “You what?” she nudged him in the ribs with her foot. “Killed de Castro’s maker back in the day and took that jewel, knowing that someday it would come back into play?”

Eric grinned at her and winked.

“Well just damn!” she laughed out loud.

“Thought you would like it,” he kissed her foot and then suckled her toes. When she moaned, he continued on. “And right now Nevada is doing its best to not be taken over so that will keep them occupied and out of our hair until the New Year, at least.

Plenty of time for HRM to get her act back together and smile and wave and act like nothing has happened.”

“You really are somthin’ else,” she grinned at him.

“Thank you,” leaning over he started kissing her ankle and working his way up to behind her knee.

“Get a room,” Pam yelled as she drove up onto a side walk to get past a Ferrari stuck in a snow bank in the middle of the road.

Eric smoothed out her skirt as his hands went back to massaging her feet. “And when we get home, I can show you something else is multiples.”




The boys in the band were sitting in their room, having once more drained the mini-fridge. “Fuck the cost!” they shouted. “And bring on room service!”

“We’ll hit Madden with the bill de Castro owes us and we will be rolling in money,” Shep was dancing a jig.

“And even HRM paid us tonight! We are cash fluid! Never have I known such a feeling!” Larry was singing as he danced around the room.

“Hey H-Man,” Curly was looking over the room service menu. “You want something special?”

Herman was penning a new tune. Glancing up he shook his head no and went back to writing the melody line.

“Hey,” Larry took note. “Your eyes are open. You never work with your eyes open. What’s going on?”

“Had some thoughts of the nefarious type regarding The Viking so I went to the source.”

“What?” they all drew back. “Eric has saved our asses more than once.”

Herman put down his pen and actually rolled his eyes. “Well yes, fuckwads, I was there. I happen to know that. But…” his voice lowered. “One or two things have been bothering me. I talked to Adam Frankenstein during a break, tonight. I explained to him about the tridents and he says that a bolt of energy of that magnitude could re ignite the spark in Eric. He says he speaks from experience.

I also asked him about The Twins that rule the ocean. He said he had seen one of them while he floated around out there on his way to the Artic.”

“Well,” Larry was thoughtful, “we never doubted Eric did we?”

There was a hearty shake of heads, no!

“What gives, H-Man?” Jules asked.

“That necklace HRM was wearing. I have seen that ornament, before. Two hundred years, ago. I was playing at a party outside of London. The Prince of Wales was sponsoring a gig. Eric was wearing that piece of jewelry as a fob attached to his pocket watch. He pulled it several times that night. As if he was trolling and that was the bait. The Ambassador from Spain was there with a vampire that was also Spanish.”

“What?” they all sat up.

“Interesting, is it not how Eric wraps his lies in truths. Just like he knows what he is doing. Damn, I wish I was better at chess.”

“Well fuck…” Moe breathed out. “Eric killed de Castro’s maker!”

“That would be a great big yes. And I am beginning to think he also brought the true death to de Castro’s child in London. Later that week I was in there playing another gig. De Castro kept asking around if anyone had seen his child.”

“What’s the connection?” Moe asked. “It has to be a good one.”

“The queen of the Old Empire. At one time Catherine had her children strung out to Hell and back. In Spain, it was the Espinoza family. Which was de Castro’s maker’s, maker’s name.”

“Well Were shit…” Moe was thoughtful. “He really is killing off Catherine’s family. So that is just not a rumor.”

Herman looked out over the group. His voice sincere. “I told you fuck wads that the treasure was nothing, just a cover story so that he could go looking for those two that rule the deep. Did you see the way Mr. and Mrs. Northman were looking at each other? He is in love and he wants to give his Mrs. what she wants. Babies would be my best guess and he does not give a fuck who knows it.

And of course a safe place to live. Eric sent that message loud and clear. Let HRM strut her stuff, but we all know who laid out the plan and did the deed and sent de Castro to spend time with his maker and child.

“Yes,” Shep nodded. “Eric is first and foremost a warrior. He knew exactly what de Castro had done in an attempt to storm the castle so to speak and that he had used Andre as his inside man.”

“So…so…” Jules looked at his fellow mates. “So Eric has just been here all week doing re-con. Waiting for tonight?”

“Tactical be thy first, middle, and last name,” Herman replied. “He and his Mrs. dancing all over the grounds. The residence. Just Eric doing re-con and undoubtedly discussing it all with that little dragon.”

They all grinned and air pumped!

“Wait one,” Moe took out his phone as it vibrated in his pocket. “Well la-tee-da! Madden, long may you reign,” he chuckled. “This document is from Cooper, the King of Nevada’s accountant and it shows that we had an outstanding balance and he just deposited it to our account!”

“All debts will be paid, as Madden runs his GoodWill Tour,” Herman replied. “Now, this operetta is not going to write itself.”

“On it H-Man,” they all nodded and went back to work, with a song on their lips.

“We writing the lower than Were shit queen of the old empire as the villain?” Curly asked as he sat down at the piano.

“Always,” Herman answered. “Because when we do, The Viking always kicks a little money our way.”

“Long live The Viking!” they all sang in harmony with their phones on flashlight and waving them in the air.



The Office of the King of Nevada

Eric had graciously given him an hour. “Owe you Eric, no matter how much that might hurt. Madden, don’t fuck this up,” he kept thinking as he chatted with HRM of Louisiana. She made it a point to keep referring to him as the King of Nevada and he was feeling mighty good about this. She had his back until things settled out, she had stated more than once.

Hanging up with her, he looked out over Vegas. His office view was nice and he saw no real reason to change things up. Just make changes as to how business was run. Cooper had done nothing during that granted-hour but pay money owed.

His plan was to reign and to do so without the flash of his predecessor and pay their fucking bills on time!

Yes, this was a lesson he would not forget. It really is the quiet ones you have to watch! HRM S-A may sit quietly within her little state and smile prettily for the cameras, but The Viking held her Northern border and had out maneuvered de Castro. Who would have thought that possible? The little Spaniard had gone there just so he could say he was smarter than all and had brought the final death to a vampire queen. Apparently killing one was on his bucket list. “It can all go to Were shit,” Madden nodded to himself as he watched the e-traffic from LoCal as there was a scramble and blood everywhere for that throne. “So much in-fighting,” he sighed and then smiled. “Time to get to work,” he nodded to himself as he sat down at his computer and logged on. “Good, I see Smitty has spread the word and we are looking good. We do not need a new casino in London,” he shook his head. “Foolish and wasteful. Time to put a stop to that and concentrate on what we have at home.”



New Orleans—The Residence of HRM Sophie-Anne


All her guests had left and reality set in. “Decorate for the holy days,” Sophie-Anne said to no one in particular as she walked over to where Andre had made a mess on the floor. The bloodstains were gone but imbedded there was the sword with which he was going to give to de Castro to bring her the true death. After killing her child, in her rage she had plunged it into the floor thinking it would break. But no, it had penetrated the rock as if it were water. Her head of security had told her that the sword was made of Carbyne and it was the toughest metal out there.

It cost a fortune but apparently Andre had a fortune to spend.

“My Queen,” Ripley approached her. “Do you wish that removed?”

“No, leave it. As a reminder that even in your own home if you do not watch where you are going, you can trip and not recover from your fall. Thank you for your faithful service this dark.

Please, leave me,” she said as she stood staring out the window and she heard the door close.

“Where o’ where would Andre get a fortune? One that I did not know, about? That would be impossible. So who would gift him with such a sword?”

Taking out her phone there was now nothing to be done for it. Dialing a number, when someone picked up she said, “Put the bitch on the line. Now. I know she has not yet gone to her day rest.”

There was no mistaking when the phone was picked up. “Sister,” was snarled in a loud and contemptuous voice as Sophie-Anne continued to watch it snow.

Now there was the Catherine she knew and did not love. Time to do business of the amusing sort. “Andre has met the true death. You will have to find someone else to spy on Northman. Nice sword, by the way. And oh, my Sheriff of Area Five,” she wallowed around on the words, “is deeply and completely in love with his wife,” her words dripped honey while she batted her eyelashes. “And his spark has been re-ignited and he is gorgeous in living color. I see babies,” she cooed, “in his future.

Suck on that you piece of Were shit…” she laughed and then hung up.

Which was good, because in Russia, The Queen of the Old Empire was having a screaming fit.

While still screaming, Catherine, Queen of the Old World Empire, dialed a number. When no one picked up she shrieked and threw things and finally snarled out to her audience chamber to get her half-wit relative on the line.


“It’s for you, my liege” Smitty said as she watched the feed in the hotel.

“Find out who the fuck it is and tell them I will call them back.”

Holding up the phone, he kept hearing de Castro’s name being screamed in…wait one…was that Russian?

Smiling, he took the phone and said into the receiver, “This is the King of Nevada. To whom am I speaking?”

“What?” came the startled reply.  “You are not Phillip…” she snarled.

“You are correct. I am the King of Nevada.”

“You listen to me Were shit, you put Phillip on the phone or I will have you gutted and feed you to my Weres. I paid for his crown there and I want to speak to him now.”

Madden was not going to laugh out loud. As much as he wanted, too. He had always thought Phillip had his crown and position purchased for him. Well…time to have a little fun at the expense of the old empire. “I don’t know who you are,” his voice was pointed and abrupt, “but when I find out I am having my witches curse you and yours and when you rise you will see the dead and your residences will be filled with ghosts.”

There was more screaming as the line went dead. “Thanks Eric,” he grinned as he watched his kingdom at work. “I had no idea the old girl was afraid of witches and ghosts.

Tally ho!” he yelled to no one in particular. “Let’s get this mother of a new dark started!”


Meanwhile, in Russia.

Great bloody tears streamed down her face. “I am Catherine, Queen of the Old World Empire,” she sobbed, “all bow down and worship me,” she boo-hooed. “Why will no one bow down and worship me,” tears flowed from her eyes as she stepped down into her day chamber. “I am alone and forgotten, no one to place flowers at my grave, no one to grace the entrance of my home and no one to bring me that…fucking…Viking!” she screamed and screamed and screamed until her day rest took her and sent her dreams of how she had tortured Eric while declaring her love for him and why could he just not love her in return? His face stoic as she applied the silver into his most secret of places. “Say it!” she pleaded as she whipped him with the silver crop. “Just say it,” she pleaded. “Just tell me that you love me…”



Dear Readers,

I think we are finished in N.O. for a while.

Then up pops ugly. I hope Catherine keeps herself at home. I would hate for her to show up and have Mrs. Northman fry her ass. Just say’in.

I think we can head on back to Bon Temps and perhaps deal with a little fae business. Leave S-A to deal with decorating for the holy days and to contemplate what a piece of lower than Were shit she made for a child!

To Victor and his crew! All the best! Rule Nevada like it is the last job you will ever have! Oops, I hope that is not foreshadowing!

As always, thanks for reading!

Be blessed and be the blessing,



Believe—Chapter 6

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

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Believe—Chapter 6

Sookie’s POV

I know folks like to dream about what you think your life is going to be like when you get older. Tara Mae would talk about movin’ away from her mom and Lafayette would have grand dreams of goin’ to Tulane and bein’ a lawyer.

I had this small idea that I just wanted to graduate from high school. Honestly, I could not get past that. Then, at sixteen, I started workin’ for Sam and helpin’ Gran out with the bills and I thought that was good and besides, I did not dare dream that I would have someone to love and who would love me in return. Even as I grew older, I could not see or imagine that into my future. All I could see and was happy to have was my waitress job.

And it was not like I did not like variations in my day-to-day life, because I did. But that would be a trip to the thrift store is Shreveport and the thrill of findin’ somethin’ that was new to me!

My senior year I saved my tips that summer so I could go to Six Flags Over Texas with Tara and Lafayette to celebrate Tara and I graduatin’. Then I followed on by savin’ them for a year so I could go with them to Sea World.

Then vampires came out and I could make a little extra money actually checking out folks for Eric. Of course, since Bill was my manager, he took his cut of the money before taxes and expenses were taken out. He did not bother to tell me that I would be picken’ up travel, hotel, my meals and his bloodbags and a new fuckin’ suit for him every time we worked a job. What an asshole!

Dream bigger, Sookie, Eric used to tell me when we would work together. I remember one time getting so angry at him that I stomped my foot and told him I did not have enough money to dream bigger. That the nice suit and shoes I was wearin’ had belonged to someone else first. That my curlin’ iron and hot rollers I had bought at a garage sale. That my car was older than me and I would cry when it would break down because that was money I would have to earn by working double or triple shifts.

At that point Bill had piped up and said, ‘Sook-ahhhhh, bein’ needful and poor is good for you. Keeps you home and available if Sam should have extra hours for you to work.’

You cheap, fuckin’ asshole. You use my advance money to make sure you have your new suit for that job made to order,’ I snarled at Bill.

I have no idea what the conversation was that followed that pithy confession of what Compton thought of my life, because I got up and stormed out. But it was not long after that Bill wanted half of the interest that Eric gave me for a late payment and we got into it and he started callin’ me Northman’s whore and my time with Bill Compton was done.

You know, I think I started to dream big when I went and told Eric I was thankful for him. As much as I did not want to do that, it felt good to be honest. Not only with him, but with myself as well. I don’t know what the preacher is goin’ to put out this month, but I know I am going to face it, head on. And call this year a success because I was more than the challenge. I always have been, I just could not let myself believe it.

How things have changed…hallelujah! I believe, I believe, I believe!

So here I am sittin’ around the livin’ room after a wonderful meal where there was more toastin’ to Eric and I and now we are listenin’ to Eric’s dad tell stories about him when he was little. And I am here with my brother and Gran and three dragons hootin’ and hollarin’ and clappin’ our hands and wantin’ more! And my daddy-in-law is happy to oblige, and the stories get bigger as The Death is passed around.

Apparently Eric has always been larger than life. This ego of his has always been healthy and did not start when he was turned vampire or even declared a man. I think maybe it started before he was two and he picked up his father’s knife and killed a rat that tried to take a bite out of a baby puppy all the while yelling ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ until everyone came running and the rat was minced very fine, dog food.


Now there are warriors with healthy egos. If you will whack on a rat before you are two, you will do some serous whacking when you get older. The totem in Eric’s clan was the bear. So at the age of ten, as part of the manhood ceremony, Eric whacked on a bear.

‘The bear hide’, his dad said softly, ‘was what helped to keep his mother warm while the poison robbed her of her life.’

‘I am glad it brought her comfort,’ my Eric responded. ‘I would have killed and skinned all the fairy godmothers if that would have brought her any easement of her pain.’

I am beginning to see how all of this rolls into his badass reputation as a vampire. Dragons have perfect memories and untold strength of will and physical prowess. What they did to his mother he has never forgiven or forgotten. Being turned vampire just gave him a new set of friends for him to make believers out of.

But there is that romantic side to him. The charmer. The soft spoken dreamer. The man that I love and I believe that he loves me.

I am sitting here next to him and from time to time the fire flashes off Eric’s mother’s wedding band that now sits on my left hand, third finger.

His dad insisted that it now belonged to Eric’s bride and then Eric insisted that I wear it. Especially after we did, Repeat after me in Old Norse while standing out in the snow wrapped in a quilt made by my great-great grandmother. Eric then took both my hands, kneeled down in the snow and kissing my ring finger he slipped it on me and said, “I love you Mrs. Northman…”

I don’t know that I have yet to stop sniffling and sometimes just crying as I sit here next to him with his arms around me and I get to know him as a child and then a young man through his father’s and mother’s eyes.

It is obvious that his dad loves him and is very proud of him. Me too. I can see where his home trainin’ has translated into the man that I love. I figure this is what I have to look forward to…a home, a husband and children just like him raised with those values. Which happen to be my values as well. And maybe a war or two, I’m not real clear on that just yet. But will there be whacking…of some sort, I am sure…Compton comes to mind.

The night is deepening and comfort seems to be caressing everyone as glasses are emptied and the Chivas bottle is eyed. The purple and silver inside of it looks alive in the firelight. There is enough for everyone to have a taste to send them off to bed.



O.I. fondly patted the almost empty bottle as The Death was passed around one last time.

“His La La Fineness has a good point to make. These two needs to be legal in the state of Louisiana. They is allowing vamp marriages and I just happens to have the authorized tender at home to make this good for tax deductions with the IRS. Do you wants this done before New Orleans or afterwards?”

“Do you want a big wedding?” Eric asked her.

Sookie knew the answer to that as she smiled at him and shook her head no. “My family and friends are sitting right here. The only other folks I know work at Merlotte’s. I don’t know that they would take off work to come to my weddin’. Most could not afford to do so.

I don’t need fancy. I am happy to be the lawful Mrs. Northman right here in my family’s house. The exchange of vows out in the snow…” The tears fell as she continued, “That part has melted my heart into a little puddle. I was so touched that you had wanted the spirit of your mother to be in attendance as well. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing that part of your life with me. And thank you for blessing your mother and asking her to watch over us”

Look at me,” she sobbed. “I am in tears. Great big, southern girl tears! How do you dare to dream this big?”

“I love you,” Eric said picking up her hand and kissing it. “O.I. if you would be so good as to see Lafayette home, we will have another ceremony and we shall be doubly blessed this fine winter’s evening.”


Sookie’s POV

And that is how I became Sookie Norse Man and Sookie Northman all in one evenin’. In attendance was the snow comin’ down, my family, and the house of my family; and all those that have abide here, standing in attendance. Am I pregnant, yes I believe so, because I have never been able to see the dead, before. Totally new!

It’s a dragon thing, O.I. assures me. The baby is manifesting a dragon skill through me.

To which Lafayette and I both said, ‘What?’

‘So can you undragon me from seein’ the dead? His La La Fineness wants to know.’

Lafayette put on his coat and the two of them were out the door, talking bloodlines, distant cousins and steppin’ up and out so that you are counted and not taken off the roster. I have no idea what that was about as I just caught it as they were leaving.



“Dragons take their lineage very seriously,” ER-erikr said as he looked at Sookie’s puzzled face. “You don’t ever want to be dropped from their family roles, no matter how iffy a situation becomes. Because there is no going back. They may fight, war, and dragon poo your abode, but if you say you are not family, they are highly insulted and so you are no longer to abide as a dragon. You become a cast off. ”

“You think Lafayette has dragon blood?” Sookie asked as she poured herself another cup of hot chocolate.

Everyone in the room was nodding.

“Lafayette looks more like O.I. then he does any relative on his side of the family,” Gran said with a sure nod of her head. “We have been to their family reunions, Sookie. You remember his Aunt saying he must look like his daddy because he did not resemble any of them.”

“Oh yeah,” she nodded at remembering that moment. “That’s right. His momma has never talked about his dad. All she has said was that he was some blue’s singer out of Memphis.”

“Dragon’s can shape shift,” M.E. nodded as he helped himself to another piece of pie. “Take on any pleasing form that will get us laid. And we can wail the blues or whisper the softest of lullabies. Singing…we are born to it and we sound like starlight. Beautiful, clear, majestic notes that can shake the heavens or apparently, get a woman out of her undies.”

“Huh,” Sookie was thoughtful as the door once more opened and the snow swirled in along with a dragon and his rider.

“Good trip?” Gran asked.

“Good trip,” Lafayette nodded. “Gots what I needed. Now I just needs the signatures of the bride and groom, some witnesses, and I will push this to the courthouse once the roads clear or we get to New Orleans, which ever comes first.”

“New Orleans,” Eric made a face. “We’ll leave in the morning. Right now, we need be no where else but home.”


The house had gone to bed and Er-erikr and O.I. sat in front of the fire sipping the tequila bottle Lafayette had snagged before they left his house.

“I want all of his nights to be like this,” the king of the fae laid his head on the back of the couch. “Perfect days followed on by perfect nights.”

The older man’s and the dragon’s eyes cut to upstairs when they heard Eric panting Sookie’s name and then bellowing in a language they did not understand. Grinning, they raised their glasses in a salute.

When all that could be heard was the snow hitting the windows and the popping of the low ember sparks, Er-erikr looked over at his friend, tears in his eyes. “They poisoned her jewelry…”

“Yes my king,” his voice was sorrowful and distant. “They did. Those shitters on life, they knew that she only wore it when she bedded you. Depending on how they wrapped the poison in the spell, your sweat could have activated it, her increased heart rate, or maybe the orgasm itself. Or maybe just touching it caused it to slither out and into her…mo’ fo’n shitters on life. May they answer to The Light after they answer to me.”

On the kings face was loss and confusion. “Who in all the kingdom could write that spell? Would be capable? They would have to know human physiology, psychology…and they would have to know that she only wore the jewelry when we were intimate.” He could feel the anger starting to burn inside of him as Gretta lay in his arms gasping, begging him to hand her her knife so that she might end this…

He felt his heart lurch and the pain lift its head in sorrow. “How do you learn something like that?”

O.I. shrugged. “Women talk, my king. Perhaps she said something in passing to the shitter on life that murdered her. You know, the shitter saying, Our king is so stingy that he does not gift you with jewels. And our queen saying, He is very generous. I only wear them in his company. You could infer whatever you wanted from that and the shitter would know that it ended in sex.

Reaching for the bottle, Er-erikr refilled his glass. “It would take more than one to work that spell. It would take a dozen different disciplines. And the godmothers are not known for their organizational skills.”

“You reigned for an age and an age before you married. Who is to say when this started?” O.I. shrugged, eyed the bottle then topped of his glass as well. “Perhaps it has been percolating long before you came to power. If you have the time, you lay out your plan and every couple hundred years or so, you advance another part of it. Does not matter who is the king or queen. When you get ready to strike, all is at the ready.”

“They could not know I would have only one child…” he choked on the words.

“Generational curse, my king,” O.I. said bluntly. “The jewelry would keep passing to the next in line until all the women were dead. If there were no heirs left, the scramble for the throne would get ugly in a hurry.”

“I don’t want to return,” he spoke only in a whisper. “O.I., can I just sit here and know the love of my family and not the hate of the kingdom? I just long to do nothing more than play with my grandchildren.”

“My king,” the small dragon fluttered over. “If you do not end this, no matter who steps up to be the next ruler, they will always be gunning for Eric and his family, fearful that they will avenge your death. Or claim to be the rightful ruler. Or that they shall want your personal wealth that they stole…and all the other harpy ugly that goes with those druggies and squatters and shitters on life. The Sookiehawk line will always be at risk if you do not end this. And there is so very much we do not know and still plenty of things we need to find out.”

“I know,” he sighed. “How well I know…” his thoughts were far away. “Is it wrong to love someone so much?” he asked the king of the dragons.

“Er-erikr,” O.I. patted him on the face. “Do you not know? Love is the greatest gift of all.

Now my king, the house has gone to bed and you cannot sit here in a drunken stupor. You cannot sit anywhere in a drunken stupor. I am escorting you home and patrolling fae for a while until you sober up. The house here will be more than fine.”

“Thank you my friend, let us be gone before I refuse to leave.”



New Orleans

The snow was flying past the windows in the penthouse. “Let us be gone before I refuse to leave,” Eric said ruefully as he adjusted the cufflinks. “I hate being here when we could be snuggled up on the couch at home.”

Sookie walked over to him and smoothed down his collar. “It will be over soon enough. And would you just look at this,” she smiled as she looked out the window, “the weather has followed us here. When do you think was the last time it snowed in New Orleans?”

“December 11, 2008. Fuck me running,” Eric rolled his eyes. “I was here during the holy days that year as well. Our queen suffers from what humans call NeoAnnophobia. Fear of the New Year.”

Sookie grinned. “Did you just make that up?”

“No,” he smiled back at her. “Because I would have said she fears she will always have shit for brains. That would be StercoreSerebellumphobia.”

Sookie was laughing so hard she sat down on the bed. “Let’s just go and get this over with,” Eric sighed. “There is the door. That would be Pamela. Get ready and watch her face when I say, Let me introduce you to my wife. Might as well get as much entertainment value out of the child as possible.”


“Married…” Pam kept repeating as she drove them to the queen’s residence in the Jeep. “And you are now dragon…” she would shake all over and even crossed herself.

“Child, you are not Catholic,” Eric hid his smile as he brought Sookie’s hand up for a kiss.

“I heard the Vatican was going to be welcoming vamps into the church rolls. This sounds like the end of times,” her voice was deadly serious. “It is not too late to have a fall back position. I might need one. It might be church…

…married,” she shook all over again. “And dragon…” her voice had a hint of hysteria. “And…and…daywalker…” she crossed herself again and in the merest whisper “eater of food…”

“Child,” Eric leaned forward. “Watch the road.”

“My maker,” Pam was all business as she swerved to miss the stuck Mini in front of them. “You really are all that. Nostradamus, I believe, and the lovely advice columnist Ann Landers talked about this. I see some type of fucked up zombie war in our future. I hope HRM gets zombiefied and I get to kill Sophie-Anne more than once. Good thing I have prepped the armory.”


Sophie-Anne’s residence


When Eric and Sookie entered the building, they were met by armed guards who frisked both of them, looked through the bag and then started to leave with it.

“No,” was all Eric growled, his eyes fixed on them as he felt the power flow out from him and into them. “The bag walks with us.”

“The Queen will see you,” was all that was said as they walked down the hall to her throne room, the guards keeping the weapons fixed on them as the bag of jewels clunked along.

They were frisked again, as they stood outside the three hundred year old twenty foot oak doors. The velvet bag was eyed and before anything could be said, Eric spread a little more dragon glamour around and the bag walked in with them.

When the door opened, Eric walked in escorting Sookie on his arm. They stopped half way to the throne and Eric’s eyes swept the room. “My Queen?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“She is detained,” Andre smiled. “Sheriff,” he smirked, “she will be detained for a while.”

Andre was sitting in a chair next to the throne. His face and fangs showing his anger and hate. “You have things for which to answer,” he smirked.

“Oh boy child that will never be king,” Eric responded, “I do not answer to you.”

“You…” he hissed as he started to stand.

“You know what you have done,” Compton stepped out from behind the throne. “You removed my child’s eyes and they have yet to grow back. And,” he took a menacing step forward, shaking his fist, “you staked me!” he growled in rage.

Eric rolled his eyes.

“Do not,” Compton yelled, “don’t you dare try and demean me! You have stolen what is mine and taken my human to add to your stable. You have disgraced this throne room by not allowing me to pay my taxes and have humiliated me for the last time. You humble yourself before our queen before she allows me to remove your head…that…that…” he took a few steps closer. “That seems to have color…flesh tones…” Bill looked confused. “And a beating heart?”

“What sort of were shit trickery is this?” Andre yelled.

“Ha!” Bill shook his fist at him. “You play me for the fool? You play our queen for the fool? You are a disgrace, your lies…”

One of the three hundred year old oak doors that had stood guard for that many centuries was, literally in the blink of an eye, splinters; and those splinters were now holding Bill pinned to the back wall, outlining his body, while he screamed in pain!

“What the fuck,” was hissed as Sophie-Anne entered the room and all stood and bowed. “Just what the fuck! Andre, can I not leave you alone to greet our guests. And by that I do mean our guests!” she yelled at him.

“He staked one of your loyal subjects, Bill Compton, left him for dead,” her child whimpered.

“First of all, your majesty, if I would have staked Compton,” Eric nodded toward the back wall, “he would have met the true death.”

Well just fuck…that was some nice work! Walking over to Bill, she admired the perfect outline of wooden splinters that held his body pinned. “Get him down,” she sighed, “then get someone in here to remove the outline of Bill’s body from my wall,” she hissed at Andre. “Or better yet,” she eyed the screaming Compton and then her pouting child, “leave the outline there. As a reminder that The Sheriff of Area Five has the bigger dick. But do a window treatment over it. I have humans in here from time-to-time, I cannot have their minds wandering with questions about that when they are here to do business with me.”

Andre was preening. “So I don’t have to call for house service? Good. That is so beneath me. That is Compton’s job…” his voice stopped in mid-sentence as she reached out and slapped him so hard he was on the floor.

“I want a window treatment. And Compton pulled down. See to it.”

“Seriously, your majesty,” Eric gave her a grand sweeping bow, “if I knew I was going to be treated in such an ill fashion, I would have gone to Paris and let Homer throw his shit at me. The King of Paris at least has good cause not to trust me. I am at a loss as to what I have done to offend you.”

“Good point Sheriff,” she grinned at him. “Homer will never trust you again but we were all vastly entertained that winter. Sadly at your expense,” she chuckled.

Shaking her head, she watched as Andrea was pulling out the splinters and re-sticking them in Bill. “I do apologize for their rude behavior. Andre, I spoil him. And Bill…you know how Bill gets. You fuck him once and he thinks he has somehow magically become king.

And in Bill’s defense, the telepath, she did work for Bill.

“Mrs. Northman,” Eric corrected her. “Sookie is my wife. And she worked for me. Bill was her manager as I did not have the time to follow her schedule. He has cheated her out of so much money I am filing a tax exemption through your tax officer.”

“What?” she sputtered.

“Yes,” Eric responded. “I should be getting a tax refund this year.”

“What?” her voice went up several octaves. “You can not claim a tax refund!”

Andre was indignant! “See,” he screeched as he grabbed Bill by the collar and yanked him down and threw him onto the floor. “Do you see! This is how he treats you! He thinks to do as he pleases without any regard to you my queen!”

“Well Were shit,” was all Sophie-Anne could think. It was easy to read the room. There were vampire smirks everywhere. Some were openly grinning. This had been a colossal mistake. As much as she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, she would not. The Sheriff of Area Five was waiting to see what she would do. And he had options and she did not.

Bill had come to her with his sob story and Andre had convinced her to let them take a swing at The Viking. There were those present tonight that had backed Compton. Believing every word he said. He had inflamed the guards and they had sworn to avenge what Northman had perpetuated upon her kingdom. She had laughed at Bill but had secretly wanted Eric humiliated. Because…because…oh fuck…look at his face! The Sheriff of Area Five had had enough…he was going to inform the world of their arrangement.

“My Queen,” you could hear the disgust in his voice. “I call you that out of a courtesy to you and so these other cocksuckers would not think to follow my lead when I called you Sophie-Anne.

I purchased Area Five from the Náshit’ush Indians when I first arrived here centuries ago. When you took up your crown, I then purchased it from you with the understanding that I would guard the Northern part of the state. I sit upon my own tiny little kingdom and guard your Northern boarder. I have had several handsome offers to turn my back so that marauders could cross over and pillage and kill at will and burn your residence to the ground.

And,” he pointed his finger at her, “you should not trust Homer either. He has offered me one hundred times what I paid you for that small bit of acreage. Just so he could taunt you and cause you to never rest peacefully, again.

I pay you homage, I pay you taxes, as I agreed to do. Since it is the holy season, I even brought you a gift. You call me Sheriff to my face and you meet me at the door like I am a thief and a criminal.”

“Bill said,” she began and realized how weak that sounded.

“Bill said what? That he could move my wife in here full time?” he hissed.

Sophie-Anne sat down on her throne and closed her eyes. “Yes,” she finally answered him. “Yes,” she sighed and met his gaze. “Honestly, Eric, I did not know that she worked for you. That Bill was only her manager. I did not know. Please, can we get past this? I need you to stand tall and guard my northern boarder. Nevada has been making threatening dance steps in our direction. He has an emissary here, tonight, wishing to discuss owning gambling riverboats on our great and powerful Mississippi.

And besides,” she smiled at him, “you have brought me a gift. And I do so wish to hear the story about how you now have skin tones and your heart is beating.

Please,” she motioned to a guard, “a chair for Mrs. Northman. This shall be grand entertainment.”



The room became quiet as Eric began his story. “This past week, I was off the coast of Cuba,” he began, “on the New World side, searching for treasure. In the mid 1600’s there was a fleet of Spanish ships filled with gold headed back for Spain that danced with a hurricane and lost. I pulled my charts from that time and tried to determine just where exactly the hurricane could have possibly blown them too.

And so I kissed my lover good bye, told her I would bring her unlimited wealth and headed out.

Well, there I am off the coast of Cuba, walking around the island and at the southern tip, I see a glimmer and then I see another glimmer. And then another glimmer. Since I am not finding any boat wreckage, the captain has figured out he is in some deep were shit and has started throwing the treasure overboard.

I have my bags at the ready. All I can think is that I will never have to work again as I start to pick up what is off the ocean floor and am following it to where the ship finally went down.”

Eric raised his bag and rattled it, grinning.

“Then the oddest thing happened. There were currents coming at me that should not have been there. I thought maybe an earthquake could produce such as effect but I was wrong about that. Because swimming towards me was Neptune and his twin brother, Poseidon.”

“What?” Andre laughed. “We are not ignorant Eric,” he sneered on the name. “Neptune was Roman and Poseidon was the Greek counterpart.”

“As I was saying your majesty,” Eric continued on, “they were swimming toward me. And they were pissed.

‘All that is in the oceans is ours,’ they were bellowing at me. “And that trident that you always see one of them with. That thing is real. And it shoots some type of electrical charge that lights up the ocean and can be seen on satellite. I took my bag,” he grinned at her and shook it around, again, “and started running, vamp speed. And these two are just as quick. I made the continental shelf and was headed to shore, leaving the deep behind me when I happened to look back and both of them were standing in water waist deep with their tridents raised and yelling profanities and started directing those lightning bolts at me. Before I stepped out of the water and onto the shore, I could feel it. Snaking its way along in the water, pushing those currents out from it. And then, just like a snake, it bit me. It started at the souls of my feet and tore through my body until it discharged out the ends of my hair. I am now a different shade of blond. More gold then yellow, my lover says.”

“Yes,” HRM said standing. “I can see that now that you mention it.”

“This,” Eric dumped the forty pound of gold and jewels onto the floor at her feet, “this was all that I was able to escape with. And my Queen, I brought it to you.”

“Oh come on…!” Andre yelled and stomped his foot. “Where is the rest of it?” he sneered. “You owe your Queen…” and then he stopped. Sophie-Anne had her hand around his heart.

“Child,” she began in an easy voice. “He owes me nothing. We apparently owe him back tax money. Do you see him,” she shook Andre around a bit to make her point. “Take a good look at him. He has flesh tones, a heart beat. Look…at…him…” she shook him with each word. “How do you explain this? Like Frankenstein’s monster, these gods electrocuted Eric and re-ignited his spark. We are lucky that he still walks among us.

And besides,” she hissed at him. “He holds our northern boarder without any expense to us. And he brings me gifts. And if he wanted more wealth than you can imagine, he would just fucking sell Area Five,” she bellowed in his face. “And retire,” she added with a smile.

“A table please,” she said to a guard. “And place my newest crown jewels upon it so that we may admire them.

Eric, you are so kind to think of me at this time of the dark season. You know how I loath the coming of a new year.”

“Yes my queen,” he bowed to her. “I was hoping this would help to lighten your mood.”

“Thank you Sheriff,” she said extending her hand. Raising it to his lips, Eric placed a kiss there.

“I am indeed blessed to have such a loyal sheriff,” her eyes flitted around the room. Clearly, she thought there were some who could show more loyalty!

“The governor will be here in an hour. Please, take your lovely bride and dance with her out in the gardens. The heaters are on and the snow is falling and magic is in the air.”


The rest of the evening Eric and Sookie mingled. Here a thought, there a thought, everywhere a thought thought! O.I. was running interference for her and would filter out the background noise when she dropped her shields and would just listen in to one. There were two slimballs that walked in with the governor. She listened in to all three of those ass wipes!


When Pamela picked them up in front of the residence, Eric and Sookie got in the back and they motored off.

“How did it go?” she asked. “There is all kinds of chatter on the band width. Really….good….stuff. Did you really pin Compton to a wall?”

“Yes,” he nodded, “I did.”

“Damn, would have paid a lot of money to see that,” she sighed. “Oh well, next time. And his Mrs.” Pam turned to look at here. “What did you think of tonight’s little on-dit?”

“That was some fucked up shit,” Sookie was shaking her head. “And the governor, knew he was crocked, but I had no idea he was trafficking humans.”

“You put that in place?” Eric directed the question to Pam.

“Yes,” she nodded. “The authorities have been notified. I heard the FBI was waiting for him at his residence. Put him in handcuffs and hauled his ass out of there. Film at well, right now,” she chuckled.

“Excellent,” Eric responded. “Take us home.”


The band Gone to Ground had played this dark at the queen’s residence and the boys in the band were now back in their hotel room. Moe, Curly, Shep, Herman, Larry, and Jules had thrown all the locks on the door and had drained the mini-fridge. Fuck the cost!

Curly kept getting up and going over to the door to listen and would recheck the locks. “No one,” he would nod, “is out there.”

“Glad this room has not windows,” Shep kept saying as he crossed himself.

“Does not have windows,” Moe would correct him. “Will you stop that shit! Speak the Queen’s English and conjugate your verbs in the language we are speaking.”

“H-man,” Larry was sitting next to him on the couch. “We are all spun up here….”

“Hey, speak for yourself,” Moe snarled. “I am…”

“Boo!” Curly was behind him and whispered in his ear.

There was a yell and Moe was up on the ceiling. “That shit is not funny,” he fumed as he floated back down to the couch.

They all pointed at him and blew raspberries.

“You keep the fuck quiet and maybe the H-man will speak words of great wisdom. Or fuck, bullshit by the bucket loader. We are in a world of hurt, here. Please Herman,” Larry’s voice was full of distress. “Please.”

Herman opened his eyes and looked around the room. “Just what the fuck do you want me to say? That the piece of dragon jewelry around Mrs. Northman’s neck did not raise its head and blow us a kiss. Is that what you want me to say. Because if it is…ta-a-a-a-a da-a-a-a-a! There I said it.

But if you want the truth, of which I only speak, you fuck wads know it did and that is why we are holed up in this room with the locks thrown and Shep reciting The Lord’s prayer as he counts the rosary on his fingers.

Seriously,” he drove an imaginary stake through his heart. “If that little dragon wanted in here, I don’t think an electronic anything is going to keep him out.”

“Do…” Jules found his courage and spoke up. “Do you think that was part of the Frankenstein curse the water gods threw at Eric?”

“I have,” Herman settled back onto the couch, “been thinking about that. And honestly, I think so. He could pass for human. I mean…and I say this with all reverence, if it woke up his heart and his skin tones, what else did it wake up?

He’s married. She’s human. Maybe she wants kids. Maybe, just maybe Eric found a way to wake his little swimmers, up, so he could be a dad.”

“But how would he know this?” Jules asked.

“Viking,” Herman replied. “Shit, he’s been on the water for over a thousand years. Who knows who and what he has met. He is always wheeling and dealing.

Case in point. He is here and it is snowing. I am going to give you all a moment to think about that.”

Herman watched as eyes lit up all over the room.

“Good, follow along with me. I am under the impression he did not take his Mrs. So how do you protect what is yours while you cannot be there to do so? You keep everyone inside. And how do you do that? Do you threaten them? Do you bribe them? Hell no. White out blizzard conditions. Especially keeps the Weres at home. They would freeze their balls off in snow like that in Area Five. And did any of you go out in that maelstrom? Hell no. No humans out and moving, what is the point?

It has been white out blizzard conditions since The Sheriff,” he snorted, “king of his own fucking area,” he was laughing, “left town to go in search of treasure.  Well yes…snowing in his area…everything locked down tight….nothing moving, nothing out of place. This is the way of the Viking. Was he out of town…fucking yes…as in way out of town….searching for treasure for the queen my ass. Searching for those two water monsters to zap him…maybe yes.”

“So…so…” Shep was figuring things in the air with his finger. “So how did he meet the dragon?”

“Look fuckwads, Eric is a Viking. There is a reason they call him The Viking. Vikings ran with dragons back in the early days. Probably been with his family since the beginning of time.”

“So,” Moe was hooked and then gave up and yelled, “you don’t know that!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Larry threw a pillow at Moe and hit him head on. “I am learning some dragon history, here.”

Looking at his mates, they were all nodding in agreement.

“And beside,” Larry was smiling. “If you think it is all bullshit, you can just leave and go sit at the bar.”

Moe slunk bank down into the chair. “I’m good,” he replied. “H-man, please continue.”

“As I was saying,” Herman was lost in thought, “you have only to look at the jewelry and the architecture of the Viking age and dragons abound. That idea had to come from somewhere. Besides, I saw one, once.”

“What?” echoed around the room.

“It was the dark I was turned. As I lay there dying, before my maker showed up, there was a dragon, bigger than a mastiff but not as big as a VW bug, walking through the dying. He was looking for someone. You could tell by the way he would keep sniffing the wind and the ground. When he would turn a body over, he would look relieved and then walk on.”

“No fucking way,” Moe laughed. “How does a dragon looked relieved?” When no one laughed with him, he said, “I’m sorry. It’s just that my Grammy woman said that when she was a little girl, during a Viking raid, her mother hid her in the trees. She said she saw a dragon land and carry someone off the battle field. She used to drink a lot. Maybe that was why…” he sighed.

“That would make sense,” Herman nodded to himself. “If it is your ancestral dragon, he would be there to claim his own. To fly his wounded to safety and to take his honored dead on to Valhalla.”

“Just fine,” Moe rolled his eyes. “I was a believer until that part. You think a dragon can carry a dead into what would be the Vikings version of Heaven?’

“It’s a dragon,” Herman, closed his eyes and went back to writing music in his head. “I think he can do whatever the fuck he wants.”


“Frankenstein’s monster,” they all whispered around the residence. “Eric has found a way to beat the odds.”


“How many,” Sookie chuckled as they sat around the fire and played back the evening for Gran, Lafayette and Pam, “do you think are headed out into the ocean in search of The Twins?”

“There shall be many righteous expeditions, especially once word passes.”

Pam’s phone dinged. “And it has,” she chuckled. “Dwayne wants to know if you have any old charts you would like to sell?”

“Tell him I bought them off e-bay about fifteen years ago,” Eric laughed.

“Oh-h-h-h, good one,” Pam laughed in glee. “I will tea stain some old parchment and get busy. I see shoe money in my future!”


The week passed. Eric and Sookie continued to waltz their way through HRM’s residence. Listening here and there and watching the crowd watch them.

“Have not seen the Bobbsey Twins,” Sookie smiled.

“Oh,” Eric grinned as he twirled her along the upper balcony and then down the stairs. “I am sure they are busy.”


“It is fucking dark down here on the ocean floor,” Bill kept complaining.

“Oh look, there is something glimmering over there,” Andre said with glee. “Oh Were shit,” he hissed. “It is a righteous expedition with fifteen head lamps coming our way! Everyman for himself!” as he took off across the ocean bottom floor.

Compton did the only thing he could do! Run!

When he finally made landfall, he knew dawn was not far off. “Go to ground,” he drug his weary body out of the water. “Dig in and wait for this to pass and then…haul my ass back to New Orleans and report in. I fucking hope Andre meets the sun.”

“How did you know Bill was going to be here?” Sookie asked as they watched him come up out of the water.

“O.I. hit him with a little dragon juice. Bill thought maybe it was a bug bite. Actually it was a dragon tail slap. Better than GPS. I don’t have to carry anything electronic.”

When Bill started to dig, he knew he was no longer alone. The fact that Eric had his hand around his neck and pinned onto a tree was also a big indication. One thing for sure, Bill reasoned, he was smart, he could figure things out.

“Seriously Bill,” Eric grinned at him. “Which witch sold you the gooey goody?”

“The what?” he chocked out.

“What she painted your body with. Did she have a name?”

“You cannot kill me,” he shook with laughter.

“Yes, it is only good for one healing of the hole,” Eric shook his head. “Did you honestly believe that they would give you something that would make you immortal?”

“Fuck you, Eric! I deserve to live forever!”

“Sookie, the stake please,” Eric smiled at her.

“With pleasure,” she nodded and pulled it up out the ground where it had been waiting for this moment. “I made this myself, after the first time you cheated me.”

Eric took it from her and with a smile, plunged it into Bill’s heart. There was no blood spatter, just a glittering of fairy dust that vaporized when it hit the ground.

“Good to know,” O.I. said. “Whoever it was that cast the spell on the goody, they also wrote in that it would neutralize when that body died. Leaves no trace that any fae was involved.”

“The shit just gets deeper,” Sookie said as she climbed onto Eric’s back. “Let’s get breakfast somewhere and maybe walk around Miami and…and…is that a snowflake?” she asked.

“Haul ass,” Eric grinned. “We cannot take down the economy of south Florida as well. We’ll breakfast in N.O.”



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Be blessed and be the blessing,


Believe—Chapter 5

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.

Believe—Chapter 5

When Sookie woke up, the room was still dark and there was someone wrapped around her. Someone delicious who had made her feel alive! And for a dead guy, he had skills! And to top it all off, she was not dying a virgin! Not one part of her! Whoa! No wonder women lined up at the club just to look at him!

“Just soft and slow,” she sighed as she felt him place kisses all up and down her spine as King Eric throbbed against her. King Eric, well just damn! His penis had a name and a lovely singing voice!

“You are wet,” she felt his tongue lick her spine as his fingers slid into her.

“Mm-m-m-m,” she sighed as his fingers withdrew and his penis took their place.

“Rock with me,” he nibbled on her neck.

“’Kay,” she sighed as she felt her eyes get heavy and the lower part of her body get heavy and then she was moaning as the steady pressure built and then she exploded! “Is the sun up?” her voice was a mere whisper.

“Not yet, another hour. And it is still snowing.”

“What do you want to do?” she somehow found the strength to roll over and face him.

“Make love to you,” he sighed into her hair as he pulled her that much closer and listened to her steady breathing as she slept. And in the quiet, he heard each snowflake that landed on their window. They drummed there to the beat of their hearts.

O.I. sat up on the peak of the house, tasting the wind. There was something not right about this storm and it did savor upon his tongue as magic belonging to…to…it held a spicy note that belonged to his prince. But the underlying taste was that of all dragons! Lordy! Herself was running interference for Eric! “She had done marked him! Her first and last…lordy!” he thought about that and shivered all over in delight and then in terror! “Lordy,” he shook the snow off himself and went from being a gargoyle to being O.I. With a grin, he turned toward what could only be the Compton place. The screaming continued. Apparently the low-life shitter on life had given up on yelling at his heir and was now just screaming right along with her.

The Realm of the Cold Moon was right now most satisfying and made one feel his worth. Listening, he could hear inside the house. M.R. was building the fire and M.E. had gone through the ice box and was starting breakfast. He could smell the coffee from here and knew the house would be rising soon. Oh…Gran was up and so was His La La Fineness.

“And our prince, he is up also,” he chuckled to himself. “Yous and King Eric, yous just keep after it my Prince. Miss Sookie is most happy and pleased. This makes for happy and pleased babies. We is gonna’ have us some mo’ fo’n heirs to the Sookiehawk throne!”


“Why M.E.,” Gran smiled when she entered the kitchen and the small dragon was fluttering around in the cabinet, getting her out a coffee cup. “Do I smell bacon?”

“Honored Gran,” he turned and smiled at her. “Please, have a seat and let me fix your coffee. I believe you like it with cream and sugar. And O.I. brought us some of his own special elixir to be enjoyed in it as well.”

“You charming rascal,” she smiled at him. “You noticed how I take my coffee. And,” she eyed the bottle that he was now holding. “you are adding something special. Something purple! I feel like royalty! It is a very good morning, indeed!

Oh,” she said turning, “I hear Lafayette. Bacon always could get him up and moving. Sookie also,” she paused and listened. “But not yet.”

“Mm-m-m-m,” was all the reply M.E. gave as he set a hot biscuit down with her coffee.

Gran said nothing as she split open the biscuit and reached for the butter and jam. M.E.’s grin was going to split his face wide open. “She get a better offer?”

Lafayette came into the kitchen at that time and went straight to the coffee pot. “Gran,” he said pouring himself a cup, “she gots better than a better offer. I woulds even go so far to say she gots better than a better, better offer.”

“So she’s not dying a virgin,” Gran said, holding back her mirth.

“Oh, Miss Sooks, she died alright. All night long…and then some. And then maybe some more. Mr. Eric fed her appetite for things of the flesh. And her appetite is a healthy one. Just say’n.

I sees Mr. M.E. is feeding us things of our flesh! Biscuits and honey butter! His La La Fineness says God bless you and yours for this fine repast.”

M.E. wiggled his eyebrows and passed Lafayette the Chivas bottle who held it up to the light. “I sees the label but not am not believen’ that to be the proud Scottish drink-about ‘cause it don’t come in purple with silver swirls do’in the cha cha through it.” Screwing off the lid, Lafaytte took a sniff. “So that is what purple smells like. Lordy…pure magic!” Then tilting the bottle to his lips, took a drink. “Lordy,” he woofed out. “Goes down like spring water.”

“Lafayette,” M.E. pulled out his chair. “Have a sit down and drink your regular joe. While you are enjoying the morning visitations, I will have The Death’s from Above coffee ready for you. Tis’ O.I.’s own special recipe.”

“The Death’s” Lafayette mouthed and grinned. “And it contains Mr. O.I.’s magics? Sounds like a good day that will carry you gladly into the night.”

“Do you think Eric will really be about to day walk?” Gran took a sip of coffee and sighed as she eyed her mug. “That is good, really smooth…dragon coffee for breakfast…there is a lot to be said for living with dragons.”

O.I. came fluttering in and his grin lit up the room. “Glads you likes it our honored Gran. My own special somethin’ somethin’. As to our prince and the day walkin’. About to find outs,” as he smiled at his brother who was pouring liberally into O.I.’s cup, with The Death floating on top. “I heards the shower start upstairs. I suspects they will be down shortly.”

Sookie was wrapped around Eric in the shower, her legs circling his waist as his hands held her ass in exactly the correct spot for the deepest penetration. She was in the process of washing his hair as the warm soapy water ran off them and washed down into the drain.

Turning her head a bit, she smiled and said, “I smell bacon.”

“Is bacon better than being with me?” he asked as he nipped at her ear.

“I have been with you most of the night ah-h-h-h,” a slight moan escaped from her as he shifted her ass and picked up speed.

“Bite me,” he groaned and ground into her. “Anywhere. You can do it. Sink your teeth into me and suck!”

Kissing the area to the left of his nipple, she bit and latched on. When his blood began flowing into her mouth she could feel his ejaculate hit the back of her vagina. With a shudder he relaxed against the wall and held her as his fingers made their way into her anus as his mouth lowered to her breasts.

With a sob she sat back on his fingers and taking his penis out of her, she placed it against her clit as vampire speed took on a whole new meaning. It was her turn now and it was mind shattering, jello thighs, breasts heavy—wanting to be filled with milk, her nipples screaming to be suckled, glorious! Then she just screamed as she pushed into him! His penis was back inside of her and he held her pinned at both entrances as she shook, every part of her vibrating as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest.

“Better than bacon,” she sighed.

“Glad to hear that I out rank breakfast meat. Now, let me dry you off, Lover, then we’ll get dressed. I can hear your tummy rumbling.”

Towels and the two lovers made it back to Sookie’s room.

She was sitting on the bed with working a towel while Eric slowly turned and she patted, rubbed and licked him dry.

“Should I be embarrassed when I go downstairs?” she asked. “I almost feel like I should. I have had non-stop sex in my Gran’s house makin’ all kinds of noise and I am not married.”

“Is marriage important to you?” he asked, taking the towel from her and sitting down next to her.

There was a part of her that went into instant retreat. She had heard the women talking about it at the bar. She had heard them inside her head and through her ears. Many of them sobbing at the mistake…M.I.S.T.A.K.E. You mention anything other than a good time and you were left holding the check for the meal and sometimes the diaper bag.

“I didn’t mean it to sound like I was…was…feeling needy, or…or…” she felt the tears start to form. “I am so sorry. I don’t know how this works and I only know what I hear from other women. You see how I can take a perfectly wonderful moment and fuck it up…”

“Sookie,” he took her hand and kissed the tears on her face. “I am asking because I have been thinking about us. And our relationship. And our future together. I want us to have a future together and marriage plays a part of that. My woman would have my name. I am just 11th century male enough to want that. And if we had children, our children and their mother would have my name. And you had better believe I would insist on that, no matter what the century.”

“You really think you are fertile?” she said wiping at her face and taking his hand in hers.

“I think I am dragon. And dragons reproduce, walk in the daylight and eat and drink. Do I feel any different, no,” he said shaking his head, his voice earnest. “But I know that I am.

Sookie Stackhouse,” he smiled at her and pulled her onto his lap. “Will you marry me?” he asked as he laid his forehead against hers.

“Yes,” she nodded as he rubbed his nose against hers. “I love you Eric,” she whispered as she raised her lips for a kiss.

“I love you Sookie,” he smiled at her as he placed his hands on her beautiful face and lightly kissed her lips.

“That was very sweet,” she sighed looking at him.

“Well,” he smiled, “I can be very, very sweet.”

“Don’t I know that,” she grinned back. “Let’s get dressed and go downstairs. I could eat something besides you.”



When Eric and Sookie entered the kitchen holding hands, good mornings were called out.

“Looks like a party in here,” Sookie smiled when she saw the food on the table. “And is that more bacon in the oven? And how many jellies are on the table? And honey butter! Best snowy day yet!”

Eric walked over to the counter and picked up the bottle. “Why O.I., is that Death from Above in this Chivas bottle?”

“Tis my prince,” he said with pride. “I sees yous remembers.”

“Puking my guts out, literally, well yes I do. What is the special occasion?”

“That coffee smells good,” Sookie said as she took a mug out of the cabinet.

“The specials special is that we are snowed in and we are having Mr. O.I.’s dragon coffee this mornin’,” Lafayette said as he helped himself to another biscuit. “Fine way to starts the day, that with Gran’s homemade blackberry jam.”

“Sounds good,” Sookie smiled as she poured herself a cup and reached for the bottle.

“Miss Sookie,” O.I. fluttered up. “Nots for yous. This here is powerful stuff. Makes the lame walk, the sun to never set, and the dogs to howl at things unseen.”

“Well,” Sookie laughed, “I’m not lame and…and…” her eyes went to Eric.

“First time a dragon has sex, it’s a powerful thing,” O.I.’s voice was full of wisdom and his two brothers nodded in agreement. “First time, he is at his prime and he coats his mates womb with his blood and with his essence and those that are not fertile, well, miracles happen.”

“What?” she said as Eric pulled out a chair for her and she sat down.

“Thinks we don’t knows,” Lafayette rolled his eyes. “You is blessed to be bedded by such a fine, unselfish, handsome stud that will give yous beautiful babies. We can all hears that he is seein’ to your needs and then seeing to your needs some more. Nothin’ embarrassin’ about that. This is goods and true.”

All of them were nodding their heads.

“But…but…after one night, you think I might be pregnant?”

“Has happened to more than one human female,” Gran remarked. “When we had the sex talk, Sookie, we covered that. You know, penetration not needed, just the swimmers around the opening.”


“What,” she eyed her. “It could not happen to you?”

Eric reached for her and pulled her into his lap. “Lover?” was all he said. A question that was full of hope and tenderness.

“Well of course I want your baby,” she sniffled as she smiled at him. “Just not, you know, havin’ someone tell me over breakfast.”

“Well,” Gran smiled at her and leaned in for a hug. “My momma told me. I thought she was as goofy as all get out. But nine months later, there was your daddy, red faced and fussing.”

Sookie grinned. “You know, he always turned red-faced when he fussed at one of us.”

“Always did,” Gran patted her hand.

“Sun’s up,” Lafayette said as he looked at his watch. “We is on the horizon and Mr. Eric’s is still lookin’ goods.”

O.I. shrugged. “Vampire is merely a label that our prince will use to influence others. But there sits the newest dragon child of Herself. The dragon order sets its own standard. First order of business, you has gots to realize, dragons are not fae….we are dragons. Just think on us as bouncers for the fae and namer of the stars for The Light.”

Sookie looked thoughtful. “So-o-o, Eric was born with some dragon DNA. His mom was a Halfling so he was a Halfling; his gran charged him with her blood which was dragon inspired so he had more DNA for being a dragon; turned vampire; now he is a dragon.”

“Sounds right,” M.E. nodded.

“And I am only a Halfling, in love with a dragon. And maybe pregnant with his dragon baby. And I can’t drink O.I.’s Death or even coffee, because I might be, you know, be carryin’ his baby.”

“That’s about it, Miss Sookie,” M.R. smiled at her as he made himself a bacon and biscuit sandwich.

“Well, you did leave one something out,” Eric said as he contemplated his drink and then looked thoughtfully at the bacon.

“What’s that?” Gran asked.

“She is engaged to be married,” he said deadpan then broke into a grin.

The catcalls, the whistling, the yelling and screaming…even some dragon trumpeting, was let loose in the kitchen.

When Eric and Sookie had been hugged on by everyone, the glasses came out and The Death was poured in honor of the happy couple and the toasting began.

By the time lunch rolled around, Eric was lying on the floor in the living room with M.R. and M.E. sitting on one side of him and Sookie and Lafayette sitting on the other, using his chest for a table while they played cards.

Eric was watching the paint tap dance on the ceiling. “O.I., The Death is just like I remember it. Only this time I am not puking my guts out. And I think I am drunk. And a daywalker. Only I am now going to my day rest because I really do think I am drunk and a daywalker. And engaged,” He grinned as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“You are correct of course, my prince,” O.I. smiled at him. “We will be right here. And maybe in the kitchen. The honored Gran has gone to make brownies. Which Miss Sookie says is just as good as pie. We will be right here.”

“Brownies with walnuts,” Sookie said as she eyed the group and asked, “Who has Queens?”

There were appropriate groans as they were tossed her way and smiling sweetly, she made a book and put it on the floor next to her, taking her time and neatly patting it into place, in line with her other two.

“Brownies with pecans are okay but in this house, we prefer walnuts.”

“Brownies with walnuts, whatever my princess says,” was mumbled with slurred words by the big blond before he passed out.

“We are mightly lookin’ forward to the goodness of the brownies with walnuts, my prince,” O.I. blew him a kiss as Eric closed his eyes and with a gentle smile, was asleep.

O.I. fluttered into the kitchen and offered to chop the walnuts for gran.

“Now O.I. that is mighty kind of you. But I have one of these fancy chopping things. This won’t take long. And you, being court confessor for your king, you must have important business to attend,” she smiled at him as she set things out. Then became very serious. “I understand that Eric should be the one to tell his father of the engagement, but since he is King of the Fae and there are those looking to do harm, he might need just a little heads up.”

“Honored Gran,” O.I. took her hand and placing a kiss there, gave her a grand and sweeping bow. “You do so understand the ways of the world.”

“Lived in it long enough,” she returned his smile. “I know how things can get hinky when things are not shared in a timely manner. And I know it is hard to do the sharing when you are passed out on the floor.”

“Thank you fair lady, for your wisdom and understanding. I shall return shortly.”

O.I. opened the kitchen door and with a thought he was in the study of his king.

Er-erikr stood abruptly from his desk, knocking over his chair when he felt the portal open and O.I. step through.

O.I. could read his face. His king was scared, scared something had gone horribly amiss with his son.

“Greetings sire,” he rendered a grand sweeping bow and then a salute topped off with a toothy grin. “I do not mean to interrupt your day but I thought I would follow protocol and check in. I have been told that my manners are not always the best and I am looking to improve them.”

The dragon ease in which O.I. normally spoke was gone. In its place was something a bit more refined and cocky.

Er-erikr relaxed and righted his chair and then came to the front of his desk. “It is always a pleasure to see you, o’ king of the dragons. Is there somehow I might be of assistance to you today?” Eri-erikr gave him a look that said “Especially since you are to be guarding Miss Sookie and Eric!”

“I was just passing through and brought a drink I thought you might like to try. But I need to do some research in your library. I thought our dragon lineage passed through Herself, directly, but my brother M.E. seems to think we are once removed and it falls to an Aunt to carry the connection. I just need the paperwork from the royal library to prove him wrong. Then he owes me. And I am colleting. He is about to become an expert pie baker.”

“My, that is some bragging rights,” Er-erikr lifted an eyebrow. “A direct heir of Herself.”

“Yes,” O.I grinned. “That we should all be so blessed,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows. “Her newest and perhaps last son now walks and takes unto himself a mate. When their child is born, there shall be a grand and glorious celebration…and perhaps even the stars will align and spell out his name in the heavens. I just want to make sure we get the invitation to attend.”

Giving an O.I. a puzzled look Er-erikr mouthed “What’s the connection?”

“Coffee my king?” O.I. asked as he produced a small thermos from his backpack.

“Oh, well yes please,” he replied as he took two mugs down off a shelf and blew out the dust.

Once the small carafe was opened, the aroma wafted out into the room and interesting things began to happen. A letter that sat on the king’s desk began coughing and gagging and with a moan and a final gasp, fell off the desk and onto the floor, with the letters leaking out onto the stone and then fizzled away.

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. chuckled. “Their shit just never gets old.”

Er-erikr was fuming. “It arrived today. A petition from the Maypoles. Of course, they are going to claim they know nothing about this eavesdropping scheme and I am sure they do not. Now that I have made contact with Erikr and we are on speaking terms, this is really starting to piss me off.”

“My king,” he wiggled his eyes brows. “You has not even started down the pissed off path. It gets better.”

“Better, how much better and why does it get better?” While the dragon poured out the dark liquid into the mugs, from behind a stack of books, Er-erikr removed a flask.

“How are things?” he asked as he leaned against his desk and poured The Death into the cups. “They must at least be interesting because you are here and grinning and not answering the question to just how pissed off am I going to become.”

“Why my king, things are most excellent. No warrin’ goin’ on, at least not yet, anyway. And not my news to be spreadin’ around, but you needs to know. Erikr is now dragon. Tattooed by the Dragon Mother, herself. Her Alpha and the Omega is above his beating heart, the tattoo the same blue color as his eyes, as her eyes. And it all looks very charming with his flesh tones.”

The king picked up the flask and holding it to his lips, drank. He then passed it to O.I. who did the same.

“That is some gift,” the king replied as he took the flask from O.I. and with a long drink, emptied it.

“When I left, your heir, he was passed out on the livin’ room floor after a large breakfast of biscuits, bacon, some eggs called over easy, and several mugs of The Death…and a couple of pitchers,” O.I. grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. “Twas a true celebratory event. He even toasted you, my king, more than once. It was a proud moment.”

Er-erikr cleared his throat and gave O.I. a come on wave with his hand. However, the king of the dragons noted, he did look pleased.

“Well yes, Miss Sookie, her brother Lafayette and my two brothers are right now usin’ his t-shirt clad chest as a table for playin’ cards. It is all very charmin’ and there might be some cheatin’, but who is to say, and they are playing for pie.”

“Dragons do have a sweet tooth,” he smiled.

“And a love for their children,” the dragon continued. “Sire, from your child shall come grandchildren.” O.I. said with a bow. Then, his face was even with the king’s. His words pointed. “Don’t fuck this up.”

Er-erikr frowned.

“My king, I have seen the two of you together. So much alike…and yet not. And I have seen you get angry and fuck things up between the two of you. Not that the prince is innocent in all this because when he is around you, he is just spoilin’ for a fight.

But experience has taught us that he can and has not come back around. And in the past, there were times he just could not wait to jump in your shit. And you just kept shovelin’ it and he just got angrier and angrier and here we are today. An age has past and you twos are just now talkin. And The Light knows that the harpy shit here is startin’ to stink and it smells like war. So when it starts lookin’ like fist city between father and son, be the bigger man and just shuts the fuck up. Just say’n.”

“Good point,” he nodded and had another drink of coffee.

“Now, Erikr is a good boy and he will be around to announce his news. So whenever he tells you, act surprised.  And I woulds not be here now doin’ this but this is all big information that affects more than just him and his soon to be Mrs. It would not do for others to hear of this before you.”

“Have they…” the thought trailed off. “Erikr and his Sookie…”

That was sweet. His king was blushing. “Consummated the marriage agreement, that would be yes. Is she carryin’ your grandchild. I would bet on that. A dragon matin’ for the first time is a powerful thang. I do believe he got the job done.”

“What if…what if he does not tell me…” the king whispered.

O.I. fluttered in front of his face. “Miss Sookie will not let that abide. Her family is everything. You are now her family. When it comes to her family, it will not matter what Erikr wants or does not want. She will have her way in this matter. But you are not to worry about that. He wants to tell you, my king. That much was obvious during the toastin’.”

“I wonder if he would like to have his mother’s ring?”

O.I. patted him on the cheek. “When he makes contact, and he will, you can ask him then.

And I know he would be here now, my king, telling you the good news but that boy is mo’ fo’n pissed drunk and passed out from The Death’s.”

Er-erikr wiped at his eyes. He could feel the tears. He thought he had cried himself out when his wife had died and his son had told him to fuck off and never look for him again. “Thank you, O.I.,” he managed. “You are a good friend.”

“Thank you my king,” he grinned. “We is gonna have us a mo’ fo’n weddin’.”

“And who knows what else,” the king chuckled as he righted himself and thought about the days to come. There would be love and there would be war. But his family would be there, standing by his side.

“Fear not,” the small dragon snapped to attention and saluted, “the dragons stand guard.

Now, let’s finish the coffee and top it off one more time. I gots to gets back.”


When O.I. came back into the kitchen he could smell what had to be the brownies and followed his nose out into the living room. His prince was now snoring with his mouth open and a plate of the chocolate goodness was resting on his chest as the family helped themselves.

“We have you a plate and fork,” Sookie looked up from her cards and waved him over. “They are on the coffee table. Just come on and help yourself.”

“Thank you Miss Sookie,” he smiled at her.

“Gran set out the whipped cream, to go on top. So don’t cheat yourself outa anything extra. Gran even poured some of The Death on hers. She said she enjoyed it so much, she went to lie down for a bit.

Any idea how much longer his royal badness is down for the count?” she chuckled. “We need to see his daddy and tell him the news. Gran made an extra tray of brownies so we can have a little celebratory party.”

“Oh-h-h-h, a party,” O.I. clasped his paws over his heart. “We will need more of The Deaths.

And as for my prince, sleep is the best thing for him. Short of a war in the livin’ room, not much will get him up. But he should be risin’….let me see…blond, blue eyes; his weight and height times his bones divided by his strengths; his victuals at breakfast; he drank two pitchers…and two mugs before I brought in the small keg…” the dragon king was running the numbers on his claws. “By my calculations, he will be risin’ about when the sun is goin’ down.”

“That long, huh?”

“Powerful stuff, is The Deaths. Nothing but respect and honored salutations when it is present,” M.R. said as he was trying to sneak a peek at M.E.’s cards. “And our prince’s blue eyes and blond hair. Actually his coloring is a blessing and a curse. No matter how much he drinks, he can process it faster out of his system to a clearer head, but his hair and eyes also absorbs it faster and makes him drunk quicker.”

“Fact,” all three dragons nodded in agreement.

“Well, once Eric gets presentable, I am sure we will be speakin’ to his dad to tell him the news. O.I., can…can you book us an appointment for that time?” Sookie asked.

“Miss Sookie,” his voice was sincere. “No matter what the king is doing, he always makes time for his son. No appointment necessary. We will just portal on through.”

Settling in, they talked sweets, alcohol, favorite candle smells, and baby names.

“In the South,” Sookie kept stressing, “the first child has some form of his momma’s name. Does not matter if it is male or female. Now, on earth, this baby’s last name is Northman. But in the land of the fae, his last name is Sookiehawk. So we got triple S’s. Stackhouse Sookie Sookiehawk? Eric Stackhouse Sookiehawk? Sookie Eric Sookiehawk? All of this is gonna be a mouthful and maybe embarrassing. I need to know how all this is gonna’ washout.”


When Eric woke, he smelled oddly of chocolate. And whipped cream. Which was just odd. He knew chocolate mousse. Had watched while his dates had ordered that for dessert. But this was not chocolate mousse. Maybe he was still drunk?

“So the bad boy of drink until you are blind is awake,” Sookie chuckled and then, “Hey, stop tryin’ to look at my cards, M.E. You got caught cheatin’, you have to bake a pie. I want Dutch apple. I am cravin’ that somethin’ fierce.”

With a long suffering sigh, M.E. put down his cards. “Let me report in to His La La Fineness in the kitchen,” the wee fellow said with another sigh. “I will see what he charges me for the pie.”

“What’s up, besides my eyes bleeding raw alcohol,” Eric asked. “Please, keep that candle away from me. I would hate to go up in flames on my first day as a daywalker.”

“Don’t move,” Sookie patted his arm. “We are usin’ you for our card table. And we have been playin’ go fish since you went down for the count. M.E. and M.R. have both,” she eyed them and shook her finger, “been caught tryin’ to cheat. So the punishment is you have to bake a pie for bein’ slow to shove off and show off your cheatin’ skills. We got to talkin’ and Lafayette said how his pecan pie and lemon meringue always took first place at the county fair and the boys here, well, they offered to pay him if he would do the bake off for them.”

Eric raised his head and looked down at his chest. “I see some big assed jewelry resting on top of me as well as cards.”

“Yes, they are offering that up in payment. Lafayette is gonna come out and take a look. If there is something he likes, they will haggle it around. These fellows have some highly developed cheatin’ skills. I have my own little stash of jewels over here,” she smiled, patting the space beside her. “Every time I catch one in the act, they have to anti-up. I had no idea dragons would bet on just about anythin’.”

O.I. nodded in agreement as his eyes swept over the crowd. “Been no one callin’ for fours,” he cackled. “Show me your fours!”

“Go fish!” was laughed gleefully by Sookie and M.R.

“What?” O.I. snorted.

“Eric,” Sookie handed him M.E.’s cards. “Toss out the fours would you please.”

“Oh,” he smiled as he fanned through the cards. “Wait one…” and he looked through them again. “There are none.”

“What?” they all turned and looked at O.I.

“Oh-h-h-h,” he carefully fanned through his cards. “My mistake,” he smiled sweetly. “It seems I have all four.”

“Pbbblllttttt!” they all blew raspberries at him. “You don’t get to throw down and you lose a turn,” Sookie announced with glee.

“What?” he sat up straighter and looked out at the crowd. “Since when?”

“Since always,” they hooted.
Sookie was doing a hand dance! “Ya’ll get ready ‘cause I am gonna go out!”

Lafayette and M.E. came out into the living room. “I have started a pot of celebration stew and I am makin’ cornbread to go with. I found some of Gran’s raw honey and we will be havin’ that as well and chocolate soufflés for dessert. So, how many for dinner?”

“That would be the dragons,” Eric held three fingers, “the happy couple, His La La Fineness, Gran, and my father. Eight in all.”

“Oh Eric,” Sookie leaned in for a kiss and was not disappointed. When they broke apart she was breathless. “You just melt my heart.”

“Well, when you finish the game, I will get cleaned up and put in the call. No need to hurry,” he smiled. “I could maybe cat nap a few minutes longer.”


When the game ended, Sookie went in the kitchen to help Lafayette and Eric went upstairs to their bedroom. “Ours,” he grinned as he thought about that. His secret lairs, his high security homes, his countless earthen burrows that guaranteed his survival, were now a thing of his past. “Ours” was his future. His place of sanctuary was now an old farmhouse that did not even have internet. Or cable. Or several other things he depended on to run his life and his high-end security systems.

And now…a wife…and a child. One for sure…one of each for sure…a wife and a child…and his world flipped and then spun out of control as he watched his past and his future come into a clear, sharp focus.

“Mo’ fo’n,” he smiled as he opened their bedroom door and looked around the small room. His closets were bigger. His closet in a cave that he had modified was bigger. But this room held his Sookie, therefore it held him. Opening the portal, he stepped through to his father’s office.

“Erikr,” the king of the fae smiled when he saw him and standing, started toward him. “My son,” he said with joy as he embraced him and then began to cry.

The older man held Eric’s face in his hands. “I love you my son. All I have ever wanted for you was to know joy and to be happy. To be happy…” he wept. “And to be loved…”

Eric held him while he cried and sobbed about past mistakes and horrible misunderstandings and how proud he was of him.

“It is all forgiven, Father,” Eric said as he lifted the man’s face from his neck. “All forgiven. I have come to an understanding in the past hour of my life that should have been obvious to me these past thousand years.

As I was coming of age, I always thought that if we lived in Fae it would somehow be easier. That there would be no need to hunt, fish, farm, or build boats. Why rule a small village with its hurts and wants when you can reign in a land where there are no hurts or wants.

Childish thinking, I know that now, because you taught me when things are easy, you become lazy. And when you become lazy, you are not safe. Not from your peers, not from thieves, not from nature. History is a useful thing. And I have watched empires crumble because the ruler had forgotten the basic fact that you are never to be too proud to put your back into peasant work. You help your people do what needs to be done so that you continue to stand against marauders and nature.

I see that with the vampires. They are a prime example of lazy. Instead of working, there is only the opportunity waiting to bring those that have more the true death and take what is theirs. And the more power they amass, the lazier they become and more open to attack from those that serve you.

But when you have to work, physically toil to earn your living and provide, you learn values.

Mother was one of the hardest working people in our village. When the men would take their rest after the evening meal, that is when she would work the wool. Her hands always busy.

Sookie is the same,” he said thoughtfully.

“My son. Your mother…” he began. “She was something to be cherished. She was not like any other female I had ever known.”

Eric smiled. “Yes. She was strong and not afraid. Ever. I can see your wisdom in raising me on Earth, as a Viking.”

“I,” the older man sighed. “I wanted a family I could be proud of. One that I could point at and announce proudly that they were mine.”

Eric nodded in understanding. “You made hard choices, Father. You did what you believed to be the best for your family. And I now know they were difficult because I am now faced with these same decisions. I,” he became thoughtful, “Sookie said I was a bad ass with strong moral values. She is right. I live within the laws until someone hurts what is mine. Then I react, I believe she has told me more than once, in a bad ass kind of way. Because of the way I was raised, those that would think to hurt my family, I would hunt them to the ends of both worlds and destroy them.

There are things you can control, and most things you cannot,” he said with a shake of his head. “Those things that I cannot control, they now scare me because I have asked Sookie to marry me,” he said softly. “She said yes. I still do not understand why except for the fact that she loves me. I know I love her and would sacrifice all to keep her safe.”

Er-erikr nodded in understanding and hugged his son. “A wife,” he smiled. “I am so pleased…”

Eric smiled in return. “Everyone seems to think that she is pregnant. That because I am now dragon in my bones that she carries my babe. Something I cannot fathom and yet I desire more than anything I have ever wanted to be true.”

“Oh my son,” the older man stroked his face and began to weep, again.

There were tears in Eric’s eyes as well as he continued. “I will never understand what it cost your soul to watch Mother die. And frankly, I do not want too. I do not know that I have that type of strength to watch Sookie waste away in horrible pain while trying to explain to my child that there is nothing that I can do to save their mother.”

“Oh my son…” his father was crying. “There was nothing to be done. I tried…we all tried…”

“I know…” his voice was sad. “Father, I know,” Eric was stroking his face. “Mother earned her right at the table and sits in Valhalla with the ancient warriors.

Just as you have earned your right to have with you your family. I am sorry for my foolish ways. Please, come and have dinner with us tonight. Help us to celebrate this joyous occasion.”

Grinning, Er-erikr kissed Eric on the forehead and then took a step back. “O.I. told me not to fuck this up,” he sighed. “So, I believe I need to be honest. O.I. came to see me…”

“It was a party atmosphere,” Eric smiled. “And I was celebrating and reveling in the fact that I was a daywalker and I could eat and drink and that I was getting married and going to be a father. This drunk was a thousand years in the making and with every toast to Sookie and our future together, I did not hold back. Because I knew,” he stressed as he looked into his father’s eyes. “O.I. would do the right thing and tell you. That this kind of news should not wait until the drunk is able to pull himself up off the floor. That the political ramifications could be far reaching if you did not know first so that you could prepare.”

“I love you my son,” the older man leaned his forehead against Eric’s. “I have your mother’s jewelry. I think it is time to gift it to your bride.”


Father and son returned to the old farmhouse amidst tears, laughter, hugs, kisses and congratulations to the happy couple.

O.I. had a pitcher of The Death at the ready and the toasting began.

“To my bride,” Eric began, “and the mother of my children.”

“Hear! Hear!” was shouted and glasses raised. “To Sookie!”

“To her gran, whose heart is filled with love and laughter and the understanding that different is beautiful and to be cherished.”

“Hear! Hear!” they all whistled and clapped. “To Gran!”

“To my father…” was all Eric said as he raised his glass.

“Hear! Hear!” came the hearty reply.

“And a great big thank you to O.I. for keeping our national security in tact in the Realm of the Two Blue Moons while I was passed out and being used for a gaming table.”

There were catcalls, whistling, stamping of feet and even some dragon trumpeting as the king of the dragons did a flyover.

Coming to a halt above the crowd, O.I. took his bows. “I has heard the stories my prince, several times, of your Viking rite to manhood.”

Eric grinned as Er-erikr, the teller of the stories, broke into laughter.

“Must be a good one,” Sookie smiled as she looked from father to son.

“Oh it is,” Eric nodded. “I had been declared a man at the age of ten, having passed the criteria that was set by the law. I had skills, I could fish, and I could hunt and bring home dinner. I knew about farming, boat building, and at that age I was skilled with a sword. Not the one I would eventually at my full height carry into battle, but it was to my size and I could kill you with it.

So-o-o-o-o, as Vikings, we all grow up drinking mead and after being declared a man I wanted to sit at the warrior’s table and drink with the men. It is my right, I said more than once after the ceremony. My mother would frown at this and my father,” Eric eyed the man, “who would say nothing, finally nodded in agreement. ‘It is time,’ I distinctly remember hearing him say as my mother rolled her eyes. So that night, after dinner, I sat with the men and a horn was placed in front of me and then it was filled. And filled again. And filled again.

And it was filled every time the mead maiden came by. She would look at my father and he would nod his head yes.

I woke up the next morning still sitting at the table with my head in a puddle of mead. The Hall was stirring which meant I had chores to do and so I had to get my ass up and get moving. Only I could not stand. I could not raise my head up off the table. And I still had chores to be done, I was now being constantly reminded as people came and went and poked me in the side. Slapped the top of my head in congratulations. Clanked things in my ears so that I would know the sound of coin. Because if I continued to lay there, they would laugh loudly in my ear as my head split open, I would soon forget that sound.

I only wished for death at that moment.

‘He is going to puke,’ Mother said when she came by with a tray of cooked meat.

And she was right. When that smell hit my nose…well, I was hustled outside—as in Olaf grabbed one side of me and Borg the other and literally threw me out the door upsetting the chickens and covering me in chicken shit.

Throw up I did, several times, for the next several days. And I still had chores to do because I was a man and in just five short years or so I would be married with a wife and a family of my own.”

Everyone in the room was laughing.

“You were a most delightful shade of green,” Er-erikr chuckled, “for about a week. Your mother said she saw the sense in getting you drunk, but she would kick me every time she said it.

She would be so proud of you Erikr,” he said clasping him around the shoulders. “So proud of the way you have managed your life and she would be delighted at the mate you have chosen.

Her wish was to gift to your bride her jewelry,” he said stepping back and taking the bag out of his pocket, he handed it to his son. “And I know how pleased she would be for Sookie to have her things.”

“This calls for pie and coffee,” Gran beamed. “Let me start a fresh pot. Lafayette, I don’t know how many pies you made this afternoon, but line them all up and let’s start!”

When Gran opened the coffee can, Eric eyed the bag of jewels that was resting in his hand. “Something is alive in here,” he said.

“No,” his father said as he took the bag from him. “I just…” when the coffee started to brew, there was gasping sounds coming from the bag as it began to move around.

O.I. zipped over and took the bag over to the sink. Putting in the stopper, “Gran, at the ready with the coffee,” his voice was most serious. “We wills takes whatever is goin’.”

Gran removed the pot and placed a bowl under drip as O.I. dumped the jewelry into the sink and on went the coffee. There was a horrible smell as the jewelry thrashed about and the coffee went from black to brown to clear and the jewelry was once more laying still in the bottom of the sink.

“What the fuck?” Eric was pissed.

“We wondereds how they administered the poison to your momma,” O.I. was seething.

“They spelled her jewelry,” Er-erikr was yelling. “Those lower than harpy shit godmothers spelled her jewelry.”

“A generational curse,” M.E. was nodding as he picked up a bracelet out of the sink. “They knew, my king, that this would pass to your son. So they thought to kill his bride in the same manner as well.”

“But,” Eric looked confused. “But Mother did not wear jewelry…only her marriage band.”

Eric’s father became very still. “She…my Gretta, she would wear them to bed…she wear would them when we were intimate…” his voice struggled. “I told her I liked the way the jewels looked on her skin in the firelight…” he sobbed. “She wore them to please me…”

“Mother fucker,” Gran said with disgust as she looked around the room. “These are some bad, bad folks.”

“Yes they are,” Sookie nodded in agreement. “Let’s mount up and go kick their ass. Eric, you get your dragon mojo goin’ and I’ll hit them with my blue flame and we’ll send them all screamin’ into hell…or whatever your blue moon equivalent happens to be.”

“How about,” the king of the fae righted himself, “how about if we have some coffee and pie and celebrate your engagement.”

Sookie shrugged. “Well, let’s do that and then go kick their ass. I always do better when I am not hungry. And right now pie sounds good. Could fill those hollow spaces in my tummy. And top it off with ice cream. So it could fill all those tiny hollow places in my tummy.”

Er-erikr shook off the dark and embraced this new chapter in his life. “By the stars and The Light, you are just like my Gretta. You hurt her family and she would go looking for you with her sword in hand. Welcome to the family, my darling girl. I am proud to call you my daughter, wife to my son,  and mother to my grandchildren. Welcome Sookie, to the Sookiehawk clan.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Believe—Chapter 4

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

The characters of the Southern Vampire Mysteries belong to Miss Charlaine Harris. No infringement on my part is intended. The characters on True Blood belong to Mr. Alan Ball. No infringement on my part is intended.

I have no BETA, editor, or other such charming person. All mistakes are my own. This Story is rated M.


Believe—Chapter 4

“Good thing Thanksgivin’ is over,” Sookie looked out at the crowd. “And I got a little time before Christmas rolls around. If insanity is comin’ on, I could use a piece of pie. Anyone else?”

“Yes ma’am,” O.I. said fluttering up. “Insanity hub-bubbin’ at your door and all, a true pie occasion,” his voice sincere. “I could smells the wonderfulness of those perfectnesses from the oven. Maybe it should be a ritual,” he said looking over his shoulder as he fluttered off to the kitchen. “When the crazies move in, we could have pie! Ah-h-h-h, Miss Sookie, where would I find this pie, exactly?”

“On my way,” she smiled at him. “Come on. I know we have some pumpkin left and a pecan pie. I could use a slice of each. And maybe some ice cream.”

Sitting around the kitchen table, they all watched her as she sliced, scooped and served.

As Sookie puttered about she spied the coffee canister and gave herself an inner hug. She was going for it! Woohoo! Coffee! At this hour! Screw it! Coffee and pie! “What’s the deal with coffee?” she asked as she lifted the lid and inhaled. “It seemed to be a deal breaker for Etty. Her magic mojo just sorta went to hell.”

“Coffee?” the three fae looked at her.

“Here, I am gonna’ make a pot. And probably drink a cup or two. I should not this late…or is it early? But right now I don’t think it matters much.”

Placing four scoops in the coffee maker, she passed the container. “Interesting,” Er-erikr, took a sniff. “It has a very clean smell,” as he passed it to O.I.

“Really,” Sookie looked over her shoulder at him. “I would not describe that as clean. Celery smells clean…this…this smells like coffee.”

Fairly took a whiff. “I recognize that smell. Coffee, in the text I read when I was young, it was called joe and the vampyres took all of it with them when they were banished.”

“What?” Came the startled voices from everyone in the kitchen.

Eric’s voice was the loudest! “Vampires? Blood sucking vampires? They were Fae?”

Her eyes grew wider at the startled responses. “They drank joe and slept during the nights when the two blue moons would rise. I did not read anything about them drinking blood. But they were…were callers for justice and righting wrongs. They would drink joe and…and…displace your aura is what the text said.

The queen at the time of their banishment, her clan was one of witches. And the witches were beginning to do mischief on the days when the blue moons would rise, knowing they could not be stopped. Although not present, the vampires set a trap for them and caught the wrong doers which included the queen’s mother and sisters.

The queen was furious at the trickery and twisted the facts stating that the witches had found the vampires doing foul deeds and insisted to her king that they be banished.”

“There would be no way in hell vampires could take all of the coffee bushes with them,” Sookie said. “Some one had to destroy all of what grew there. Any bets it is the same ilk that is killin’ Fairly’s tree?”

“It is a crime punishable by death to knowingly and willfully destroy a living tree of any kind,” the king sounded a bit testy.

Eyeing the pot, Eric was putting his vampire heritage together. “Coffee. What a useful tool. Something that could break down a spell that was being used against you,” Eric chuckled, “now, who would want to get rid of that?”

Sookie poured herself a cup of coffee. “Well Eric, all I can say is thanks to you and yours for bringin’ coffee here.”

“What?” Fairly stuttered. “My prince,” her eyes grew round and her lower jaw dropped a bit. “Are…are…you a vampyre?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

Placing her hand around her neck, she tugged at the simple chain that came up over her neck. In her hand was a very small, round purple cylinder crystal, not bigger that a match stick. “My mother said to give this to my king’s son that was a vampire,” she said as she removed the chain and placed it back around her neck.

“What?” Eric and his father both said at the same time

“She knew I was a vampire?” Eric hissed.

“She knew he was a vampire?” Distaste and anger vibrated through the words.

Fairly looked from father to son. Yes, her king was older. But at first glance, it was like looking at a mirror image. Only the son, he had more of an edge to him. She did not think it was the vampire that set the sharpness. She knew how his mother died.

Her mother’s death had at least been over before the sun set. If this one was to ever be crowned king, heads would roll in a way not seen since the earliest of days.

“Yes,” she nodded, her auburn curls following her movement. “She was most specific. She said if I was to meet this son, to give him this, other than that I was to wear it as a favored talisman from my mother, if anyone were to ask.”

“They were watching you even then, my son,” Er-erikr was shaking his head in disgust. “I wonder which one they trusted that job too?”

“I do not know for certain, but Marigold, perhaps,” Fairly said quietly. “She is one of the oldest and mother would comment when she would be gone. Not to anyone else, mind you, only to me. Her voice was always very pointed when she mentioned it as well as her eyes and ears. None of the others were ever…not there…” she shrugged.

“Nothing to be done about that now,” Eric was intently observing the crystal. “I will just be more vigilant in the future.”

“But they would have known before the war,” his father insisted.

“Yes,” was his quiet reply. “They were watching mother die, you grieving and me dying on a battle field only to be turned by Godric. I cannot dwell there Father. I would kill all of them.

This however,” he admired the small crystal. “It could be a key of some sort,” Eric held it up to the light. “The ancient Egyptians used a wooden pin locking system. Samuel and I saw plenty of those in our tomb raiding days. Plus, it is purple and a crystal. That could mean nothing or it could mean everything.

Or, something could fit through the hole to hold it in place and this could act as an axletree…that would be a linchpin. Same principle as the locking system. This would have to be present for the mechanism to work. Here again, the color and the material of the cylinder could be everything.”

“Or perhaps,” Sookie held out her hand and Eric placed it there. “It has somethin’ written on it that can only be read on the night of a cold moon or with our starlight. The time when a vampire would be out. Perhaps written in a language only the king’s son would understand.

Cloudy out there,” Sookie gave him a tiny kiss on the cheek. “You can check, but it is dark.”

“Excuse me,” Eric said as he stood and went out the kitchen door. In a few minutes he returned. “Miss Sookie, you are on the right track. It changed color and pulsed. Light, dark, light, dark.

I am flying above the cloud cover. I will be back in a few minutes.”

They all watched Eric leave and Sookie poured herself another cup of coffee.

“Somethin’ has been eatin’ on me,” O.I. said as he put down his fork and eyed wistfully the last crumb of crust on his plate. “After the war, the godmothers returned books to the library of the language that it was written in. Why would Pearl be lookin’ in the basement for somethin’ written in dragon?”

Fairly was thoughtful. “I don’t know that the reference books citing all the works would have been returned. They were after all, the same books in every library. There was nothing there that could speak of treason. We certainly had the dragon unabridged references listing all your works. There were plenty of addendums. Just one page documents that accompanied the works when there was an update.”

“So somethin’ private and eye brow raisin’ written in dragon could have been slipped in. Somethin’ to prove innocence and point a finger to the true traitors…?”

“Well, of course,” she nodded.

“Would explains the burnin’s. Let’s say your momma wrote up somethin’ to clear her name. Maybe someone she trusted knew about it. Maybe they went to the Chancellor and she said just to burn it all. Only the war started and not everythin’ got destroyed.”

“With the innocents dead, there would be no reason to go back and finish the job.” There was a look on the king’s face that Sookie recognized. There may be calm on his face, but there was killing in his eyes. At that moment, he looked just like his son!

They heard the door and Eric walked back in. “Under the starlight, you can see the Runes that have been engraved inside the stone. N,S,A,V. Which represent the four directions in Norse. Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri. The crystal goes into the center of a *Uunartoq disc, otherwise known as a twilight compass. This allowed us to navigate once the sun went down.”

“So my mother left proof of their innocence somewhere in the library…” her voice trailed off. “And, my prince, she trusted you to find it.”

“Well then, Fairly, I think you could do your Chancellor a great service by righting the library, putting back into good order whatever is there,” Er-Erikr’s voice held steel. “And,” his face softened, “will someone come looking for you? You have been gone for a bit and now a bit.”

“I am no one, my king,” she replied.

Er-erikr shook his head. “Not any more. The Chancellor is going to start thinking about righting the library. You will be her most valuable resource. Because of this, she will begin to keep tabs on you. We need to get you back. O.I., if you would please, open a portal…you have been in their library, correct?”

“Yes my king, an age ago, but I can still fix on a point.”

“Most excellent. Now, Fairly we thank you for your valuable intel and you time and for your faithfulness to your mother. Until a later time, walk well under the two blue moons.”

“And to you as well, my king,” she said standing, curtsied and taking O.I.’s paw she stepped out the door and into the blazing light that was waiting for her.

“So there is something in the library that can only be seen in the dark by a vampire,” Sookie said as she looked from father to son, “using this twilight compass.”

“Seems to be,” Eric replied as he frowned.

“I will leave you two to talk,” Er-erikr said rising. “I am sure you have much to discuss. Good night my son,” he slowly reached for Eric.

Eric’s face said nothing but he reached back and the two embraced in a hug.

“Miss Sookie,” the king of the fae took her hand and brought it to her lips with an arm still around Eric. “Thank you for the pie and coffee and your lovely company. I look forward to many more gathering, only under happier circumstances.”

“It was nice to meet you,” she smiled in return. “I am glad we got this chance. And I would just like to say you and your wife, you did a fine job of raisin’ your son. Eric may be a bad ass, but he has a set of moral convictions that make him someone worth knowing.”

“That would be his mother and his grandmother,” the older man said with a bow of his head. “Two finer women have never lived. Tonight I am honored to say I have met a third who stand in the good company of the Sookiehawk clan.”

Sookie blushed. “Well…well…”

Eric stepped into the conversation. “We will be on guard for the fae insanity but Sookie and I must get back to our lives. My vampire queen wants Sookie to do some work for her and Sookie’s holy days are coming on. She is very busy cooking and decorating during this time. And since we need the coin of this realm to live, we will be working our jobs here as well.

Plus, Compton still walks the earth. I need to know how this is possible. If you would please, research that and let me know.”

“Check with O.I. about that. He is very knowledgeable about the magics. He would be my go-to source.”

“Thank you, I will do that.” There was a long pause.  “Father, I do not say this lightly. And I am shocked that I say it at all. But I will help you when I can. Advance warning is helpful but I know is not always doable. Short of dropping a house on me, get my attention. I will admit to being most curious about how far back this conspiracy goes to over-run our house. I will see Samuel and retrieve my Uunartoq. I will be ready with my device whenever Fairly has the library sorted out.”

“Thank you my son. I love you.”

Sookie watched as another portal opened outside her kitchen door and the king walked out and was gone.

“What cha’ thinkin’?” she asked Eric as she closed the door.

“That before O.I. returns, I need a kiss,” he said pulling her up onto him. His lips took hers, hungry and needy. Her mouth was warm, wet, and full of promise as his greedy tongue touched every space and his lips echoed what his lower body was doing to hers. Push, withdraw, push, withdraw…take her upstairs and…

“Eric…” she was able to mumble in a whisper and then they both heard the knock at the door.

“Fucking O.I.,” he said as the kiss broke apart.

O.I. and M.E. were fluttering by the front door.

“It is just mean what you are doing, o’ king of the dragons,” his brother’s toothy grin reflected back yellow in the porch light.

“I know,” O.I. grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. “But righteous businesses before joyful pleasurin’. And our prince, he does so be wantin’ his pleasure. Just doin’ my part to help this here situation along.”

“And what situation would that be?” M.E. laughed.

“Keepin’ my prince on his toes and his fangs down. Mind sharp and mean. Gonna’ get nasty muck rollin’ dirty before he gets to the nastin’ part of getting’ naked with Miss Sookie.

Now, looks sad and contrite, heres they come.”

When Sookie opened the door, Eric was standing right behind here. Both dragons offered up deep and respectful bows.

“Fairly is safely deposited in the library where we lefts her workin’ away. We has returned to resume our duties my lady, to you and yours. I knows day light is comin’ on and my prince needs to seeks shelter. But I fugureds you wanted to get to the mo’ fo’n piece of Compton business before you retired.”

Eric glared at O.I. and O.I. just looked that much more sorrowful.

“I ams deeply and truly sorrowed my prince that Compton still walks. I knows your stake was true, but the witches has doused him with gooey goody. I looked it up just now, just to make sure. This is what enables him to still walk. As the stake entered, it pulled the gooey goody ins with it. Coated the wound, so to speak. Good news is that it pulled all the goody into the wound so it only heals the once. The bad news is that this mo fo’n unrighteous mo fo’er is still alive. But more good news is I stopped off at the house. Saw my momma and told her what we was up against. I tolds her about the wrongness doin’ to the righteous and hows our prince is standin’ by his daddy’s side. Brought tears to her old eyes. So she gave me this,” he said as he help up a beautiful, blue pearled egg that fit in the palm of Eric’s hand. “It is one of her unfertilized eggs. Cracks it open, drinks, eats the shell and walks in daylight. Your inner dragon shall shine forth and you will be the baddest of the bad asses in the realm of the cold moon.”

Eric held it up to the light.

“That’s…that’s an egg?” Sookie said leaning in for a closer look. “My gawd, it is beautiful! And…and I can see through it.”

“Tis why we are such handsome devils,” M.E. grinned. “We start out as sheer perfection.”

The dragons fluttered inside as Eric and Sookie stepped back in and closed the door.

“Eat, drink and walk,” Eric’s voice held amusement. “Really? Well, why not,” he said to no one. “I used to break the tops off of eggs with my knife when I was a boy,” Eric looked at the two dragons. “Does that principle apply here?”

“Can do, woulds be most elegant, I thinks,” O.I turned to M.E. “What thinks you? Momma gave me no instructions on the presentation and consumption.”

“I think that would be rather elegant. Nothing finer to be drinking out of then the shell itself.”

“Let’s get a knife out of the kitchen, then.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have anything more special than our old family knifes,” Sookie sighed. “We have a small parin’ knife that belonged to my great, great, great grandmother. And a butcher knife that my great, great grandmother killed a Yankee with that was trying to set fire to the chicken coop. What you have there, I think that just calls for something magical lookin’ with a fancy pummel and runes engraved on the blade. That sorta thing.”

“Miss Sookie,” O.I. took her hand and brought it to his lips for a kiss. “This house is one of pure hearts. Everythin’ you touch is magical. We is honored.”

“Thank you O.I.” she said sniffling a bit and wiping at her eyes.

From the long knife magnet on the wall, Eric took down the pairing knife. Tapping the egg around the top, he lifted off the lid he had created. Raising the egg into the air, he said, “Skål,” and brought it to his lips and drank.

“Liquid fire,” he sputtered as he popped the small piece of egg into his mouth and crunched and then the rest of the egg.

“It just dissolved,” he said as he swallowed.

“Good,” M.E. nodded. “Any after affects would be immediate. You are looking extremely well my prince.”

O.I. was nodding in agreement as he closely watched Eric. “It has gots to percolate throughs your system. You has gots to stay dark for one full rotation of your sun, Momma said. Startin’ now.”

“My room has black out curtains. He can sleep under my bed,” Sookie nodded. “This way.”

“Sleep under the bed,” Eric groused. “Was not what I was hoping for.”

Sookie patted him on the arm and gave him a sad smile.

“Sun will be coming up my prince,” M.E. fluttered behind them as they climbed the stairs. “In twenty-four hours, you will be the baddest ass out there. Well, except for O.I. of course. He is the baddest of Momma’s brood.”

“Gots to be,” O.I. fluttered along behind them. “All them snot nosed squatters, druggers and shitters on life, wantin’ to drop by and pass some time with her. Flamed more than one of their sorry asses, I did. Will be flamin’ a lot more.”


Having settled under the bed, there was one major thing that had to be done before his day rest took him. Removing his phone, he punched one on his speed dial.

“Child, cover for me,” was all he said and then hung up.

The minutes passed…Eric was running a constant scan of himself and decided he did not feel any different as he lay beneath Sookie’s bed, waiting for the sun to come up. Sun up should just about be on the horizon. Any moment he should feel the heat as it began its upward trek.

He could hear a clock chiming, which was odd, because Sookie did not have a clock that chimed. And there was the smell of something he did not recognize being carried on a breeze that was gently pushing his hair around.

When he opened his eyes, there was a dragon staring back at him. Their claws pushing the hair back from his face.

“Hello my son,” she smiled at him. “Welcome to the family.”

“Hello Mother,” he smiled at her. “Am I dreaming?”

“You walk the dragon time line,” she replied. “We exist in our own realm. We choose to be seen where we presently exist or we simply fade to memoires and dreams. We were charged by The Light to walk the land of the fae. Here we reside until we are told to do differently.”

“Will I really be able to walk in the sunlight?” he asked.

“My son, you are dragon. You can mo’ fo’n do whatever you want.”

“Perfect,” he grinned as he felt an electric current infiltrate his entire body and the complete history of the dragons began to download into him.


When Eric woke, it was still dark. “Odd,” he said as he moved out from under Sookie’s bed. “I have no sense of time and not one clue as to where the sun is in relationship to the horizon. Oh, and there is the sweet smell of my Sookie.” She had just showered and there was a damp, earthy smell all over the room. Gliding up from under the bed, he glanced at the nightstand, the clock said eight.


“And is my heart beating? And am I warm? And are my eyes still blue? All very good questions. Especially in regards to my blue eyes. I might love being dragon, but I would hate to sacrifice those baby blues. I just love the way they twinkle.”

Walking into the bathroom he disrobed and carefully regarded the nude reflection of himself. Yes, there was color to his skin. He was flesh tone! No more tanning spray for him! Yes, his heart appeared to be beating. Well, there was a story in the telling! And it would be a good one. And what was that tattooed above his heart? Why, it was the Alpha and the Omega. The new and improved Eric. Eat a dragon’s egg and be the dragon!

“The past twenty-four hours was time well spent,” he mused. “Just a couple of hours past sundown. So I have the rest of the evening. And hell, maybe the daylight as well.”

Going down the stairs, he could see Sookie coming out of the kitchen.

“Great, you are up!” she ran the rest of the way to greet him. “I was worried but O.I. said not to be. You just never know how long dragon is going to take.” Wrapping her arms around him he walked with her attached to him down the rest of the stairs.

“You are warm,” she grinned. “And would you just look at the way your skin tones sets off your eyes. Damn! You are handsome!”

Grinning at her, he kissed her nose.

“Pam said to call whenever you got the chance. She said New Orleans is stirrin’ and she is tired of coverin’ for your ass.

Personally,” she smiled up at him and then reaching, gave him a kiss. “I like your ass.”

“So it all went to hell because I was off the grid for twenty-four hours?” he made a face, then smiled and pulled her up for another kiss.

It was slow and delicious, this kiss. Then it became slower and more delicious. Sookie had wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands were everywhere on his chest.

O.I. cleared his throat and the two broke apart.

“Five days,” Sookie said a bit breathlessly.

“You were down for the count my prince for five days,” M.E. nodded.

“Interesting,” he was thoughtful. “Mother said I walked the dragon time line. I still have no idea what that means but the concept is no longer as foreign to me as it once was.”

“Mother?” O.I. fluttered over. “You mean Momma?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Or maybe.”

“What did she look like?” he asked. “The color of her eyes?”

“They were blue, like mine,” Eric responded. “And on her forehead was the Alpha and the Omega. It was beautifully entwined and was the same blue color as the egg.”

“Mo’ fo’n!” O.I. fluttered closer and peered into Eric’s eyes. “Has heard the stories, but has not actually been in the presence of the Dragon Mother, Herself. Not in dreams, not is drunken stupors, not while walkin’ the dragon time line. You’s has been blessed, my prince. Did she give you a gift? I has heards that those that sees Herself receives a gift. My great granny, she was given a jewel in the middle of her forehead. Herself tolds her it was her third eye that had opened. And it was and it did. Great granny could soothsay in her sleep with both eyes closed. Now I know you are thinkin’ all dragons can but not like this. Dragons woulds comes from everywhere to have the words spoken over them. They brought gifts and Granny’s treasure hoard is still the most remarkable thing that is talked of in present day dragon hoarding.

Woulds be helpful my prince if you hads such a jewel. Folks would pay to see it and has you speaks the words and you would not has to works so hard in this realm.”

Eric patted around on himself and shook his head. “No jewel that I am aware of.”

O.I, crestfallen.

“However, she did gift me with this.” Setting Sookie down, he raised his shirt.

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. and M.E. both breathed out. “Mo-o-o fo’n,” they said again. “Yous is her first child and her last…” they said as they both went down to the floor and kneeled.

“Stop it you two,” Eric growled at them. “Get up. You know I don’t hold with that shit.”

“Yes my prince,” they were once more both fluttering, their faces even with Eric’s.

O.I was once more all business. “So what else has changed?”

Eric nodded and began. “I know that dragon lore was downloaded into me. I cannot remember much of it, but as I watched the images flash across my eyes, it all made perfectly good sense. It reminded me of when my grandmother bled her women’s knowledge into me. When it was happening, I had several ah-ha moments.

After her death, with each passing moment, it seemed like a distant dream. Just as this does. But the present must be addressed.

Pamela called, what else did I miss?”

“The first day you were down, across the cemetery, Compton is moving back into his family’s lovely planation home,” Sookie snickered. “When Gran answered the door, and he stood there with flowers he stole off great-grandma’s grave that had just been placed there by Gran and M.E., M.E. glamoured the hell out of him and told him not to come back.”

“Compton,” Eric smiled. “And so handily handy. So far life is looking very good. What else should I take note of?”

“The weather has been all hinky,” Sookie said. “We are now into December, and it normally does not hit one hundred degrees, tornado, then have the temperature drop a hundred degrees and blow in a blizzard. That was on Monday after you had been down for a couple of days. Today is hovering at 30 and the snow is still falling and is piling up on the ground. Bon Temps has come to a stand still as has most of the upper part of the state.

Now that you are up, we are all wondering what is gonna’ happen next.”

“I have no idea. But I need to call the child. I’ll see what I have missed out on as far as vampire business goes and then I shall get back to you.”

“You can use the kitchen,” Sookie said. “Gran has gone to bed and is reading. Lafayette is out bringing in firewood. He said if he was gonna’ be snowed in, he was doing it where there was heat and light. He doesn’t have a fireplace and he has no electricity. I’ll be here,” she smiled at him as she settled on the love seat.

Nodding his head Eric headed toward the kitchen just in time to see something flash past the window. It was moving baby vampire fast and appeared to have red hair. “I have the fix for that,” Eric smiled to himself as he stepped outside into the falling snow. Walking around the house, he was just in time to see Lafayette’s dragon, M.R., plucking out her eyes.

“Nicely done,” Eric grinned as the joined the small gathering. “Neat, precision gouging, M.R. I am most impressed.”

“I glamoured her first, then removed them. She threatened to do the same to my Lafayette. Glamour him and then pluck out his eyes,” he tisked, “foolish child. I rubbed a little spit in her eye sockets so they won’t be growing back.”

“Nicely done, indeed,” Eric said with a bow of his head. “Lafayette, good to see you.”

“Goods to be seen,” he smiled. “We is movin’ wood to the house.”

“Good plan,” Eric replied. “I’ll grab a load and then I need to be in the kitchen to make a phone call. Apparently N.O. is in crisis mode.”

“Gots that, His La La Fineness says. We shall stack the wood on the front porch and keep the living room a toasty 68 degrees.”

“Remember nothing and be gone,” M.R. said to Compton’s child. “And once you get to the grave yard, scream. Scream and scream and scream. Let your maker come running and then scream some more. Scream until it is time to go to ground and then scream in your day slumber. Keep his sorry ass awake all day. Hopefully this will give your foul maker a case of the bleeds and one for yourself, as well, little missy. Now be gone!”

“And myself as well,” Eric smiled, grabbed a stack of wood and headed for the front porch. Entering the front door, he stopped to give Sookie a kiss, sighed as he kissed her again and then headed for the kitchen.

Hitting one on his speed dial he was greeted with a very loud, “What the fuck, Eric! Just what the fuck! Just…what…the…fuck! N.O. has been all over me wanting to know where you were. All I had was that he was unavailable at this time because he was taking care of the Queen’s business. I fucking hope you have something to show Sophie-Anne that proves that you have been working and not playing. And just what the fuck!” she yelled. “Compton has moved back along with that red-headed witch of a child he spawned. She actually stopped by here and demanded….demanded…!” Pam was howling mad, “That I produce you, right then on she was going to call the Sophie-Anne and tell her I was being a bitch and not sharing you on purpose. Just! What! The! Fuck!” she was now yelling at the phone. “That little bitch coming into our place of business and making demands of me. She has no idea how close she came to getting a stake through her heart.”

There was now silence on the other end of the phone. He could hear Pam sitting down and now adjusting her lipstick. She was in her office. He heard her chair roll back and now her feet were up on her desk.

“Wearing the black diamond heel studded Jimmy’s tonight are you? And the little bitch did what? Ask you if you bought them at Target?”

“I am going to place one little tiny splinter after another into her heart. And when it looks like my grandmother’s pin cushion, I am going to drag her ass out so she can watch the sun rise.”

“Sorry child,” Eric’s voice was full of amusement. “She won’t be seeing the sun rise…or anything else. She is blind and oh…wait you hear that?” Eric stood and opened the kitchen door.

“That screaming in the back ground?” There was a hint of glee in her voice.

“Well yes, that is the discount store shopping whore who will from now until she rises attempt to scream her head off. Keeping her maker and herself awake today.”

“Well just damn,” and he could hear the respect in her voice.

“And oh, did I mention her eyes have been removed and will not grow back.”

“My maker,” there was wonder in her voice. “My respect and high regard of you knows no end.”

“Yes, I know,” he smiled at the phone. “So what is up with Sophie-Anne?”

“She needs the telepath. She needs you. She needs you and the telepath. She needs you to stake Compton. She needs you to bring Compton with you when you come to N.O. She needs you to burn Compton out and tell him to get his ass back to N.O.

This…this…” Pam sighed, “was just the first night she knew you could not be reached.

Then, when the snow started, covering your entire area, only, she knew you were up to something fun and wanted to be a part of it. She has called every night since wanting to be a part of it. She called tonight, still wanting to be a part of it.”

“Thank you child. You do me proud. I will call her.”

“Eric, you doing okay?” she asked and he could hear the concern.

“Never better,” he replied. “Tell Chow he is in charge for the rest of the evening and take the night off.

Child…child…” he smiled as he put his phone away. Pam was not one to wait around and see if you would change your mind. She was half way to N.O. by now to shop.

“Let us get this done,” he rolled his eyes and punched in Sophie-Anne’s cell number.

“My Queen,” Eric gave a slight bow of his head when she picked up her phone. She loved that and right now Eric was pandering to her basic needs. Otherwise it was just too much fun to fuck her over.

“Sheriff,” it sounded like desperation in her voice. There was a party going on in the room. He smiled when everything stopped and they all tuned in to listen.

“My gawd-d-d-d-d Eric, I have been so worried. You out of reach and your child just telling me you were working for me, doing what you could to increase my coffers. And that was all she knew!” he could hear the tears now. Probably ones of joy thinking he was bringing her home the mother load.

“Yes my Queen,” he said bowing his head again. “Although not the treasure I was hoping for, but a small casket of jewels and other trinkets. I hope you find them worthy. If not, perhaps you will pass them out to those whom you have found favor with.”

“Oh-h-h-h-h Sheriff,” she moaned.

Eric grinned. His queen had just had an orgasm.

“How very thoughtful of you. And now I am most intrigued but sadly business awaits me. The governor of this great state has agreed to meet with me with me Friday night. Which is just two days away! Which is why I was so desperate to speak to you! I need you and the telepath to be in residence. Post haste! Should I send a helicopter for you?”

“No my Queen. I can get us out of Area Five. Is this behind the scenes or are we to actually be in attendance?”

“I will require you by my side. Compton shall abide with the telepath in another room.”

“No my Queen,” Eric was shaking his head and frowning. “I do not know what Compton has told you, but he no longer represents Miss Stackhouse. She reports directly to me. Which means I ensure her safety at all times. I have given her my word and I stand by that.”

“What? But Bill said…”

“Bill lies, your majesty. Why don’t you ask him how much of a cut he took from her paychecks and how much did he pay in taxes to you. I am sure the numbers do not add up.”

“Really?” And he could hear it. She was pissed. One sure way to get on her bad side was to cheat her of any monies she thought she was due.

“Is this a formal affair, my queen, business casual or a cocktail event? We need to know so that Miss Stackhouse may shop.”

“The governor is coming from a black tie affair. So we shall be dressed formally.”

“Good to know. I know how extremely you are. Is there anything else?” he asked.

“No Sheriff,” he could hear the smile in her voice. “That is all for now. We do so look forward to seeing you. And oh…the price for the telepath’s services?”

“My Queen, because my venture did not turn out as grandly as I thought it would, I am more than happy to pick up the bill.”

“Thank you Sheriff,” she replied, her voice was soft and tender. “Until Friday.”

Thinking about the coming days, Eric fired off a text message to Pam. Get to N.O. Check the armory. Wednesday night have the penthouse freshened up. Three humans in residence early Thursday. Ladies will be present. Fresh flowers everywhere. Will need Mr. Lee. Formal wear for two males and one female. With Queen Friday night. Need a small casket of jewels and gold. Spanish, early 1600’s. About 30 pounds worth.

When Eric came out of the kitchen, Gran had joined those in the living room.

“This is how this is going to play out,” Eric said as he sat down and gave back verbatim the conversation he had just had with Sophie-Anne.

“So we are all going to New Orleans,” Gran smiled. “Will, will the roads be cleared?”

“We are going out by helicopter,” Eric replied. “I have to make the phone call and set that up.”

The next several hours they talked strategies. Gran and Lafayette both were concerned about what was going to transpire.

“Sophie-Anne has been wanting to work this deal with the governor since he was elected. She won’t glamour him so she thinks to do the next best thing. Have Sookie there so she can figure out what she is going to need to win this contract.”

“Just gots to say this boyfriend,” Lafayette was watching Eric. “How is you gonna’ ‘splain’ what fineness you has gots going on?”

Eric laughed out loud. “Well, that is in the telling…” as he began his explanation of how he now appeared to be human.


Gran and Lafayette said their goodnights and left Eric and Sookie sitting on the couch.

“You are somethin’ else,” she grinned at him as she climbed up into his lap.

“Thank you,” he smiled at her.

“Is this the part where I invite you into my bed? I am hoping this is the part because I really want to invite you into my bed.”

“I have mixed feelings,” Eric responded.

“What?” she drew back from him. “Are you kiddin’ me?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Do I take you to New Orleans with your body shouting Eric’s Eric’s Eric’s! Or do we keep it on a professional level?”

“Does it matter?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” he replied. “If we are strictly business, that will be respected, up to a point. If they think we are lovers, the speculation begins. Are you telling the Queen the truth? Or am I getting the information first so I can sell it to the highest bidder? That is what the vampire crowd that will be whispering in the background.”

“Seriously?” Sookie frowned. “What an awful way to live.”

“This is entertainment for them, Lover. Do not ever forget that. So I am going to provide them with the best entertainment of all.”

“You are somethin’,” she grinned at him and then became serious. “So…what do you want to do until the sun comes up?”

“Listen to you scream my name,” he nuzzled her neck as he picked her up and carried her upstairs. “There will be no penetration and no blood letting, but we are doing everything else.”

“Everythin’ else,” she moaned as his head ducked and his lips found her nipple through the material. “Eric,” she moved her hands to his hair while he suckled.

“Everything else,” he said lifting his head and closing her door and placing her gently on the bed. “Now, let me remove these things that keep me from worshiping your naked body,” as he ran his hands from the neck of her shirt, popping off buttons, down to her pants, which he slipped off her and then kissed her clit through her panties. When she put her hands on his head and pushed him farther into her, he nipped her through the lace. Raising his head he said, “I think your toes will be a good place to start,” as he snagged her panties and took those with him.

“Eric, you make my breasts ache,” she moaned while he suckled on her toes.

“I am going to make everything ache,” he looked up from the foot of the bed. “And when you cum, you will be screaming for more.”

His mouth was on her clit, his tongue…well who knew where that was? It was constantly moving. His fingers kept tweaking her nipples. Just when she was there, she wasn’t and another wave would build and she would ride it until it almost crested and then he shifted and another wave would build.

He licked her entire body while his fingers never left her nipples.

What he did to her ass was unthinkable and she never wanted him to stop!

Every nerve was raw, wanting to explode! When his mouth was not on some part of her body, he spoke of what he was going to do to her next in graphic detail and how it made him feel. How hard he was. How much he wanted to get off inside of her.

“Please,” she was crying, the tears rolling down her checks. “I cannot…I cannot…Eric please…finish me.”

“What do you want?” was the voice in the darkness, deep and husky.

“I want you,” she replied. “In me…deep inside of me. Now. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease…” came out in a deep, guttural moan.

“One more wave,” he whispered to her as he positioned her on the bed.

She knew she was screaming. She could not control it. There it was…the peak…the peak…it was starting…her womb clinched and her vaginal wall gripped around something that felt like velvet steel.

Above her there was movement, slow, sure, steady, then a quickening as she began to shudder and explode. A scream left her as her body melted into nothingness. The only thing she could feel was his weight upon her.

“Drink,” he said opening the vein in his neck, “and fuck them all. They look at you with anything but respect, they are all dead.”

O.I, M.E. and M.R. were in the kitchen playing cards. M.R. had made another pot of coffee while the last of the pecan pie was eyed by all three dragons.

“Winner gets the last slice,” O.I. said as he dealt them each a hand.

“Have you any two’s?” M.R. grinned as he looked from brother to brother.

“Go fish,” O.I. snorted and M.E. made a scary face and finally handed his over.

“Now,” M.R. looked from one to the other. “Any three’s? Hm-m-m-m?’

“Go fish,” they both laughed as they settled in eyeing the last of the Chivas as well.

“Good nights for cards,” O.I. smiled.

“And screaming,” M.R. chuckled. “That skank is still at it. You can hear Compton screaming at her to shut up as well. I did good!”

“From the sound of things,” M.E. laughed. “Our prince did good. Thinkin’ on that, maybe we should have a toast?”

“Well yes,” M.R. said putting down his cards. Getting the bottle he evenly poured what was left of the bottle into their three glasses.

“To our Prince,” O.I. said raising his glass.

“To the Sookiehawk line,” M.R. raised his high.

“To the glorious children yet to come,” M.E. smiled a big toothy grin. “I have seen them tonight and they are to be celebrated!”

The three brothers clinked their glasses together and toasted the future.  “The Sookiehawks,” they all three said as they set down their empties and picked up their cards.

“I smell Sookiehawk blood,” O.I. chuckled. “A dragon is breeding. This calls for The Death’s from Above. Be’s back in a second.”

The two brothers sat grinning at each other until O.I. popped back in with a pitcher full of anything that does not kill you only makes you stronger. It was his own secret recipe.

Pouring it, they raised the purple liquid that swirled in their glasses in a salute.

“To Herself,” O.I. said with great reverence.

“To Herself,” they echoed back.

Draining their glasses, they picked up their cards.

“Better nots have been any cheatin’ while I was gones,” O.I. looked at his two brothers.

“Mo’ fo’n…” they both hissed.

“So you just sat grinnin’ at each others. Excellent. Now, has you any aces?”

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Believe—Chapter 3

Banner Believe, a Christmas story

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Believe—Chapter 3

Pearl Gettingsly was sorting through the ancient histories deep in the bowls of the chancellor’s manse. “What a laughable liability,” she felt like throwing something. “Right, like this manor is mine. Harpy shit piled on top of giant shit…” she hissed at no one.

This building could be shared by any godmother, and many claimed at as home, but it was the official and only residence for the godmother chancellor. Which was a pain in her ass because it tied her to one structure and made her easily found. Which she both abhorred and found titillating because in this building she reigned supreme and held her own version of court.

Shuffling through documents she was knee deep in once-upon-a-time recorded ancient spectacles in the Enlightenment Room, it had been called ages, ago. When you actually wanted to learn something, you came here and researched.

Now it was a catch-all hole for what no one else wanted. Complete works of histories, magics and she tripped over a book and screeched all the way to the floor and was face down in the dust. Pulling her stumbling block to her she flipped the book over. “Mayhem,” she grunted as she picked herself back up. “This is just not right. I have been dumped on the floor, literally, by Mayhem! Maybe killing off the records keeper had not been such a good idea,” she sighed. “I do so miss the librarians.”

Before the war, there were some difficult and politically game changing decisions made in these rooms and they were not made in everyone’s best interest. In this building, the godmothers went silent and dark. Bower lights where you could sit and read pleasantly for hours were extinguished and their own histories burned so that the truth would never be known.

“Filth and vomit,” she said as she bent over to examine a pile of yet…more scrolls.

“I should just walk into the palace library and demand to see the original Alphabet of Spells in dragon,” she stomped her foot and kicked out at a stack of books. Which tilted, hit another stack and another that came crashing down on her.

Screeching in pain, she went down again, sitting in the midst of what could only be paper lice as she started to itch.

“Fucked up harpy shit!” she screamed. As it echoed around the massive chamber, she began to smell harpy shit.

“No-o-o-o,” she shook her head as she stood up and started moving at a fast clip. “I cannot be in the say and experience it part of the chamber! Ugh…” she sniffed, stopped and lifted her foot, “apparently I am. Why I do believe that is harpy shit I just stepped in! You horrible room,” she bellowed. “Disgraceful way to treat your Chancellor,” she shouted out and listened to her voice echo around until it ended in a clap of thunder and laughter.

Picking up a scroll she unwrapped it and carefully wiped off her foot. She could still hear the vestiges of her voice floating around on the dust motes and with it that insane laughter that would always respond back in-the-day when you told a joke.

“What the fuck am I doing down here?” she asked herself as she sat down and looked at the vastness that held everything she wanted to know but had no way to access it. They had been so clever to hide what could only be called blasphemous! If it was ever found out before the appointed time, it was too awful to think about what the fae would do to her. What the land itself would do to her.

But all that had been given to her were clues on how to find the missing documents.

“My dragon is not the good, but if I only had the original in dragon, I would have something!” she wailed. But then sanity took over. “But that would raise more questions than I want to answer. And dragons are nasty, suspicious creatures that stand with the king.

So here I am, blowing off dust and searching for anything that would be of use.

Scrolls,” she kept mumbling, “who thought scrolls were a brilliant idea? And why would you write that treatise in dragon on a scroll? What a pain in the ass,” she spit on the floor and then scratched at her elbow. The paper lice were making their way across her body and her misery was just beginning. “I will just endure it,” she sniffled as she scratched, again. Hating the scut work and this room, she trudged on because she trusted no one else to do it.

“I may not survive this,” she admitted to herself. Things were a bit raw here in the Chancellor’s House of Elders. Many of the elders had told her not to send Etty’ll’yes to spy on anyone! Anyone! All knew Etty was selfish and had a mouth that ran until the blue moons came up and went down and came up and went down…she was a never ending talker and what she did not know she made up.

But the elders did confess that this child would not be missed if she did not come home. By anyone…and especially by the ruling council. Which is why they had not strongly objected when she sent Etty forth to make contact with the vampire Compton, seduce who she had to get to the Stackhouse mis-begots, quietly remove anyone who got in her way and get back here and report in.

“I thought I was someone when I was made Chancellor. I could picture how very grand it would all be. To live in the Chancellor’s house. Call the elders to me at any given moment. Have them agreeing with my thoughts and deeds. To think I would have all of this to myself,” she laughed hysterically at her own high regard of herself.

Because no one else seemed to hold her in such high esteem. And all of the elders lived here with her. Which was not in her overall best interest.

So, to further her plan without causing suspicion of those living around her, she had made deals and whispered of secrets to those who wanted to be more. Under the cover of deceit, she had taken herself to the Realm of the Cold Moon and made a deal or two there, as well. Her power plays, if they did not come to pass, were going to cost her. Er-erikr was no one’s fool and those who thought he was a simpleton and trusting did not remember the war where most of the fairy godmother clans had been eviscerated and left hanging by their wings with their guts dangling out, the king’s death flies eating what was left of those not yet passed on into the light. The killing field had been horrific. And Er-erikr had refused to let anyone loose their blue flame to cleanse the area and bring an end to their suffering. “Leave them to scream their misery until they pass into The Light,” was all he had said as he turned and walked away.

On still nights, when the two blue moons rose and there was a SouthWestWind by South, she could still hear their screaming with each bite the death fly inflicted. Shuddering, she saw a fairy orb of light advancing before her.

“Chancellor, we heard the ruckus above the stairs. Things echo horribly in the Ancient Room from down here. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Fairly,” she said nodding and looking at the female. “I knew your mother. She was a good and trusted friend.”

“Yes,” the young woman nodded in return.

“I am looking for a scroll. Written in an ancient text.”

“Chancellor,” she began slowly, “When the vaults were purged of anything that could be hinted at as treachery by the godmothers, those writing were returned to the clans in which the language of the scroll was written. It was up to them to keep them or destroy them.”

“But what if it was just a scroll…and would not be seen as a document of treason?”

Fairly shook her head. “I wish you luck then Chancellor in finding it down here. Of course, if you knew the title, if would be present in the King’s library. It could also be cross referenced and found in the clan’s library in the language it was written.”

What wondrous words! This child could be her savior! She would not dance about in glee! Victory could still be hers. Astonishing thoughts flashed through her mind.   “This could work, get this one to shit on herself for me,” she smiled to herself as her focus went to the painting that was on the ceiling and then she brought her attention back to…to…Fairly was gone. “Well harpy shit,” she kicked at another basket of scrolls. “Apparently I am not nearly as clever as I thought I was. If she can see through me…I won’t be able to try that on anyone else.”


Fairly made her way back up the stairs. She was a nobody in the overall scheme of things. Her mother had told her to keep it that way. “Draw no attention to yourself! Be simple but no fool!”

The Chancellor would not push her for such information, again, after her disappearing act. “Yes,” she kept her aura light and soft as she floated back to her task of sewing small things for the newest of the new that would soon be born. “I am a nobody. But my mother was a righteous female who was told she would shoulder the blame if the war failed. That it was her sacred duty to die so the Chancellor, the head of the clans, the plotters, and achievers might live to avenge the deaths of the ones that fell.”

Growing up in the Chancellor’s House, her mother had told her to look for the light of truth that could be shined by a pure heart in all the dark corners! And in those dark corners you could see betrayal, greed, and grasping hunger to rule all. Her mother had died so that the Chancellor could live and continue to plot!

“You whore! You liar! You lazy selfish piece of harpy shit! I hope The Light chews you up and spits you into a never ending waste land where you spend your eternity with your guts hanging out, being tormented by the King’s death flies!”

“Calm yourself,” she said as she breathed in and out. Now was not the time. She had to pass through the main hall to get back to her work. This is where everyone gathered to gossip, smirk and dance from time-to-time to celebrate whatever plot they had fantasized about. The last dance she had skirted by was obviously a coronation ceremony with twenty-six of them crowning themselves as rulers.

“Harpy shit eaters,” she thought as she approached the room. “Gladly I would go to the king, but the second I step out of this building, I am under a geas so that I cannot discuss with anyone in the Realm of the Two Blue Moons what goes on here.”

Climbing the stairs, ahead was the entrance to the main hall. As she stepped up to the doorway, the light show started. There was the sizzle and pop and effervescence bubbles of someone coming in at a high rate of speed! And they were in such distress that their vibration disturbed the air currents as they sucked the maelstrom of off-world travel in with them! The last time she had seen this was when those that had survived the war had come fleeing back to their place sanctuary.

There was the overpowering stench of fae shit mixed with fear! The portal was opening and looking into it, you could see the tunnel that had been formed! And the fae that was riding it, her light pulsing to the beat of the portal as it pushed her forward and then vomited her out against the far back wall!

“It is not my fault!” Etty screamed. “No one told me the king had a son! I was told that he died at birth! And you sent me there. To meet my death at the hands of this abomination! He lives!” she bellowed out, beating her hands against her chest. “He lives and he loves…” she gagged, throwing up glitter, some type of alcohol and what appeared to be a tube of meat.

“You old ones sent my to my death,” she sobbed. “I am known as a traitor! The king of the dragon’s was present and he has marked me with his dragon mind and I shall be cursed to wander the Frozen Mountains of Endless Dreams while he laughs at me and makes merry with my remains! I shall be violated by a dragon!” she wept and then screamed so that it penetrated every room so that she now was a true spectacle and had the attention of everyone in the manse.

Pearl walked in and the crowd all took a step back but no one was leaving. And miss this…this was spectacular!

“Etty,” she walked over to the young one that had her back against the wall. “Whatever has happened?”

“Compton is grave rot dead…” she whimpered. “No longer completely vampire…and he has a whiff of death about him and a whiff of fae. You dosed him with something and he walks and talks and he carries something of my home world. And…and…” she sniffled, “The crown prince lives! You told me he died at birth,” she sobbed. “My mother won the lottery before I was even born and I was to be the crown prince’s wife. She was promised this! You all swore to abide by the lottery. I should be queen and instead I am now just meat to be ground up by the king of the dragon’s. He was there,” she stood up and beat her fists in the air. “He was there,” she was yelling, “with the crown prince and he lives and he loves and I am dragon meat and not queen!

You,” she took a step toward the chancellor, “all of you, I am your rightful queen. Kneel and swear fealty to me or I will sit with the king and demand to marry his…”

“End her,” was whispered by the elders, Pearl’s voice the loudest.

It took the chancellor and all the elders uniting their tiniest bits of sparks of blue flames to vaporize Etty and to turn her to glitter.

There was the roar of the wind and they all watched as the windows opened and the last speck of her was blown out and up into the trees where Etty would provide sparkle for the dying Winthrope tree. When the windows closed, they all turned and went back to their discussions as if nothing had happened.

Fairly continued on her journey to her workroom. She had small clothes to be made.

Leaving the main hall, she glanced back over her shoulder. Etty might have been a worthless piece of harpy shit who had insulted her with every given chance, but on my! Because of her haste, she had left a path of fairy shit that lined a portal! One that could be followed back to earth!



Sookie watched as O.I. introduced his family members to Gran, Lafayette, and Tara. They each now had a dragon buddy to keep them safe and provide company if needed.

“Well, we will be goin’ now,” Tara hugged Sookie. “You and Eric have things to discuss and I am gonna get to know my newest friend.”

There were more hugs and kisses as they went out the door and Gran took herself off to bed, chatting away with her new dragon friend, M.E.

“All alone now,” Sookie smiled at him, “Prince Sookiehawk. Just how funny did you find all this when you met me?”

“I was not amused,” Eric replied as they sat down on the couch in front of the fire. “My grandmother always told me that my fate was the path I walked. When I was young, I had no idea what that meant. Now that I am a bit older,” he grimaced, “I know it means that the path I walk is my fate. I do not always understand it nor do I always like it. But one night, you walked into my bar and my life and my expectations have not been the same.”

“Your expectations?”

“My prospects, outlooks, and opportunities just transformed into something magnificent. I was golden!”

“Because my name is Sookie?” she shook her head at him.

“Yes,” he nodded. “It is considered extreme good luck within the fae to have met a Sookie. There are not many fae left living who can make that boast. And there I sat upon my vampire throne,” he rolled his eyes, “in a fangbanger bar and in walks a human who has parents with the audacity and sheer force of will to name their daughter Sookie. It was all I could do to keep from crowing. I, Eric Northman, Erikr Sookiehawk, talking to a Sookie. A human female named Sookie…I was flabbergasted and was wondering when I would be crowned king of the entire fucking world.”

“No-o-o-o-o-o,” she shook her head and laughed.

“Yes,” he nodded. “It is that big of a deal. And true to your namesake, you are all those things. I did not know it at the time, but I think you are probably more deadly than Sookie the First.”

“Okay,” she laughed again. “That has got to be blasphemy. Should I be concerned that a portal is gonna’ open up and strike us dead with blue lightnin’?”

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. fluttered up off her wrist. “A portal did just open up…or maybe was not completely closed.” His head did a complete 360 degree turn. His nose tracking something on the wind.

“We are gonn’a have us some company. A fairy godmother is inbound.”

Eric glared and then looked resigned. “I was hoping against hope that we were going to get past the Sookie the First business and get down to Sookie and Eric business,” he pulled her hand up to his mouth and kissed her there, once, twice, thrice.

“You want to get laid?” she winked at him as O.I. fluttered over to the front door and opened it.

“Well,” he sighed, “I was hoping to at least get around to the ground work for that tonight.”

“Sweet talkin’ and hand holdin’ huh?” her smile got bigger. “You are very good at that and I like it. I was hopin’ for maybe somethin’ a bit more.”

“Well,” he wiggled his eyebrows at her, “and maybe some frontal rubbing.”

“Dam-m-m-n,” she sighed. “I have the visual of that now…” she looked down Eric’s body and back up, the fingers on her right hand reached for him… “and well…al I got is just dam-m-m-m-n!”

“Incomin’,” O.I. said as they both now stepped over to the door and arrived in time to see the lights shimmer and a young woman step out of the vortex and into the yard.

“I am Fairly Winthrope, King of the Dragons,” she said kneeling to the ground and dropping down to all fours, her face inches from the dirt. “Am I in the Realm of the Cold Moon?”

“I knows who you are Winthrope child of a sterile, dead house,” O.I. responded, “I recognizes that smell. And yes, you are abiding in the Realm of the Cold Moon. What brings you here is a cold path to a portal and you managed to walk it. How is this so?”

“Etty was on fire with blue sparks when she blasted through, spinning in on a vortex. She could not stop until she hit a wall in the main hall of the Chancellor’s house.

I, I left the manse and walked the path until I found the first point of contact that the portal made. It had scorched itself into the rocks and was fading even as I picked up my skirts and I followed the path that was still glowing with magic and mayhem and music.

I have news, o’ king of the dragons, and I took this opportunity to deliver it.”

“King of the dragons!” he hooted. “How do you knows that? You knows me personally? I don’t know yous! I do recognizes the traitorous smell of your mother, though.

And here you are, walkin’ unmarked and unsanctified portals to earth which can dumps you at the site of mo’ fo’n traitors and eaters of harpy shit.

Maybe you will be a small snack to sanctify the harpy shit I just ate.”

“You are O.I., king of the dragons,” she took a deep breath and kept her eyes on the ground, “and you do not eat harpy shit. You sit council with our king and he would not allow this, to have your breath so badly tainted and sit in his company.

And I know it is you because Etty said that you were here. And that the crown prince was here. That he had not died at birth and that he lived and that she had just talked with him and you, your majesty. So you could be no one else.”

Eric stepped down off the porch and walked toward the kneeling fae.

Looking over at O.I. the dragon just shrugged.

“A traitorous house abides here. Does her daughter walk the same path?” Eric asked.

“My mother was not a traitor,” she sobbed. “She did nothing to harm the crown prince’s mother. She held our king strong and true in her heart. She loved her queen.”

“Really?” the dragon snorted. “The Light knows the truth of your heart because your family tree dies,” O.I. responded.

“That is not the light killing it,” she sobbed through her tears. “They poison it. The Elders poison it,” she was now weeping her head resting on her hands that were clenching fists-full of dirt.

“And why does no one speak of this?” the dragon asked.

“Because we are all under a geas once we leave the manor.”

“Not possible,” O.I. responded.

“Don’t you dare call me a liar,” she shouted and stood, “or my mother a traitor! Do you see this?” she pulled up her sleeve. “They burned the spell into me. They burned it in with dragon heated iron and rock salt. Into all of us that live there!”

“Mother…fucker…” O.I., Eric, and Sookie all three said at the same time as they saw the symbols that pulsed and burned white hot upon her arm and imbedded, like a spider web, under her skin.

With a gasp she looked up at Eric and fell once more onto all fours. “My king,” she was sobbing again this time with her face in the dirt. “Please, justice and mercy and a kind word for my mother. Please, so that she may find her way into The Light.”

“Please get up,” Eric said bending and offering her his hand. “Please. I am not your king and you do not bow before me.”

Raising her head she looked up into the face that was peering into hers. “Not my king,” she nodded in understanding. “The crown prince.”

“Here in the Realm of the Cold Moon, I am Er-erikr Sookiehawk’s son,” he answered. “I am not a crown prince or a prince or fae. I am Eric Northman and you may call me as such.”

“My…my prince…she began, confusion in her voice.

“Do not…”Eric replied as he grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. “Now, you come bearing news. O.I. make the land bridge happen. I think your king needs to hear this.

Sookie do you mind if my father walks here?”

“No, of course not,” she answered.

“Mo’ fo’n, bringing in justice I am,” the dragon replied with a nod of his head. Blowing his flame out into the night sky, the king of the dragon’s set his name blazing in the stars, through the void and all the way into the library of the king of the fae.

Er-erikr looked up from the scroll he was reading. “O.I.?” he said as he looked out into the earth’s night.

“You are needed my king,” he said with a deep bow. “I have opened the portal, please step across. Miss Stackhouse has invited you onto her land.”

“On my way,” he said laying down the scroll. Standing he took a step forward and then Sookie was looking at Eric’s father. He could not possibly be anyone else. There was an age difference, but not much of one. “Please,” Sookie said opening the screen door. “Won’t you please come in. I believe we would all be more comfortable inside.”

“Miss Stackhouse,” the king of the fae said as he approached her and started up the steps. “I have heard much about you. I thank you for your hospitality,” he bowed his head to her and raised her hand to his lips for a kiss.

“Much about me?” she mouthed to Eric.

Giving her a big grin and a boyish shrug, Eric just smiled at her.

O.I. followed his king in, then came Fairly with Eric bringing up the rear. Taking a look back, he could see M.E., the dragon that was to guard Adele, riding the night sky above the house. Eric gave him a salute, the dragon did a loop-de-loop in acknowledgement and Eric went inside and closed the door.

“My king,” Fairly squeaked out as she was once more down on all fours.

“Please get up,” Er-erikr answered. “We are not at war. O.I. has called me here, so clearly all safety protocols have been met.”

“I…” she raised her head. “I was taught at the Chancellor’s house that if I were to ever meet you, I was to grovel at your feet. That this is expected by you.”

“Harpy shit,” the king answered as he sat down heavily in a chair. “Please, get up,” he said again. “This is expected from captured traitors, not subjects.”

“Thank you my king,” she said rising and then sat meekly on the floor.

“I know you,” he said regarding her. “I know your family look.”

“Winthrope,” O.I. added to the conversation. “Hers is an interestin’ tale.”

“I am listening,” Er-erkir replied as he settled back into his chair.

“My mother was told to take the blame for the rising of the war. The Chancellor and Council of Elders placed this burden upon her. By doing this they told her that she would save lives and that those that lived would take their revenge for her death and those that died honorably on the field of battle with her.” Shifting about, she held her hand above her arm, trying to lessen the pain with her aura. “I have not much time now that I am here. The spell of silence and homebound that they have placed me under is beginning to spread. I can feel it eating away at my arm. I hope to finish before the spell destroys me.”

“What spell?” the king asked.

“This one,” she replied, pulling up her sleeve.

“By all that is unholy,” he said rising and then kneeled down beside her, “who did this to you?”
“If you live in the manse, when you are young a witch is brought in and the spell is placed. You many not speak of what happens in the manor and you may not leave the manor grounds. If you do, the spell activates and spreads through your body. You can see it beginning to work its way out from the runes and down my arm.”

O.I. fluttered over. “Tis true, my king, it was just the spell when she arrived. Fierce lookin’ and nasty with the phlegm seepin’ from it of what could only be a harpy. This…this is eatin’ her flesh.”

“Can you stay this tide, O.I.?” The king asked.

“No,” Fairly looked at O.I. “He cannot. Do you see the rune for dragon, there at the end of the spell? For a dragon to interact with it, it accelerates the poison.”

“Fucking Were shit,” Eric hissed. “Sookie, no time for niceties, I fear, and this is exactly what I did not want for you. See, fae shit here at your door and I am so sorry for what I am going to do.” He took her lovely, trusting face in his hands. “I am going to offer to Fairly what I have not yet offered you, my blood. I do not see that this is anyway appropriate, especially to do this in front of you.” Kissing her on the forehead, he turned to the victim on the floor. Eric opened a vein in his wrist.

“Dragon,” his father said pointing at him.

“Not a full-fledged fae dragon,” Eric responded. “And I am a Halfling to boot. Either way she is dying. Drink,” was all he said as he pulled the fae to her feet. “It may heal you but I do not know what it will do to your psyche. Humans have dreams about me.”

In her eyes were fear and pain.

“Do you want a chance at living?” Eric asked her.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Then drink,” he said again as he pushed his wrist toward her face.

Taking it in her two hands, she brought it to her lips and sucked once, twice, thrice. Eric broke off the contact and took a step back as he watched her arm carefully.

“It has stopped spreading and is no longer oozing pus. Nor is the burn as angry looking. For now, we shall call this a win. Sit down and get started with your story.”

Nodding her head, she sat in the chair Eric pushed toward her.

“I shall begin with how I got here and work my way back.” Her past unfolded as she told about Etty burning her way through the void and crashing into the main hall.

They all listened as she recalled the earlier hours of her life and the information Etty had set loose into the fae universe.

“You died at birth,” his father laughed as he pointed to Eric. “Really!” he hooted. “Yes, well, that would explain how you did not sink my long boat.”

Eric growled at his father before he broke into a grin. “I was six and already an expert sailor,” he told the crowd. “Well, until they found me snagged out on the rocks, with his boat taking on water and I was resigned to go down with my ship.

Especially after I saw your face swimming out to get me. Believe me, I was wishing I was dead.”

“What happened then?” Sookie asked. “Did you get a spankin’?”

“I would have preferred that. My mother cried all afternoon and well into the night about how her son had broken faith with her and ventured out on his own into the deep.

If it were not for the fact that I am talking about my mother, I would roll my eyes. Into the deep…” and Eric did roll his eyes, “…at low tide I could walk across that inlet that faced our village.

I hit the rocks that formed the jetty…”

“On his way out to open sea,” his father added.

Eric scowled at him. “Because my dogs had sounded the alarm that I had left them behind. When I looked back to quiet them…well…there was a gust of wind and there I went.”

“What happened next?” Fairly asked, leaning in and listening intently.

“I was sent to study with old Dodge. He built longboats. He thought I was still a bit young. My father said if I was old enough to put a hole in one, I was old enough to know how to repair one.”

Er-erikr laughed out loud. “One of my very best decisions. You had an aptitude for working the wood. Dodge said you did some of the finest work he had ever seen.”

“I loved what I did,” Eric replied softly.

“Yes, your passion guides your hands and heart,” the older man said with pride. “Your mother said that about you. That when all else would fail you, love would be your touchstone. She was right. When it came to you my son, your mother was always right.”

“And the godmothers, thanks to Etty, apparently know that I still love,” Eric sighed and closed his eyes. “This cannot be good.” Eric was looking around the room. Here sat three fae that resided in the Realm of the Two Blue Moons. Harpy shit had just rained down on Sookie’s house and very possibly would continue to do so…at a moment’s notice. The fae knew where she lived. And now the crown prince of the fae knew where she lived. Who was going to mix that knowledge into some type of anti-love spell and spread it around the universe! He was going to have to take her to the moon to get any time alone with her now, let alone sweet alone time!

However there was a bright side to this…Eric chuckled and quoted Fairly who had quoted some of Etty’s last words. “Compton is grave rot dead. No longer completely vampire…and he has a whiff of death about him and a whiff of fae. You dosed him with something and he walks and talks and he carries something of my home world.”

Eric was looking around the crowd. “Just what the fuck goes on in the Realm of the Two Blue Moons? How is any of this possible? I am overjoyed by the fact that I get to kill Compton, again, but just what I going to be up against? He has a whiff of fae about him and is dosed with something that re-animates him. I staked him through the heart…however…I was gone before he turned to goo. That could have been a mistake on my part. One that I look forward to correcting. Just a shame I don’t have a parting shot at Etty.”

Sookie was listening to all of this and was happy that she had not been personally involved in any of it until now. “Yeah….Etty,” she was looking out at the group of fae gathered in her living room. “Etty’s mother won the lottery to be the crown prince’s wife before she was even born. She was promised and they all swore to abide by the lottery so that she could be queen. That is some grandiose dreaming. How could you even arrange that?” she asked.

“Kills the king, steals the crown prince as a babe and sets yourselfs up as guardian,” O.I. said cleaning under his nails. “Cans, had, has, been dones.”

“Really?” Sookie’s voice held horror.

“Madness, mayhem and murder,” Eric gave her a tight lipped grin. “The big three. Ain’t we got fun…”

“Sookie,” the king began, his voice steady. “It is not always like that.”

“Sookie!” Fairly squeaked and curled up into a ball in her chair. “Sookie,” she sobbed. “I am not worthy to die at her hands. Truly,” she was crying, “I am not a traitor my king! I have not been sent here by some ruse of insanity! Please, do not let her end me. Take your sword and run me through now.

Please spare me your anger and your killing rage,” she wept, her eyes now on Sookie. “Our house is not one of traitors! Please….I would like to die honorably and with one swift killing stoke!”

“I am not gonna’ kill you, please,” Sookie went over to her. “Please, here let’s straighten you out. Now there,” she pulled and tugged. “You look a lot more comfortable sittin’ like that then curled up in that tiny ball.”

“Thank you,” she sniffled as she scooted all the way back, her eyes watching everything Sookie did.

“I had not counted on that,” Eric’s voice was gruff. “What their reaction to you would be?”

“Eric, if someone hears my name and screams in fright, this is not the worst thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Sookie, this…” he pointed at Fairly, “…is sane. Wait until insanity shows up.”

All she could do was shrug.

Kissing her hands and absorbing her warmth, his attention was back on his father. “Really?” Eric rolled his eyes. “Here is how you non intervention works. The newest: The chancellor and the all the elders united their tiniest bits of sparks of blue flames and murdered Etty. I wonder how many more have gone missing?” Eric mused. “In far more creative ways,” he sounded disgusted. “Clearly, the records keepers in the clans need to be dosed with some dragon fire and rock salt. If they cannot tell the truth, let the living shits take them. Oh, but that’s right. You are Mr. Non Interference by their king. What kind of fucked up shit is that and can you unfuck yourself from it?”

Er-erkr made a face at Eric and placed all four fingers on top of his thumb.

Eric flipped him the bird, both hands.

“Come on you two,” Sookie was shaking her head, her voice stern. “Eric you flippin’ off your father was not nice and solves nothin’.”

“What he did, that was a rather elegant gesture, don’t you think?” Eric smiled sweetly, “In fae, he called me a cunt.”

“Both of you, that is just nasty,” Sookie directed her shame on you look at Er-erikr and then Eric while shaking her head. “Just stop it,” she said looking from father to son. “Both of you…”

“Yes Miss Sookie,” they both said in very small, contrite voices.

“Better. Now,” her voice was all business. “What is drivin’ all of this?” she asked. “Are they lookin’ for somethin’? Fairly, you are livin’ there, have you noticed anythin’?”

“Oh yes,” she nodded. “The Chancellor was in the bowels of the manse looking for a document. I was in the Ancient Reading Room. These two rooms are somehow tied together so that whatever is said in what used to be our library, can be heard there as well.

There was no mistaking the Chancellor. She was fussing and fuming and talking to herself while she was looking for a scroll in its original dragon font and format. She was complaining about why would you write that treatise in dragon on a scroll?

She also wanted the original Alphabet of Spells in dragon text. That is where I found her, cursing and kicking over books.”

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. exclaimed. “I cans sees the charm of wantin’ to read the Alphabet of Spells in dragon but any library in the Realm has a copy.”

“What treatise was written in dragon on a scroll?” Er-erikr voiced out loud. “No treatises are ever written on a scroll.”

“Maybe internal,” Eric mused. “But why would they write it in dragon? Why not fae go mo speak? And why are these documents so hard to find? They should be shelved…” Eric’s voice trailed off when he saw Fairly’s face.

“There are blackened rings on the floor where there were great fires. No shelves remain. Baskets and boxes now just sit on the stonework. Along with stacks of books. This place of knowledge is now a trash heap. Cast offs, odd bits of this and that are just tossed in. The Keepers of Knowledge in our house…” pausing she was lost in thought. “They…”

“Just disappeared?” Eric asked.

“I have not seen any of them in an age. My mother worked there and I grew up sorting through the stacks. I was the closest thing to an apprentice they ever had and…and…I went down one day to help and the doors were closed and locked. And stayed that way until after the war. When the doors were opened, the library was no more.”

“And now the chancellor is searching for something,” Er-erikr sighed.

“Those libraries goes back to the beginning and a bit,” O.I. said with surety. “Some further than that. If they had promised out the crown prince, that is now not workin’ and maybe turnin’ on them. So maybe they is lookin’ for a baby momma for the king.”

“I cannot have another child,” he said to O.I.

The dragon merely shrugged. “You would nots have to. Plenty of fertile young bucks out there to do the job for you.”

“I would not marry,” his voice went up in volume.

“You do nots have to be agreein’ to the words. But if the clans wants an heir, the clans would clamor for your vows or your bloods. Once the new queen was carryin’, no one would cares about what you think because you would be deads and she would be the regent until the babe came of age…if it came of age.”

Er-erikr looked at Eric.

“Not a king, only a Halfling,” he winked at his father and bowed his head while making a flourish with his hand. “That is all on you…” he smiled and then his face was lost in remembering.

“Oh harpy shit and wolfbane growls, I see the plot, me thinks it howls…” Eric said and sat back in his chair a pleased look on his face.

“What?” Sookie asked.

“A line from a play. The author is a Stewart. It is a Scottish tragedy that my mother would read to me when I was a boy. Madness, mayhem, murder, intrigue. The king; those that wanted to be king. Secret codes. Secret tunnels.

The more things change, the more things stay the same,” he sighed.

“Fairly, do the god mothers speak or read dragon?”

“No,” she shook her head vigorously . “I mean, no offense king of the dragons, but it is impossible to read and even harder to pronounce. Since dragons only speak it among themselves, there is no way of knowing what it sounds like. I have always wanted to learn but there is no one left in the manse to teach me. I was told they all died in the war.”

“Of course they did,” Eric sighed. “Because those that record the secrets never live to tell the tale. So the librarians draw up a document writing it in dragon so just not anyone can come along and read it. And this document could be a mixture of things. A spell, a reference piece to another text hidden in another library, a list of the king’s weaknesses, a list of the king’s strengths. Perhaps even a list of how to take down the king.

So, start with his family. All knows he gave his heart to a Halfling and produced an heir.

So the godmothers decided to kill the queen and lie about the heir and bide their time. They knew their king could not reproduce with another fae because of his love for his wife. But they now have options. And time. Maybe another Halfling would come along that would capture his manhood if not his heart. And if the heir from this mating was not part Sookiehawk, what of it? The king would never admit to being a cuckold and the child could be molded if both of the parents were dead.

This is a good plan. Who would suspect them? After all, the traitors came from their house. They would never pull such a move, again. So the godmothers continue to bless babes and move about the realm unchecked.

Time rolls by and their wishes fall into place.

They find a new bride for the king. And what a bride she is….because she is not just any Halfling. She is a Sookie. A name that is sacred to the fae and now there is a Halfling with this name that has been born on earth.”

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I. said nodding his head. “Just like there was a plan. Godmothers whisperin’ in ears while the good folks of the Cold Moon are sleepin’.”

“I honestly did not see that coming,” Er-erikr growled.

“Non interference,” was all Eric said.

“Erikr, I cannot just…just…”

“What? Kill at will? That father, is the difference between you and me. I trust no one and act on that.”

“You sound just like your grandmother,” he glared at his son.

“A wiser woman has never lived since her death,” Eric countered.

Er-erikr squared his shoulders. His voice sterm. “I cannot turn our realm into ash chasing those that would do me harm.”

“Well, if you had charred that sacred ground while mother was dying instead of centuries after her death, you might have made your point on a grander scale,” and you could hear the anger in Eric’s voice.

“You do not rule,” his voice was tinged with anger and tears.

“You are correct,” was all Eric said and continued on. “This plot, it is a good one. It verges on being manic brilliant. The godmothers are counting on the fact that she is a Sookie and this would appeal to the king’s ego. He might choke on the vows, but all in the realm would sing his praises that day for marrying and then crowning a Sookie for his queen. Their queen. The clans would walk with them and carry torches to their bower and applaud when the curtains were drawn and lights lowered to announce that the mating ritual had begun. As for the child from this union…and there would be one…they would not care who the father was. Their Queen Sookie would give them an heir. Only the godmothers would know if she birthed it or not.

This would be prophecy fulfilled.”

“Mo fo’n,” O.I. laughed in glee. “I cans see it. All kinds of prophecy of this and that’s now floating around in my head waitin’ to be penned. How the Realm of the Two Blue Moons has a Sookie for a queen and we is all fartin’ and shittin’ the dust of the blue moons and havin’ it with our daily porridge so that we cans all have a blue flame! Mo—o-o-o-o-o, fo’n! This is the stuff that the druggies and the squatters and the shitters on life, these are the prophecy’s they has been waitin’ for. Knowin’ in their hearts that they existed…just lost…and now they are found.”

“I can see it only too clearly,” the king was irate! “Because the godmothers had them written down and stashed somewhere, not in their own vaults, of course, because those documents are just food for paper lice now, but they are somewhere, just waiting to be discovered.”

“Oh shit,” Sookie breathed out. “Someone can now rewrite the laws.”

“See what happens when you practice non-interference,” Eric shook his finger at his father. “The squatters and shitters on life…”

“And the druggies,” O.I. spoke up. “Don’t’ be forgettin’ them.”

“Oh yes, let’s not,” Eric hissed, “they are going to be in charge. O.I., get ready to be a dragon bird. They are going to chain your ass and demand that you shit dragon gold all day long.

My Queen,” Eric bowed to Sookie. “Bride of my father. Welcome to the insanity.”

“Mo fo’n,” Er-erikr, king of the fae and ruler of the Realm of the Two Blue Moons said.

“What was that?” Eric asked pointedly. “Did I hear truth come from your lips?”

“Miss Sookie,” the king sighed, “welcome to the insanity.”


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Believe—Chapter 2


Banner Believe, a Christmas storyChapter 2


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Believe—Chapter 2



“Do…do…” Sookie’s voice hesitated. She wanted to believe so much that her grandfather could possibly be alive! Gran wanted this so much…if this had all been a lie, it would be like grieving his loss all over again…and that was unthinkable. Oddly, she trusted Eric and the small dragon. Etty…here time had come! “What we have here are lies wrapped in bullshit,” as Sookie’s focus shifted on what was obviously a fae sitting next to her gran. Etty….Etty did this! Brought hope where there was none! Eric and O.I. both had said as much.

Staring at O.I. she asked the question to which she knew the answer. But Gran needed to hear it. “Do you think they killed Grandpa?” her voice was trembling, “The fae. They found a Halfling and killed him and left his body somewhere?”

Gran started to sob. Tears getting caught in the wrinkles of time that now followed the curves of her face.

“I don’t knows what lies and non-truths this one has been spreadin’ about,” O.I. replied. “But if Grandpa Earl was in the Realm of the Two Blue Moons, we would know.”

“But Etty said,” Gran was weeping as she looked at the creature that was sitting next to her.

“Gran,” Sookie’s voice was soft and filled with woe as she stood and went to her. With a mighty shove, Etty was on the floor and Sookie was sitting next to her beloved gran, with her arms wrapped around her.

“Miss Adele, The Light,” O.I. began softly, “streams through our land. Nourishes us. Sustains us. We are all simpatico to the vibration that flows through us. If there was the slightest human variance in the song, we would know. Even the smallest of the small, the tiniest of the niblets would note this. All would know. Your Earl is not alive in the Land of the Two Blue Moons.”

“So she just lied to me to get to Sookie,” Gran’s heart was breaking. “Did…did they kill my Earl?”

“Probably,” was all O.I. could say to the woman whose goodness and mercy had left her open to the evils of his world.

“Which is why they sent Etty,” Eric’s voice was tender. “To see if Earl’s descendants had a gift, or even worse, the spark. And if so, perhaps they could be brought to power and used to fuel a war. The Halfling would serve a grand and glorious purpose, a call to arms for a new ruler, and then be disposable if such power were obtained. And if the throne was not gained…they would be destroyed and never thought of again.”

“What?” Sookie said, looking at Eric. “They think I could be a new ruler? Why would you think that? You gotta be royal or somethin’…right? I am not that.”

“Oh-h-h-h,” Eric gave her a small smile, “but you are royal. Your blue lightning is just the best.”

“What?” there was a horrified look on her face.

“Royals have the blue lightnin’,” O.I. said with a nod of his head.

“But…but…but…” Sookie stuttered. “I am twenty-seven and mine is just now poppin’ up. How does that even count? Does it not have to show up at birth?”

“No,” O.I. and Eric both said at the same time.

“Must make for some interestin’ politics,” Lafayette’s voice was thoughtful.

“Indeed,” O.I. nodded his head. “Regimes have fallen and kings forgotten and queens have wept for their lost crowns. Tis a risky business, havin’ the blue lightnin’. Politics can turn on a spark!

Those born with the blue lightin’ can and has  written tragedy and comedy into our history.  Only truths when I say there have been some surprises along the way. Not all of them good. Not all of them bad. Our prince here is a good example. He has a double whammy…and then some. His lost-in-time grandmamma had sex with a dragon. M-m-m-h-m-m-m, nobody saw that comin’ on or they would have all stayed home and roasted harpy shit in their flames and sang the glories of it. Written song and verse about the stench.”

“What?” Tara was eyeing O.I.

“There sits,” O.I. pointed a claw at Eric, “the end result of that day. Or,” he shrugged, “the beginnin’ of a new age. Pick one. ‘Cause that boy there, he is just not right,” O.I. said with a grin. “Should nots be and yet there he sits. His heirs to come a spewing volcano compared to the smallest ember that sits and abides on the throne, now.”

“Are you calling your king an ember sucked up the chimney?” Eric asked.

“Compared to his heirs, yes,” O.I. replied. “I bows to my king and admires him greatly, but to those yet to come who wear the Sookiehawk name, I shakes in terror knowin’ they shall seek out evil and destroy in very creative ways those that think to harm the Realm.”

“Do you know the story?” Sookie asked. “From the beginnin’?”

“Indeeds I do,” O.I. winked at her.

“Please,” Tara finally found her voice. “This is all so fantastic…so…so…”

“Graphic novel,” Lafayette was shaking his head. “Like a bad piece of poetry tryin’ to fight its way onto the stage with Mr. Shakespeare. Only once the tellin’ starts, even Willy sits down with his popcorn and tunes in. If you woulds be so kind, your royalness, we is listenin’.”

O.I. cleared his throat. “From the very beginnin’s, then. The abridged, version,” he said with a grand bow.

“Her name was Sookie and so we calls her Sookie the First. When she was first seen, by my ancestor, it is recorded that there stood a female human, fighting off a band of banshees with a flaming gnarled pitch stick and a twice hammered sword with no hilt but there was a remains of a guard for her to grip.  Doing well she was. Holding her own. My great, great granddaddy was so enamored of her spewing curses and killin’ and dancin’ when she brought one down, that he fell in love at that moment, switched sides and joined her on the battle field.

The blood lust and the blood and gore was still on both of them when the sun went down and they were declared the victors.Blood was thigh deep when they exchanged vows, mated, and a new breed of dragon was born.”

“Sookie the First?” Tara repeated, nodding her head. “Yes, I can see that as a graphic novel…all done is shades of black and soul sucking red!”

O.I. bowed deeply. Rising, he looked in Tara’s eyes. “That was her beginning in our time. Her name lives on. There is always a Sookie born into the ether of life when a new and powerful king rises out of the mist. Only she is worthy to share his life, his bed, and birth his children who are always more. It is a Sookie who sets new limits and deifies those who think to betray her family unto death.”

“What?” Sookie said eyeing O.I. “Are you making that up?”

“Cannot’s be lyin’ bouts the truths that is our history,” O.I.’s voice was hushed and reverent.

“So Eric is descended from you,” Lafayette said.

“Indeed. And from the most fearless human female to ever walk the time of beginning. And who knows how many other mo fo’n dragons runs in his blood. All the dragon clans claim ancestry to the Sookiehawk name. And I don’t doubts that. Dragons will mate with anthin’ that intrigues them. And a fearless female…” O.I. sighed, “sure ‘nuff speaks to us. Especially one that holds the whiffs of dragon ‘bouts her already. Most enticin’.”

“So what would the fairy godmothers want with me?” Sookie asked.

“Yous is royalty,” O.I. nodded. “They woulds claims you have a right to the throne, gather the fae squatters, druggers and shitters on life and declares the war of rightness’s.


We has warred. We has lived in peace. But royalty gets to be royalty because you’s flame is the biggest. It is get lightnin’ ed up and yous just kills the competitions and crowns yourself…this is done. More than once and more than twice. There are those that would follow you,” he nodded his head to Sookie, “if you could prove yourself.”

“So-o-o-o, not all of fae has a flame?” Tara was looking at Etty.

“No, and no again,” O.I. answered. “Gots us a good example of that sittin’ right here. Etty, care to bring what blue sparkin’ killin’ power you gots to the table?”

“Homeless, nameless, clanless, harpy shit peasant,” she hissed. “Dragons bones are not even good for starting your lodge fire.”

“So-o-o-o-o,” Lafayette had watched Etty’s outrage. The fae was beginning to change even more as her ears got longer and her hair had turned an interesting shade of Jalapeño green.

“Are there bigger dragons then you?” his attention was back on O.I. as a stench like burning rubber began to float off Etty and out into the room.

“Mo’ fo’n right,” he nodded.

“But you’s is the biggest flame…” And Lafayette let that thought trail off.

“Mo fo’n right,” O.I. grinned. “That is how I am king of the dragons.”

“Make me a puppet queen…” Sookie growled. Her attention was back on Etty as all the previous conversations she had with her and had clung to her heart now tasted rancid as the bile began churning in her stomach! She felt like puking! “You don’t interfere…you lying bitch!” She could feel the anger building as it all fell into place. “We have a sayin’ here on Earth, you piece of shit. Fuck me over once, shame on you. Fuck me over twice, shame on me! Don’t interfere! You lying whore! It all makes sense now. When my uncle would molest me, I would run and hide afterward out in the yard, behind the lilac bushes. It was so odd because there would always be glitter there on the ground.”

Her voice was rising, getting angrier and stronger. “You fuckers watched while he placed his filthy hands on me! You vile, immoral creatures! You want the Halflings damaged. And you don’t care how it is done! Correct! You revolting creature! That makes you just as wicked as him. And you are hoping all along that what…maybe the Halfling is so horribly marred that they can’t spark. And if they do spark…you what…? Step in like you did here with your good cheer and hopeful sad eyes. Spin your tales and lie boldly to our faces. Just because you can! Just because you think you are more than us!” she was now standing. “Just because I…am…a…Halfling!” she growled and a shower of sparks leapt from her and onto Etty who screeched in pain and horror!

As the fairy back crawled away she shrieked her torment and her accusations. “You are just a Halfling! Harpy shit smells sweeter! And I know his secret!” she screeched. “Vampire! Unclean and unholy! And he touches you! You are foul and deserving of your ill fate! You look so smug and filled with rightness. The vampire cannot be awake during the day to protect you! Yes…don’t think that will not be noted! You will wish you had died at birth!” she screeched as she shrank in size and in a swirl of fairy dust, she was gone.

“Mo fo’n,” O.I. blew the glitter out the door and then turned to the crowd. “She has a point ‘bouts leavin’ this here house unprotected.”

“Yes she does,” Eric was thoughtful. “I will call in a few favors…”

“My prince,” O.I was sincere. “I gots nothin’ goin’ for the next age and a bit. Would be’s happy to sit and watch the Realm of the Cold Moon happens from Miss Sookie’s neck…or perhaps wrist.”

“What?” Sookie said turning to face him.

“I ams the most charmin’ piece of jewelry you will ever sees, wears, or wants.”

“Really,” she said eyeing him.

“Mo fo’n,” O.I said with a sure nod of his head. “Beatifuls I am. And has been told cans be pleasant company when I ain’t poundin’ on evil and just bein’ a bad ass for those fae squatters and shitters in general.”

“Really?” she said again, this time with a slight smile.

“Hold out your wrist,” O.I. grinned at her.

Sookie’s arm went out and before she could blink, wrapped around her slender bones was the most exquisite thing she had even seen!

“Wow,” she giggled. “Wow….!” She stammered again.

“Lordy,” Lafayette stood, reached out and touched the bracelet.

“I can’s also be worn as a charmin’ torque,” O.I. batted his eyelashes. “Bout’s yous neck. Just say’n.”

“Wow…still that is all I have got,” Sookie touched the dragon’s body and it pinged like metal. “Even your eye make up is perfect.”

“Got’s to be,” he replied. “I am the king of the dragon’s. Gots to be more than all the rest. But I am sure enough’s admirin’ the make’m up on his mighty fine Lafayette-ness.”

Lafayette gave a bow of his head and a twirl of his hand. “His La La Fineness says thanks you. Am more than happy to do your eyes…but mo fo’n, you are lookin’ mighty good withouts any amens and hallelujahs from me.”

O.I. searched the face of the most beautiful man he had ever seen. Pure of heart, deed and soul this one was. A bringer of light into the dark…a shadow meant to walk unseen by evil to bring justice. He had not seen this kind of righteousness in a human since he had named the last star. Mo’ fo’n, The Light knew what it was about. Must be big and nasty comin’ this way ‘cause here sat those who would destroy it. But this was not yet and the future was constantly in motion. Cannots be thinkin’s that deep about the future! Gots to devotes times and a half to works the here and now. “We cans realize a deal. I’ll bring the jewelry horde and for my shiny bits and pieces I’ll pay yous to put me on a whole new level.”

“Lordy,” Tara shook her head. “Mr. O.I., you are the child Lafayette never had. And now you want to turn him loose on…on,” she regarded the small dragon. “The unseen and the impossible with his grand notions and flamin’ style!”

Lafayette took on his best hallelujah pose, arms in the air! His feet dancing! “Be loosed you demons and wrong doers of the make’m up clan that holds sway over many expensive eye shadow counters and wax lipstick discount chains! His La La Fineness shall casts your cut-rate make’m up ways asides and back into the hellish depths of cheap assed and poorest of qualities ways and sets yous poor helpless victims free in glorious long lastin’ colors!” Lafayette shouted to the heavens. With a deep cleansing breath, he lowered his arms. “Reverent moment,” he placed both hands over his heart. “And that just needed to be said,” he grinned, his focus was back on the small dragon. “Or you coulds be the granddaddy I always wanted,” Lafayette chuckled. “But makes no never minds cause we surly and purely walks the same paths. We has gots us a deal. His La La Fineness says so it is and so it shalls be. I just got some new make-m up cream shadow with glitters. Did a bit in the crease of my eyes. Wanted to do mores, but you knows…it’s Thanksgiving and I am a guest at Gran’s fine table with her friends who admires eye shadow but does not wear it so much anymore themselves. I do not knowingly breaks hearts or causes the older dolls to weeps for things lost. I knows how to be respectful.”

“Gran,” Sookie put the older woman’s hand between the two of hers. “This is a lot. First Etty and her lies and now this. How are you doin’?”

“Earl is not alive,” she sighed.

“No our great and gracious Gran,” O.I. sadly shook his head and fluttered to her so that they were face to face. “He is not. Unless he is lost somewhere’s in your world.”

“No Earl,” she felt her heart break, again. “No Earl,” she whispered. “And she lied to me to get to Sookie…” and a sob escaped her throat.

“Yes,” O.I. held her gaze. “Yes she did.”

“You…” she hesitated, “you be staying with us for a spell Mr. O.I.?”

“Yes ma’am,” he nodded and stroked her cheek with his paw.

Taking a tissue out of her pocket Gran dabbed at her eyes and then blew her nose. “I could use a drink of something strong, no ice. A jelly glass full. And I mean to the brim. And some dressing and gravy. And Sookie, we are never to be without that magical elixir coffee, again.”



They all sat down at the table in the kitchen. It was comfortable and warm and there were the homey smells of plenty; foods that made you happy to be in a safe place on a cold, blustery day. Or on a day when you found out the fae only came callin’ so they could size you up and then put you in the ground.

“Mighty nice of you Lafayette to bring the Chivas in a gallon size,” Gran smiled at him and took his hand. “I have drank my share this fine day. And toasted the dead and wept over the living. Mighty fine of you to share.”

“Whatever is left is goin’ on my fruit cakes. Gotta gets started on them for Christmas times treats. Looks to be enough left of the amber colored grains for another round and my cakes will still be swimmin’ in nature’s finest.”

Gran helped herself to the dressing that came her way then and reached for the gravy. “I’ll finish off this glass and I should then take my drunk ass to bed. But before I do that, here sits my Sookie. Is she to be the kick-ass bride of some fae king whose heirs shall rule for a million years and please pass the lime Jello salad?”

There was quiet at the table as all eyes went to Eric.

“Just like you would call someone a king, you would call a woman of this grand magnitude a sookie,” Eric began carefully and calmly. “It denotes a female of distinction and fearlessness and just raw killing power. No one in the realm of the Two Blue Moons would name a daughter Sookie. And believe me, there are one or two fairy godmothers who are bold and brash enough to want to urge parents to do so but they have not yet become that stupid and unwise. It would be imprudent and reckless to name a female child such…so they do not. The same can be said that when a male child is born, the fairy godmothers do not say He shall be king! So they would not look upon a daughter and say this one shall be a sookie!

That being said, when my ancestors came to power, they took the name Sookiehawk. A bit bold and brazen but by the harpies’ stench, they had just out blasted everyone else who would rule and figured they could do what they wanted. And as long as victory was fresh on everyone’s mind, they took the name of the fearless warrior bird that patrols the Realm of the Two Blue Moons.

O.I.” Eric gave him a two-fingered salute, “speaks many truths and lots of sweet smelling bullshit. But he knows the faes’ history and does not distort it.

That being said, Miss Adele, I have no intentions of being king of the fae. My father has held that position for an age and a bit and he continues to hold it and he is welcome to it. Etty was a pretty good example of what he has to deal with. As for children, I am vampire and cannot reproduce. That I am enamored of your granddaughter, yes, I am. But there are things to be discussed between the two of us before they are talked about in front of someone else.”

“That was nicely said,” Tara raised her glass in a toast to Eric. “I think I like you. And I do not say those words lightly. Sitting at this table are the people that I like and also love. They are few in number. So Eric, vamper or not, don’t go brakin’ my girls heart and endin’ up on the top of my shit list.”

Eric nodded, his face serious. “Miss Tara, I shall endeavor to continue on in such esteemed company.”

“Good,” Tara nodded. “Glad to hear it. Now, let’s talk pie.”


Etty was sitting out in a pine tree, attempting to regroup, waiting for the vampire Bill Compton to come home. After watching him for what seemed like a lifetime, she was comfortable enough to be able to pick him out in a large crowd. Just in case she had to kill him in a hurry and get out even faster. “Compton…” she shook her head in disgust. “This…this…I am at a loss for words. He lives in a shithole,” she shivered as she looked around the outside of his house. There was nothing here to admire! Decayed wood and busted shingles and his front porch had rotted through with weeds growing up where you should be standing to knock on the door to be invited in for a pleasant tea. Or at least an exchange of information that would bring her accolades and jewels. But no-o-o-o-o-o. Now she was shamed and Chancellor Gettingsly, the oldest of the fairy godmothers who had trusted her…trusted her with this secret mission! Well, the old fae would have things to say to her. She and felt a great deal of pride when she had been told that she was Gettinglsy right-hand in this Halfling matter and now that trust would never be regained. It would be impossible to recover any type of self-esteem or job satisfaction when she returned. She was pretty sure she was out of the fairy godmother business.

“Nothing to be done for it but to go home. After all, this is not my fault. The King of the Dragon’s was here, King Er-erikr has a son…who presence was not made known to me…and this is not my fault,” she said out loud this time as she began to shift and take form inside a beautiful baseball sized effervescent bubble. “I feel like I am the one that has been betrayed! Lied to and probably about! I need happier thoughts,” she sighed. “Pbbbllltttt!” she spit out. “That is hard to do when you are surround by everything that is offensive to the senses. But,” she settled into her ride home, “the sparkle that my sphere takes on in their moonlight is pure magic! How wonderful and perfect I must appear!”

The moonlight was still holding and she knew that she did, indeed, look like a goddess to these base, cursed, humans. “Maybe…just maybe…I will come back here. If there is nothing left for me in fae…I could…well…who knows…” she giggled, “I could be worshiped and adored. Or at least paid homage, too.”

When she heard the laugher, she knew it was too late. Her moon dreaming was going to cost her! What could only be a hand made contact with her transportation bubble and she went zinging through the air until she went splat against a tree.

There was more laughter as she was peeled from the bark and shook around until she was no longer flattened but now plumped out.

“Have mercy,” she squeaked out, drew her sword and stabbed Bill Compton in the eye.

While he screamed in agony, she took off for home. This would not be a victor’s entrance. Nothing grandiose and dignified about this! This was a young one; scared and running home as fast as she could.


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