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Memorial Day 2010 012

Making its debut in Shreveport, *The Res-i-dence will have its grand opening within the next month. The owner, Eric Northman, has spared no expense in shifting this abandoned warehouse into a Gothic manor house.

I chatted with Eric Northman about his vision for the ever-growing night life in Shreveport.

Having spent some time in Europe, Northman believed it was time to bring a hint of the Old World, to the New. “The outside of the building was carefully constructed with Old World craftsmanship,” Eric explained as we toured the building, “We scoured Europe for the furnishing. You could just as easily be admiring an eight hundred year old manor home anywhere on the continent. When you are invited into our home at the door for a drink, we want you to feel special.”

The museum quality antiques and Tiffany stained glass on the inside of this soon to be newest land mark in Shreveport, in the opinion of this reporter, is just as authentic as the outside. If staying in a manor house is not in your budget for this summer, then stop by *The Res-i-dence. Shreveport’s newest and perhaps most elegant, bar.

Memorial Day 2010 013

*The official house of government for a public and official figure.