Shreveport CornerStone News -*- Congratulations are in order to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Hughes. Their home, Friend Cox House, has become Louisiana’s newest restored historic site.

The house, built in Bon Temps, in 1902, was one of the earliest Arts and Craft Style to be built in the Northern sector of Louisiana and was certainly one of the most elegant houses in that part of the state in the early 1900’s. It was built by and for the lawyer, F. M. Jenks.

Mr. Cox Jenks, Esq., was noted and recognized throughout the state for his hospitality and for hosting one of the finest Parlay Parlors in the South at the time.


The Hughes’ prize winning orchids are a cheerful greeting and welcome as you step into the foyer of what is once again a law office.



And embracing the spirit of the Parlay Parlor for which this house was so famous… with a wink and a nudge, I was able to coax from the Hughes’ that perhaps that delightful tool of learning will be brought back to this establishment on Sunday afternoons.

So, if you see the green glass lantern hanging in the front window illuminating the Rules of Engagements, stop on in! There is always a piece of pie, a cup of coffee and a glass of sherry on the side board.