My name is Hunter Ericsson Northman. My Momma says if I speak to this, it will write down what I say.

I had a real good day, today. I went to Grandma and Grandpa Hughes. We had lunch and I ate till my tummy was full.

Then I watched my Momma play Parlay. She won! And then I answered back with a three call. My Grandma Berry was real proud.

We went upstairs to her kitchen and we made JJ men.

Grandma Berry had the dough so all we had to do was roll it out and use the cookie cutters. That was fun. The Moor Teufels helped us.

They help outside in the garden. They are Grandma’s and Grandpa’s hands down low. But it snowed a lot so they came inside and helped with the flowers on the front porch.

Today they helped in the kitchen.

These are my new friends.

Slick made it to the top of the dough hill first!


We all clapped when he got to the top!

Then it was time to roll out the dough. Everyone helped!


Grandma Berry helped me press on the cookie cutter. It was too hard for the Teufels so Grandma helped them, too. Grandma told me this cookie cutter was special. It was of a sheriff! My Daddy used to be a sheriff! We made sheriff JJ men to give to my Daddy!


Bick thought he was a cookie!


Grandma Berry took the cookies out. They had to cool. When they were still warm we shared one with a glass of milk. Mmmm!


The End.


* We purchased these Moor Teufels in Northern Germany about thirty-three years ago. Moor Teufels are indigenous to the Moors of Northern Germany. On the bottom of one is still the tag of the artist and their shop. Handarbeit (Handmade/crafted) by Tupferei K. Runl. OHZ (Osterholtz Scharmbeck) Bahnhof STR (Train Station Street) 103