I helped my La La make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

We rolled them out and then he showed me how to cut them with a knife.

Cinnamon Rolls cook offThey start out small. You got to let them sit and relax and think about growing to be cinnamon rolls, my La La says.

They had to get big and fluffy and then we put them in the oven.

Cinnamon Rolls 006

Mmmm, my nose was happy as I smelled them baking!

Then my La La, he grated an orange and I put those little orange bits into the frosting.

Then we took them out and let them cool!

Cinnamon Rolls 009

Then I spread it on. It was yummy good. My ZZ, he helped me.

After breakfast, it was time to go to story hour. I saw my friends and told them I had to leave early to go to see my Grandmas!

On the way to see my Grandmas, we stopped where there was still some snow along the river and had our picnic lunch in the Jeep.


Momma had a treat for me! She had her book of fairy tales our Gran used to read to her. And there were hand puppets, too! My Momma read me the story of Little Red Riding Hood after lunch and I used my hand puppets to act it out. I said, No wolf will get me! I got my Momma and my Daddy and ZZ and all my angels!


Now we are off to my see my Grandmas and I am wearn’ my new red hoodie!