It was a beacon unto the night!

'Its the best kept secret in both Realms!

‘Tis the best kept secret in both Realms!

Colleen, Mrs. to Liam, was laughing. There was no missing where the cabin was that housed the Sweet Baby Ray’s. Or where her husband was either. He was passed out on the porch and then someone had rolled him in the snow!

Liam had been so proud of this building. “Why,” he had bragged, “we have so cleverly hidden it in the trees and cloaked it, the Sweet Baby Ray’s will be safe from pillaging and especially the small winged ones that would dart in with a smile and leave with a fart on the air!

“Good plan, my husband,” she laughed. “Get drunk, it only takes one to follow you out here and for your thanks you are a sugar coated in fairy dust treat!

Of course, rolling you in the snow, that was my idea!”

What was left of the snow had been hit by the Fae light. It gave everything a frosted, sugar coated appearance. And if that was not enough, the small winged ones kept zipping past, sprinkling their fairy dust that added to the unearthly appearance and would soon light up the entire area…and this would be secret no longer.

“Yes, the safe house for the SBR’s, the cabin, it was a good plan,” she laughed out loud. “Especially the part about you passing out and getting rolled in the snow as the small ones dance conga lines into the building and pass the bottles out.”

By judging from the fire trails around the cabin, a smallish dragon or two had been this way, as well.

“My darling Liam, Captain of the King’s Own,” she walked over to him. “There is only one thing to do….roll you in the snow again and let the small ones dress you as a snow man! Good times!”