Day Walking, Sun Rise, Sun Set, Day 79. 62nd day of Married Bliss, 50th Day of being Parents.


Without a doubt, the Captain of the Queen’s Guards was strutting his stuff.  Clayton was on time and on target!  Opening and closing the portal so Oberon could catch a glimpse of home and listening to him go bat shit crazy was the best  thing ever.  Yes, there was no greater honor than guarding their Queen…this   was a life time of wishes…fucking with Oberon was just one of this job’s little perks.  Clayton swore he was going to do it to the best of his ability.

Sookie regarded her Captain.  “Clayton,” she smiled, “you did that very well.”

“Thank you my Queen,” he bowed deeply.  “It is a great honor to be of such service.”

“I know,” Sookie sighed and patted Clayton on the arm, “that you really want to write out your brothers’ in arms names with his blood…”

Clayton looked wistful.  “My Queen…” he smiled, “such an honor….”

“My Queen,” OI pleaded and then hissed at Clayton.  In a humble voice he was once more addressing Sookie.  “We are working it this week.  We are all working your plan this week.  We all agreed to no bloodshed.”

“Here here!” Sookie responded.  “No bloodshed.  Now what happened yesterday was very nice.  Very fulfilling.  But we are stepping up to the next level.

Eric,” she wrinkled her nose at her husband, “what is the one thing that the royals hate just about more than anything else?”

“My wife,” he chuckled, “you have tasted the  fun to fuck with you fruit and I see you now wish to pluck yet another….or perhaps that would be your wish to purchase the entire orchard?”

“I’m going with the orchard,” she grinned.

“Well then, having to wait…you would think that as old as they are, waiting for something to come around would be second nature.  But  because of their money and position, they want it and they want it right now.”

“Well,” Sookie smiled.  “I could be up for a little fun.  I am going to think about this today and then….look out.  Miss Sookie is looking for good times!” 


Day Walking, Sun Rise, Sun Set, Day 79. 62nd day of Married Bliss, 50th Day of being Parents.

Oberon had been pacing since he had returned from Savannah.  The portal was still there.  He had tried all day to reactivate it.  He had retraced his steps countless times, purchased many beers as offerings and complained bitterly to whatever spirit would listen.

At the end of the day, in frustration, he had popped home and then had gone out and howled along with the wind and snow.

When he returned home, he sat down and drank.  Now he was pacing.  Dawn was coming.  The dark of the night was giving way to the dark clouds that would hang low on the horizon.  Winter would have her way with him today and tomorrow. Someday he was going to have his day in The Realm.

“Sister please,” he said longingly as he watched the blizzard.  “A message.  A message for the birthday brother.”

What?  What was that?  Was it…?  Had she sent him a thought message?  There, flickering above the lower deck was….was…in a flash he was down the stairs, through the kitchen and standing at the window that looked out onto the servants’ patio.

Bliss be of good cheer


Bliss, be of good cheer this sun filled day

Take the path that shows you the way,

I can not leave without  regret,

This path shall bring my brother home yet.



After reading through the message again,  the bits of  sunshine that reminded him of home,  melted away like rain drops and he was once more staring out at the woods, the message, gone.

“Take the path, that shows you the way…” he said with conviction.  “SAV,” he pondered that.  “I do not know SAV…” and he felt the tears begin to form.

“Get ahold of yourself,” he hissed. “Why oh why would Mab send you a thought message?”  Sitting down, he pushed that around.   “What if she can only send her thought messages?  After all, she said she could not leave without consequence.  So, she must not be one hundred percent, which means The Realm is not one hundred percent so only thought messages.

Take the path….”  He mentally mapped his steps through Savannah.  “So, I will go back to Savannah and investigate.   Once more retrace my steps and work the labyrinth.  Obviously it will not be the same labyrinth, but a different one… fucking sister,” he laughed while he thought about the different ways he could kill her.

“One portal, she said she had left, one… but of course she laid a lot of different paths.  Very smart.  Very clever to  tell me that  there was only one path….what a liar….and me…I believed her.  My shame is the greater.

I wonder if she has been selling them to get fae home?”  Now that would explain some things…

“That lying bitch…must be breaking her heart that I now know that secret of hers.

Well, I am in no hurry.  I’ll breakfast and fuck…who knows, perhaps I will do so until noonish….then, perhaps, I shall take myself forth, back to Savannah, where my beloved sister has, I am sure, prepared to bring home on bring here, an entire army.”

Breakfast had left him hungry and the sex had left him unfulfilled.  Fuck the waiting!  Motioning for the woman to leave, he sat back in his bed.  His…his…his…the building…the woman…all who dwelt within…the North East…and soon, The Land of the Blue Realm.

When the woman stopped to pick up her clothes, he screeched, “Leave!  Now!”

Scurrying away, she was out the door and as he listened to her carefully close it….good, not one sound did she make.  Otherwise, she would  have been the first to fall in the new regime.

Time to get dressed and take himself to Savannah.


He had decided to start where the first door portal had opened and allowed him to walk into the Bonaventure Cemetery.  He was sure he was going to wind back up there, but, you had to follow the path to unlock the home portal.  Besides, he was looking for SAV, whatever that was.  So, start with a known portion of the path.

The area before him was bloody with history.  This is where they brought the slaves off the ships.  Those that survived, they processed them in the buildings and then walked them through the tunnels that he had come through last night.


With slavery came cotton and then the area was also used for exporting cotton.  The owner would stand on the top walkway and watch as wagons of  his cotton were driven through to be weighed.

From this view, he could see the tunnels off  to his right.  Being in that tunnel last  night had set him on edge, just a bit.  The magic that pulsed and throbbed in it was horrific.   There were prayers, broken hearts, broken minds and broken spirits that had passed through, here.  But there had been one or two that had not been broken…and from them had flowed out the magic that still lived on, today.


Bonding with the magics that lived in the city was not why he was here.  He sought only one magic, that of his sister.  Peering around carefully, he stopped.  Now  that was interesting.


There was some  type of writing on the wall.  SAV!

Oh, yes!  There it was SAV.  Yes…he was on the path!  His sister had worked her magic with the magic of the ground and she had been able to leave him a trail of breadcrumbs.  “I must stay true to  the path,” he cautioned himself, every step of the way.

Following the signs would not be as exact as the paced off measurements.  But he knew he was going back out to the cemetery.  He would just follow the markings.  The weather was pleasant and he had nothing but time.


As he walked up the steps that took him away from the tunnels, there were three distinct markings on the pavement.  SAV went to the right.  Taking a sniff, those that were standing by his mark did not smell like fae, nor did they erase the markings.

But he was glad he got here when he did. He was intrigued by the SOB, which obviously stood for Southern Boys, with that ball in the middle and penis sticking up into the air.   There was no mistaking the boobs.  So, a male and a female wished to return.  Well now…..

When the two  tourists passed on, with a chuckle, he erased the SOB and then the SAV.  No one would follow him today and the fae who considered himself a Southern Boy, why, his path could just stay forever lost and his sorry ass right along with it! Miss Boobs, why, he was going to want all those back in his kingdom.

Touche! You were not going home SOB!   You gave Mab money for nothing!  Behold your king at work!

The lettering on the ground and walls led him past several of the places he had been last night.  It was starting to look like rain.  “No, no, no,” he hissed to the sky as he picked up his pace.


Well fuck!  What had just happened?  The marking had changed.  Three?  Three what?   “Some one tell me,” he sobbed silently, “What am I suppose to do?”

At that time a person walking by pulled out their ear phones.  * “…but that American creation of which I need….Cheeseburger in paradise,  Oberon, you need a… three cheeseburgers in paradise…” as he continued to jog on past.

“Oh. Oh.  Ohhhhhh!” as understanding dawned.   Turning left he walked along until he could smell the meat, cooking.  “Well, Bob’s your uncle,” he grinned as he approached the restaurant.   There was a long line out front.  As much as he wanted to push his way in, he was now on the path and every step and every minute meant something.

He had never stood in a line, before.  It was a new experience.


The rain came and went.  Just some pleasant afternoon showers he kept telling himself and that was a very small awning that could only keep about three people dry.

He was not one of the three.

While you were walking the path, it did not do to count down the minutes.  But he had, for a fact, been standing out here for an hour.  Apparently families, he wanted to wail and gnash his teeth, would put someone in line and then send out a text whenever it was their turn to go in.  When he thought there was seven people in front of  him….why it could turn into forty-seven.  Not that he was counting…but forty-seven fucking humans had gone in when there had only been seven in front of him!

Eventually he was seated….at the counter.  What the fuck was a counter?  Well just fuck and fall backwards into it!  Here he was, sitting at a counter.  With the kitchen just….just…right there!  You could watch them cook your meal.  What the fuck!

When the waitress stepped up to take his order, he said, “I’ll have three cheeseburgers, please.”

“Bob’s your uncle!” she said cheerily.  “And ‘cause he loves you, we have the ½ pound,  the ¾ pound and a 1 pound cheeseburger to choose from.  What will you have?”

“Well, I’ll have three,” he stressed, “three…1/2 pound cheese burgers.”

“Yes sir, Bob’s your uncle and he wants to know what kind of cheese do you want on it?”

“Kind?” Oberon echoed.

“”Cause Bob’s your uncle,” she said gleefully, “we have a cheese menu to choose from.  You look it over and tell me.”

There were pages of cheese.  “What do you suggest?” he asked looking up from cheese information overload.

“Well, “ she became very thoughtful, “since Bob’s your uncle and mine too, I like just the regular old Kraft American.  Now some people say that is not really cheese, but since Bob’s your  uncle and mine too, we have it.”

“Fix them,” he smiled, “the way you like them.”

“Ohhhh,” she smiled sweetly.  “I don’t really like cheeseburgers.  I just like mine with lots of catsup with a hot piece of meat between two buns.”

Oberon felt his fangs beginning to creep down.  “Are you fucking with me?” he asked her quietly.

“Ohhh, no sir,” she replied, as she drew back.  “Since Bob’s your uncle and mine too, that would be incest.”

The waitress started cheering, whistling  and clapping.  “We got a live one here,” she  said into the microphone  that she had picked up and the entire restaurant cheered.  “I need three, Godric, our chef extraordinaire,” the restaurant broke out into louder,  wilder cheering,  when the good looking young man waved from the kitchen area. “Three…count them with me all you Bob’s relatives…

….one…two…three,” the audience said right along with her, “one pound cheeseburgers with the works topped off with the haberno sauce!  Ole!”

“Ole,” she said again, as she put the microphone down and folks went back to eating their dinner.  Unfolding Oberon’s napkin she put it in his lap.  “Now, that was fucking with you.  And don’t worry, I’ll pay for your meal.”  Gabriel smiled sweetly and went down the counter to take her next order.


Nothing was said about having to eat the fries and coleslaw that came with the hamburgers.  So he left them.  Not that it mattered.  He was dying, he was sure of it.   He took the last bite of the last burger and thought about throwing up.  His lips were on fire, his insides were on fire and if he passed any of this out of his sphincter, he was sure his ass was going to be on fire as well.

No doubt about it, he was coming back here when he was King and he was lighting up “Gabriel,”  he smiled at the thought.  He was going to rotisserie her over a fae blue flame.

When he walked out the front  door, he was back in the Bonaventure Cemetery.   Well, that was something.

Standing in front of the angel he started to chant  “Two, two, two…..”

Stopping in mid chant he clutched his stomach….and then doubled over as three,  one pound hamburgers with all the fixings spewed from his mouth.  The haberno sauce coming out of his nose and burning off all his nose hair.

Doubled over from pain, he had no place to go but down.

Lying in his own vomit, he cried as pain engulfed him… shame…well, he had none at this moment.  But he would someday, have revenge.    Then his sphincter muscle relaxed and haberno flowed from there.   He was now lying in his own poo, as well.  Fuck thinking about revenge, his tears started in earnest as folks walked over and wanted to know if he was having a seizure of some sort and could they help.

“What is he doing tomorrow?” Eric asked, watching it all in real time.

Miss Molly and her honey Samuel were honeymooning the past couple of days  in Savannah.  Rory had popped them in.

Miss Pam and Wallace were in San Antonio watching it all in real time as well.

Miss Pam was handling all the betting aspects.   Eric thought she was probably up a couple of mil because of the poo.  Not even Eric had seen that coming.

There would be a lot of crying over at the mansion, tonight.  No one there had seen the poo coming, either.  But of course, his lovely child, had.  When Sookie had laid out the plans for today, Pam had set up the pool.  After recording everyone’s bet, she said the odds were poo-licious and planned on flushing out everyone’s loose change and time off.   She then bet that poo would be loosed and the odds got even bigger.

Honey buckets  of money had rolled in, all from down hill, of course.   His lovely oldest  also bet in time off from behind the desk, as well.   Miss Pam was up several mil and probably another week off.

Sookie grinned. “Hunter loves parades.  I think Oberon needs to do some sweet talkin’ and organize an impromptu parade.   I hope he does not get arrested.

And of course, one day,  he will be workin’ one of those charity car washes and donating a lot of money to that when he finishes up squeezing out the last rag.

And I know that the good folk of Savannah are pet conscience and all, but I bet there is poop that needs to be scooped off the city streets.  And besides, if there is not,” she said, “I can guarantee that there is going to be the day he needs to pick it up.

Why, I’ve got a whole list of things for him to do this week.”

“My wife, I know I have said this before, but I believe it bears repeating.  Remind me to never piss you off.”

“Well,” Sookie patted Eric’s hand.    “I want his last week in this realm to be useful and fulfilling.   To know that he has made a difference and has made a contribution to the whole of mankind.  That helps with self-esteem.  I think he has issues in that area.

You know, I am all about helpin’,” she batted her eyelashes at him.

Eric rolled his eyes.

“Dear Oberon, from our house to yours,” Sookie’s grin got bigger.  “ Good times.”





*Jimmy Buffet, Cheeseburger in Paradise, 1978