Here in the whispers of the trees,

I hear your laughter in the leaves.

I see your face in the dappled sun

Your memory haunts me, until I am un-done.

With out stretched arms and soul, both are still empty

I see you with this wretched heart, such is my pity.

My heart seeks solace, quiet and home,

My heart weighs heavy, in silence are my strangled moans.

So shelter here, beneath the trees,

…and walk with me in the morning’s breeze

And I will weep no more in doubt or pain,

If my heart is here, by my side, again.

Here in the whispers of the trees,

Doubt me not, but in my love, believe.


I have walked this world without you

Through the ages and beyond.

I’ve seen the crawl of wormwood,

Dry rot, and dreary fear which forms a bond.

I’ve seen lovers trysting…

their clothes and emotions tangled here.

And yet my voice is silent…

…with out arms,  and through sightless eyes with which I peer.

I can see you in my heart, my beloved,

the wind carries my regrets upon my boughs.

If I had the magic I would dissolve this cursed silence

I would tell you of my  love, this I vow.


Perhaps one Solstice night, our lovers did walk here,

Perhaps under full moon bright,  some great magic did appear.

Did our lovers dare to dream or swear on solemn vow,

Or forsake love, or love too much, and to the fates not bow?

Those of kindred heart and soul we do weep along with them–

For we all ask the question..were they cursed as  lovers or for loving on a whim?