dragon magnet with solstice greetings

We are counting down the days until Summer Solstice.  There has been a lot of rain, this week, as the date approaches.   Dragons hide in the clouds.  They are not shy or endangered.  Just crafty.

Dragons rule in very subtle ways.  The are very clever about getting their images into the flags, architecture,  history, poetry, pottery, and the hearts of the people in the lands where they roam.


…and drink…they do so love their drink.

This is the stuff of dreamers and legends.  Poets and lovers….and those that like a little some’n some’n extra in their coffee.

As  a rule, I drink John Jameson.  The name sounds of past battles and victorious heroes.  Salt spay and a determined people. Land forced to grow by turning stoney glacial discards into bountiful fields.  John Jameson….a lovely name… a gentleman highway man…always ready with a kiss when he  takes a ladies purse and perhaps her heart.

Oh, the  practical Scot in me  gives way to the poetic Irish!  That would be Whiskey….with an ey!   Born of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Air and Magic.


I have tea in the mornings with this beauty.  The country of Wales proudly shows their heritage and that they all have a common ancestor….the dragon.  Which explains their language and why it is so difficult for those not with a  dragon’s tongue to speak it.


Dragons have a history of being all over the world.  And like humans, they come in shapes and sizes.

helsingor denmark with castle, Kronborg, original

When we were in Helsingor, Denmark, we visited the Kronborg Castle.  We were not the only ones there that day. What a pleasant surprise to see the Danes there enjoying the natural beauty around them as well.


At our house, dragons are always welcome.  There is a dragon and a griffin in the family coat of arms.  They play nicely, together, and if there is a ruckus, they always clean up after themselves.


This is Emrys.  Em for short.  Some folks like a big dog or a  bigger Smith and Wesson for keeping the house cleared out of unwanted critters.  We find that dragons do a nice job. And if there is an intruder, we never knew he was there and this helps save on the grocery bill.


This is Lancelot.  Lance for short.  It is raining today with a lot of thunder rumbles so he is amusing himself and keeping his eyes sharp by counting raindrops.


The guys  are really good house mates.  Quiet and your fireplace is always lit.  Of course, they like port.  So we keep a bottle or two.  They have been doing photo shoots for me, so in payment, I had to start their morning off with port.  As Em is so fond of saying, “If you don’t start drinking first thing in the morning, you can not drink all day.”


This, is a dragon’s egg.  Fairly old, Em tells me.  Of course, he could be funning with me and this could be dragon poo.  Not that it matters.  It is pretty and catches the light.


Lance says that most folks think dragon  egg shells  look like chicken egg shells and that is why a lot of artists make dragon’s eggs in something of the color of a chicken’s egg shell.

Sadly, Em and Lance  both shake their heads and say in wonder:  “Do we look like chickens?” They both snort and tiny flames lick out their noses.  We keep fire extinguishers, everywhere.

Hmmm, maybe they are not funning me about the dragon’s egg….or maybe they are…


Our daughter grew up with dragons.  My favorite pull toy quickly became hers as well.  Watching his wings move up and down as he rolls along is a joy!


The small shelf that held her baby essentials kept circulating through the house with each move.  To take this photo, I took things off and actually dusted it.  (Dust is a natural protective covering for furniture.  My husband was so excited about my cleaning it he wanted to know if I was going to take a picture of everything in the house….he really is not as funny as he thinks he is…just say’n…)


I have an incense burner that I made thirty years, ago, that sits in my very small studio….very, very small studio….Em fired it for me.


This guy has been to a lot of parties.  In the Army, there is  a formal function once a year along with various other unit get togethers.

This little guy sits on a stand about a foot high.  We would take him with us and he would proudly sit on the table along with whatever center piece was present.  I always liked our center piece the best…the stories he could tell…..I am just glad that he does not….

dragon riding an orange moon

This is Em.  Some nights he goes out flying.  He went with us to the beach.  The moon shot was taken with a telephoto lens and the color has not been enhanced or filtered in any way.   It was orange.  Em says there is always an orange moon when dragons want to go flying….hmmmm… maybe that “egg” is poo after all….sigh…oh well…it  is still  pretty.

On to Solstice!