Solstice arrived at 0104. The Moon was still up to see its beginning.  Myself as well for a few moments longer then 0104 and then I was off to ponder the lovely ways of The Sandman.


I do not know what time sunrise was this morning, but I was there to greet it.  The  dawn’s early light painted the clouds.  This reminds me of a candle on a birthday cake…or perhaps a long boat sailing… gentle breezes filling her sail.


To welcome the first dawn of summer, I was up with the birds, who were all singing in the false dawn.  Which was a little surprising….I have never heard birds singing in the false dawn.  But it was merry and I did not know if I was coming in on the tail end of the party of it was just beginning.


This entire month I have been looking forward to a new beginning.  And in my heart, the old began to give way to the new.  All week has been one for reflection.  Old friends, old photographs, old memories.  Old hurts that need to be forgiven and seeds of faith that need to be carefully tended.

At 0104  began a new Season and already I am counting down to the next. This  Summer shall fade  and  is going to give way to Fall and then the cold, restful days of Winter so the circle can continue.


The circle of life.  We find them everywhere.  I did not have a Stonehenge in my yard to watch the sun come through. I do, however in my kitchen have my own rock pathway….lol….rocks are useful things….you can build with them and once they are in your shoe it is a reminder to stop, shake it out and rest for a moment before you continue your journey.

copy Stonehenge and

I was pregnant when we were on the Salisbury Plain thirty one  years, ago.    It was windy and  rainy and a reminder  that those that came before us did more with less.

I am of the opinion that I would just like to do more….

…and this Season, that is my quest.

Please feel free to join me….I do not mind chasing moonbeams by myself, but it is more fun when you do it in the good company of friends.

DSCN2505     I leave you with this bit of advice:     “Leave room in your garden for the fairies to dance.”  And be a light…you do not have to be a roaring bonfire…you could be that tiny spark that gives life to the roaring bonfire…