(Dear Readers, I did this sign for the dream sequence that is mentioned, here.  The old girls showed up in another dream..they normally do this time of year…lol…some days you count by years….lolol)

Solstice, 2007

Whether you be Druid, dragon, or druggie, this is the day of Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. Neither the evolution of mankind or the lost magic of this world can change that.

And just what magic, could possible be wrought in this 21st century world? Hmmm, well it gave me pause, as well. So, I was going to go looking for it.

For all intent and good  purposes, I was going to be up and about to photo shoot the day. Get that magic on camera. I was going to start with the sunrise (no Stonehenge, here, but we got trees and stuff to shoot the sunrise through.) And The Washington Post inspired me to take a picture every hour after that, until the longest day closed and awaited its rebirth next year.

I slept through my alarm.

Instead, I woke some time later from a dream, and stayed in bed to reconstruct this dream, this having more importance to me than my original goal. It was a good dream. And being Solstice, I would perhaps even venture to say it verged on being a great dream. A sense of well being clung to me when the present world called me forth. Hmmm, I pondered, still trying to float in that world, letting go of the sound of the house and trying not to lose the connection, where was I and what was I doing?

The following is what is called In Theatre, an aside. An actor would step forth out of the scene and facing the audience would address them with something along the lines of “Lu-u-u-ucy, you got some ‘splaining to do.”

People often make remarks about “how much stuff” we have in our home. And those who think that they are being clever generally say something like,

“Geeezzzzzzeee!!!!! Do You Think You Have Enough Stuff?!?!”

To which I always respond with my very best ahhh-isn’t-that-sweet,-you-actually-think- that-I-care-what-you-think-grin, followed by those three little words, “No, not nearly,” in my very best thick-syrup, how-proud-your-momma-must-be-of-you-voice.

I would like to say that those who live in this house, well, we are all a little bit of the pack rat, but in truth, I am probably responsible for most of what has made up our household weight allowance for these past almost 30 years.

The actor turns back to and once again enters the scene

Ahhhh, the stuff that dreams are made of…..reality, sub-conscience, too much TV and the SCI-FI channel? Or, is it something more of a mystic, cosmic, and spiritual bent……depending on who you ask you are likely to get many different answers.

In my dream, I was home… clothes were different, more medieval perhaps, with flowing this and cascading that but there was no mistaking the feeling of belonging. Imagine, if you will, an upscale version of “the dump”. As far as the eye can see, there are mountains of very cool and exceedingly neat stuff. (Certainly my idea of Heaven.) Some of it not instantly recognizable, but if you shifted this and straightened that, you could begin to see, perhaps, what purpose was intended…..

And there I was, with a distinct purpose, searching for something….what, I can no longer recall, (that was one of the things I was trying to figure out as I lay there, trying to reconstruct) but the two little old gnome type ladies who were in charge were most upset. I could hear them whispering to each other.

“There she is. Yes, that is her. She will find it, she always does. (Which I find most humorous, for indeed, I have been to this place in several dreams and always walk away with something while those two little old creatures shake their heads and wring their hands. And there might even be a little foot stomping, kinda hard to tell with all those clothes they have on.)

After much huffing and puffing they both approached me, gave me a slight nod and said, “We regard this as ours. No one comes here much anymore, except for you. We know that these things are not ours, but no one comes here much anymore.” (And they always greet me with these exact words. Their own little mantra.)

Then, the piles of things began to shift. I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were being clever. However, this did not stop me for I knew exactly where the object was that I sought. I walked on to retrieve it, and I heard the one with the stocking cap on say, “See, I told you it would do no good. All the energy expended and still she goes straight too it.”

I reached to a move spinning wheel and then pulled out a small chest. Into this crevice left by the chest I stuck my hand and felt …….and JUST when I was about to ID what it was I had a hold of, I woke up……blllllllwwwppppppp! Or however you spell that sound you make when you stick out your tongue and blow.

And thus began the magical day of Summer Solstice…

And of course, on the physical plane:

When I came downstairs Bill had left a coded message. Much like casting rune stones, he had tossed several rolls of toilet paper that started at the Christmas bathroom and had cascaded down the basement stairs. What he thought, I am sure, was that toilet paper was needed in that bathroom. And he was helping reach that goal. And he was correct. But, it is Solstice and I stop and begin to study the pattern that is left on the stairs. Hmmm, surely this corresponds to some constellation in the sky, or a map, or is a key to all the mysteries in the universe. (My honey is a very smart man and if anyone could figure out all those mysteries, I know it would be him.) Hmmmm, looks like footsteps leading down to the landing….one on the right of the stair, one on the left, until you reached the one on the landing. The one on the landing was on the compass, aligned EAST/WEST.

Hmmm, again….a sign??? Oh yes, this one is pretty obvious, even to me or maybe I should say, especially to me. West towards LA or East towards Jerusalem….Plllllttttt, more of that tongue noise. That was easy, go East, young lady, always go East.

Solstice officially began at 2:03 EST and I was standing out on the back deck, wondering what and if some marvelous force of nature would exert, itself. I mean, after all, looks like it is shaping up to be my kinda day.

And I was not disappointed, for with my tree house view, I could see a duck feather, a red winged black bird, a robin and fish jumping on the pond, in search of a light lunch of insects that were skittering back and forth above the water with a chorus of bull frogs keeping harmony with a dog that I could hear faintly in the background. Looking at the trees, the water, the abundant wildlife, a very marvelous force of nature did exert herself…, abundant and busy.

How did the day end….well, with the cycle completing, itself, of course. Baby ducks and geese growing, practicing their take-offs on the pond. Butterflies on the butterfly bushes, Bill coming home from work, Carly heading out the door.

Pagans of old and of present will be dancing with nature a’la natural on this day of the summer equinox. In old sienna colored memories that occasionally float past my eyes, I seem to remember doing that….Night, warmth, some type of alcohol being passed around in a communal jug, stars that sang and danced as we did…(or was that ahhhh…hmmm… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.) And here, in NOVA, I probably won’t be dancing in the nude under the stars, I am sure that there is a reg somewhere in our HOA that forbids that.

And that is probably just as well…..

So my photo blog did not take shape…but I was counting on the first/last photo to sum up the day. I was really expecting the sunset to be glorious. You know, the Second Coming Kind, with sun streaming through clouds, you know, Hollywood doing that Hollywood thing, making things look just like a post card. Well, we got the clouds, all right, no sun, though. And bits of rumble, just to laugh at and mock the pagan gods of old. And drops of rain and then the end of the day.

Bring on the fireflys. And more dreams.

For me, well, let’s just say that if life imitates art, then our home, is surely not only a reflection of my dreams, but is my dream. People to love, people to love me. A place where a “a sense of well being” I hope, is imparted to one and all who cross our doorstep. And that is magic enough.


Please Don’t Mock My Boursin

In July of 2002, Bill graduated from the US Army War College. Tom and Barbara had his “cell” over for a “you did good” dinner. Miss Barbara served this and it is just as yummy as that expensive store bought kind. Keep in mind, this is not low cal, by anyone’s defination. But it is delicious. How could it not be with a base of cream cheese and butter. So fire up the grill, cut the Yule log and start scouting around for mistletoe. Any pagan would be pleased to put forth this as an offering to his woodland spirits or to his friends who are full of spirits.

A smear is a smear is a smear….but baby, oh baby, this is:

Mock Boursin

1-8 oz package cream cheese

2- sticks butter or margarine  (1 cup)

1- tsp garlic powder

1- tsp dill weed

1- tsp oregano

½- tsp thyme

½- tsp marjoram

¼- tsp sweet basil

Soften cream cheese and butter. Mix well. Add seasonings. Refrigerate. Make ahead. Taste best when allowed to marinate. Serve with crackers, veggies, put it on beef, serve it with baked potatoes or smear it on bread.

You can cut this recipe in ½. However, it does freeze nicely.

Now, I have used this as a base for a cheese ball….and have added a bit of onion and fresh grated Parmesan cheese and grated Dubliner Cheddar Cheese. A word about Dubliner Cheese. It is yummy. If you have been to our home, this is the cheese you could not stop eating. Don’t purchase the Blarney Cheddar or some of those other Cheeses with an Irish name. Not the same thing, not even close.