Myddin Emrys spelled in runes

Dear Readers,

This is what  Princess Tin tattooed on the palms of Em’s hands, his true name, Myddin Emrys reduced to nine runes. One rune for each of the nine worlds.    On one palm, the top of one tree faces outward and the other palm, the top of the other tree faces toward Em so that he draws  energy in and pushes it out, as well.

This rune is also what was on the pertified wood  (the stone for The Sword and the Stone) that was the back step of Bluebell Clay’s cabin.

When I wrote that chapter, I did not have a WP account, but I did the name so I could write about it.  I found it today, in my sketch book as I was going through it looking at ideas for my “dolls”.


(If you click on the document, it makes it larger.)