We’ve  got stuff growing in our yard.  Some of it is not grass, not edible, and not flowers of my planting.  I’m pretty sure it’s weeds.  Pretty weeds, but weeds non the less.

Weeds are not ideal, but they serve a purpose….ground cover to stop erosion, they are green and, generally drought and weed killer tolerant.
Where nothing else will grow, you can count on a weed.  Where you do not want them to grow, you can count on a weed.  Where you can’t get to to mow, you can count on a weed.
Weeds are Mother Nature’s way of saying:

“I’ve got this under control, you should just be more tolerant.    I am Mother Nature.  I know what I am doing.  Weeds come with some pretty colored flowers and some lovely leaf shapes.  They broadcast their seeds willy nilly and do not need to be cultivated with enriched soil or put behind a lovely fence to keep the rabbits out.  Weeds came first, you bought your garden at Lowe’s.  So stop swearing at the rabbits!”

Now that summer is is full swing, and the dog days have arrived…Mother Nature, she has a point.  I was at Lowe’s early this morning admiring some perennials.  Well yes, something else that will need to be watered and cared for until it is established.  I smiled at them and  said my hellos as I passed them on by, today, because I was not falling for that!  Out there digging and sweating and providing the bunny rabbit a little bit better feast…Ha!

Well, yes,  I will be back, tomorrow, to purchase these beauties  because as I was watering, there is a spot in the flower bed where there are weeds….