I hate to sound like a party pooper, but the fact is, Summer is fleeting and Fall is coming…to which I say  WOOOOOHOOOOO!

In my mind’s eye, I see turning leaves already….and the frost on the pumpkin and time to think about stocking up on candles for the shorter days that are coming on…and Halloween!  Boo!

I always like to be prepared and have a Plan B.  That is my very feeble  attempt to keep one or two steps, ahead….sometimes that is laughable.  But, this summer, I was going to have everything I needed to make my witch earrings.  I was shopping early!

The point I am wanting to make is this….it was the end of July and I went on a bead safari…stores later….


…I thought I was far enough out to get all my supplies.  What I discovered is that there were no oblong black beads to be found (there are others who can plan ahead, as well)….so I am calling these midnight blue.

I am all about “if I can make it myself for cheaper, I do.”  So, if you don’t know how to bead, but would like to learn….I would suggest the book by  Debbie Kanan, The Basics of Bead Stringing.  She rocks this…. and the book is not much.  On Amazon, even cheaper.

This design is certainly not mine and has been around.

Witch earrings, directions:

Depending on the size of your beads will dictate your pin, length.

On a beading pin at the base there is a small clear bead to anchor the pin head.

Then, the oblong bead; the copper cap; round bead somewhat scaled to the body; round flat, curved disk; another cap.  Wrap your wire and make your ring at the top with your round pliers and then attach your clasps.

I found the copper bits at my local beading shop.  They will offer classes, as well, and supplies.  (Check Michaels, Jo Anns for your beading tools.   Take your coupon and get them 40-50 percent off)   I am a visual learner but Miss Kanan’s book is so well done that even I could follow along.  Saved me money on classes that I could spend  on beads and bits.

With this book, you will discover you can do some basic jewelry, repair, as well.

Say good-bye to the dog days of summer.  Fall is coming along with glorious color!  Mimic Mother Nature with some lovely beaded things at a fraction of the cost.