fence for tossing bodies over

fence for tossing bodies over (over exposed)

We stopped here during our vis-a-vis carriage ride. This is over looking the dueling grounds in Savannah.  Just across the fence is the cemetery where they would toss the dead body.  Dueling  was a way of life for many of the rich and not so rich.  Their seconds offered a toast before and often a toast, afterwards.  Since duels often revolved around men being drunk and women being wanted, several stood and died.  I am sure there were cowards who fired first and hit and fired first and missed.  Cowards abound.  May you not encounter any in this life or the next!

orb in treeorb in tree (over exposed)

Do you  see the white orb in the tree?  That, dear readers is a spirit looking for a better time.  This is the second photo I have taken while in Savannah that one has shown up.

dark openingdark opening (over exposed)

This is the fence where the “loser” was tossed over after the duel.  You can make out some of the gravestones if you look closely.

Gotcha ya!Gotcha ya! (over exposed)

A lovely rainy night to be out and about in old Savannah.  The rain, at times, making its presence felt and other times just the whisper of the mist.    Through this dark opening is where four men entered and only three left.  While standing here taking the photos my sneaky husband got out of the carriage and came and stood behind me. I could feel his head looking over my shoulder. “Boo” I said, still looking out and taking another photo, then “Gotcha,” as I turned my head for a kiss. Of course, Mr. Bill was still in the carriage. Fortunately, I did not air kiss anyone and took myself on back to the carriage.  Who ever was looking over my shoulder, I do so hope it was not one of the cowards but someone who stood bravely to defend the honor of his woman.

(I over-exposed the second photo so perhpas it is easier to see details.)