God and his soul mate the Holy Spirit have three sons.  That’s right count them, three.

Judah is the oldest.  His aura is orange and when he walked the Earth he was Moses

.Judah, God's oldest son.

The middle child is always the overachiever….the same holds true in this family as well.  Jesse is the second son, his aura is black.  When he walked the Earth as human for thirty some odd years, he went by the name of Jesus.

Jesse, God's middle son

Last, but not always least, is Paul, whose aura is blue.  When he is not busy being a lawyer, he plays an excellent game of golf and is probably the best golfer in the family.  When he walked the planet Earth as a human, he was a Roman known as Saul of Tarsus.  On the road to Damascus, Jesus changed his name to Paul.

Paul, God's youngest son

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