Hello Dear Ones!

I downloaded The Father’s Daughter onto my Kindle and started reading….low and behold….there were mistakes….I know, shocker!

It was not my intent for you to be my “test group”.  Sadly, that seems to be what has happened.  The past two days I have been correcting errors…why I am not surprised….from past experience I know that I do not see errors until I have published the story and then read it again.  Holds true here, as well.

So, when it comes back from  formating, I will re-submit and there will be another “coupon” for the “more correct” version.

i am hoping to officially “launch” in a week or two.  I don’t know what that means…but I  am sure it will come to me.

I saw a trailer for Noah, today.  Well just woo-hoo!   I have been working on memes.  One or two to follow.

You guys rock!

As always, thanks for reading!