I got the banners made for my ff stories….yippee!  Check that off the 2013 List….and on to 2014!

I am not an architect banner

…but I am a dancer.

victory runs deep banner

I just love Samuel Da’vid……

Until the Aliens arrive banner

If you want to party with the Northman family, you are going to have to leave your bad self someplace, else….

The year is 1600 Banner

When you go to your day rest, do so in style….

The memoirs of King Eric banner

Yes, King Eric and his trophies:  A bra, pearls, cowboy boots, tie-eerrr-hmmm’ backs, runes and a pair of silk panties….

Preemptive Strike, banner 2

Just how much do you want to know about the fae?

At the stroke of MIdnight banner

Magic, anyone?

Once Upon a time banner

Believe in yourself and do not ever settle…..

Northman Family Tree Banner

A toast to: the newest of the new, the littles, bigs, newly engageds, the just marrieds, in-laws and out-laws…


It was King Eric that wanted a child…..

I have fought many wars banner 1

Eric comes with one or two of his own demons…

Bad Moon Rising Banner

It just speaks for itself…

Are we there yet banner

“Are we there yet?  Why are these flies trying to bit me?  Are we there yet?  How much further?  Are we there yet?  Can I keep this one for a pet?  Are we there yet? No I do not want to ride a camel.  Are we there yet?”   So says the childe, Miss Pamela…..