Yes, there may be rain and fog, but there is also color and beauty.  DSCN5370Once the snow melted, and Winter’s sleep had passed, left behind were mud, leaves, and a lovely purple.DSCN5372The colors, all of them, are so uplifting.  And with the rain, it reminds me DSCN5380that the days are not dreary, but the stuff of life.  Moisture and warmth stirring those things of beauty  that define me.  The leaves will compost back into the dirt and the crocus will once more just be bulb.   Eventually the early signs of spring will give way to summer.

Summer…if you bitched about the cold, you do not get to bitch about the heat.  I did not bitch about the cold and you can best believe I am going to bitch about the heat!    But I do take heart….eventually, it all cycles back around.

Time to put the candy canes away and welcome the next phase….