squirrel and hawk

Yesterday it was snowing in the Nation’s Capitol. Yes, flowers are blooming and there are tiny bits of Heaven being blown past our windows with gale force winds.  Maybe that is what brought about the change in perspective.  Maybe…

We were sitting at the island in the kitchen watching the snow and dreaming about places to visit in Ireland when Bill pointed out the window.

Well….we had company…of sorts…

I grabbed the camera and started shooting through the window, hence the screen pattern on the photo…and the snow pattern…and yes, if you look to the left at the end of the rail, there is a hawk pattern on those feathers with a squirrel pattern to the right end of the rail.

If you will please:  In the flower boxes are pansies that have gone to seed.  I leave them there each winter for the birds and even the squirrels to come by and nibble on.  Even with the bird feeders, these flower boxes are a very popular place to stop by and have a snack.

And both the hunter and the hunted had stopped by…

It was humorous to watch.  The squirrel advanced on the hawk several times and then would back up…clearly, he wanted the seeds from that flower box. (There are seven more flower boxes just like that one.  But these squirrels…they are not your ordinary cute rodents.  One day, when I was looking out the window, there  sat one staring back at me with a white rock clutched in his paws, chattering at me about the consequences of not keeping the feeder, filled.  One morning, one went kamikaze on me and jumped onto the kitchen window screen yelling Jihad!  Believe me, I have seen squirrels with attitude.

Now, I was standing there snapping away and wondering why Mr. Hawk was not having seed fed squirrel for dinner.  (When the hawk flew off, he had a mouse or something a whole lot like that in his claws.  I could understand his position.  Take coffee with me or hope that the traffic gods are playing nicely and that  I have enough time to stop at Starbucks and buy a cup.)

Mr. Hawk decided to hedge his bets. I have done the same most mornings.   Plus, he could see me moving around through the window.   So it became a matter of going with a sure thing as opposed to letting it go and chasing the squirrel who could jump into the trees and nobody gets a tasty treat.

Now, Bill and I both pondered over who do you have to piss off in the squirrel scheme of things to get sent out to tell the hawk to cease and desist?  Or maybe Mr. Squirrel, he really did think he was all that…cute rodent with great PR.

We all need to take a lesson, here.  Some days, the hawk does win…and just because you are cute with good PR does not mean squat.

So remember:   ALWAYS!  SAFETY FIRST!