Hey de ho for those who are not faint of heart or smell. Spring is here and critters are coming out to find a mate, eat, and bask in the warm sun and spread their own version of joy around.

All manner of critters…for instance what is black and white and read all over…a newspaper.  What is black and white and red all over…oh dear…skunk that is road kill.

While cruising the country roads, a very recognizable odor hit my nostrils and around the curve several yards ahead was the dead animal  responsible for this overpowering sensation. Yes, it was Pepe la Peu in all of his skunk glory.

I have seen different variations of the home made recipe for the following.  They all jive up with what the boys and girls from Myth Busters proved.  And by the way, if you have not watched Myth Busters, you should.(Televison actually worth watching.)  What I learned from one episode was the following….the commercial stuff does not get rid of the skunk smell.  I have one friend who can testify to that.   Here is what does:

1 qt 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 c baking soda
1 tsp liquid soap
Mix and apply to the car, house, and especially critter that has been sprayed. Be sure that you keep this from their eyes and outa their face. Rub it in thoroughly and then bathe as directed with their critter shampoo.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use it then toss it.
And actually, this stuff is good for any smells, the boys and girls on the TV say, not just skunk.