I admit it. I have moral debates about fictional characters. And this one has my muse riled up.

The Reckoning, Episode 109….

All I have to say about Jamie having his hand on Laoghaire’s breast and not removing it immediately…epic failure…as in E.P.I.C.    As in Jamie to L’whore: “What the fuck, girl, I am married. I love me some English. She bathes, shaves her pits and her legs and thinks I am the biggest stud to walk the face of the earth. Get ye gone ye snot nosed bairn.  She has taken a beating from Black Jack, killed a man with a knife, jumped off a 50 foot high ledge into a lock in the winter, almost broke my nose and put these scratches that hurt like holy hell on my face. Only God knows what she would do to you. If you are interested in keeping those breasts, I suggest you stick them in some other poor bastard’s face that wants to be stalked. If my wife were to hear about this, she’d drag your skanky ass into Hall and beat you herself! Let me tell you, she packs a wallop.”

That being said, I am still seeing thoughts on-line  being pushed around about this scene that seems to be so out of character for Jamie. (I agree, it does.) And that Miss Sweet 16 is all raging hormones and has been in love with him since she was seven, etc., can we cut her some slack. (A seven year old “in love”?  Really? Moving on.)    To which I say,  any woman who places my husband’s hand on her just about naked bosom or covered bosom…I would define that as loose morals…and are you familiar with the expression, “You cannot unfuck yourself from this…”

Rewind to the first season…not in order of events…

Castle Leoch…Episode 102.

At this point, might I recall to mind the first time we see L’whore…

We are attending “Hall”…Her father accuses her of loose…oh, I made a pithy remark about that above… behavior and also wants to have her punished for disobedience… well now…loose behavior…we shall see how this plays out for ourselves.

Everyone knows who Claire is, even those folks in the village…and you had best believe the scuttle-butt when she takes Jamie lunch. That nasty talk is going to be all over the castle.

The Way Out, Episode 103

We are all going to sit and listen to the Welshman sing. L’whore brings herself over and sits down next to Claire…because she has figured out just who Jamie is interested in…

Claire: “Mr. MacTavish cuts a fine figure of a man…”

L’whore: “Yes, but it is not me he is interested in…” Oh from the mouth of a snot nosed bairn comes truth.

And sure enough, Jamie comes over and sits with Claire…L’whore he remembers as just a snot nose bairn…

Jamie finishes off the wine, hands L’whore the glass and off he and Claire go to where and do what is open for speculation of the two-back beast type.

Which has to push things up just a bit….well yes, loose behavior…we see L’whore dragging Jamie into the alcove, pulling him down for a kiss…being a guy, he is not going to refuse. Me thinks this is not her first rodeo…

And even after the kissy face, she has to come and see Claire for a… and let us just call it what the girl wants… a love potion, a spell, anything! Because he still does not see her…and they have played kissy face and it is still not her he wants.   And I have to ask the question…just what did she offer him during the kissy face? So she needs advice from the woman that he does want…speaking of brass balls…this girl has got them…

I can only imagine the talk when Claire and Jamie are found with straw in their hair before The Oath Giving. “Yes, and did you see the English and the Nephew…were found holding hands and with straw in their clothes and hair! Aye! Get Some!…”  That had spread throughout the castle before Jamie had a chance to change clothes.

Cut to The Reckoning

L’whore shows up in Jamie’s secret place. Yes, stalker since she was seven. And lo and behold, she is just wearing her undies under that cloak she has fastened at the throat and she places his hand on her just about naked won’t you take it out and kiss me breast. Back to…not her first rodeo.

And the bullshit she feeds him. “You will be my first and only…” Really? Her daddy is going to have something to say about that. He is gonna marry her off to a man who will increase the family fortune. Then her husband is going to have something to say about that what do you mean you promised Jamie Fraser you would have only him?

Sadly, there is no time line for when L’whore is told no by Jamie and when the ill-wish showed up under Claire and Jamie’s bed. When a love spell won’t do it for you, let’s try one that involves hate, what do you say.

Well yes, raging hormones. I remember having them. However, I do not remember offering myself to a married man or having a back-up plan that included “pain, harm or even death.”

And certainly, this scene could have been taken from today’s headlines. You see all manner of I want what I want and so what if I no morals. I can hurdle the weak and trample the dead just as long as I get what I want.

Sadly, Murtagh is correct. “L’whore will be a child until she is fifty.” And if I might add in passing, there are a lot of them out there.