WARNING: MA 18 Explicit Sexual Scenes

trinity college at night

Coming up from the depths of sleep, Bee-Bee found herself intently listening. Something woke her. There was a slight…something…at her French doors. Yes, there it was again. Sounded like something was hitting it. It reminded of her of hail hitting the windows at home.

Getting up, she pulled on a robe and standing to one side, looked down into the courtyard.

She could see the blue and green lights dancing in his eyes as they looked right at her.

Opening the door, he leaped, landed and then was there beside her.

“May I come in?” he asked.

“Of course,” she smiled.

“I need you to hold me,” was all he said.

From his tone, he did not need to say anything else. Sadness and sorrow wafted from him. Sitting down on the bed, she motioned for him. “Let me undress you and then come lie next to me.”

Undressing, and then getting in beside her, she wrapped herself around him and held him while he cried.

Kissing his face, she stroked him gently on his ears, then massaged his shoulders, as her kisses moved around somewhere on his head as she gently soothed away his sorrow.

“Do you want to?” she whispered to him.

“Yes please,” he said as she slid her hips down to rest above his. Slowly she began a rhythm that she had always enjoyed but her other male partners had not. There were three short thrusts and one long slow one. Sunday night, he had done that, she realized now. He had even whispered it to her while he was doing it. It was, she thought, the rhythm that pounded in her blood. This is what sex was supposed to be like. Make her feel like. That she was lost in something that was more than herself.

She had no idea how long Eitilt’s hands had been on her hips or when she had started a heavy, “Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhh” and he was grunting in time to her pushing.

“Harder,” she moaned.

He flipped her over and now he was above her, not having lost a beat, the thrusting calling to her. And the pressure was exquisite. His grunting had turned into something more animal sounding. And looking back at his face, she thought he was going to shift to dragon. That with all that he was he was keeping himself human.

“Let me take all of you,” she whispered, thrusting backward, feeling his human stretch her.

“Ah-h-h,” he groaned as his hips bucked and his pelvis locked into hers, his human finding release while his dragon roared!

“That felt really good, so right…” her breath was still raspy, as they lay together and he kissed her neckline, her breast, her mound. “Were you going to shift or did I just imagine that?”

“You are not to give me permission to do that,” his voice held a warning as he joined her on the pillow. “You,” his eyes held hers, “are not yet ready for that. Later, but not now. Yes?” his gaze was unflinching.

“Yes,” she nodded.

His hand gently stroked the side of her face. “That scared me,” he said softly. “Yes,” his eyes held hers, “I was close and I wanted to let go. It is too soon for that. I would hurt you B.B.,” he said gently.   “And I do not want to do that. I hurt enough people,” he sighed as he got up and turned on her kettle.

They were both sitting, snuggled at the top of her bed drinking tea, the jewels of his house upon her naked body. He had placed them there, himself. Yes, he honestly thought they were Mer’lyn’s jewels. The center one would flash fire from time to time. With all that he was, he wanted this to be true. After all, if she was false, what was the worse thing that could happen? Death? It was coming…he did not doubt that. But love? He did not count on that and yet here she sat.

“You live a violent life,” was all she said when he had finished telling her about himself and the past week. “But that is how you survive. I can see where Irish folklore has its beginnings.

This Liqueur of Pansy…you distill it yourself?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “If any of the fae knew…the dragons would give all of their treasure hordes to have such a criminal at their disposal. The effect of drinking it does not last long. But to a dragon, not being able to shift back is a lifetime. Leaves you very vulnerable.”

“Do you think that is why Aed cannot shift? Your mother drank it while she was pregnant with him?”

“What?” he gasped.

“As human, what the mother injects, ingests, or sniffs contributes to the growing infant. Either good or bad,” she said shrugging.

“That…” he paused at the enormity of the hideous act. “We thought it was due to our human ancestor. It has before popped up in other generations. But…” his mind tried to grasp it. “She would have been taking a horrible risk.   If she would have been caught with it the entire family could have been destroyed. One more awful something to think about,” he sighed.

“I am sorry, I would not have brought it up if I thought perhaps you had not already considered it.”

Straddling him, she sat down on his legs, facing him, her hands on his face. With a smile, she leaned in and kissed him.

“There,” she kissed him again, “it is going to be all better now.”

“Please,” he kissed her back, his hands tracing lines on her arms. “Tell me that you are a washer woman of souls, banshee, a cluricaun or even an ellén trechend. Let’s just have a good laugh so as fae to fae we can work this out. Tell me that you are just pure magic that I have been blessed with and that I cannot help myself for the way I feel.”

“No Irish magic, just human,” she smiled at him.

“I like you Bee Bee,” he sat back against the headboard, the worry back. “A lot,” he gave her a very small smile and taking her hand he kissed it. “And it was very arrogant of me to involve you in my life. Tell you my secrets. But I still feel very strongly about the jewels, even more so now. Seeing them on you they come alive,” his finger traced the jewel on her neck. “And they cannot be bartered or purchased. And I feel very strongly about you. Very strongly,” he said picking up her hand and kissing it. “An honorable marriage, I think.  No one,” his voice was very quiet, “need know.”

Bringing her hand up to his lips, he placed a passionate kiss, there, his tongue and teeth tasting her. “The old dark is departing and with Jorja gone, I am going to have to be there to meet and greet the staff.   She was well liked and will be well missed. Especially by me.”

“My last class ends at four. I will be there at five,” she gave him another quick kiss as she got up.

When he had finished dressing, she walked with him over to the door. “Oh, before I forget, there is something I need to ask you. With sex, with your ejaculate, is there fluid?”

He moved his face closer to hers, his eyes focused on her. “Well yes, of course. Why do you ask?”

“It is just odd. After human sex, there is…well, male ejaculation. There is not with you.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“There is no leakage…afterwards. I was just wondering if that was normal.”

“It has been so long since I have been with a human female,” he shrugged, “I don’t know. But I will ask around and find out.”

“Thanks,” she smiled at him. “See you at five.”

With no effort, he was standing down below. Blowing him a kiss she closed the door and he  felt a piece of himself abide there with her.  And there was a piece of her…he touched above his heart.  Yes, she was there and there she would stay.

He could feel the old dark fading away and he did not care. He continued to look at her window. “Just how much do I tell Aed?” he pondered that question for a while. “Maybe nothing until…until what, I am dead? Oh, good one. And I need him to tell me about…well her not leaking…talk to my brother I must. About sex…about sex with a human female.  I am so fucked,” he muttered as he walked off.

Wednesday morning arrived. Sandra was on board as his second-in-command. When he showed her what was in the freezer, she shuddered.

“I will burn them in the fireplace before anyone else comes in.” His words were soft and held sorrow. “Then we shall have a toast to our fallen comrades before we begin the day’s labor.”

“Gawd yes,” she was still a bit shattered. “The thumb-bellas, they were right there with us at Crozer’s Canyon. They lost just as many as we did. How do you do that to your allies? Make a snack out of them? Put them in your drink for the garnish. I know Jorja was a dear friend, Eitilt, and being your second your trust in her…” Pausing, she did not continue that thought.  Where would it lead?  Only back to the truth.  Trust was a high-end commodity and expensive in the dragon world. “But I am glad that fucked up piece of traitorous  business is dead.”

No matter how stoic he looked, Jorja’s betrayal had to hurt.  She knew they had never been lovers, so that pain was not there.  One night as human, they had gone out drinking and she had asked Jorja what Eitilt was like as a lover.  Her reply was, “I have no idea.”  Sandra had no idea what could lead to such betrayal. Really, you would betray your friend for a chance to fuck Rowan?  What a horrible thought!  

“Well yes,” he acknowledged. “You keep everyone out of the kitchen until I tell you otherwise,” he patted her on the shoulder.   “Make everyone check their paper work again. This should not take me very long. But I am going to do it with respect and dignity.”

As he said his silent good-byes to those fallen comrades, he flamed their bodies and watched them turn to ash. Taking a deep breath he exhaled into the fireplace and watched their ashes dance one last time as they made their way out to the starlight.

What was it Bee Bee had said?

There is a dragon in Dublin town

There are chains aplenty to keep him bound,

His keeps watch on the burial mound

But to hear his voice is a blessed sound.”  

This place had started as a place to burn traitors. He had burned one or two in the fireplace, himself.

And now he had burned those that he called friend and cherished. He keeps watch on the burial mound… A rhyme told to her by her granny. Bee Bee, in his heart, she was that missing piece of his soul. He could see marriage forthcoming. Yes, they need her granny’s blessing.

Before the workday began, not a word was said as everyone took a glass of Jameson from the tray Eitilt was passing around. Eitilt raised his glass and so did everyone else. “Be glad of heart, your blade sharp, your sorrows bound, your soul unbound. Sláinte.”

Sláinte,” everyone replied back, raised their glass and drained it.

The morning went well. When lunchtime arrived, so did his brother and Lady Gael.

“Aed, Lady Gael,” Eitilt smiled. “I have lunch set up in the back dining room. Please, I would be honored if you would join me by the fireplace.”

Aed gave a thorough look about, his hand on his blade. “That should be fine,” he said with a nod as the other fae smiled at the assassin, glad that he was not escorting them, and went on about their business.

“Lady Gael, I have questions of a somewhat personal nature I need to ask my brother pertaining to sex. I hope you do not take offense. I know his job is to guard you. And I apologize for you having to listen to this conversation. Perhaps we should move elsewhere? Or would you prefer a private chamber?”

“No, of course not,” she replied. “I am sure he will give you the answer that you seek.”

“Thank you,” Eitilt said with a bow of his head. “Aed,” he began carefully, “Have you ever mated with human females?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Because of my unique situation, I did not know the risk of impregnating one.”

“Oh,” he gave a slight smile.

“Why?” Aed asked. “You been having sex with one?”

“Yes,” he nodded. “Well yes. I have.”

Aed sat back and took another look at his brother. A human female…really? “Well, you should have no worries as long as you stayed human and did not linger with her. But even if you did her as dragon,” he snorted, “you would have to start at the beginning of the new dark, sweet talking and sexing her up,” he added delicately, “until well past the bewitching hour.”

“Oh,” Eitilt picked up his napkin and neatly folded it. “Really, if you spend the night with her she can conceive?”

“Where were you when the sex talk was going on?” he asked. “Father did a good job explaining all that. Magic, females, ice and fire, sweet talk, how you are the absolute best choice for continuing her blood line…”

“Aed, brother dear, the sex talk would have been wasted on me. You know there is no way I am going to spend the night with a female dragon. Or any female fae. Or female or any other sex. I understand the poetry of what you and Lady Gael accomplished. The nest-building…”

“You know that is just an euphemism, correct? I mean, yes, I actually built a nest she found acceptable, but the real nest-building went on inside of her.”

“What?” he was somewhat startled. “What happened to the wilderness, fire and ice?”

Aed rolled his eyes. “Are you sure Father is not going to be back around soon? I am positive he could do a much better job explaining this.”

“Fairly certain,” Eitilt replied. “At least not for a while. So please do continue on.”

“Well then, with the new dark, you begin by showing careful consideration of your lady. Yes look, I have jewels, I have muscles and a brain. I have charm and a kind heart and I can provide for you and our offspring. I will kill anyone who threatens you or them. If she finds you acceptable, each time you…” he said delicately, “spill yourself inside her, her womb takes your essence and begins to build a nest, a lining, so to speak that will continue to absorb you. And if you are still pleasing her past the bewitching hour, then when her egg is released, it implants in your essence and she becomes pregnant.”

“No-o-o,” he shook his head at his brother in disbelief.

“Yes,” Aed replied.

“But the female dragon can choose not to release an egg,” he said. “Or even if it implants, she can change her mind, starve the egg and abort it.”

“Well yes, but with a human female it is different. Most have a monthly cycle for fertility. It is not something they can magic away.”

Aed laughed at him. “Rest easy. You did not sex her as dragon, so you should have no worries,” he smiled. “Rest your mind.” Now that was interesting. There was a very subtle shift in Eitilt. Joy mixed with confusion and maybe pride. Aed could read his brother and he looked, well…constipated.

“Eitilt, correct me,” he eyed him. “You did not have sex with a human female as dragon…your very size if she was not properly prepared, would have caused her internal damage. Is there another dead body somewhere that you have not told me about?”

“No, of course not. And I did not unsheath. She just rode the head.”

Aed knew he was staring at his brother with his mouth open. “And you came inside of her?”

“Just there at the opening, Aed, not inside of her,” Eitilt chuckled at his brother.

“At her opening…” he rolled his eyes.

“But I did not put it inside of her,” Eitilt countered righteously.

Reaching under the table, he took Gael’s hand. “Looks like I am going to be an Uncle,” he smiled and crossed his eyes at Eitilt.

“Uncle Aed,” Gael was laughing, softly. “Poppa Eitilt!” she whooped, mirth spilling around her. During their conversation, she had perhaps thumped the table once or twice to keep from laughing out loud as she rolled around in her chair, pointing at him and wiping the tears from her eyes.  Aed was still shaking his head at his brother and the look on Eitilt’s face made her laugh even harder. “Now I know why you would not tell me about the mating ritual,” she was laughing so hard tears were running down her face. “You did not know.

Well,” her smile softened as she looked with longing at Aed. “Perhaps our Mer’lyn will have a cousin for a playmate.”

“I am most happy to have provided both of you with some amusement,” he cleared his throat and fixed his dragon glare on them which caused them both to laugh even harder.  “Now, other business not of a laughing matter…” as he began his next story.

“…Jorja and Father as lovers…” Aed shook slightly all over. “I don’t know why but that just makes my skin crawl. And Trudy…well I guess I cannot say that I did not see that coming. If not you, it would have been someone else on any given day that she was a murdering bitch…! My Master spoke of her and what she did in her glory days. You could smell on her altar what she was still doing. When we were there, there was still an echo or two of her sacrifices screaming and pleading. I think my Master well be pleased to know that she is dead. I know I am.”

“She was a bit of unholy business,” Eitilt said with a snarl.

“However, “ he sounded pleased. “I have in my position the Egg of the House of the Sun.” The he was back to just being pissed-off. “Trudy had spelled it with venom from the old one’s. Laguz and probably Berkano. They seemed to have walked everywhere together. Father and Rowan are in on this little venture as well.”

“A multiple front war,” Aed reflected. “Well why not,” he shook his head in disgust. “Rowan will go to any lengths to control the dragons. He cannot stand it that we are neutral and do as we damn well please. So it is time to up the ante…wake up some old evil and call the day, his.”

“So that is why Rowan wanted Mother dead,” Gael hissed. “I do not know nearly enough,” she whispered, “to change the outcome of anything!”

“You will,” Aed and Eitilt both assured her.

“If you will excuse me,” she sighed, “with this new information, I have much to do. Husband will you see me home?” she asked.

“By order of the king, I am not to let you out of my sight, “ raising her hand he kissed it. Bowing to Eitilt, they were both away.

The rest of the afternoon Eitilt rode an emotional rollercoaster. “I am going to be a father!” would riot through him. “No, I am not going to be a father,” would plant soberly in his mind. “It was just good sex, that is all it was,” he would remind himself of the exquisite creature that had wrapped herself around him and then had…had rolled onto all fours and presented herself to him. He felt his teeth get sharp. When he had wrapped himself around her as dragon, his tail locking her body to his, and with her pushing against him…”Get control,” he hissed to himself. He felt the fire smoldering in his gut, wanting to be released!

By tea time he was in a state! Going up to his chamber he shifted to dragon and roared!

“That is just the ghost we have in the 1st Tower,” the employees would say as they refilled teacups, dabbed spills, and picked up napkins that had landed on the floor when their guests jumped.

“Here, let me freshen that for you,” Sandra said more than once. “You know how active the spirits get on All Hallow’s Eve. Ours seem to be very active,” she would smile charmingly. “We have had ghost hunters in, trying to capture them on photos and such.”

“I do so hope Eitilt does not bring the tower down on top of us,” she muttered to more than one fae as the afternoon sun continued its westward trek and the “haunts” in the tower continued to bellow in what maybe was joy and curses!

Having made some decisions, it was late afternoon when Eitilt re-appeared. “Bee Bee called in sick,” he said passing through the dining room as the tea crowd was paying out. “Dinner is on track. Don’t burn the biscuits. I am out for the evening. Richard, keep the kitchen running, Sandra, keep everyone else honest.”