bar in Ireland


Granny would tell me, is where the magic lives. Go and see for yourself.

Dublin…well yes…

I am now of the opinion everyone needs a little magic in their lives. My life now has an over abundance of it. Not that I am complaining. Maybe that really is the reason I came to Dublin to go to school. See if Granny spoke the truth or if she was just an expert at blowing smoke. A part of me loves it that Granny knew of what she spoke. Another part of me is terrified. Not in a banshee in your face scary way. And for the record, those ladies are not particularly attractive and can be very loud but they are deserving of love like everyone else. The fear is that Eitilt is ages old and he thinks I am the one. That is a very big yardstick to be measured with. Time. The span of time. Countless ages.

And he wants me to be the mother of his children. I think I can hands-down be a mom. I leaned how to mother from my Granny.

My Granny…

is the best in that business. She gave me love and let me love her and taught me to respect others and myself and that the only place for evil was in Hell, not in anyone’s life and I was to do my very best not to track it there. She is a very big believer in that when you cannot see out of that hole to stop digging. That when you don’t know what to do, try prayer and that no matter what I did that she and God would always love me and not to forget that.

My love…

for Eitilt is without question. I am just back to that self-doubt.   I am his The One…really? I try not to think about that part. I am just grateful for the now.

In my heart of hearts, I don’t think I need the passing of millennia to know how that love exponentially grows. I never considered myself a romantic. I am a scientist, that is how I always labeled myself. Saw myself. Referred to myself. I think in carbon dating, hard research data, and establishing the timeline for the facts of history.

Now I think of myself as Eitilt’s mate, his wife, his lover. I am glad that he is going to outlive me. If he died first, I would perish from a broken heart.

Now that is a road I do not need to go down. I have not even started this relationship and already I am thinking about how it is going to end.

What Granny said about that hole, I need to stop digging and just accept that I am loved for who I am. I do not get it, but then, I do not have too. That is all on Eitilt.

The past three weeks

I have gone on about my life. School/sex; work/sex; sex/sex. Sex with Eitilt as human, sex with him as dragon and sometimes a mixture of the two. Judge me, I do not the fuck care. I do not think that most people realize just how lucky they are when there is not only someone to love but also the right one to love. Because there are plenty of wrong ones to love.

Eitilt wants me to be happy, to love me, to be his, to be pregnant, to stop working all together and just study. Of course, he saw the sense in me continuing when I told him that by working, this was the only way I was guaranteed of seeing him without causing suspicion. However, and this is a very big one, I think he trusts all those that comes into his pub, seeking refugee. That he and I are lovers, well maybe they know and maybe they do not but I do not think he is all that worried about these good folks telling Rowan. On all days, these good folks would like to see Rowan…well, not dead. The fae have something they call The Living Death. Eitilt says not to ask. It is too horrible beyond words. History has recorded some human horrible and that gives me the shivers. And from a dragon’s point of view, this is horrible…? So I am not asking.


oh, from the kitchen comes Richard, with the carry-out meal. I am off to deliver that and ring it up. As an employee, I just keep busy while I am here, doing what needs to be done and waiting for closing. My hours have stayed the same but there always seems to be a new face when I come to work, always smiling and busy about the place. Sandra explained that the fae are just happy to work for their supper. So when one would actually want food or drink, or both, they were someplace in the building doing a day’s labor. They all know Eitilt and he, them. For someone who is neutral, it looks like he is building his own small but stealthy army. But it is not hard to see the obvious.

 War is coming…

and these fae that have gathered here, they have chosen a side. And all present know that Eitilt is not neutral and that he does not abandon his friends. When war comes, they are standing beneath his banner.

Why I have a brain…

is so that with each new fae I encounter, I formulate another theory that I want to follow and explore. Eitilt suggested something he calls a clerk to track my thoughts. It looks like a conch seashell. He says just speak into it and it records your thoughts and adds a few of its own. Yesterday, I recorded that I wondered what a small winged thatcher, which is not really a dragon but looks like one that is the size of a house cat, and a thumb-bella would have in common. When I came back this morning to go over my notes, it spit out all types of obscene observations, explaining their mating rituals, deviations, and what these two groups considered lewd.

The clerk went on to add just how charming it was that I had even had such an outrageous thought. Comparing such two unlike creatures was good for a chuckle and the clerk was most pleased to be of assistance.

Well yes, because now every time I see a thatcher…well, never mind.

Closing is coming

and Eitilt is going to mount me and I will be coming as well. When he wraps his tail around both of us and locks us into that position, with his teeth chewing on my collarbones I go nuts. He says I make sounds like a female dragon in heat. I just have to believe him because I do not know what that sounds like and I have never heard me make this sound before he became my lover. I am glad it pleases him because that roar I make can scare the hell out of me while the orgasm takes me down deep into my soul where I see only his eyes staring back at me.