Cue the opening music: If this sounds a little dark and deep, it only echoes of the things yet to come. And I gotta tell you, up to this point it has been a nice ride for these two kids. The hell mouth is getting ready to open. But that would be a great big spoiler for the following episodes of this season.

Please note: I was going to include Ian Murray in my Couple of the Week but that would make it a ménage a trios….oh what the hell, why not.

Taran MacQuarrie is the leader of your local neighborhood watch and you saw him and their ugly asses and what they are capable of doing in the episode Rent. Well yes, our leader of those that protect you from The Crown and your cow stealing neighbors carries a sword, knife, gun, probably another gun, a handily hidden scigan-dubh, a short blade undoubtedly about his body and a troop of not yet complete undesirables that travel with him. Spoiler…that is a lie…okay, maybe one out of the group should not hang on the gallows, but I might be splitting hairs. I am sure one of them, their momma loves them. Maybe…

Our local fire bug…setting a wagon of hay on fire in a stable area with children about and live stock in pens…I can think of one or two very unpleasant things I would do to him. And that is the momma in me talking. Both involve a baseball bat, unheard of in that time  and a hunting knife. Plenty of those around during that era.

Moving on….

Warriors…they know each other and there is a certain amount of respect that comes with wearing the uniform.

In MacQuarrie, Ian has found a kindred spirit. A man who is not afraid to look at the aftermath of war and what it has done to those broken pieces left on the battle field that make their way home.

MacQuarrie reminds him a great deal of Jamie, or so Ian tells his life long friend.

Jamie…just from his reaction at the table discussing his fighting in Spain with Ian and MacQuarrie, it has been a while since he chatted about his soldiering exploits with anyone. And we have watched Jamie dispatch his enemies. (I heard Sam does his own fight scenes. I can neither confirm or deny that as fact. But if he does, Dude, you rock it as Jamie fighting!)   And Jamie does a fine job teaching the firebug a lesson he will not forget.

I have not ever been around a person with a wooden leg. I am grateful for the wonderful medical advances that we have made.  That being said, Ian still has the warrior stealthy about him. Horrocks did not hear a thing, only felt Ian’s sword being run through him.

MacQuarrie, I think is a man of his word when he tells Jamie that he would never hand him over to the English. He would shoot him, himself.   Which gave Jamie pause.   Whether it was to consider if he should watch his back or he had just simply said what Jamie would do himself.

But we shall never know….

To maybe quote Paul Revere: “The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming!”

And one in particular…a very dark, nasty, sadist piece of business…whom I would not even label as human…but something right out of the pit of Hell…