tower with stormy sky


The brothers’ stride was sure as they tread the ley lines, escorting Lady Gael and entered the land of fae. Aed, Eitilt, and Gael were walking down the lane to the residence of the Master Assassin. From a distance, they could see The Tower.

“They have eyes on us,” Aed smiled.

“And we have eyes on them,” Eitilt grinned and pulled a leaf from Aed’s jacket.

“Is that good?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” Eitilt smiled charmingly,  “that is most excellent. That means we have eyes on each other. And that is exactly what is desired.”

“And there they go,” Aed nodded. “In something of a hurry. Now who leaves a party that fast?”

“Makes me wonder just where they are headed,” Eitilt growled under his breath.

“Now,” Aed stopped to pick up a rock and place it back on the wall. “What is wrong with this view of The Tower?”

“Hard to tell, so many things come to mind,” Eitilt snickered.

“Well, lights blaze from the Master’s tower,” Gael had slowed down and was now watching the area. “I have trained with the Master in all types of weather and light conditions. Especially those night-of-the pitch-black, no moon or stars over his tower or his fields. I, I don’t know that I have ever seen all the lights on in The Tower,” Gael said softly.

“That is correct,” Aed was searching for other small wrongs.    “Something is amiss on this your most joyous day, Lady Gael,” Aed’s hand was not far from his blade, suspicious now of everything.

“What am I missing?” Eitilt asked.

“The party will be on the top floor, the training area, where we saw them leaving. No one ventures further down. I can see where the floor where you would reside, Gael, would be lit and where ever it is they are loading my Master with drink. Yet there are lights on all the floors. An assassin does not need light to see.”

“Interesting,” Eitilt chuckled. “A message of some sort?”

Aed was thoughtful. “The Master does not waste motion. All has a purpose. Who did you leave protecting The Gate?”

“Everyone,” Eitilt replied. “And the thumb-bellas are hungry.”