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Chapter 2

They were sitting out on the front porch swing, listening to the bobwhites settle in for the night. She had a radio going inside the house set on something country and no twang. Eric now knew the song she liked so well was The Man I Want to Be. It came on and he could see her relax a bit into herself.

“You favor this song,” he smiled at her. “Care to dance?”

“Thanks,” she smiled at him. “That would be lovely. Thanks.”

Standing, he held his hand out to her and helping her up out of the swing, he pulled her body into his. Tentatively, her arms went up to his shoulders and rested, there.

“Gran and I used to dance, we would check out videos from the library and we leaned to do  some of the swing dances and the country boot scootin’ ones.   Gran, she could Lindy because she and Grandpa used to go dancin’.”

“Well, this is just a two-step,” Eric smiled down at her. “How am I doing?”

“Good,” she grinned up at him.   “You let me know as well. I have not had a grown-up male partner. If I get…well…if I get, you just let me know.”

“You smell good,” he said as he put his face in her hair.

“That is cheap shampoo you smell,” she laughed. “They claim it is as nice as the designer brands.”

“No, not shampoo,” his hands began to shift up and down her back. “You just smell clean. Like on a winter’s morning.”

“Well, thanks,” she looked up at him.

“You really like this song,” his hands moved to her face as he pushed the hair back.  “Some male break your heart and are you waiting for him to find himself and come back around?”

Laughing, she shook her head. “No, not anything like that. It’s just a song about wanting to be a better person. You know, no matter how bad you have been, there is still love and forgiveness. That God sees the person you were meant to be. But you have to want to be that person as well.”

“Your faith, Miss Stackhouse, is exceptional,” he smiled at her.

“Not really,” she sighed. “I just like to think that folks really are sorry for the things they do. And I think most are.”

“Your belief in the human condition, Sookie, is rare.  I can speak to that.”

“Oh, pshaw,” she chuckled. “I don’t think so. I think most folks are good at heart. Sometimes…” her words faltered.

“Sometimes they are not,” Eric finished for her.

“Sometimes they are not,” she sighed.

The song ended and he did not want to let her go. “Boot Scoot Boogie,” he said as he twirled her around and they started across the porch.

They spent the rest of the evening, outside, dancing.  Watching the moonbeams as they danced along with them and listening to the frogs keep time with the music.

“M-m-m-m,” he heard her sigh when they finished the slow song, her head was resting on his chest.

“M-m-m,” he made the same sound, “right back at you.   I have to go check in at the club. Do you want to come with me?” he asked.

“I am working early in the morning. We are doing inventory. Maybe some other time?” she asked with a question in her voice.

Standing back from her he eyed her. “Why Miss Stackhouse, I could have sworn you said you now had enough money to pay your taxes.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “And if I use that money that I was savin’ for taxes and work extra hours, I can maybe have a new roof. I need to get somebody up there to take a look. I think Gran said she had it redone when I was born.   So it is probably getting’ ready to be past due.”

“I know someone,” he offered casually. “He is out of Shreveport.   He is a builder I use when I need repair work done to the club. With the storms that have been through, probably not a bad idea to get him to take a look at mine, as well.”

“He charge for estimates?” she asked.

“No. And he is fair and does a good job.”

“Well, alright then. I thank you so much.”

“It is my pleasure,” he smiled as he walked her over to the screen door. “Good night Sookie,” bending down he let his lips lightly brush hers. First kiss…and his body was recording every second of it. The way she moved in closer and her hands slid to behind his neck. There was a low “Ah-h-h,” that pushed out of his throat as his pelvis pushed forward, into her stomach. That caused the ache in him to rise as his hand went lower, cupping her ass and pulling her up. Carrying her over to the swing, she was in his lap and his hands started to roam as his mouth tasted her everywhere. The blood was roaring in his ears as he listened to her pant and moan his name. From her shoulders, down her arms, and to her legs his hand carefully went. When his right hand momentarily rested on her thigh, she pulled back.

What the fuck? She was in complete retreat.

“Sorry,” she mumbled as she righted herself and stood.   “I guess I am what my brother calls a prick tease.   Sorry,” she said wiping at her eyes.

“Sookie,” his voice held concern, “we are not going to do anything that you do not want to do. Just tell me to stop. Because I am a guy and if you do not, I think you want too. Because I want too. But I am more than capable of respecting your wishes.”

“Okay,” she said wiping at her eyes, again. “Thanks,” she was weeping, “I had a good time,” as she wrapped her arms around herself and started to rock back and forth, crying.

Eric was up and into his arms she went as he carried her into the house.   He had her on the bed and under a blanket he found in a chair. With it tucked around her, he was on the outside of it, wrapped around her.

“Who hurt you?” he whispered.

“An Uncle,” she whispered back.

“You want to talk about it?” he asked.

“No,” she shook her head. “I know I am an adult and he can’t hurt me anymore. But no. Not tonight. When you put your hand on my thigh…” she shuddered. “He always did that first.”

“Okay,” he pulled her in closer, placing little kisses all over her head and face. “I will be here until you go to sleep. Now rest,” he kissed her lightly on the lips, his voice pushing just a bit of his will at her.

It was not long before the sound of her breathing pattern told him she was asleep.   Kissing her one more time,  her hand went to his face. “I love you Eric,” she smiled in her sleep and then she was once more gone from him.

For several moments he lay next to her. So what if she had been sleeping when she said those words to him! He did not care! He felt like crowing! “Time to take care of business,” he smiled as he got up and started locking up the house. “Busy day.”

Pamela would be the first to tell you she was a very good child. She could anticipate the needs of her maker and be there with whatever information he needed.

Tonight was no different.

When Eric walked into the office, the first thing he said was, “Tell me about Sookie’s living relatives.”

“She has a brother Jason, dumber than a sack of rocks. But likeable enough in a redneck, jock, breather kind of way.  The only other relative she has still alive is her Uncle Bartlett Hale.”

“Is he near a waterway?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” she opened maps on her phone and showed him. “Spring Creek runs along the back of his property.”

“Move a gator in there if it does not already have one and terrorize this lower than were shit bastard,” he said with a growl. “Let me know and I’ll be there to toss his ass in. One piece at a time.”

“Trouble in paradise?” she asked.

“Well,” Eric smiled, “not any more.

Moving on. Any spies tonight?”

“Well, if you call Sophie-Anne a spy,” she countered. “When she asked me where you were, I told her you were fucking the LSU volley ball team. I did not differentiate between male or female. So I am supposin’ that she thinks you are doin’ both.”

“Most excellent,” Eric grinned.   “Then what happened?”

“She got back into her helicopter and took off. Bummer that she cannot fly on her own.”

“Any clue…?” he asked.

“Well, she was all sad and upset about the tornado that went roaring through her little three-ring circus she had the audacity to call it. Was boo-hooing about all that lost money and where was she going to get money to put it all back together and would I be offering another free fun house to her. I told her I was all out of fun and I suggested her insurance company for the money. She may have huffed and puffed at that point and left.”

“You deserve a night off,” Eric smiled at her.

“And that would be when, the year 2250?”

“You do not owe me past that?” he sounded shocked and then chuckled. “Seriously, child, take the night. It will be your last one for a while.”

“Thank you my maker,” she said with a bow of her head. “Do you see war?”

“I see death and destruction. New Orleans is going to think to take what is mine. That is not going to end well for them.”

“Thank you my maker,” she bowed deeply and was out the door.

“This moves thing up a bit,” Eric sighed as he cued up the surveillance feeds and began watching the entertainment Pamela had provided for him.

When Eric rose the next evening, there was a message waiting for him. “Hi Eric,” her voice sounded so sweet. “I took the day off. Come on over whenever you have a chance. Thanks for being so kind.”

Looking at his phone he knew tonight was the night. He was as prepared as he knew he was going to be. When he told Sookie about what was going on behind her back….it was not going to end well.

Backing out of the garage, he figured the best thing to do was just sit her down and tell her and then take his licks. She was a good enough person that eventually she would forgive him. But he was running out of moonlight and needed her forgiveness right now. Not a week from now when it might be too late. That fucking Sophie-Anne…

Pulling into her drive, she did not come out on the porch to meet him. That was a little odd. His senses were up and running. It was quiet. No radio, no television. Concentrating, he could hear her heart beat. It was pounding! Someone or something had scared her!

He was out of the Vette and vamp speed to the door. Knocking, he heard the knob turn and then he saw her.

“Sookie…” he swallowed.

“Eric,” her voice was soft and welcoming, “please come in.”

“Oh Sookie!”

The predator in him was screaming. “Now, fuck her now!”

“Please,” he grabbed the throw from the back of the couch and wrapped it around her perfectly beautiful, nude body. “Please,” he took a step back. “M-m,” he moaned softly. “We have to talk first. Then if you want,” he grinned at her, “I would be more than happy to start at your toes and work my way up to your head.”

Reaching for her with his hands, he drew them back. “I want you.  That being said, please, please put some clothes on. I have things I need to tell you.”

“Your married,” her voice was full of hurt.

“No,” he shook his head. “Worse than that.”

“How much worse?” she asked.

“I am vampire.”

“Vampire as in late night movie Vlad Drac vampire?”

“Something like that,” he gave her a small tight smile.

“Then I withdraw your invitation,” she said jokingly.

With a big sigh Eric began his backward journey out of her house.

“HOLY SHIT!” she yelled as she followed his passage and then stood at the screen door looking at him.

“Yes,” he replied.

“Wait one and I’ll get dressed,” was all she said as she hurried away.

“That went much better than what I expected,” he silently congratulated himself.

“Now on to the lying part and deceiving part. I am probably not going to survive that.”

Sookie had on jeans and a pullover when she reappeared.  She pulled up a chair and sat down facing the screen door.

“Do you have fangs?” she asked.

“Yes,” he answered and they snicked down.

“Oh,” she jumped only slightly.

“Do you sleep during the day?”

“Yes,” he answered. “However, we can stay awake. But if we do this, we start the bleeds. Blood comes out our nose, ears, eyes…anyplace there is an orifice. We in essence can bleed out and turn to goo.”

“Why are you here with me?” she asked.

“Let me begin by saying Sookie, I was intrigued by you at the carnival. Enchanted maybe, is the right word. My fangs tasted what carried of you on the wind and I felt desire rage up in me. So I made sure I was where you were going to be.”

“You stalked me?” she asked.

“Yes,” he shrugged. “That describes it very well.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I wanted you.”

“Oh,” she sat back and thought about that.

“And when you told me your name, it registered with me. I had heard you mentioned at court.”

“At court?” she countered.

“The vampire Queen of Louisiana is a self-serving, righteous, evil bitch. There are plenty who would tell you the same thing about me.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “So she knows my name? From where?”

“Your cousin Hadley Savoy.”

“What?” Sookie stood up. “What? And Hadley is married?”

Eric shrugged. “I cannot speak to that, but according to your cousin, apparently you are capable of magical, mystical, mysterious things. Hadley alludes to them as they go about their time, together. And if it is one thing you do not want and it is to be on any vampire’s radar.”

“Oh shit,” she sat back down into her chair. “So, what does this mean? What can they do to me?”

“Whatever they want,” he answered.

“No,” she shook her head. “I live in America. I have rights. I have…”

Eric was shaking his head no.

“Stop it,” she hissed at him. “Stop shaking your head no at whatever I am sayin’.”

“Sookie,” he leaned in closer and placed his hands on the screen.   “She was at my bar last night, Sophie-Anne, pissing and moaning about the tornado that destroyed her carnival. Because it happened in my area, she holds me responsible and she came looking for some type of compensation. The type that says I will not raise a stink if she helps herself to anything out of my area.

Plus, you new neighbor Compton, he is a vampire. Her biggest ass kisser. His job will to make you see things her way. He will be charming and a gentleman and will sweep you off your feet with his wiles and his charms. And if that does not work, then she will send her wolves…”

“Wolves?” she asked.

“Werewolves,” he responded gently, “to bring you to New Orleans so she can judge for herself if you are all Hadley claims you to be.”

“Werewolves,” she said mouthing the word to herself. “Human to wolf to human? Full moon and all that?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Fuck,” she hissed out. “So how do I get past this?” she asked.

“You don’t,” he answered, “you stand with me. Sam and I discussed this and he agrees. He sees no other way out of this…”

“Sam?” her voice went up an octave. “Sam Merlotte? Is he a vampire, too? Or, or a werewolf?”

“Oh no, he’s just a shifter,” Eric smiled.

“A shifter?  A shifter?  Shifter was not in any of my fairy tale books!”

“Unlike weres who can only shift to wolves, Sam can shift to any animal he desires.”

“Shifter…Sam…” she sat up straighter  in her chair. “And you two decided that I what…!” her voice had gotten louder.

“Well, in all fairness, it was my idea. I just told Sam to come up with a better one.”

“What?” she hissed at him.

“That I would make you mine.”

“Yours?” She drew back and he could see the fire in her eyes. Here it came!

“Sookie, vampires and actually all Supes, Supernaturals, are highly territorial. A vampire should not feed from a human that is claimed by another vampire.”

He could see her thinking that through. “So if I am yours, it keeps the others, away.”

“In all honesty, it slows them down a bit until they can figure out a way around it.”

“Supernaturals,” she said. She was tasting the term and then applying it to herself.

“Yes,” he nodded. “Sookie, from what Hadley has said and what Sam has told me, do you honestly think you are one hundred percent human?”

That slowed her down. A bit of the fire was gone and there was curiosity.

“So what do you see when you look at me?” she asked.

“I see strength, conviction, someone of moral fiber. A hard worker, a survivor, a sound and responsible steward of the family homestead that was left to her.”

“You are smiling…what about?” she arched an eyebrow at him.

“I am not only a vampire, but I am a male, you know that correct?”

“Well yes,” she said. “That is obvious.”

“You meeting me at the door without clothes on. Male,” he nodded pointing to himself.

“Get over yourself and get to the point,” she gave him a come-on motion with her hand.

“Remember that night of the storm and when I got in your car, you said you could see my knees pushed up to my ears.”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Well, ever since then I can see your knees pushed up beside my ears as well.”

It took a moment for it to register then she scowled and yelled, “You ass hole!” at him and slammed the door.

“Well that went well,” Eric smiled as he went back to the Vette and opened the trunk.

“My knees beside his ears,” she kept mumbling as she went to the kitchen to get a drink of water.   “My knees beside his ears,” she said again and this time her girly parts were listening. Then she got the visual as well. Her knees beside his ears, straddling his face, with those blue eyes penetrating her soul while his tongue…

“…awwhh,” she moaned silently as she thought about his tongue penetrating her and licking her clit. Her breathing started coming in little short pants while those blue eyes of his held hers. She came while the water was filling the glass. “Shit,” she moaned as she felt the liquid heat hit her panties. “My knees beside his ears,” she sighed as she slid down to the floor and waited for the strength to return to her legs. The water emptying out into the sink, just as her own passion was now emptying out of her body, screaming for the male who had done this thing to her!  And wanted him to do it again!