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Chapter 11   Who’s Your Daddy?

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Vampires ran amuck, at both the feet and the mouth. Samuel was finished, here. This madness of thinking they had just inherited the New World would continue on for a while. His eyes went to Godric who was standing quietly. So much information about the unknown possibilities had one or two salivating. All were going to want a blood born human. The race was on. Eric had unleashed a bunny in a den of wolves. The bunny had fangs, but still. These rumors would spread and become more outrageous in the telling. The fact that Godric was still here spoke volumes. These young ones had no idea how the Old World worked. None of these would be getting out of here alive. Godric had stayed behind to do the killing sweep. When he took off his shirt, it would be too late. Eric had effectively removed all those older than his maker. Godric would handle the rest. It was time to haul ass.

Godric said nothing as he surveyed the room. Justice of the killing sort would be handed out to those that his child and his champions had walked out with. All the others were still here, discussing who got what job and where they fell in the hierarchy of all things vampire. Good, there went The Da’vid. Samuel nodded at him on his way out. “Go quickly,” Godric mouthed and Samuel nodded.

Except for those that held position in The Authority, these in the New World were indeed new comers to the vampire world. It was unforgivable what had happened to William. So, it had been Rosalyn who had made contact with the Chinese. That made his job easier.

Sophie-Anne was smirking about how her Sheriff of Area Five would make her a major player in the new world order. Perhaps find him a blood born human for herself.

Roman was being fawned upon as others gathered in small numbers to speculate how to step up and take control.

They had no idea what was going to be unleashed upon them. That he would let anything happen to his child? That one of these foul creatures would even  think to talk to Eric’s Sookie?

Settling into himself, he found the barbarian that had turned his Eric. Removing his shirt, within seconds, all those vampires in the room had met the true death.

“Molly, I am on my way out,” he said into his mike. “Once I am in the elevator, lock down the building and join me topside.”

Waiting for him in the night was his youngest child. Computer expert and electronic whiz kid in general. She was not very old in human or vampire years but she was very smart. Godric had been watching her for several weeks at the small café he frequented, observing the wire-heads drink coffee and talk trash. He was going to make an informed decision as to which one he was going to approach and hire. One night he had smelled blood and he found her in an alley after she had been knifed and robbed and left for dead. As the life flooded out of her, his desire to turn her became its equal. So his youngest child came to be.

Her control was exceptional. It had to be.   He had placed her in this den of vipers and she had survived.

“On my back, child,” he said. “When I begin moving, detonate.”

Samuel had moved miles away from the building and was hovering as he watched vampire headquarters implode.

Godric was waiting for him when he settled on the ground. “Samuel, this is my youngest, Molly,” he said as she slid off his back. “Please see to her.”

Nodding at Molly his attention was back on Godric. “It was William, was it not?” Samuel asked watching the flames shoot into the air.

“Yes,” Godric nodded. “That was the last straw. If the humans that know about us want to go public, they will not be able to prove anything. This,” he motioned with his hand toward the mushroom cloud that could be seen in the night sky,  “this will serve as a warning to those vampires that think to push forward with this initiative. Those left in positions of power, both vampire and human, will navigate these waters a bit more slowly and with far more thought.

Tell Eric’s champions to bring justice, but to do it quickly. I am expected back on the continent in three days. They must be finally dead at that time.”

Samuel put his hand on Godric’s arm. Asking questions with his eyes and receiving answers with Godric’s gentle smile. “Tell Eric,” Godric smiled, “tell my child that I am proud to be known as his maker. And no one can know,” Godric continued on, “about Molly. Tell Eric. No one else.   And Samuel, humans now have bullets that contain sunshine. That means vampires do as well. Eric’s lightning will defeat them.”

Godric took to the air and was gone in the night.

“Come Molly,” Samuel said. “On my back and then away.”

When Samuel arrived home, they were all on the rooftop, watching the activity where the HQ had once sat.

“What the fuck?” Eric started. “And who is this?” Surprise registered on Eric’s face when he stepped in closer and immediately stepped back. His eyebrows rose in a momentary question and then his face was in a neutral position.

“My assistant,” Samuel responded in a matter of fact voice. “She is to be trusted. Inside,” Samuel nodded with his head. “But first, make sure your trophies are secured,” he said to the others. “This way, I have a silvered chamber where you can keep them.”

They were three flights underground in Samuel’s SCIF.   “We are the only ones left alive that are witness to what happened there, tonight,” he began. “Godric said it was most important that your trophies meet the true death as soon as possible. Exact your revenge but when he returns to the continent on Saturday, they must have met the true death.”

“It was William, was it not?” Ian asked.

“Yes,” Samuel nodded. “There shall be no vampire coming out party. For those humans in power that know, the burden of proof is now on them. For those vampires that pursue this…it will be a deadly outcome.”

“Why are we still alive?” Vlad asked.

“Because you are Eric’s champions, if I might quote Godric. The Old World might have ordered HQ blown up, but Godric had the final say. And he will do what he must to protect his child. If any one asks, we were not there. And I do mean anyone at all, no matter how innocent you think they are…they are not. Or how well you think you know them. They are working to secure information. So just smile and speculate with everyone else about the gossip.

Eric, from this point forward, be careful with your blue fire. Use it and destroy who you must, but again, when asked, you know nothing about it.”

“What the fuck, Samuel, is going on?” Eric asked.

“I saw Godric tonight, without his shirt. His tattoos,” Samuel shook his head. “Those on his left arm. He is the son of Act.”

“What?” Sookie whispered. “How much the son?”

“Son, is what his tats say. Before he was torn from his mother she imparted the last of herself to him and was no more and he was sold into slavery.”

“No,” Eric was shaking his head.

“Yes,” Samuel said. “Think on this Eric. Who knows that Godric is your maker?”

“Well,” he shrugged. “In the vampire realm…everyone…”

“No,” Samuel shook his head. “Those that were present tonight, some of them knew. But you never discuss your maker and Godric has never discussed you. You know the same holds true between you and Pamela. Those that know you,” he stressed, “knows. So think on this, with those being destroyed, who knows you are Godric’s child. Besides those of us in this room?”

“Not many,” he said shaking his head, his eyes lost in thought. “Perhaps…” he was shaking his head. “Perhaps you are correct Samuel, perhaps that information died in that room.”

“Oh shit, you think Act is still alive,” Sookie whispered.

“Yes,” Samuel replied. “He is less, much less. But enough of him remains in his sons that owe him fealty, that he still holds power. I am sure this is whom Godric must return to. He spoke with the respect one does of his maker. Wherever he is headed, he owes them fealty. And they do not know about you, Eric, or you would be there with Godric, bowing before his maker, before Act drained you and took Sookie for his own.”

“Godric hid you in plain sight,” Sookie was thoughtful. “Well sort of.   Like Moses in the bulrushes. Godric would have been close enough to keep an eye out when you were young, but no one would know you were related. Didn’t you say you seldom saw Godric after your first three hundred years.”

Eric nodded. “Very seldom. Vampires are just secretive to start with. It never occurred to me that…that…there was something more.”

“Yes,” Samuel agreed. “And by his actions tonight, Godric made sure that no one would know about you and Sookie.”

“Oh,” she shook all over. “On the tablet. Act sorrowing. That makes sense, now. Once Act was unfaithful, his power started to lessen. Act’yed was no more after he sold Godric. So he kept his daughters so he could drain them…or whatever…ick…” she shook all over again, “and try to recapture what he achieved with Act’yed.”

“And he sold his sons to force them to leave and never be able to return. Just as many other ancient cultures did. He saw them as a threat. And as long as they did not mate with one of their sisters, another such as he and Act’yed could not come to power,” Eric said picking up the thread. “All of you,” he said looking out into the group, “your lives are in danger.”

Cedric shrugged. “We have all lived on the continent since we were turned. I think we know our way around.”

“But you were being watched,” Eric countered.

“Yes,” Vlad spoke up. “We were. But we also disappeared from sight. Samuel, you have anyone watching you?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Who would come to me for sanctuary? I charge by the hour. When you dropped off the grid in Spain, no one would consider me.   Here, you stayed with Eric and Sookie. Those that saw you tonight are finally dead. Or will be,” he added. “So you have been on the continent the entire time if anyone is bold enough to ask.”

“Well yes,” Siggy replied.   “I can see how important it is to end those trophies. I dare not take them back. My poor Miss Juliet, I did so wish for her to exact her revenge.”

“Are you familiar with Murphy’s Law?” Cedric asked.

“If it can go wrong it will,” they all said together.

“Let’s end this now,” Ian said motioning with his head. “No one needs this to follow them home.”

Bill was ignoring the moaning around him and contemplating his fate. How had he gone from hero to were shit? It was beyond him. Silver chains had been wrapped so tightly around him that his arms and legs had burned off. And that mean fucker had wrapped a small, dainty silver chain around ‘Ole Nub, as well. ‘Ole Nub was now somewhere shriveled, out on the floor. Or somewhere…lost and alone grieving for the body that he was once attached, too. Would they be re-united in Heaven? He hoped so. How could he go through out eternity without ‘Ole Nub?

“Well, no sense screaming and hollering and carrying on,” he rolled his eyes at all the noise. “If it is my time, I will meet it like a man. A hero. There would be no wailing or sniveling from me! Would you just listen to those other two.   That is just embarrassing. If this is my final death, I am good with that. I am on my way to paradise!” Why, he would see God and they would exchange pleasantries and he would thank him personally for all the good things he had given him.   And especially for ‘Ole Nub. Even if he was a bit on the smallish side and only Lorena had not complained about that.

He was especially thankful for his maker, Lorena. A bit rough and violent, but she had taught him to be vampire in all ways.

His only regret…hm-m-m-m. Well, that was easy. It was just a real shame he had not been able to bring Sookie to heel and make her his slave. She kept a nice house. He had looked in her windows. He was sure she would have done a real good job of keeping his momma’s floors clean. Why, when Sookie was down there scrubbing the floors on her hands and knees, he could just help himself and take her from behind with her saying please and thank you and what a good and kind master he was.

“Looks like the other two were wound a bit tight,” Eric was smiling.

“Yes,” Vlad agreed. “I believe they went to goo about half an hour ago.”

Siggy shrugged. “Sometimes I don’t know my own strength. Sorry Ian, Cedric. Would you like to end Compton?”

They both smiled at him and shook their heads no.

“Don’t blame you,” Siggy replied, his eyes crossed. “Who wants to get close to that noise?”

“Would you just listen to those screams,” Vlad banged on one ear with the palm of his hand. “You would think there were half a dozen being tortured.”

“Wimp,” Eric muttered.

“How do you want to do this?” Samuel asked. “The ladies are upstairs. It can be whatever you like. I was raised to be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Mi casa es su casa.”

“I am all about impaling,” Vlad smiled as he stepped up. “Made a certain kind of statement back in the day. They thought they were bad ass, I showed them what bad ass really was, literally. I think we should just put the worm on the hook.”

“Your party then,” Eric said and they all agreed and stepped back to watch a master at work.

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