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Chapter 12 When the Bough Breaks

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Eric had tucked Sookie into bed.   Oh just what the fuck…his mind was racing! There was still the matter of Molly to deal with…Molly…his sister. Wirehead. She had been Godric’s inside person. Planted the explosives or hell, maybe mixed them up in the humans’ kitchen sink. Wirehead. Samuel had her looking at some of his schematics for an app he was developing.

“Maybe I should have her take a look at some of my things.” Now there was a good thought. He depended on Pam for a lot of technology. Between the two of them, they figured shit out. Hired someone and glamoured the hell out of them when they did not. Molly…hm-m-m, just might be the sister he was looking for.

He was not the only one wound tight. The sex with Sookie tonight had just been nasty. She was not vamp strong, but damn, she had some moves and being strong was also about leverage. She had him pinned down and howling at one point. Her mouth had been on his dick and her other hand was stroking his tonsils through his ass. When he had come, he had pinned her down like a butterfly and rode her until he had nothing left and she was still screaming for more. He had inserted two fingers in front, two in back and let her find her own release with only some top shelf nasty words about what he was doing to her from him. It had not taken long.

The boys and Miss Pam were out of the lawn winding down. He knew it had been just as hard on them. The adrenalin, the fangs, seeing to Compton. Samuel had provided for them upon their return but he could still feel the tension in them even up here.

Pam had suggested golf and everyone was up for a round or two. Vlad had ripped out Compton’s voice box and they had him impaled outside. Last time he had looked, they were hovering and teeing off out of Bill’s nailed open mouth. Pamela was blowing raspberries at Vlad every time he made a shot and was kicking his ball into the rough when he was not looking.

Before the sun rose, there would be a stake in Compton’s heart and there would only be goo on the ground. Samuel’s people could be trusted, but there was knowing with your own eyes that cocksucker was finally dead. Murphy’s Law came to mind. No matter who staked Compton, he, Eric Northman, was turning on the hose and washing that cocksucker down the drain.

Blood born vampires.   The thought chilled him to the bone and excited him at the same time. In truth, he was more. He had no idea just how much more but…he felt the power course through his body. There were bullets filled with sunshine. He was not for sure how that looked but Godric had told Samuel his child could destroy them with his lightning. His maker, his Godric…his reason why he still walked.

When Godric had called him and told him to reveal the blood born connection he had with Sookie to The Authority, he had not understood why you would want that released to the world, but had promised him he would do so.

Now he understood; Godric wanted him to have bragging rights and the supreme one-up-man, if only for a little while. Because his maker knew how this was all going to fall out. Godric was going to kill them all and Eric’s and Sookie’s secret died tonight.

Eric felt the love in his soul for this being that stood with him.   His maker had called them his champions…he went over and stood by the window. Well yes. Those out there on that playing field; he trusted them with his life on the battlefield and anywhere else he had a reason to walk.

Willy, gawd, he missed William. Eric considered them all to be smart. Very smart. Samuel was in a league of his own, but William, my gawd, he had helped to establish a country and his laws were still being used, today.   The man could see into the future and what would hold true during the ages. William, if anyone would have asked him to pick which one of his friends was blood born, Eric would have bet on Willy. He was just fluid, Eric thought. The way he moved, the way he talked the way his brain flowed from one idea to the next. William was all one complete unit. Yes blood born. Sane and rational at all times. The perfect vampire.

Now there was a hideous thought. What if William was descended from a blood born? What was it his friend had been shouting about when he was raving there at the very end? There is a blue light, Eric. It burns. Stake me. It cannot save me.”

“It cannot save me,” echoed through his soul and he felt his heart, lurch.

Godric had written the after-action report. Eric had not read through it but he was now sure that his name was not mentioned in it…and that what…Act had had one of his own, experimented on? He had paid The Authority to set this in motion? Had Rosalyn been approached and sent Russell in to hold him down will they injected him with the vamp killer? “No!” he spit out into the universe. “No!” he was shaking with anger. He sat down and felt the tears take him.

“Eric,” Sookie’s was behind him and he felt her arms go around him.

“Sookie,” she heard the tears in his voice. “Act had William poisoned. I am sure of it. To see what it would do to him. To see what the 21st century vampire killers would do to one of his descendants.”

“Oh Eric,” she hugged him closer then came around and sat down in his lap, with her arms tightly wrapped around his body.   “We will get him,” she said with passion. “And we will end him. He will not have seen our like in millions of years. He will look on us and remember what he once had with Act’yed. And we will destroy him.”

Settling his body into hers, he felt her warmth take hold of him and keep his sanity entrenched in his body.

“They are all dead, Sookie, those that know about the blood born bond between us. Except those that are down there tonight,” he motioned with his head toward the window.

“What are they doin’?” she asked, standing and taking his hand and helping him up.

“Playing golf. Samuel has a nine-hole course close to the house. Actually, I guess right now it is a ten hole. They are using Billy Boy as well.”

“Oh-h-h-h-h,” she smiled at him. “Do I want to know?”

“No,” he smiled at her and sniffed her hair. “Vlad the Impaler was called into service, tonight. Just think fish on a hook…”

“Ee-u-u-u-u,” she took a step back toward Eric. “I think I would rather not see that.

You want to talk?” she asked as she laid her head back against his chest.

“Why would Godric not tell me?” he whispered.

“He was sold into slavery, Eric. All sons, back in the day, they all had to swear fealty to their father. I am sure it was no different for Godric. Act could treat him as horribly as he wanted but Godric had to promise to love, honor and obey.”

“Love, honor and obey?” he asked.

“Used to be the marriage vow all women took. Those preachers made sure that obey word was in there. I think the husband paid him extra. Not like the preacher would leave it out.”

“Oh,” Eric said. “I see. I heard no such word in our blessed to continue ceremony.”

“Correct,” Sookie smiled. “I do for you because I want too. Not because I have too.”

Reaching up, she stroked his face with her hand. “What’s bothering you?”

Eric shifted on his feet. His hands resting on her shoulders as he kneaded her flesh. “Where is he? Act? There is no place Godric and I did not go in Europe during the war. My maker never hesitated. Whenever I would suggest someplace, off we would go. If we would hear from Vlad or William or Siggy and they would request our help, we were there. If Godric was so careful to keep me hidden from him, just where the fuck is Act?”

“Well, Switzerland was neutral during the war, did you venture in there?” she asked.

“Did not spend much time there, nor in Portugal or Sweden either. We went where the Nazis were. But we would pass through there from time to time.

We shall discuss this more, tomorrow. Sunrise is coming and I want Compton finally and completely dead.” Eric went over to the fireplace and found something he could use for a stake. “Do you wish to come with me?” he asked. “I ask only out of courtesy.”

“No,” she shook her head. “You tell me he is dead and I will believe you.”

“I’ll return shortly. It is about fifty minutes to sunrise. It won’t take long to hose down the area and be done.”

Bill knew he was in pain. He was just not for real sure how much pain.   Was there a way to gauge it? Was six to low was ten to high. He was not for real sure and did not know who to ask. But he liked being taller. Fuck where was Northman? He would show him what it was like to be tall. Oh, here came his momma. She had a switch in her hand. Guess he had been a bad boy.

“Hey Bill,” Pam came by walking at his head height. “How’s it hanging? Get it,” she nudged him with her golf club. “Hanging? As in you are and ‘Ole Nub is not. Here, if you just hold your head still for a second, I can put my ball balanced in your mouth and get one more shot off before Eric gets here. Oh well, drat…here he comes now. Forrrrrrre,” she yelled, as her club came down, the metal head flew off, which caused her to slip, just a bit, despite her great vampire strength and the handle to the club slid right into Bill’s chest and into his heart. There was the sound of a water balloon bursting and then Bill Compton was a bloody mess on the ground.

“Any last words of wisdom that you imparted to him child?” Eric asked when he arrived and saw the goo.

“I asked him how it was hanging? You know, impaled, no penis, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Eric started to say something and then stopped. What would be the point?

“Hey Pam,” Ian called. “Hole in one! Good on you!”

“Figures,” she kicked at the blood on the ground. “You finally prove yourself useful you stupid fucker and now that shot will never again be repeated. Stupid fucker, anyway,” she hissed at Bill. “Pay up,” she said righting herself, calling out into the dark. “Hole in one teeing off Compton is gonna buy momma a whole lot of fucking expensive shoes! I believe you also owe me time at the bar. I need some super studs, shirtless waiters with alluring accents. If you are not packin’ put a sock in your pants and keep the ladies guessing and buying expensive drinks.”

“Oh, good one,” Siggy called. “Vlad, she knows your secret.”

When the crowd rose the next evening, they found Eric and Sookie in the library, looking over maps.

“What?” Cedric asked.

“We are looking for Act. Someplace Godric would not take me for fear of someone seeing us together. There is no place on the continent we did not traverse.”

“The cradle of civilization was located in the center of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers,” Sookie pointed out on the map. “If he was trading with humans, in the early days, this would have been the area. Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt.”

“Well yes, that is where the cave photos originated from,” Eric nodded in agreement. “But, with today’s population and wars, too risky. I just don’t see him residing there. If he was in a cave, one of those bunker busters could destroy his home. Or any other large armament.”

Samuel walked in and was studying the maps that were out.   “Where have we not been?” he asked Eric, shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, we haven’t been to Australia,” Cedric chuckled. “You know once Willy moved into Sydney and proclaimed the land in the name of…”

“Wombat Willy,” Sookie looked at Eric. “Is that how he got the name? Because he immigrated to Australia?”

“Yes,” Samuel was nodding his head and pulling up maps. “Australia. So, Act recognized him as a descendent of a blood born and makes a few phone calls.  Roslyn hops a plane to China, picks up the virus, picks up Russell along the way and together they infect him. Brings him back to the SouthWest and turns him loose. Or silvers him, brings him back and infects him and turns him loose.”

“I don’t know,” Sookie was shaking her head. “That just does not feel right. That’s a lot of air space where shit can go wrong. I am just back to Murphy’s law. And Samuel, didn’t Godric say he had to be back by Saturday? You have to cross the International Date Line in there somewhere so he is going to gain a day. He is already behind. So, not there.  Closer.   You want to know where I would start looking for the heart of weird shit if I was in the American South West?”

All eyes were focused on her.

“Taos, New Mexico. They have got weird shit in spades. Stories that their legends are based on that would curl your hair. Petroglyphs that…” she paused. “Well, just maybe could be Act. Samuel, where is that book of photos. Time to do a little contrast and compare.”

Godric had filed his written report and was now going to give the verbal out-brief. He was in Act’s chamber standing patiently by, waiting to see his father. His eyes traveled over the soft metal statue that was his mother. A golden color with veins of green and purple ran through the metal. It reminded him of sunrise from a time of long ago when she would hold him in her arms and play peek-a-boo with him.

His father…he kept his anger hidden deep. Just as she had taught him. She had told him that she had not been refreshed in her love for Act and her parting gift to him, her beautiful baby boy, before he was sent away with the slavers, was to give to him her strength.

Her strength was so great that she could block out Act. Keep a part of herself private. Yes, he had that very special part of her he carried deep within himself and when the time came, he knew what he had to do.

Carefully Godric’s hand went out to once more caress her face. His fingertips brush past her lips. His hand, settled on her head and followed the curls of her hair.

“I miss her also,” he heard his father’s voice. It was soft and gentle. So, he had laid aside the tyrant. That would do for now.

“Yes,” Godric continued to gaze upon her. “I think I miss her laughter most of all.”

“Well of course, you were her son. I was her mate. I have not fucked the likes of her through the ages.

You look like her,” he could hear the smile in his voice. “Have her way about you. She loved you. I guess she proved that in the end, giving her other-worldly-ness to you when I said it was time for you to be useful to our house as money for our coffers and slaves to work our fields. As your father, it was my right to do this.” There was no answer. No accusing glances. Godric was his mother’s son. Not like the others that he had taunted, used and destroyed.

“So, do you dream of her?”

“Yes,” Godric smiled as he once more ran the back of his hand down her face. His fingertips once more recalling what she had felt like. Smelt like.   The softness of her skin. The texture of her hair. The warm moistness of her breath when she kissed him and ruffled his hair and he could feel her heart filled with love for him and the despair that Act should know how she felt about her children.

“Now, tell me about William and the virus.”

Godric turned and faced him. “It was effective. He infected humans as well and they all died. Not unlike the Ebola virus. The Authority ordered a massive clean up and cover up.”

“The Authority,” he chuckled, “they are no more?”

“Correct,” he replied with a slight bow of his head.

“You seem different, tonight,” Godric could feel his gaze ripping through his emotions. “Have you found one to turn?   Have you located a descendent?”

“Mother,” he whispered to her, “protect my small family with your strength.”

“No, I am still looking,” his lie took hold. “And yes, I am restless,” he replied. “Maybe it is indeed time.”

“That is the maker blood coming into your bones,” he sighed, a sound of contentment. “It is your time to make a child. Use your blood to create a new line of my kin. We have much work to do my son. If I am once more to claim my place in the heavens you shall have to create for me a new house of Act. I have been busy as well. There are several humans here, waiting for you. They have been selected for their exceptional beauty of both body and spirit.”

“Females,” Godric nodded.

“Well of course. I miss the perfect fuck. And the perfection that was your mother. This herd that I have gathered for you, they all have a bit of the blood born, or close enough. There should be perhaps one or two that will survive your mating. I will watch and give instructions. And perhaps join in,” he chuckled. “I might be barren, but I do know how to have a good time.”

“Of course,” Godric bowed to him and walked back over to the statue of his mother. Rubbing his nose gently across hers, he mouthed the words at the very small camera he had placed on the back offering table. “I love you,” he smiled, “with all that I am.” And then bit down on the sunshine filled bullet that he had between his teeth.

With a light heart, he saw his mother once more whole, smile at him and welcome him with her open arms. Her love overwhelmed him and then he was no more.

Act screamed as he hit the floor. Slaves came running from all directions as well as his guards. “Sweep the area,” he bellowed, “he could not have acted alone.”

“Godric,” Eric called out, standing and reaching for his maker that was not there. Molly was in the room tracking Samuel’s bandwidth when her tears started in earnest.

“Godric,” Eric wept, as Sookie rushed to him and wrapped her arms around him. “My Godric,” was all he could say as he sobbed, his heart breaking, his arms reaching for Molly as they clung together and cried.

There was a chiming sound. Samuel did not recognize it as first, but then he realized it was his phone. Taking it out and walking away from the sorrow that filled the room, he was out into the hall and played the message that had been sent to him. Sitting down, he watched the video. “Oh Godric, what courage and love you have for your children,” he wept as he felt his own tears form and slip silently down his face.

“We found nothing our king,” his guard bowed. “There is nothing left of his body. There was some type of small electronic device on the offering table. But there is only a dark smudge where it once sat. It is now nothing but bits of ash. We have tried tracing any type of signal coming into or going out at the time of the…explosion,” he said, trying hard not to look at the burn mark…if you could call it that. There was a shadow burned into the side of the wall. The last act of Godric was burned into the limestone as a negative. His arms were reaching outward for an embrace.