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Chapter 13   We Fell….

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This day was coming. He had always known this. Since the day he turned Eric, this is where his path was taking him. Then either by chance or fate, he had fathered Molly as well. Slowly and carefully he had worked his plan. Seeing to it that his children would never fall into the hands of his father. The bullet that was clinched between his teeth was liquid sunshine. He had seen the experiments and what it could do to vampire. He knew what it was going to do to him. He had used his own blood during target practice. There had been a flash of light that burned his eyes. He did not doubt it would destroy his body in like manner. He knew it was wrong to push all of this off onto Samuel. But there had become no other way. And Samuel, sweet, loving Samuel would see to his child and would bend this world to his will if that is what it took to protect Eric.

Eric, if he suspected at all the threat that Act was, the berserker rage would take him as he sought to destroy his grandfather.

“Eric’s berserker rage…” he had to smile and shake his head as his heart was once more troubled. That had kept him from many things, like telling Eric the truth. He would have liked to have told Eric that this was a decision that had been a forever in the making. He would like to have sat down with his child and explained it until Eric understood it rationally and did not grieve for it emotionally or want to war with a being that he could not defeat.

Make Eric understand that he was in danger as long as his maker walked. And now, his Sookie was as well. What were the chances that his child would fall in love with one of the blood born? That they would complete the steps so that their blood and their love encircled each other? That from this joining, they would have a child of their own to love and to hold forever in their hearts.

He felt tears of joy threaten to over take him…when their child was born…a beautiful child that Eric would love and crow and strut about…the knowledge filled his heart…his Eric, so in love with this tiny being…Godric knew that he would not be able to hide his love for them from his father.   The decision was now his to carry out.

Biting down on the bullet, there stood his mother! Her arms reaching for him in welcome. In her eyes, there was her love for him. When she embraced him, it was like he had never been far from her skirts. Everything about her said home. He had come home!

“My son,” she held him and then took a step back. “We fell from the heavens, your father and I. We fell to this place and thought we would find joy and contentment, here.  And for a while, perhaps, we did. Your father made me from himself. While I still walked here, I thought perhaps if he had not given to me his love and joy, perhaps he would still have some of it himself. I was wrong in that thinking,” she rubbed her nose against his. “Act is responsible for only himself. That is why we fell. It was what he wanted. And if all the love and joy that existed were poured into him, it would run out at the bottoms of his feet, fleeing as fast as it could to escape such a hideous monster.

We fell,” her eyes were fixed on his, “but your love and grace has never allowed you to do so.”

Her face faded from him and there was light, everywhere, bombarding him. Looking into the light, he thought it would be harsher, burn his eyes

But this light cleansed his body and pulsed in him and he found it familiar. Like a taste long forgotten; a smell of something that he once, knew.

“Eric, my Eric.” He was his only regret. “I should have stressed to you the teachings of my mother and not those of my father.”

Looking past the light, he saw the blue of the sky…no it was the blue-green of the water and his bare feet walked on grassy land. He was standing in an old growth forest on a high cliff.   In the distance was another cliff and he could see that the heavily wooded hill ran down into the water. The mountain peaks in the background were covered in snow. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds provided the backdrop for the mountains.

Of course, he smiled as he looked around. The fjords! Eric’s home!

Laughing, he sat down in a sunny spot and breathed deeply of the pine forest and the lavender that grew in a rotted log.

In the distance, he could see a man walking towards him. “He must be the guardian of this place. This has been pleasant, but I can not fool myself, my time has come. Judgment…”

“Nice tattoos,” the guardian sat down next to him and they both paused as a butterfly passed by.

Godric smiled as he looked at his naked upper body. This was the first words he had heard on the other side. He had not guessed that it would be this.  Looking down his arms told his story. “Yes, they are a constant reminder to me of who and what I am.”

“Yes,” the man studied his arm. “Your right arm speaks to what is carried in your blood.”

The man looked into his eyes and Godric found peace, there. “The acts of your father do not reflect upon the acts of the son. You prove this. Here you sit.”

“Your Rune language is very good,” Godric was impressed. “It is written in Tyr’s language. I needed…” he sighed, “I needed a reminder of right and wrong. So I had the prayer tattooed, also. It was still very easy to do wrong, even with the reminder on my arm.”

“Yes,” the guardian bowed his head in acknowledgement. “The temptations are always present. To hate is easy, to love takes courage and strength and sacrifice. I do so like your prayer, on your left arm,” he admired the tats, again. “But I carry the prayer for my people within me so an outward display is not necessary.”

“It is good that you have such a strength in your convictions,” Godric smiled at him. “My tattoo prayer,” he closed his eyes, touched the runes on his right arm and made a face. “It helped to keep me focused. I did not understand why I was taken from my mother. Why my father thought to cast me aside. It reminded me that there are mysteries to which I had no answer.”

Opening his eyes he admired those things around him and then looked deep into the guardian’s eyes. “I became lost. Far from the path of my mother I fell and with stumbling steps, I am trying to find my way back.”

“Why did you stop,” the man’s voice hesitated, “here?”

Godric became very serious. “When I was sold as a slave, my mother told me a story to help dry my tears. That this was a new phase in my life. That I could make of it what I would. A horrible scar to carry and mar me or it would be the beginning of a new quest.

When,” his voice hesitated. “When I made Eric my child…I knew it was wrong…but I was so lonely. I had this love inside of me that needed to be given to another. And so I turned him. I took a warrior that should have died an honorable death and I cursed him to walk my path. I told myself that this was a new quest. One to keep my child safe from my father,” his voice was soft. “I hope I have succeed.

And now,” there was strength in his words, “this is the beginning of my new quest. I have hope that this is the place of judgment.   I come seeking judgment.   I am searching for this god who judges.

My Eric…” he smiled. “He is a good boy. In his heart there is love. He left behind many things to walk with me. He believed me when I told him that there was no right or wrong. For these teachings, I am responsible. I wish to speak to this god and tell him this. That when my Eric’s time comes…I wish to stand in his stead so that he may sit here and enjoy the cool breezes and see his beloved fjords again.

“Well,” came the guardian’s thoughtful reply, “if Eric was as good as you say, then he would know in his heart that what you said and what he did was wrong.”

“Yes,” Godric felt the tears form. “He knew and yet I wanted him to be like me and so he wanted to be like me. I know that is no excuse. And I do not ask forgiveness for myself. Only for my child.  My mother taught me right from wrong. In my heart,” Godric touched his chest, “I knew.”

Straightening his shoulders he sat up taller. “I knew what I told my Eric was wrong. But I wanted him to survive. The pride in me, the terror of the other vampires could inflict on him. That the humans could inflict on him. The terror that my father could inflict on him!” Godric felt the tears form in his eyes. “I wanted him to be strong and I wanted him to survive…and…” his voice hesitated, “I wanted to no longer be alone.”

“Yes,” came the guardian’s steady reply, “I know of the brutality of the Romans.   I may have encountered a vampire or two that I rebuked,” he chuckled. “And I know,” in his words were power, “those that fell. And I know,” his voice was soft and caressing, “I know loneliness and what it is like when you can no longer see your father’s face.”

Godric was relieved.   Here was one who had walked the earthly realm and apparently knew of his kin and the sorrow such a walk could bring you. “So yes, you know the ways of that world. You worry for the ones you love. And I worried. My father…he betrayed me. There was never love when he would hold me next to him and stoke my head. He saw only what I was worth once I became older.”

“I know something about betrayal, as well,” the guardian replied in a soft voice.

Both men sat in quiet, watching the waves and the sky.

“Do you ask anything for yourself?” Godric heard the gentleness in the   question.

Godric closed his eyes and could feel the sun beating down on him. Smell the water, the pine, the cold that blew off the mountains. If he too, could have this…if this god could find a place for Eric and for him as well…

Opening his eyes, Godric regarded the man who sat next to him. There was no frown of disfavor or smile of acceptance. Just his thoughtful gaze that was concentrated on him.   “That if this god, that created this,” he gave a small tentative smile as he looked around him, “can forgive me,” Godric’s gaze was back on the guardian, “then he is, indeed, a powerful god for I have done many wrong things.”

Godric heard a call from the sky and looking upward started to laugh. “Are…” he pointed skyward and then stood as if standing got him much closer…”are those dragons?” he laughed in joy!

“Yes,” came a chuckle as the guardian stood. “All with a heart that has been sacrificed are welcome here. The fjords seem to speak to us all.

Love,” the man smiled at him, “is sacrifice. Do not worry for your Eric,” he chuckled and then became very still. “His Miss Sookie is a powerful force of nature.”

With a heart-felt smile, Godric bowed his head. “I thank you for my Eric. Could you take my thanks from me to this god?”

“Would you like to tell Him, yourself?” he asked.

“I would think,” Godric looked around, “that he would have no time for the likes of me.”

“He just might see that differently,” came the reply. “I know Him very well.

“I…I would be honored to be able to deliver my thanks myself.” Godric looked at the man. He was tall, with neatly pulled back blond hair that he wore in a ponytail. His beard was just a shade darker, tinged with some red as a blond’s hair was want to do. There was a small silver earring in one ear and blue eyes twinkled.

“How did you come to be here?” Godric asked as they walked.

“Crucifixion,” was his reply.

“Fucking Romans!” Godric spit out.

“Yes,” he laughed.

As they walked, Godric was not for sure if the ground gave way or if it was his body that changed or both. He was too busy looking at everything around him. The lights that pulsed and flashed were falling faster and faster until they took shape and form.


Millions of voices raised in harmony as joy flooded him and a oneness engulfed him.   “It’s a celebration!” Godric clapped his hands in joy.

“Yes,” came the reply. “My Father’s welcome.”

“He must love you,” Godric’s voice cracked as his spirit tried to comprehend what was before him.

“Yes He does,” he replied with love shining in his eyes. “But I am not the son He is welcoming home.”

The brilliance before Godric shimmered and danced as it approached him and a shape appeared. That of a man. A humble man. Not certainly the way you would expect a god to appear.

Standing in front of Godric, his God said, “Welcome home my son.”

In joy and jubilation, Godric sank to his knees and wrapping his arms around Him, he shouted his thanks and his love!

“Come,” God stood him up.   “I thank you for your love but we are on a tight schedule since my son took his place at my right hand.   There is much to be done and it is time to get to work. Your Eric and his Miss Sookie, ahead of them is their life. A long and happy one. And the lives they shall bless. But there is one that is theirs to destroy. Act fell with many others. They are going to need help finding that path to him. Act’yed,” He smiled as she approached. “Take your son to Earth. It is time for Act to return to his maker. And in the days to come there are others that our Eric and Sookie shall send this way as well.”