The Magic of the 7ths

  Returning to his castle, Rowan was still in a foul mood.   Not sure how to get past it, he sat down on his throne, fidgeted, got up and started wandering the room, thinking about victorious previous exploits and the hazy future. In the past, deals were made. In the future, there were deals to be honored. His hope had been that Trudy would be able to Rune him up and out of that hell mouth that was wanting a taste of him. Laguz with Berkano in attendance…he had not been content to fuck around with one of the old dark ones, oh no…not with Trudy by his side encouraging him…he had gone with two…granted he had not made the deal with Berkano, but she and Laguz were always one on one.

Trudy…damn it all…Trudy had told him to run with Laguz and that she would be able to save him with the Runes when the time came…she had been working on that for him when…well, when that had gone the way of the gaping hell mouth as well. Because Mistress Trudy, dragon in her fucking, lying bones, refused to see him.

Then, of course, there was the soul washer, Devan. There was no way he was ever getting out of here and to someplace more favorable for eternity.   She would not allow it. The only pounding his soul was going to take was when Laguz used him in ways most foul for failing him. “I am not going to fail!” he hissed and righted his cuffs. “I can and will be successful! The old ones shall be locked forever in their bones and the dark ones shall rise and advise me and I shall rule, forever!”

Opening a drawer, he took out several blades and placed them on the table.   They had been presented to him on the battlefield when he had crowned himself king. Belonging to his dead family members, he ran his finger along the blade, feeling the name that was etched there. “I know, I know I am not respected,” he threw a knife at the wall and watched it clatter to the floor. “And I know that we really are self governing, as long as there is peace and no one, except a few, stand in awe of me,” he threw another blade at the wooden paneling and watched it bounce off and clatter to the floor as well. “I know the only way to hold any type of real power is to invoke the King’s Law and kill all the dragons.”

Carefully he picked up the last blade on the table. “This one,” he smiled to himself and concentrated on the killing thing he held in his hand, “this one will stick. I shall sanctify it with my blood,” he said nicking his thumb on the point. “With my will, fly true,” he whispered to the blade and threw. It missed the wall completely and clunked off the bust of one of his many ancestors, causing the face to shatter. “Most good,” he sneered, “looks like the only thing I can throw and make stick is shit! Then shit it shall have to be,” he stamped his foot and sat down on his thrown. “Padd,” Rowan had regained what he thought he had left of his sanity and poured up two glasses of stout.

His lawyer stepped in and watched him from a distance.  “Padd, good, most good,” Rowan offered him the mug. “Come…now is the time. Gael is pregnant and she carries a dragon and Eitilt has threatened me for threating the future dragon heir. We should strike.”

Padd walked into the room and looked long and hard at his king and then began to shake his head. “Gael carries Eitilt’s heir?” he moaned. “My king…” he let out an exasperated sigh.

“I think so,” Rowan nodded, “yes, I believe she does. I said something about your heir to Eitilt and he just gave me that dragon stare that says to fuck off.”

“He acknowledged the child as his?” Padd was aghast.

“Well no, not exactly,” Rowan sighed.

“Do you remember just what exactly he did say? Something useful in a court of law? Anything useful?’

“No,” Rowan shook his head. “Not really. I had been drinking, I may have had something to drink while I was there, or no, maybe not. Dragons are famous for their poison. So no, I was probably not drinking with Eitlit. But I know I may have been drunk to work up my courage.”

Padd’s left eye had started to twitch. A sure sign that his stress level would return him to his original form.

“I was thinking,” Rowan began, “I was thinking it was time to band the witches in The Library. Chain them together both physically and mentally. Put them to work. I want inside Trudy’s. I want to talk to her, politely, and then if she does not wish to be polite, then her days of living are done.

And I want Gael,” his voice was sure. “I want my daughter, living here. I want the sacrifice she and the child are to be, living here. I want this done. Three months is when the child moves in her belly. He will be acceptable at that time. When you approach Laguz, tell him in two more months…”

“What?” Padd was shaking his head, no, vigorously.  “That is not for me to do. You struck the deal. I merely provided the legalese and bore witness.”

“You know the magnitude of this, Padd,” Rowan looked over his mug at him as he took a drink. “You alone, I think, more so than any other understand what I am going to accomplish. I need you to do this for me and as my mate…” he added. Good he had his lawyer’s attention. “Then you shall know where all the escape routes are located, the dead bodies are buried and the everlasting signatures of those to be tormented are located.

I will sign whatever you wish stating that you are my legal mate and heir. That we are bound together.”

Padd sat and watched him for what seemed like hours. His eyes seeing things that Rowan knew he could not fathom. Finally, Padd nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Rowan smiled at him and patted his hand. “I will see the witches and get this started. As long as we are bombarding Trudy’s cottage, we shall go after The Tower as well. The Master Assassin can fight with sword and blade, but what chance has he against the covens in the library?”

“Priscilla,” Rowan knocked on the library door. “It is I, Rowan, open up.”

A slot in the door opened. “We need to talk. The time has come.”

Coven Mistress Priscilla of Afterthought was no fool. Hindsight…yes she had it. “Before you begin, where does Trudy stand with this? I went calling on her and her yard is now warded as well. She is either keeping her distance from this rat fuck or she is so pissed off at you that it is still going to be a rat fuck. Either way, I am now reconsidering…”

“You are not,” he growled. “Laguz expects his contract honored. Your name is on it as well. Open this door and let us get down to business.”

There were six covens in all, 78 women and men who thought to traffic in the dark and walk where others dare not tread. Their destiny lay with Rowan. Bound to him by blood, ink, and paper that consisted of the unholy trinity and the righteous path to ruling with fear.

“So,” Priscilla addressed the group. “We need spells to break Trudy’s Runes and drag her out of her place of sanctuary and into the abysmal pit that creates a stench that we all carry the taste of. Then, once we have her, we shall just walk into The Tower and take the sacrifice. The Master Assassin will not be able to stop us. He might fight with sword and strength, but he does not have Laguz or the stench of millennia to fuel his power. We have all been preparing for this moment. When the moon rises before this final darkfall, I want this over and done. Once we have the sacrifice, we shall be able to assess it and if the child is viable.  If he is, then so much the better.  We could have this done tonight.”

The moon rose in the fiery breath of sunset. It was there and then it was gone before it was eaten and swallowed by the colors of the sky. Knowth stood looking at Trudy’s. “The bitch has warded the grounds now as well. Look, her goodness and mercy  falls from the heavens and into the ground. We cannot access it from either the sides, top or bottom.  She cast it at the height of sunrise.  How very nice for her.  Every time she looks out her window, her world is perfect.”

thatched, runed, magic falling

“After Rowan’s little outburst,” O’Kelly spit in disgust, “I cannot say as that I do not blame Mistress Trudy. I would not want anyone throwing shit on my house, either. And the fact that Rowan now stands out in her yard and had carnal knowledge of crows and who knows what else, hoping she was watching. Even I am a bit put off. I’d have the entire area spelled as well.”

Mellifont came riding in on her broom. “It is raining the spell, just how quaint is that?” she slammed the broom brush into the ground, causing the vegetation there to die. “Where does Trudy learn this craven shit? I have never seen a spell being rained down. When we have her, I am eating her brain.”

“You are proof,” O’Kelly’s broom came out and cracked Mellifont over the head, “that there is a reason for the spells she has cast. Have you no respect for the nature around you? Must you kill the vegetation?”

Cackling, Mellifont spit at O’Kelly and O’Kelly whacked her again with her broom handle, this time resulting in a satisfying sound that said she had made solid contact.   “What, you wicked thing,” the older witch slapped Mellifont with her hand this time, “have you done?”

“We were told to bring Gael. So, we did what we thought we must,” Melli spit the blood from her mouth and onto the ground. “The vegetation around The Tower has certainly seen better days,” she laughed as she rubbed the handprint on her face. “It is raining a ward there, as well.

Looks like Mistress Trudy has declared sides, does it not. The same wards protect both places. That bitch has crossed us and she sits in there with her dragon bones and laughs at us. I can understand Rowan throwing shit on her house. We have been played all along and I would throw shit on her house now myself, except, as you can see, she has warded her yard, as well.”

“That fucking Rowan! It has all gone to rat shit and here we stand, offering to be the next meal for the dark ones. Keep eyes on The Tower,” Knowth hissed. “We must have the sacrifice.”

cliffs of mohr and tower

“We have eyes,” Milli responded, not wanting to get whacked again. “Allen worked the spell. His eyes are constantly watching for the smallest movement. Of course, he cannot see inside The Tower, but we at least have them contained.”

“Good,” Knowth nodded. “I saw Devan in passing. She said no one’s soul gets pounded if we do not make this happen. We are doomed to walk here forever as tasty bits for those that would use us in such a manner.  Keep pushing everything you have. We’ll rotate shifts. And perhaps each one of us will bring that unique and extra something that will get us past Trudy’s wards.”

“You know, Trudy believes in the Mona Tazzie,” Violet said. “I heard that once. That she truly believes in the rest and recreation of the soul. That she shall depart and walk the unknown paths of light and wonder. That what was once shall be again.”
“Oh the stink of dragon shit,” Knowth laughed. “Rowan should have let her be destroyed. Instead, here she still stands and it is soon the bewitching hour. And in our own midst, her book of truths is being quoted. I do believe it is the end of time for the fae.”

“What?” Violet responded, an edge to her voice. “When my soul is pounded, perhaps I shall not rest in the bosom of home but there shall be rest and recreation for my soul for the rest of days.”

“You do know Trudy was dragon in her bones, correct?” Knowth asked, a tinge of anger in her voice. “A witch is not to trust a dragon, ever, in any regard. And a dragon could certainly not write a book of truths. A dragon speaks in lies.”

“I can find comfort where I might,” Violet’s voice was now loud. “And you may not tell me what I am and am not to believe. Nor what I am to read or what I am to perceive,” the last words were yelled.

“Bitch!” Knowth screeched and swinging her broom knocked Violet into the ward that protected Trudy’s yard. There were several flashes of lightning and the sizzle and smell of just cooked meat.

“What have you done?” Milli rounded on Knowth. “And what has happened to her? You killed her! Did you see this?” she was screaming as those that were standing around the house chanting as they now came running. “She killed her, Violet…because she dares to believe with her heart.”

“What?” the other twenty-six were muttering.

“Do you smell that? That is Violet. Knowth threw her into the ward. Because,” now Milil was screaming, “she dared to believe with her heart!”

With a rush, Milli knocked Knowth over and they both tumbled into the ward. With another flash, they were gone.

Allen took a step back, his eyes searching the eyes of those around him. Something that resembled fear was taking hold. “Leave the others at The Tower. If they try to breach it, let them. Do not,” he stressed “tell anyone about what happened here. If any knew that Rowan stood without Trudy, chaos would reign and all would be lost. If you wish to be worshiped as gods in the new order, instead of being their meal, say nothing.”

“Why should we listen to you?” Becca and Wally complained. “Violet spoke the truth of her heart.” Both of them picked up their brooms and with violence, beat Allen back into the warded yard and soon the aroma of his flesh cooking filled the air.

They had all gathered in the pub, back in the private dining room. A cheery fire was going and the family was gathered around it, watching the activity of the two 7th warded domiciles. “They are turning on each other,” Eitilt said as he watched the assaulted being thrown into the path of the wards.

“Yes,” Engl nodded, “and they will continue to do so until one of them figures out that it is the wards surrounding the buildings that is causing this reaction. But we will have, perhaps, by then, reduced their number by a third. Laguz will be very upset that there will not be three full covens to worship him when he arrives.

Such is the power of the 7th. Our good deeds brings chaos to those not pure of heart. And death to those that wish death upon us.”

Gael watched in fascination those in the fireplace that thought to rule. “Laguz, do you think he will rise at all?” she asked.

“I think he will wish to feast on the old ones bones. I am sure he dreams of this. But he is no fool. He will watch and listen and when he hears the screams of the dragon and his Wynd Rydr, he shall return to his slumbers and dream of victory another day.”