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Chapter 21: Epilogue—Blood Born


“This has just been the best time!” Sookie was still dancing around and waving at folks as the last of the balloons fell! “Just the best! Things like this never happen to me!” she shouted and danced around some more.

“Ma’am, good evening and congratulations,” a woman in a casino uniform approached her along with two armed guards. “My name is Betsy and we are here to escort you and your winnings.”

“Oh!” Sookie clapped her hands and jumped up and down. “Just like on TV!”

“Yes Ma’am,” the woman smiled at her and extended her hand to help her down. “Just like on TV. We even have a bottle of champagne iced down for you. If you would just follow me, please.”

“Certainly,” she grinned, as she waved to those that she passed and blew them kisses.

“The owner of the casino would like to have his picture taken with you so we can post you in our hall of winners,” Betsy smiled at Sookie. “If you would just come this way with me, down this hall I can show you.”

Betsy opened a door and Sookie giggled. “Wow, there have been so many! And look at this one, it says they won a million, too!”

“That’s right,” Betsy continued walking. “We have what we call the parade through town. We will take you in the limo and you can wave at all the folks out on the street, tonight. Mr. Shiloh will be waiting for us in the corporate office building.

“Really,” Sookie smiled. “Why, I have never met a corporate big wig, before.”

“Mr. Act Shiloh,” Betsy smiled. “He will want to shake your hand and give you the check, personally.”

“I have never ridden in a limo, before, either” Sookie gushed. “This is just all too excitin’.”

“Well, you have had a very good evening. After tonight, you will be able to afford your own,” Betsy smiled at her as the guards opened the outside doors, opened the limo door and Sookie hopped in.

“Cocksucking whores and whores’ sons,” Eric’s voice was filled with his discontent as he hissed into his mike as he watched his wife get into the auto. “Sookie is in and they are on the move. At least they are using an auto worthy of her to transport her. Otherwise, this would be over in a hurry.”

Siggy was grinning. “Eric, I am still amazed you let her agree to do this. She must have charms the rest of us know nothing about.”

Eric growled and he could hear the chuckles coming from his comrades-in-arms.

“Oh yes, they are headed up Main Street. There is my lover shining in the night. She lights up the entire area. Having her wave to everyone out of that sunroof is a brilliant idea. Makes her that much easier for me to track and know that she is just fine.”

“Yes,” Ian chuckled, “we all want the Mrs. to be just fine, otherwise we are just innocent bystanders to tonight’s little tête–à–tête while Eric unleashes his berserker rage very first thing and we all dive for cover.”

“Yes,” Samuel chimed in, “we want the evil ones to do nothing stupid. Eric does not practice crazedrage-us interruptus. You know, he is not one to withdraw at the last-minute.”

There were open belly laughs coming through his earwig.  “You know I can hear you, correct?” Eric chuckled.

“Counting on that,” you could hear the grin in Samuel’s voice. “Oh looks like you are just about there.”

The sign said Copper Mining Emporium.

“We are here,” Betsy set the champagne back in the bucket.   “We have time. You can finish that glass if you like, or take it in with you.”

“No,” Sookie smiled and shook all over. “I am ready to greet my destiny!”

Betsy smiled at her while the door opened. “Yes,” she nodded “yes Miss Stackhouse, yes you are.” It was a real shame, Betsy watched the young woman walk into the building. “She is so sweet. So genuine. Real shame that she is going to be someone’s slave.”

Betsy led her down the hall and knocked at the door.

“Welcome,” Act smiled at Sookie as he handed her a glass of champagne. “Please, join us.”

Damn, Pam had it right. From the back, Act looked just like Eric. From the front, you could tell they were related. It was the eyes and the forehead and the cleft chin. But damn, Pam was also right when she said he was old. He looked like he no longer fit inside his skin. Not that he sagged or anything, but like he had a facelift gone bad. And there were plenty of folks out there that came to mind who wore that nightmare.

If he was an original, well fuck, people just did not look like that anymore. Or maybe, she thought, they had never looked like that. Everything about him said different. The way he moved, the way he carried, himself. Even his manner of speaking. His phrasing was all wrong and he would emphasize the wrong syllable on certain words. “Well,” she thought to herself as she took the glass she was offered and sat down. “If he had started out as pure spirit and then found himself in a shape that was not true to form, I could understand how maybe things could be a bit  snug in some areas and not so snug in others.”

“Miss Stackhouse,” he smiled at her. Now that was creepy. His eyes remained dead. “Tell me a bit about yourself.
“I hate to sound rude and all,” she smiled. “But could I have my check, first. There was this cute little nail shop in town we passed and I would love to get my nails, done. I have enough money now for fingers and toes.”

“Oh of course not,” he bowed his head to her. “Yes of course. That is just the good business woman in you, talking. Claim what is yours, I heartily agree.

Juan, bring Miss Stackhouse’s check please,” he said to a man at the door.

“Of course sir, I will be right there.”

There was a knock and there stood a man and a photographer whose name tag said his name was Wayne. “Now, Miss Stackhouse, if you would just stand here and Mr. Shiloh, if you would stand there and hand her the check while I take photos…most excellent,” Wayne smiled as he snapped, away. “Miss Stackhouse, I will get you copies. You can contact me at this address,” and handed her a business card.

“Thanks,” she gushed. “Thanks so much!

Sounds like a storm is brewing,” Sookie tilted her head to one side. “I think I hear thunder. The big, majestic, type.”

“Storms do come and go in this part of the country,” Act smiled at her. “The one we had the other evening I am told, was a once in a lifetime experience.   The locals all say the mountains came to life.”

“Oh,” she made a face. “That sounds kinda scary. I think I would just like to be gone if that is coming back this way.”

“Oh, Miss Stackhouse,” he licked his lips, “it is going to be scary. Hear that crack of lightning, now that roll of thunder, I am afraid it just a bit so very late for you to be venturing out into the storm. I think you will fair far better if you stay here with me.”

“No thanks,” she smiled. “If you would just walk me out to the limo and take me back to the casino, my car is parked there. I’ll be just fine.”

“Oh dear,” he chuckled, “I don’t think you are ever going to be just fine, again. And with this storm, no one will be able to hear you scream. Zzal, Sar, if you would like to join us, I would introduce you to your newest acquisition.”

When the two walked in there was a rumble of thunder that shook the entire floor.

“Getting closer,” Act sat back in his chair then continued on. “Yes, she is as promised and I want the first child she produces. Just look at her, she is mouth-watering.”

“Yes she is,” came a voice from the open doorway. “So you are not a complete idiot. I see you do have a modicum of good taste left to you. Or perhaps that has been acquired? But I can say, you are going to be a dead cocksucking idiot, good taste or not,” Eric walked in and closed the door. “Act, Zzal and a little cur of a thing, Sar who likes to think he can add an iel ending to his name to make himself a fallen arch-angel. Seriously,” Eric was shaking his head, “do you think anyone is going to believe that? Pamela was correct, I can see the family resemblance.”

Laughter erupted from Act’s mouth. “Oh my child of the blue blood,” he smirked. “You complete the set and I can have whatever I want.”

“Do not,” Eric seethed, “call me my child.”

“Then what am I to call you?” he laughed.

“I am Erikr the Norse Man, child of Godric,” he replied, his voice low and full of pride.”

“Not possible, I would have known if Godric had a child,” he hissed.

“Actually, he had two. And Godric’s daughter Molly, has tied into your network and has dumped all your accounts into her own and is presently streaming live so she can watch.”

“Impossible,” he sneered.

“Let me see, there were ten accountants in here working the night of the storm. One of them was playing the stock market with your money, by the way. After I fired his ass, I had the extra one pulled in to work as well and I know none of them walked out of here. Carried out along with all the fried electrical equipment. By the way, nice hydro plant you have. A small replica of Hoover.  I understand you are running your generators off the backups you have there in the mountain.

Titch, titch,” Eric shook his head. “Why are you so shocked. With a tux on, we look enough alike from the feet up to the neck that we could be twins. When no one looks at your face, you stupid ego maniac, it really is easy to walk in the front door.”

“You have no idea who you are dealing with,” Act hissed at him.

“Yes, actually, I do,” Eric’s voice was matter of fact. “Your name is Act. Your mate was Act’yed. You sold your sons into slavery and kept your daughters…” Eric’s eyes were shooting blue sparks. “Well, you kept your daughters…

Because of your unfaithfulness, Act’yed divorced your ass. And because you broke her heart when you cast aside your children, she ended her life when you sold her baby, Godric. And then my Godric,” Eric’s voice trembled with love, “he bit down on a bullet in your chamber so that he could protect his children and his grandchild to come.”

“Yes,” Act smiled. “I think that sums it up, nicely. Except you left out the part where I now own you and your will is now mine. You are obviously one of mine and will be my stud for hire and I believe I can make a fortune from you this evening. Z’zal, what say you? Do you want her mated, now? We could watch. I think he has stamina and could fill the vessel tonight.”

“Would you fight him, Miss Stackhouse,” Z’zal asked her, grinning. “If he hurt you just a little, would you scream for mercy?

I don’t want her damaged,” he turned to Act. “But yes, command your child to force her.”

Sookie started laughing. “Do what? Force me? Are you kidding? That big stud?” she hooted. “Damn, would you just look at him; he does things to me that are illegal in all fifty states and most English-speaking countries and I love what he does to me!”

“What?” Act started to rise.

“My wife,” Eric smiled at her and held out his hand. “I believe you promised me that I could end them if I let you be the bait. Now, come stand behind me so that the fun may commence.”

“Well drat,” she sighed, reaching for his hand. “I do have my winnin’s from tonight, so I guess it is not a total bust. I got that first thing in case you came in blazin’ away,” Sookie said matter-of-fact as she stood behind him.

“You have no idea,” Act snarled as he stood and lashed out with lighting. With great satisfaction he watched it hit the abomination that his mewling child had created and listened to it sizzle throughout this stupid creature’s body.

“No,” Z’zal screamed at him. “We need him to fuck her up! I cannot go back with an empty vessel. I must at least tell them she has mated with one of yours.”

“That is just vulgar,” a voice from behind Eric said and Sookie peeked her head around. “Fuck me up!” she growled. “That is no way to talk around anyone,” she arched an eyebrow at him.

Eric stopped sizzling and he blew out of his mouth making smoke rings. “Fuck her up…” Eric snarled. “My wife is right, that is just vulgar.”

Blue lightning shot from his eyes and from his hands he sizzled thunderbolts that shook the room!

Sar thought to run. Eric picked him up with a spear made of the blue lightning and pinned him to the wall.

Z’zal was screaming for his minions to come and rescue him. Eric sent a bolt of lightning down his throat and exploded him from the inside, out.

“It is storming out on the mountains,” Eric grinned at Act. “Care to join me, Grandpa?”

“Ah-h-h-h-h,” Act screamed as he charged him. “You belong to me,” as he grabbed Eric and bit.

Act drew back, his mouth now full of blue flames that engulfed his face. “Need to get him extinguished, so I need to get him outside, eventually,” Eric looked over his shoulder at Sookie as he picked Act up and slammed his head into the floor. “I saved one for you Lover,” he smiled. “If you would like to do the deed,” he said with a bow of his head.

Sookie’s blue flame made contact with the spear and the entire wall exploded, Sar shattering into a million pieces before his ashes floated upward.

“I love you,” she smiled at her guy. Sookie gave him a kiss and said, “See you at home,” she called out as he watched her walk out the door and heard the greetings being called from the boys.

Eric headed down into the bowels of the mountain, his prisoner…Eric laughed. He had his hand wrapped around the bastard’s heart. This cocksucker was going nowhere. Eric was in search of one room in particular. The one where his Godric had sacrificed himself to save his family.

All the guys were waiting for her outside.

“We heard the ah-h-h-h,” Ian laughed, “thunder and lightning inside the building…”

“That would be yes,” Sookie nodded. “Now, we appreciate you standing guard to keep the locals away. But we need to go. I think Eric is hauling his ass downstairs for a bit and then onto the mountain so they can play storm chasers. It is just gonna get ugly. I would suggest we seek shelter, someplace, like about sixty miles from here, back at Samuel’s.”

Lightning was striking inside the building as Eric’s rage blasted everything in its path. “The building is gonna go, haul ass,” Sookie said and then they were gone.

Eric had Act suspended in the air, his hand in Act’s chest, his hand squeezing where something that one resembled a heart still resided.

“If I added a little more flame,” Eric grinned at him, “would it hurt just a bit more? Oh,” Eric smiled, “I hear by your whimpering that it does. Most good. Now, the longer I have to look for this room the more painful it is going to be for you. Oh sorry, did not mean to slam you head into the low ceiling and leave the top part of your skull, there. Now, if you would just tell me where my Godric spent his final moments…hm-m-m-m?”

The passage way filled with lightning, snaking its way into every crevice. “Oh,” Eric squeezed harder and smiled when Act’s body took another bolt. “Would you look at the copper flash in these walls. Now, for maximum benefit of all this, magical, electrical discharge,” Eric threw Act to the ground, “I think chains would be appropriate. And not just any chains,” he smiled. “but those made of blue sparking lightning. I think like will be attracted to like and I shall just use you as a lightning rod to keep it away from me. Ah…up ahead, I can smell my Godric.”

When they arrived at Act’s throne room, Eric walked in and throwing a lightning bolt into the wall, impaled Act upon it.

Tears formed in Eric’s eyes as he recognized where Godric had stood his last minutes and said his good-byes.

“Act’yed was beautiful, like her son,” Eric’s voice was gentle. “He truly took after his mother in all ways. Sadly,” Eric’s laughter filled the chamber, “I take after you.”

Grabbing Act by the ankles, Eric charged him with blue lightning and pulling him off the bolt, swung him against the throne, walls, the massive chests of jewels and precious metals. As Eric pounded him, with fists, blue fire and at times, only rage, sometimes literally into the rock floor, the heat from the lightning and the treasure in the room melted into Act. Parts of him became glass and streaked with soft metals.

“Perfect,” Eric turned Act’s face to his. “I hope those in hell try to pry it from your body.

Just remember you did this you stupid cocksucker! You should have loved your family and you did not so here I stand a testimony to your sheer stupidity.

I am blood born. My wife is blood born. Our daughter shall be blood born. And you will be an example to any and all that think to cross our path. When you meet your true death, tell those in the underworld that Eric Northman is waiting for them. Now, it is time to move outside. My family is expecting a night of wonder in the sky.”

There was nothing left of the room where Godric had ended his life. Eric refused to look back into the chamber where his fury had been unleashed. There was no need. It was all smoking ash, the very rock melted when he had screamed his fury.

They continued their walk through the tunnels, Eric commenting on life in general. “I understood you met my child, Pamela, at your casino.   It is all right if you did not like her. Most do not. But, she is your great- granddaughter and takes after you in many ways as well. Her sense of revenge is just sublime. I think she emptied out your casino tonight before she left.

Most good, fresh air. These doors were a good idea. It allowed me and my friends an easy in so we could do our recon before tonight.

Perfect,” Eric lifted his face up to the elements as he climbed to the top of the mountain. “Thunder, lightning, rain. Mother Nature at work. And now, we are going to see the body at work.
You know the nice thing about hands,” Eric smiled, “is that you can pick things up with them and then slam them down into the ground,” he said as Act went up into the air over Eric’s head and then with a rolling crash of thunder, shook the ground with Act’s body’s impact. “And the nice thing about beating on you out here in the rocks, is that we do not destroy any trees,” the lighting crashed around them as the storm raged over head, “and everyone thinks that is just another horrible storm up on the mountain.

My Godric,” Eric pulled Act in close enough so that they were nose to nose, “was a kind, gentle soul. That being said, when he turned me, he turned a warrior who believes that if someone hurts you, you destroy their entire family line,” Eric’s voice hissed through the storm as he held Act above his head and willed the lightning to come to him.   “I have brought you an offering,” he yelled to the warring night as one lightning strike after another hit Act’s body. The blue lightning, not wanting to be left out, followed after each strike of nature’s fury. As Eric howled in triumph, the skies opened up and matched him in intensity.

Everyone was out by the pool watching the show that was lighting up the sky from sixty miles away.

“Would you just look at that one,” Siggy shuddered. “Cloud to ground strike that I felt all the way to here.”

“Do you hear that screaming?” Vlad asked. “I think Act took that one up his ass.”

“Oh ouch,” Ian said, rubbing his bottom.

“Eric is gonna be inbound here shortly,” Sookie said to the ladies. “Do you want to watch him destroy Act?   That way you know for sure he can never harm you again.”

“I would like that,” Mina said, taking her sisters’ hands.

“Yes,” Milly and Marla nodded, watching the night sky.

“It would be comforting to know he can never touch us, again,” Marla sighed and wiping the tears from her eyes, settled into her soul and knew she was safe.

“Eric is inbound,” Sookie smiled as she walked out into the yard to greet him.

“Hello Lover,” he grinned, as he threw the smoking bundle of rags wrapped in blue lightning chains at her feet. “Do the ladies wish to take a last look?” he asked.

Sookie smiled at him and ran her hand down his cheek. “You are so thoughtful. Thank you for this, for allowing them closure.”

Sookie walked back to the porch where they were standing, huddled together, she noticed. “You don’t have to do this,” she said gently.

“Yes,” Mina took a deep breath, “yes we do.”

“Well come on then,” she motioned to the group, “we will all walk with you.”

The bundle on the ground was moaning and the chain was spitting blue sparks into his body. “Not much left of his face,” Eric said turning him over with his foot.

“It is Act,” Mina said to her sisters.

“Yes,” they whispered in agreement as they walked around him.

“Mina,” the voice croaked. “Is that you? You and your sweet sisters Milly and Marla?   Please child, please….something to drink…”

All three drew back.

“Act,” all three girls said together and stepped away.

There was a loud screeching of tires from the front of the house.

Everyone turned and looked at the noise that was lumbering along the road and obviously pulling into Samuel’s drive.

“I did not realize we were so close to dawn,” Samuel’s voice was curious. “Normally the trash comes at four-thirty.”

They all heard the brakes engage and then the hydraulics of the trash being compacted.

The gate opened and there stood the garbage collector in their bright orange coveralls.

“Hear to collect the trash,” a friendly voice shouted out and waved. “We are running a special pick-up service today and I gotta get him on board. We are running a bit late. I am breaking in a new driver and he is still finding his way, around. We don’t haul ass, he is going to be buying another round tonight. He already owes one.”

When she walked into the light, that was when they knew she was female. She was tall, as tall as Eric and when she walked over and threw Act over her shoulder, they all knew she was as strong as Eric, as well. And those blue fire chains wrapped around Act all seemed to know her as they called out in greeting and waved.  Maybe she was just a bit more than Eric!

“Nice light show, tonight,” she smiled at Eric as she passed by. “Reminds me of my younger days,” she laughed as she slapped Act on the ass, causing the blue sparks from the chain to leap up and out and then fall back upon him. With a terrifying scream, they all understood the word, “Gabr’iel!’ Followed by pleading, “No, no, no…!”

When she got to the gate she turned and looked at the group. “To know in your heart he is really gone, you need to watch him be tossed in the back of my trash truck.”

“Oh, yes right,” Sookie grinned as she motioned to the group and they all took off toward the front of the house.

There, sitting in Samuel’s driveway, was an old, beat-up, smelled to high heaven, garbage truck, with a sign on the back that said DO NOT FOLLOW CLOSE WORK TRUCK.

The back-end opened up and out; they all heard the door of the cab open. “G,” a voice called out, “I see you have him.”

“Godric!” Eric shouted as he raced toward his maker who had just come around to the back.

“Hello my child,” Godric smiled at him as he took the bundle from Gabr’iel. “It is good to see you. I would love to hold you in my arms, but it will give me a great deal of satisfaction to toss Act in.   Well, and I am the newbie and we are running late and I am already buying one round of drinks, tonight. I am sorry my child,” he tossed Act into the back, gave Eric a quick hug, “that I cannot stay but we must haul ass. I love you!” he shouted with joy as he raced around to the cab, hopped in, slammed closed the lid and they backed out and thunder off down the highway.

“Just what the fuck?” Sookie chuckled.

“Who?” Vlad stuttered, “who was that?”

“Godric,” Eric’s heart was full of joy.

“And Gabr’iel,” Samuel’s voice held joy as well. “The first of God’s created beings. His Sword of Justice and Mercy,” Samuel wiped the tears from his eyes. “I saw her the day we crossed through the parted sea. She was there, in her armor, as she helped my mother and my baby sister and myself down onto the sea floor. My mother was in labor…she carried my mother as I walked with my sister. I was five and Miriam was three. The people in front of us were calling us to hurry. But a five-year old with his toddling sister is not very fast. You could hear the fear and panic in their voices. We were the last ones up onto the far bank, people screaming in fear as they watched Pharaoh’s army approach through our escape route. She kissed each of us. And I remember thinking that I could never want for more. And then the sea fell upon them, and they were no more.

Act is gone,” Samuel smiled. “He has joined the other evil that has gone on before him and that will follow afterwards.”

That night in bed, Sookie crawled onto the top of Eric. “I think I am ready to go home. How about you?”

“Home it is Lover,” Eric smiled at her. “I will tell Samuel with the rising of the new dark.”

Lafayette met them at the airport. “Lordy’s good to see yous,” he was fanning himself. “I was sure nuff worried ‘bout yous when I saw the fierceness of Mother Nature unlash herself on those mountains on the Weather Channel. Lordies,” he continued fanning himself as he handed Eric the car keys.   “Was you close?” he asked.

“Yes,” Sookie nodded. “But that last night, I won big in the casino,” she grinned handing the envelope to Lafayette. “Split that with Tara. I appreciate you two watching the house and taking care of Flea-Butt for me.

I see Tara May circling the parking lot. You two goin’ somewhere?” she asked as Lafayette opened the door for her.

“Yes, Miss Tara thinks she has found a job workin’ the day shift at that new warehouse club that is openin’. They have done called her ass back for an interview and I ams her immoral encouragements.”

“Well just fine then, but you split that with her and tell her I said thanks!” Sookie said as Lafayette closed the door.

“Will do, now her she comes!”

“Tara!” Sookie yelled out her window! “Love you! Good luck with the job interview!”

“Thanks,” she waved back. “I am gonna need it. I heard they called back one hundred for this job. I could use a drink but La La says no!

Oh,” Tara leaned out her window. “The old Compton place burned. I hear that it has been condemned and has to be torn down.” And with that they beep-beeped and roared off.

“Do you think Pam,” Sookie asked, “struck the match?”

Eric looked thoughtful while he backed the Jeep up. “No, she was with us the entire time. All though, she does have her contacts for such things. But no,” he shook his head. “not this. She would be the one to burn out Compton,” he said with confidence as he pulled out and went to pay the parking fee.

Lafayette was waiting for Tara with the windows rolled down. “What chewz think?” he asked. “I am sittin’ here watchin’ folks rollin’ out of there by the dozens.”

“I had five fuckin’ minutes, La La. Did I have retail experience? I told them I worked in a bar.

Did I have customer relations experience. I told them I worked in a bar and listened to drunk’s crying. I saw no reason to lie about it.”

“Well just alright then,” he smiled at her. “It is gonna be just fine. Your momma needs to goes to a dry’m out tank. We will finds somethin’. And no we ain’t touching that ten thousand. No! Yous La La says no! ‘Sides, that is not nearly enough money. Now Miss Sooks just handed me her winnins’ from her out and abouts. You can has my half if it helps.”

Tara started laughing. “I love you La La. I figure the five you give me will go with my five and we’ll spend Sookie’s ten dollars and either eat cheap or buy beer. Bless her heart. That girl child could not meet Jesus on Sunday mornin’ if she was to trip over him in the pew. Let alone win money in those pool halls and other places that hustles your money.”

“Well, you callz it? We bes eatin’ or drinkin’?” he asked.

“The envelop please,” she smiled and battered her eyelashes. When she opened it, she started to cry.

“Tara May, sugar,” Lafayette said reaching for her.

“She gave us, three-point four million dollars,” Tara handed him the check.

“Lordies,” Lafayette felt the tears start. “Guess I can move Miss Thang into a nicer home. Guess it is times to talk with Mr. Samuel. We is not doin’ nothin’ with this until then. Lettie Mae can just drowns in her good times until Mr. Samuel tells us whats to dos with this!”

The next morning, Sookie was snuggled next to Eric as she ran her fingers up and down his chest.

“What is that noise?” she said sitting up.

“Sounds like a trash truck,” Eric replied.

“Is that comin’ from Bill’s?” she asked.

Their eyes met. “Let’s go,” they pulled on clothes and were vamp speed across the graveyard.

“Please no,” Bill was crying, as he wrapped himself around a newel post on the stairs. “No, this is my home.”

“Your ancestral manse has been declared a health hazard and the county is tearing it down and you are not staying, or your maker, either for that matter. In a matter of days, you will have no place to haunt,” they heard the female before they saw her standing inside the door.

“Mornin’” Sookie called out.

“Good morning Northman family,” was returned by a small petit female. “Another beautiful day in Bon Temps,” the female said cheerily and waved. Then she was back on task. “Bill let’s go. We have loaded your maker. It is just undignified what you are doing. Please do not make me come in there and drop kick you ass back into Hell.”

“Bill, man up. She is correct, that is just undignified,” Eric said shaking his head as he peered into the house.

“No-o-o-o-o,” he whimpered and then screeched, “No, I will not.”

“Mike, I’ve got it,” she called out when she heard the cab door open. “Here we go,” she said walking inside and ripping out the newel post with Compton still wrapped around it. Tossing him in the back there was a loud thunk and then a lot of screeching and screaming of the terror sort and then loud smacking sounds and giggling.

“Good day to you,” she smiled and waved. “God’s blessings upon you. We gotta haul ass. We are running late.”

“So,” Sookie put her arm around Eric and he laid his arm across her shoulder. “All those really early mornin’ trash trucks that I would see from time to time when I was comin’ in late…that is apparently the angelic just doing their early morning run. Well all right then,” she smiled. “Good to know.”

Three Years Later Thoughts on being Blood Born

“One would think that with my attitude and charm and good looks and all around exquisite good taste, I would be blood born. After all, my maker is and his maker was and his maker was the original. But no, I am not.   Some things just run true to the blood, others not. I can’t rhyme worth a fuck either. Eric can go for days playin’ Parlay and kickin’ everyone’s ass. Fuck a duck…there you have it. My rhymin’ skills.

Eric continues to day walk, still preferring to stick to the shaded parts of the yard. No one believes in pushing their luck when he is out there skulking around in the bushes. Besides, they might be havin’ sex. Not that I have the yard wired or anythin’ like that.

On a happy note for my maker and his Mrs. Apparently he has had pineapple as a Viking and it has found its way into a lot of unexpected places.

Sadly, the pineapple rings are to small to decorate King Eric but look good showcasing his areolae. I was not listening at the door. You could hear those two laughing and hollerin’ all over the house as they opened can after can.

On a more positive note: Vampires, weres, witches and other things that go bump in the night come and go. Especially once word got out in the supe community that Mrs. Northman was expecting and it was to be believed that it was The Viking’s spawn! Gawd, how I fanned those flames! Jealousy, hatred, and rumors of all sorts of imagined payoffs to the underworld sort to make this happen bounced around the internet and was on the front of every tabloid dealing with vampires and UFO’s in the country. And the money I won when baby Signy was born, lookin’ just like her daddy and sportin’ those little tiny fangs. I think I peed myself from all the money I made that day from the bettin’ site.

I am very proud to say that the Mrs. has not one problem being a blue flame throwing terror by day and a watcher of Eric being a blue flame throwing terror by night. The supe community, what is left of it, sorta settled into an irregular pattern of leaving them be and about every Summer Solstice someone has to make a run at the house and I put another hash mark by Sookie’s name.

When Signy was born that was when The Da’vid moved in. I did not see that comin’ or I would have had astronomical odds on that one!

And Vlad and Mina, Ian and Milly and Cedric and Marla come to visit about once a quarter. After Sookie and Eric have hot nasty sex…once more… I am not listenin’ at the door, they have a hit of Eric, have hot nasty sex, and hope something happens. I think this last go round took for all three couples. I see more easy money in my future.

And Eric’s ego got so huge that another wing had to be added onto the house. Into three additional floors, to include an exclusive very posh cubby basement, went ten thousand additional square feet that looked original to the house.  Can we just buy the fucking mansion in Beverly Hills and call it done?

*I have decided that I am just the best big sister in the world. Why I have proof.   Baby Signy gave me a necklace on Valentine’s Day saying # 1 Big Sister. All in pink diamonds. I wear it always, although I will never admit that. Do I love my baby sister, Signy? Well yes…and most days I do not even hesitate to say that.

Cue my great big frownie face. Signy, for as cute as she is and she is just damn fucking cute, especially in the little outfits I buy for her, comes with Eric’s attitude. That baby girl will smile and blow kisses at you while she cooks your ass with her blue lightning bolts! I saw Momma and baby daughter take out two weres one evenin’. The girls were sittin’ out on a blanket in the yard, watchin’ the fireflies, Baby Signy not very old and sitting on her momma’s tummy. Eric had gone in to get a dry diaper and these two dumber than were shit weres make a run for them. I was standing there on the porch about to vamp speed out when “Zap and zap.” Baby Signy now has a hash mark under her name. I am just so fuckin’ proud! Wait one…I cry every time I think about that. I must dab my eyes so my mascara does not run…

There is a blue jay that bears testimony to that, as well. Being the best big sister in the world, I brought her a kitten. Did I ask her parents first…fuck no. That is why I rock the big sister world. I earned major brownie points for that with Miss Sig. Just sayin’. I am the best! It was a small wee thing of a kitten with blue eyes that reminded me of Signy. Two year old Signy named her Kitty. It was just the new dark, just the tiniest bit this side of sundown, and we were out watching the fireflies and Signy was pulling a piece of yarn out in the yard for the kitten to play with and a blue jay came dive bombing in out of nowhere, headed straight for Kitty.

Blue jay should have stayed in his nest!

Signy zapped that bird’s ass with a small blue bolt and with a screech it took off back for home.

“Mine!” that little bitty girl who looks just like her daddy said with surety as she watched the jay go squawking out into the night. My Miss Signy and Kitty went on with playing string.

We adults all sat in stunned silence for a few seconds and then Eric chuckled, “Mine,” as he waved at the little tiny being who blew him a kiss and was giggling  as Kitty pounced and reared back getting to make a mighty leap onto the yarn.

And so while I am not blood born, I am privileged to sit and pass the time and maybe do a little killin’ with those that are. Okay, who am I kiddin’…we do a lot of killin…

Bon Temps…a snowy day…

Signy loved her daddy.  She especially loved him on the days he made it snow.  They would go out and sled and build snow men and he would make her hot chocolate.  They were outside now and Daddy was pulling her and Momma and her baby brother around on the sled.  She had Kitty all tucked up in her coat and Kitty was  looking’ around and catching snowflakes on her whiskers.

Daddy had pulled them around the house and out into their orchard and down the path to Sister Pam’s house.  It was dark and Sister Pam was waiting for them.  Tonight she had made hot chocolate and had cookies, too!

“I know,” Pam kissed the children and took Erikr.  “I will see you in a bit.  I know better than to bet against you Eric,” she sighed.

“We are just going for a walk, out to the cemetery and say our respects to Gran.  She loved Christmas.  Always made it special for us,” Sookie offered up.

“Well yes, but you could take the kids.  So Eric must be going to make it really special for you,” Pam rolled her eyes.

“Come Lover,” was all Eric said as they kissed the children and walked out hand in hand.

“Sookie,” Eric pulled her up close and put his arm around her.  “When I am with you, I am the man I want to be.  The first night I saw you, you were singing along to that song.  Then I asked you about it.”

“I remember,” she smiled.

“Until I met you,” he laid his head on the top of her head.  “I never knew the man I wanted to be.  In all my long life…I heard the whispers on the wind and the calling of the moon and the voices of my ancestors.  But not once, did I hear myself saying that I knew the man that I wanted to be.  Thank you for that,” he kissed her, long, deep, and passionate. “Thank you,” he whispered as he broke off the kiss and pushed the hair from her face.

“I love you Eric,” pulling him down she kissed him.  Long and deep and passionate.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear as he danced with her in the air on the snowflakes that fell gently to the earth.  Their soft sighs being carried on the wind as their bodies entwined.

Pam was rolling her eyes as she adjusted the sound level in her earwig. “Could they not even wait until they got out of my yard?” she rolled her eyes again and putting on her happy face, went to play patty cake.


Taken from *Give Me Strength

Dear Readers,

Yes, I know…I borrowed that…(No shame, remember!) but I just love that bit and thought I could change it up again for here. I get that visual of Signy playing with Kitty and it warms my heart. Especially the MINE! part….lol…

Hey, not my longest one shot…lol…

As always, thanks for reading!