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Yo Clive!  Dude!  You got us pumpkin donuts…!!!!!  Man, I had heard crows will steal anything…but you rocked this one!  You dive bombed that little old lady, didn’t you, until she dropped the bag.  Well, I am sure she did not need them.  Her ass is fat enough!

Dude…sorry about burying you in the back yard.  You look damn good for digging out…you know, from under all those leaves so no one could find your unmarked  grave…and then getting past the other dead things I had buried back there…hey! well that is good news, so they did not turn into zombies after all!

And check out Khatt…she says she only eats meat…but damn, looks to me like she has slobbered all over that donut and marked it as hers…not even Moe will touch it!

Glad to have you back, man!