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Where did Sparky leave that boa?  I need some feathers so I can fly out of here!

The sun comes up and you go looking for breakfast and it looks like all I am having is WTF…!  And I’ll say it again, WTF?  What is up with the eyes cut into what  looks like toilet paper and paper towel rolls?  I thought you were supposed to recycle that stuff.  Even the rats are scared and they eat their own!  She’s even  got me hiding and peeking around corners and I’ll go one-on-one with Sparky!

Well, we all knew it would someday happen…we all knew she had the bat shit crazies…it has finally manifested itself in a way there is proof and we can have her committed.  About freakin’ time….just say’n….

She does, however, keep a well stocked food and alcohol pantry.  I am going to miss that old girl…