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 Chapter 18

The house had finally gone to bed and Eric has some time to himself to think. Sitting up on the highest peak of the house, he had a commanding view of the snow covered grounds and the mountains around him. At times he tickled the clouds with a song and he was rewarded with their kiss as snow flakes spun lazily around him. This reminded him so much of home that he ached inside for what was and would never be.

The air currents shifted and sniffing the wind, he could smell the dogs…and that made him smile. When he had tucked Josiah and Sookie into bed, he could smell distinctly each dog his boy had come into contact with today.

“I think he loved on every one,” Eric chuckled. “And why not,” the thoughts in his head pushed around like the snowflakes that were falling around him. “A boy should have a dog. Teaches him responsibility and how to care for those who cannot always care for themselves. A companion. Someone who will love him unconditionally and always be pleased to see him.” Eric thought back to those last words he had with his father. If only…

“I will always be pleased to see him,” he reflected quietly as he stuck out his tongue and felt the winter’s cold as well as the bits of heaven, Sookie called the flakes, collecting there as well. “I will always be…” he paused, and felt his heart lurch, “I will always be happy to see him. And his mother…my Sookie.” Saying her name caused something inside of him to rise up, demanding of him to be more…! “Sookie,” he said her name again and a smile formed on his lips. “You are so much a part of me. We will be married, with Josiah in attendance and he will know without doubt that we complete each other, just as he completes us. Married,” and that thought took him someplace else.

His entire life he had lived by a moral code. He was a Viking and he did not walk away from those values, no matter how odd others thought he was at times.

But then he had broken a cardinal rule about bedding married women…and he had only done it once…Martha Stackhouse…she had been married and yet that did not stop him…did not even slow him down in his pursuit of her. In those evening hours he spent talking with her, he had found the luminous, iridescent colors of sunrise and the slow showing and churning of the purples at sunset.

At one time he had considered sending her and her children north to Samuel. Glamoring the hell out of the remaining adults in the house and telling them they had all died of the fever.

If he could have guaranteed their safe passage, he would have. But even early into the war he had seen too much and this war, brother against brother, had brought out the worst in everyone…even the Supernaturals, some of which were so jaded he would never had guessed that they gave a fuck.

His nights had been spent thinking of her and when he could see her again. He had loved her with more passion and commitment than he had ever thought possible! And he had never been so scared in all of his life!

For he knew in his heart…she was the one…his grandmother had told him he was  born an old soul. And when she cast the runes about his future, she said he would live an age and an age and then he would find his lover and she would be an old soul as well. That this woman would be his wife and she would call him husband and together they would walk the earth and he would know what it was like to want for nothing more.

Right at this moment, beside mass killing a lot of evil cocksuckers gathered in New Orleans…he could want for nothing more.

Marriage…he was marrying Sookie and with what Josiah was teaching him, he would be able to keep her safe. “Fuck,” he chuckled, “she will be able to keep herself safe.” Laughing, he thought the wind laughed right along with him. “Hm-m-m,” his mind thought about the song of the wind and it began to play. Immediately the air became more. With a smile, he added the song of the snow and whiteout conditions besieged the peak and the temperature began to drop.

Chuckling, all became calm in his mind and it was back to just a winter’s night. An honest cold that could clear your mind and refresh your spirit. “A foolish man builds his house on the sand,” he laughed out loud. “Sophie-Anne, I shall release you from your fiancée and while I decide how to end his days, your house of cards is going to come tumbling down on you.”


Sophie-Anne stood on the top of her castle, watching the night sky and listening to the revelry coming from below. Everyone had taken to fawning all over William and was leaving her alone. Which worked just fine. If she had to endure his tongue in her mouth one more time she was going to bite it off. Along with one other annoying piece of his anatomy that was smaller than his tongue.

Clutching her royal sash closer to her body, she took comfort in feeling it lying next to her, declaring her position as queen. Plus, cleverly sewn into the inside of it was her pin money. When absolutely everything else failed, she was hauling her ass out of town. To where, she knew not. But this small amount was always on her or about her and when it all went to Were shit, she was out of here, killing any and all as she fled.

There were secreted about the castle a few caches of cash, only known to her. But when it came time to run, she was not counting on being able to stop for that.

She had no one but herself to blame for this. What had made her think she could discuss plans with Compton? And then, that fucker…he turned on her and his demands started!

To keep him from blabbing, she had given William access to her accounts and he had restricted the amounts she could take from each one…impossible asshole! With her money, he had spent around ten million to turn his rooms into a small version of the Versailles Palace…what a cocksucker! And practiced his strut when he walked her down the aisle in front of all the mirrors and had it recorded and then made her watch so she would know what he expected her to do at any given moment. Smile sweetly, here, smile demurely, there. As much as she wanted to scream, it would do her no good.

“You tell one lie, you will have to tell another,” her mother had always warned her. “Just tell the truth and take your punishment.”

“Fuck yes, Momma,” she sighed. “Perhaps they would have mocked and scorned me, but at least they would not doubt my good taste or sanity! William T. Fucking Compton. What a loser…and that makes me a loser…you should hear the snickering, Momma.  They don’t even bother to hide it and I think for the first time in my life I am fucking embarrassed.”

If only she had just fucking drained Hadley instead of listening to her. Fairy! Fucking fairies and the lack there of! What had made her believe in that bullshit? Oh that’s right…Hadley…with her sweet mouth, pert tits and always hopped up on drugs blood. Fuck!

“What troubles you Sophie-Anne?”

“Attila,” she smiled into the darkness. He would be the first one to bring her the true death if he knew. But he was also the only thing she had that resembled a friend and she needed to talk.

“We are all placing huge bets on just what that cocksucker Compton is blackmailing you with,” he moved to her and put his hands on her shoulders as they both looked out onto the ocean.

“I care for…”

“Do not,” he sighed. “Do not lie to me. Especially about that buffoon. He is an ignorant country bumpkin with the manners and the morals of an animal in heat. He is downstairs now hosting an orgy, surrounded by those who think to be queen once he has disposed of you. It is not even a good orgy. That ignorant ass can not even do that properly.”

“Gawd Attila, I have missed you,” she smiled as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.

“You know,” he kissed her lifted her hair and kissed her neck. “The easiest way to be done with him is to call The Viking. Gladly he would make an example of him. Eric does not tolerate fools.”

“Believe me, I have thought of that, often; but sadly, I have burned that bridge.”

“How so?” he asked, nibbling on her ear.

“The Stackhouses live in Area Five. I sent Compton there to find one for me. Without informing The Sherriff. You know how he is. Area Five is his. He rules supreme. Possessive and vindictive and malicious if you cross him. And I am afraid that he would think that I have crossed him. He is very unforgiving when it comes to his area and who comes and who goes without him being informed. He may bend his knee to me, but he is laughing out his ass while he does so.”

“That, and you took the fairy right from under his nose,” Attila added, playing with her curls.

“Compton took the fairy right from under his nose,” she corrected him. “It was not I.”

“But he was acting on your orders. Which brings me back too, what does he who will never be king have over you?”

Shrugging, she said nothing as they both listened to the waves hitting the shore.

“Are we friends?” she asked.

“You mean more than fuck buddies?” he responded.

“I mean…” she paused. “Can I trust you?”

“Sophie, I have gone to war with The Viking. Held his back with my sword while he held mine and we both lived to see a new dark. His word is his bond. This holds true from me to him as well. I have not gone to war with you. I do not know if you can be trusted. I do not know what type of moral code you live by, if you live by any at all. As vampire, you take what you want. This includes humans. I do not live with slaves. They stand with me because this is their longing and they lay with me because of the same. Man, woman, it does not matter to me, but they are there because that is the need in their soul.”

“What if,” she whispered, “what if Compton lied to me about the Stackhouses. What if I do not know if they are fae or not?”

She felt his hands tighten on her shoulders, his fingers sliding up to her neck. There was enough strength there that her head could be removed before she blinked and all of this was be a moot point.

“This would sound like betrayal to me,” he whispered in her ear and then bit it lightly. “Is that what you are saying, that you have lied to me and betrayed me? Making me look like a fool?”

“Of course not,” she laughed lightly. “But you must admit, it would make for good blackmail.”

“Good,” he dropped his hands and ran them down her arms to her waist. “I am glad this is not what causes you to play his whorish game.” Placing them around her, he pulled her up next to him so that she could feel his penis pushing into her backside.

“Just lift your skirts,” he laughed, “and let me wipe away any thought of that uneducated cur that spills himself inside of you.”

They could hear the circus that was Compton down below, getting ready to make his way up the stairs. Ripping her dress from behind, he pulled open his robes and plunged into her, causing her to moan.

Staring off into the night, she did not want this to end…to ever end. His timing was with that of the surf. Forever she would love the sound of the waves hitting the shore! Forever, that would be the sound of her and Attila!

Bill stood at the door and watched. Both of their fangs were down and Annie was making some ridiculous moaning sounds, panting and bucking.

With a roar from The Hun, he finished, leaving Annie screaming as she shuddered to a standstill.

“Hadley is downstairs waiting for you,” Bill smiled at him. “Enjoy her company while you can. You cannot even come close to the opening bid I am going to set on her.”

Shrugging, Attila started toward the door. “The Da’vid handles my money. We shall see.”

“The Da’vid,” William started laughing and slapping his leg. “Just like the Boogeyman, The Da’vid does not exist. Please, you old vamps have been whispering about Samuel Da’vid for centuries. No one I know has even seen him, let alone met him.”

“Stupid cocksucker,” Attila laughed as he walked past Bill and paused at the door. “Perhaps I shall be the one to introduce you to The Boogeyman. He is an old friend of mine.” The Hun laughed all the way down the stairs and it was still echoing on the roof as Sophie-Anne stood and felt Attila’s essence run down her inner legs.

It was clear to her. She had no one but herself to help her. Attila might be merciful if he knew…a clean kill…but Eric…she shuddered.

“Come here,” Bill beckoned to her. “And bend over my knee. After I have blistered your ass,” he said delightfully as he carefully pulled on the glove that’s palm was woven with silver, “you can then suck me off.”

Rolling her eyes, she came to her senses. He was such a cliché. After all, she was a queen and she could endure and persevere. What ever he thought he could do to her, it was nothing what she was going to do to him!

Without a whimper, she took her punishment. When she knelt down in front of him, she unfastened his pants and taking out his cock, she smiled up at Bill and then bit it off.   While he was screaming,  she spit it back upon him and with her bare hand she picked up the glove he had worn and shoved it down his throat.

“See to him,” she said to those lackeys that stood by in horror as she exited the room, with her head held high. As she passed by a human that reeked of Bill, vamp speed the woman was against a wall and she had drained the slut who thought to touch what was hers.

Wiping the blood from her mouth she smiled at the crowd who had all stepped back. “Keep this in mind, he might be a worm not fit to live off the stench of grave rot, but he is my worm. And if I smell anyone…” she hissed, “on him without my permission, your fate is much worse than a clean kill. Now two of you, offer yourselves to him. He will drain one, perhaps both. Decide among yourselves. I would suggest you toss him the two weakest.”

Vamp speed she was across the water and to her primary residence. Entering her communications room, she sat down next to her human who ran her spies. Tower was a good man and was the best spy/electronic whiz/weapons master in the business. He was an expert at the ins and outs of making impossible shit happen. Plus, he was devoted to her. She glamoured him from time to time just to make sure that he was. “Give me some good news.”

“My Queen,” he looked up surprised and started to stand.

“Tell me,” she motioned for him to remain seated. “What are you watching?”

“The feed from Merlotte’s. Do you know about death happening in three’s?” he asked.

“Yes,” she shuddered, despite herself. “Why, has it happened there?” she drew back from the screen he was watching.

“Yes, it has claimed its third victim. A relative of Lafayette Reynolds. He is leaving for Colorado. An uncle has died and left him some land. We thought maybe it was a ruse but it all checks out. We will have eyes on the place about the same time he arrives, which will be early this afternoon.”

“Paper is all in place?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Who was at Merlotte’s when Reynolds got the news?”

“Weimer,” he replied.

“Well fuck,” she sighed. “He is a good tracker,” she said looking at her nails and checking for possible blood left under them. “But it cannot be helped. Death has seen him and now knows him. Do not let him back into the residence. In fact, I do not want him back in New Orleans. If he gives you any grief about that, kill him. I do not want him bringing death back with him.

Fuck…” she sat back into her chair, decided not to linger on that thought and moved on. “Check and make sure Reynolds arrives. Once he is there, watch him for a couple of days and if it all looks normal…fuck,” she said in disgust. “No more than forty-eight hours. Less if it all looks good. Then divert the team back to Louisiana and continue looking here. We are spread too fucking thin and running out of contacts we can trust. If any of the other royals think I am in panic mode…” her eyes rested on Tower.

“Of course my Queen,” he bowed his head as she got up and left.

As she walked back toward the ocean, she thought she might swim with the sharks for a bit. Those were predators that understood her. Keep moving and eat whatever gets in your way. “Fuck…Momma,” she sighed. “I just fucking hate it when you are right…”


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