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 Chapter 22

Eric sat behind his desk, looking at his not so distant past. Fangtasia…gag…! No way in hell was this going to be his future. If Pam was up for it, it could be her full time baby. He was not spending any more of his evenings being admired and lusted for….not when he could be admired and lusted for at home. Sookie, he grinned. She was everything he wanted and desired in a mate. With Josiah there, it reminded him of when he was young…sneaking around to get a feel, a kiss, and if the lady was willing, sex. Yes, no doubt about it, sneaking sex was the best!

Josiah…he felt the tears form…their little man…at times the whirlwind of his emotional core shattered him and only those small hands could piece him back together, love away what was not right in his world.

Fangtasia, he picked up the bottle of tequila and peered into its depths, willing it to give up its secrets. Shaking it at vamp speed, a small waterspout appeared inside and reminded him that if you did not control the situation, the situation would control you. That was his grandmother’s mantra. “Never be reactive when you could be proactive,” she preached. He hefted the bottle and set it back down on the desk.

There would be the passing of the guard, so to speak. Pam, if she desired this place could check in full time because he was most assuredly checking out. When the castle hit the ocean’s bottom floor, “You can color me done,” Eric grinned.

When Pam came in, he began to explain his exit out plan.

“But you are still going to be Sheriff?” Pam stressed.

“Yes,” he nodded. “That will continue on until it starts to eat up too much of my time.”

“So,” she was thoughtful, “you are going to need a place to do vampire business and this is still the best place to do that.”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Then I’ll stay,” she shrugged. “It will still provide us with our tax information and as much as I hate dealing with the breathers who wish to be my meal, well, there is much to be said for an easy meal.”

Eric grinned. “So be it. We will continue on in Colorado until the auction.”

“I have been procuring needful things,” she chuckled. “I cannot wait to slam Compton into that cage and throw away the fucking key.

How,” she hesitated only a minute, her maker always had a plan. “How are you going to entice The Hun to stay and be king of Louisiana?”

“And Mississippi,” Eric wiggled his eyebrows.

Pam grinned. “So, how are you going to entice The Hun to stay and be king of Louisiana and Mississippi?”

“I am going to make him an offer he cannot refuse,” Eric chuckled, “and throw in some cash and the woman that he loves.”


When Eric landed at The Lodge, it was midnight. Entering the house, everything was quiet. Sticking his head into Samuel’s study, he smiled at his brother and walked on. When he reached their suite, the light was on. Sookie was leaning against the headboard, propped up by pillows. Josiah was on top of her, with a dog to the left and one to the right of her with several books scattered about.

Both dogs raised their eyebrows at him and then closed their eyes.

“Really?” Eric hissed.

A short, quiet, “O”, was all he got in reply. But it was enough to remind him that his family was sleeping and apparently so were the dogs.

“It is a damn good life,” he eyed the two who grinned at him as they woof-eled sweetly and both placed their heads on Josiah’s back.

“Damn good life,” as he got onto the bed and kissed his wife and sleeping son.

Standing back up he said, “Outside…”

Both heads came up, looked out the window at the blowing snow, looked at Eric with a what the fuck, Viking? That snow is up to our balls! look and snuggled in back on Josiah and closed their eyes.

“Damn good life,” he said again as he scratched both on the top of the head, kissed his family again and went to check on Samuel.


Eric entered the study and sat down across from his brother.

Samuel looked up from his string of numbers. “If Sookie and Josiah and even the dogs, being here were not enough, after the cookie making and frosting event,” Samuel grinned, “Cook says they are never allowed to leave. So just adjust,” Samuel grinned, “or prepare to feel the wrath Cook.”

“Thanks for taking care of the family while I was gone,” Eric smiled at him.

“The pleasure was all mine,” Samuel smiled in return. “So, how goes the preparations for war? I am sure Miss Pamela is more than ready.”

“Apparently, she has acquired a cage and is very much looking forward to tossing Compton into it and throwing away the fucking key, if I might quote her.”

Eric sat back into the leather wing chair. “Un-fucking believable. Compton knocked on my office door and told Pam she was excused from the conversation.”

Samuel grinned and then laughed out loud. “And yet he still lives. Just how did that go?”

“Not well for Billy-boy,” Eric laughed. “He was in town checking in because he wanted to go check on his burned down family home.

Of course, we have him recorded standing on Sookie’s porch demanding Adele to appear.

Horrifyingly enough, the Jäkel Devil put in an appearance and scared William so much that he ran all the way back to Shreveport, blubbering all the way. When last seen, he got on a plane and headed back to New Orleans.”

Samuel pushed away from his laptop and sat back into his chair. “Jäkel is Swedish for devil.”

“Yes,” Eric smirked, “’tis. To this day that devil still does an excellent job of keeping folks from looking for that wagon load of gold.”

Samuel’s grin got bigger. “You plan on digging that up anytime soon?”

“Not unless the world’s money markets goes to Were shit. Is that going to happen anytime soon?” he asked.

“Oh no,” Samuel became very serious. “In a couple of weeks there is going to be much,” he stressed, “unclaimed wealth. I have been seriously looking into purchasing Colorado with this unclaimed wealth.”

Eric raised both eyebrows. “And…?” he made a come on motion with his hand.

“We have a go for launch,” Samuel grinned as he turned his laptop around and started explaining to Eric how it was all going to play out with many thanks being owed to the soon to be dead cocksuckers at Sophie-Anne’s.

Finishing up with Samuel, Eric headed back to their suite. It was going to be a fast two weeks. Ice skating, skiing, a little ice fishing, Josiah was going to be one busy little guy. There was a lot of life here on the mountain, just waiting for him to experience it. Eric wanted to make sure their boy had a taste of it all.


Bill was back in his suite of rooms, feeling very royal and less foolish. “Devils,” he chuckled and pointed a finger at himself in the mirror. “Good one,” he said as he straightened his tie. “That was just probably Adele mocking me. When I am king, she will be found and destroyed. Until then, she is the Sheriff of Area Five’s problem,” he smiled charmingly as he fixed his cuff links. “She is so lost, her brain eaten, she does not know who her maker is. When I called, she referred to herself in the third person. There is no way she claim me for creating the fiasco that she is.

Now, my fiancée is expecting me. I can and shall be charming, available and not in the least bit devious. Well, perhaps a little devious. I am quite taken with Missy May, that sassy yet demure little redhead from the old dark. I am going to pay her a visit before I call on my intended.”


Sophie-Anne held Missy May in her thrall. “Most good,” she stroked the breather’s cheek. “Master Compton is very taken with you.”

“Yes,” she responded with a smile.

“Now, drink this down,” HRM handed her the chocolate milk shake. “I know it is your favorite.”

“Yes,” she nodded, curls and her cleavage both bouncing in time to her head moving.

“You had it made in the kitchen. You feel very naughty. You know you are not supposed to have chocolate…it makes you want to have orgy sex. And Master Compton has forbidden orgy sex.”

“Yes,” she smiled. “Orgy sex and chocolate.”

“So,” Sophie-Anne smiled at her, “when Master Compton walks through the door, finish it off and tell him you have been very naughty and want to have orgy sex.”

“Very naughty,” Missy May giggled and then reaching around behind her slapped her own ass.

“Good, now finish your drink. Master will be here shortly. And good ahead and get started. He likes to watch.”

In a twirl of skirts Sophie-Anne was out the door and on her way to the throne room. Silver suspended in coconut-flavored rum hides the silver smell and taste. And there was just a tad in the shake. That is what made it so very special!

“Why I do believe that Bill just might come down with the shakes on the day of his wedding and coronation. Well,” she smiled, “one can only hope. And hope will only get you so far. Sometimes you just have to take matters of the heart into your own hands. Like driving a stake through it or just the simple matter of poisoning it with silver.” Speak of the devil! Here came her very inadequate lover now!

“Oh William,” Sophie-Anne smiled at him and raised her hand for a kiss. “I am so terribly sorry, my darling. I am called to a financial meeting with Kentucky. I will be Skyping with him until either we lose the connection or the sun rises. You know how he likes to talk, especially about money and are we going to fix the Kentucky Derby this year? But I have left Missy May in my room. Please, enjoy your time together until I return.”

“Thank you dearest,” he lavishly kissed her hand as his eyes met hers.

“But not on my bed,” smiling at him, she dimpled her cheeks and winked. “Later,” she winked again and then was gone.

“Yes,” he wanted to shout and dance a jig. “Missy May, your Master of Love Nips is on his way!”


The lives on Peak 8 fell into a regular routine. Josiah branched out in the winter sport division and it turned out Sookie was not all that bad when it came to Alpine skiing herself, although ice fishing was just like regular fishing only in the cold and she still did not enjoy putting the worm on that hook.

Sleigh rides, dinners out, and ice-skating could all be done and sometimes in the same evening.

The days slipped by…and they were happy, content, and satisfying.

On the horizon, there was no hint of the storm that was about to be unleashed.


Talking strategies with Samuel, Eric could feel it. His blood was raging with a song for war. Soon. It would be soon.

The two Aunties popped in. “Big Sugar,” Billy’s gaze was on Eric, “you is gonna need us in-house with you. They has set the date. Two nights from now. So Friday all those evil monsters will be there to help them celebrate.”

“Good,” Eric smiled, “the waiting does eat on you and I want this done. I would prefer to leave you here, but I can see the wisdom of having extra eyes and ears. Billy, you said the spells have become a bit more.”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“It is almost impossible for us travel the floors during the day,” Jean added. “The secret passages are still clear to us, though. We listen in where we can but that is about all we can do.

But because of all the foot traffic at night, we is still beautiful and full of sass!” he said with a snap of his fingers.

“Samuel,” when Eric said his name his head came up.

“My brother, tell me what you need,” his voice was gentle and full of understanding.

“I need you here with my family. I am taking Pam but leaving Sookie. I have not told her this yet, but I have hinted enough about how Josiah is not to be left here without one of us. She has not said anything and I know how much she wanted to help storm the place with a shotgun, but we are past that now. I know I can bring down the building and that Pamela and I shall be safe. As long as the Aunties stick to the secret passages, they should be fine as well.

But we both know, my brother, shit happens. And there is no such thing as pleasant shit.”

“Spend the next two days with your family, my Eric,” Samuel smiled at him. “We have this.”

With that news delivered, Billy and Jean pulled up chairs and began passionately discussing the newest atrocity of a human that had been moved into the castle. A horrific evil man by the name of Marsh Tucker.

Samuel listened and pulled up his tracking system.

“They are bringing them in by boat, Brother Samuel,” Billy was up and pacing. “My daddy was brought in by boat. They is gonna cut them and toss them into the water and bet on how long it takes the sharks to arrive. That motherfucker is getting rid of all his too old white slaves. A little entertainment for the happy couple and the new king, he boasts.”

“That sounds like Sophie-Anne,” Eric spit out. “Someone is trying to curry her favor, perhaps a bribe for getting a taste of Not Haldey.”

“I have this,” Samuel’s voice was grim. “Repositioning satellite Moses, now, followed on by Aaron. We will have eyes on that boat in twenty-five minutes. Our swimmers in the water in less than two hours. We will have them off before moonrise.”

Eric was not going to laugh out loud. Well, someone had done and gone and pissed off The Da’vid! When he started moving satellites around, people were going to die! That was just a given!

“Hospital ship?” Eric asked as he watched his brother work his magic.

“I think so. We will bring in a floating dock, paint it, strip it down of all registry and re configure. My team can do that in two days. We’ll have her back in port in a week and in a month, fully staffed and on duty, saving lives.”

Jean watched Samuel’s fingers fly over the keyboard.

“Brother Samuel,” Jean’s voice was quiet. “You should know. This slaving motherfucker wears a Star of David ‘round his neck. Now I knows you’s people come in all shapes, kinds and colors. But he uses it as the grate for when he heats up his drugs. We saw him do that and then was shootin’ up. And….and…” Jean hesitated. “He wears contacts. Heards his braggin’ to hisself when he takes them out. Can’t be glamoured by any and all vamps and he just laughs and laughs.”

Samuel let out a low growl that vibrated everything in the room!

“I want him,” was all Samuel said.

“Thought you might,” Jean nodded his head. “I can shows you where he is staying in the castle. Why there is even a secret passage way that runs past his room.”

“Just like God had a plan,” Samuel chuckled. “Let me finish this up and we’ll be on our way.”

“Oh, recon work,” Eric grinned. “I shall inform Sookie that tonight we are doing a walk about and checking on one who has deviated from his spiritual path.”

Samuel laughed out loud.

Both the Aunties were laughing so hard that they both thought that for a moment they were going to wet themselves.

“Shoulds be easy,” Jean eyed Samuel and continued on. “There is guards, everywhere. That money all done and broughts their own and they don’t know Jack from Jill. All in black and Kevlar,” he paused over the word. “Yes, that’s rights, I heards one say it and a black knit hat and a big assed rifle. M-m-m-m,” he nodded. “Dressed appropriately and you can just walks right on in.”

“Here,” Samuel started punching in letters. “Did any of the weapons look like these?”

“Yes,” Billy nodded. “That one right there,” he pointed with his finger.

“An AK-47,” Eric was shaking his head. “Russian. Illegal.”

“Just so happens,” Samuel batted his eyelashes, “I happen to have one or two of those. We can blend in and be illegal right along with them.”


“Recon work,” Sookie nodded at the foursome as she sat rocking Josiah, the dogs at her feet.

“And both of you are goin’,” she said as she looked from Samuel to Eric. “And the Aunties?”

“Unless you don’t want me to,” Eric added, his voice soft and tender.

“No, I see the wisdom. Samuel wants this guy and you really do need to be eyes on, I get that,” she kissed Josiah on top of the head. “Aunties are your best spyn’ partners. You takin’ Pam?”

“No,” Eric shook his head. “Not tonight. It would be noticed if she went missing from the bar. No matter how prepared or safe you think you are, Sophie-Anne gets a bit nervous when she has a big function and her spies tell her folks are not at their posts. She thinks they are plotting against her.”

“If there is any sign of trouble,” Samuel leaned in and kissed Josiah on the top of the head, “we will haul ass. Eric’s low altitude flying is just the best,” he said with assurance.

“Sounds like you two have done this before,” Sookie’s mood lightened just a bit.

“Once or twice,” Eric smiled.

“Wake me up when you get home,” her eyes were on Eric, a very soft pleading in her voice, “please.”  Josiah shifted and she pulled him that much closer.

“Of course,” Eric smiled at her and bending down, kissed his son and then his wife.

“Sookie,” Samuel smiled at her. “You are not to worry. If something happens to me, on my laptop, do the retinal scan, and type in my name followed by Sookie and Josiah Northman. It will talk you through how to access my accounts. Who is to be trusted, who is not.”

“Okay,” she nodded, her eyes round.

“We are going to be just fine,” Eric grinned. “Let’s go see to this cocksucker so we can then be home. We’ll need to switch out to black.”

“On the plane,” Samuel grinned as vamp speed they were gone. “I have everything we need. One never knows when you need to be hands-on to start a war.”


Lafayette walked in and felt the wind rush past him.

“That can’t be good,” he said as he sat down across from Sookie.

“Someone is bringing in slaves that are to old and this asshole wants to cut them and toss them in the ocean so everyone can bet when the sharks show up. He also likes to do drugs, using the Star of David as the grate over his flame.”

“Would not,” Lafayette crossed his eyes and shook his head vigorously, “want to be that mo’fo’n dude.”

“Yes,” Sookie nodded. “I did not think Samuel was capable of breaking out the bat shit crazies, but there for a moment, I think I caught a glimpse.”

“Lordies,” Lafayette shivered. “I thinks that calls for somethin’ to drink.

Hot chocolate Miss Sooks?” he asked as he stood.

“Yes please,” she smiled as Josiah kissed her in his sleep.


There were guards, everywhere, patrolling. They were all wearing black, Kevlar, carried Russian AK47’s and had dogs.

“Would you just look at that,” Samuel mused as they watched the castle grounds on board the plane via satellite. “There is that one area by the boat dock with caterers coming and going and that looks like flowers. You could just walk in carrying anything.”

“When she is awake, Sophie-Anne thinks all live in deathly fear of her,” Eric snorted. “Who would dare to trespass?”

“For a HRM,” Samuel zoomed in for a better look, “she thinks like a moron. If a firefight started, all of those on the beach would be hit in the crossfire. The guards are just milling about. I don’t even know if I would call that walking a patrol. What a fucked up course of action.”

“Yes,” Eric gave Samuel a cross-eyed look as he plunged an imaginary stake through his heart. “I want to stop off at her main residence, when we arrive. There will be guards on the rooftop but nothing we cannot handle. I want to go through her files. This Not Hadley, the description that the Aunties give of her, she sounds like a dancer I once hired for the club. She had good moves on the pole, but she was a raging addict. Pam caught her doing a line between acts while there were a couple of county and state inspectors in the building. I thought for sure my dearest child who this side of a killing rampage was going to drain her then. Her stage name was Sindy Sin. On her paycheck it said Cindy Smith.”

“Most good,” Samuel smiled, “a small visit we shall pay.”


New Orleans had a bit of a breeze.

With a little help from Eric, the wind started to pick up which knocked down a tree that took out a transformer that caused the power to go out in the main residence. They could hear the skeleton staff screaming about lost data on the computers then cussing the old fuses and wiring in the place and how nice it would be if some money were actually spent where the official work of an HRM was to be conducted, as they rushed about trying to find circuit boxes.

With a wink and a smile, Eric and Samuel were in and out of HRM’s office with the desired file in hand and without having to say boo to anyone.

Samuel went onto Eric’s back and off they went.

“Let’s see if we can catch a ride,” Eric said over his shoulder to Samuel as they hovered in the air above the docks.

“Oh, how very charming, another load of flowers,” Samuel grinned as they landed.

“Time to get your glamour on,” Eric wiggled his eyebrows as they approached the boat and said they were HRM’s guards. They both flashed their fangs, “and we will be escorting you across the water and to the castle.”

The humans looked at the two vampires that were dressed all in black and carried automatic weapons. “Welcome aboard,” the captain called out as the two vampire brothers positioned themselves on top of the cabin and watched everyone come and go until the boat was loaded and ready to shove off.

Making landfall, Eric and Samuel stayed on their perches until the last box was off-loaded and then hopping down, they nodded to the crew and were headed for the castle.

“Perimeter check,” Eric called out as they passed two guards with dogs.

“Good, fellow vampires,” one of the guards nodded, “that actually speak English.”

“There is Euro-trash everywhere,” the other one added in a conspiratorial whisper. “Fucking humans with so much money they can afford vampire guards,” he sounded disgusted. “We are here because of our maker. He wants to shop and because everyone has guards, he must have his as well. No one can one-up Costello.”

“How is the Holy Roman Emperor?” Eric chuckled.

“He brought the fucking vault,” hissed the shorter of the two guards. “And I know he is my maker, but holy fucking Were shit! We had to hump all that in. Our brothers stand guard over it in the castle while we swat misquotes out here. Our maker wants the fae. He does not care what it costs or who he has to kill to get her.”

“The Hun is highly enamored of her,” Samuel whispered. “Saw them together after she had entertained all other persons for the evening. He did not give a fuck who she had fucked. Was just happy to see her.”

“Oh-h-h-h,” the taller sighed. “I have heard that but have not been privileged to see it. That The Hun would settle for anyone’s leftovers says much. She must indeed be toothsome.”

“Oh, the evening meal is arriving,” Eric grinned at the nude humans that were coming out on the beach.

“Stop it,” snorted the taller of the two guards. “You know that is privileged private stock.”

“Not if you glamour them,” Eric chuckled. “And make sure you check for contacts in their eyes,” he whispered. “Seems the humans have come up with a non-glamour variety. Once they are out, they are yours to do with as you will and their masters are never the wiser.”

Samuel took a step back. “So that is why you said no to the bagged bloods,” his voice was accusatory.

“I like mine body temp right from the source,” Eric smiled. “Now, gentlemen, if you will excuse us.” Bowing he and Samuel started walking away while the two guards laughed and started toward the humans.


Samuel stood guard while Eric called on a little wind to move the sand away from the base of the east tower. “This way in,” he grinned as he moved a stone and a section swung out.

“I’ll blow it back into place,” Samuel nodded at him as he stepped in and the door swung shut. Concentrating on the song of the wind, through the rocks they could hear the gusts pushing the sand.

“Let’s find the Aunties,” Samuel grinned. “And find this cocksucker and get a visual on Cindy.”

They both had memorized the layout of the castle and so it was easy for them to wander from floor to floor, eavesdropping here and looking through cracks, there and learning all manner of useful, top secret information.

The Aunties fell into step with them.

“We will take you to Cindy.” Billy said as he walked them up the steps to the slaves quarters and they all peered inside.

Eric and Samuel both did a visual.

“Yes, that is her,” Eric nodded. “HRM did not even bother to disguise her. Same hair color, same everything. Cindy Smith, HRM’s private stock.

Now let us on-on to pay a visit with Mr. Tucker, of the soon-to-be-dead-Tucker-fuckers.”

Samuel snickered and eyed his brother. “Wish I had said that,” the small vampire grinned. “Or how about, how many fuckers could a tucker fucker fuck if a tucker fucker could fuck tuckers?”

Eric looked thoughtful and before he could ready his come back…

…both the Aunties rolled their eyes and then raised their eyebrows at the two vampires.

“Gots that,” Jean shook his head in disbelief. “This boy is in some deep, deep shit.”

Billy was shocked! He would not have believed Samuel said that if he had not heard it for himself!

Samuel knew how to read a room. Both Aunties were surprised.

“Apologies,” he bowed. “It is just a bad habit that I picked up from Eric.”

“Pbbllllttttttt!” A lot of air escaped past Eric’s lips and before he could defend himself, Billy continued. “Now, Marsh Tucker is about to finish up with Sophie-Anne,” he said as they walked. “He is on his way back to his room because HRM does not allow anyone to do drugs in front of her and he is achin’ for a hit, especially since he does not get to do Not Hadley, tonight. Apparently he was naughty and offered some blow to Compton who snorted a line, just to see if it would effect him.”

“Apparently it did,” Jean laughed. “He is sitting on top of the chandelier in her throne room buck naked and swinging back and forth and making monkey sounds. Claims he is Tarzan, king of the apes and that tall, good-lucking, Swedish actor has nothing on him!”

All four of them broke out in hilarious laughter.

“Yes, he has a six pack of abs and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off…well that is what I have been told,” Eric said in all innocence.

“Compton, that boy should never goes around naked,” Jean shuddered. “He is grub worm white and his ass, lordy, for a male, I had no idea you could have such a fat, dimpled ass. Scary,” he shook all over. “And repulsive.”

“Oh, here we are. Excellent,” Eric smiled. “Ladies, if you would please, just stand aside.”


Marsh Tucker knew when his evening was finished. “Not my fault,” he sniffled a little as he took out his contacts. “How was I to know? I thought it would be a lark! I have known vampires to snort a line with me and it never had any effect on them. But no, Compton has to get naked, shake his lack of boy parts in peoples’ faces and then swing around on the chandelier. Fuck,” he hissed, “that dickless wonder cannot even do the Tarzan yell right. He should always wear a loincloth. Or pants…and a shirt…! Damn, I’m overweight and I look better nude,” he admired himself in the mirror.

“At this rate, I am never going to get to fuck the fae. Shit, I hope the queen likes money. Because that is all I now have to offer. And as much as HRM likes swimming with the sharks, Compton told me in great confidentially that she likes watching vampires in the gladiator ring better. Well just fuck! No wonder The Hun is all smug and self-righteous. That fucker! Willing to pit himself against anyone! That fucker!”

Samuel raised an eyebrow at Eric when that tidbit came out. “Attila sounds like he wants to be in for the long haul,” Eric sighed. “Well, let us see if we can make that happen. But for tonight, this guy has got to meet his inglorious end.”

The secret door swung open into what was now a bathroom. Before Marsh could react, Eric had an arm around his waist and the other clamped over his mouth.

“Samuel,” Eric looked over at his brother. “If you would like to begin…”

Samuel hovered in the air, his eyes holding Tucker’s. “You can hear me and you will do as I say. Your brain will fear for you but your human is happy to obey me.”

Twenty minutes later Samuel had gathered all the information he needed and then smiling at Marsh said, “It is time for your midnight swim. Here is your knife. Attach it to your waist. Now, grab your towel and walk out of the building to the beach and start swimming. Once you can no longer see land, place just enough small jabs in your upper chest area to make you bleed. And just keep swimming.

Yes, well,” Samuel patted him on the cheek. “Your brain tells you that this will bring the sharks and they will devour you one bite at a time. That is correct, they will. And perhaps the fear will kill you before the sharks, do. Or perhaps not,” Samuel smiled at him. “Shalom,” he said, death in his eyes. “The Star of David that you wear around your neck, it shall fall to the bottom of the sea and perhaps there, after all the vileness that you have heaped upon it, there it shall be washed clean.”


Marsh walked out of his suite, shouted out his catcalls at those who were having sex in the halls and nodded at those that were just as high as himself. Once outside, he walked to an area where there were no people and dropping his towel, walked out into the ocean and when it was chest deep, he began to swim. When he was about a half mile out, Samuel and Eric were hovering up in the air watching.

“I smell blood,” Samuel said and nodded his head in approval. Five minutes later, the body took the first hit of a passing shark. Then another. And when it bit and tore flesh from Marsh’s leg, the feeding frenzy began.


Sookie knew when Eric came in the room. There was still a song…victory, she thought, crashing around him.

Sitting up, he walked over to her and pulling her into his arms he whispered, “I did not mean to wake you.”

“That’s just fine,” she rubbed her nose against his.

“Daddy,” the little voice sighed, “those good boys slept with me and Momma.”

“Yes,” Eric leaned over and kissed him. “I need to shower,” Eric kissed him again. “Your momma is going to wash my hair. The dogs will be right here with you.”

“Okay,” he smiled, with his eyes still closed and the dogs pushed in closer.

Standing, he pulled Sookie up to him. She wrapped her legs around him while he walked them into the bathroom. Eric turned on the water in the shower to warm it up. Before it got hot, Sookie was moaning his name while he held her ass and pushed in and out of her at vamp speed.

When he stepped into the shower, she came and when he bit, she came, again.

In a hazy feeling of well-being, Sookie noted that somewhere along the way, the tub was filled with water. Eric turned on the waterfall feature and Sookie now lay on top of him, as he told her about this evening’s adventures.

“I am glad Samuel is feeling better,” she sighed a she turned her face for a kiss.

“Me too,” Eric grinned. “I hate it when he gets all pissy. Because then I think I should be all pissy and things can really get out of control,” he was chuckling.

“Daddy, Momma,” they heard the little voice and then the door pushed open. “Oh, candles,” he clapped his hands as he started shedding his pj’s. “And bubbles,” he laughed out loud.

“Incoming,” Sookie chuckled.

Josiah went up the steps and Eric reached for him. Lifting him into the tub, Sookie scooted off Eric’s chest and was lying on her side next to him and Josiah sat on his chest.

“I missed you Daddy,” he kissed him. “But I knew you were okay. That the Aunties would tell you where you needed to be and that Uncle Samuel would watch out for you also.

And our good boys, they lay down with me and Momma and I went right to sleep.

Oh,” he looked up over the side. “There they are now. Do they need a bath, too?”

“Oo-o-O,” Gabriel said as both those clean enough boys backed out.

“I take that to mean no,” Eric chuckled as they somehow managed to pull the door closed. “Now,” his focus was back on Josiah, “tell me, what story did you read tonight?”



Sophie-Anne chased everyone off the roof. She sat up her now, on the gable of a tower, with the sea gull shit, watching; listening to the waves, pounding relentlessly on the shore.

“Well just fuck,” she shook her head. “Compton yet lives and Tucker is sushi for the sharks. What is it with humans and midnight swims? Those things that live in the water, just because they cannot see you does not mean they cannot smell you? Of all the stupid Were shit…” she hissed.

“His people know he is missing. His tracker chip is swimming around in water twenty feet deep and ten miles off shore, they were hysterically yelling at me.

Well fuck yes,” she groaned. “That is what sharks do. You think they are not nocturnal? Of all the dumber than Were shit things to do and on such short notice! There goes the grand entertainment for the night of the wedding,” she groused as she threw her arms up in the air. “And yet another betting pool that is tits up! Damn! If Compton had not spent so much re-doing those rooms, this would not be that much of a problem. I am seriously screwed,” she paused and thought about her guest list. “I just might have to auction off the title of king, once I kill William,” she nodded her head and chewed on her lower lip. “Now, that could be a viable plan. I am beginning to see no other way out of this. Buy myself a rich male that wants to be king. Use that money to pay off my debts, get into his accounts and kill that king and haul my ass on out of here before the villagers start chasing me with pitchforks. Damn, I just fucking hate it when they do that!”


After breakfast and a swift ride on the mushing trail, everyone was home and Sookie and Josiah were playing in the pool until lunch.

Eric sat in Samuel’s office and had Fangtasia’s file of Cindy Smith along with the one he had taken from HRM’s residence. Same headshots, body shots, and resume.

“First stop tomorrow night will be Attila. When he rises, I will be there to greet him with this…give him options. If he wants her or no, that will be on him. But either way, he gets to leave.

Then we’ll storm the castle.”


After lunch, they all watched Fantasia and then it was time for another sleigh ride. And then dinner. And then story time and then Eric and Sookie time…

Sookie was on top of Eric, asleep. Through out the night, Eric listened to the snow as it whirled around on the currents and struck the windows.

“This time tomorrow, it will be over,” he said to himself. “Those that wanted my family will be dead.” With that thought, he closed his eyes and thought about the years to come.


Sophie-Anne plastered on her yes I give a fuck, face. They had rehearsed the wedding, twice. It was almost dawn and they were still rehearsing the fucking coronation of William T. Compton, the VI, he had added onto the end of his name.

“A sixth of a brain,” she had snorted to herself the first time he said it.

She could hear his voice, now, complaining. He kept whining about how she needed to practice placing the crown on his head. Did the fool not understand that she was never placing a crown on his head…and yet he droned on and on and on!

Settling her mind, she stood up from the back of the room.

“Dearest,” he called out. “Now which crown do you think?”

“I thought we settled on the Byzantine, dearest,” she lingered on the word.

“But you will not place it on my head?” he looked dolefully at her.

“For rehearsal purposes, you can do that for yourself, darling,” she gave him a gracious smile.

“It’s not the same,” he said spitefully.

Approaching him she stood at the table that held twenty-seven…fucking count them, twenty-seven different crowns. He wanted to rehearse this twenty-seven times and pose for photos so he would know which one looked the best.

“About fucking time,” he hissed at her as she picked up one.

Turning, out came her small atomizer of silver spray and spritz, spritz, and the complaining stopped and the screaming started. What she had hit him with tonight should be enough to start the chain reaction. When he was down for his day rest, he should have all sorts of problems, rising. If not, well…well…best not to dwell there. Some very lovely wedding gifts had been arriving and she planned on keeping them. So, wedded and somewhat bedded she would be for a dark or two before he met a tragic end.

Turning, she left the room as others rushed to his aid.

And it would be a horrible tragic ending; she felt the tears gathering in her eyes, just as soon as she could make that happen.


The day started with falling snow and one happy little boy. Josiah kissed his momma and his daddy and getting down off the bed, off he went to go to the bathroom.

Pee, shake, tuck and pull up his bottoms. Wash his hands and then off to see who else was awake. Smiling at his parents, he made his way to the kitchen and let the dogs out.

“Uncle Samuel!” he went over to where Samuel was standing and talking to Cook. Lifting up his arms, Samuel picked him up.

“Morn’n Mr. Cook,” he grinned at the man in the chef’s whites.

“Master Josiah,” Cook tickled him under the chin and the little boy giggled.

“Uncle Samuel, you goin’ with my daddy to huff and puff and blow that big bad wolf’s house down?” he asked, his eyes intent on Samuel’s.

“I do not know yet if your father has decided yes to that,” Samuel sighed. “I know the Aunties are going with him and he is taking your Auntie Pamela. But he wanted me to stay here with you and your momma.

Why?” Samuel was very intrigued. “Do you think I should go?” he asked.

Josiah nodded his head. “Momma and I will be just fine with Mr. Clifford and Mr. Cook and our good boys and all those other angels you have out there in the yard,” he pointed out the window.

“I will tell your father when he comes in for breakfast,” Samuel kissed him on the nose. “Now, I hear the dogs, I do believe they are ready for breakfast.”

“Down please,” Josiah said as Samuel set him on the floor and the small boy took off for the door.


It was a leisurely morning. No one hurried and cups were refilled and the day’s activities were discussed.

“Can we watch movies?” Josiah asked.

“Of course,” Sookie smiled. “Let’s get a cup of hot chocolate to go. What do you want to start with?”

Eric watched as his family started for the TV room.

“Josiah said I am to go with you, tonight,” Samuel said once they had disappeared down the hall. “That he and his mother would be fine with Cook, Clifford and the dogs and all my outside angels. I told him I would inform you.”

“Looks like you are going,” Eric was thoughtful as he looked around the house. “I know Sookie can take care of herself. I have watched her practice. She can sing up a tornado from nowhere faster then I. And Josiah…well…” Eric just shrugged. “But do me a favor and double those outside angels while we are gone.”

“Of course,” he nodded. “I will talk to the captain of my guards. All shall be well while we are away.”


The day consisted of a cozy time inside. Whatever Josiah wanted to view was put into the machine and the family snuggled on the couch. The last movie was The Three Little Pigs. As the movie ended, Josiah took Eric’s face between his two hands and said, “Do you want me to go with you, Daddy?”
“No my son,” Eric kissed him on the nose.

“Me and my good boys, we could help you if there was a big bad wolf.”

“I know you could my son,” Eric hugged him to him. “I know you could. But I want you and your good boys to stay here with your momma and take care of her while I am gone.”

“Okay,” Josiah nodded. “We’ll be right here. I’ll be watchin’ for big bad wolves. I won’t let any get Momma or Mr. Clifford or Mr. Cook.”

“Thank you my son,” Eric kissed him. “Thank you…”


It was still early afternoon and the family stood outside and watched the helicopter lift off.

When they went back inside, Lafayette looked around and said, “I feel like some marshmallow madness comin’ on!” he whispered in an excited voice to Josiah.

“Mr. Cook,” his La La fineness called out, “it is time to make s’mores!”

“Could we have pizza tonight? For dinner?” Sookie stuck her head in the kitchen. “With pineapple, ham and mushrooms and some black olives? Really deep crust with lots of olive oil and cheese?”

“Oh,” Cook smiled. “Would you like to build your own?”

“You mean like a pizza party?” she asked.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I will build a fire in the pizza oven.”

“That sounds like fun. What can we do to help?” she asked.

“Miss Sookie, I have this. I’ll do individual crusts and you can add the toppings.

Now, I’ll set the things out for the s’mores. You can make them here in the fireplace.”


Eric and Samuel landed in Shreveport while it was still light. “My brother, if you would, catch a ride with Pam. That way she’ll know which door to come in. I want to be there when Attila wakes.”

“Which door are you using?” he asked.

“The delivery door,” the big blond grinned. “Once I am in the kitchen, I will be in the passages, waiting for Attila to rise.”