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The Diplomatic Pouch       Chapter 20—Day 12—Evening


Eric’s pride rose up! Dragon! He was a fucking dragon! According to the puffs of smoke, apparently he was a fire-breathing dragon! Sweet! If he could move as vampire at a high rate of speed just what was he capable of as dragon? So many questions flitted through his mind like an old, silent movie running at a high rate of speed. Flashes of things he knew to be true, other things he could only marvel at how splendid this dragon body was. And knowledge…bits and pieces…was that courtesy of his ancient dragon ancestor?

His form now filled the room. He could hear the floorboards creaking under his weight. Smaller, he thought; maybe, just maybe he felt a shift in his bones and his skin was not as tight.

Blue eyes were the predominant feature in his face and he fixed his gaze on Sookie. There was more that had to be done. To finish the ritual. To finish…the bonding? The mating? The…the…ritual older than time itself. She had drunk from him, but he had not drunk from her. “Sookie, I need to feed,” he said stroking her back, careful not to scratch her with his claws.

“Okay,” she rolled over and offered him her neck. “Love you,” she sighed. Yes, he needed her blood. Carefully, he moved his head into position and licking the bottom of her foot, he lightly pricked it with a fang and as the blood oozed, he licked and felt the dragon melt away and Eric slip back into place.

Distinctly he heard the sonic booms being left by an incoming dragon. “My people,” flashed through him. With a smile he went to the window and opened it, then moving the shutters.

The wind and rain were gone but Eric could still smell the clouds, not as ripe and full of water as they had been. The clouds seemed to be standing guard and he did not think that was odd at all.

O.I. was banking, landing and letting Lafayette off. O.I. became small and flew over to the window.

“You are looking very fine this new dark,” Eric began the dragon greeting. “The feathers become you. You wear your trophies well.”

“And a gracious greeting to you as well,” O.I. bowed his head. “Our enemies are no more and in their death we celebrate our victory.”

Eric bowed his head, the greeting ritual complete.

“Just be lookin’ at your fine dragon self,” O.I. grinned. “I bets you even knows the secret handshake. And just how did you shift back?” he asked.

Eric shrugged. “I had a taste of Sookie’s blood. Maybe that prompted it, maybe not. How the fuck should I know? You are king of the dragons, this is your domain. You tell me.”

“How the fuck would I know,” O.I. laughed. “All the dragons I know are born to it. How in the mo’ fo’n land of Oz did you shift in the first place without any coachin’?”

“I do not know,” Eric replied shaking his head and looking at the woman on the bed. “After sex,” his voice was thoughtful, “I did not drink from her. And I felt myself becoming more.”

“Huh,” O.I. regarded him. “Maybe because of your selflessness, the bond has…has…loosened a bit. Perhaps before it kept you from shifting and now…now it allows it because yous can be trusted. Can’t be sayin’ for sure, but damn if that don’t sound right.”

“You low life fucking king of the dragons,” Eric glared at him. “Do you have any,” he stressed “explanation at all?”

O.I. gave Eric a most elegant shrug. “Yous is one of a kind. As in a kind of only one. Dragon and all and not a shifter, but pure dragon in your bones. Born to it and yet there you stand as vampire in human form. I can speak the words all fucking 24/7,” O.I. grinned at him. “And all I gots is who hoo and get your dragon on! So tell me more…sex without blood…shows you has got some powerful control. Maybe the lasso knows you can now control your inner self. Not so selfish now and thinkin’ of others. That your love holds true for this woman. We have seen the lasso react to that in the past. What else was revealed of your inner dragon self?”

Eric was thoughtful as he responded. “As dragon, I knew things to be true about her and myself. I was so large, my head and tail wrapped around the room. I took the tail in my mouth, to form a circle. I knew Sookie was the heart of that circle. That she literally holds my heart and   as long as she lives, I cannot be destroyed. I bit my tail, bloodied it and offered it to her to drink while she was still sleeping. She woke and had some of my blood.”

Eric was eyeing O.I. as he continued on.

“It was a mating ritual. I knew that. And while she slept, I woke her and asked for her to feed me. She rolled over onto her back, offering me her neck. A deep and abiding manner of trust,” Eric shook himself all over.

“Because I was still dragon, instead of her neck, I licked the bottom of her foot and with a fang nicked it and licked the blood from her there.”

“Fuck and damn,” O.I. muttered as he made an attempt to cross himself. “Dragon wedding,” he mumbled out loud. “You has invoked the magic of the ring, the couple has drunk the dragon wine and pleasured and yon dragon bride sleeps. Her mate, that is you,” he pointed at Eric, “offered himself to her. And even in her sleeping state she does not deny you nourishment, but knows you to be righteous and true. That is the true dragon way,” he said with reverence. “And you mades the ring that holds you both. True dragon,” he bowed his head to Eric. “That dragon ancestor of yours, suspects we woke his blood up.

When she wakes and you explains, if she accepts your offering, you proceeds. You will tell hers that you showed devotion and pledged yourself to her by drinking her blood from her foot. This signifies that No matter where your walk takes you, I am always at your side.

You can even says that to her,” O.I. nodded. “Females are taken with those small words. When she wakes, if she agrees to all of this, there is the wedding feast. Which I believes has been provided by Mistress Pamela. And before the who hoo’s and ride’m cowboy, Miss Sookie still has to agree.”

Eric was thoughtful. “What if I do not tell her?

Ouch!” he yelped as he felt something tighten on his arm and he was pulled to the bed.

“I guess that is your answer,” O.I. smiled. “Now, we is comin’ on inside. That chicken smell is makin’ me crazy. We’ll save you some. Hope it is for a dragon weddin’ celebration and not because she has staked your lyin’ vampire ass!”

Eric thought about that for a moment and could see the truth in those words as O.I. fluttered off and he closed the window.

His concentration was back on the woman on the bed. “Sookie,” he kissed her gently on the lips. “Lover, wake up. You got ten minutes of sleep and a dragon wedding.”

“What?” she opened one eye.

“Yes,” Eric smiled, “I see those dragon traits in you already. Sleeping with one eye open. We are truly a match made in the stratosphere of the gods.”

“Eric,” she sat and eyed him now, with both eyes. “I don’t believe in the gods. And what…?”

Sitting next to her he took her hand and started with, “No matter where your walk takes you, I am always there with you by your side.” Raising her fingertips to his lips and placing adoring kissed there, he began his love story. Complete with O.I. and Lafayette with their victory feathers tucked behind one ear.

After he had finished she said, “You know, I don’t see that as legally binding. I need a piece of paper and not a lick on the foot. But I get the charm of that…me trusting you even to let you feed though I was asleep. Reminds me sorta of Prince Charming finding the shoe and then tracking the princess…well, you know, in a warped kinda way…however I could see how that dragon tale could get spun around. It involves feet, a poor girl, and a happily ever after.”

Smiling at Eric she said, “Let me get dressed and we will go eat fried chicken. I hope Pamela found some fried okra to go with it. And don’t let me forget to congratulate O.I and Lafayette on their victory feathers.”

While she dressed Eric had a lot to think about. So was he now married even if he was not in his dragon persona? Did they have to eat the fried chicken first to declare it legal? What if there was no fried okra? Could Sookie throw him over for lack of a deep-fried vegetable? And in the midst of all of this, he did not think she had agreed to being married.

“I need a piece of paper, signed and witnessed,” she said over her shoulder as she slid on a dress “So you can rest easy. I can feel you mumblin’ and worrin’ about having a Mrs.

And just so you know, I am not married until that marriage license is witnessed by the state. And when you shift to dragon, well, who knows how all that rolls around? I guess eventually we will work that out,” she said pulling on a pair of panties. “Now lets go eat!”

Eric watched as his bride…was she his bride? Smiled at him and headed for the door. “I am just freakin’ hungry,” she shook all over. “Could eat that chicken, bones and all.”

Eric was vamp speed to her while she was giggling. “Bones and all,” she laughed out loud. “That must be the dragon talking.”

“What?” Eric squeaked, caught himself and in a much deeper voice said “What?”

“I have been drinkin’ your blood,” she laughed. “Oh come on,” she tickled his ribs. “I was havin’ some fun. So don’t worry about the marriage business. You are still single and available for Miss Long Legs.”

“Do not,” he stood in front of the door, his eyes blazing, “do not ever say that, even in jest. According to the lasso and the dragons, and in my heart, we are married. So there,” he said with a lot of firmness in his voice. “Married. Mr. and Mrs. Eric-the-Dragon Northman. We are to have our wedding feast. Fried food awaits.”

“Eric,” she began.

“Do not,” he said as his eyes held hers. “We shall walk this path together. And wherever it takes us, I am there beside you. I love you and I have heard you say that you love me.”

“True words,” her voice was soft as she stroked his face with her finger tips. “You hold my heart. I trust you to keep it,” she said softly.

“I shall hold it until I no longer walk this dimension of existence and in the next world, I will hold it there as well.”

Her eyes held his. He had no idea for how long as he found himself living inside the love that he could see there. Bringing his hands to her lips she kissed them. “So be it,” she nodded, “I hope you do not live to regret this,” her voice was just as serious.

“Never,” was his reply. “Now, we and our wedding guests have to banquet on fried chicken and drink tequila. That is the dragon way.”

“Well,” she laughed, “Southern Baptists have punch and mints and peanuts. Gotta say, I like the dragons’ way better. I could swim in mashed potatoes and gravy. And some hot biscuits and honey and butter. Damn, I have the munchies. Just how much did I drink today?”

“Probably not enough,” Eric grinned as he picked her up and carried her to the kitchen to the cheering of the crowd!

When Pamela returned, the dragon wedding was much discussed over food and tequila! There was toasting, cat calls, whistles and good old-fashioned ribald jokes! Well, up to a point. Eric would frown if he thought he knew where the punch line was going.

“Why is it?” Pamela eyed her maker at one point, “that Samuel, Ian and Cedric have sipped from you and can drink the tequila and tell dragon jokes.

You drained me and I drank from you and I puke out my guts if I have anything but blood. I would like a little dragon flame all my own.”

“Not any dragon in your bones,” the words came out of Eric’s mouth before he could stop them.

O.I. glanced over and grinned. “Tru dat,” he nodded his head. “Brother Samuel, well who is to say? He walks with his God. But British Isle and Eire, obviously dragon. Look at their ears. Starting to get all pointy and point-a-fied. Argh! Thar goes dragons!”

“So not fair,” The Child glowered at O.I. “Can you do any of your dragon hocus-pocus so I at least appear to be all dragon-upped?”

O.I. stared intently at Pam. “Be the dragon,” he whispered at her as he sprinkled her with tequila.

“You fucker,” she hissed at him. “This suit is Chanel. One of the originals.”

“No to the dragon,” O.I. grinned. “You is Princess Pamela the vampire until you meets the true death or goes to ground. No dragon there at all to glamour or entice.”

“Fucker,” she hissed as she went to Sookie’s bathroom to assess the damage.

Eric watched her walk off, mumbling under her breath. Pam had been monitoring the traffic in and out of Berlin. There was nothing unusual as of this minute. Once he put his message in motion, all of that would change. And she was spoiling for a fight. Well, when was she not? But Sookie added something to the mix that Pamela had never thought she would see. Her maker was in love. He could tell she was confused and not for sure what to make of that. “Well fuck,” he smiled. “I don’t know what to make of it myself.”


Arlene was nobody’s fool and her momma had not raised a fool and a fool and his money were soon parted. Or just maybe, departed. As in dearly beloved we are gathered here today to say good-bye to this soul that has been taken from us.

Word had traveled fast. Darlin’ Stackhouse was going to be laid to rest next to Adele. Share her birthdate and any other particulars that wanted to be put on the headstone. All those hearin’ the news about how that bitch from hell, Lydia Price, had killed that poor thing…with bullets and then thrusting her up like a pincushion! Well, everyone tonight was obeying the law and proudly displayed their open carry and had their open carry permit pinned to their shirt. Right there in plain sight so God and everybody could read it.

Which was good. Because just what walked in the door with Jason Stackhouse could be the reason that Darlin’ Stackhouse was dead and now spending the rest of her days in with the Stackhouses, instead of with her own folks. Not that the Stackhouses were bad company, but laying with you own kin was Biblical. “And if it is not, it should be,” Arlene said with fire as she girded her loins and got ready to go over to seat them at a booth. “Better just be believin’ I am sittin’ your happy asses in a booth,” she smiled and waved and held up her finger to indicate which booth and that she would be with them in just one minute. Booth was harder to get out of. If bullets started flying, someone would hit them for sure.

“Big Al,” she said to the man flipping burgers at the grill. “I’m gonna squawk Father Eddy. Here comes pig shit and his cousin, a bigger pile of pig shit.”

“Gotta’ cha Miss A,” he nodded as he added an egg to the grill to go on top of the burger.

“Let me get that order out. That way, I don’t feel so bad if I am down behind the bar when it gets rowdy.”

“Yes ma’am,” he nodded in agreement. “Pour up the drinks and this will be ready to go.”

“Thanks,” she replied as she hit her radio button and knew the cavalry was on its way.

Dropping off the food, she went over to take the order. “Jason,” she said nodding her head. “What can I get for you?”

“A beer and a burger and some fries.

Otto,” he said looking at the man beside him. “You hungry?”

“Anything with a single malt,” came his heavily accented reply.

“We don’t carry that,” Arlene replied. “The closest we come is Chivas. And that is top shelf for us.”

The brown eyes that stared back at her smiled. “Well then, Chivas it is,” he said licking his lips. “May I buy one for you?” he asked.

“I am workin’ and I am married and I don’t drink,” she responded.

“Shame,” his smile got bigger.

“Fuck off,” her smile got even bigger as she left to place their order.

“I see the natives are very friendly,” Otto said as he watched her walk away. “I like red-heads. I will have to be back later for that one. Leave her dead carcass hanging in a tree as a warning to others.”

All eyes were on Father Eddy. “That Supernatural threatened her,” he said. “I will have to be back later for that one. Leave her dead carcass hanging in a tree as a warning to others,” he parroted the words as Jason ducked under the booth and the locals opened fired.


“Call Kendra, she is in charge while the Sheriff is gone,” Father Eddy said. “This one,” he said pointing to the body, “he is a Were-wolf. I can smell him from here.”

As Jason climbed out from under the table, he righted himself as he paused to look at the dead body sprawled all over the seat and blood spatter everywhere.

Father Eddy approached him. “How do you know him?” he asked.

“Don’t really,” Jason said as he sidestepped a puddle of blood. “He gave me a bunch of money to walk in here with him tonight. Said I could have his truck, as well. It’s a Suburban. I told him I wanted a pickup instead and he told me that I could trade that in for whatever I wanted. I wonder if that deal is still on?”

Shrugging his shoulders Jason continued.   “We, we were gonna’ stop off and see the Sheriff next. That was when I was gonna’ get my money and the keys. I guess that is out of the question now. I don’t’ think he is still breathin’.”

“Where exactly is his car?” the priest asked.

“Parkin’ lot,” Jason replied. “Right up front. We may have blocked someone in. Hard to tell. It is dark and been rainin’ and I maybe had a couple of beers before I got here.”

Father Eddy went to the door and sniffed. He located the vehicle and sniffed again. He was back inside and looked out over the crowd and shook his head. “Miss Arlene, call Kendra. Tell her to bring a bomb squad from somewhere. His auto has an explosive device in it.”

“Naw,” Jason grinned. “I don’t think so. He’s a good guy, honest. A dead guy now, but honest when he was livin’. He was real buddy-buddy with Lydia. She introduced us. Vouched for him. Said he could be trusted. Hey, he gave me a couple of hundred just for walkin’ in here with him tonight.”

Father Eddy said a silent prayer and then rolled his eyes, anyway. “I will do penitence for thinking so poorly of him,” he said as he considered Jason Stackhouse. Clearly, this young man was descended from some species not human. Like maybe a rock. Well now, his Lord had said that even the rocks would shout out and acknowledge Him. This…this body functioned without a brain. How was that possible?

Depending on God for all things, he knew his Creator had given him a brain and free will. “I am not fooling anyone by believing that I am capable of handling this on my own,” he thought to himself. “That Were was sent here with the knives and he has come to fetch them home. Well, we shall see about that.”

Once everything was set in motion, quietly he slipped out the door and vamp speed he was gone.


Father Eddy could hear them. The quiet of vampires talking…and celebrating!

As he approached the front door, Ian was there and opened it. “Father,” he smiled. “Please, come in and join the celebration.”

“Thank you,” he bowed his head, “I rejoice in my heart with you, but sadly, I am here on business.”

“No off switch,” Sookie sighed as she sat down her piece of chicken and eyed wistfully her shot of tequila.

“Sadly, not today,” the priest replied. “They sent a Were for the knives. He is dead. He threatened Arlene at Merlotte’s. Multiple gunshot wounds to the head, upper torso, back of the head…” his voice trailed off. “I’ll be cleaning his brains off the ceiling once the police are finished with their investigation. Arlene is well thought of and very much liked.”

Sookie grinned and nodded yes.

“Word has spread about Darlin’ Stackhouse,” his voice was low and sincere. “Everyone tonight was carrying. Hence the death knell.

Jason walked the Were in. Apparently Mr. Stackhouse still seems gung-ho on getting a free truck.”

Sookie placed a hand on Eric’s arm. When he turned to look at Sookie, she could see the vertical pupils of the dragon. “Please…” was all she said and back by her side was Eric. Blue human eyes stared back but they were flashing sparks! She could feel the dragon lurking beneath his human form. Jason’s days were numbered. She knew that and somehow she knew she would come to terms with it. Her dumb ass brother was not going to quit looking to sell her home.

“Darlin’ Stackhouse,” Sookie nodded her head. “I like it. Jason,” she let out a big sigh. “He is not going to stop.”

Father Eddy nodded yes. “He was to die, tonight. The Were was going to give him his Suburban. There is a bomb it.”

“Oh Were shit!” was hissed around the room.

“According to Jason,” Eddy gave them a moment before he continued, “their next stop was the police station. After Jason walked him in, he was going to be given the keys.”

Sookie was horrified! “They were going to blow up the police station…!” there was pain in her voice and on her face.

“Yes,” Father’s voice was disgusted. “If Berlin could not have the knives, they were going to destroy them. This has been side-stepped, but they are not going to stop. And the Sheriff left them with me. I glamoured Andy so he would not remember. But…but…” Father Eddy sighed. “This is so much more than myself. Samuel,” he turned to the small Jewish vampire. “I know you can be trusted to do the right thing with them. And Andy will understand why they had to be shipped out.”

“I thank you for your trust,” Samuel said with a nod of his head. “There is one knife that shall remain in Israel, the rest, we will find their owners.”

“Thank you. I hate to take you from your celebration, but if you would not mind…”

“Of course not,” Samuel bowed his head. “I am honored. Let me put this in motion,” he said taking out his phone and inputting the information. Then there was a brief conversation in a language that Sookie thought had to be ancient Yiddish and then Samuel turned off his phone. “It is done,” he said to Eric. “As we speak, my team is inbound. The knives will be in safekeeping,” he assured the priest.

Then he turned to Eric. “I am so sorry you have to set it in motion so soon,” he grimaced.

Eric merely nodded.

“My brother,” he kissed Eric on the forehead, “and his darling Miss Sookie,” he kissed her on the forehead as well. “I will see you both in Berlin.

Father,” Samuel walked over to the door and opened it. Vamp speed, they were gone.

“You are sending the message tonight, huh?” Sookie said taking Eric’s hand.

“I have no choice and we cannot leave this to chance. They have to know there is no way they can recover the knives or this madness will continue.”

“I understand,” she said nodding her head. “I really do.”

“Lafayette and O.I., you have to know they will haul your asses in as well.”

“Just been waitin’ on that,” Lafayette said as he and O.I clicked their shot glasses together. “I figured about this time tomorrow, they will have pulled us into Berlin. Wantin’ to know what happened to those two ravens they had tailin’ us.”

“Eric,” Ian put down his glass. “Cedric and I will meet you there,” he said checking his phone which was vibrating madly. “Text message reads as follows. HRM British Isle. Your company is requested…” as he continued to read, Cedric’s phone began vibrating as well.

Looking up from their phones, Ian said, “We have to be there the night of the 18th. Two old darks and a wake up.”

“Lots to get done before we put in our appearance,” Cedric replied. “Be blessed,” he said kissing Sookie’s hand. “Eric, until the death and mayhem. Walk well.”

“Yes,” Ian took Sookie’s hand and kissed it. “Until then, walk well.”

As the two vampires were vamp speed out into the woods, they judged a safe distance and then stopped. “Where oh where is her dumb shit brother?” Cedric asked.

“Caught in a flash flood and drown,” Ian replied. “Let us find him and make it so.”


The impromptu TV studio in Sookie’s home was coming to life.

“You know what you want to say?” Lafayette asked Eric.

“Yes. Here, use my phone to capture it. That way they won’t be able to trace it back to you.”

“Eric please,” Lafayette rolled his eyes. “Boyfriend, you knows you is gorgeous and all that. But O.I. and myself. We will be walkin’ those hallowed halls on our own merit. We had a time and a half today. “

“Let them fly us all on the same plane,” O.I. chimed in. “That way we will have tequila drinkin’ buddies.”

“Now there is a plan,” Sookie nodded. “And is this where I get to travel in a sack or pouch or something?”

“This would be the time,” Eric grinned. “And it is only through customs. But the bag is day glow orange. Hard to miss. Diplomatic Pouch printed in big while letters on the sides.”

“Perfect,” Sookie poured herself another shot. “Just fuckin’ perfect! My big travilin’ debut is in day glow orange.”

Eric grinned. “It is a good color on you and the ride over will be by private jet.”

“Oh,” her ears perked up.

“You ready?” Lafayette asked. “I have my phone out.”

“Let’s do it,” Eric nodded. “Then we move forward at a controlled pace.”

Lafayette held his phone at the ready. “Camera is now on. 3, 2, 1, go,” he said.

“This is Northman. You all know me. Everyone last one of you fuckers. At one time, I was the Sheriff of Area Five. I still think of it as MINE!” he roared. “To those of you who have been dumping your toxic Were shit in my area, I am looking for you. And just because I can, I will sit and judge you and not the Lord Authority Judge Reynolds.

I have had it. The ritual pinning of a body in a graveyard has finished this chapter for me. I am now coming for you. Hope you have your fucking undead life in order. Oh….and those knives you are so hot to reclaim…” Eric grinned. “They have been returned to their rightful owners. Shalom you piece of pig shit.”





“Shalom,” was screamed. “Shalom, my big red, my Shesmu! Did you hear that? Shalom? Does that Viking filth have my knives? Does he no longer have my knives? You promised me,” he was sobbing. “You promised me,” he threw himself at the feet of his god, “you promised me that they would come back to me. And now, now…” he was sobbing. Then he was screaming. “Those knives have seen the face of the Jew God! Has seen his face and the Jew God has smelt the blood….the blood,” he screamed, “that was offered to him. How much blood must I offer before I can see his face! How much? I sacrificed millions of his own kind and not once did he invite me for a coffee!” he howled shaking his fists. “Or for a dinner or for a glass of wine. Not once!” The spittle dribbled from the right side of his mouth.

Righting his uniform he became calm. “Why, my big red one, you have not offered me any blood all evening. I am the Der Fuhrer. My uniform is neatly pressed and my boots are freshly polished. You can see your reflection in them. I would like to have my needs attended to also. I prefer an innocent schoolgirl, one with blue eyes and blond hair. A swimmer, yes. And one who has climbed the Matterhorn. Instruct her to call me Poppa and I will dangle her on my knee and we shall be the best of friends.”

Shesmu smiled at the moron who had let the world slip through his fingers. He had hoped to learn something about radicalism from der fuhrer but his ardor was tiresome, his militancy and love of uniforms were ridiculous, and this was getting to be out of control and no longer amusing. Hitler was indeed a lunatic. Godric had sad so numerous times. “Why is it I never listen to the sane voices,” he sighed as he stared at a two-story high post of Hitler at his zenith. “This idiot is a threat…and occasionally he manages to escape. How would we explain everyone’s favorite Nazi vamping his way down the streets of Berlin? Fortunately the security vampires are older, faster and a bit ruthless in regards to having to chase down their charge.”

There were times when he wanted to drink the blood from his own skull…! “Why did I want to rule here?” he sighed. “Oh yes, so I could be worshiped as a god,” and a smile touched his lips and his eyes were drawn back to the poster. He left there it, not to appease Adolf, but as a reminder to himself. The impossible did happen and had happened!

“The knives are gone.” He dwelt there and felt fear, anticipation, worry, and bliss. His to no longer hold in fear and yet, they did give him a hard-on when he thought about the power they must possess if only he could have unlocked it.

He would locate others but fuck…the knives were gone. He felt the tears beginning to form. Gone…lost in the New World…

…and returned to their rightful owner…which made him shudder! The Jews…even as slaves, there was something about them…that was terrifying…something unworldly…like they had been touched by the same madness….

“…the New World,” his mind tarried there. Those that resided there carried a considerable punch. He was finding that out for himself. He had a vault full of money and printed on it was In God We Trust. He hated the mantra but enjoyed seeing the riches spread out before him.

What he did not see spread out before him was the land that he wanted or dead bodies from sea to shining sea! How was this so difficult?

Well yes, perhaps he had trespassed into Area 5. The Viking was so damned possessive. Even after the fact…

…oh well…

“I have the cure for Erikr…” he chuckled.

“Time to call his happy ass home.”



Samuel met his team in Dallas. “Vampire, human, and other,” he grinned, had come to meet him.

They all stood in a private jet and began, the ages old prayer as they humbled themselves.

 *1 God is our refuge and strength,

     a very present help in trouble.

2 So we have no fear, though earth should change,

     and the hills totter into the heart of the ocean.

3 Let its waters roar and foam,

     let the mountains shake with the swelling thereof.

   On our side is the Lord of hosts,

     our sure defense is the God of Jacob. Selah

Samuel loved the words. Had always loved them. Would always love them. Held them in his heart and in his mind and carried them on his tongue.

9 He stills wars to the ends of the earth –

     breaking the bow, snapping the spear,

     burning the chariots in the fire.

* OpenEnglishBible.Org   Psalm 46


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