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fireplace  with tapestry Diplomatic Pouch

The Diplomatic Pouch       Chapter 21—Day 13 & 14


“Burning the chariots in the fire…” those gathered on the plane all repeated. Samuel smiled at each one. “I must go to Berlin and finish this.

I trust you to take little Anat home so that she may rest with the other knife she created.”

“We have been looking, Samuel,” Lazarus ben Benjamin, one of their antiquities experts said, “at the knives the British Museum listed as stolen. There is nothing here that matches,” he remarked and all nodded in agreement. “We also checked the catalogues from the museums that had been looted during the Gulf Wars. Nothing holds true. They are like stray jackals. Not lost and not belonging anywhere, either.”

“Hitler started collecting long before the war,” The Da’vid replied. “We all know this. I cannot imagine him coming by them legally. I cannot imagine him coming by anything legally,” he hissed. Samuel righted himself. He could not let his fury dictate his actions.

Eric was correct, of course. Logical thought would win the day. Samuel looked around at this small group of the world’s most renown experts in their fields.

“Dietrich Eckhart,” he was once more calm, “was deeply into the occult before Hitler began his beer hall tours as a young man home from the misbegotten, failed WWI. Eckhart, ever the idiot, wanted to believe in their great Germanic messiah and he thought he had found him in Hitler. Gladly, Eckhart would have enabled Hitler with whatever he thought it would take to put him in power.

The Nazis were always looking for artifacts,” Samuel shrugged. “They spent a fortune in Egypt excavating before and during the war. We all know this to be true. Eckhart could very well have collected them from there and gifted them to Hitler.”

Samuel’s voice was matter of fact. “We shall exhibit Anat’s knife with the one we currently own. Once we are finished in Berlin, we can either display the others or donate them to different museums around the world.”

“Fair enough,” they all nodded.

“Take our little sister home,” Samuel smiled. “Go with the God of our fathers.”

“And you as well,” they echoed.

As Samuel disembarked the plane he kissed his fingertips and placed them on the side of the plane as he went down the steps. “Go with God,” he whispered. “God’s blessings upon you Anat, the wife that never was. Vampire claimed me before I could claim you.”

There was silence as the night hovered around him. Pulling it to him, he wrapped himself in the solitude and the brisk air. He had waited, sometimes not so patiently, to finish the evil that he though he would never meet. Smiling, he thought of the small woman who had consented to be his wife. Samuel saw her face in every Jew that died at the hands of the Nazis. Some days he did not think he could bear it. Other days, he could not imagine how he could not.

“Father God, O King of the Universe, I thank you for this time,” he whispered.

The night grew darker as he continued to walk to his plane. Looking up, he could see what was left of the moon peeking though the clouds surrounded by a heart.

“My son,” he heard whispered on the breeze, “you are a total eclipse of my heart.”

As if struck by lightning, Samuel stood and stared at what was before him! He had not imagined the words just as he could not imagine what was before his eyes!


As he mounted the steps to his jet, he nodded to the steward as he went back to his office. Closing the door, he donned his sackcloth and ashes. He wept in joy and with a humble heart as he sang the Psalms all the way to British Isle.


Eric and Sookie were outside the old farmhouse, holding off the rain. O.I. and Lafayette were giving pointers on the best ways to just be the best. Dragon, dragon rider, bad-ass in general.

O.I. had given the pep talk and a couple of demonstrations. “My big man and me, we has been together for years. You two’s just 13 days. I’ve been dragon forever. Mr. Eric’s, you been flirtin’s on the fringes without knowin’ it. This is good and it is also bad. Don’t get cocky and at all times you must have situational awareness. This has got to be second nature. Vampire when needed, dragon when you need’s to toast’m with your flames. Now, time to practice. Eric, get’s ready to shift. Let’s see your stuff.”


And so Eric shifted…from vamp to dragon to dragon in take off mode picking up his rider. There was one thing he could say about Sookie, she was game-on! Lafayette explained the hand holds and with Eric’s body in flight mode protecting her from anything in-coming she was up, on, and they were riding the wind.

Around three O.I. assessed the situation and said, “Get ready. I am blowing flames. Eric, protect your rider.”

And it was that fast. As soon as the words were out of O.I.’s mouth Eric had gone from vamp to dragon with his body between his and Sookie’s as the flames came pouring out of O.I.’s mouth.

Sookie was on board and Eric took to the air with O.I. and Lafayette right behind him. The aerial battle was slow and easy, with O.I. explaining tactics and moves. When the sun hit the horizon, the night training was pronounced finished.

O.I. thoroughly checked out the two. “Night is very forgiving; you can dodge and hide in a beam of moonlight. Daytime is different. You have to ride the sunbeam in to blind your opponent. Miss Sookie, I know you are tired and are feelin’ a might bit peekish. But war does not stop for sleepin’, food or weather. It stops at the life and death.

You can sleep and eats on the plane. This has gots to get done.

Now here we go, into the sun…”

Sookie did not notice the passing of the hours. She was intent from keeping herself from falling off and not getting cremated while in flight. A couple of times Eric had called time-out and wanted to know what it was like to shift from dragon to vampire with a rider.

They tried it shooting straight up. O.I. just followed him at a faster rate of speed and was waiting for them.

Then Eric tried it vamping down to the ground. “Well oh Were shit,” he called out from the ground to an inbound O.I. “Unless there is a cave to hide in, you are just going to flame the entire area.”

“Yes,” O.I. nodded. “And keep in mind, Berlin is going to have a couple of dragons that will go to war with them. Those mo’ fo’n bastards are lookin’ for honor and glory and to have a new king…one of them. For sure, I will be your wingman but cannot be countin’ on more than that.”

“So we’ll keep it in the air,” Eric nodded.

“Would be for the best,” O.I. agreed. “Unless all dragons are on the ground warrin’, you have a fifty-fifty chance. You can shift to vamp and find a small space. But then they are gonna’ take to the air and start diggin’ through to wherever you are hidin’.”

“Got it,” Eric nodded as he shifted and blew flame as he shot straight up into the air.

It rolled into midnight and Sookie was still riding the adrenalin as she and Eric became one.

When they landed, she looked at O.I. “Can I have a weapon?”

“No,” he shook his head. “Your task is to stay alive. Keep your head down and do no damage to Eric while he inflicts as much as possible.”

Stepping up onto the porch she felt the rush leave her body. “Were shit,” she mumbled. “Hungry, tired, and my thighs ache like a bitch! Need food and sleep,” was all she said as she stumbled inside and made her way to the kitchen.

Lafayette and Eric both picked up their phones and checked their mail.

“We are required…” Lafayette said as he looked at O.I.

“Myself as well,” Eric said with a growl. “I have a request from Godric to bring myself forth into his presence.

We will take the day and leave at dusk, land in British Isle and proceed from there. I smell tequila. Sookie has opened a new bottle to have with her pb&j. An excellent idea. I will tell her the plan and after she eats tuck her into bed.”

They joined her in the kitchen as more bottles appeared and were downed.

Eric explained about what their approach would be.

“No fuckin’ off switch,” Sookie complained as she finished her third sandwich and then putting her head on the table, went to sleep.

“Need some of that sleep stuff myself,” Lafayette said. “Only I will drag my tired old ass upstairs.” Standing he saluted and kissing Sookie on the forehead left the kitchen. Eric carried her off to bed and tucked her in. Kissing her, he left the door cracked so he could hear her if she made any noise at all.

Back in the kitchen, he watched as O.I. would toss a popcorn kernel up into the air, blast it with just the heat from his flame and catch it in his mouth as gravity took over.

“You honestly think we have a chance?” Eric asked as he poured them both another shot.

Clicking their glasses together, O.I. nodded. “Indeed I do. Besides, if it all goes to Were shit, Miss Sookie can use her feminine wiles.”

“What?” Eric stared at him. “Do what?’

“She is a girly-girl. She smiles and it just lights up your old heart. Whether it be beatin’ or not.”

“What if I don’t want her to be usin’ her wiles on the enemy?”

“Did not say it was the enemy she would be using her wiles on,” the dragon grinned as Eric growled at him.

O.I. poured them both another shot. “You trust her?” he asked.

Eric paused. “Yes,” he nodded.

“I means in your heart and in your soul, do you trust her? With your life? With my life? With Lafayette and Samuel’s and your child’s life? Ian’s and Cedric’s?”

“I know,” Eric began quietly, “that she will do what she can to keep us alive. That she will not go down without a fight and that her heart will hold true until she passes from this life.”

“Good,” O.I. nodded. “Where we is going, we all has to trust each other. No doubts. And cause she is the youngest and newest to us, we cannot falter in whatever decision she makes. Her smarts is just as good as any of us. We all stands or falls together.”

“I can do that,” Eric nodded.

“Good,” O.I. drained his glass and then picked up the bottle. “See you come sundown.”

“Until sundown,” Eric echoed as he watched the small dragon flutter away.

Today they would sleep; they would board the plane and head for British Isle and stage for Berlin out of there. They would all arrive in Berlin the night Ian and Cedric were told to be there.

Walking into the bedroom Eric sat down and stroked Sookie’s hair. “Lover,” he whispered to her, “I need to feed.”

Holding out her arms to him, he lay down beside her and took her in his arms. “Love you,” she mumbled as she offered him her neck. Carefully he licked and when he bit, she whimpered his name and sobbed, “more.”

He mounted her, slowly and carefully, he made love to her as he continued to feed! When he finished, he licked her neck again and she came shuddering and moaning beneath him. Closing his eyes, he went to sleep.


Jason had partied as hard as he wanted, too. He had some foldin’ cash and maybe there was more insight! You just had to have the right folks who were willin’ to buy!

Having grown tired of Merlotte’s he had taken himself to Monroe. They had a nice cowboy bar and they played nice cowboy music and his was the nicest truck in the parking lot. He had done two girls in the back of his rugged ride tonight and he was thinking he just might could cowboy on to a third round when a bottle of tequila sitting on the top shelf caught his eye.

“Give me some of that,” he grinned. “A whole lot of that,” as he placed a hundred-dollar bill on the bar.

“Can do,” the bartender smiled prettily at him and then set up a glass for herself.

“You want the entire bottle or just a shot or two?”

“Well, as much as a hundred will buy us,” he grinned.

Winking at him, she ran her hand down his arm that was resting on the bar. “You got enough for a nice hotel room in Shreveport?” she asked. “I always wanted to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. You get breakfast and everythin’ the next mornin’.”

“Don’t think so,” he sighed. “But I do have a mattress in my pickup bed. Not a bad thing as long as it does not rain.”

Smiling at him, she shook her head no, poured them both a drink and went to take care of her next customer before they sounded last call.


Stumbling out to the truck, Jason climbed in through the open window because for some reason his key would not fit in the door. He had left a key in the ignition for just such an emergency. There was nothing more embarrassing then asking a drunk in the parking lot to start your truck.

“Sure is dark,” he grinned as he drove down the road. “Sure do like this. I like seein’ the stars! So dark out here on this road without your lights on.

I wonder if when I sell Gran’s land if I can go to school. I want to be an astronaut.

Damn,” Jason muttered, “I really am an astronaut. I am free floatin’ in space and I can see a million stars,” he said swatting his hand in front of his face. “It is true what they say. It is cold in space. I am freezin’ my ass off and I have wet myself,” he giggled. “I heard tell space travelers do that. Nothin’ to be ashamed of. Just speaks to the functionin’ of your body in space. I know that is important and the docs on planet Earth all make a big to-do about that. This is real nice,” he sighed as he watched the sun rise over the earth. “Look at all those twinkin’ lights.” His hand reached down and undid his seat belt. “Low gravity,” he laughed. “Hey everybody, check this out, I can fly! Houston do you copy that, I can fly!”

His hand reached toward the sun that was rising. “Just look at all those stars,” he sighed as he breathed in water and with another deep breath, the cab of his inverted truck was now at the bottom of the creek and he was dead.


“Sun is on the horizon,” Ian said as they listened and no longer heard a heart beat.

“Yes,” Cedric responded. “We can do a little sunlight but I am not pushing it. Let’s get to Sookie’s and tell Eric what has happened. Not by our might or will, just his own drunken foolishness.”

“Let’s go,” Ian nodded.

Eric heard the knock on the door. There were no heartbeats and there were certainly two vampires standing at the front door. Opening the door there stood his friends.

“Jason Stackhouse is dead,” Ian said as they entered. “He was drinking at a bar in Monroe. He lost control and road the creek bank down until his truck flipped and landed cab down in the water. We stayed until his heart stopped.”

“Thank you,” Eric sighed.

“Eric, he had a wad of cash at the bar. Hopefully it was from Otto. If not, there is another player in the area.”

“Fucking Were shit,” he hissed. Then in a more moderate voice he continued on. “Sookie is sleeping in her room. We seem to have reached a new level.”

Both vampires looked at him and when nothing was forth coming, they raised their eyebrows.

“O.I. put us through our paces as dragon and rider. We have melded on some other level. Seriously, in the throes of our mock battles, she had countless orgasms, peed on me and poo’d and the list goes on. We are at a whole new level of trust. Tequila is in the kitchen. I am checking the perimeter. Or I will as far as I can.”

“Thanks,” they both nodded and headed that way.

“Unless you want to help,” Ian stopped and turned to look at him.

“I have this. I am sure I can venture far enough to keep her safe as long as I can still hear her heart beat. You two do whatever feels right. Sleep if you can. Lafayette is upstairs. I know not where O.I. has taken himself, too. The past forty-eight hours have been a rough ride but we have learned a lot.” Watching his friends walk away Eric took himself outside. Today he would see sunrise. No clouds, no raindrops, no fucking peace to be had, anywhere!

Sitting down he quieted his mind and started blocking out the noises around him. Gone were the birds, the creaking of the porch swing. The traffic from the distant road, the limbs of the trees sighing in the early morning breeze. “Quiet,” he mouthed as all became silent in his brain. Except for one heartbeat…Sookie’s.

Reaching out, he touched on something else. Something that read to him as a threat! Something small and could be easily overlooked. A crow sat on a fence some miles to the East. That was not so odd but this crow was speaking into a watch he had strapped to his leg. Eric had the visual in his mind’s eye with the constant beat of Sookie’s heart in the background.

Silently he moved back into the house. Grabbing the rifle, he was in the air without disturbing the breeze or waking the still sleeping birds. Hovering from a half-mile out, he checked the air velocity and the rising air currents from the ground.

Adjusting for the warm air the first rays of sunrise would bring, he pulled the trigger and there was a puff of feathers.

Just as silently he continued on his journey until he could see the dead carcass. Whoever was on the phone was still speaking, demanding to know what had happened.

Picking up the crow, Eric shook his head. “I am what happened,” he smiled as he looked into the camera.”

“The Viking…!” was screeched.

“I am coming for you Nigel the Wizard,” Eric laughed. “I will be there when you least expect it. Tell that diseased whore’s son Hitler when he rises his days are numbered. I am going to see to it personally that he is handed over to the Mossad.” Breaking the watch in his hand and tossing the crow into the field he headed back to the house.

When he entered the two kings were sitting in the living room.

“Feed, get some rest, whatever is needed. There was a crow out in a field speaking to Nigel. Cheap ass Nigel, did not even spend enough money to get someone to shift to a raven…could he just let go of a few more dollars and pay someone to expend a little more energy and do the right thing?” Eric rolled his eyes.

“Nigel?” Ian raised an eyebrow. “Have not heard from him since what…the late 1700’s when he was all over France wanting to still burn witches at the stake.”

“He has been a very bad boy. Thrown in with Berlin, has he?’ Cedric sighed.

“Appears to be that way. And O.I. has promised me that there will be at least more than zero dragons that will be standing with them as well.”

“Bloody hell,” Ian said as he poured them each a shot.

Clicking their glasses together Eric said, “It is not so very late for you to reconsider.”

Both of his friends broke into peals of laughter.

“Me boyo,” Cedric chuckled, “I was born late, so says me blessed mother. Besides, we have been called forth to come hither and thither we shall go.”

“Well then, rest,” Eric smiled at them. “You are going to need it. Slip under Sookie’s bed. Light tight and plenty of room between you and the mattress.”

“Oh nice,” Cedric said. “I’ll wake up clean.”

“That will be a first,” Ian chuckled.

Cedric glowered at him and Ian blew him a kiss.

“Go,” Eric shooed them. “I’ll be in eventually. And not under the bed so you two can get comfortable.”

As they walked off, Eric stretched out on the couch and closed his eyes and listened with his ears. Two human beating hearts and two vampires in the house. “Well, three,” he corrected himself. Taking out his phone, he texted Samuel. Pamela will stand with me to the end. Sookie is to inherit all. Samuel, if all else fails, take her and run. Do this for me please.

Leaving for British Isle with the new dark. The next day, on to Berlin. See you there. You loving brother, Eric.

Closing his eyes he relaxed to the beat of Sookie’s heart. He needed to get up and get moving. Take a shower, review his notes, talk to Samuel, make love to Sookie…but no…there was no fucking off switch…this shit just never ended as his ears perked up.

He waited for the car to pull in and park. Switching to E. E. he waited for the knock on the door. Getting up he headed that way. When he opened it, there stood Kendra.

“Deputy,” he sighed. “We are leaving tonight. Apparently that is not soon enough. What has happened?”

“Jason is dead,” she said. “Someone spotted his truck upside down in Fool’s Creek. Apparently he spent the night at Saddles and Spurs, a cowboy bar in Monroe. Was there from opening bell to closing whistle. And not drinking beer but just about everything else and paying with cash.”

“Well just hot damn,” E. E. sighed. “Can we just pretend like you did not come out and notify us? She is finally back to sleeping in her own bed. This is the first day she is not stretched out on the couch with me standing guard.”

“Were…shit…,” Kendra moaned.

“Exactly,” he replied matter-of-fact.

“That is gonna be a little tuff. Hoyt was there drinking with him a bit. Could not keep up. Slept it off in his truck. He is the one that found him and called it in.”

“I am just going to put it out there because I think we know the answer. No one happened to mention just where Jason got the money from?”

“No,” she looked at him unhappily.

“I will tell her when she wakes, but we are still leaving town. This just gets more absurd and dangerous by the moment. I cannot speak to when we shall return. Do you want a check to bury him?”

“No,” she replied. “My brother-in-law opens the graves. While we are waiting to bury Darlin’ Stackhouse, we will just hold Jason until then. Harry can just dig two graves at once. There are pauper caskets. We’ll put him in one. Andy says there is money for a nice one for Darlin’.”

“Excellent,” he replied. “Thanks for the heads up.”

“Just know, there will probably be a parade of folks out this way to pay their condolences. You might want to wake her and get on the road.”

“Thank you. Excellent advice. I believe I will do just that.”

Closing the door, Eric waited until the deputy got in the cruiser and drove away. Eric was up the stairs and woke Lafayette. “We have to go,” he said as he shook him awake. “Grab whatever and go get in the car.”

Lafayette nodded and stood.

Then he was downstairs in Sookie’s room. “Ian, Cedric,” he called out. “Grab as many bottles of tequila as you can. My keys are on the coffee table in the front room. Pack out the stock and get in the trunk.

Sookie,” he said bending down to kiss her. “Lover, there is no off switch,” he kissed her again. “We have to go.”

“What do I need to take?” she mumbled. “And what happened? It is not dark yet.”

“Just get dressed we will make it up as we go.” Picking her up he sat down and set her on his lap. “There was one someone else sent to buy your land. Jason was fed a lot of cash. He partied his way into Fool’s Creek. Kendra was just here. He is dead. Drowned. Hoyt found him. The whole town will be out to offer you their sympathies.”

“I cannot do that,” she sobbed. “I cannot face one more long look! That dumb ass,” she cried. “Always wantin’ what he could not have…” the tears streamed down her face.

“I know,” he kissed her and rubbed her back. “Put something on. I can hear Lafayette in the kitchen making pb&j’s. Lover, we have to go.”

“Okay,” she was crying, tears running down her cheeks.

“Here, let me help you,” Eric said as he grabbed her under ware and then a shirt and slacks. “We’ll grab a blanket and your boots and tuck you into the back seat so you can sleep. Ready?” he said cradling her in his arms.

She offered a nod of her head.

“Here we go,” as he walked with her out into the living room, grabbed the things and then was out the door.

“All present and accounted for,” Lafayette said opening the back car door. “The boys are in the trunk with the tequila.”

“Most excellent,” Eric said, taking out his phone and turning on the house alarm. “Time to haul ass. Do you know where O.I. is?”

“No, but he can find us,” Lafayette answered as he buckled up and Eric started the car. “Where we headed?”

“Shreveport. Samuel has a plane waiting. Then to British Isle. Pamela and Samuel will be waiting for us there.”



Willis and Gellar were sitting in the Bon Temps police station with Hoyt Fortenberry. They had kept him here since he had reported in about Jason Stackhouse’s death. That was their job. Keep him from running at the mouth, thus starting the parade of well-wishers out to see Sookie.

When Kendra walked back in, she nodded her head and they finished up the report. The Monroe Police Department were on the scene and conducting the investigation.

Hoyt was not drunk but he was scared. “I am tellin’ you,” he kept repeating, his hands clinching the sides of the desk. “I saw Gran Stackhouse standing there on the side of creek bank. She looked at me like she was going to rip the soul from my body and then I saw her talking to Jason. He was cryin’ and hollarin’ and carryin’ on. She was just shaking her head as he just sorta melted into the ground,” Hoyt sobbed. “I mean I saw it. There in the early morning light. They were standin’ there and I knew he was Heaven bound and then Mrs. Stackhouse just shook her head and walked away while he just…melted away, hands pullin’ him downward…seepin’ into who knows what kind of Hell.”

Officer Willis said nothing while Officer Gellar told Hoyt he was free to go. If they had any more questions they would get back to him.

When Mrs. Fortenberry walked in to get him, he ran to his momma and threw his arms around her and bawled, telling her how scared he was and that Jesus did not love Jason and did Jesus still love him?

Being the dutiful mom, Maxine patted him on the back, telling him that she was sure Hoyt had done what he could and that Jason had to answer for his own sins.

Then her line of sight made contact with Officer Willis.

Raising an eyebrow at her, he shook his head yes and pointed downward.

“Let’s get you home and have some breakfast. Then after a bit, we’ll call Sookie.”

Willis shook his head no. “Out of town,” he mouthed.

“Good,” she mouthed back and nodded her head. Her attention was now on Hoyt. “Let’s get in the car and go home and have some breakfast. You’ll feel better once you eat something.”

“I saw her Momma, Adele Stackhouse. Standing there and shaking her head no that Jason could not go with her. Then there were these hands pulling him down into the ground…” he was sobbing.

“We’ll don’t be doing Jason’s fucked up shit,” she looked at her son.

“I won’t Momma, I promise,” he bawled as they left the station. “I will be your good boy forever and a day…”


Gellar looked over at Willis. “New resident in Hell?” he asked.

Willis nodded yes.

“What do you think he saw in his final moments?” Gellar asked.

“Not the face of God,” Willis replied as he looked heavenward and said, “Everyday I am grateful for your love. Amen and amen.”


Those from the Stackhouse farmhouse had arrived safely and were on the Shreveport tarmac, in the jet, readying for take off. There was a knock at the closed hatch door.

“O.I.” Eric said as he stood up and unlocked it. “You find what you were looking for?” he asked.

“Not really and then some,” the small dragon replied as he fluttered in, saluted the air steward who was going to say that the door could not be opened. O.I. hit him with a glamour shot, fluttered over to the bar and poured himself a glass of tequila. “I had to track down a lead. Somthin’ that has been naggin’ on me since this whole thing started with Not Related to Martin Luther. Maxwell Luther was smirkin’ before he went outside and started smokin’ when he said, OI, King of the Dragons, your day is coming, also.”

“Is there a threat?” Eric asked.

“Oh, always,” O.I. shrugged. “But not so much. So I had to check and see what the preferred method was for killing a king of the dragons.”

“And?” Lafayette asked.

“Can be done. Hackin’ off his head, rippin’ out his heart. Drown him in a river runnin’ north.

Other things as well. Mystical things. But those days are lost in history. “

Eric arched an eyebrow. “I hope so. New development. Nigel the Wizard is hedging his bets. Sent a crow shifter to jack up Jason with money and see what could come of it. The crow is dead. Nigel was wetting himself the last time I saw him. Now, are you in danger?”

O.I. was thoughtful. “It would not come from anything wearing a mortal form,” he replied. “It would have to be somethin’ from nature. These are things to consider. I am going to tequila up and pass the time with my long dead friends who has passed on into the light. Let me know when you want to start the official briefin’. Until then, I am goin’ chase memories in my head and see what falls into place.”

Sookie was still sleeping as they were high-tailing it across the Atlantic.

All would be ready when they arrived at the manor house out in the English countryside. No need for a passport. No need for anything at all at this point. Eric and his band of museum stormers were bailing out over the Atlantic and riding the dragons in, following the terrain. That was still several hours out. Until then, Eric was watching the traffic come in over his laptop. Someone had stirred the pot…hm-m-m-m, “I wonder who that was?” he chuckled as he put the map of the Berlin museum up on the big screen and started talking strategy as everyone directed their eyes there and started taking notes.


There was a chime that sounded. “Fifteen minutes out,” Cedric said. “Time to wake Sookie.”

“Lover,” Eric sat down next to her. “Time to wake up. You have fifteen minutes before we exit the plane. We are going in on dragons.”

“’Kay,” she sighed as she sat up and stretched.  “Jason is dead, right?”

“Yes,” Eric nodded.

“’Kay,” she nodded as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “Bathroom?”

“Towards the back on the left.”

When she returned Eric could tell she felt better. “You need to eat something,” he said handing her a pb&j “and hydrate. Have this bottle of water while you pull on some warmer clothes. It will take about twenty minutes to the manor but it is going to be a cold twenty minutes.”


When they landed at the manor house outside of St. Agnes, Samuel was there to greet them and usher them inside.

Clifford, Samuel’s Majordomo, was waiting for them with libations and hot chocolate.

“Is there somethin’ to eat?” Sookie asked. “I slept…” the words were out of her mouth when Cook arrived with a tray bearing all manner of tid-bits. “Dinner, Miss Sookie,” he bowed his head, “will be lobster bisque followed by a salad and prime rib with roasted root vegetables. There will be a warm chocolate soufflé for dessert with fresh strawberries and a hot vanilla sauce.”

“Yum,” she said as she shivered a bit.

“The blankets are warming over by the fire,” Clifford directed her. “Come, let us get you situated. Dinner can be served in front of the fire. The wind off the Celtic Sea is always a bit brisk and chills the bones.”


Lafayette leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and sipped his brandy. “I am thinkin’s that was a last meal,” he sighed. “And if it was well just da-a-a-a-amn!”

“I will tell Cook you approved,” Clifford smiled as he poured tequila into the vampires glasses and refreshed Miss Sookie’s hot chocolate.

Eric was most pleased. With food, Sookie was looking more robust. And rested. She had slept on the plane and it looked like maybe she had left her grief for Jason at home. Getting her out of Bon Temps before people began arriving with their ideas for the moratorium for the dead was just brilliant. Plus, they did not have to explain why they were not going to be there to stand watch over his gravesite.

“We’ll drive up to London, tomorrow, so Sookie can see a few sights. Then we shall depart from there for Berlin. Get all of us there in time to meet the deadline that they sent out.

Samuel, you will be the only one not down in the chambers.”

“I am good with that,” he nodded. “We shall have anything that looks like a bolt hole covered. And when you morph to dragon and shake things up, I shall be down at that time.”

“Never one to miss a party,” Eric grinned.

“Instead of London,” Sookie was watching the fire, “may we explore St. Agnes. My people were originally from around here and my gran’s mom was named Anges. They were Celts that were practicing Druids in Cornwall. I think I would like to spend the day walking the paths that maybe my ancestors did.”

“The old tracks,” Samuel nodded. “Very doable.”

“What I would really love to see is Men-an-Tol. It is a wheel looking rock with a hole in the center of it. It lines up on lots of holy spots. The old tracks,” she smiled at Samuel.

“We can do that,” Eric nodded. “We can do that this evening if you like.”

“Men-an-Tol,” Ian nodded. “The Crick Stone. A fascinating place. The two uprights still stand and line up with the circular stone. The circular one looks like it has been shot through the center with a cannon ball…or something bigger. A human can crawl through it and often did for cures, the second sight and the such. Brass pins would dance on the top of it if you asked a question that it wanted to answer.”

“I think I would like that,” Sookie nodded. “To see something my ancestors constructed and left for the world to marvel at.”

“It is not far as the dragon flies,” Eric smiled at her. “But warm clothes are a must. The cold damp eats through to your bones.”

Sookie was thoughtful. “Would my ancestors have used brass or copper pins?”

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h,” Lafayette whistled.

“I think we can find some copper,” Samuel replied.

“This sounds like a family outing,” Cedric grinned. “Our last dark, possibly alive, spent out in the most ancient and sacred of places, with a daughter returned to them.”

Sookie eyed all of them. “You know the Vikings pushed through Cornwall more times than not and ruled here.”

“That speaks to me,” Eric whispered under his breath as the sparks popped in the fireplace. “The Danes ruled all through this area at one time. Would have absorbed the Druids and their religion and left their own brand of magic on the land.” All eyes were on him. “Dress for the occasion,” Eric said looking up from the fire, “and let us be gone.”


Dragons circled the area and then landed.

“Do you feel it?” Lafyette asked.

“That tingling in my feet?” Ian answered him.

“Yes,” Cedric said hopping from one foot to another.

“I don’t feel anything,” Eric said.

“Me neither,” Sookie added.

“We clearly are not wanted here,” Ian said as he levitated.

“O.I. please,” Lafayette said jumping onto Cedric’s back. “Shift and take us out of here. We are not welcome.”

“Can do,” he nodded as the small dragon became large and one human and two vampires jumped onto his back and were gone.

“Odd,” Eric said as he approached the round stone with the hole. “I like it here. It does look like a wheel for a car,” he said walking towards it.

“I like it here too,” Sookie replied. “Very comforting. I like having the cattle just you know, roamin’,” she smiled as she looked around the landscape.

Eric took her in his arms and then sat down, with his back leaning against an upright. “You can sense it, right. The circle that it once was.”

“Yes,” she nodded. “And the energy that is pushing from the uprights that have lost their balance and are buried under the dirt and grass.” Laughing she turned to him. “Do you think if we slept out here, we would wake up with the fairies?”

“Do not joke about such things,” he said. “I am surprised that you would. These hills are older than time and have seen much. You do not know why the ancients built this henge. It was a laid out in a circle; a holy circle is used in navigation, life, death, and apparently dragon mating rituals.”

“You are serious,” Sookie closely regarded him. “Is this your spiritual side speaking?”

Eric’s voice held a trace of humor but one of respect as well. “There were things whispered on the wind when I was a boy. During those nights, my grandmother warned everyone to stay inside. They roam, was all she would say. If you do not wish to live with them in a grave mound, stay inside and build a fire. The stench of the ash will keep them away from your door.”

“Really?” Sookie shifted to look at him better. “Wood fire ash?”

“Yes. And we all did as we were told. Of course there were always one or two of the young men who would bed a woman for the first time and then to show their bravery would boast about sitting out and waiting.”

“What happened to them?” she asked.

“The next morning, they would be gone. Their clothing would be left. Even their boots.”

“So,” Sookie looked at him thoughtfully. “What did you do when you bedded your first woman and then wanted to prove your bravery?”

“Like my brother Samuel, I covered myself in ashes from head to foot and went out on a night when the wind was more than it should be. I hid in an old fire pit that was used during the summer months, the ashes there providing some covering as well. I could not see anything, but I could feel it as it walked past. All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I could hear my dogs baying inside to be let out to get to me. I heard my grandmother calling my name as she opened the door and my dogs’ bays’ of fury filled the night as they came streaking straight toward…toward…whatever it was that thought to walk through our village. As the dogs got closer, I could feel it, closing upon itself. Taking a handful of ash, I tossed it into the wind and like a magnet the ash was pulled to it. I could hear it screaming in pain as it folded up like a shirt until it got so small it winked out.

Rising from my place of sanctuary, Rosta and Gramr walked back with me to the hall. Grandmother said nothing, merely pointed to the fireplace. There should have been a great roaring fire, but there was not. It had gone out when the dogs began howling to get out.

It was not shifter, or Were or dragur or even a lost and roaming spirit. I have encountered one or two of those in my long life. Whatever this was, it did not mean to let my village live. I have not encountered anything like this sense.

While it walked past, I knew fear. Deep and primordial,” he said thoughtfully. “That I was still alive with the rising of the sun, validated my foolishness; me thinking that I could walk the unseen world without consequences. After that encounter, I understood that I was still young and had much to learn.

And I still have much to learn. But this,” he looked around him. “This was built with magic and hands and a master plan. It is a mating henge,” he said softly, looking deep into her eyes. “It matters not for whom. Beast, human, insect, reptile.”

“Other,” Sookie whispered on the wind.

“I think especially for other,” Eric smiled at her.

“Would you walk the circle with me?” she asked.

“Of course” he kissed her lightly on the lips. Taking her hands, he helped her up and they began their trek.

They walked the circle clockwise and counter-clockwise and then went straight down the middle to the circular stone. The one with the hole just big enough for a body to crawl though. Or to straddle it on your hands and knees while you waited…

“You know what we have to do,” Eric whispered in her ear and nuzzled her as his hands slipped up under her jacket and fondled her breasts.

“Yes,” she moaned as she ground herself against him, undoing his jeans and pulling them down, she pushed herself against his throbbing penis.

His voice was raw. “Sookie, hurry. I can feel it, the tightening in my balls…my dick long and heavy and hissing in need of release.”

Eric helped get her through the center so that she was on all fours. Her hands on the east side with her legs on the west. Her center holding guard the small amount in the center of the rock. He undid her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. Getting down on his knees he kissed her butt as he gently massaged her anus before a finger slipped in. His other hand found her dripping opening and leaning in, he licked her clean, kissed and licked her thighs and then his mouth found her clit and he sucked in earnest as his hands continued to work her openings.

As she rocked on his face, her voice began to call out to him. “Eric please!” came the chant from her mouth.

Leaving a lingering kiss, with his tongue once more pushing inside of her, righting himself, he became the male animal, taking her from behind. Slipping into her, he pushed forward and when he pulled back his hands slapped the upper face of the stone, sending out shock waves that pushed the night back upon itself.

The cold night air was gone and Sookie could feel the warmth of the stone pushing into her. The countless seasons of the wind pushing the rain and snow through the rock. The summer’s sun cresting the horizon and its pulsing rays finding the hollow center of the stone. The nip of spring complete with the heat of the sun, the roar of the rain and the fierce penetrating of the snow pouring into that hole, pouring into her.

And with spring came birth…the great mother using spring to echo all the seasons! “Open, open, open,” she chanted. Feeling herself open, she knew he was not big enough! She was desperate to be filled! The “open ” was chanting changed to a rasping, begging “please!”  She pushed the sound out and with all of her might, she sucked in the night air, pushing her ass up into his balls. The song of their mating filled the night. The same song that had been sung here ten thousand years ago and in the ages before that.

“Do it,” she hissed. “Fucking do it,” she yelled. “Do it!” she screamed.

Yes, this was the reason for the stone. She would not be able to bear his weight when he shifted.

Eric no longer had a human form…but that of dragon. His front paws now rested on top of the stone with his face coming over and around to look in her face. His eyes held hers and a battle of wills was fought as each deepened their stare and spoke of their desire!

To please her more, he had increased his speed. Sookie smiled at him and felt the heat build! In his eyes she could see the spinning of the stars as his length and girth grew and she screamed loud enough to wake the angles and demons! Past and present! She bore down with all that she was and gave birth to a new reality…she was his…and he was hers…as she felt the milk leaking from her breasts.

With a piercing wail, the dragon shuddered into her and then withdrew as he dissipated and Eric was there down on his knees, pulling her upper body though the hole and into his arms. Cuddling her in next to him, he wrapped her into his coat and held her as shooting stars filled the night sky.

Pulling his face down for a kiss, her head then looked skyward. “I have never seen the sky filled with so many stars. And they are dancing!” she said in wonder. “Can we just run away and live like this forever?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied as his hands moved under her sweater. He felt the wetness and knew that she had cum…just as hard and powerfully as he had! Bending his head his lips captured a nipple and suckled and then the other. He could taste it. Taste her…

Sookie chuckled as she ran her fingers through his hair. “No we can’t. But I like that you said yes,” she said as she lifted his face from her breasts. Her smile was gone while she held his face in her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I meant it,” he said sitting up, his voice was serious, brushing her hair back.

“I know you did,” she ran her hand down his face. “That is why we have to get this done. I don’t mind dying at your side, I would consider that an honor. But…” she hesitated.

“I am bound to my maker and would choose him over you,” Eric said softly.

“Yes,” she nodded. “And I understand that…but I would rather not experience it.”

“Then let’s get this over with so we can move forward.”

“Let’s…” she smiled as she kissed him, her breasts once more yearning for his mouth as she felt her nipples tighten.

The kiss deepened and as his tongue found hers he was nudged from behind.

“What the…?” he jerked around to be confronted by a cow.

“Let’s get dressed and head back,” Sookie ran her finger down his nose. “We will have more privacy there,” she chuckled as she stroked the cow.

“I would not count on that,” Eric grinned. “All of them listen at key holes.

Before we go,” his voice was soft and unsure. “I would like to suckle at your breasts.”

“Of course,” she said as she laid her back against the stone. Eric put his head in her lap as Sookie cradled him in her arms, lifting his head to her breast.

When he latched on, she moaned and she knew that he had tapped into her core. That most sacred place inside of her! Her hand moved down to his penis and caressing him, she then made a fist and began pumping as he moaned and the sweet fluid that her body made flooded his mouth.

“A bit faster,” he breathed out before he took her other breast. His hips began to buck beneath her hand and with a whimper, he shot his load into the night.

He kissed each nipple and then her lips. Helping her up they got dressed. Wrapping herself around him, they floated up into the night sky and headed for Samuel’s.


There was a woman’s fluids, a male’s fluids and a dragon’s fluids, splattered against the stone.

From the female had come the ripening fluids. Her milk offering was tasted and found approval and seeped deep into the rock.

The male left his power and his might…from the dragon, his seed to populate the stars.

The old magic found favor with the two that had spent themselves here. The male knew how to please a woman. Perhaps he would live to place his thighs between the legs of another.

The uprights below the surface lifted out and formed their circle. They found great favor with the dragon. They would stand and protect his essence until the rising of the sun when it would be no more. Until then, none would be allowed to come and clean it away.

In the darkness wailed a deeper darkness. A form without shape or hope. It could smell what had been left on the stone. It screamed its anguish as it could not approach to lick off what was so desperately needed. She could not fertilize her eggs and she sorrowed. Barren, she was still barren. In punishment and great disfavor, she would squat over the copper basin and offer her dead offspring to the one that held her collar.Seeping out of her would be those that she would nevver call her own.  Until she produced children, she was bound to do his bidding.