Dear Readers,

Welcome to Morning is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

As stated in the title, I have no shame….sigh. Some of you may remember this as I was posting it here…then a story idea rolled around and Welcome to Morning did not get finished. Then it did  probably about a year  or maybe more, later.

Here follows the jacket blurb….

Welcome to The City of Angels! My name is K.I.M. and I am a writer trying to make it big in The Land of La La. My writer’s mantra is two thousand words a day!

I am also a Rebuker of Demons. This is a gift that carries in the blood of my Jewish female ancestors, which makes me a demon magnet. My mantra for that job is “Oscar,” I call all the little demons that are trapped on my desk Oscar, “Coffee is sacred. None of your sexual perversions in my coffee.”

It is easy to swat the two-inch demons on your desk with your five-pound thesaurus. Just what do you do with the one that is six foot three with eyes of blue that wants to, shall we say, know you in a Biblical sense?

And of course he knows all the movers and shakers in L.A, being one himself. He also has a passing acquaintance with Venus, Odin, Janus, and several other fallen angels who took the persona of the ancient gods…oy vey!

welcome to morning, with KIMS to do list.jpg