Chapter 4


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 The to-do date rolled around. Sookie got Emmy dressed first and then took the dry cleaner’s bag off the dress. The last time she had been dressed in a sparkle dress was when Eric took her out dancing one night after a job in Kansas City. The view from the roof and been star-filled and the city echoed the lights in the river as the riverboats passed by. After that night, she had not had an occasion to wear another. Slipping on the dress, Emmy’s eyes got round.

“Oh-h-h-h Mommy,” Emmy’s voice was excited. “You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you sweet girl,” Sookie winked at her. “I thank you for the compliment.

Now, let’s talk about beautiful!” she kissed Emmy. “You are the heart of my heart, sweet baby girl,” Sookie picked her up and swung her around. “From your sparkle shoes to your soft, soft jacket! You are beautiful. You are my angel’s kiss.”

Emmy was admiring her feet. “I think the goaty-goats will like my new tenny runners!” she clapped her hands. “They are good for the barn and sparkle for our friends.”

“Yes, the goats will enjoy them,” Sookie grinned at her as she looked over the shoes she had brought home for herself. “H-m-m-m,” she held up the black pair, then the red pair.

“I like the boots,” Emmy said with a sure nod of her head.

“Me too,” Sookie grinned. “Just give them a reminder of why we are there. Witchy boots to go! And they have your Poppi-La La’s seal of approval. They are Stuart Weitzman’s. Your Poppi-La La was crying tears of joy when I brought them home.”

“What’s that?” Emmy asked.

Sookie shrugged. “A brand of shoe is all I know. Now, my angel’s kiss is ready to go. Mommy is putting her shoes on and she is ready to go. We’ll grab your backpack and we are off to Shreveport!

For the last fucking time for this bullshit,” Sookie said under her breath as she picked up her daughter, grabbed her bag and they were out the door.

Emmy was quiet until they got on the major highway to Shreveport. “This is where that fucking rat bastard used to work?”

“Yes,” Sookie nodded. “But Auntie Pam assures me he is out-of-town, out of the country, even. Not that it matters,” Sookie said looking at Emmy in the rear view mirror. “You are my daughter. My angel’s kiss.”

“Okay,” she nodded.

“Now, you will be staying with Auntie Pam in her office. She will lock the door so that no one will bother you. Your Auntie Pam and,” she paused. “And that fucking rat bastard, these are the only two people in this whole wide world that has a key to that door. So you will be safe and not be bothered by anyone. And I will be gone for just a little bit. Twenty minutes. We have talked about how long that is. We timed breakfast the other morning and that is how long it took us to eat, remember? And that is how long I will be gone.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “I brought my books. I will do a picture walk for Auntie Pam. She likes the story about the three little pigs. Me too!”


Skookie knocked on the back door of Fangtasia. “One last fucking time,” she smiled to herself. “Seriously you fucking door. You think memories of me being here will make me cry. Piece of metal Were shit,” she smiled to herself. “I got the very best part of Northman! My baby is with me and you can just kiss my ass.”

When the door opened, Pam nodded and smiled as she reached for Emmy. “I have been listening. They are about to start with the voting. You are just in time. Walk out and do your thing. I brought books and I am locking us in.”

“Me too, Auntie Pam! I got books!” Emmy smiled and kissed Pamela on the cheek. “Love you Mommy!”

“Love you my angel’s kiss,” Sookie snagged one more kiss then walked down the hall and out into the bar.

“Brought the three little piggys Auntie Pam,” Emmy giggled.

“My favorite,” Pam smiled. “Love those tennis shoes,” Pam said as they went to her office. “And that jacket!”

“My skirt is all sparkly,” Emmy laughed. “And it can twirl!”

“Cannot wait,” Pam grinned as she unlocked her door, closed it, and they were inside going through Emmy’s backpack.

Pam heard the key in the door. Which was interesting, Emmy did as well. Well shit. Samuel had planned this down to the very last-minute. You had to love him, whether you wanted to or not.

Part owner of the bar and her maker stepped into the room. “Child,” he said to her and then his eyes rested on Emmy, “and Child,” he smiled. “If I had realized times were so desperate that we were taking in children,” Eric raised his eyebrows, “I would have returned sooner.”

“My Maker,” Pamela bowed her head. “You grace me with your presence.”

“Hello fucking rat bastard,” Emmy said looking up from her backpack as she pulled out a book.

“What?” Eric kneeled down to Emmy’s eye level. “What did you just call me?”

“Fucking rat bastard,” she replied very matter of fact. “Those are very naughty words,” she stressed, “and I can only use them when I am talking about you.”

“Do you know who I am?” he asked, putting heat in his voice.

“Yes,” she nodded and looked at him like maybe he did not know who he was. “You are Eric Northman.”

Eric was a bit surprised at her confidence and fuck-you attitude! “And how do you know that?” he continued on in a conversational tone.

“Because my mommy said there were only two people in the whole wide world,” she indicated just how big that was by stretching out her hands as far as they would go, “that have a key to that door and that is my Auntie Pam and Eric Northman, that fucking rat bastard that is my biology.”

Eric turned his gaze on Pamela and mouthed, displeasure in his eyes. “Auntie Pam.”

Sitting down on the floor in front of the little potty mouth, he bowed at the waist. “Well, you have me at a disadvantage. You know me, but I do not know you. Have you a name?”

“Yes,” she nodded meeting him stare for stare. “Emmy,” she offered proudly. “Emmy Stackhouse.”

“Well Emmy Stackhouse, I admire your curls. And your sparkles. I do not believe that I have ever seen a pair of tennis shoes with sparkles. Why even the pig on your shirt has sparkles on her beret.”

“Thank you,” she responded, with a tiny bow of her head. “I like sparkles,” and there was a hint of a smile with dimples in her cheeks. “We go to the thrift store and I pick out whatever I want. We do not pay retail for anything,” Emmy nodded her head, her face now serious. “That is where I found my shirt,” she said proudly. “The little piglet, her name is Olivia,” she smiled as she pointed to her. “She is traveling and making memories. That is the Eiffel Tower behind her and the Leaning Tower. And Big Ben. Mommy says when I get big I can go to all those places. We look in the World Books and we go to the library and check out books. Mommy reads and I look at the pretty pictures. I am going to learn to read,” she said proudly. “And count. I can count to ten,” she held up both hands. “This many is ten. And I am going to be this many,” she held up four fingers.

The little girl grinned. So, she was proud of being four. “Just wait until you are proud of being a 1,000,” he thought. Eric chuckled as he got the accounting of the small breather’s life. “The polite thing to do,” he smiled at her. “Is now to say something nice about me.”

That brought a whole different set of reactions. She was carefully scrutinizing him. Her eyes, he was sure, doing her own inventory. But her facial features were impossible to read.

“I asked my mommy once if you were nice,” did her eyes just shift color? “She said you were probably as nice as you knew how to be.”

Eric digested that. Sookie had not painted for her child a portrait of a daddy that was a monster. Just a daddy that was as nice as he knew how to be. Well, time to tell the little one the truth about the whore that wanted his money. “Child, your mommy has lied to you. I am not your father, or your poppa or your daddy.”

“I know,” she nodded her head slowly, her curls following her every movement. “You are just my biology. I have seen daddies. They help the mommies with the babies and sometimes drive the car and he pays for things. My Poppi-La La does that,” and he could see her face lite up! Were her eyes glowing now? “And he cooks when Mommy is tired and he reads me stories when she has to work.

You are just the sperm that helped to make me.” Her pronouncement of him was clean, clear and clinical. “Billy Goat gives his sperm to the nanny goats so there can be baby goats. Mommy says that is biology,” she nodded her head. “But Billy Goat, he protects his nannies and his babies. He stays right there with them and will defend them to his death. That is because they are his and he wants them to be safe,” she nodded again.

“You did not want us,” she said shaking her head side to side. “So you are just biology,” she said with a sure nod of her head.

There was a knock at the door.

“Mommy,” Emmy smiled and went with Pam to the door. When it opened Sookie reached for her baby and hugged her up tight. “Thanks for doing this. This is the last time. No more Wicca, Wiccan, broom riders, Hell Mouth wanna bes! Call them what you will. I have resigned, told them to take my name off the rolls and to get on with their lives because I was getting on with mine.

Now, my angel’s kiss where is your backpack?” she asked and then looking over to the chair, Eric still sat on the floor.

“Interesting conversation I was having with your daughter,” he grinned as he slid up in one fluid motion. “She’s a little young, but say in another twenty years…”

“Don’t you dare,” Sookie sat Emmy down and was toe-to-toe with Eric, her anger raging and her hands twisted up in his t-shirt. “Whatever filthy thoughts you have in your head you keep them to yourself,” she spit out. “Or I will stake you where you stand!” Shoving back from him, she picked up Emmy’s backpack and shoving her books inside, Sookie stepped back over to her daughter and picked her up.

Emmy was watching Eric intently. “Mommy, is he nice?” she asked.

“He is as nice as he knows how to be,” Sookie replied.

“Thanks Pam,” she said as she walked out the door and down the hall.

There was no mistaking what the breeze that just passed her meant.

“Allow me,” Eric said as he opened the back door for her. “It is dangerous for a female out here by herself. Allow me to escort you to your car.”

“Dangerous is right,” she replied as she started walking. “Who is going to protect me from you?”

“You still were my ring,” he said.

“It is my ring,” she replied.

“Still trying to pass yourself of as respectable,” he grinned.

“Bon Temps has never considered me respectable,” she replied.

“Motherhood agrees with you Sookie,” he smiled. “And in that dress, your curves are well, voluptuous.”

“Fuck off,” she said as she hit the remote on her Jeep.

“Okay sweet girl, in you go. We are going home,” she smiled at Emmy as she buckled her into her car seat.

“Goodnight Miss Emmy,” he leaned down and smiled at her.

“Goodnight fucking rat bastard,” she replied and waved as Sookie closed the car door.

Eric grinned as he watched them drive away. The Jeep was about four years old. Everything about it said used and maintained. And they raised goats. Now that was interesting.

“Fucking rat bastard,” he grinned. “What a mouth on that child. Just like her mother. Well my life just got a bit more appealing.”

As he opened the back door, he had the clear visual of Sookie standing there in the mall. He had called her baby a fucking rat bastard.

“That explains it,” he said as he shook that off.

Opening Pam’s office door he closed it and grinned. “Give Miss Emmy another twenty years and she can certainly fuck this rat bastard.”

Pam was on her feet and had pushed him to the floor. “You are a sick, degenerate, lower than Were shit incestuous fucker!” she hissed. “Get out of my office and take your sorry ass back to where ever you have been for the past four years!” she yelled.

“Child,” he shook his head. “Clearly…”

“I will do my best to stake you Eric,” tears were rolling down her cheeks. “I mean it. You will have to kill me! My father liked his girls,” she sneered. “I will kill you before I let you touch her! Now get out!” she yelled as she stormed past him and was out the door.

When he heard the back door slam shut, he sat up. Going to his office, he turned on the monitor out front. So the Wicca were back and now discussing who should be the next goddess.

The warlock…what was his name…oh yes, Daryl was standing on the stage. “Clearly, Stackhouse has no interest in this position. And she was never tested and trained for it, so that is for the best. Now does anyone know anything about her daughter?

Filbert, you were going to speak to Jason Stackhouse. Has he noticed anything unusual about his niece?”

“He could not say. Says he stopped having anything to do with his whore of a sister when he found out she was pregnant. Will have nothing to do with the child she spawned out of holy wedlock. His words, not mine. Let that be stated for the record. I do not believe in holy wedlock. And the child was born on Halloween, but this is just a coincidence and does not declare the child to be anything more than the day she was birthed. I wanted that stated for the record.”

“Noted,” Daryl nodded. “Have we been able to trace the child’s father?” he asked.

“No,” Ripley stood. “When asked, Stackhouse said that he was a Marine that she ran into at the mall. He wanted one last romp before he shipped out and she was feeling patriotic. There has never been any other mention of the father.”

“What about her employees?”

“They say the child has the ways of Adele. She likes working in the earth and adores animals. Says a blessing along with Stackhouse in the name of Jesus,” he rolled his eyes. “She is not exceptional in any way.”

“So the child does not need to be proclaimed and confiscated? Not worthy of training?” Daryl asked. “Yea or nay,” he said.

“Nay,” was shouted.

“The Nay’s have it. The child Stackhouse is not worthy and her birthdate only means that she was blessed to be born on such a day. If she truly were the goddess, her birth would have been on an equinox. Moving on.

We need to vote for the goddess for the Glorious Dead’s coven. And we are still believing in the miracle child,” he stressed. “The castings that we have all been doing says the time is right and the ground is fertile. So we need a goddess for the coven and a vessel for the miracle child.”

Eric laughed out loud. “Nothing exceptional about the child? Are we talking about Emmy Stackhouse? For a…” Eric took a moment and did the math. Then did the math, again…“Born on Halloween. Then she will be four.” “

This many,” he saw her cheeks dimple when she held up four fingers.

He had never had what Pamela called a moment. Was this what it felt like? He was still seeing Sookie that February. He had not smelled another male until the night of the Wicca gathering. “Odd,” he mused and settled back within himself. Sookie was not one to offer herself to anyone. It had taken him five years. That she had fucked some guy she met at the mall? Not even if he bought her dinner first.

This could explain Pamela’s reaction. Incest. Her father had been famous for it. The math was right, he got lost in that thought then backed away from it.

“Really,” he grinned, “get ahold of yourself. She walked in on me feeding and she went out and found her own good time. That is understandable,” he said as he put his feet up on his desk and stared at the ceiling. “Except Sookie would not do that,” his brain rationalized. “And what color were Emmy’s eyes? Blue or silver?

Not possible,” he sat up, shaking off the feeling of something major that he had missed. “She found a breather with blue eyes. A close match to mine, but that was all, close.”

His eyes went back to the monitor. Wicca…gag…

No way was he cleaning up their Were shit.

“I am done here,” he grinned. “Time to close up shop.” There was an electrical box that they kept in question for just such an emergency. It was in the basement behind old bar equipment left over from an earlier time. Something that could be easily overlooked and explained. Going downstairs he shorted out the wires and a fire stated. Back up stairs he went and out in the hall he pulled the fire alarm.

He watched as the bar keeps helped with the evacuation, getting everyone safely out while the smoke began to billow up.

When he heard the sirens. Fucking perfect! Out came his phone and he sent a text message to Pam: Child I have taken care of the problem of selling Fangtasia.

Taking to the air, he followed the road that Sookie would have to travel to get home. When he spotted her car, he called.

When the phone in her car rang, she hit the talk button.

“Who is it Mommy?” Emmy said leaning forward.

“Hello Miss Emmy,” Eric said with a smile in his voice. “Sookie, I would like to apologize to you for the things I said. Face-to-face. If you do not feel comfortable with me driving you the rest of the way home, I can just follow you there. And I also have a few questions and observations about the Wicca meeting tonight. Perhaps something you should know.”

“Meet us at the house,” she said and clicked off.

“That fucking rat bastard,” Emmy giggled, “maybe he wants to be a daddy after all.”

“Don’t be counting on that, baby girl. The fucking rat bastard wants something. To be a daddy is not on his list.”


Eric was waiting for them when they pulled into the driveway. He opened Sookie’s door and then opened Emmy’s.

“I’ll get her,” Sookie eyed him as she pushed past him to take out her girl.

“Now you are here for a reason?” she said as she started walking toward the house.

“Yes, I am sorry for what I said earlier. That was inappropriate. I would never do such a thing to your daughter. And I did take a certain about of delight in making you angry. I wish I could say I was sorry for that but I am not. No one breathes fire and brimstone like you. I have missed that.”

Sookie walked up the porch steps and set Emmy down when she got to the door. “So you have missed making me angry. Anything else?” she asked.

“Yes, about the Wicca,” he nodded and looked at Emmy.

“What?” she asked, frowning at him.

“Do they confiscate children that are gifted, to train them?”  his voice was low and serious.

“What?” her voice went up. “They said that?”

“If you will invite me in, I will give it to you verbatim.”

“Come on in,” she said, unlocking the door

Eric stood there looking at her. “You know it takes a bit more than that.”

“I never revoked your invitation,” she replied. “It was on my to-do list but I never got around to it. Maybe I will after you leave.

Now, I need about twenty minutes to get her ready for bed.”

“Fine,” he nodded.

Emmy looked up at him. “We always tell the goaty-goats goodnight. Mommy said it is so very late for me to go out to the barn now. Would you do that for me, please?” she asked.

Eric bent down and looked at her. Yes, his color of blue for her eyes, but that silver…and he felt a shiver go through him!

“What do I need to do?”

“Just make sure they are safe and all the doors are closed. One night a big cat tried to get in and eat them!” she said with wide eyes. “My Poppi-La La was there waiting on him with a shotgun. So Mr. Hyett built new, stronger doors.”

“I see,” Eric said. “Then yes, gladly I will check on the goats. Rest well this evening,” he said with a bow of his head.

“And to you as well,” she grinned and taking Sookie’s hand, they headed toward the bedroom.


The dogs regarded him as he passed back out the door. “You want to go with me?” he asked.

The smaller of the dog got up and trotted out, the bigger dog lay down in front of the screen. “Good boys,” Eric grinned. “Come small dog, let us go a walkabout.”


Eric’s only intention was to stick his head in the door and make sure all was secure and then leave. But as he got closer, he could see just what had happened. And he was impressed. The goats’ stalls were clean. Hayloft was well-organized. The milking shed was spotless. The milking equipment still smelling of the disinfectant that was used to clean them as they hung neatly on the walls so that the air could circulate around them.

The field surrounding the pasture was laid out like a garden. It reminded him of one of the gardens at Versailles. Orderly path ways and neatly pruned rosemary into topiaries. There were beds of lavender interspersed with the roses and in one section, they had espalier fruit trees. The last time he had seen fruit trees trained to grow along a fence had been in a garden in Paris.

Hovering in the air, he could see a well thought out and laid plan.

Very neat and very orderly. Just like Sookie…

Heading back to the house, he knocked on the screen and she walked out of the back of the house. Opening the door, she let him and the dog back in.

“You two go for one final run,” she said to the dogs. “Getting close to bedtime. Go on now.”

Wagging their tales they took off.

Sookie had changed to jeans and a t-shirt. “Come on and sit down,” she said nodding to a chair. “Tell me,” she said as she took her place across from him.

As he told her what had been discussed after she had left, she became agitated. And the more he said, the more agitated she became. Getting up, she walked over to the door and called the dogs. When they came in and settled down, she looked a bit easier.

“So,” he asked her, “do the Wicca take children from the families to train?”

“Shit,” she muttered as she sat back down, the ease gone from her, her body rigged. “Not for centuries, or so the old legends say.” Her hands were in her lap and Eric thought if she squeezed them any tighter she would break them.

When he talked about what they said about Emmy she said, “Good,” she breathed out. “They think Emma is not exceptional. Good.”

“But she is exceptional,” Eric smiled at her. “The small amount of time I spent with her, who would not think so. She is verbal, articulate, and makes inferences and can carry on a conversation with an adult. I can see why Pamela would be charmed by her.”

“Mommy,” they both heard her voice and turned in that direction. “Are the goaty-goats just fine?” she asked.

“Sweet baby,” Sookie stood up and went to get her. “They are just fine.”

Eric nodded to confirm that. “Yes, I checked on them. The small dog accompanied me. We can both vouchsafe that the goats are in for the night.”

“That is Brownie,” she smiled at the dog and he came over to have his ears scratched and get one more hug.

“Thank you,” she said politely. “I could not sleep. One night a big cat wanted to eat them,” she shivered. “So Mommy had Mr. Hyett make new doors.”

“I saw those,” Eric nodded. “Very sturdy, very strong. Metal casings. Sure to keep out all villains.”

Sookie snickered. “Did not keep you out.”

Eric arched an eyebrow at her.

“Back to bed,” Sookie said and herded Emmy in that direction.

Eric grinned despite himself. There were photos over in the stairwell. He headed that way, out of curiosity and perhaps he was also just a little smitten with Miss Emmy.

Some one had done a cross-stitch with…with…he stopped before he got to the framed piece.

Embla Adele Lafayette Stackhouse,” he read out loud. “You fucking bitch,” he growled. “You named her after my grandmother…!” he hissed under his breath. “I told you what she meant to me!”

When Sookie came back out Eric was there, standing in front of her. “You named her after my grandmother!” His voice was incensed! “How dare you?”

“She is her grandmother, also,” Sookie replied, looking up at him.

“Do you know what Embla means?” his voice got louder. “Of course you do not because the scholars today do not know. It means Wisest of the Clan,” his voice had gotten angrier and louder. “That woman’s name is sacred just as her life was sacred. And you have defiled it by using it on your ill begotten bastard!” he was now shouting.

“Do not,” she yelled back, “come into my home and use that language about my baby.”

“Yes, your baby! Not my baby,” his voice became a menacing low growl.

The dogs were now beside Sookie growling and barking and snapping at Eric!

Sookie grabbed them by the collars.

“Good boys….” he took a step closer and laughed. “Stay,” he pushed his will at them and with another thought he pushed them back against a wall, their collars being torn out of Sookie’s hands.

Both dogs were whining! Crying out! He laughed as he watched them try to come to Sookie’s aide.

“Don’t you hurt my mommy or my doggies you fucking rat bastard!” a little voice cried out and Emmy was there, hovering in the air, face-to-face with him, her fangs down and her claws out with a broom in her hands!

Like a darting hummingbird, she was everywhere, delivering blows to him with the handle until it finally broke! With a mighty shove he was on the floor and Emmy was hovering above him, the broken handle, sharp and deadly, raised above her head, ready to plunge it into his heart!

“Emmy no,” Sookie cried out and wrapped her arms around her daughter. “Emmy no,” Sookie held her and felt her daughter trembling with rage in her arms! “Baby no. He is a fucking rat bastard but he is your biology,” she said weeping. “You cannot carry that burden of ending him!”

Emmy dropped the broom and nodding her head yes she shifted in Sookie’s arms and was face-to-face with her mommy. “I won’t let him hurt you,” she said shaking her head. “Or my doggies.

Come,” she said to Blackie and Brownie and they moved away from the wall and crowded around Sookie’s legs!

“I know sweet girl,” Sookie sobbed as she held her close. “I know. But I can’t let you hurt him either. Not over this.”

Emmy nodded and then turned to look at Eric. “You hurt my Mommy or my doggies or my goaty-goats and I will turn you into a toad,” she nodded her head. “So not dead, but you will be a toad.

Is that okay Mommy?” she asked, her face earnest as she addressed her mother.

“A toad will do,” Sookie smiled at her and let out a big sigh. “Okay, bedtime, one more time,” Sookie stroked her cheek.

“May I have some blood?” she asked.

“Of course, baby. Let me get a warm lovey.”

Eric was processing everything as fast as he could! Which was not fast enough! He had been tossed around like a leaf caught in a tornado! And she had released his force of will from the dogs!

“She’s my daughter…” came out in a strangled response.

“No,” Sookie shook her head, “you fucking rat bastard! She is your biology. She is my daughter,” she said as she glared at him.

Eric had back crawled himself against a wall during the onslaught! He had never seen anyone move so fast! He could feel the anger she had been pushing at him, debilitating him! Berserker rage distilled in its most pure form! There were stories about how the old ones could just take your life with their wrath!

“Down please,” Emmy said as she slid down Sookie’s body. “You stay,” she said pointing her finger at Eric and squinting at him.

Eric could see the silver flames dancing in her eyes as he tried to move and found he could not.

“What you did to my doggies was not nice. They protect my Mommy,” she said, shaking her finger at him.

“Blackie, Brownie,” she motioned with her hand, “come.”

The dogs trotted over.

Emmy was now standing in front of him. “You like doggies?” she asked him. Her tone had lessened. The four-year old was back…maybe.

“Yes,” he found he could move his mouth. Well of course, he had spared the dogs their language, she had done the same for him.

“Do you trust him?” she asked her dogs?

“O-o,” came back the reply. She nodded sagely and then turned her eyes on Eric for another look. Like maybe, whatever answer they had given her, maybe she did not believe. “Well,” she nodded to herself. Scratching the dogs on the head she continued on, “If you will give him a kiss, he can get up,” she said looking one from dog to the other. “If not,” she scratched both dogs behind the ears, “he stays.”

“O-oo-o,” both dogs said and trotted over and licked Eric on the face.

“My sweet girl,” Sookie picked her up and hugged her, “bedtime.”

Eric was shaking. Every part of him as he followed them into the bedroom and watched as the dogs lay down at the side of the bed. Sookie took a blanket from a metal box. He could feel the heat coming from it as she put the lid back on. Into the bed they both went and…and…

…was Emmy drinking blood?

Then Emmy went white!

Eric panicked! He was on the bed, opening a vein when Sookie shook her head no. “Put your ear on her back and listen,” was all she said as she pulled the blanket tighter around the little girl. Doing that, quieting his mind, he listened. He could hear her body functioning. Despite the fact that she looked dead!

“Ten minutes,” Sookie said to him. “She is down for ten minutes then back to us.”

Eric merely nodded as he kept his ear tuned to his daughter’s back. With a sigh of relief, he felt the warmth return to her and her color come flooding back in.

Sookie tucked her in and kissed her on the nose as she watched her angel’s kiss, sleep.

“She started when she was three months old, on the 15th of March. Beware the Ides of March,” she shuddered, remembering. “I nursed her, burped on my shoulder and she sniffed and found a vein in my neck. Had a couple of sips and licked the wounds. I burped her again and this happened. I was bawling my eyes out, doing mouth-to-mouth and dialed 911. By the time they got here, she was back to human normal. We all had a small chuckle at me having new mommy jitters. So I called Samuel and he came and listened to her, just like you did and said she was still alive.”

“My Samuel?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Pamela re-introduced us. He had no explanation, either. Just that it must be the vampire part of her nature.

He stayed with us a month and slept under the bed. In case I needed him he said to just wake him. He left us a pint of his blood in the freezer, you know, just in case Emmy…” the tears started to run down her cheeks. “Now that you are here, have you any type of explanation for this?”

“Maybe,” he said rubbing the little girl’s back. “My grandmother experienced what she called Never Time. All I know about that is that she had her own set of guards. Their job was to watch over her body while she was in Never Time. It did not last very long. I stood guard over her the last three months of her life and saw her do this. Emmy…” he nodded. “This was a part of who Grandmother was.”

“Good to know,” Sookie nodded. “I will take whatever knowledge I can get.”

“Sookie,” he looked at her. “Grandmother was born on the Ides of March.”

Letting go of a small, strangled laugh, she replied, “That just fucking figures.”

“And Grandmother, her eyes were not grey, they were silver. I only knew her when her hair was white. But her eyelashes and eyebrows were strawberry blonde. They kept their true color until she died.”

Eric pulled on a little curl and watched it bounce back into place. “Her hair is most unusual. Samuel is the only person I know who has curls like this.”

Laughing a bit, Sookie nodded her head. “Her magic, or whatever it is that you passed to her. I think it has been looking for you. Until Samuel came to stay with us, she was bald. And I think that was because Lafayette is bald and she felt his love for her. But…he was bald…

Then Samuel came and she was fascinated with his hair. Then her hair started to grow and it grew in curly, like his.”

Her eyes searched his. “There are times when she just stops and stares off into space. It looks like she is listening, with her head tilted to one side,” Sookie shrugged. “The most recent was when we were in the Thrift Store last week. She was…searching…maybe…I don’t know.”

“Which shop?” he asked.

“The Purple Heart in Shreveport. We were both excited about finding our clothes for the Wicca to-do and she just stopped and stared at a fixed point.”

“The one on Admiral Street?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“I was resting in a warehouse not far from there. I woke mid morning, feeling like I was being watched.”

Sookie just shrugged. “Very possible…”

“Well this certainly explains what I have been experiencing. This big cat that she spoke of.”
“Yes,” Sookie nodded remembering. “We could hear it screaming, trying to claw its way into the barn.”

A small grin covered Eric’s face. “I heard one at the club. I asked Pam if one of the patron’s was getting a bit too excited. She said no.

You were safe?” he asked.

“We were inside the house, Lafayette was outside in the barn waiting with a shotgun.”

Eric raised an eyebrow. “How could you know?”

“Sam Merlotte was by earlier, acting squirrelly. He brought flowers and smiled a lot. Which was weird because Sam does not default to a smile. He wanted to be business partners. I could sell the jerky he made out of my goats to the same folks I sold the soap, too. Split the profit 80/20. Twenty percent to me.”

“Low life shifter,” Eric growled. The dogs raised their heads and looked around, sniffing the air and then looked at Eric. Each one growled a bit just to keep up!

Eric shook his head no and the dogs lay back down.

“Lafayette killed the cougar and Sam has not been seen since. Then there was the time a Were came to the door and tried to shake me down for protection money to keep the farm from burning. I dismissed him from his hard-on for seven days and told him I would turn him into a toad.

Emmy watched all this and said he was not nice. So later that afternoon, she was talking to this toad in the garden and told him he would come back to life on the night of a full moon. She even rhymed a little spell.

So next full moon Lafayette and I are out in the flower bed with shotguns and this naked Were appears out of no where, bawling and crying and wailing and carrying on.

Miss Emmy is the real deal,” she said looking at Eric. “So we have been figuring this out as we go. Just what her magic is and how it works.

I tried to call you once, but you had blocked my number.

I tried talking to Pam about it but she said you had put her under a silence geas to even speak about me.

So when Samuel showed up, we talked and he told me what he knew of your grandmother’s women’s line of clan magic.

He was thrilled about Emmy and sad that you were such a fucking rat bastard. My words, not his. He said that all was just for the best. You would not be convinced and had to learn things for yourself the hard way.”

“You could have just shown me Emmy in her full vampire mode,” Eric replied, matter-of-fact.

“First time I have seen that,” Sookie said and felt the shudder take her as the tears began to fall.

Eric got onto the bed next to her and held her while she cried.

“I am glad you wore my ring,” he said softly and she felt her heart tear into pieces while she cried.

“I have been so lost and so alone for so long,” she sobbed. “And so scared! Scared that she would not wake up! Wondering how I would go on if she did not.

Wishing to talk to you, hoping you had answers! Thank God for Samuel!” she said, fighting back the tears and what it was like to be next to him.

“Don’t you dare walk back into my life with your words and ways,” she managed to get out.

Picking up her hand he brought it to his lips and placed gentle kisses there. “I am here,” he whispered. “And I am sorry. I cannot say that enough.”

“Until you get bored and want something different,” she got out. “You got bored with me and wanted something different. That was obvious. Please go,” she sobbed. “Please. I am so tired. And weary to death of mind games. Please, just go.”

Eric kissed her lightly on the forehead. He did the same thing to his daughter…to…his…daughter…

“Rest,” he said inhaling deeply of the fragrance that was Sookie’s hair. “I will see you with the new dark. Be safe until then.”

Sookie listened to him as he walked through the house. The door opened and closed. Managing a smile, she did shake her head when she heard him give the command for the front door to lock and she heard the dead bolt click into place.

Closing her eyes, she dreamed. Of a place covered in snow. Looking out of the log cabin door, she could see a vast expanse of water. The ocean; she smiled as she watched the waves churn the ice that had formed and toss it onto the shore. “Home,” something breathed in her and she felt her worries slip away.


For several minutes Eric sat on the roof of the barn and cried. For what was, for what might have been and especially for what was going to be.

Wiping his eyes, he heard the goats chewing their cud below him. “I might have started out as a raiding marauder, but I was also a farmer. It just so happens I am very fond of goats. Time to check in with Pam.”


Pamela had been up to her undead ass in phone calls all night! The bar had burned down! Well fucking good-bye to that Were shit and hello to…to…she had no ready answer for that.

There were no casualties except for the building. Everyone, including HRM Sophie Anne wanted to know what the fuck was going on! “Welcome to my undead fucking life,” she hissed.

Pamela was sitting out on the balcony of her penthouse in downtown Shreveport when she felt her maker coming in at a high rate of speed.

When he landed, he walked up to her and knelt down in front of her. Looking in her eyes he said, “My daughter purchases her clothing from a thrift shop. Wearing others cast offs. Have you anything to say about that?”

Pamela gave him the finger!

Eric began again.

“Hello child,” he smiled at her. “The geas is lifted. You are now allowed to talk about Sookie Stackhouse and Emmy Northman.”

Pamela started laughing and laughed until bloody tears ran down her cheeks. “Emmy Northman!” she hooted. “You fucking rat bastard,” she finally got herself under control. “You have had a night. Found a daughter. Burned down the club. So that takes care of selling it and having to clean up after the witches. I do so hope you have not exacted the same amount of damage on the Stackhouse farm. Many thanks to Samuel for believing me when I told him, other wise your daughter would be living just above the poverty level while you whore and war your bagged blood ways and perfect ass across the Old Empire. Just what did Emmy do to convince you?”

“I witnessed her in the full throes of vampire with the Berserker Rage. She would have staked me if Sookie had not stopped her and then she pinned me in place with her will. Just to make her point,” Eric said evenly. Perhaps smiling with a great deal of pride.

Pam raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? She does spells. She is bona fide. But that’s new…” she mused.

“That is what Sookie said. It was very impressive and also very frightening. I may have shit myself,” he chuckled. “She is mine all right!”

“What did you do to piss her off?” she asked, rolling her eyes. “I know that list is long and extensive, so pick one.”

“Sookie and I were having a shouting contest. The dogs were growling. I was laughing somewhat loudly because Sookie could not hold on to them so with my force of will I told them to stay and then shoved them back against a wall, leaving Sookie standing there by herself.

And just that fast, Emmy was hovering at eye level with me, spitting blue and silver sparks out of her eyes and her fangs I am sure was dripping some type of venom my grandmother would have cooked up. Actually, one or two of the silver sparks I think caught me on the throat. Burned me a little.”

Pam chuckled. “You are one lucky fucking rat bastard. They tell you about the Were that came to the door?”

“Oh yes,” Eric smiled. “My daughter is bona fide. In all areas, I believe. Now, I need to go from fucking rat bastard to Father, or Poppa or Daddy. Mm-m-m, Daddy. She calls Sookie, Mommy. I can be Daddy. What can I do to help her make that transition?”

Pam just stared at him and then spoke. “I am glad you found some type of satisfaction rampaging across the Old Empire. I did not have that type of outlet. I need to say this. I did to Samuel and…and…

…you two were so happy together,” she began to sob. “I had never known you to be happy. I was so scared. For you, me and even her. Because I knew what they would do to her if New Orleans found out. My gawd, Eric, you told her about your grandmother!”

“I know child,” he kissed her on the forehead. “I am sorry for leaving you here while I stormed my way across the Old Empire. There are going to be those who will come looking for me.”

Pam sniffled and then dried her eyes. “Will you let me kill them?” she asked, dabbing at her eyes.

“Of course,” he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

“Well,” she said righting herself and taking out her phone. “My baby sister loves baby goats in pajamas. See,” she hit play and the video popped to life of baby goats in pj’s scampering around Emmy while she danced right along with them.

“You have the link?” Eric asked.

“I am so hurt,” her lower lip started to quiver.

“You want to kill HQ in New Orleans?” he wiggled his eyebrows.

“You trust me to do that?” she started to weep, again. “That skank HRM who has been calling me every fifteen minutes,” she groused as her phone rang, again, and Pam gave it the finger. “I would get to end her?”

Eric nodded and placed his hand over his heart and said, “Rightly so. With all that I am, she is yours.”

“I’ll send you the link,” she grinned.

Eric smiled as he watched his child sing a dirty little sea chant as she answered the phone. “Fangtasia where all your fucking undead dreams come true. So fuck off and meet the true death you whore. How may I direct your call? Push one if you want to speak to the bar. Push two if you want to speak to the bouncer. Push three to go fuck yourself then eat Were shit and die. Please leave your message after the beep. Beep,” she said and grinned as she disconnected. “My maker, the link for baby goat pajamas is coming your way.”


Just before sunrise, Eric face timed with Samuel. “Thank you,” was all he could say over and over as he cried, the bloody tears covering his face and his shirt.

“I love you Eric,” Samuel said and placed his hand against the screen. “Get some rest. I will give you the new dark times two, but the next night I will be in residence with the family. What is left of the Old World is gearing up for war. You apparently pissed everyone off and your name is cursed in every language known on the continent.”



Sookie woke before the alarm went off. Getting up, she went to the bathroom and when she came back out, Emmy was up and headed toward the kitchen.

As she walked down the hall, it became evident that Emmy really was all that or Eric had come back and brought a nursery of plants, flowers and that looked like a bag of sweet feed and a couple of bags of extra expensive dog food along with what looked like dinosaur bones daintily wrapped.

“It’s all pretty Mommy,” her little darling ow’ed and aw’ed as she stopped to sniff and admire!

“The fucking rat bastard was here and left presents,” she smiled as she picked her baby up.  “So,” she said, “what did you think of him?”

“He is like me,” she nodded sagely. “I like that. And I am like him and I like that. But if he tries to hurt you or my doggies or goaty-goats, I will turn him into a toad.”

Sookie smiled and nodded. “A good plan. But I think he is going to be back with the new dark and apologize to everyone for the way he acted. Let’s give the dogs their bones and send them outside to enjoy them.”

Emmy nodded. “Can we have pancakes for breakfast? Mm-m-m-m, I smell blueberries!”

“The rat bastard left a crate in the kitchen. We can have blueberries with every meal.”

While they ate, Sookie looked around her. The rat bastard had remembered everything about her. That she like pansies. And purple carnations. That blueberries were her favorite fruit. There was a gallon jug of maple syrup and dozens of chocolate dipped strawberries!

Sookie continued to sip her coffee while Emmy went through boxes with her name on it. There were sparkle shirts and skirts and hats and dresses and even a pair of muck boots for the barn that had enough rhinestones on them to be seen from the space station!

“I hope those are rhinestones,” she said as she took a closer look at the stones that were set and not just glued on. “Not like I would know a real diamond if I saw one.”

Off came the Emmy’s jammies and on went a sparkle dress and on went the muck boots!

“Let’s go show the goaty-goats,” the baby girl laughed and clapped her hands together as she went out the door with her twirling and spinning in the sunshine! There went a comet, streaking across the yard!

“Let’s go,” Sookie grinned as she picked up her coffee mug and snagged a chocolate covered strawberry. “I am going to have to rebuke his invitation,” she said as she had a bite and maybe moaned a little as the flavors danced across her tongue! “But not at this moment. Emmy is out the door and headed that way. The goats are going to be admiring her before I get there! Gotta get going!”