Chapter 24

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Joyeux Noël

Chapter 24

“There is no Christmas spirit here,” she leaned over and whispered in Eric’s ear. “Macbeth is madness and mayhem, and just wallowin’ around in it like we do with fried chicken for Sunday dinner,” Sookie said as she watched the actors on the stage, then her eyes would cut to those patrons standing on the floor. “I love those folks in the pit!” she whispered to Eric. “They are worth the price of admission, itself. Those witches had no sense of humor when they would call out and tell them to run that the Queen’s guards were coming to get them. Then there are those dressed just like them in the pit that would chant along with them, proclaiming they were the real Queen Hecate and to get those posers off to jail.

Those witches on stage would shake their fists and just hiss at them and go on with their lines.

But the other actors, I swear, I almost peed myself from laughing so hard when someone yelled out and told Macbeth that he would be a fucked up king and he responded with—

But yes and on that glorious dark filled day,

in a most righteous, unforgiving and fucked up way,

it shall be my reign to fuck up thus I say.

And then Macbeth just went right on back to his line, not missing a beat.”

Eric grinned. “They ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Miss Stackhouse. Time to go change. Our nuptial lines, soon-to-be Mrs. Northman, are an up and comer.”

Gran watched as Eric and Sookie walked away. “Time for a wedding,” she smiled at Scully and leaned in for a kiss.

“There goes O.I and Lafayette,” he nuzzled her ear. “Oh my, I do believe that snow has started. I believe O.I. called Act IV: Fire & Ice.”

*Act IV:

Scene 1. A cavern. In the middle, a boiling cauldron.

To hide the evil stench that is wafting from the stage, snow is swirling in and reflects off scattered moon beams as the three witches appear and begin to dance madly about. Before the first one can begin her chant,

from the opening in the top of the building a loud voice boomed into the arena.

“Silence ghouls, you foul of mouth

Your words be still we know what you are about!

You may speak when the bell does toll

Until then keep your silence that is your goal.”

For a moment the snow is blocked by a large looming something. All the audience can see is something dark descending to the stage.

Then the sound of cheering starts as the audience sees a dragon gracefully landing, bowing to the audience. On his back sits a master dragon rider in all his finery! Not one geared for war, but dressed in the finest cloth and jewels the realm has to offer.

Standing on the back of the dragon, he bows to the crowd and then speaks:

“True of heart, joyous of soul,

The trumpet sounds, truth shall be known.”

“Hear! Hear!” was called from The Pit.

“Tell us the truth,” they shouted as they shook their fists at the sky.

“O’ voice of Heaven O’ voice of Hell

Tell us the truth, from whence do you dwell?”

“To all of you I say….”

The dragon rider’s voice got louder and filled the theatre,

“…Stop today and say a prayer

For those that love and endure and care

For darkness falls and wants to stay

But for love— ah-h-h-h-h love,” The Rider placed his hand over his heart, “Macbeth’s cursedness would be your day.

“We dwell with love,” the dragon spoke, each word clipped with a bit of flame.

The dragon rider raised his hands skyward.

“To bring you joy from above.

These three would bring a dark and dreary abiding realm

Without hope without love at the helm

So thankful be for those that say

My love for you does not end this day.”

The dragon’s eyes glowed, his voice a rumble.

“A different song a different chant

Triad Wyrd, tonight tell the world of your small rant.

Speak the words placed upon a dragon’s heart

From the beginning, the place to start.:

The three witches all felt the muscles contract in their throats! A spell not of their making was getting ready to spring forth. They could feel it in their bones! This would be a blessing! Those dragon eyes’ that were fixed on them decreed it so!

Around the cauldron they danced and sang:

“The Maiden of Stars The King of Frost

Their hearts are true their love not lost

Upon their hearts their vows are etched

From an ancient time their love is fetched.

So here these words from these witches true,

We came here to curse both me and you.

But love has dealt us a bitter hand

For now we cannot lay our curses upon the land.

And so it begins….

*Double, double toil and trouble;

*Fire burn and caldron bubble…….

Fools do call a dragon snake

They bring the fire to broil and bake

Woe to you and woe to frog

Flight of the bats and bark of the dog

Dragon’s fork and dragon’s sting,

Dragon’s leg and dragon’s wing

A dragon’s charm is chaos doubled

*Like a hell-broth does boil and bubble.

*Double, double toil and trouble;

*Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Cool it with love that does burn hot,

Tonight be ye married on this spot.

The snow picked up and was swirling around the theatre. Mixed in with the snow were ice crystals and the lights captured the multi faceted objects and there were millions of dancing diamonds!

Floating down out of the sky was a couple dancing on a river of frozen starlight! As they waltzed around the building, cheers went up as the dress was recognized! And billowing behind it was yards of tulle that floated like wings out into the night! The diamonds on the tulle glimmering and trailing behind the bride and bringing the stars from the heavens into the theatre!

“Our good Queen Bess!” they shouted. “Long live our good Queen Bess!

Prince Erik of Sweden!” the crowd gasped when they saw him! “The Viking prince has brought his dragon and our queen has chosen her royal consort! Long live Prince Erik of Sweden!”

Those in the pit were doing the wave and it was not long before those that were seated in the upper sections were doing it as well.

Eric and Sookie danced their way to the stage where The Dragon Rider stood on top of the dragon and threw kisses to the crowd.

Bowing, he held up his hands for all to be quiet.

Instead he was greeted with more wild cheers!

From the dragon, a burst of flame shot out, not reaching those who sat in the seats and warming those standing in the pit.

All noise stopped.

“Mo’ fo’n,” the dragon said shaking his head and looking out into the crowd. O. I.  cleared his throat.

“O’ gentle viewer of history…

We are going to right a wrong.

So that we all go merrily along.

A smallish change, a marriage arranged.

Then for Macbeth, madness and mayhem shall once more reign!”

Bowing to the crowd he was greeted with more thundering applause.

Lafayette held up his hands and once quiet was noted throughout the arena.

“Time for the wedding. Settle in and be blessed. Listen to the good words and know that Macbeth should have listened to the good words as well.

And so it begins,” Lafayette nodded to the flutiest and the song of the nightingale commenced as a low sigh beneath His Fineness’s words.

The groom does speak

His heart not weak

For love is his

And sealed with a kiss”

Eric took Sookie’s hands and looked adoringly into her eyes:

“Love does abide and love does stay

Where hate would think to have its way.”

Sookie is clearly a woman whose heart has been given to this man:

“But hearts entwined are hearts that keep

The death of love beneath its feet.”

E & S entwined about each other as the snow swirls around them:

“I love you every day through trial and fire

I stand by you until the final hour

When death does knock and I cannot stay his hand

Know that I loved you with all and our love was grand.”

From the sides came serving wenches, carrying trays filled with drink. Champagne glasses were being passed out to the crowd.

The Dragon Rider raised his in a salute!

Repeat each line of the toast after me! He shouted in glee.

“Drink of the cup, drink of the grape,”

“Drink of the cup, drink of the grape,” was sang back.

“A vow to honor our love not to abate.”

“A vow to honor, “ the crowd repeated, bowing to each other, “our love not to abate.”

“A wedded toast, a bedded groom!”

A wedded toast, a bedded groom!” was replied with lots of whistling and cheering and clapping!

The wife, tonight she shall bloom.”

“The wife, tonight she shall bloom.” Was howled with laughter and lots of forward thrusting of the pelvis.

“For this man and this woman, the seal cannot be broken.

For their love is the token.”

Eric and Sookie were sealing their vows with a searing kiss as they floated upward, the snow that had entered the building, gathering at their feet and trailed after them into the night sky.

The dragon and the dragon rider are left on stage. The dragon takes several steps forward until he stands at the edge.

“Know this,” his voice was quiet and hushed.

“Death, he does not have the final say,

For in life and love once more we shall pass this way.”

The dragon rider stood, his voice intense.

“For love does abide if the heart stays true

And if I give my heart to only you.”

Adieu,” The dragon rider whispered, taking a bow. “Joyeux Noël.”

“Adieu,” The dragon said bowing his head. “Joyeux Noël.”

They both bowed again and then the dragon went straight up and out of sight. The con trail he left behind was that of a dragon and his rider until the smoke faded into the now star lit sky.

Macbeth came onto the stage with a champagne glass in his hand.

“On a cold night the grape does warm the soul

On a wedding night lovers entwined is the goal.

Our queen and her prince shall be bedded soon,

Me thinks as soon as they can find a room.

The royals’ asses are meant for a bed,

There the prince shall take her maidenhead.

One good thing tonight has brought,” he smiled raising his glass in a salute,

“That two have found wedded bliss and for three, spells are naught.

If only Macbeth could foresee

Those witches make a troublesome three (and not a ménage a trois)” he said as an aside to the audience.

“The rest of this tragic tell is not lost,” he saluted those in the pit,

“The show must go on at all costs.

Cue the witches, do your worst,

I am Macbeth, tis my curse.”

Eric and Sookie were admiring their view of London from atop of Big Ben. “Lovely,” she sighed as she sat on Eric’s lap, his arms wrapped around her. “What else am I looking at through these flakes?”

“Westminster Bridge,” Eric replied “And the Houses of Parliament.

Do you want to see the rest of the play?”

“No,” she smiled. “We told them we would meet them at the house when it was over to exchange rings and sign the paper work. I like this,” she sighed. “It is quiet up here and the city is lovely. Damn, I like snow, hides us from not only earth, but the heavens as well.”

“Yes, snow,” he whispered in her ear. “Good thing we brought the blanket,” as he nibbled on her neck and pulled it up around them.

“You ever have sex on the top of Big Ben?” she asked him.

“No,” he shook his head.

“You ever feed from anyone from the top of Big Ben?” she sighed as he picked her up and turned her around so that she now sat facing him.

“No,” his face was now between her breasts, nuzzling the flesh there.

“So I would be your first?” she grinned at him when he raised his face to hers.

“Oh yes,” he replied as his eyes held hers, his fangs down and blue sparks flashing from those orbs that could hold her attention until doomsday!

“Clever,” she ran her finger down his nose, “how you turned me around and all this dress now just hangs down the side of your legs. Since there was nothing covering their lady parts…”

“You have lovely lady parts,” a slow, lazy smiled covered Eric’s lips.”

“Yes and I thank you for noticing,” she batted her eyelashes at him. “But by not wearing undies, I can see how this would make going to the bathroom for those women easier. And sex,” she wiggled her eyebrows. “It would make sex easier as well.” Her hands moved lower. “Why husband,” she savored the word, “there are buttons on your trousers,” she said playfully as she undid the first one. Then the second. When she undid the third, King Eric pushed out.

“Wife,” Eric leaned in and pulled her closer, lightly kissing her on the lip as she adjusted her bottom on top of his legs.

“Wife,” he said again and groaned when she undid the last button, and grasping King Eric, rubbed him against all her girly parts, before she finally settled on one place. That small button of a clitoris, which was now throbbing.

“Husband,” she breathed out and pulled his face down for a kiss, her tongue finding his and her lips now hungry.

“Wife,” he moaned as he picked her up and eased her down onto him. “I find I cannot wait,” he moved his hips forward. “I will make it up to you,” he slid in deeper as Sookie ran her hands through his hair, urging him on. “In our bed, I will make you scream my name, but for now, I ache, to my bones I ache. And all I can feel is your heat and your desire.”

“Do it,” Sookie was trailing kisses along his neck and up to his ear. “Do it,” she moaned louder. “Pound into me and make me scream, wanting you only more!”

A low, strangled cry came out of Eric as his hips moved faster and his teeth marked her skin but never broke it.

“So sweet, so sweet,” she could hear the heat rising in his voice. “So hot and so delicious and so very, very, mine,” he groaned as he pushed his furthest into her and then bit.

Sookie ground onto him and when he moved his mouth to her nipple, sucking it through the cloth, her desire blew her part!

His hand slipped inside her bodice and pulled out one nipple and then the other. Pushing them together, he took both into his mouth and suckled. When her bucking started in earnest, he sucked harder and his hands slowly ran down buttocks and back up, all the while pulling her butt cheeks further apart. When he slipped a finger inside, the low, guttural moan that left her vibrated her entire being. Pushing against him with all of her might, she let him do to her what he would…and it was all glorious and so very…very…good!

As the snow fell, wrapped up in a blanket, hovering on the top of Big Ben, there was a wife who had her legs draped over her husband’s shoulders. And while he feasted from her clit to her anus, she screamed and screamed and screamed, until there was not one sound left in her. Not one. Well maybe one. It was the merest whisper of a word. Meant only for her lover to hear and the falling snow.


Eric’s approach was a bit different. “Mine!” was bellowed and the snow in the heavens vibrated to the sound of his voice! Supernaturals throughout the London felt the roar of the shuddering and the throb on their windows and knew that the night held secrets that were not theirs to keep!

It was the third curtain call for bows! The audience could not get enough and kept cheering!

“Best fucking night ever!” Hopkins kept congratulating the stage crew. “Best fucking show ever! Cue the dragon!” she yelled and danced up and down for joy! “Fuck, I want to know how special effects in the booth made all that happen but I am not going to ask because I am believing in Christmas magic! Joyeux Noël,” she yelled as she continued to jump up and down and hugging anyone who came close enough! “Best fucking show ever!”

Zara, Ziza and Zanny heard the wild cheering and their teeth still chattered in disbelief as they held hands and took another bow.

“Bow and bow and bow and get our asses off stage,” Ziza said under her breath, smiling out into the theatre.

“I have frozen my tits off,” Zara complained, as they took one last bow and headed back stage. “My ass as well.”

Zanny eyed this piece of lower than Were shit that was now walking next to her.

“Your tits and ass might be frozen but when King Hat hears about this, I want to be on the other side of the world.”

“This was not our fault,” Zara stopped and looked at her with her mouth open. “Not…my…fault,” she said pointing to herself. “You can take the blame for this if you want, but not my…”

“You stupid ass,” Ziza hissed at her. “You think that old woman was kidding? I am sure she was the one who gave Cleopatra the asp and made her use it! Those were not threats she made to us. Those were promises. Now, who has money? I mean a stash someplace so she can not trace us.”

Zanny was listening intently. “I have a little set aside. Just in case I needed to run.”

“Run?” Zara frowned at her. “Run from what? We have the Z ranking. All fear us. We are part of the bloodied sisterhood.”

“You moron,” she hissed at her. “That is who we are running from.”

Sookie was sure she had floated home on a dream. That dream being Eric, she realized. Somehow all that dress was still intact and she and Eric were all snuggled together under that fabulous blanket as they approached the front door to Ian’s house.

When the front door opened there were rose petals scattered everywhere and there to greet them was the family! Scully and Gran hugged and kissed Sookie repeatedly, both of them crying as they cupped her cheeks and looked into her eyes and saw only happiness there.

Lafayette hugged her and held her close.

“We have been blessed,” he managed to get out. “Because of your love, you righted the wrong of Sir Scully. He wept all during the rest of the play thanking God for you.

And I thank God for you also. Sookie, you believed in me. Always have. You love me. Always have. I am blessed for knowing you,” he wiped his eyes and then hugged her again.

“I love you Lafayette,” she nodded her head. “I did not have much, but because of you and Gran, I had everything,” she sobbed as she kissed him.

Stepping apart, the rest of the wedding party hugged on them and congratulated them while champagne glasses were refilled and more toasts were called out as the happy couple entered the foyer.

“I have the rings,” Samuel smiled at them. “Vedo is waiting in the library. She would have been out here to greet you but she is preparing herself.”

“She has been weeping,” Ian added. “Tonight brought back a lot of raw emotions for her.”

“Form up,” Pam said handing everyone a basket filled with rose petals. “Let us escort my maker and his bride to the library.”

In front of the bride and groom walked the wedding party. Those that had known Eric and Sookie for the longest. Those that had loved them and had stood by them…those that knew that they could be more than they could ever dream…that together they would set the bench mark of what all others desired.

Vedo stood in front of the fire and bowed when they entered.

“I am privileged, tonight, to formally join together two houses. That of Sir Angel of Green Wood and King Erikr.

Queen Sookie has consented to be the bride of The Viking King and to walk beside him. All else is insignificant to the vow that they made to each other.

I am merely here to formalize the giving of their love.

Samuel, the rings, please.”

Eric’s brother moved over to a table where he had staged a Bible open to the Book of Ruth. Placing the rings there, his gaze held that of his brother and then his bride.

“I know Eric, that the story of Ruth is not significant to you. But I do know that it is known to Sookie.”

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Ruth traveled to strange places and knew an even stranger God. But she would not break the words that she spoke to her mother-in-law.

Ruth understood that to marry the man that she wanted in her heart, that she would follow the older woman’s advice. That being, after the successful harvest and the threshing of the grain, to take herself to the threshing floor and ride the drunken Boaz. And when he came looking for the woman that had so pleasured him, she would have proof because she took his shoe.

I would say,” he smiled at her, “that you have done the same thing with Eric. Only it is his love you have taken. Guard it well, my sister. For I know, there is nothing more precious than this man that stands here with you now.

Eric,” his hand reached out and stroked his brother’s cheek. “This woman…I did not think she would ever exist. Yet here she stands. Indeed, she has traveled with the older woman to stand by your side. She entered here a stranger and now stands surround by the love of your family.

From Ruth and Boaz came a mighty nation. May your love provide you with a safe haven to dwell within as well.”

Eric picked up Sookie’s wedding band from where it was resting on the magnificent hand lettered, gold leafed, Ruth.

“Because of my brother, I am familiar with the story of Ruth,” Eric began. “She was a woman who had left everything behind to travel to a strange land.

This is what Sookie has done. Left the safety of her life to enter the world of vampire and supernatural. For me…she did this for me…the thought is staggering. How can I ever be worthy of that?” he asked her. “All I have to offer is my love and a pledge of that love.”

Picking up the ring, it was a dragon’s body that wrapped around twice. Her diamond engagement band fit in the center, so that it appeared that the dragon’s back was covered in diamonds.

Sliding off her ring, she handed it to him. Eric placed the two of them together and kissing her hand, slid the ring back onto her finger. “As I stand before you, Sookie Northman, I am yours.”

Nodding her head, she took his ring and held it up to the light. It was also a dragon, that wrapped around twice. But there was no sparkle. Just a solid chunk of gold that announced that his man was taken!

“I would follow you,” she ran her hand with her wedding band down his face, “through Hell and back because I know you would bring me safely home. This is all I have to offer. My love and my belief in you. As I stand before you, Eric Northman, I am yours.”

Tip-toeing up she kissed him lightly on the lips. With a nod of his head, he kissed her gently back.

“The marriage license is here,” Vedo smiled at both. “It will require your signatures and those of the witnesses. And a formal toast once it is done.”

“Oh,” Sookie registered surprise. “Is that part of the vampire protocol?’

“Part of mine,” Madame Vedo nodded. “Was the way of my time,” she said softly to Sookie. “And tonight, you took me back to those days that I thought were lost to the shadows. Instead, Queen Sookie, seeing you in that dress, I realized I never really left them behind. That part of myself still exists and I am grateful for that. Now, I believe King Ian has an inkwell and pen. Let us proceed. Ian has promised us dancing. I am looking forward to claiming my waltz with the bride.”

When the clock chimed two, Eric excused themselves from the festivities and wrapping Sookie back up in the blanket, took them upstairs.

There was a fire to greet them and the bed had been turned back with a dusting of rose petals everywhere.

“Thanks,” she smiled at him as he helped her to remove her clothes. When all she had on was the chemise, he placed her on the couch and fitted the blanket around her. “This evening was amazing, incredible…magical…never could I have imagined anything like this.”

“Which part?” he smiled as he sat next to her and took her hand. “That you are related to Macbeth? Married to a vampire or that you have a dragon for a friend?”

“Well,” she grinned, “when you give me those three to choose from, in their own way each is equal and not one stands above the other.”

“Nicely said,” Eric picked up her hand and kissed it. “Are you sure you are not a lawyer?”

“Oh, I know the answer to that one…no to the lawyer,” she yawned and putting her feet upon the couch, put her head in Eric’s lap and went to sleep.

“My Sookie,” he said running his fingers through her hair. “You can be whatever you want.”

The snow was still falling and Eric could hear the hiss of the sparks as they made their way up the chimney and encountered a snowflake that had made it inside.

“Which part,” he asked himself, “do you not believe? That she loves you, that you love her or that maybe there really is a happily ever after for the likes of myself?”

“Eric,” he heard his name whispered. “I love you. Make love to me. Something sweet and soft while I am drowsing.”

“With all my heart, my bride, I shall do this,” he kissed her lips and carried her over to their lovers’ bower. The snow was supposed to last the day and into the evening. He could stay here with her and be there when she woke.

Undressing he slid into bed next to her. “I love you Sookie,” he whispered in her ear while he placed kisses on her neck.

“Show me,” she sighed.

“Show me…!” King Hat was screaming. “Show me! Show me! Show me!

It is three o’clock. The clock strikes. I have worked the spell and nothing happened! Where is the fucking book that is to appear?”

O.I., who always slept with one eye open, was listening to the wind when he heard the ruckus. He did not have much time. This magic was waning. Tying his magic to the outbound magic, he projected himself to the source of the foul language and anger.

“What?” King Hat said peering into the haze. “What is that? Is that the book?”

“Fuck no,” a small dragon appeared smoking a cigarillo. “You need to shave,” he said eyeing her, with disgust in his voice. “What? You think you are the bearded lady in the circus? You do them an injustice.” Blowing smoke in her face, she was coughing and sputtering as the last of the spell dissipated and the connection broke.

Going over to the door she slammed it open so hard the wood splintered. “Where are my three from London? I want to see them as soon as they return.”

“Have not heard from them,” the Minion replied. “With the snow, traveling could be difficult. Perhaps they stayed in London one more night.”

“Have you tried calling them?” she asked.

“My King,” the woman bowed, “I do not have a phone. It is forbidden. Only the Z’s have a phone. And there are none in resident tonight. You excused them so they would not learn your secrets to calling out to the universe.”

“What?” she snarled.

“That is what the Z’s say. When you don’t want them to learn something, you send them away.”

Growling, she pushed the old woman to the ground and walked sedately back to her rooms. Not knowing whether to scream or laugh, she did neither. After all, she had made contact with a dragon. The world now belonged to her!

*Shakespeare: Macbeth 1606

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Prince Erik of Sweden was indeed a contender for QEI’s hand in marriage. No foolin’!

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