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With the Rising of the Moon

Chapter the Threes

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With the Rising of the Moon

Chapter the Threes

Many thanks to Azucar69 for the hand-off line:


OI looked around in wonder, “Well I’ll be, mo’fo’n Harrods. The worlds at yo feet.”


Eric was considering the odds. Not even the bookies in Vegas would give him this one. “Just take it and move on,” he told himself. “Man up! Grow a pair. Shave your head…what?”

Looking over at Sookie she was still frowning and looking like she was going to stake him but maybe she would not push the stake all the way to his heart.

“You said something?” he asked as he walked over and sat down next to her.

“You are a man whore,” she replied, her eyes searching his. “A thousand year old man whore. Bad Jimmie was right. You are much worst than him. He at least professes love and probably gives the lady a gift. You manipulate the situation to your advantage. Breakfast in bed,” she snorted. “I should have been very suspicious. Gran only brought me breakfast in bed when I was sick. And that was not very often. In you came carrying that tray lookin’ like it held the most precious thing on the planet. All solicitous and polite conversation about grapes and passports. Man…whore…!” she said with disgust. “And I wanted to believe. So maybe that just makes me a whore. Just willin’ to throw aside all my principles about you don’t get somethin’ for nothin’ so I could go to London. Whoring for a plane ride and Big Ben. I am so disgusted with myself I could spit wooden nails…” she eyed him. “And put a couple of them in you.”

“And rightly so,” Eric nodded. “It was wrong, I know it was wrong and I would love to blame this on Pamela, but I was wrong.”

“Nice words…and Gran raised me to believe that actions speak louder than words. I get that my value and good will mean nothing to you. So just what did you throw me over for?”

“What?” he replied.

“You heard me. And I heard Pamela. Seriously, you did all this just to partner with some boxers?”

“Not just any boxers,” his voice became earnest. “And this is boxing.” She could hear it in his voice. This was something that genuinely held his interest. “In 688 B.C. boxing became part of the Olympic games. Sometimes with the boxers using hand coverings and sometimes not. So it is a very old and noble sport.

Stickley and Butler had their beginnings managing boxers during the days of the Roman circus. Well before my time but not that of my maker. Godric would tell me stories of these men who would fight until they admitted defeat or to the death.

Boxing is intricate and requires physical stamina conditioning. Unlike other sports, your body takes the perfectly placed impacts. Well positioned blows unless you know how to block and counter. It is like watching two people dance. Anticipating each other’s moves. Looking for your weak areas, exploiting your best maneuvers as your footwork and jabs take you all over the ring. Watching a boxing match is like observing the well timed upheaval of the social norm. And I like it,” he said matter-of-fact. “And since I was turned, I have been trying to buy my way into Stickley and Butler’s business. And I have had no success.

That changed last night. They phoned Pamela and offered me a one third partnership. In exchange, they want to go legitimate, take out a loan from a respectable agency and want to meet you.”

“So,” Sookie was intently listening as she watched Eric’s eyes and then shifted her attention to across the street. “This is about braggin’ rights.”

“Well, yes,” Eric nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay. On some level I get that. I don’t approve of your delivery method but I have perhaps lied once or twice in my life to get my way. Gran whooped me for sure with her wooden spoon when she found out and told me how disappointed she was in me. That hurt the most. That I had betrayed her trust,” her voice was low with remembering. “She told me that when you have more then someone else, no matter what it is, there comes a great responsibility to do what is right by others who have less.” Shaking her head at Eric she sighed. “I guess your version of Gran did not whoop you enough or make you feel shamed for not doin’ what was right.”

Sookie felt an odd vibration and looked away. “Here comes Pamela now with what I am hoping is my burger and shake. Who is that with her?”

“King Ian of British Isle and King Cedric of Eire.”

“Vampire ruling body?” she noted as they crossed the street and were walking their way.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Miss Sookie, my maker,” Pam bowed her head as she began unpacking the food bag. “I found these two ne’er do wells lurking around the burger house trying to pick up women with dogs. I think they are into threesomes.”
“Liar,” Ian glared at her. “You rang my bell and said Eric wanted to see us tonight instead of tomorrow night.”

“You were not whooped enough,” she arched an eyebrow at Eric. “I see the apple did not fall far from that tree,” Sookie smiled at Pam and then glared at Eric as she unwrapped her burger. “Who’s your daddy?” she snarked.

“Oh, me boyo does not seem to have his charm up and runnin’,” Cedric chuckled. “Tellin’ tall tales has he now,” he sighed.

Sookie regarded the red head and decided she liked him. “Sounds like you know him,” she snorted. “He offers up polite words for lies, manipulation and hell, maybe some extortion of the I know your weakness and am not afraid to exploit it to get my way thrown in there. Not everyday a girl gets her passport with breakfast in bed and later a bagged dinner consisting of a burger and a shake in London that night.”

“Oh là là, no charm what so ever,” Cedric grinned. “I am believin’ that is a first. The lady is immune to his Viking charms and smile. How did this miracle of seein’ past his bullshit come to pass?”

“We are cousins,” Sookie smiled as she took a bite. “His gran was my gran and here we are, blonde on blond.”

“And she is sure as hell is not talking about sex,” Pam laughed deliciously. “Why Eric has not been laid since…”

“Child…!” Eric leveled his gaze at her. “Get ye gone.”

“But…” Pam frowned at him.

“Now,” Eric hissed.

“Of course my maker,” she looked from Sookie to Eric, shrugged, smiled and then poof, she was gone.

“I want to go to Harrods,” Sookie got out before she started on her shake. “How late are they open tonight?”

“Until nine,” Ian grinned. “Not going to the boxing match, Eric?”

“Apparently not,” he replied. “Are we keeping our appointment with them after the match?” Eric asked Sookie as he extended his hand to her and helped her up.

“Yes,” she wiped her lips with the napkin and taking his hand, stood up. “But I am not entertaining after midnight. Gran always said respectable ladies do not. So this hoopla needs to be over before then.”

“It will be,” Eric assured her.


Now,” she smiled at the two kings. “Would you like to join us or are you off to the match?”

“Kind lady,” Ian stepped up and offered her his arm. “Harrods it is. And as we stroll, let me give you the history of my lovely city. I am sure you have heard of the great fire of London. It was a Wednesday, the second of September. Despite what any historian has recorded, the truth of the matter is that Eric was responsible. You see, there was a lady of the evening that wanted to be paid in gold and not the minted coin of the realm. He tried to reason with her and when that did not happen, she threw a lamp at him screaming something to the effect of Burn you man whore, burn!”

“Really?” Sookie turned around and eyed Eric. “So I am not the first one he has wronged.”

“Sadly, yes my dear,” Ian patted her hand. “Come, we shall walk and Cedric,” he turned and grinned at the King of Erie, “you chime in when necessary, and we shall, so to speak our dear lady, give you the lay of the land.”




Lafayette and O.I. had been watching the store front windows and taking in the sights as they walked from one eatery to another.

“I am wantin’ fish and chips,” Lafayette would say as he would stop and sniff the air. “Can sure nuff’s smells them cookin’ up.”

“Dragon,” O.I. nodded as his body was perched on Lafayette’s shoulder, looking for all the world like a fine piece of jewelry come to life. “We likes anything fried and crunchy. Has a special fondness for fishes and potatoes. Always has, always will.”

“What does that do to my fabulous backside and waist line, His La La Fineness wants to know?”

“My big mans,” O.I. smiled at him. “Yous just shift to dragon, do a couple of loop-de-loops around the world and all is good.”

“No foolin’, Poppy?” Lafayette eyed him.

“No to the foolin’, your Poppy says. Exercise is exercise. You burns calories, yous is gonna go on just fine with your fabulous self.”

“Lordies,” Lafayette stopped and crossed himself. “Fried foods ala carte and I can be seein’ the Harrods store front from here. I has heard the tales and seen the life affirmin’ photos but never did I thinks I would be standin’ so close to the sacred shoppin’ grounds of if you want it, we have it. And if we don’t be havin’ it, you don’t need it,” his voice was a hushed whisper.

“Let us makes it so,” Lafayette smiled, righted his shoulders and with the purpose of I am gonna’ looks at everything! walked up to the front door and was greeted by the doorman as they stepped inside.

“Smells the wool,” Lafayette sighed. “Beautiful, Italians, tailored made wool suits. And oh,” he sniffed again. “The food hall. Let us take ourselves that way. Maybe we cans be having high tea at the restaurant!”

“Not to worry my big mans, yous Poppy says there will be a table ready for us.”

“Yous sleepin’ with one eye open and seein’ the future?” Lafayette asked as he stopped to admire a cashmere coat.

“Well, yes,” O.I. chuckled, “and nothin’ gets past a little dragon glamour.

“Pipers of the bag,” O.I. sighed as he watched the four players go marching by. “Makes me want to follow along and oh…oh…” his eyes were darting everywhere. “Would you just looks at that food hall! And tea! My big mans, they gots your special tea! Did not knows that all we had to do was take ourselves to this side of Heaven!” *OI looked around in wonder, “Well I’ll be, mo’fo’n Harrods. The worlds at yo feet.”





“So Eric laid Paris at her feet as he walked her to the top of the tower speaking low and soft and wanting to…well show her a view of the city so perhaps she would show him a better view of her bosom. Cedric was there waiting for him and threw him off the platform into the night. I believe Eric tried the same tactic again with her the next night. Eric is not one to walk away from a bosom he desires to see. And nothing, so the saying goes,” Ian concluded his saga of Eric’s most embarrassing moments, “gets past a little Viking glamour. And I am sure he dosed with more than just a little. Unless of course, it is another vampire who was there to witness the entire accounting of his tales of woe and wonder.”

Sookie was laughing as they approached Harrods. “Seriously, he bet Cedric that he could get a skeleton built in Paris and that is how the Eiffel tower came to be?”

“That is correct,” Cedric sighed, a big hearty one. “I have since learned to be more specific. I lost me shirt, literally, on that one. I was dancing around the Paris World Fair buck-assed naked for a few moments off the top of the metal beast. Eric was hovering and shouting at me to dance faster as he was laughing his ass off.”

Sookie turned around at looked at the blond that was still walking behind her. “Cedric, has he been checking out my ass while we have been movin’ along?”

“Miss Sookie,” he cleared his throat. “I know not how to answer that since he is much older and faster than me.”

“I…” Eric began.

“Careful me boy’o,” Cedric laughed out loud. “Ye will be damned if ye did and damned if ye did not. Best just to change the subject and live to fight another day.”

“Yes, Harrods, why I do believe I am buying tonight,” Eric’s voice held joy as the front door was opened and they were greeted with a hearty, “Welcome to Harrods.

“Please,” Eric bowed at the waist once they were inside, his hand making a wide, sweeping gesture. “Let us shop.”

“Yes,” Sookie arched an eyebrow at him. “Let’s.”




*Many thanks to Azucar69 for the hand-off line: OI looked around in wonder, “Well I’ll be, mo’fo’n Harrods. The worlds at yo feet.”



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