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Chapter 18

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Believe—Chapter 18


The Proxy King and his Mrs. taught his father the fox-trot, had lunch, and then moved out into the awaiting community.

Several of the ladies out in the trees were paying close attention and as they marched past, you could see them practicing the classic dance step, also.

Once they were out of the immediate area, Sookie looked back. “What the…?” her jaw dropped a bit. “They have all-l-l-l loosened their bodices and you should see what is hanging out of those tops!”

“You have to get his attention, somehow,” Eric smiled. “What they don’t know is that Dad is a ass man. You can shove cleavage in his face all day, does not faze him a bit.”

“Sorta like his son,” Sookie grinned.

“Kinda sorta,” he smiled at her as he picked her up and slung her onto his back.

“Double time,” he shouted and the pace picked up.


“So that is four residences, this afternoon,” Sookie was watching the mopping up operation at the last domicile. “What is up with the drugs?”

“The jip-juice is a powerful thing, my queen,” O.I. was perched on her shoulder as she sat on a wing back chair that had been carried along just for her. “We wants for nothin’, and rightly so. We has what we fancies, and rightly so. But the squatters, druggies and shitters on life, happiness is never enough. Sometimes it is all about havin’ what is wrong for you, bad for you and can just mo’ fo’n kill you cause we all knows, The Light does not have enough mo’ fo’ers to deal with. So along comes the fae with their not so  happily ever after and adds more to that list.

Some days,” he sighed. “Just best to stay all tucked up in bed with a movie and a bowl of popcorn. With lots of mo’ fo’n butter!”

“I like you, O.I.,” she grinned at him. “A lot.”

“Thank you my queen,” he grinned back. “I just speaks the truths as I sees it.”

“And a mighty fine job you do of that,” she said tickling him under the chin.

“Would you look at the face on the Proxy King, shhhewwwweeeee! Here comes Eric. He is not pleased about something!”

“What my queen,” O.I. chuckled, “gave that away? Is it the look of death on his face or the blood on his sword?”

“Oh, I did not even notice that. I was talking about his fangs and the claws on the end of his fingers and that killin’ look that is sparkin’ from his eyes.”

“I am thinkin’ we are done for the day, my queen. Best to get  his royal bad ass on home to some dinner and sweet alone time with his wife.”

“Well,” she grinned as Eric stopped off to talk to one of the guards. “I was hopin’ to be entertained by Dad, tonight. If he is puttin’ the moves on Fairly, I want to be there to see it.”

“We shall have to be talkin’ that up on the way back. I would love to be seein’ that myself. Here comes our Proxy King now. My queen,  you are on.”

“Shower, sex, food,” was all Eric said. Then bending over, he pulled Sookie up out of the chair and kissed her. Long, hard, deep. When the kiss broke off, she was a bit breathless and Eric was once more long in the fang.  Slinging her onto his back, “Move out,” he shouted as the word was passed up and down the line and the line began to move.

“Shower, sex, food, sound good, Eric. However, if possible,” she was speaking into his ear, “I would like to go back to the pavilion sometime tonight. If Dad is gonna start his plan for unmasking Fairly and if he is gonna start courtin’ her,  and maybe one or two others, I would like to be there to see it.”

“A little entertainment provided by my father,” Eric turned and grinned at her. “I like it.

“Triple time,” he yelled and they all took off at a faster trot.

Er-erikr could hear the guards in the distance as they went running by. “We will wait on the Proxy King and his party to arrive,” he told Cook, “to serve dinner. Now, I am feeling very comfortable with the fox-trot. I am going to venture forth and ask if there is a lady in the crowd out in the trees that would be interested in being squired by me about the dance floor.”

Turning his head toward the noise of the troops passing in the distance, he smiled and said,  “I do so hope they like my gift.”


Eric did not even bother to carry her up the stairs. With her still on his back, he flew up to their lair.

“O.I.,” Eric’s gaze spoke volumes, “be somewhere else,” he said as he began taking off his chain mail. “Sookie, if you would please, I could use some help with my lacings.”

“Well of course,” she wiggled her eyebrows. “Now, do I start with the ones on your shirt, or would your pants be the first order of business?”

“Lover,” he put both hands on  her ass and pulled her in. “I could do with a quickie as a warm up. But I am covered in blood spatter and I know not what else. Although from the smell of it, I would say intestines.”

“Got it,” she smiled as she helped him out of his shirt and then began on the pants. Once those were undone, she patted him on  the ass. “You get the boots off and I will start the water. There is a great big tub…and I mean great big, looks big enough to hold a human and a dragon. Looks like maybe a waterfall fills it. This should be fun!”

Walking into the bathroom, she started the water, took a second look, and then turned and walked back out. “Aw-w-w-w-w-w, Eric?” she eyed him as he pulled off one boot and then the other. “Did you order a small couch, daybed, lookin’ kinda thingy-ee for us?

Aw-w-w-w,” she motioned with her hands, “maybe a day bed best describes it…sorta…with a low dip where you can sit…maybe? And it is not very long.”

“Is there a note?” he asked.

“No-o-o-o-o,” she replied going back in. “I don’t see one.”

Stepping out of his pants, Eric walked into the bathing room and there, placed in front of the fireplace was…was…

“It’s a tantra bed. It is from my father. He made one for my mother.”

“What?” she eyed him. “Was that when she was sick?”

“No, that was for when she was healthy. Although she used it to help her sit upright on the worst of days when she had difficulty breathing. She sat in the saddle part and could lean forward and rest her head her at the foot of it.”

“And,” Sookie smiled at him. “It is used for…?”

“It’s a sex bed,” he looked at it appreciatively. “It is fashioned along the lines of the female autonomy. Using your imagination, its shape is that of a woman lying on her side. This higher elevated part would be her shoulders, as you can see on me is about knee high, then it dips down to her waist and creates a saddle, where you can sit, then a much smaller arch up would be her hips and stretches out a bit to represent her legs. It is built for the Kama Sutra positions that can be difficult for humans to obtain and maintain. This helps everyone along in that endeavor.”

“Oh,” she said thoughtfully. “So…so this elevated back…?”

“That’s right,” he grinned at her as he picked her up and sat her down facing him, placing her hip on top of the gentle arch and had her feet positioned on his shoulders, pushing back her skirt so that her pubis was exposed to him.

“I can kiss you here,” he sighed as his mouth latched on. When she was squirming, he stopped.  “Or here,” he turned her around and pulled her down to the foot so that she her butt was sitting on the edge with her feet on the floor and he was kneeling down in front of her, his tongue licking her as she began to thrust against him.

She was creaming and thrusting and her moans were sweet but he had not even started. Not even started, as he reached up and tweaked her nipples her gasp of pleasure spurred him on.

“Or,” his voice lowered, “I put you against the back, like so,  your butt in the saddle,” he said massaging the sides of her hips,  “and with me sitting here on the lower part, I can put your feet on my shoulders, and I can eat you from here. And there are a lot more very pleasant options.”

“Eric,” she moaned when his mouth latched onto her clitoris. “Eric,” she squirmed when he sucked and his fingers slid into her, her hands holding his head in place, pushing it in and out, all the time wanting more contact!

“And all sorts of other variations in-between,” he stopped and grinned at her.  “For example, I can stand you up and put your tummy against the back of the highest arch, with your body gracefully flowing down the inside of the couch, while I have my way with you from behind.

See,” he said picking her up and putting her into position. “Lifting your skirts, there is your very fine ass and one very hot, wet, pussy!”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Do it!”

“Well,” he reached around to the front of  her, his hands massaged her breasts and then lightly pinched her nipples. “You seem to be in need, lover,” as she moaned and pushed his hands aside and squeezed her own breasts!

“Very, very, much in need,” as he watched her hands work her nipples and she was panting, “Do me, do me, do me…fuck me hard and fast!”

“I would like that very much because you have made me very hard. But perhaps first, my tongue into your very wet and oh so welcoming pussy,” his head bent one more time so he could taste her. “And then, positioning my hands, thusly on your outer lips and pulling just a bit and pushing in so,” there was a gasp from her when he entered her,  “I can ride you,” it was vigorous for a few seconds and then slowed down, “while I play with your clit and look,” he said lowering his head and whispering in her ear while his fingers moved back and forth quickly, making her hum.

“I have anther hand so I can play with your nipples since you have stopped and are now beating the life out of that cushion.” He was now slowly fucking her, pushing in deep and then pulling out slow, his fingers on her clit, vibrating at vamp speed when his other hand made contact with…with…she was screaming! Milking the outside of her breast through the material  and then working his way inside. When his fingers made contact with  the nipple, he began fingering it at the same rate of speed as her clit!

“Or,” he took his hand off her nipple.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please, do not stop…”

“And perhaps lube a finger in my mouth and place it right there on your sweet brown spot and rub it until it makes you beg for me to take you there. How does that feel?” his finger was there in the center of her anus, pushing down while he continued.

“Eric-c-c-c-c,” it was a low, guttural sound. “Yes,” she whimpered, “take me there. In the ass, make me scream and beg for it,” she sobbed.

“Well now,” he drew back. “I am still a bloody mess and you are still dressed.”

“Eric,” she moaned, thrusting her butt up at him. “Come on…please! I don’t care about the blood, guts and whatever else you are wearin’. And you can fucking rip this dress off. I can tell you, Queen Sookie, she would approve! I bet her dragon destroyed more clothes than she has hangin’ in her closet! Wantin’ to get to the good stuff…pussy or ass or both and wonderin’ if she was gonna’ scream the whole time or just moan a bit and then scream her head off at the end!”

“Oh,” Eric playfully kissed her on her ass. “Is that a little dirty talk?” His tongue was now licking where his lips had been.

“Fuck me…!” she screeched through gritted teeth.

“I am going to take you from behind, but it is going to be in a different position. Hm-m-m, let us try now,” he moved her,  “with your face on the couch, lying stretched out with your knees on the floor here at the bottom of the couch. My position is going to be down on my knees so that I have full access to everything you own.”
“Eric,” she whispered, as his hands moved up and massaged her breasts through the material.

“Now you place your hands on your breasts and really work those nipples, lover, and let me take care of this.

You are wet and ready. Just let me glide into our wet entrance once, twice, thrice. Now, a little bath oil that is within reach and feel it pour slowly over your anus and down your crack and drip…just like you are doing now. With my hands I am going to rub the oil onto these perfect lobes and then move my hands in closer and closer to that sweet brown spot and the friction will cause a little heat. Both thumbs working just lightly the outer rim. Tell me how good that feels.”

She was panting and wiggling, trying to make contact. “You tease,” she hissed at him. “I am dyin’ here!”

“Oh-h-h-h,” his voice held a grin. “”I have seen death and you are not even close. Is that how you tell me how good it feels?”

“Eric!” she screamed, short, violent, passionate. “Yes, fucking, fuck, fuck, yes! It feels great. It is gonna’ feel so much better once you are in me…in me,” she sobbed. “Just do it!” she bellowed. “I am needful!”

“Very nice, Sookie. You are warm and by the way you are panting, and you sound like you want me.  I would say you are ready. Now, while I fix my thumb to your clit and a couple of fingers inside of you, a little more oil and now I am going to rim your sweet ass with a finger. No hurry…”

“Yes,” she squealed, “hurry…!”

“I love this part of you,” he continued to massage her anus and placing two fingers into her, scissored her until she was screaming his name along with a lot of obscenities!

“I can see I have your attention. You are not thinking about the mural on the ceiling are you? Or perhaps getting the oil changed in your car or balancing your check book?”

“You bastard!” she yelled. “Fuck me, please! Now! Fuck me hard and fast and do it now!” she was shoving violently up against him.

“I can see you are fully engaged with our conversation. I am going to place the head at the entrance to your ass. There, just a little pressure. Just a bit more while I push in.

“Fuck me!” she screamed in a long, drawn out wail.

“Well yes, lover,” he pulled out an inch and pushed back in an inch. “This is pleasure, you always wanting me. You always wanting me to mount you and take you from behind. My fingers in your pussy, my dick in your ass,” he sighed as he slid into her a bit further. “And I am still a bloody mess,” he said pumping slowly, “and you are still dressed.”

Muffled screams was all that she was able to offer, beating her fist against the leather as the orgasm built and he was still talking to her. Telling her about the next position he was going to move them into. About how they had not even started with the different ways that she would be put in and then ridden. And that she would place him in and ride him.

When she shuddered, Eric pulled her up into his lap. “Let me help you undress,” he kissed her, while he unlaced her bodice.  “Sweet anticipation, lover. Your breasts feel heavy and your nipples are hard as diamonds,” as he rolled them slowly between this thumbs and forefingers as the clothes were being removed.

“Oh, Eric, you are making them ache,” she sobbed as  she kissed his neck.

“M-m-m-m-m,” he sighed lowering his head and latching on until she screamed and shuddered, again. “Lover,” he said raising his head and licking his lips. “I apologize for the blood I am wearing, and look, you are still dressed. But I needed that. Now, let us get you out of this dress, “ he said pulling it over her head,  “bathe then back in the chair. I want you to do me. There is a wooden dildo there on the tub. Fuck me in the ass, lover.  I do not know if I can wait!”

“A toy,” she grinned. “We have not done this before. And…and you like that?”

“It is not something I regularly need, but once in a while I ache for it. Tasting you and feeling your need, has made me a little needy as well.”

As the water filled the tub, Eric got in and brought Sookie with him. “This toy was made for two people,” he  said showing it to her.  “Although we shall not put it in you. I worry for the child. Insert it into me and just saw back and forth with your hand. And do it  hard, lover. I’ll take care of King Eric.”

“Do you want me to pour oil on you as well? Massage it in like you did me?”

“Do you want to do that?” he asked.

“I want to be your lover, Eric,” she responded. “I want you to feel good. Damn, the things you did to me. You talking to me the entre time! I knew it was coming but both entrances at the same time! You big sexy, nasty stud,” she crossed her eyes. “There is a lot to be said for that.”

“Yes, please, the oil,” he smiled at her. “Massaging the prostrate is like growing another dick. The stimulation  makes me nuts.”

“Well all right them,” she grinned, picking up the vessel of oil. “Let’s close off the water,  it is pretty deep in here and you can…can…what do you want? To lean over the edge of the tub?”

“No, I am going to bend at the waist and lean my hands  against the side.”

“Wow, you are just right there,” she said leaning down and kissing him. Then slowly running her tongue where her lips had been.

Her fingers began by pulling his cheeks apart, holding them open, she then poured the oil at the top of his crack and watched it flow down. She poured more and this time massaged it in, her fingers lightly brushing against him. “I am just going to do to you what you did to me. This…this dildo head is big.”

“Oil it and use it,” Eric said, his voice low and husky.

“You stroking King Eric yet?” she asked. “

“Yes,” he moaned. “Yes, I am.”

“Good, you just keep showing him a good time and let me know when you get close,” she poured oil onto the wooden penis and slipped in the head  as Eric push back to meet her. “I’ll rev up the speed. But for now, I’m gonna start real slow, just using one hand. Cause I am gonna’ play with myself until you beg me for faster.”

Eric turned and looked at her. “You are just a mean bitch,” he grunted as his body rocked back and forth.

“Yes I am, and if you are a good boy, I just might take this out and fist you maybe a bit later.”

“A really mean bitch,” he said through gritted teeth. “Do that now!”

“Nope,” she laughed. “Now what was it you were saying earlier about a different position? Wait one. Let me climb up here on your back. Can you stick that gorgeous hunk of butt higher in the air? Maybe I can bottoms-up reverse cowgirl you and yippie-i-o-tie-a! We’ll rodeo!”

“Rodeo, yes thank you,” was sobbed from his penis. “I have been in agony all day waiting for sweet release. I loved the tease we have had with the tantra. And our wife is most pleasing. But damn, you big stud, I need some relief!” King Eric was sobbing. “Work me harder!”


When they had finished, there was water sloshed out all over the floor, the walls and maybe even the ceiling.

As Sookie floated on top of the water, Eric was relaxed against a wall, still stroking King Eric and thinking about the next position with the chair.

“You were not kidding when you said you liked that,” she sighed. “And I enjoyed it as well.  I had no idea you could squeal like a girl,” she grinned and then turned to face him. Wrapping her legs around him, she felt King Eric at her entrance and then he pushed in, filling her and making her uterus tighten.

“Bite me,” Eric whispered, offering her his neck. “Now. Do it now, lover.”

“M-m-m-m,” she nodded nuzzled a bit and then she bit down and felt the blood began to trickle into her mouth. With each pull on her mouth, he thrust into her, making her suck that much harder until he was standing and had her pushed back against the wall, his upward thrusts making her scream as she clung to him!

Eric bellowed when he came and then shuddered. “Curled my toes, you did,” he smiled at her.

“I like that a lot, but let us not forget I am just a human,” she grinned. “Now, what about if we just do the regular old frontal missionary, next, in the chair,” she sighed. “Me sitting and leaning against the back, you pulled up to me and lets see what kind of pelvic tilt we can accomplish. And…and I want my nipples suckled. You know, hard enough to draw out the milk because I am feelin’ like the great earth mother. And if we can’t do that, at least something very close to it.”

“Fuck yes,” Eric said carrying her stepping over their clothes and heading for the chair. “Lover, I am on that.”

Once she was in position, she was leaning against the back, her legs wrapped around him while he positioned himself, his feet on the floor.

“Yes,” she whispered, when he began a gentle thrusting. When she shifted up a bit, she groaned. “Yes, that’s it,” she sighed. “Right there. Yes,” she groaned,  when he  titled her up a bit farther.

“Now,” he smiled leaning down, “something about your nipples,” he was watching her as he thrust just a bit harder and he thumbed and then lightly pinched both of them.

“Suck them,” her voice had gone up in pitch, her eyes on his. The desire fueling both of them! “Please Eric, suck them!”

“This chair has many advantages,” his head leaned down and his tongue licked them, then cupping them with his hands. “I can be inside of you, watching your face and have full access to your magnificent breasts with those rosy pink tips. M-m-m-m, I can suckle both at the same time if I push them together,” he sighed. His hands massaged them for a moment and then pressed them together. “Both fit right here into my mouth,” as he latched on and the loud smacking sounds he made drove her over the top as the liquid flowed down her thighs!

“Yes, yes, yes!” she was screaming as she pushed against him. “Yes!”

He pulled her body down the chair so that her hips were on the edge. “There was no milk in your breasts, lover, and believe me I will spend more time there later. But for now, I think I can milk you here. Squirt for me,” he said placing two fingers inside of her and rubbed against the back of her vagina.

“What…what…?” her hips were coming up off the couch. “What…Er-r-r-r-ric?”  she moaned and then she felt it. His mouth was now sucking her clit, then his tongue was inside of her.

Squirt…squirt…squirt…she felt it leave her with a powerful force as it pushed past Eric’s tongue and into his waiting mouth.

Pulling her up, he laid against the back and held her in his arms while he made loud smacking sounds. “You taste yummy,” he sighed. “I cannot wait to nurse the milk from your breasts,” he said as he pulled on a nipple and then he latched on, his sounds of contentment started in earnest.

“Oh…oh-h…oh-h-h…oh-h-h-h…oh-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h…” she was crying, the sound building and rasping from her throat! The orgasm took her and they could hear her scream all the way to the pavilion!

The Courting King turned his headed toward the castle and smiled and said to no one, “I think they like my gift.”


They were still on the tantra. Sookie way lying on top of Eric and the penetration was easy but very feel-able. There had just been a slight shifting of his pelvis to keep the motion going. Neither one wanting to get there. Neither one not wanting to get there. It was just a lazy time in the afterglow. His hands resting on her tummy as she talked softly about the months to come. The changes in her body. The things that she noticed all ready. The baby becoming more real each day until she gave birth.

“Dad named him,” she chuckled. “Right there in front of God, The Light, and everybody.”
“Yes, he did,” Eric responded with a heavy sigh. “How do you feel about that?”

“I thought we would just call him Erikr for short. That way there will be a difference between the three men in the family. You all will know who I am talking too, when I start fussin’ about somethin’ that one of you did or did not do.”

“Fair enough,” he kissed her on the neck.  “Dinner is ready,” Eric said sniffing the air. “You and the baby need to eat. Let us dress and go that way.”

“Do you need to finish?” she asked.

“No. That was just someplace to put King Eric to keep him quit while we were talking. His afterglow is nonstop singing love ballads. He thinks he can do Barry White. Nobody but Barry does Barry. And Celine…”

“The sound track from Titanic, huh?” Sookie laughed.

*“My heart will go on and on…”Eric sang, impersonating Dion perfectly.”

“I am hungry,” she laughed. “Yes, food, maybe some dancing and we will see if Dad remembers how to romance the ladies.”


When they arrived, the food was being set out. “I need to talk with the men, lover,” Eric said. “You get something to eat. I will be with you shortly.”

Sookie sniffed at several pots and stopped to dip some soup into her bowl. Grabbing a small loaf of bread, she  sat down next to her father-in-law.

Eric stopped at different tables, telling them to remain seated and eat while he sat and chatted for a few moments before he moved onto the next.

“Checking in,” Er-erikr nodded. “He is a good commander. The men care for him and he for them. They are proud to stand by his side.”

Sookie nodded. “He takes good care of his people. Does what is right by them. And they all know that. If Eric has your back, then you are someone he believes in and will put himself in harm’s way to get you out and home safely.”

“You sound like you speak from experience, daughter,” he took her hand and brought it up for a kiss.
“Yes,” she sighed. “And I am stubborn as all get out and Eric just sorta by-passed that and did what was best to keep me safe, anyway. Once or twice I thought I could stake him, myself. But lookin’ back on things and knowin’ what I know now. I never had the complete picture of what was goin’ on and he did. Who you could trust, who never told the truth, and who was lookin’ to take everythin’ you had because they were too lazy to work.”

“All things in hindsight,” he smiled at her. “With age comes wisdom, or at least that is what I am hoping for.”

“Has Fairly been here yet?”

“No,” he shook his head. “And that is where the with age comes wisdom part falls into play.”

“You been dancin’ with any of the ladies, yet? I see them all still out there in the trees. Some have fires goin’. Smells like they are cookin’ as well.”

“It is time for a late supper,” he grinned. “And I thought maybe I would but no, I thought I would wait until after supper and then start inviting them in to dance and perhaps, before the moon sets, I shall call on Fairly and see how she is doing and invite her into the foray.”

“Really?” Sookie looked at him. “You are goin’ to their manor?”

“But of course. She will be all aghast but because she risked her life to get valuable information to us on earth, she is expecting to be treated a bit differently.”

“Damn,” Sookie looked him up and down. “You have got some skills!”

“Indeed,” he grinned. “Now here comes my son.”

Eric stood behind his father with his hands on his shoulders. Er-erikr tilted his head back and looked up at him.

“Thank you, your gift was most thoughtful and muchly  appreciated.” Eric nodded, his face serious.

“You are more than welcome, my son. We are most respectful of our human brides.”

Eric squeezed his shoulders and then sat down on the other side of Sookie.

“How are the troops?” Sookie asked tearing the bread in half, dipping it in the soup and then offering the piece to Eric.

“Good,” he answered. “They want to start earlier, tomorrow. There have been all kinds of rumors for ages upon ages that there are fields of prickly thistle being raised in the shadows of the Ice Mountains of Endless Dreams.”

“I travel that way just about daily,” Er-erikr spoke up. “I have yet to see anything of that magnitude. And I traipse all over the mountains looking for kindling.”

“That is what I told them. A rumor perhaps started by the growers to keep the crown occupied elsewhere.

They also seemed to think there were fields of the stuff growing in The Woods of Talking Trees.”

“Now, that, I could believe. Those woods are said to be haunted. That the spirits that are caught there live inside the trees and scare the harpy shit out of anyone who ventures too far into the tree line.”

“Have you been in there?” Eric asked.

“Not in ages. Not since my time on earth with you and your mother.

O.I., when was the last time you spent any time in the Talking Trees?”

“Long time, my Courting King. I have not been that way since the Unholy War.”

“We don’t patrol there,” Eric said, eyeing Sookie’s soup. “When I asked why not, they all just shrugged and had no reason.”

“It’s been spelled,” they all four said together, and then rolled their eyes.

“Well fucked up harpy shit,” Eric snorted. “Of course it has. Probably the same time the vamps all left here and took the coffee with them.

Tomorrow we will take a look. We’ll put some dragons in the air to do recon. You will need clearings to grow this stuff. Once we find it, it will be flame on.

Now, I am going to get some soup and bread. Anyone need anything while I am up?”

“Death From Above?” O.I. wiggled his eyebrows. “A great big mug full?”

“One hellishly delicious hang-over up and coming for the king of the dragons. Anyone else want to walk down that path with him? No? Well O.I., you should not drink alone. I will fill one for myself, as well.”

Er-erikr looked at him with pleading in his eyes. Eric laughed out loud. “Sorry o’ Courting King. No lady likes a slobbering, falling down drunk. Sober you must be. Oh look, the band has just about finished their meal. Let the festivities begin.”


*Music James Horner/ Lyrics Will Jennings…1997

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