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Chapter 3

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 3

Sookie heard her alarm, felt the sun, and was up and in the kitchen. Gran had already made coffee and had gone out to get the newspaper.

“We may be country dwellers,” Sookie poured herself a cup, “but Gran says we live in civilization. And reading the paper with a cup of coffee is a sign of civilization. So be it. I am living the dream!”

Taking out the bread and making toast, Gran came in. It was lunch time but breakfast sounded better.

“Bit of a nip to the air,” she said as she took the rubber band off the rolled-up paper.

“That’s interesting,” she spread the paper out and Sookie refilled her coffee cup as well.  “There is a small article here on the front page that says if you want more information on last night’s shooting star spectacle, to contact Longboat Scientific Optics. Apparently, they have several telescopes, the biggest one named Drakbåt,pointed at the night sky and captured some excellent photos. If you want to use them in your magic circles or for science projects, please feel free to do so, it says.  They are not going to hold  a copyright on the photos. They give a web site and everything.”

“Just shooting stars?” Sookie asked. “Nothing about the purple Northern Lights that were flashing their stuff this far south or the Drakbåtthat was ridin’ it? Yeah, go fish,” Sookie hooted.

“Not one word,” Gran smiled at her. “Nope, not a one. Do you think this is from the fellow warriors that you are supposed to fight with? You know, throwing out a line? Do a little pre-war meet and greet?”

“Oh, it is probably a line all right,” she snickered,  “but I cannot ignore the magic circle bit. So, Lafayette has a laptop. We should be able to check in with his.

I’m callin’ him now.”

“You has got the good and righteous His La La Fineness, Miss Sooks. How are you and Gran doin’? I didn’t sleep until the sun came up.”

“Us as well,” Sookie said pulling back the kitchen curtain.  “After last night, don’t know if I will ever sleep again.”

“Same as same here,” he replied. “Lordy, pretty lights and a boat you don’t have to row. No spirits on board, though. Don’t know if that is good and righteous or nots.  Not everyday, though, you see one of those hovering on the lights of the North this far south.”

“Yeppers, that is where we are at. And because of that, Gran and I are in a quandaryover here. We need a computer to check out a web site that looks like is talkin’ to us.”

“Well come on,” he said. “I’ll fire it up and will be here waitin’ on you. Makin’ coffee. A pot. Don’t bother bringin’  that stuff you keep in yous cupboard.”

“On our way,” Sookie said and hung up the phone.

“Do you think Lafayette will put a chocolate kiss in our coffee along with that full fat cream,” Gran asked grabbing her sweater.

“I would count on that,” Sookie smiled and reaching behind patted her butt. “So much for ever fittin’ into my skinny jeans, again. Lafayette puts those kisses in his muffins, as well. I bet he is doing up a batch of those, even as we speak. Forget the toast and peanut butter. Let’s go have chocolate for breakfast and then see if he will do a follow-on with chocolate for lunch!”

Lafayette had indeed made chocolate muffins and had special coffee! As they ate, he studied the newspaper article.

“So we are thinkin’ this is code for somethin’,” he said as he took a sip and then put in the web address. “Okay…here we are…and we are lookin’ at their menu in regards to the shootin’ stars.

Hm-m-m-m, nothin’ here that particularly sets this in motion,” he said as they scrolled through the photos.

“Okay,” Sookie was thoughtful, “here it says leave a comment. What says the group?  Yes or no? Easy-peasy. Click yes,” she said.  “And now it says describe what you saw.”

“We can do that,” Lafayette said and began typing. “What do you think? Is that enough?” he asked as he sat back and turned the lap top to face Sookie and Gran.

“Oh yes,” Sookie nodded. “Good description. You even include the big, shinning stars that twinkled and looked like they were blowing kisses.”

“Clicking the send box and well, just looks here at all theses pretty photographs. It says pick the one that looks like the closest of what we saw.”

“It is not there,” Gran said carefully scrutinizing the photos.

“You are right Gran,” Sookie nodded. “It is not there.”

“Now what?” Gran asked.

“Scroll all the way to the bottom and once more click into the comment box and ask them just what the fuck? Sorry Gran,” Sookie looked at her, “but really, just what the fuck?”

“And so if I might quote you on that,” Lafayette began typing, “Just what the fuck? The photo is not there.

Hitting enter, there was no immediate response. Then another box popped up. “Would you like to chat with a live associate?”

“We want to do that?” Gran asked.

 “Yes,” he typed, “get yourself on line.”

Eric had caught an immediate flight out of Shreveport after watching the sun set and was sitting in Ian’s manor home in London, watching the wanne be’s think they could be invited into the little eclipsing of the Blood Moon, to-war, soirée.

“We have a live one,” he chuckled as Ian, the vampire king of British Isle pulled up a chair beside him.

“I like him already,” Ian laughed as he read the message. “Sounds like a live one. We got afuckright out the door. So who do we have manning the phone lines today?”

“What do you think about a peg-legged pirate?” Eric asked.

“Aar-r-r-r-r-r-gh!” Ian answered. “I like it. But I really like those psychics at those 900 numbers. Maybe you should fly as one of those.”

“Really?” Eric grinned. “I have not done Miss Jazz-meme in a while.”

“Time to take the old girl out,” Ian grinned.

“Can do,” Eric replied as he began to type.

Greetings and salutations from the other side of the veil, oh gifted of sights not seen by human eyes. I will be your guide for this conversation with the undead who shall pass your way with vital information.

I am smelling me some bullshits,” Lafayette rolled his eyes as he read this missive out loud. “Undead? This is His La La Fineness! I knows undead in the grave. This is undead that walks! You think we is chattin’ up a vampire?”

“Well if we are, he is not local. We have got us some sunshine ruling the skies today. He should be sleepin’. Anywhere in the U.S. he should be sleepin’. Unless he is in Hawaii. And if he is in Hawaii, fuck him,” Sookie snarked.  “He can just turn to flames when the sun comes up.”

“True dat,” he nodded. “But this vamp, he could haves some serious foldin’ monies and the world could be his oyster. Lets says he watches here last nights then hops on a plane and goes East. Maybe London or Paris. If I hads monies, that is what His La La Fineness would do. They have some nightfall there and nice things to buy.

Miss Sooks, how do you want to play this?”

“Fucking rich ass hole,” she snipped. “I am wound up enough about this and now to put up with this…this…” she stopped and looked over at Gran. “Bad work, bad word, bad word, stuff,” she nodded.

“For now, just go with it,” her voice stern.  “Hit them with your woo-de-who ways, our very fine His La La Fineness.  Call him a Viking, because of the longboat and a seer…really?  Isn’t that a tough job for a vamp, seeing as how he sleeps during the day.”

“Tit for tat, I likes it,” Lafayette grinned. “Here we go.”

Oh one of the Viking fanged persuasion. We grieves mightily that you cannot partake of tea-time and champagne, so please check in with someone in charge so that we might glean our info and move forward.

“I like,” Sookie nodded. “Hit send.”

“Off we goes. Now, let us see what pops up next.”

“Damn and damn again, Eric,” Ian was laughing. “Too bad Cedric is running late. He would love this.”

“Did I hear my name, me boyo,” the Irish stuck his head in. “And what do we have going on? I see The Viking looking daggers at his lap top. I do so hope he is not going to go berserker all over it.”

“King of Eire,” Eric looked over at him and smiled. “Sit your very fine Irish ass down and have a go at this. I am starring you in the very beginning of the conversation.”

“Oh,” the Irish lad read, “and then oh-h-h-h-h, well. Appears that you have been figured out.”

“Yes, hit them with some of your Irish. I am now curious to see their bona-fides.”

Hello darlin’ one. Something like that?” he asked.

“Yes,” Eric nodded. “And do not make this easy for them.”

“Well, then, let us discuss the Hill of Uisneach. See what they have to say about that.”

The seat of kings,

The power of one

From the beginning of time,

All has come undone.  Lafayette read.

So is that a yes or no on the approval rating?” Gran asked.

“So-o-o-o,” Sookie was staring at the poem. “Since there was no snark, we are somewhere in Europe. And I think they have switched out folks. So who is the new guy?”

“Irish,” Gran replied. “The seat of kings…that is the Hill of   Unisneach. Remember that postcard we got from my Aunt Hilda. She was there on Samhain for the fires.”

“Well, Ireland does have a vampire king,” Lafayette added.

“You think we are rolling with the big guns?”  Sookie asked, a little shocked.

“Who is to say?” Gran replied. “We got no come back when we called him a Viking. Maybe that is why they switched drivers, so to speak.”

“Well, time to rhyme, His La La Fineness says.”

 Undone? Undone my king?

Your seat of power continues on

The vista great with birds on wing.

The Hill of Usineach forever in the dawn.


“And there it goes,” Lafayette chuckled.

“My o’ my,” was being laughed out loud.

Eric looked at the two royals who were having a chuckle at his expense.

“Bona fides and then some,” Ian grinned.

Eric glared at the two and then making something that resembled a triangle with his two hands, tapped his fingers together. “Well, that purchases some good will. They get grid co-ordinates. I hope they know as much about land navigation.

Ian, if you would do the honors?”

“My pleasure.”

Gran, Sookie and Lafayette  watched the screen once more as it came alive.

32.454N X 93.8287W  15/1/19  02

“What the hell?” Sookie hissed.

“Grid co-ordinates,” Gran answered. “The wonder of it all,” she sounded exasperated and rolled her eyes. “They don’t believe in making this easy, do they? And the date and time.  The 15th of January at two A.M.”

“Fine ladies, we knows that we has got us a Viking, the king of Eire, and there is a vamp king of British Isle. Where do you think these mo fo’ers are broadcasting from?”

“I read a romance novel about the vampire king of British Isle. C.E. Stewart did a real fine job of writtin’ up his London manor.  Let’s look that up and put it in.”

Lafayette was out on the web and then grinned. “Gots it right here, Fine Ladies.”

“Send it,” Sookie and Gran both said.

 “51.5194 N X 0.1270 W,” Cedric read as he chuckled.

“Mo’ fo’n,” O.I., king of the dragons laughed out loud, blowing smoke rings that looked like bunny rabbits that went bounding away.“Tis good to be able to pull on Mr. Eric’s short hairs. Really gets his attention!  Tis good to be bona fide.”

Eric said nothing, only glared and then had a smile, himself. “We will have an interesting crowd fighting evil this time. O.I., so glad you could join us.”

“You know Mr. Eric’s, if there is a brawl, I wants in.

 Been that way from the beginning of time. In later ages, when I hooked up with Brother Samuel, there was some of that evil from the beginning, still out there lurkin’ and we kicked its ass.  And then, Brother Samuel introduces me to his Viking fineness and there are stone henges that need to be weeded and hoed…especially on the night of an eclipsing Blood Moon. And you knows, I am always up for a good brawl. Will invite myself in if needs be.”

“The meet and greet is on the 15th,” Sookie took out a calendar, “at two! As in two in the morning! Sick vampire fuckers,” she mumbled under her breath. “Lafayette, do you know where yet?”

“Yes…” he looked up at Sookie. “Fangtasia. The vamper bar in Shreveport.”

“You mean the one that looks like a Gothic manor on the outside?”

“That would be the one,” Lafayette, nodded. “And it looks like a gothic manor on the inside as well. All the furniture  and do-dads, the real thing. Stained glass, a lot of it. A vampire by the name of Eric Northman owns it. Viking, starting at the top of his head with his blond roots,  all the way down his long legs. Gorgeous but deadlies, I hears.”

“So this fucker just up and flies to London to hang out with his friends that are two kings and who knows what else. Must be nice,” she mumbled.

“Okay, got that out of my system. Maybe.

So I don’t appear to be a complete goof-ball, I am goin’ need to do some studyin’.  Viking religion, Druids, and I want to go to church this Sunday and take communion. I need all the help I can get.

The romance novels I read has a lot of Viking history in them. Along with stone henges and other magics. So some things maybe I know. And there are libraries about things I don’t know.”

“I can help also,” Gran said. “I’ll go to the library and read and then, Sookie, I can explain to you the important stuff when you come home from work.”

“Myself as well, Miss Sooks. We shall have us a basic working knowledge. And that night while you are there, maybe you will learn some more.”

For the next nine days Sookie learned, discussed and speculated on the most general of things relating to magic…Viking, Druid, and how they celebrated their holidays.

Those days passed swiftly. Lafayette grilled her at work, Gran was always up whenever she came and filled her in with fine details.

The evening of meet and greet finally appeared. Gran was helping her with her jacket.

“The most important thing to remember,  Sookie, is: Vikings: The Tree of Life and the Rune stones.

Druids: Poetry, stone circles, and all things that speak too and of nature.”

Sookie nodded. “Got it. No bullshit. If I don’t know the answer, then I don’t know and let him make of it what he will. This rich, Viking vampire asshole is a relative of some sort. Boy, I sure would like to kick his ass for getting me out at such an hour.”

“It is 0045,” Gran looked her granddaughter over one more time. “Give us a kiss and we are lighting a candle for you. I am going out to the henge and taking my lantern with me.  Lafayette has said he will sit with me until you return.”

“You be careful” they both shouted after her as she made her way out to her car.

“Will do,” she looked over shoulder and called back. There, in the porch light stood her family. “I love you,” she said and blew them a kiss and got in started the car. With another wave, she was off into the night.

“Lafayette, if you would grab the thermos, I already have the blankets and chairs positioned and the wood stacked in the fire pit.”

“Let’s go call down some blessin’s,” Lafayette nodded.

“Our girl is goin’ into the fiery furnace. The angels will surely be there to keep her from gettin’ burned!”

It was a fine night to be out driving! The sky was crystal clear and the stars glittered like diamonds thrown out into the dark abyss of waiting love.

“Yes, right,” she grinned, “who is ever gonna want to love me? Crazy Sookie! But hey, check it out, tonight I have a mission. And it just does not come any crazier than this.”

Turning up the radio on her favorite gospel station, she sang along and shouted “Amen” when she felt the need.

When she hit the Shreveport city limits, there was a detour sign.

“What the fuck?’ she groaned as she followed the signs through residential neighborhoods. “This is going to cost me time. Should have allowed more leeway,” she hissed to herself. “But I will be there!”

When she emerged back onto the interstate, she had five more miles to go.

When she pulled into the parking lot, “What the fuck?” exploded out! There was heavy road machinery everywhere. “So this is their staging ground. Come on universe, work with me here!”

Carefully she threaded her way through and down to the club. There was no place to park! Heavy machinery along with holding containers of sand, rock and who knew what else took up all the room.

She found a parking spot next to a bulldozer down by the Toy’s R Usthat had gone out of business. “Finally,” she moaned as she scampered out of the car.  “I am going to be late. But I am here, that has to count for something.”

Down the parking lot she went, weaving her way in and out of the machinery.

Approaching the front door, she felt something inside of her shift. Like when she clutched her car. That second before the next gear engaged and then the shift went smoothly into gear. Before she knocked, she felt the warmth spread out and around her. The night air no longer held the chill.

“What the fuck!” breathed out of her. “What is happening to my hair?” Lifting her hands up to her head, she could feel the corn roll braids covering her head in intricate patterns until one long bread cascaded down her back to the floor.

Her clothes had shifted as well. Looking down, she could see that she was wearing an off-white shift and was wearing a massive white wool shawl that wrapped around her and covered her head. Her suede boots went to her thighs.

“I’ve been Cinderella-ed,” she choked on that thought. “Okay, Gran said I would become more.” As she reached out to lift the door knocker, a staff appeared in her hand as well, the top third embedded in crystals and from the top bloomed lilacs.

“We are not worthy, O’ honored one,” the sailors aboard the longboat knocker said to her.  “Please, rap with your bloodied staff and we shall consider ourselves blessed.”

“Okay,” she kept her eyes on the longboat and raising her staff, struck the door three times. Even from where she stood, she could hear it ringing throughout the building, a pure clear tone that announced her.

Everyone in Fealty Hall heard the knock.

“Druid. Late, as always,” Eric rolled his eyes.

“Come in,” he shouted.

The doors swung open and Sookie stepped in. Lafayette had not been kidding! Even in the candle light, this place was damned impressive! Manor house was right!

Hearing the voices, she went toward them until she found where they were gathered. There were chairs scattered about the room.  Lots of chairs and all looked inviting and expensive.

A huge fireplace spewed embers up the chimney when she entered.

“Late Druid,” the man at the front called out to her. “We have been waiting on you. So nice of you to join us so that we might start.”

“Fuck,” she mumbled. T’was indeed Eric Northman that was hosting tonight. Lafayette had briefed her all about him. Complete with photos. Blond, good looking, deadly and apparently family.

Just fucking great. So it was noted that she was late.  Well, she had been raised with manners. “Just do the polite thing, Sookie,” she nodded to herself.

“I apologize to all of you for being late. That I have misused your time unwisely. May the love of the universe find its way to you and yours.”

An older woman up front stood and faced her. “The Three Feathers Coven thanks you for your blessing.”

“Here we go,” Pam mouthed and shook her head at Eric. “We’ll be here all night just listen’ to them praise each other.”

Eric hid his smirk and began his dressing down. “It is a quarter past the hour,” he said with disapproval in his tone.  “With the Late Druid’s permission, we shall start.”

“Well, yes…” Sookie began a bit embarrassed.  “Please do…”

“Do you not know sarcasm when you hear it?” Eric said staring at her and then switched his attention to those assembled.

“Tit for tat” rattled around in her brain. After all, he was family. “Treat him like you treat Jason,” she heard that voice of reason and acted on it.

“I know an asshole when I hear one,” she smiled at him. “They make a rude noise followed on by a foul odor.”

From the corner of his eye, he could see Pamela smirking.

“Touché!” The Child mouthed at him and winked.

“Thank you, Cousin,” he bowed his head to her,  “for your endearing remark.

First order of business,” he began, as he watched the crowd’s reaction! Several blinked and many of them turned to look at her.

“What is your reason for fighting this war and how did you get here?” Eric asked calling their attention back to the front of the room.

Sookie took a breath. Okay, so he knew about the family curse. That made things easier, maybe. Pulling up a chair in the back, she sat down and looked around her. Most were dressed in jeans and a hoodie. Which is how she had started out. The Coven in the front, they all wore robes. As she traversed the room with a critical eye, there seemed to be several other covens as well.

The meeting had been called back to order and it was interesting listening to them speak.  Each group had its own reason for guarding the stone circle.

For some it was a rite of passage.

For others it was a test that had to be passed before moving to the next level of their rank.

“Packmaster,” Eric addressed a tall, handsome man who wore a brooding look that matched the one of the vampire on stage. “Why are you here?”

“Blood moons are bad business for us. It has its ways with the dual natured. My momma sent me tonight. Momma said that her bona fides and my strength were needed. So here I am to stand and fight with you.”

Eric nodded. “I respect your mother’s knowledge and her reverence of the ways of nature. So be it.”

Something rippled throughout the crowd. For a moment Sookie thought maybe they were laughing at the man.

The blond on stage dropped his fangs and roared his discontent out at the gathering. “You think you know this magic that wants to eat you,” he snarled as blue sparks shot from his eyes. “You know nothing!

Packmaster,” his voice was calm and held respect.  “I have nothing but admiration for your mother,” Eric said with a bow of his head to the other man.

“Well good on you,” Sookie smiled to herself. “Don’t let them insult him and his momma!”

The crowd settled back into itself.

“Let us continue,” Eric said. “The Coven of Cat’s Paw, stand and take the floor.”

Sookie was very surprised  to hear several say that it was their destiny to die defeating the dark magics.

And as she listened, she wondered if they were human.  “Dual natured,” her eyes went back to the man that was called Packmaster.  “Just what type of pack does he master?” she wondered.

A man in a dark cape stood. “The Dark Arts Druids are here to protect the henge. We care not what does or does not slither out. The circle has been sanctified and we will keep it that way. We arrived here because there was a calling in our magics.

And we do not know this…this…Late Druid,” his voice held malice. “She is not a goddess, regardless of how she dresses and proclaims it to the world.  Such arrogance! We doubt that she walks the path at all.”

Sookie stood and announced in a very clear, controlled voice, “Like I give a fuck about what you believe or do not believe,” she replied with attitude and then sat back down.

There was a slight ripple of power across the room. Sookie could feel it. It was like someone had been sitting on the fence about her, but that business was now done. The decision had been made in her favor. She had no idea by who or what, but her words had rung true. She did not give a fuck what any of them thought of her.

“The Late Druid is recognized,” the host for tonight looked amused.

Sookie stood, her eyes never flinching as she stared at the vampire. Her voice held humor. “This is a family feud and I got here by GPS.” Sitting back down, everyone in the room turned around to look at her.

“So tell us, Late Druid…” Eric began.

“I do have a name,” Sookie replied, her eyes never leaving his. “And it is not Late Druid.”

“Were you late?” Eric asked with a smirk.

“Yes,” she replied, keeping her temper in check.

“Are you a Druid?” he asked pointedly.

“Yes,” she responded.

“Then you are a late Druid.

Now,” he was once more addressing the populace.   “Let us talk skills.  If you cannot defend yourself, I will not allow you to sacrifice yourself or be a martyr to the cause.  Who would like to begin?”

Sookie watched as she witnessed magic being done.  Some of it magnificent and others she thought boarder in the dark and nasty.   And so folks auditioned for their bragging rights to this battle.  She wondered what they would say if she were to tell them she was a telepath. Who could apparently change clothing and hair styles as she walked.

Once again, she was the last.

“Late Druid,” was said with a grand bow.  “Show us your

super power.”

“I have no super power,” she began. “My only claim to fame is being related to you.”

From the front a voice yelled, “What did I tell you! Not a Druid. Not even a decent human that can do Momma Magic!”

Sookie felt the tingle go up her arm and into the staff. All the crystals that had been placed it in began to shine and small bolts of lightning were flashing around her and then they began to streak upward toward the ceiling. There was the crack of thunder as nine distinct burn marks appeared on the ceiling. Then other small bolts hit the ceiling in rapid succession.

When the smoke cleared, you could see the nine planets and dancing around each one of them were nine more planets.

“You think you know what you are fighting?” she began, looking out into the crowd.  “You do not. This is a family vendetta with evil thousands of years in the warring. Taking on the ungodly unknown that would eat your souls and have you lick the shit out of their asses,” she laughed as her voice mocked them.

“I don’t know if any of you believe in God.  Your hereafter is not my concern. But it was the Vikings and Druids that got us into this. It is going to take the Vikings and the Druids belief systems that are going to hold true for the threat and give us the victory. For the Vikings, there are nine planets that reverence the Tree of Life. They are surrounded by nine planets that are surrounded by nine planets to infinity.

For the Druids, there is an eight-fold wheel.” As the words left her mouth, more lightning spit from her staff onto the ceiling. “As you can see, there are  nine major planets living within the Tree of Life. And imposed on each plant is a node of our wheel.  Look closely and you can see that Earth is without the Druid protection. Which allows this evil to access the stone henges.

If we defeat the evil this time, I will seal the henge, and a node will move to block our planet and we will not be troubled again. If we do not…well, there is always next-time.

Is there anything more to discuss?”

“No,” Eric shook his head. “Until the night of the blood moon, Cousin,” Eric bowed his head to her.

“Until then, Cousin,” Sookie bowed her head to him. Her eyes turned from him up to the ceiling. “For your rudeness to me, I shall leave the star map to remind you to mind your manners. Perhaps next time you will remember your etiquette and not mock your family.

Listen carefully” she addressed the crowd. “For those of you who will bring a blade, you will need tin ones to defeat the monsters that will sally forth. Steel will not defeat them.”

The crowd all stood and began talking at once and Sookie walked unnoticed out of the room.

Cacius, the Druid that had rebuked her, approached Eric.

“Just what the fuck has happened?” he glared at Eric. “Cousin? Really? Where did you find her? How did she come to be here? Who is she? What is she? Where does she dwell?” His rage was so great that spittle began to run down his chin. “Cousin…you call each other cousin! You know her truths! I want to know them as well!”

“Cacius,” Eric addressed the Druid that had been so rude, “you heard her just the same as I. Our family set this loose and she is here to help right the wrong.

If you hurry, perhaps you can catch her out in the parking lot and demand answers to your many questions.  But I would be careful if I was you. You can see what she did to my ceiling,” he grinned. “I don’t think she would have a problem tattooing that onto your forehead. She strikes me as the type that would enjoy it.”