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Chapter 7

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 7

When Sookie came down stairs the next morning, O.I. was up and chatting with Gran.

“Just how dark is it in that henge?” she heard Gran ask.

“Darker than the pit of hell,” O.I. replied. “I will be blowin’ flame and Mr. Clifford has tolds me he has bags of powered tin, prepped and ready to go. My Big Man’s just tosses those up, I will track them with my ear-bones and hits them with the flame.  This will push some lights up and outs, but, honest, Gran, cannot be seenin’ much of anythin’.”

“Morning Sookie,” Gran smiled at her and then checked on the eggs in the skillet.

“Morning,” she offered in return.

“So Sookie will have to be in position to pour the mead and then the  millet out on the altar. So standing in front of it, at the ready is for the best.”

“Yes’m,” O.I. nodded. “Mr. Cliffords’ is thinkin’ the tin gate on the stairs will slow them down some, buy us a few seconds.”

“The stairs are…tangible?” Gran asked.

“Yes’m,” he nodded and turned the bacon then plated it up. “They become true to this world just like these creatures becomes flesh and blood whenever they touches earth. Them stairs is solid and walkable until the baddies start to flee, then they begins to disappear and turns to mist.

In the pasts, we has gone up them, chasin’ those mo’ fo’ers, past the stars. Good thing we can all fly or hover. Cause once you gets on the steps, up off earth, you has the starlights to see by. And they is spectacular! And that is when you knows for sures that this gang of evils is not from around here.”

“You were with Eric before?” Sookie asked.

“Yes,” he nodded. “And Brother Samuel’s before him.”

“Samuel has been fightin’ this? How…?” Sookie looked puzzled.

 “Miss Sookie, I beens fightin’ this since the rebellion in Heaven.

This evil, it takes different names and faces and comes in different styles and this and that’s. Now this particular bum fuck, please dear ladies, pardon’s my old, trashy mouth, but gots no other good names to give him, he always comes with this night sky. With yous people, he used the henge to gets you to believe he is a god.

Pardon’s me while I puke…” he said sticking his talon down his throat and rolling his eyes while making gagging sounds.

“After Brother Samuel’s was turned, there was all manner of unhealthy things of the dark persuasion wantin’ to chats him up and well, Brother Samuels comes with his own sense of justice. So he hears tales and rumors and tracks down this and that’s and calls out into the night sky, O.I. o’ blessed brother, get’s yous unruly self on down here. Found some evil. You wants to have some fun?

“Really! Samuel?” Sookie looked shocked.”

“Worse than The Viking,” O.I. nodded sagely.

“Woof,” Sookie replied. “Please go on.”

“Then along rolls The Viking who is the also our brother and he says, hey, I gots this evil thing in this henge that I gots to weed and hoe. Anyone interested?”

And me and Brother Samuel, we is always lookingto defeat evil, plus, we knows these mo’ fo’ers so we says dear brother, anythin’ for you and yours! Let us to war!”

 “So…so…the Druids that Eric has used these past times you have been with him? Were they all that?”

O.I. looked at her long and hard. “You has gots your mysterious Druid ways that comes on yous, and I am happy for that’s.  Here sits Miss Sookie, at the club is the Lady of the Light.

You is more than I has seen at these gatherin’s.

But since yous family carried the curse, the women has not faired well. They is bombarded with the million voices of rage and song. Love and defeat. Screams of frenzy and laughter. They can hear it before the herd appears. We hears nothin’ and they are sobbin’ that their skull is gonna explode from all the noise.”

“Telepaths?” Gran breathed out.

“Yes, I believes so,” O.I. nodded and took a long look at Sookie.

“Well fuck,” Sookie took a piece of toast, put an egg on top and a couple of pieces of bacon.

“So, they fought along-side of you?” she asked as she sat down.

“Yes, those souls did.  Theys brought their chantin’ and sword and all cloaked up with wards and magics. Calling down blessin’s and spewin’ out curses in iambic pentameter and a two-step shuffle.”

“So, so…” she regarded O.I. “Eric has been on top of the altar with a woman…” her voice trailed off. “And it did not work?” she asked in a whisper.

“No’m,” he shook his head. “No one on tops of the altar and we did not have these particulars to work with.”

“Screw the eggs and bacon,” she said giving the plate to O.I. “I am going to have the biggest hot fudge sundae in the world for breakfast. That gallon of ice cream is mine.”

Before the dusk of the eclipse of the Blood Moon—New Orleans: The vampire hotel, Le Petit Sang 

Lafayette, Sookie and O.I. landed on the roof of the hotel. O.I. had come in on bright beams of sunlight and anyone looking their way would have been blinded.

“Security cameras,” he sighed as they dismounted, “bless they’s little fuzzy electrons. They’s just had a fizzy moment. All will be rights as soon as we step inside. Nothin’ like a little dragon hocus-pocus to set things to rights. Good, there is our ride.  Elevator… we takin’ the express and pushin’Lfor Lobby….”

The doors closed…. “and  we is moving fast…and here we are. Lobby floor. Crystal, harp player and very small security cameras.”

 “Nice place,” Sookie said again as they strolled past the bar and followed the signs for the lobby.

“Really nice place,” Lafayette added. “Black and white marble tile floors, fine antiques, and those chandeliers hanging over our heads has hung in some palace on the continent. Can tells just from the looks of them. Reminds me a whole lots of Fangtasia.”

“Yes it does, does it not,” Sookie nodded. “Woof, look at those folks at the bar. They are gorgeous!”

“Blood whores,” Lafayette whispered to her. “But none looks as fine as our girl, all decked out for battle. M-m-m-m hm-m-m-m-m, you in your leathers and swords and sharp pointed objects stickin’ outs of yous belt. Your cape swirlin’ behind you. And your hair done in braids that hangs down your back. I am likin’ this new bad-ass Sookie look!”

“Yes, I have been admiring my look in all the mirrors we have been passing. Oh, wait one. We have been spotted.  Here comes someone now.”

“Good afternoon,” he smiled. “I am Mr. Joseph Clark, the day manager. Might I ask the name of your party?”

“My name is Sookie Stackhouse, also known as the Late Druid.  We are here to meet Mr. Northman and his party.”

“Yes ma’am, of course, I have a suite reserved for you. If you would come with me, please, Mr. Northman has arranged for dinner to be sent up and if there is anything in particular you would like to drink, there is a barkeep there as well.”

“Thanks,” she nodded and following the man onto an elevator, he pushed Penthouse. It took them back up to the top floor, stopping at the lobby outside the penthouse.

“This way,” he said opening the door. “If you would please, place your hand here, madam we will do a bio scan and record it. Now you sir, and that will be your key.”

“Thanks,” they both said.

“Fabion is your barkeep tonight. You may also place your dinner order with him.”

“We don’t need a barkeep,” Lafayette said. “We’ll fix our own. And we will call down our dinner order. What we do want is privacy.”

“Of course sir.

Fabion,” he addressed the man in the tuxedo behind the bar. “With me please.”

When the two men left, O.I. lifted off Lafayette’s neck. “Can you smell that?” he asked.

“What?” Sookie asked.

“Comin’ in from the doors that lead out to the garden. It is the moon, gettin’ ready to rise.”

Sookie went to the door and opened it and walked out. “It smells like…like…”

“Blood,” Lafayette added for her.

“’Tis a reason it is called a blood moon,” O.I. nodded. “I am doing security check on the rest of the rooms,” he said as he fluttered off.

Sookie took off her leather satchel. “Can’t be fussin’ about that now. The moon is gonna’ rise and this is gonna happen. Smell or not.

We brought the flat bread and also fixin’s for more,” she said unpacking.  “When Eric show’s up, I’ll ask him if these will do or does he want fresher.

Now, let’s take  a look around and see what comes with this suite besides a big assed kitchen and a grand piano. I could do with someplace to stretch out.”

“Down here,” O.I. called out. “Gots us a gym.”

“Perfect,” Sookie said as she opened doors going down the hall. “Wow, to include a hot tub for relaxing those sore muscles,” she nodded. “And looks to be workout clothes in those cubbies. Let me get out of my leather bondage outfit and into some sweats.”

“M-m-m hm-m-m,” Lafayette headed for the cubby and found what he wanted to wear.  “I feel a yoga moment comin’ on.”

The vampires met up in Eric’s suite after their meal. “Time to rock and roll,” Eric smiled at them as they took the stairs vamp speed up to the penthouse. Eric opened the door and they found the happy trio in the gym. Lafayette was leading the yoga poses and Sookie and O.I. were following along.

“We’ll change,” Samuel said with a nod to Lafayette and soon the vamps were back in their work out clothing, doing the stretches along with the two humans and one dragon.

Lafayette ended his session with “Hot tub, ten minutes and I am setting a timer.

After those blissful ten minutes, we shall discuss business, but not before,” he shook his finger at them.

The vampires began to shed their clothes.

“I don’t get naked in front of people I do not know,” Sookie said.

The shirts were pulled back on and for the next ten minutes hot bubbles, silence and peace ruled their world.

When the timer went off, there were groans from everyone.

“Best ten minutes I have had in a while,” Madame Vedo sighed standing.

“I am gonna change,” Sookie said getting up and walking out, and grabbed a towel. “Those locker rooms are really nice. When I get dried off, I’ll be back out and we can discuss…things…” she added.

“Yes,” Eric replied as he watched her leave.

“You are the Medium,” Eric turned to Lafayette.

“Yes,” he nodded. “And that there is my sister. My family. You needs to be respectful of her at all times. For her first time, this shoulds not be and yet it is.

We has been rehearsin’. Hopes you has been doin’ the same. We thinks we has got the sequence so we’ll add your long legs to the mix and sees what happens.”

“What happened to the leathers?” O.I. asked when she returned.

“They were switched out for this,” she replied. “Sorta of a comfy jammie Druid kinda thing.”

“May I please call you Sookie?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Who told you my name?”

“I paid Clifford, Samuel’s majordomo, for the information. He got the story from O.I.”

“Really, you paid him for my name?”


“So what was knowing my name worth?”

“I owe him a personal favor. Anything he wants, if it is in my power, I will give it to him. That includes myself. The only thing he cannot do with it is trade it to my child, for any past, present, or future debts.”

“Well, rats,” Pamela muttered and stamped her foot.

“That is a pretty hefty price,” she addressed him.

Shrugging, he continued on. “I wanted to know. It was very rude of me to ask you to perhaps sacrifice your life and not know your name.

I would never treat a fellow warrior this way. I apologize for treating you this way.”

“I thank you for your apology,” she said with a small bow of her head.

“I am sorry it has taken me this long. Truly,” Eric responded. “You are vital to this mission and I know better.

Now, down to business.  Sookie, your ancestors were telepaths. Are you also?”

“Yes.   O.I. briefed me on the insanity that the noise caused in my ancestors.

I have been practicin’ with my shields for my entire life. I am hopin’ that is gonna help and be enough. If it is not, just do what has to be done. You have my permission.”

Eric became very serious. “If your shields are not enough, Sookie, I want you to know you will be well  cared for. As well as your gran.”

“You mean if this splits my brain in two and I am left a vegetable?”

“Yes,” Eric’s voice was low and serious.

Noddding, she sighed. “I guess I cannot ask for more than that.  Now, moving on. Let us discuss your millet bread before we get to the physical part.”

Sookie showed Eric what she had brought. “And I can also make fresh, I brought the ingredients, if you would prefer that.”

Eric picked it up and sniffed. Yes, just like his mother used to make. “No, this is fine. But what I would like for you to do is to lick them for me. And also,” he held up a small stoneware bowl, “spit in this and rub it around.”

“Okay. But that is a bit odd. Am I allowed to ask why?” and you could hear the hesitation in her voice.

“Of course,” Eric replied. “After you left the other dark, I was intrigued by you. So I put my mouth exactly where yours had been on the glass. I could taste you and when I took a drink of the mead, I could still taste you and I did not puke.”

“You were intrigued, by me?” she questioned him, doubt in her voice.

“Yes,” he replied. “So much so I wanted to know what you tasted like.”

“Is this your norm?” she asked.

“No,” he replied and smiled. “Not at all.”

“Well all right then. If that will keep you in the fight,” she nodded, “I am all for it.”

“Excellent,” he smiled at her. “Now, we have also been rehearsing and perhaps between all of us we  have figured out a way around this.”

The Bon Temps Triad listened while things were explained and demonstrated.

 “And Samuel will be alright up there by himself?” Sookie asked.

“Yes,” Samul smiled at her. “I am the oldest, therefore the fastest.”

O.I. chimed in. “My big mans and me, we will be Mr. Samuel’s wing man.”

“M-m-m hm-m-m,” Lafayette nodded. “We gots us some air rifles. Is that corrects?”

“Yes,” Vlad nodded and went over to the case on the floor and tossed him one.

“Mighty sweet,” Lafayette hefted it. “How many does it hold?”

“A thousand,” Ian grinned. “And we have magazines. We have been practicing with them. You should see Samuel’s ceiling.”

“Plus, we have bag bombs for you and O.I.,” Cedric smiled. “You just toss them and O.I. hits them with his flame and maybe some air and you have tin napalm.”

Pam pushed up a table. “This is the height and the top dimensions of the altar. Not your regulation table size.

Here,” she drug over a burlap bag, “is some millet and I have small cups of water that match your bowl at the ready.

Time for you two to strut your stuff.”

“Shit,” Sookie said as she stepped up next to the table. “This thing is tall. Hard for me to reach the center of it.”

“Not a problem,” Pam said. Getting down on the floor, she looked up. “Stand on top of me.”

“You sure?” she asked.

“Yes, once Eric takes over, I will join in the fight. But I am down here on ground level and I will cover you if anything thinks to come slithering up.

I will be down here right in front of you before it goes dark.  So you can just position yourself on top of me.”

“Thanks,” Sookie said stepping up. “This is much easier,” she looked out at the group. “Dump the water, cast the millet, wrap my legs around Eric and…” up they went.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist. Her butt on the table Eric’s legs on the outside of hers. “Put my feet on the altar, he pushes in, pulls out, I put my finger in then out and spread the blood and put my fingers in his mouth; he drinks, eats, and the gate closes.”

“Let’s do that again,” she said, “until I am comfortable with it and have some type of muscle memory.”

Two hours passed.

“Let’s now put it all together,” Samuel was watching from above as he floated down. “Everyone places. Into your gear. Madame Vedo, we thank you for our tin padded jackets,” he said as he put his on.

“Vlad and Atilla and Madame Vedo you start us out by getting the tin gate in place on the stairs.

O.I., Lafayette, and I will be on guard while this is happening. The rest of you, positions. Our job is to guard Eric and Sookie until the altar is seasoned.

And Miss Sookie, if you would please season the cup and bread, we will take that with us.”

Sookie picked up the cup and spit inside it and began painting the inside with her finger.

Then she took out the three breads and licked them as well.

Eric said nothing, just watched her until she was finished.

“It’s nine,” Madame Vedo said. “How do we all feel about this? Miss Sookie, you have any doubts or questions?”

“No, I think I am ready.”

“Excellent,” she smiled at her. “We will leave you and Eric to discuss what comes next.”

They all left with a bow and a see you there.

When they were the only two left, the conversation began in earnest.  “I was wonderin’,” she began, “if we could maybe smooch a little before we go. It would help me along.”

“I understand,” Eric nodded. “So many unknowns, to include myself, being so intimate with you.

I do have a question I would like to ask you,” he began. “You are an attractive young woman. Why are you still a virgin? Is it for religious reasons?”

Shrugging, she said nothing as she watched the anniversary clock’s pendulum go around in a circle.

“When  I was a child, I was molested by my uncle. I have since comes to terms with that so I no longer have problems fantasizing about being with a guy.

And since I am a telepath, you know, I hear their thoughts. Nice tits, nice ass, I would do Crazy Sookie, but hell, can you catch crazy?

Plus, my gran, she raised me to value myself. I have a cousin that does not value herself. Yes, she’s cute and sweet and can bat her eyelashes as she holds your hand and giggles when you suggest the two of you could do very sweet things, together. So I know what that looks like and I really am not interested in being a notch on some guy’s bed post.

And seriously, I was not ever gonna’ fuck some guy just because I had never fucked some guy. I mean, where is your sense of self-worth?

And now it seems, I guess, it was a good thing I did not.  Go figure.

How about you?” she asked.

Eric sat there staring at her. That was a lot to take in. Especially the molestation part. He had been a total, scheming, lying, cad  for a hundred years, but thankfully, he had not molested a child or forced himself on anyone.

“For me, it was always about the conquest. Could I be charming, enough? Gracious enough? Does she like a bad boy or a milk sop or something in-between? Does she like flashy riches or would she rather be shown your working farm?  What to her says security? And that you can be trusted with her heart and other parts of her body.

And the first hundred years I was vampire, well, I did not rape them and I got them past their initial fear of me bedding them. But that is all I did.

There was a stone circle involved that returned me to my beloved Viking ways.”

“Woo-o-o-o-ow!” Sookie choked out. “That is quite some tell- all.”

“Well, as long as we were being honest, I thought I would just put it all out there.”

“So how many women are we talkin’? Ball park figure.”

“I did not keep notches on my bed post. But I have been vampire for a thousand years. And if I had sex with just one woman a year, that would be a thousand women.”

“So if you did one woman a month, that would be twelve-thousand women.  And if you did one woman a week, that would be forty-eight thousand women…” her voice trailed off.  “That’s the population of Monroe.

You…you don’t have a disease do you?” she eyed him.

“No,” he shook his head.  “I am vampire. No STD’s or other human ailments.”

“Okay, so maybe this makes things a bit easier. I tried putting my fingers inside my vagina, you know…to get an understanding of how easy or difficult this would be…”

“You are concerned about dryness,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes,” she nodded. “So I was wonderin’ if you would mind kissin’ for a bit before this starts.”

“I had the same thought.

Well more truth. It was Clifford who suggested it.  That perhaps you would like to be kissed and held. And then we all went Ooooo yes…!”

Eric sadly shook his head. “Since vampires have come out, sometimes, we take our charm and our partner’s willingness for granted. Although I do enjoy the foreplay.”

“Well, that’s just it. I don’t know if I do or not,” Sookie was thoughtful. “I mean, I think I would. When I read about the sex scenes in books, I always heat up and wonder what that would be like.”

“There will be an RV close by to give us privacy. Unless you would rather stay here. I can fly us to ground zero.”

“Really,” she smiled at him. “You can fly?”

“That is a big vampire secret,” he grinned back. “So when you write your memoir, please do not include that.”

“Please, me write a memoir…no one would want to read that.”

She was thoughtful. “We do have a grimoire. After tonight’s battle, I need to write the particulars in that. I guess I can leave out the sexing up bit.”

“You have a grimoire?” Eric chuckled. “Really?”

“Yes, it has been in the family for a while. Lafayette says it is an ancient manuscript, written on velum and  would bring a fortune at Sotheby’s.

“Does it have a chain wrapped around it?”

“Not any more, that is long gone.”

“I have made notations in such a book,” he said softly. “After each battle I was invited to write a bit by the druids that were left in the village. I wrote it in the Old Norse.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “There is a lot of it we can’t read, just by glancing through it. Gran has just had it put away. It was not anything we ever talked about or looked at.” Shrugging, she continued on.  “We have been busy with this. But the book is now out and there are a few of the illustrations I have seen  and they are beautiful.”

“An illustrated manuscript, Miss Sookie,” Eric arched an eyebrow at her. “Yes, you have in your possession a considerable fortune. And especially to the right buyer.

Frankly, I would pay just to peruse it. In your presence, of course.”

“Well of course you can look at it. No need for money. You are, after all, family. And maybe some of it is your writin’.”

“Well I thank you for that,” he smiled. “You are very gracious,” his voice lowered and lifted her hands to his lips where he kissed both.  “Would you care to dance?”

“You have got some serious skills,” she smiled at him.

“Well, I thank you. But I do love to dance.”

“Myself as well,” she nodded. “But I have never danced with a guy before. Just me and Gran.”

“Well then,” he grinned, “what should we start with?”

“Gran and I can do all the swing dances. And Foxtrot. And the waltzes. Gran was a great dancer in her time. Could we do those?” and he could hear the hope in her voice.

“Of course. Glenn Miller it is.”

Eric put on the music and watched in amazement as  she walked across the room, her jammies shifted to a blue lace bodice with a long blue velvet skirt.

“Let’s see your shoes, Cinderella,” he grinned at her.

Lifting her skirt, there on her feet were indeed, dainty diamond encrusted, strappy pumps.

“These are really comfy,” she giggled, wiggling her toes. “Damn, they even did my toes in in my favorite shade of red!”

“Excellent,” Eric smiled at her and began moving her across the floor to Moonlight Serenade.

After the first dance step, not any words were spoken vocally. Eric’s smile and his eyes held her as they would glide from one dance to another. There bodies barely touching; his nose, occasionally rubbing against hers, then he would stare intently into her hers, his eyes asking her questions.

When she gasped and nodded her head yes, he pulled her in closer, his left hand now resting in the small of her back while his right hand held hers and he gently ran his fingers over hers.

Eric pulled her into him and then spun them around the room. Sookie wrapped her arms around him and hung on, laughing the entire time until the song ended. He dipped her to the floor, back up, tossed her up into the air and when he caught her, he let her body slowly slide down his.

Her breath caught when she  made contact with his crotch and she could feel his desire, just right there! He pulled her in a bit closer so that she could feel all of him before he let her slide down the rest of his body.

When her feet were touching the floor, she looked up at him and ran her hand down the side of his face. “You are very,” she whispered, “good at this.”

“M-m-m-m,” he whispered back, as he took her hand and brought it to his lips, placing wet kisses there.

“You inspire me,” he whispered into her ear, his nose nuzzling the top part of it while his tongue lightly traced the outside, his lips ending with nibbling on her ear lobe.

With her hand on his cheek, she tip-toed up and pulled him down, her lips just barely brushing his.

Slightly opening her mouth, the tip of her tongue reached out and lightly stroked his bottom lip.

When Etta James started singing At Lastthe only dance step that seemed appropriate was the Clutch and Sway.

There were no hot and heavy hands or pushing or thrusting. Just small steps, lots of dipping her down to the floor and laughter and small, funny moments of their histories.

Then came the ringing of the door-bell and they both stopped, sighed, looked into each other’s eyes and said, “It’s Samuel.”

Grinning at each other and then high-fiving, Eric called out, “Samuel, come in.”

The doors opened and their stood Samuel, looking a bit embarrassed and also apologizing.

“I hate to interrupt you, but something is not right with the henge. The uprights are starting to develop hairline fractures.”

“So not good,” Sookie started toward Samuel, her clothing shifting to a white loose woven, linen flowing robe, her nude body moving freely beneath it. “The stones were not aligned properly. Or maybe they were for evil intent…but if they shatter, there will be no henge and this evil will never again be contained!”

“Time to go,” Eric said as he approached and swung Samuel onto his back and Sookie climbed onto his front. Blowing open the doors on the balcony, they were gone into the night, the full moon smiling down on them; the blood moon, its evil twin, hoping that they would not arrive soon enough!

Alcide had been at the henge since nine, watching and talking to his momma on the phone and streaming to her live. Giving her the blow-by-blow.

They had both been keeping an eye on Cacius and his brood of slow movers and nose pickers. They did not seem to be chanting, shaking a stick at anything, or trying to induce any type of flame. But that finger kept going up their nose.

“Something is just not right about him,” Momma Herveaux said more than once as her son would scan the area with his phone. “And what are they doing with those burgers? They are disgusting.

Son, I wish I could be there with you,” she would sigh.

“Momma, you know you cannot not. You worked the last eclipsing of a blood moon. If you were to get caught in this blood moon’s rays, you would shift to wolf and not shift back.”

“That is right, Alcide. And I did what had to be done.  That is why I want you gone before this thing goes blood red, if possible.

Now, someone is going to end up in the water. And when they do, you throw my piss on them.

 Then you take cover so not one red ray falls on you.”

“If they need me, Momma…” he began.

“I know Son, you will do what is right. That is who I raised you to be.”

“You got any regrets, Momma, about that night?”

“What? You mean when I saved your daddy’s life,” she laughed,  “or when I ripped the throat out of that rabid Were troll  hybrid who was going to eat that family? None what so ever. Evil comes and goes from this world, child.  We stand against it.  I just wish I was able to stand with you there, now.”

“It is okay, Momma,” he smiled at her. “I can feel the Were coming on. And something else,” he said looking around. “That would be the blood moon fever,” she nodded. “You got that sweetened condensed milk in your trunk?”

“You know I do,” he nodded.

“Go and get it and start drinking. All that sugar will keep the worst of what feeds off those red rays, away. Even trolls. They cannot abide sugar.”

When they landed outside the henge, Sookie was off Eric and headed through the cornfield and then passing through the parking lot. It was a short walk down the fenced alley way and then there she was, face-to-face with the abomination that was this henge.

There was a moaning sound coming from the uprights and the stones were making death gurgling sounds. When an upright would splinter off a piece, it was accompanied by a scream of anger. It certainly did not sound like it was in pain.

“Many guardians have left,” Theresa, of the Cat’s Paw Coven approached her. “This place smells of death and something unholy. And now, the uprights want to give birth to something that smells of taint and rot and evil not of this world!”

“You are correct,” Sookie nodded and then turned to Eric and Samuel.

 “This henge is seriously fucked!

All the sacred sites are laid out on the Golden Ratio. Like a chambered Nautilus, spiraling and connecting all. A good example of that is the Great Pyramid that geometrically links to the belt of Orion.

The twelve stone henges have to geometrically link to De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.   Which is the same principle using the Conch Shell for the representation of the Golden Ratio,” she explained as she walked the circle.

“So you have your ground work that needs to be exact, and when it is, it carries over to the sound vibrations. The Harmonics of these circles works the same way, on the Golden Ratio. The universe as a whole is to work with you.

We are so screwed,” she shook her head in disbelief. “Who ever put this together should be staked out here and left for whatever is comin’ down that staircase to be eaten.

Eric, you think your friends can help me align this mess?”

“Yes,” Eric nodded and the boys began to appear.

“Well, at least these idiots got twelve stones up. I am thankful they go that right.

Think on this circle as a chromatic scale. And we are just going to name this a C scale.” Striking her staff on the rock, you could hear the C note that was off key.

“Turn it half a step,” she said as Eric and his vampire friends took ahold and spun it into a different position.  When she struck the stone again, she smiled as a true pitched C rang out. “Good, most excellent. Now let’s knock out the other eleven. This will put everyone in sync and will stop the rocks from splintering.”

Lafayette was watching. He had learned tonight what he had always thought. There was a lot of mo’ fo’n nasty assed wankers that walked this world. But not that tall, dark, and handsome man that was standing over there.

“Gots to do what is rights and check in,” he said to the deads that were with him.

Walking over to the Were he held out his hand. “There is bad business afoot, here, His La La Fineness says. Yous can just calls me La La.”

“Alcide Herveaux,” he answered in return and they shook hands.

“That one,” Lafayette pointed to Cacius, “has been about some very bad business. You know of him?” he asked.

“He was at the briefing at Fangtasia. Said he did not care what came slithering out, he was here to protect the stones.”

“I am smellin’ me some unrighteous bullshits, and I knows what that is, believes me,” Lafayette added with an all knowing arched eyebrow. “You gots skills,” he said with a sure nod of his head. “From the dead folks around you, I knows you is more than human.”

“I am a Were and there are dead around me and what kind of skills are you talking?”

“Not to worry about the deads. I gots those and they is talkin! Mostly ‘bouts that mo’ fo’er,” he pointed to Cacius with his head. “Can you find the auto that brought that mo’ fo’er out here and you know, maybe be more discreet than breaking a window ‘cause I can do that. I am startin’ to get all kinds of worried faces when my deads look at him. And break the lock on his trunk. He’s hidin’ somethin’ there.”

“Can do,” he nodded. “I have his scent and I have backup out in the field. I will get him the word. I cannot leave this area. I have been talking to my momma. I am on the lookout for whoever gets tossed into the water.”

“Being baptized is they,” Lafayette nodded. “Evil will be defeated this evenin’. No matter whats. You talks to yous folks and I will be watchin’ the local deads.”

“Go team,” Alcide grinned and he and Lafayette high-fived.

Cacius was having a fit! “What in the name of hell is she doing?” he kept sputtering. “I fixed those rocks in those locations.”

Approaching that…that…abomination  and her vampire laborers, he was all fire and brimstone! “You are not to touch those! I laid the plan for this! I consulted…” he was yelling…

“Yes, you consulted what?” Sookie snarled at him  as they  moved on to the next note, the boys turning the rock until it held the perfect pitch.
“Good job,” they congratulated each other and the stone vibrated back, “good job.”

“No!” he yelled as the vampires moved to  the next one and rotated it. “No!

You are the one that will be fucked for eternity,” he shrieked at Sookie, shaking his fists. “You have not one idea who you are fucking with!”

The boys continued to work and were trying not to smirk when Sookie turned on Cacius, frowning, death in her eyes.  “I have no intention of fucking you, or whatever comes down those stairs,” she replied. “I have a job to do and you…” she pointed her finger at him.

He took a swing at her! That was a very, very bad mistake! She blocked him with her staff and then raised it and walloped him against his chest, sending him stumbling backwards. With intent to do more damage,  he got up and charged at her!

 Sookie swung again, this time catching the side of his body. Screaming his outrage, he was once more on his back. Standing,  picking up a rock he threw it at her.

“I play a good game of fast pitch,” she grinned and whacked the baseball size rock back to him which hit him in the chest and sent him tumbling down onto the ground, out of the circle and into the ditch where he made a satisfying splashing sound.

Leaving him there screaming obscenities, she smiled and leaning in, kissed her staff.

“We are running out of the white moonlight,” she said to the guys, “the red is comin’ on. Let’s get this done. Eric and I still have some unfinished business.”

“Last one,” Madame Vedo called.

With the final rock shifted, everyone began the C scale and the rocks sang along.

“I believe this henge is back in tune,” Eric said to his heavy lifters and slinging Sookie onto his back. They were gone.

 Alcide watched as he thought what would be nigh unto impossible happen. Not that his momma was ever wrong about these spiritual things.  But seriously, there was standing water out here?

“That one that she knocked in the water,” Momma’s voice was slow and sure, making him slow and sure. “Pull his ass out of the water and then pour my piss on him. We will be able to find him and make sure his days are numbered.”

Cacius was sputtering and cursing as he rolled over in the ditch to sit up. Alcide extended his hand to him and pulled him up and over the embankment. Before him lay a floundering, wet, something that looked more reptile than human. That robe was wrapped around him like he had been caught in the spin cycle of a washing machine. Gasping like a fish out of water as Cacius tried to right himself, Alcide uncapped the jar.

“Un-fucking believable,” Cacius snarled as he sat up.

“What…what the fuck are you doing?” he gasped as Alcide poured the pee on his exposed leg and arm.

“Marking you as a tasty snack,” the Were grinned. “The Eclipsing Blood Moon, it loves Weres. Loves to fuck with them. Loves to end their days in a blaze of glory, leaving behind a hull that the moon has run into the ground. And that blood moon,” he looked up at the all familiar smiling face of the full white one, that beamed down on him. “You will be smelling like Were piss and it is going to think you are that Were that it has cursed, before. And it will be a blessing to you that you did not see coming,” he howled in delight.

“No,” Cacius yelled and jumped back into the ditch. “I do not want your blessing or anyone elses. I am all that I need!”

“Cher,” Alcide laughed, “What are you doin’ scrubbin’ away down there. Were piss does not wash off. It has to wear off. It takes from one full moon to the next for that to happen.”

“No, no,” he yelled, as he began climbing back out. “No,” he shouted as he ran. “No!” he screamed as he took off to his car. “I must live in the moonlight! And tonight’s moon is mine! I am more than Were piss! I am a holy one!”

Alcide started to say something to his momma when he heard a couple of distress howls from the corn field! Something had happened! His wing man was calling!  “I have no time for your bullshit,” Alcide hissed under his breath, breaking into a full out run in the opposite directon. Out in the field, he caught up with Lasso. His friend  had Little Joan in his arms. Lasso was headed to the back forty where he had parked his Jeep.

“What the fuck happened?” Alcide was keeping pace along beside him.”

“That fucker had her in his trunk, bound, gagged and bleeding.  Where is he and I will end his days?” the Were growled. “I checked her vitals, she is good. But that head wound bothers me and he broke her arm and his ass is dead!”

“Fuck,” Alcide snarled. “We are in a bad way, here. You got less than an hour to get yourselves out of this moonlight.

Momma,” Alcide said into his phone. “Looks like we got a good whack over the head and a broken arm. I got some unfinished business. I bet that fucker was going to sacrifice her on that altar. You talk Lasso through this, will you.”

“I got this Son. Give him your phone.

Now Lasso, has she said anything, yet?”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied. “She did open her eyes and smile at me and said my name.”

“All good signs. You are in a corn field. Good. Once you get her…”

Alcide came running up to Lafayette.

“Herveaux, His La La Fineness says, that was some floor show. Cacius come cruising through here, wet, angry, and smelling of piss.

What,” he eyed the Were whose eyes were orange and his tone changed to one of concern. “What has happened?”

“My guy Lasso found Cacius’ car. He had Little Joan bound up in his trunk. I do believe he was going to sacrifice her to whatever was coming down those stairs. I have marked him and he will be found. So let that fucker run where he will. He will be doing it with a wolf’s two legs on one side of his body.

 You gonna be okay out here?” the Were asked, worry in his voice.

“Yes, my little mans, he has gots me covered. And those vamps, they knows me. I think if I was gonna be a tasty treat, I would be headed that way by now.

You gots someplace else you needs to be?”

“Yes, the blood moon will curse me if I get caught in its rays. So I have to take cover in about an hour. I got one of my pack that is bleeding. I figure my part here is done, unless you need me to stay.”

“Nope, we has gots this. Whenever Northman and her fineness reappears, we will be a go for launch.”

“Would love to stick around and help with that,” Alcide replied. “Like a good brawl, myself.”

“No sir, you go take covers and see to your own. We would not ask a vamp to meet the sun, unless it was an evil mo’ fo’er. And we would certainly not ask a Were to be cursed. You done your part. We is grateful. You got one evil sorted out of this group. And from the looks of them, they all need to be sorted. Tell your momma God bless her and we is thankful!”

“Will do,” Alcide nodded and took one final look, around. There was maybe one hundred left…maybe. The stones had stopped their cracking sound and now it sounded like they were talking. And laughing. And snickering. Looking up at the moon, he howled to declare himself a packmaster and they did not scare him.

What came back through the rocks was You dare to defy us! We shall feast on you, first!

“Did you hear that?” he asked, searching Lafayette’s face.

“Sure, nuff. They is gonna’ start throwin’ the madness down. We got’s this.”

The vampires approached Lafayette as they watched those that were chanting, stop, scream, and then run for their cars as the uprights began to smoke and belch flames. “Never fails,” O.I. hooted. “They is all up for the big brawl protectin’ your back and poof…least little rock starts hissin’ and complainin’ and they up and runs.”

“That actually cleaned the area out, quite a bit,” Samuel said. “The Three Feathers Coven has huddled together, oh, here comes the wind. There is no way they are going to get their fire to stay lit. Would you look at that, one of them is actually riding that broom. Although I do not think that was her plan from the way she is screaming in terror.

I’ll get her,” Samuel said, “and encourage the others to move out.”

O.I. looked at the moon. “Damn, looks like this breeze is even blowin’ the moon beams, around. Guess that mo’ fo’er who lives in the stars knows  this is his last go around-abouts.”

“There goes, literally,” Vlad said shouting above the now moaning wind, “another coven being pushed by the wind, out.”

“Let’s go get the guns,” Ian said.

“O.I. and I will be here, watchin’,” Lafayette answered. “See you in a few.”