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Chapter 10

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 10

“That is good,” and you could hear the worry is Sookie’s voice. “I am glad that someone besides me can deal with this. I cannot change to Druid at will. That just comes on me.

I was very surprised when at the henge, I did not change to Druid until I went out to speak to Abhartach. The only thing that changed about me while I was under the altar was that my watch disappeared.”

“Good to know,” Samuel nodded. “This changes things, a bit. We are not sending you in Sookie, unless you are up and running. And we are not going to risk the meet and greet  if you are not.

We need Eric out.”

“Time to start a war,” Pam grinned. “Let’s see, who is the next up-and-comer on the world stage? Someone who has a good standing but has not shown any ambition.  Maybe one or two rumors have been heard about them wanting more, but nothing definite.”

“You know of such a one?” Gran asked.

“We keep them made to order,” Pam grinned. “You just never know when we have to pull Eric out and put S-A in her place.”

“I am alerting the fleet,” Samuel grinned. “Her lovely residence is about to be overrun.”

“You’s can do that on such a shortest of the short notices?” Lafayette asked.

“We are very good at doing that,” Samuel laughed. “Time to go to work. Now where is S-A’s child?

Eric,” Samuel spoke into a microphone. “We will activate your hearing piece only when we have information. We do not want them doing sweeps and finding it.”

There was a flurry of activity in the throne room. Messengers were coming and going.

“My Queen,” Raphel bowed, “there is chatter bouncing off all the satellites.  It is saying that The Viking is under house arrest and that he no longer guards your Northern border. That you do not sit at war council with him. That he has fallen out of favor.

Rumor has it that there is a fleet moving in…”

At that time a shock wave went through her palace and rocked everyone, sitting and standing.

“What was that?” she screeched.

“The pirates are using some type of sound wave,” Tobby replied. “I have heard rumors of this type of weapon, but only rumors. Have not seen one personally.”

“I have fucking spies, everywhere!” she shrieked. “How do they even know Eric…”

Another blast went through the building, knocking paintings off walls and causing chandeliers to crash to the floor.

“Those fuckers!” she was still screaming. “Get me The Viking. I want him, here, next to me, giving me council!”

Eric was sitting in the War Room with S-A and several others. Their queen was pacing and throwing things.

“They hit us with a LRAD. A long-range acoustic device. A sonic canon in layman’s terms,” Eric said looking at a map. “They loaded the GPS coordinates into the firing system and that is how they are able to strike only you, my queen. They are probably several miles off shore, disguised as a transport ship.”

“From the ocean!” she sobbed. “Andre and his love of sailors! That is why we settled here and not in the north! With my all knowledgeable sheriff!

And where is my child now? Still vacationing in New Zealand! He could not part himself from that French whore he is all enamored, of!”

“How fortunate that if something happens, here, my queen, your progeny  will continue,” Bill said in a humble voice.

“What!” she screeched as she flew up to the ceiling.

“My queen,” Eric began, staring up at her. “Please sit. This does not help matters. There will be a couple of more volleys from their sonic cannons and then a phone call. At that time, they will make their demands of you.”

“Sheriff,” she floated down and sat next to him and took his hand. “Have you any idea who is doing this?”

“The King of Florida had at one time a very ambitious lieutenant by the name of Wang. I only know this because The Hun mentioned him when he was here. Wang worked for Attila until twenty years ago and then moved to the New World, bragging that he would someday have his own kingdom. The Hun tried to make contact with him while he was here and Florida denied having such a person on their pay role.” Eric shrugged.  “Attila said Wang was a superior sailor. Very tech savvy. My guess would be that he has gone rogue and taking to being a pirate. Hiding anywhere in the Everglades, working his contacts and watching and waiting.”

“How would you know this?” Bill was in Eric’s face.

“Because that is what I would do,” Eric replied.

“My queen,” Eric shoved Bill out of the way, “if you do not keep Compton out of my face, he will not live to see the new dark.”

“Bill sit down or better yet, leave,” she hissed. “Go put on your body armor, grab a weapon and stand guard.”

“My queen?” he gulped.

“Do it,” she spit out at him.

Bill was glaring at Eric. “You and I, we are not finished with this. I know you are the traitor.”

“Bill,” she yelled at him and picked up a stake and threw it at him.

Making contact in his chest, Bill bawled out in terror! Her guards grabbed him and then carried him out.

“What do we do?” S-A asked Eric.

“We wait,” he replied. “They will ask to speak to you to make their demands. Once they do that, hand the phone to me.”

“Eric,” she leaned in and put both of her hands on his shoulders. “Andre is not really in New Zealand. He stopped off in Florida.”

Eric said nothing, just stared at her.

“Please Eric,” she sobbed, “give me some type of reassurance that Andre did not do this.”

“My queen,” he began slowly and took both of her hands. “You know him,  I only know him when he is on the prowl looking for power and to exert his own influence. Every time he comes into my area uninvited, you get that phone call.

I have heard that he and Compton have run up a very large gambling bill on the New Orleans Haunt.”

“What?” she took her hands and wiped at her face and sat up straighter.

“Veernox, the owner of the riverboat is an acquittance. He called me one dark a couple of months ago and wanted to know if Andre was good for the hundred-million he owed. He said Compton was there with him and was vouching for the money. I told him Andre was your child and Compton your main ass kisser. That was all the vouching I could do for the two of them.”

“What?” she hissed through clinched teeth. “So that is why Andre was so insistent on us purchasing into the riverboat gambling. So if he lost, it was our money, no one would care; if he won, it was our money he would be taking and gloating, about.

And why does he need money?” she hissed. “We provide for him.

Sheriff, if you would please, I need ten minutes, alone.”

“I will call for you, I…I just need some time.”

“Of course my queen,” he said rising and with a bow he was gone.

“Alder,” she looked over at her aide-de-camp. “I want to talk to this Veernox.”

“Of course my queen, one moment,” he said taking out his phone.

There was a brief discussion and then she was handed the phone.

“This is her royal majesty, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the vampire queen of Louisiana.”

“This is Veernox, owner of the New Orleans Haunt,”came the reply with a Dutch accent. “Queen Leclerq, I am glad you have called. Your child came on board my riverboat thinking to glamour my people and walk out with my money. Everyone that works for me is some type of Supe and cannot be glamoured. The little Were shit thought to make his money in a very illegal way. I let this pass and did not end him that night because he assured me he was good for it. He has paid me twenty-five million  but his chit for seventy-five million is still outstanding. I normally do not carry the marker for this long. But he gave me twenty-five million as a good faith payment. He knows by the end of the month, I expect the rest of it. Child of a queen or no, I will have my money.”

“You do understand that this is between Andre and you. I have nothing to do with this.”

“Of course.”

Hanging up, handing back the phone she screamed, a long piercing one that shook her own palace!

“Bring The Viking back in,” she said, righting herself.

At that time, another boom shook the palace.

“My queen,” Alder said as he handed her the phone. “For you.”

Eric walked in and said, “If it is Wang, you will need a Chinese translator so that you will know we are speaking the truth.”

“Alder,” was all she said.

“Of course my queen,” and he was up and gone.

Gran, Lafayette and Sookie and even O.I. all sat there with their mouths, open.

They had just listened to Pamela impersonate a Dutchman by the name of Veernox and now Samuel was doing Wang as he made his demands!

“One moment please,” Sophie-Anne said and handed the phone to Eric.

Zhi Ruo from accounting was ushered in and S-A nodded to Eric.

Eric put the phone on speaker.

“This is Eric Northman. I am here to negotiate for our queen.”

“The Viking,” was said with respect in Chinese. “I heard you were in her dungeon, awaiting execution. I thought this was a reason to celebrate. To be there with your finally dead  queen, so that I might dance on your ashes before I dance on hers.”

“Obviously not,” he replied as the room could also hear Zhi Ruo translating the conversation.

“And you are?” Eric asked.

There was laughter. “If you really are all that, you tell me.”

“What’s the wager?” Eric asked.

“Let’s make it interesting. I will stop the bombing but I still want my money from Andre.

And if you are wrong, I could use a second in command. You work for me for the next hundred years.”

Eric looked crossed eyed at the phone. “That’s all?”

“With you by my side,” was more laughter, “we could rule the world! And we will start with Louisiana, then the costal  regions of the U.S.”

“HRM S-A is not liable for her child’s debts and you shall not retaliate on her in any way. And we want to know why Andre owes you money.”

“Agreed,” came the reply.

Eric looked crossed-eyed at the phone. “Wang, Attila had told me you had gone a-pirating. What else are you trafficking in?”

There was silence on the other end.

“You really are all that,” was said quietly. “Your royal majesty, Sophie-Anne, I meant no disrespect to you. I shall not trespass upon you again.

What else am I trafficking in? Well, that would be weapons. And Andre still owes me fifty-million and I will have my money.”

The connection went dead!

Silence overwhelmed the room! S-A just sat with her hands in her lap.

“Are you planning a war, my queen, that I am not aware of?” Eric asked.

“No,” she sighed. “Eric, please stay. Everyone, leave us.”

Sophie-Anne just sat, staring at a painting of her and Andre on her coronation day. “Even then, I knew,” she said nodding at painting. “I knew it was going to come to this. He wanted a crown as well. To wear in the painting. It was a spot of contention between us for months.”

“The child that would be king,” Eric shook his head. “Spoiled and then some. This is your doing, my queen. You let him snicker about you behind your back. And challenge your ways in front of his friends. You have created Frankenstein’s monster.”

“What do I do?” she asked turning to look at Eric.

“Can he be trusted?” he asked.

“No,” she replied softly.

“Then there is your answer. I will leave you to your thoughts, my queen. Is there anything else I might do for you? I need to check tonight’s balance sheet at the club. Someone is stealing from us. And so they are stealing from you, my queen.”

“Thank you Eric,” she sighed. “I am sorry to take you from your work.

But I am grateful that you are here. I am hosting a party in a in a few days. I would be honored if you would attend. I would love to meet the Late Druid. That is not an order, just a request.”

Eric said nothing. His face gave away nothing. It sounded very much like an order to him.

“Are your quarters comfortable?” she smiled at him.

“Yes,” he smiled at her. “You are very gracious.”

“If you would please, on your way out, tell the guards to stake Compton in silver out in the courtyard. Make sure they record his greeting the sun for me.

I will deal with Andre.”

“Of course my queen,” he said with a bow.

“Eric, this party that I am hosting,” her voice was low and dangerous.  “I am now concerned about the guests. Some are people who Andre believed could be very beneficial to me. One in particular. He is a Druid and perhaps the devil incarnate.

So please, tell your cousin that this is a life and death situation. If she wishes for us to live, she needs to be here.”

“I understand my queen,” he said with another bow. And there it was…his life was forfeit if Sookie did not put in an appearance.

“Rest well with the rising of the sun,” she smiled at him.

“Yourself as well,” he said and left.

Taking out her phone, she had no options with Andre. Hearing her child pick up, he began his newest line of Were shit.

“My dearest one,” he addressed her. He used that phrase when he was alone. She did not allow it when he was not.

“Child,” she began, cutting him off.  “As your maker, I command you to meet the sun. You are not to speak  of this to anyone or glamour or command anyone to lock you away. You will do this, as your maker, I command it. Set up your phone and broadcast it live to me. You are an hour ahead of us. I want to watch.”

Disconnecting she once more stood in front of the painting of the two of them. “You are so clever, Andre. But not nearly as clever as The Viking. He will have to go also. And his Druid will be a tasty snack for Cacius.”

“Not yet Brother Samuel,” O.I. said peering into the computer screen. “Stay tuned in. There is movement coming in from behind that false wall.”

“Pity to waste the two vampires,” she felt his hands settle in her hair, pull out the hair pins and toss her crown onto the floor. His hands then settled on her shoulders, ripping her dress down and then he impaled himself inside of her.

“Cacius,” she moaned, “are you really a god?”

“You tell me,” he laughed. “I am turning this poor excuse of a human’s balls into another dick and riding you bow and stern.”

To make his point, she felt herself penetrated in both orifices. “Ask me that again and I will have something for your mouth, as well.”

“Will you make me your goddess?” she gasped as he pumped harder, filling her with a fulfilling, gratifying force that made her grunt, reminding her of the first time she had dug out of the grave!

“Every god needs a goddess,” he groaned as he wrapped his hands around her breasts and squeezed until she whimpered. “You will bear my children and suckle them with your blood at your cold, but perfect,” he licked the side of her neck, “vampire tits. Once you give birth, these beauties,” he hefted them, “shall always be bared from that time forward. You shall be naked and proud that your teats feed my children.

 The little ones shall delight in your undeadness and your blood shall fill them with the goodness of the grave. I shall be known as Cacius the Bountiful.  I shall rule earth and you shall suckle my children until the end of days.  I have declared it so.

Of course,” he pulled out of her and turned her around to face him. “These bodies will not do. We shall have the ones to which I am entitled. The ones I had promised, myself. I shall have that damned Viking and you shall take possession of the Druid.  They are far more beautiful and skilled then these crude and ugly forms we now dwell within. Magic, these bodies we reside within, they know nothing of magic. Nor could they contain what needs to dwell within!” he sputtered in disgust.

“I am rather attached to this form. Am I so ugly?” she asked softly, sweetly, her hand on his chest, stroking him there.

“No,” he answered. “This form you are in is pleasing enough for here and now. But not for the millenniums to come.”

“Must it be those two?” she asked humbly.

“Well of course,” he smiled at her. “That was the bet I had with Satan. Those two and none other,” he smiled at her and winked. “Or I am fucked, in not a very pleasant fashion,” he laughed.

“Now, where was I…oh yes, I was about to get off.” Turning her back around he bent her over the throne.  “No need for you to orgasm.  The vessel is just overjoyed at serving her lord.”

 “Oh Were shit!” Pam breathed out.

“Sookie,” Samuel turned and looked at her. Disgust and horror on his face. “We are not sending you in. Cannot.”

“They want to…to enslave all of us,” Sookie felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. “What sort of vanity and fucking shit for brains is that! Just what the fuck? And if Sookie the Druid does not show up, they are going to kill Eric. Because he is tied to me in this farce where evil thinks it deserves to rule.

My family started this,” she sadly shook her head. “And Eric’s. I don’t see how I cannot. If I don’t shift into the Druid, then I will be just be Sookie, Eric Northman’s day walker. That should get me in the door.

This fucker,” her voice was getting louder,  “makes deals  with Satan! And thinks he is entitled to do just whatever the fuck he pleases! Well fuck that shit! Jesus overcame the grave and so will I. Hallelujah I believe!

This can only end one of two ways,” her voice shook with anger.  “Either Eric and I are walking out or I will be dead. But no,” she shouted,  “evil mother-fucker is taking over my body. Never! I shall not be the mother of monsters!”

“Amen and Amen,” Lafayette, O.I. and Gran said, “and Amen.”

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