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Chapter 11

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 11

“So what do we know about this new and improved Cacius?” Pam asked.

“He is not omnipresent or omnipotent or omniscient.

Or any of those other omni words used to describe our righteous God,” Lafayette said. “He did not know about the smallest spy device and he does not know this and that’s or any other things of importance. He is just a mo’ fo’n mo’ fo’r with a bit of power and a whole lot of wantin’ to do wrong.

My little man’s, you feels likes drivin’s Miss Sookie?” he asked. “We could bes the day’s walker, walker of the days. You know, Eric’s is so much that his day walker needs a day walker.”

“Lafayette, I love you,” her heart felt words found the peace and love in the room, comforting. “But, I cannot…”

“You gots nothin’ to say about this, drivin’s Miss Sookie,” he said with attitude and a snap of his fingers. “Me and my little man, we have gots the ‘tudes and a righteous  way of doin’ things. Smokin’ evil I thinks can become a year round way of bringin’ the glad tidings and sleepin’ well at night. No way’s is His La La’s perfectness wakin’ up a zombie or some such somethin’ that my expensive’s night creams will not fix! I am’s,” he shouted, “just sayin’ no and no to that!”

“Amen,” O.I. placed his hand over his upper heart, his voice earnest and forever grateful, “and Amen.”

“So what do we do?” Sookie asked.

Samuel was thoughtful. “We wait for the beads to be placed. And until then, we plan. I like the idea of a day walker and her day walker. Perhaps the lovely Pamela would be required to be in attendance as well for this party. I can always work catering,” Samuel smiled. “Let us give this some thought and then I will contact Eric.”

The Scooby Gang spent the rest of the night plotting and planning and there was some drinking involved, as well. O.I. had broken out something he called the Death From Aboveand since it was not from this world’s time and place, Samuel and Pam were seen doing a shot occasionally, as well. Which made for some daring-do rescues and outrageous plot lines!

All of which Eric would have rolled his eyes at…and the  one   time Samuel called him and told him about the grand dragon ride-through-to-the-rescue, complete with a mariachi band, perhaps Eric did roll his eyes, more than once, because he could not speak due to the listening devices in his suite.

It was an hour before sunrise in Louisiana. Sophie-Anne was still up. It was satisfying to watch her child live out the last minutes of his life. He thought to end her and reign supreme. Yes, she had been lax with him but his time had come and she was saddened and glad at heart that it was at her hands. His screaming and cursing her was most satisfying. Then, as the sun crested, his sobbing and pleading and begging was even more so.

She was glad he was in Florida. The one-hour time difference made all the difference in the world! Without even a tear she watched Andre go up in flames.

When that task was finished, it was time to concentrate on things a little closer to home. Sun-up was in thirty minutes. Compton must be praying to every god that he had ever heard tale of. Good, perhaps she had made a believer out of him.

“Bring me Compton,” she said and guards moved out to do her bidding.

From his prolonged and wild weeping, Bill was a bloody mess when he was brought in. With gratitude, he wrapped himself around her legs, proclaiming her mercy and justice.

“This is what we want you to do, Bill. When you rise, tonight,” she pushed him off of her and back onto the floor. “We want you to take yourself to Area Five. We want to know everything  there is to know about Eric Northman. Who does he see, who does he talk too?  Does he favor anyone at his club above another? Is there anything or anyone new in his life? You travel fast and you glamour everyone. We do not care how much energy transference there is from you  out into the atmosphere to make this happen. We do not care if you are a dried-up husk when you return to us. We want facts and wes want them soonest.

We are leaving the beads in Baltimore with the ending of the new dark.

You have this new dark. So move your ass and make this happen. Today was just a trial run of your true death venue so that you will know what to expect. When we rise, tomorrow, I want answers to all my questions.”

“My queen,” Bill was bawling, “thank you, thank you, thank you! You are indeed noble and gracious! I will come back with knowledge.”

So he was going to live! HE WAS GOING TO LIVE! Shouted through him!

This was perfect, made to order! “Eric has a day walker!” raced through his mind.  “I will give her that precious knowledge and I can just party while I am there!

Thank you my queen,” he was sprawled out on the floor. “ I shall return successful or I will gladly meet the sun!” he sobbed.

Rolling her eyes at him, she said to no one.

“Hand me Eric’s phone.”  When it was given to her, carefully she ran her hands over it. Then her nose, sniffing with great concern.

“I can sense nothing out of the ordinary,” she fumed. “What do you think the chances are that his phone is rigged with an explosive device?”

Everyone in the room took a step back.

“Yes, my exact thoughts. Bring me Northman.”

When Eric came in she tossed him the phone. There were certain things she knew without having to be told. Eric had people. As in humans that he tasked out the mundane, too.  “We all have a day walker,” she stated as a fact. “Call yours,” was all she said.

Eric dialed in the number and then she took the phone from him.

“This is Northman,” she said, imitating Eric’s voice.

“Where are you?” the female voice asked.

“New Orleans,” Eric’s voice replied.

“Good for you,” the voice held a certain amount of snark. “You suck!” was hissed and then the phone went dead.

Sophie-Anne looked over at Eric. “Just what was that about?”

“My queen,” Eric shrugged, “taxes were due. She has not been paid for the past several weeks. I would say she is a might bit pissed off.”

There were chuckles around the room.

“Good to know she is immune to your charms,” S-A smiled.
“Yes,” Eric nodded, “one of the reasons I keep her around. She gets the job done with no distractions and no flirting and wanting what I am so amply endowed with.”

All the men in the room smirked. There were a couple of gaffes and S-A just rolled her eyes.

“Sunrise is a horizon event in two minutes,” a guard announced.

“Bill,” she focused on him. “You make this happen. The rest of you, I will see you with the rising of the new dark.”

The Scooby gang stared long and hard at the monitor. You could feel the thoughts being scattered around the room by the ceiling fan.

“If we are here,” Sookie said, “Bill cannot very well find us in Bon Temps.”

“Yes, but,” Gran said, “he has seen you before, Sookie. And he knows you are Eric’s day walker. Just how hard do you think he will be looking?” Gran shook her head. “I had always heard that the Compton’s were a lazy lot. He might go to Bon Temps but his feet will not be pounding the pavement looking for clues. I bet he sees this as a night off.”

“His La La Fineness  and his little man’s is sure enough gonna’ need a starrin’ role in this high-flyin’ comedy,” Lafayette chuckled while O.I. sported a big toothy grin

“So,” Samuel smiled, “we stay here until the time is right. Let Bill take his nasty self to Bon Temps. We shall have a glorious day in New Orleans and when darkness falls, perhaps even a better time, then.

Sookie, you need to know Eric’s measurements, likes, dislikes. Let us gear you up to be day walker extraordinaire!”

The day was pleasant in their out and about. Several crows stopped by to chat up Lafayette and to remark to O.I. that they, too, had started out as dragons!

Gran carried the Day Walker’s Grimoire , they had taken to calling it, and as they ate, shopped and stopped to admire all that New Orleans had to offer, she tested Sookie on the subject of Eric Northman.

“Ah-h-h,” Lafayette sighed, “The Riverwalk. Miss Sooks we is gonna’ take our fine selves into Nordie’sand shop for you. And we will definitely be stoppin’ at Saks.  Now what does a day walker for his Northman of the fine ass wear when she goes to see the boss in New Orleans? Does she dress like him so that they are all matchie-matchie or does she carry her very fine Northern Louisiana style with her? Now, we are past Labor Day, so that would be a no to the white. And we is not dressin’ you in business black or this crowd. That is just a vampire cliché.”

“Well, it is seventy-eight degrees, today, will be a bit cooler, tonight. Maybe a cap sleeve with a jacket? You are right about the  black, that is so vampire cliché…how about gray with pink trim or maybe navy with pink trim or any solid color with pink accessories?”

“My girl, one hundred percent, His La La Fineness says. Let us go put some money on Mr. Eric’s credit card.”

“Can’t be too upscale,” Gran cautioned. “Remember what Brother Samuel said. It cannot look like Eric is paying her a lot because this will arouse suspicion that he makes more money than he pays taxes, on.”

“Got’s that,” Lafayette tapped his head. “Outlet shoppin’, here we come.”

The outfit they decided on was gunmetal grey. Had just enough blue in it to enhance Sookie’s skin tones and the pink pinstripes made the look. With pink pearl jewelry, shoes, bag, and scarf, she was declared ready to go.

Lafayette had opted for a grey suit with pink pinstripes. White shirt with pink tie, socks and belt. His grey shoes were rockin’ his feet!

When the sun went down, they left for S-A’s place of business.

As they turned the corner to approach the gate, there was a chuckle from around Lafayette’s neck. “They sure enough give us any sass,” O.I. said raising up from around his big man’s neck. “That will be the last mo’ fo’n thing they do.”

Lafayette was driving the Jeep when they pulled up to the gate. “We are here to see Mr. Northman,” he said to the guards.

“Who,” the guard asked, “am I say to say is calling?”

“His day walker is here, along with her day walker.”

The man said something into his radio and three more guards instantly appeared. Because two were obviously not enough.

Walking around the vehicle and running a mirror underneath, they also opened the doors, asked them to step out and looked into the auto. “Lift the back hatch,” the guard said.

Lafayette hit the button and the hatch came open. When he was finished, he motioned for Lafayette to close it.

 “You can get back in,” was all he said as he disappeared behind the wall and two guards were left there with them.

“You got the travel Scrabblegame handy?” Sookie asked. “This could take a while.”

Thirty minutes had passed. “What?” one of the guards asked. “Are they doing?”

“Playing Scrabble,” Tommy chuckled. “No need to worry about them. They are the real day walking deal. I can smell a sandwich. Along with the BBQ chips and,” he took a deep whiff. “Lemonade. They came prepared. They have obviously waited on vampires before.”

There was a knock on S-A’s bedroom door. When told the news, she tilted her head to one side and listened. She could hear nothing coming from Eric’s suite.

“What the fuck! How did they know he was here! Sweep the library for spy devices. Get Northman and meet me there.”

Eric was reading when she came in. Something in ancient Greek. He really was all that. She just hated to admit it.

“My queen,” he said standing. “I have been patted down and scanned. Just what is it you think I have done? Or am doing?” he asked her.

“It seems we have company,” she smiled at him.

“Please show them in,” she said to the open door.

Eric turned toward the door. Well, there was no mistaking who was coming down the hall. Samuel had given him the briefest of info. “Be prepared,” his brother had said. “Sookie is known by your cousin, the Late Druid.”

“I do not understand,” Eric said as they entered the room, S-A watching him carefully.

“Why is my day walker and her day walker, here?” There was surprise in his voice.

“I got the phone call from your cousin,” Sookie replied, ignoring the fact that he had directed the question to the other female.  “She said to get my ass to New Orleans and come and see you at this address.

And oh,” Sookie continued on. “She says she is not coming to pick up the beads. She has an early breakfast meeting in the morning so she sent me here, instead. But she will leave a libation for Poe in your honor, later. She says he really does not care for the beads being left at his memorial but does so like the Rye.”

“What?” S-A asked, taking a step forward. “Do you take me for a fool?” she hissed.

“Ma’am,” Sookie looked over at her, “I do not know who you are, so I cannot make that judgement call. But when the Late Druid calls and tells me to take my ass forthwith, I do it. Ever since she found out I work for Eric, she is now part of my universe, as well, influencing me and calling me. And she does not even need a phone. However, it is handiest when she calls, keeps her out of my head and my dreams. I liked myself just fine before she rolled into my life with her ways of doing business.”

“Really?” Sophie-Anne replied.

“Yes ma’am,” Sookie continued on. “I don’t know that she really cares for Eric, but since he is family she feels responsible for him. And she blessed me with shit that I do not need nor do I want.”

“For instance,” the queen asked, curious yet believing it would be all lies.

Somehow, the breather knew he was here! How was that possible? Was this Druid really that powerful?

“Well, now, when I am around him, I am a telepath. I can only read humans and the occasional Were, who comes in real gnarly. I am grateful that she spared me listening into vampires, because I do not want to know,” she stressed and pointed her finger at Eric, “what weird, unholy-burning-in- Hell-shit he is up, too.

And speaking of burning in Hell,” she eyed Eric, “I have not been paid in weeks! Which means Lafayette has not been paid in weeks,” she growled at him.

Eric grinned at her. “Well, at least you had a lovely dinner. Is that a grilled chicken sandwich from Subway? Topped with Sweet Baby Ray’s? And perhaps a bag of BBQ baked potato chips?”

“Not the first time I have eaten a bagged dinner,” Sookie responded, frowning at him.

“Myself as well,” Eric picked up the bagged blood and toasted her.

Sophie-Anne could not believe the banter between the two! And did she hear correctly?

“A telepath?”

“Yes ma’am. But only when I am with him,” she nodded at Eric. “She seems to think his ass needs all the help he can get. I could agree with that, I just wish it was not be that was his first line of defense.”

Sophie-Anne looked at Eric who seemed very nonchalant about all of this. Like it was just another day in his life! Like maybe he knew his Druid really did protect him. “And you only read human or a Were?”

“Yes,” she responded.

Was the Druid really all that? And Eric, my gawd, he always seemed to be one step ahead of the game. Did his cousin influence those around him to help him along? “Send in Addams, Quincy, Monroe and Washington,” she said to no one.

The older gentlemen came in and stood in a line.

“Show me,” she said, her eyes flaring, her voice neutral.

Sookie reached out and touched Eric’s arm. Taking a deep breath, she began. “The first man is a vampire. The second one is human and wants more time off to be with his dying wife. The third man is not a vampire or Were…something I do not know. He sounds like static on a radio. The forth man works in housekeeping and someone is stealing your hand towels. The fifth man is a Were…gosh….gnarly and then some. Oh, he has been drinking and wants another beer.”

Sophie-Anne raised her eyebrows at all of them. “Yes or no,” was all she said.

They all nodded yes.

“Get yourselves to the see Mrs. Brown, all of you. Tell her to adjust your schedules accordingly.”

With a bow of their heads, they were gone.

So it was true! All of it! Oh what to do! For the telepath to work, Eric had to be present! Fuck! But then…

 “You are his employee?” she asked as she turned to face Sookie.

“Yes,” Sookie made a dejected sound. “It was one thing to pick up his laundry. A little extra money to be made during the day. Since his cousin entered my life, this is not what I signed on for.  If I ever lay eyes on that woman, we are going to have words. I just hope she does not turn me into a toad, afterwards.

And I hope you can hear me right now,” Sookie looked skyward and shook her first. “You, along with your asshole vampire cousin, suck!”

“For one so small, she is not one to mince words,” S-A chuckled. “You surprise me Sheriff.”

Eric shrugged and smiled. “I like strong women.  I was raised around them, I seek them out and I employ them whenever I can. My cousin may be a pain in my ass, but I admire her greatly. She has power and she uses it to her advantage.

My queen,” he bowed, “may I introduce you to Miss Sookie Stackhouse. My day walker, telepath in my presence, and bar waitress extraordinaire!

And her day walker is Lafayette Reynolds. Heavy lifter, Medium and cook extraordinaire.”

“Miss Stackhouse, Mr. Reynolds, this is my vampire queen, HRM of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne.

A bow,” Eric directed his attention at the two humans, “would be appropriate.”

“Oh yes, of course,” they both said as they both dipped a bit and then stood back up.

“Your majesty,” Sookie looked at her, “I was brought here for a reason. If I knew what it was, I could accomplish that task and be on my way back home. I do have another job. So does Lafayette. We depend on that job,” she glared at Eric, “to pay our bills.”

“Well of course,” she smiled and then looked over at Eric. “Sheriff, why would she be called here?”

Eric shrugged.

“I’ve picked up your laundry,” Sookie said. “Purchased new socks and two new blue shirts. Took them to the tailor.”

Eric shrugged again.

“Does the Vette need an oil change? Tires rotated?”

“No,” he replied.

“You need a blood whore?” she asked.

“No,” he shook his head. “Hunger wise, I am fine,” he saluted her with the bagged blood.

Sookie looked perplexed.

“Perhaps,” S-A smiled. “Perhaps she sent you here so you could get paid. We are having a formal tomorrow night. Many will be in attendance. Could I possibly interest you in reading them for me?

Of course,” she turned to Eric, “she is your employee,” she nodded. “You are entitled to act as her manager and take your cut.”

“My queen, I thank you for your generosity, but I am not allowed to make a profit from this gift my cousin has given her.”

“Oh,” HRM replied.

“I am more than happy to help Sookie negotiate a price, but I cannot have a portion of that. That would not end well for any of us.”

“Oh-h-h-h,” she said again.

“An entire room?” Sookie said. “How many are we talking?”

“Perhaps a thousand. Around four hundred humans.”

Sookie looked aghast! “Have you any idea what it is like to have that many voices inside your head?”

“Set a price,” S-A nodded to Eric. “And be fair to her. Andre has money that will be used to pay her. This will be an all dark event. Do not cheat her.”

“Of course my queen,” Eric said with a bow of his head.

 As she turned to leave she addressed Sookie. “Take your time with this, Miss Stackhouse, I know how you have been wronged by my Sheriff. If you will give me an amount, I will have a check ready for you before you go.

And tomorrow’s function is a formal. You will need to shop.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Sookie bowed her head, “thank you. So you know, Lafayette is my partner. He goes with me everywhere when I am working for Eric. I pay him when I get paid. And for this…this telepathic stuff to work, Eric has to be present, so by all rights he gets a cut as well.”

“You are very amiable, Miss Stackhouse. You see to those about you. A gracious trait.”

Eric took a step forward. “I will gladly forgo my pay, my queen, as a gift to you.”

“Well thank you Eric. I will leave you to it, then. Just let me know when you have reached a decision.”

S-A retired to her throne room where sadly, there was business to attend. She would much rather be in the library watching the show in there. It was fine to listen with her ear piece, but she loved the show. The little breather gave as good as she got. And the expressions on her face were priceless.

Hm-m-m-m-m-m, so Eric liked strong women. Well that certainly explained his child. What a bitch!

And perhaps why he had agreed to guard her Northern kingdom. “He thinks I am strong,” she smiled to herself at that thought. “He admires me. And most importantly, perhaps he really does respect me.”

And his strong dislike of Andre. Her child was a fool and thought he could bully, deceive and lie to get his way.

She could smell no deceit or lies on either of the breathers. A telepath and a medium. Come the new dark, she would know what Andre had planned. Who was to be trusted and who was to be dead.

A telepath…oh glory days!

How much of Cacius was still human? Could the breather read him? And if so, the world was her oyster.

And if not, well perhaps Cacius would know that his mind was being violated and could destroy the human for attempting to trespass on him and he would, perhaps, kill Eric as well. She would not be to blame. The Druid would not come looking for her when her cousin, fell.

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