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Chapter 12

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 12

Sookie and Eric were kicking numbers around.

“Look,” she pointed her finger at him, “You paid me ten thousand to listen in on that Senator. Now there was a cesspool,” she said in disgust.  “And that was for two hours.

And poor Lafayette, dealing with those ghosts that were hanging onto him, wanting the favors that asshole had promised them for haunting those good folks who would not donate money to him. Where did that dickhead even go to find someone to raise those poor creatures from their rest?

Oh,” she snarled, “do not look at me like that! Some who-do princess here in N.O. did that for him! You know, this just pisses me off.”

“I would not have guessed that,” Eric raised an eyebrow at her. “And yes, I know,” Eric nodded, “that these amounts seem like an unreasonable amount of money. But you pay Lafayette and you will pay taxes on this.”

“Yes,” she squinted at him. “And after you took out taxes, that ten thousand did not go very far. Just barely made a dent on Gran’s medication bills.”

“You did give half to Lafayette,” he remarked.

“Yes, he has a sick momma as well,” she snarked. “We just do not walk away from our families.

My gawd, Eric, ten thousand per person for the entire night is a bargain! I cannot stress cesspool enough!”

“Ten thousand times four hundred is four million,” he replied.

“What?” she stammered.  “That cannot be right.”

“Yes,” he nodded, “it is. And you are correct, that is more than fair. As your agent/manager, I will take my cut, which is…?” He looked at her.

“How much would you normally get?”

“The vampire agents get a third,” he replied.

“What?” she gasped. “God only asks ten percent.”

“Then he sells himself short,” Eric replied.  “It is all about the contacts, Miss Stackhouse and the type of service you need or have to offer. Somethings are very job specific. My queen desires a telepath. That is a rare commodity to come by. So your four million…let me see…one third goes for federal taxes…so you are down to 2,800,000. I get a third. You are now down to 1,600,000. You also owe six percent to the state of Louisiana. So let us deduct 240,000 from your four million. That leaves you with 1,360,000.”

“Wait a minute,” she glared at him. “You are deducting all this money from the original four million. Does that money amount not decrease?”

“Not when you are dealing with vampires, Miss Stackhouse. Now where was I.  Oh yes, so split 1,360,000 with Mr. Reynolds and you have 680,000. A respectable amount. If invested wisely, you could possibly live off of that by retirement age.”

“You asshole,” she hissed at him. “That will just about cover Gran’s med’s.”

“So as you can see Sookie, that four million…not as much as you would think.”

“Fuck,” she spit out.

“Plus, you two are going to need something to wear to the formal. Along with jewelry. I can appreciate you going to the outlet mall to purchase what you are wearing today. It is a cut above your jeans and a t-shirt. But my queen will expect something not from the outlet mall. Those in attendance tonight will know the difference.”

“Fuck!” she stomped her foot.

“Something in the Armani tux line for Mr. Reynolds and not anything off the rack for you. There is a shop on Royal Street. A lovely boutique called The Royal Guard.  Caters to men and women.  I would suggest you go there and mention me.”

“Will they up the price if I bring up your name?” she frowned.

“Probably, but they will also show you the caliber of clothing you will need. Shoes, jewelry, etc. To include your hair. You could use some highlights.”

“Fuck you,” she mumbled, again.  “You are so not worth this. But Gran is,” she eyed him. “Highlights my ass,” she glared at him.

“Excellent,” he grinned. “I can see we are in total agreement. Now, I have some business at the club that must be seen, too. I have to call Pamela and see what is so desperate that she has been calling.”

“Do…” Sookie hesitated, “do you think she has caught  the thief in action?”

“One can only hope,” his smile got bigger. “If that is the case, there will be joy in her voice instead of the bitch that resides there.

Adieu until the morrow, Miss Stackhouse, Mr. Reynolds,” he said with a bow and a flutter of his hand.

“And to you as well,” they both said with a slight bow of their heads and then stood to leave. When they approached the pocket doors, they opened and were escorted to Sophie-Anne.

“Eric explained our money ways to you,” she smiled when they entered her throne room.

“Yes, ma’am,” they both bowed their heads.

“Four million is a fair amount,” Sookie replied, “Minus Eric’s one third and the taxes. We will need the W-2 form before we leave.”

“Yes, of course,” she smiled and motioned to a man in the corner of the room. “Speak to Ruppert. He is the accountant for my dealings with humans.  He knows exactly what to do.”

When all the paper work was done and handed over, the check was cut. With a bow to the queen, Sookie and Lafayette were escorted out.

They were shown outside to their auto where they motored off.

One block away, they pulled over.  Samuel and his team were waiting for them. Getting into the limo, Sookie and Lafayette waved as Samuel’s crew hopped into the Jeep and drove off.

Samuel smiled when Sookie handed him the papers and he began to work his magic on his laptop.

Sookie leaned against Lafayette. “My gawd, Lafayette, a half a million bucks…for which I am forever grateful. But from four million to half a million. Just what the fuck! And I thought the Feds took your money. Thankfully, they did not learn from vampires.”

Lafayette gave her the moment. There was not anything he could say to make her feel any better.

“Holy shit!” she said under her breath. “We will have half a million!”

“And all the palace intrigues we cans stomach,” he added with O.I. nodding is head in agreement.

“Mr. Samuels says,” his head pointed to the vampire that was busy at his laptop. “We are to limo from here on out. We are the newly riches white trash and N.O. will be expectin’s such bad behaviors from us. So lunch at some wheres exquisite and perhaps tea time as well. Let us lay down our monies.” “Spend most of it today,” Samuel said looking up. “We have this. They have encrypted a code into the check. If I might quote Miss Pamela, what a bunch of non-tech savvy posers. They want you to spend your money so that you will keep coming back around.”

“Like drugs,” Sookie nodded. “Get us hooked on the high life and she will keep cutting the amount…”

“Yes,” Samuel replied. “And entice you away from Eric. Keep you on staff and living on the premises.”

“But she would have to keep Eric there, as well,” Sookie replied.

“I do believe that is her plan,” Samuel chuckled. “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, I believe is the expression.

So today you are renting a limo and doing the town.”

“Who are we renting from?” Sookie asked.

“Why me, of course,” Samuel grinned. “They will track your money to the best of their ability. They will see that you have deposited the check in a local bank. Owned by me. That you have taken out credit cards. Also owned by me. That you have shopped in outrageously expensive places, also owned by me. And perhaps one or two by Eric. Do not,” he chuckled at Sookie and blew her a kiss. “We have this.”

There was a knock on Eric’s door. Opening it, there stood his queen.

“You are very thorough,” she bowed her head to him.

“My queen?” he bowed in return. “I thank you for the compliment. To what do you reference?”

“Your employees left here and switched out to a limo.”

“Anytime, my queen, they deal with someone besides me, that is SOP. Their auto was in your possession. I do not want to believe that anyone in your employee thought to do you a favor and plant things like listening devices or a GPS or some such forward thinking technological device in their car. The least I can do for them is trade it in on something new. They work very hard for their money. I would hate to have their car tainted by working for me.”

“You think of everything, Sheriff,” she smiled at him.

“Thank you my queen,” he said with another bow. “I do believe that is why you have me guarding your Northern border.

And Pamela found the thief,” he smiled. “You will be hearing from Longshadow’s maker, wondering what has happened to his child.”

“What did happen to him?” she smiled.

“Better you do not know,” Eric grinned in reply. “Let us just say, your taxes should be a bit healthier this year.”

“Most excellent,” she winked at him. “I do believe Longshadow submitted paper work to migrate to New York. I will have that signed for you when you rise.”

“Thank you my queen,” he bowed, again.

“And Eric, suggesting that they shop at The Royal Guard.  You naughty thing,” she clucked her tongue.  “They will spend all their money there and Miss Stackhouse will end up working for you the rest of her days.

That,” she gave Eric a long, lingering look, “could be most handy for both of us.

Rest well this day, Eric,” she ran her hand down his face.

“Thank you my queen,” he took her hand and kissed it, “and you as well.”

Stepping out of the room, she closed the door and stood staring at it. “Fucking Northman. Why am I under the impression I have just been played?”

Eric smiled as he stared at the door. Turning around, his stoic face was in place and he retired to his bed where he planned tonight’s festivities. They were going to be some good ones!

Sookie, Lafayette, O.I. and Samuel gave the out-briefing to Gran who nodded her head in approval. “So Sookie’s and Lafayette’s money is actually in an account, drawing interest?”

“Yes,” Samuel nodded. “The entire four million, minus taxes. Miss Sookie’s legitimate brokerage firm, Sleeping With One Eye Open, deals in communications.  She is the CEO, Lafayette is the CFO and they are up and running. Complete with business accounts, expenses, credit cards, and most importantly, tax records.

S-A’s check was cashed for cash and the money put into their business. All nice and legal and untraceable by HRM’s accountants.”

“Brother Samuel,” Gran took his hand, “I mean this in just the best way, but you are scary.”

“Thank you Miss Adele,” he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. “I thank you for that compliment.”

Bill Compton was going to ground outside of New Orleans. This way, when the queen saw him when he came vamp speed in at sundown, she would know how diligent he had been. Look, sleeping in the dirt because I spent the last possible moment searching in Bon Temps. I have done everything possible to please you and everything to get to you on time!

“Yes,” he danced a jig, “diligent describes me very well. What a fabulous night off I had. Little Sister entertained me and I entertained her and it was money well spent to have her tie me up and lash me down while she dribbled her blood into my mouth and I begged and screamed for mercy. I should be in pictures,” he licked his lips. “Perhaps purchase my own movie studio and star in all the films. I could make a fortune and be famous and all the hotties with deviant behaviors would want me.

I could even star my queen in a film or two…put her in a supporting role to my heroic self and she would call me her Big Stud!”

Shivering at the thought, he jumped into the hole and covered himself up. “Damn, I love a good plan,” he giggled and when the sun hit the horizon, he had jerked off, swallowed some dirt when he had screamed in joy, and went off to bedtime with a few mud balls in his mouth.

Not that he minded, he was, after all, a dirty, dirty boy!

A beautiful and chef catered breakfast  came and went in the penthouse. After all, it was white trash doing up the town! Then, they rented a limo! And they shopped at all the most expensive stores! And tipped outrageous amounts to those that helped them with their purchases back into the limo!

When they walked into The Royal Guard,Sookie stopped and stared at the dress that was dead center to the entrance, at the end of the grand hall that was standing between marble columns and arches.

“That’s the one,” she whispered.

“That one,” Lafayette said with authority and pointed to the dress as they were approached by a sales person.  “It is perfect with its sweetheart neckline. The short sleeves will allow her to wear a fur. That draped bodice shows off her loveliness and that pleated back that drops back into a train,” he let out a low whistle as they approached and then walked around the dress. “Perfect.”

“The fact that it is the silk and is the perfect shade of yellow to match her hair and is covered in rhinestones and crystals,” Gran chuckled, “could also have something to do with that.”

“She will look like the sun has walked into the room,” Lafayette nodded. “And those deads will start breathin’ agains and those humans dressed in their blacks and reds can just wail and gnash about their biggest fashion fuck up of the year.”

“You really think so?” Sookie looked from Gran to Lafayette.

“Yes,” they both nodded.

“We needs to see her in it and then comes the alterations,” Lafayette snapped his fingers. “Miss Sooks, you will be a vision!”

“When is it needed?” Virginia, their sales hostess asked.

“Before we leave the shop today,” Lafayette said. “Or no later than three.”

“Yes sir,” she nodded and ushered Sookie off to a fitting room as the dress came off the mannequin and in the land of fashion, all hell broke loose as people began scurrying about!

Lafayette strolled into the men’s department. “I am looking for a tux for myself. Along with other fine do-dads.”

“Of course sir,” Robin smiled. “Please, allow me.”

While clothes were being altered, there was lunch and manni’s and peddi’s and hair-cuts and styling.

“French tips,” Lafayette said to the manicurist who was concentrating on Sookie. “She will carry the evening. Class and refinement shall rule while everyone else stands back in awe!”

“Let’s do tea at the hotel,” Gran said as she enjoyed the hot stone massage on her legs. “That way we won’t muss our look.”

“Good thinkin’,” Sookie said. “Maybe even have a small nap.”

“Excellent idea,” Lafayette nodded. “We will pick up the clothes and motor on back for nourishments.”

When Sophie-Anne rose, the report was waiting for her. Yes, Eric’s humans had been out and about, today. And her spies had been following them. Grinning, she read through the list. “Looks like they spent about 100 grand,” she smiled. “Poor folks are just so predictable. I am glad they took her gran with them. Very nice. Show her the nicer side of things and she will encourage her granddaughter to do the right thing by her. Hm-m-m-m-m, perhaps tonight things shall go just as I planned and not how Eric, somehow, has this wired with his Late Druid.

And if all else fails, at least I will know what Andre had planned for me. He blabbed everything he knew to his human love toys. And he invited all of them, tonight.”

There was a knock on her door.

“Yes,” she called out.

One of her guards opened her door and Compton walked in and got down on his knees.

“You stink,” she said to him, curling her nose.

“I know my queen,” he nodded, “I had no idea I had gone to ground so close to an underground sewer line that had failed during the day. I rinsed off in a creek, so that I could come straight here,  but I fear that…”

“That you slept in shit during the day. Got that Bill,” she fanned her face. “Now tell me what you found out.”

“My queen,” he began, “Eric’s day walker, she is a female and her  name is Sookie Stackhouse. She lives in Bon Temps. Works for a shifter by the name of Sam Merlotte when she is not doing errands for Northman. I went to the shifter’s bar. I had just missed her. Her shift had ended and she was off for the rest of the evening.”

“Bill,” she shook her finger at him. “You are such a liar. We smell silver on you. We suspect you were partying elsewhere and did not even make it to Bon Temps.”

“What?” Bill squeaked.

“We know all about Sookie Stackhouse,” she hissed at him. “Now tell me something we do not know.”

“What?” Bill stammered. “But my queen…” he stuttered as he watched her pick up a stake and run her finger tips along the sharp, pointed end.  “We met Sookie during the old dark. Her and her day walker Lafayette Reynolds.”

Bill looked disheartened. “Met them, as in they came here?”

“What you think? We went to them?  Oh poor Bill. Tell us the truth, just where did you spend the old dark?”

My Favorite Cousin,” he replied.

“Bill, we would have wrapped you in silver,” she snarled, “for free.”

Bill looked panicked.

“Our party tonight starts at ten. Get yourself cleaned up and presentable. You will be working the driveway. Opening and closing car doors. Cleveland will help the ladies out, you will only open and close the car doors. Are we understood?”

“Yes, my queen, of course. If someone asks me question?”

“No one will ask you a question. You open the door and stand behind it. Then you close the door. All questions, comments, and tips will be directed to Cleveland.”

“Of course my queen, I am grateful to be of service, my queen.”

“Of course you are,” she glared at him. “Not get out of my sight.”

The family was enjoying the New Orlean’s skyline as they had a late dinner sitting out in the penthouse’s lilac garden.

“What time do we need to leave here?  And I know that is the ninth million time I have asked that,” Sookie said as she took another bite of her fried calamari. “But this is so good I hate to leave one bite on this plate. Many, deep fried green and red peppers, and lordy, that last bite was a mushroom, and to this day, I never thought I needed a piece of deep fried cauliflower. And this is, tempura batter, is that right  Lafayette?”

“That is correct, Miss Sooks, nows you just enjoys that feast. I have never had vegetables look or taste this delicious. Exceptin’ for your green fried tomatoes and okra, Gran. Oh, and that yellow squash you lay a hand, too, lordy,” he sighed. “Like eatin’ meat.”

“Well thank you Lafayette. But I would have to agree. This is some delightful eats. And the presentation! My goodness! Makes me want to take down my Gran’s silver and polish it up!

And I do want to have a go at that chocolate fondue before you three leave. I fear  I would eat that…all of it, by myself!”

“Plenty of time,” O.I. nodded as he dipped the corn fritter into the dill heavy sauce. “We will nots be walkin’s away from all that chocolate-ee goodness!”

“An hour more to nibble, His La La Fineness says, thirty minutes to slip into the clothes and thirty minutes to get there. Or a variation of that theme. Plenty of times to enjoy.”

“Good,” Sookie sighed as she helped herself to a piece of broccoli, the heat still radiating off. “I could use another plateful of this. And this dill sauce…lordy…just move that dish over here and I will eat it with a spoon.”

“The red carpet for the invited guests will be at the main entrance,” Gran said looking up from the map of the residence she was studying. “Our message from Eric says to tell the driver to let you off at the Belfont Street entrance. He will meet you there and escort you through. That is going to save a lot of time. If he is not there, you are to drive on and return here. O.I. you are to be at the ready to do damage.”

“Yes,” O.I. nodded as he helped himself to another corn fritter. “We are expectin’ good will towards men.

And if not…dragon fire is just the best.”

“But we are expectin’ Eric to be there,” Sookie added.

“Yes. His Viking fineness will get us in a speedy way so that we may be on the floor, doin’ our telepath thang,” he grinned with his dragon teeth sparkling in the candle light. “Mr. Eric says he has the particulars on that so we shall be effective and all knowin’ and blowin’ the bad asses out of the buidlin’,” he grinned.  “I am thinkin’ HRM just does not knows what a bad ass truly is. I can be prepareds to show her,” he chuckled.

Sookie reached over and rubbed O.I.’s snout. “We are to behave….if all hell breaks out and actions escape good etiquette, then we shall act accordingly,” she grinned, “to all of hell breakin’ loose. Until that time, we are getting’ paid to do a job,” she felt the tears form in her eyes. “A lot of money. So don’t make me cry. My eye make-up looks perfect and I need for it to stay that way.”

“Yes ma’am,” O.I. smiled at her and patted her hand.

“So,” she dabbed delicately at her eyes and sat up straighter, “let us continue our lovely meal and prepare for better days. For they are surely comin’ our way!”

When the limo pulled onto Belfont Street, they could see Eric standing outside the gate. They could also see his smile and the two fingered salute he gave them saying everything was a go so far.

When the gates opened, they drove through and Eric walked with the car up to the entrance.

Opening the door, he helped her out. “You look beautiful,” he raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. “Just like a ray of sunshine that burns away the night and brings light to the damp and cold, dark places.”

“Waxing the poet tonight are we Eric?” she raised her eyebrows at him. “You know your bullshit gets you nowhere with me.”

“Just preparing you for the bullshit you are going to hear once we step inside. All those old vamps are going to look at you and wish they were me.”

Snorting, she rolled her eyes at him. “Are you feelin’ a might bit peckish?  Do you need to feed?”

“Well, truth be told, I am not one to eat on the hoof in HRM’s residence. Silver poisoning and all that.”

Rolling her eyes again, she sat down on a stone bench that was located off the walkway in a small arbor. “Then let’s get this done.”

“Is this going to cost me?”

“I am not a blood whore,” she snarled at him. “You drink and let’s get this evenin’ done. I spent a lot of money today to be presentable for tonight. Holy shit,” she grumbled. “Workin’ in New Orleans is just fuckin’ expensive! Spendin’ money on a wardrobe I do not need and will never wear again. Just what the fuck,” she hissed at him.

Then she paused. “Oh, I get it. I look like a million bucks so now maybe HRM can whore me out and get a cut because she says I cost so much. Just look at the way I dress. And I always have to have my entourage. They cost money as well. So before she flips the offer to you, she has already made her cut. If anyone asks me about my dress, I rented it!”

“Oh Miss Stackhouse,” Eric bowed his head to her, “you are a quick study. Have I told you today how much I admire smart, strong women.”

“You suck,” she hissed back at him. “Well, at least I have enough left to purchase Gran’s meds for the next couple of years so I still need my other job and eventually the sun is comin’ up. Are we done here yet?”

“Of course,” he said lifting her wrist to his mouth and licking.

His tongue on her skin was exquisite and she was very surprised by the reaction her body made! It was if there was only the two of them in the world and time belonged to them.

The feeling could not have lasted longer than an instance or perhaps forever! Sookie was not for sure.

Eric had pulled his mouth away and was looking at her, the blue in his eyes now soft and comforting.

“This way, Miss Stackhouse,” he said rising and offering her his arm. “Mr. Reynolds, if you would,” he offered Lafayette his other arm and together they approached the door.

“All business, all the time,” Sophie-Anne said to no one as she watched the monitor. “Fuck, she has me figured out. And if asked, she is not too proud to tell them she rented tonight’s little ensemble.  Well just fuck!”

Turning to her guards she said, “Get them on the floor. Senator Cusac’s car is here. I want to know what is going on in that head of his.”

The fearsome foursome strolled the floors. Up and down the stairs; a smile here, a small laugh there. O.I. would occasionally wink at Sookie when she would lean into Eric and complain about her shoes being too tight. That was their code. Eric would take notice of who they had just passed or chatted with and when they walked away, she would pass on what information she had gleaned.

“The Mezzanine,” she told him, “seems to be ripe with thoughts of the unwholesome sort,” she smiled up at Eric when she had stopped to pick up a drink from Samuel as he played the part of waiter.

“That is because, from high ground you have the advantage of being able to see everyone which brings thoughts of them to the forefront.”

“Yes,” she nodded. “There is someone here that works for a Victor. He does not want to move to Vegas but he enjoys Victor’s company. He is wondering if perhaps he can hook up with someone new, tonight.”

Eric turned and looked at her. “Really?” he grinned.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Victor talks on the phone to Vegas and does not care who knows that he is leaving Boston.”

“Sweet,” Eric’s smile got bigger. “Time to have some fun. Lafayette, if you would escort Miss Stackhouse to the bathroom, I shall just be a short stroll, away.”

Eric sauntered up to the bar and ordered a mouthwash. Swishing it around in his mouth, he discretely spit it back into the glass and set it down on a nearby tray. As he turned to go, much to his surprise, Victor Madden slid in next to him. “She is lovely,” he purred. “And your other blood bag is handsome to look at as well.”

Eric arched an eyebrow and Victor and stopped walking and turned to face him.

“Victor old chum,” Eric addressed him, laughing. “You are a bit brazen, are you not, to be appearing at tonight’s little on-dit hosted by my queen.”

“Governor Hayden asked me to accompany her lovely wanting to be re-elected self. I could not refuse such a lovely lady. However, she does not compare to the golden light that shines from your arm.”

“Hm-m-m-m,” Eric grinned. “Sophie-Anne just might take exception to that. She might see it as a ploy to gain entrance to her residence so that you can take a look around, find the weak areas, and forward that info to the King of Nevada so he can overthrow her.”

“What?” Victor took a step back.

“You know they do not get along and she suspects everyone of foul play that even says de Castro’s name.”

“What?” he hissed that time.

“Oh come Victor. My spies in Vegas tell me you are blowing out of Boston and setting up camp on The Strip. I must admit, you will have a much better view of skin year round. The winters in Boston does seem to keep folks indoors and when they do venture out, bundled up.”

“No one knows I am moving to Vegas,” he said through clinched teeth.

“Well let me see. HRM Nevada knows. I know,” Eric chuckled. “And my people in Vegas know. I hate to think we count as no one. I pay them enough to keep me informed.”

“Is there anywhere Eric, you do not have spies?” he hissed.

“No,” Eric shook his head and chuckled. “When you have lived as long as I have, you understand the importance of knowing everyone that crosses your path.”

“There are all manner of beings not worth knowing,” Victor eyed him.

“And there lies the difference between me and you,” Eric grinned. “More than one dog has howled to give me the alarm. More than one human has offered me shelter from the morning’s first rays. I treat those I encounter with courtesy and respect. Especially those that others would not deem worthy. They in return, have treated me with curtsey and respect. Hence my long and well informed life.”

“Does it do me any good to hate you?” Victor asked.

“My grandmother, who was the wise woman of our clan, would say to that. Hate. Well if you must. Just remember, you drink that poison and expect the hated one to die. It is not them who will have their insides eaten away. Their speech and thoughts tainted. It will be you.”

“A very smart woman,” Victor gave Eric a bow.

“Indeed,” he replied. “And also a Viking raider.”


“Warrior was her middle name.”

“So what else would your grandmother have told you?” Victor asked.

“That de Castro was contemplating a smallish war and bringing you in as new muscle and new ideas on how to fight this war. I believe his old to-war planning Adjutant has retired and moved to Alaska.”

“No one retires and moves to Alaska,” Victor smirked at him.

“Exactly,” Eric grinned.

Victor frowned and took a step back.

“Northman, will I ever be able to trust you?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t” Eric smiled.

“Fucker,” Victor smiled at him, gave him a small bow of his head and walked off.

“Are we havin’ fun yet?” Sookie asked as she slid in next to him and put her arm through his with Lafayette following her example.

“Oh, all kinds,” he grinned. “I need to warm HRM. Let us stroll that way.”

“Excuse me,” Sophie-Anne said to those standing around her as she smiled and watched Eric approach. There was no missing Sookie in that dress. The least amount of light clung to it just like that dress did to her curves.

“Sheriff,” she smiled as he faced her. “Let us step into the library.

Please,” she smiled sweetly at Sookie and Lafayette, “if you would just wait here a moment,” she motioned to one of her guards to stand with them. “I will return Eric to you shortly.”

With the door closed, she turned on her white noise and Eric began.

“De Castro has recruited Madden to bring new ideas to his war machine. Victor has not yet accepted the position, but at this point, if he does not, de Castro will come looking for him and want to know why not. My queen, I would advise you to be highly suspicious from this point forward. Have your Weres working the city. Any out-of-town Weres come this way, I would be exceedingly cautious. If you know the Packmasters in your kingdom, I would be kind and polite and offer them more than what de Castro will be willing to pay them. He might have casinos, but he hates to part with his money. I hear he treats the Nevada packs poorly with his Old World mentality.”

“And you know this how?” she asked.

“Sookie overheard one of Victor’s humans. Madden is moving out of Boston to Vegas. I pieced it together with other things I have observed and heard, tonight. I put the plan before Victor and he was rather amazed at just how far ahead of the game you are, my queen.”

“Your advice, Sheriff?” she asked.

“They will do nothing, tonight,” he answered her. “Not until Victor moves West. De Castro does not do his planning over a phone or anything that can be hacked. He will want Victor standing there in front of him.”

“Anything else that I should know now?”

Congressman Leight is not going to recommend to the state house that we need more river boat casinos. He wants more leverage, I believe is the word Sookie used.

My queen, if this is some way he could use his influence to blackmail you, I would not agree to it. Sookie says he is a slime ball. Something rotten in his soul.”

“So that would be a no to his proposal for…” she stopped. “Well, just no.  I can handle that tonight. Move him on out and tell him not to come back.”

“Most good, my queen. There is nothing else major at this moment,” Eric said to her. “Small things and who is bribing whom. But that can wait for the outbrief.”

“Thank you sheriff,” she sighed as he bowed his head, opened the door and left.

“So worth the fucking four million,” she gloated to herself. “A bargain and then some.”

Bill Compton was dressed in the Queen’s livery and was doing as he was told. When the rain started, he continued to stand, open the door, step out into the rain then back under the awning and repeat the process or each and every car that came into his line. He was happy to be of service. Being of service was so much better than meeting the true death in a prolonged and painful manner. Word had spread of how inglorious Andre’s death had been. “Staked out in the Florida sunshine,” Bill shuttered. “Rain is nourishing and good for the soul,” he smiled and nodded as he opened each car door. “We are blessed to live in such a land where all can work and the rain falls and the great and mighty Mississippi continues to flow.

I am blessed to stand with my queen and not that ungrateful slut of a child who would betray her. That boy was a whore of the worst type. Always wanting to rule and planning big to do’s and getting everyone all riled up and excited about everyone getting a raise and everyone getting a month at  ruling the kingdom once he came to power. Instead he is just dust in Florida somewhere, constantly out in the sun and probably having gators poo all over him. Serves him right. He was lower than Were shit. I knew it the first time I met him and he had me tie his shoes. So stupid he could not tie his own shoes. No wonder Velcro does so well. Stupid vamps who cannot even tie their own shoes drives that industry. Glad my momma taught me how to tie my shoes. Just how embarrassing would that be. That royal bastard of a child asking me to tie his shoes and I would not have been able to show him up. Hell yes, I am smart. I am still alive to plot and plan and Andre is just dust for the gators to fornicate upon and to grow fishing worms in.”

The more Bill was caught up in the moment and reflected on his life, as he stepped back into the rain, the angrier he got!

“Lower than Were shit Andre! What am I supposed to do now? He would not give me his list of contacts for disposing of the queen. But he certainly had no problem passing my name around. And here I stand, smiling and posturing myself like Were shit that was picked up by disposable humans! I am the righteous one, here! I am he who should be king! I had experience by being queen! I am qualified!

Or at least the Prince Regent! Not doing some Were’s job! Who does she think she is? Ordering me around like this! Treating me like a nobody! Thinking I am just dirt for her to walk on! Well ha on her! Andre is dirt for her to walk on! I will be her master and she will know what it is like to shovel Were shit! And wait on humans! And…and…” he ran out of vile thoughts for the moment!

There, standing at the door, was a ray of sunshine! A star fallen from the soggy heavens to radiate her heat out here on Earth! His heart beat! He took a breath! The blood surged through his veins!

She was a goddess and he was her god!

 His night that would conquer her day!

Then the heavens opened up and he was drowned by the knowledge that if he wanted her love, that damned Viking that was her escort would have to go! The way she put her arm through his when he stepped up. The way he placed his hand in the small of her back as they walked off. Eric knowing that with all of his heart, that beauty should be standing out here in the rain next to him! Her opening the doors while he stood back and admired her every move!

The queen kept stakes everywhere. Maybe tonight Northman would meet the true death and he would own his own ray of light!

What? What was this? Was the vision coming this way?

“Fucking Eric,” he seethed as the trio approached the car that was pulling up.

“British royalty, I should have known,” Bill was boiling on the inside.

Bill opened the door on his side and then stepped from under the canopy out into the rain.

Out hopped British Isle while Eire got out of the opposite side!

Ohhhh, what a merry fucking group they were! All chummy! All goody-goody and let me introduce you…blah, blah, blah…  “Suck my dick, Eric!”

And then one of the most embarrassing moments of his life, happened.

“Doorman,” Eric grinned at Bill and tossed him a coin.

“Ha, I showed, him,” Bill smirked as he jumped up a foot and caught it. “This is now mine!”

A scream emitted from the depths of his body and then he howled with pain! “A silver dollar,” he shuddered as it dropped to the ground. “Fucker! Fucker! Fucker!” Bill was now sobbing.

Bill had the perfect view as group of five walked back into the residence all chummy! They could all just burn in hell after being tortured for weeks by him!

There was the watery glitter reflecting light, down on the ground that caught his eye! “No fucking way am I walking away from a dollar! Packmaster,” he called out. “If you would give me a dollar bill, you could have this silver dollar on the ground.”

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