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Chapter 14

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 14

It was odd. Eric was and yet was not.

In his one  thousand years he had seen many things and he knew that there were things that he had not seen but were still present and walked along with him. 

Since they had fought the night of the eclipsing blood moon, Eric’s sight had begun to change. Things seemed clearer and cleaner and he would, from time to time, see flashes of light from the corner of his eyes moving at an incredible rate of speed. Faster than vampire…faster than…well, the speed of light…and this odd feeling of being at peace was just one more thing.

He could smell sunrise before he could feel it. All vampires could. Warm air smelled different than cold air. In warmth there was life…of all sorts and descriptions. And each season smelt differently. From the heady smells of summer to the sun warmed snow.

Eric could feel the heat of the rays of the sun before it appeared. He did not have the urge to take shelter. This was a different reality. As he walked, Eric was not for sure if the ground gave way or if it was his body that changed or both. He was too busy looking at everything around him. The colored lights that pulsed and flashed were falling faster and faster until they took shape and form. 

He was standing on…on…earth. Dirt…ground. He could hear it giving way beneath his feet.

It was sunrise, the beginning of a new day. 

But this sunlight that cleansed his body pulsed in him, he found it familiar. Like a taste long forgotten; a smell of something that he once, knew.

Looking past the light, he saw the blue of the sky…no it was the blue green of the water and his bare feet walked on grassy land. He was standing in an old growth forest on a high cliff. In the distance was another cliff and he could see that the heavily wooded hill run down into the water. The mountain peaks in the background were covered in snow. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds provided the backdrop for the mountains.

Of course, he smiled as he looked around. The fjords! “I’m home!” Laughing, he sat down in a sunny spot and breathed deeply of the pine forest and the lavender that grew in a rotted log. “I’m home!”

In the background there was the howling of the dogs. His dogs! His good boys!

“Rosta, Gramr!” he called out as they came bounding up out of the field of sunflowers. Standing to greet them, he was bowled over and covered in happy kisses and sniffs and tails’ wagging so hard, it looked like they just might take flight!

There were tears flowing from his eyes as he sat up on the grass and there was one of his good boys on either side of him. With his arms around their bodies, hugging them close, he turned to Rosta and said, “I am truly home!” There was a lick on his face and a great big smile!

“I am truly home,” he turned to Gramr. His best boy licked the tears from his face and both dogs lifted their heads and howled for the homecoming of the rest of their pack!

“My good boys,” Eric sighed as he hugged them close and leaned back against the hillside. The flowers releasing their perfume as he settled in to watch everything around him.

Out on the water a long boat glided by, those at the oars racing another dragon boat!

“Erikr!” was called out. “We could use an extra set of hands. Those that want us to call them Viking think to beat us!”

“Gorm! You and Herald need to row harder! And you have Rilder as your coxswain! That very bad decision is on you! Not even my muscles is capable of fixing that!” he laughed as he watched them skip across the water. Their sails full of air as their boats snaked through the water with dolphins dancing before them.

In the distance, he could see a man walking towards him. “And not just any man! But Jesse! One of his best friends and fiercest battle companions.

“Good to see you,” Eric said as this being sat down next to him and they both paused as a butterfly passed by, lingered for a moment and then continued its dance on the breeze.

“Are…” Eric pointed skyward and then stood as if standing got him much closer…”are those dragons?” he laughed in joy!

“Yes,” came a chuckle as Jesse stood. “All with a heart that has been sacrificed are welcome here. The fjords seem to speak to us all.

Your fjords, Erikr. This is your place of sanctuary. What you saw when Father called on all of us to dance in the act of Creation. I wish I could take responsibility for this, but, this is all you.”

“Perhaps my heart was once so, but after I was turned,” he opened his eyes and sighed, “I became lost.”

“But only for a hundred years or so,” Jesse said to him. Blue eyes met blue eyes. “And that is part of the human experience. And vampire experience.”

Both men sat back down, in the quiet, watching the waves and the sky.

“Why vampire?” Eric asked. “Why was I turned?”

“Because,” Eric heard the gentleness in his voice. “There was a fallen, Abhartach.”

“Oh yes,” Eric nodded, lost in a memory. “We were war planning, evn then, Ian, Cedric, Samuel and Sookie…” his voice trailed off.

“Long time friends,” Jesse nodded. “Like is drawn to like,” he patted Eric on the knee.

“Same with evil,” Eric looked into those blue eyes and saw truth.


“When the rebellion started, we battled to the North Gate, Abhartach and I. Sookie was at my back…fighting… and I pushed him out. Bloodied my sword on him and cursed him to the ether.”

“Yes,” Jesse nodded.

“Oh Were shit,” Eric sighed. “That is the real reason why my family has to destroy this cocksucker.”

“Yes,” came another nod and yipping in agreement from the dogs!

Eric closed his eyes and could feel the sun beating down on him. Smell the water, the pine, the cold that blew off the mountains. And remember his friends…they were friends here, friends there, and would someday, once more be old friends reunited here.

Opening his eyes, he regarded the man that sat next to him. There was no frown of disfavor or smile of acceptance. Just that piercing blue, thoughtful gaze that was concentrated on him.

Eric  heard his name called  from the sky and looking upward started to laugh. “That looks like O.I. Must be his brother, S.I.,” he mused. “Greetings o’ favored younger brother of the King of the Dragons,” he called out.

“Erikr,” was called back in joy as Erikr, welcome home! was written in smoke in the sky.

“So I finally made it back here,” he shook his head in disbelief. “At times, in my day slumber, I would dream of this place. I just thought it was a human memory.”

“Mm-m-m-m,” Jesse nodded. “Funny how that works. At times, when we are at our lowest, up pops a memory of home.”

“That is very clever,” Eric nodded. “A spirit memory that overlaps the human memory, speaking to both your spirt and your human. That one thing that brings you comfort seeing you through the next couple of minutes.  And of course, your friends. Those you have shared an eternity with…”

There was a faint smile from the man next to him. “I was there, at the cruxifiction, wasn’t I?


Eric grasped Jesse’s hand. He could feel the anger swimming to the top. “I am going to kill those cocksuckers as well.”

“Not if Jerusalem beats you too it,” he smiled.

Eric took a deep breath and chuckled. “Of course, for the evil ones, that would be the same. Like running with like. Perhaps that explains Andre and his fear of fire.”

Both men laughed.

“How is Hell?”  Eric leaned in closer.

“Not burning as hotly as it could be. They have been cheated out of  Abhartach. And Andre,” came his reply, “who has hooked up with him.”

“Well fuck,” Eric grinned. “Sounds like good times. I should sharpen my sword.”

Then he frowned. “And really, did Compton say he was going to have the bragging rights about killing me?”

“Well yes,” The Eternal Son grinned. “He cannot wait to blog about that.”

Eric growled. The dogs, looking around, growled along with him.

“But I am here so I must be finally dead.”

“Who says?” Jesse asked.

“I mean, a wooden arrow went through my heart. I should have exploded.”

“Well yes it did,” he answered. “But do you remember those one hundred years and how they ended. That little tiny bit of a human female put a wood stake partially into your heart. When it was removed, a very microscopic piece was left next to your heart. For the past thousand years you have building up an immunity to your allergic reaction to a wooden stake through your heart. So your body is still intact. You are not dust floating in the cosmos.”

“Oh…” Eric was thoughtful. “So maybe I am not completely and totally and neatly dustly dead.”

“Perhaps not. So the question remains, do you wish to abide, or do you wish to return?”

“Oh, a choice,” Eric looked thoughtful. “But…” he hesitated, “I thought at the end-of-time we were all fighting the big war?”

“That has not changed,” Jesse said with a nod.

“If I am not there physically on earth, am I in?”

“Well,” Jesse began with a shrug. “Not boots on the ground kind of in. More like angelic up in the sky.”

Millions of voices raised in harmony as halleluiahfilled the air. Jesse smiled and Eric rolled his eyes.

“Really?” Eric arched an eyebrow, holding up both hands and lowering them up and down as a scale. “Beautiful signing or the yelling and screaming of your enemy!

I was not nor have I ever been part of the angelic chorus. I am a warrior.”

“So true,” Jesse chuckled.

“Wait one,” the blue in Eric’s eyes changed.

“If I am here, who in my family battles Abhartach?”

“Your son and his mother,” came the straight forward reply.

“I have no son,” Eric stared at his brother-in-arms.

“Yes, you do. He has not yet been born, but he will. In about nine months, earth time.”

“No-o-o-o-o,” Eric shook his head.

“Yes. Sookie.”

“That was not even sex I had with Sookie…” his voice gave him away. “I am ashamed that she had to endure that! Her first time should have been all that I could have provided for her. No, next sex…” he said with authority.

“Really? I believe this is an eye rolling moment!  Penis in vagina, ejaculate. I think that counts as sex. And causes the human race to continue.

Just remember, pride goes before a fall,” he chuckled as he watched Eric’s chest swell and a Viking war cry echoed through the mountains as he beat his fists against his chest!

“And,” Jesse took several coins from his pocket. “I am going to supercharge these. When you get back, break one into fourths and give a portion to Brother Samuel, Ian and Cedric. All of you swallow it. It will cure you of your aversion to silver and put a little zip in your step when you daywalk. Also, feed them some of your blood. They too will have no problems with wooden stakes.

Give Miss Sookie one. Have it put in a bracelet or make a ring, or whatever. This will kick start her Druid whenever she needs it and will no longer have to rely on the Blood Moon. One to Gran and one to His La La Fineness. And,” he hesitated, “one to Pamela. When she needs to daywalk, and there will come a time, she must have it on her.”

“Really?” Eric lost his smile of pure male and became serious. “You would trust Pamela to daywalk?”

“She is, in her own way, very responsible. Besides, she is going to want to be there when her brother is born.

And last but not least,” he held up the last coin, “that very charming rascal O.I. It will give him a forever of bragging rights.”

Eric watched as the coins were held aloft and they pulled all the sunbeams that lit up the sky into the coins and all went to darkness. Where the sun had been, there was a faint outline of light around what Eric thought maybe could be described as a blackhole but he was pretty sure it was not. There was an explosion of light from the hand that held the coins as they went super nova and the sky was once more light!

“Impressive,” Eric smiled.

“Well, there are certain perks to being The Eternal Son.”

Jesse handed him the shekels. Eric turned them over in his hand. “You sure you want to break up the set?” Eric asked him. “I was not raised in the Christian faith, but I have certainly heard the stories. These are silver Tyrian Shekels. Samuel is very amused in a very angry sort of way, that it has Hercules on the front and it was the official coin of the Jewish Temple. Seven of the thirty, perhaps?”

“If I don’t put them to good use, Jerusalem says she is going to well…best not voice what she said.”

Eric nodded. “She still not a big fan of crucifixion?”

“Woof,” Jesse said, his eyes round. “You could say that.

So let’s get you back in the business of kicking ass. Compton has betrayed Sookie to Judge Brown and he has passed her off to Andre. They are presently at the St. Louis Cemetery.

You want one last look around?” Jesse asked.

“No,” Eric smiled. “I know what home looks like. And it is my wife carrying my son in her arms.”

“Excellent. One more thing, please tell Samuel that his repentant heart and his love for his God has not gone unnoticed. All that time he spends in sack cloth and ashes, he is putting me to shame.”

“Will do,” Eric smiled.

“Blast off,” Jesse grinned.

“Roger that,” Eric said grasping the coins in his hand and for a split second caught a glimpse of Sookie battling behind him. Her sword defending his back! Looking past her, he could see who she battled! It was a face that looked like Compton’s!

Then came an incredible sense of urgency! He felt himself falling  faster than the speed of light as he went rushing past the stars! “How odd,” his brain registered. “I know what the speed of light is like!” When his spirit hit his human body, it was an agonizing moment as it felt like all of his cells had exploded!

Eric opened his eyes and sat up. Lafayette and Jake were busy pulling arrows out of Ian and Cedric and then offering them their wrist.

There was still an arrow through his heart. Pulling it out, he assessed the situation and knew there was no threat.

Samuel was sitting up and swearing at the top of his lungs while bullets pushed out of him. It was a little odd to see Samuel so upset, but then, it had been an odd sort of day.

“Drink and heal,” Eric said getting up and going over to his brothers.

“You are alive!” was yelled from everyone as they turned to see him.

“You are alive,” Samuel wiped the tears from his eyes as he reached out for his brother.

“Yes,” Eric reached down and hugged him. “And I come with gifts from the other side and good news and this and that. So drink,” Eric opened his wrist.

A hit went to Samuel, then Ian then Cedric.

“Damn, you old sod fucker!” Cedric said standing. “I feel great.”

“Yes, you are going to feel even better. Please observe, I have seven silver Tyrian Shekels that has passed from the Jewish Temple, to Judas, back to the man that he betrayed.

I watched them go to a super nova, then a black hole, and then back to being a coin that will allow us to daywalk,” he grinned as he broke one into four pieces.

Tossing his piece up into the air, he caught it with his tongue and then swallowed it. “I am off to save Sookie. this coin is for her.  The others are gifts to my family.

I shall have Sookie’s made into a charming piece of jewelry she can wear. This will enable her Druid and she will kick anyone’s ass that thinks to come against her and our son. She is at the St. Louis Cemetery, with Andre. If you wish to come with,” he tossed a piece to each, “swallow it and let’s get this done!”

“Mother of God,” Cedric crossed himself and swallowed. “They let you into Heaven?”

“That is a great big fuck yeah!” Eric replied with a laugh. “Turns out I have my own piece of Valhalla  that I thought up and everyone likes to hang out there.

Now, I have to go get Sookie and kill Andre,” he said and was gone.

“Tally ho!” Ian shouted and he and Cedric took off.

“You want a lift?” Samuel asked Lafayette and Jake. “Or are you going with O.I.?”

“O.I.,” they both said together and Samuel was gone before they finished.

“Hope on and let’s rock ‘n roll,” O.I. grinned. “We are back in the biz!”


The brilliance before Jesse shimmered and danced as it approached him and a shape appeared. That of a man. A humble man. He was short and non-descript. Not certainly the way you would expect a god to appear. And especially not I Am.

Standing in front of his son, Al sat down next to him with a dog on each side and said, “That went well.”

“Eric does like a good brawl,” Jesse laughed.

“Well yes, but I mean about putting seven of the shekels to good use. My daughter will be well pleased. I do believe Jerusalem has taken pissed off to a whole new level. Satan can vouch for that.  You have twenty-three more to go. I’d get busy.”

“She is her father’s daughter,” the younger man said, pride in his voice.

“Damn straight she is,” God grinned. “And I am proud to call her mine.”

Al went walking off with the dogs and Jesse tossed a piece of silver up into the air. Catching it, a grin covered his face.

“I do know where I could dispose of another two. That would take me down to twenty. At the end all I am really going to need is twelve. So that will just leave me with eight…oh, I like that a lot.”


It was good to be an arch angel, Gabriel observed as she down shifted her truck. It made life interesting and could come with varied and motivating jobs. Right now she was driving a trash truck. The great big kind that hauled a lot of garbage and just fifth in general! Which was just fine. She had a job specific dump that burned 24/7 for all of eternity where she could dispose of it.

The trash truck was bumping down the country lane. Not even blacktop out in this part of the world, but folks lived out here and rubbish had to be picked up. Gabriel had certainly worked worse terrain and it was all fun! Especially for her riders in the back! Those that were Hell bound but had asked politely if they could just abide in the back.

“As long as you can stand the stench,” she would laugh. “Just pound on the back when you have had enough.” The newbies never knew what to make of her opening remarks. Once inside and met the greeter, it was not long before they were pounding and screaming to be let off in Hell.  Judas eventually ran everyone off. Burning in Hell was easier than listening to his bullshit.

As she merrily bumped along, there was a glow of a halo up ahead. Now that was interesting. There stood  Zeek waving her down. Pulling over, she hit the brakes and put on the emergency flashers.

“What’s up?” she asked jumping down out of the truck.

“That body whose soul I am here to usher on, refuses to give birth to the spirit, Gabriel. Damnedest thing I have ever seen.”

“Well, Doyle is damned. And  he knows it. Just trying to beat the odds,” she snorted. “The closer we get to the end, the more squirrely they become. All of them desperate, trying to figure out how to stay out of Hell. Oh Evil,” she placed her hand over her heart, “thou hast not one fucking clue.

Now, I am way behind and do not have the time to invest in a nice exit and point them the way to the back of my truck. I have got no time for refinements and excuses. As it stands, I owe everyone on my Thursday crew a beer and a day off.  Time for Plan B.  You in for a laugh?” she asked.

“Always,” he replied.

“Good, send in The Reaper.”

“Really?” Zeek grinned. “I have not seen her in an age. I heard she dyed her hair blue and has a tattoo of the Grim Reaper all the way down her back.”

“Blue…that is a good look on her and I wish I had time to chat. But seriously, Rafael can down a six pack…”

“On that…” he plucked a string on his harp and the vibration went out through the universe.  “Good, here she comes now.  I am going in to watch the show. I just love it when she sticks her scythe in their mouth and pulls their spirit out. Reminds me of fishing. You know, reeling it in, fighting you all the way.”

“Looks like Jesse is with her. Oh to be so blessed,” Gabriel grinned.

“Looks to be,” Zeek waved to the two new comers. He walked in with Grim and Jesse came over to the truck.

“I understand you might have one or two someones in the back of your truck who are entirely too-o-o-o comfortable and just might be looking to build an army and start a war.”

“Damn,” she moaned. “Am I going to have to buy you a beer as well?”

“Oh to be so blessed,” he smiled at her. “I have heard your Thursday crew crowing about how your loss is their gain.”

“Is there something, Boss Man, I can do for you?” she smiled sweetly. “I am behind and probably purchasing Friday’s crew a round.”

“This,” he grinned at her. “Is for you,” he said, pulling a coin from behind her ear and handing it to her.

“I am deeply humbled,” she replied, taking the piece of silver from him.

“That was not my intent. My intent was to give you perhaps a free beer. So from now on, whenever anyone throws down a coin, just toss this one in and see who ends up buying.”

“I have no words,” she began as hallelujahpushed out from her lips and the melody caused all of the stars in the sky to turn towards her and answer back.

“Oh my…” he smiled as he turned toward the truck. “Would you just listen to that wailing and gnashing of teeth back there. There is nothing like a little glory to upset those of the hellish nature.

Now, if you would please, open the back. I am going to leave your fulltime resident a little something.”

“Perfect,” she laughed as she jumped back up into the truck and hit the lever and the back opened.

“That is not fair,” one was screaming. “I am a lawyer! I am a very good lawyer!  And you cannot subject us to that soul wrenching racket! Not until…” his voice dropped off, along with the screams of anger and pain from the others. There was no mistaking who was standing outside, looking in.

“Judas, you are not nor have you ever been a lawyer. But you are a very good liar. Very sincere. Understanding.

Interesting collection of friends you have back here. They all look hungry.”

“So nice of you,” Judas righted himself and straightened out his clothes and put on his best smile, “to provide us with this comfortable ride. We all enjoy touring earth. It has been with pleasure as we have enjoyed the seasons and the rich and amazing aromas that fill the back of our mode of transportation.”

“Well, you are most welcome. And I know how dark it gets back here with the door closed. I have brought you a light, so that you may see.”

“Oh,” Judas was shaking his head, no. “That really is not necessary. The dark is comfortable and…and just comforting.”

“Oh, but it is, so very necessary,” his smile got bigger as he reached in and placed the coin on the wall inside the truck. When he removed his hand, the coin lit up the back and burned through them!

The screams began in earnest. What had been a place of sanctuary for evil, was now, literally, hell on wheels!

Feeling very pleased with himself, Jesse pounded on the side of the truck; Gabriel closed the back and drove off.



Sookie felt the hit to her face, her head hitting the walk, and her body down on the ground. Looking over, she could see Eric not moving. He was white, his eyes were open, staring at her! The arrow through his heart! Leroy picked her up and she was  aware of the fast rate of speed they were traveling. Things just whizzed by in a blur.

And sorrow. She was flooded with sorrow. Eric was dead! She would have to deal with that. She could not cry about it now. She had to be strong and have her wits about her. Damn, she  was still seeing stars, her head feeling like it had been split in two from where it had struck the stone floor at the residence.

The ride was hellish! She was skinned and bruised and a bit bloody. Curling up as small as she could did not keep her out of the brush that they zipped past.

It had been a fast ride though the back-alley ways of New Orleans. All of Sookie’s teeth felt loose. A gate opened and there was a limo waiting deep inside the St. Louis cemetery. When the Weres shifted, the car door opened and a young man stepped out.

“As promised,” Brown said as he handed her over, tossing her to the ground.

“I thank you judge. Your money is in the trunk.”

“Check it,” the Judge said and two Weres went to the back. The trunk popped open and they called out, “Seems to all be here.”

“Thank you,” the Judge smiled.  “Miss Sookie, a pleasure,” he bowed to  her. “No lady,” he sadly shook his head, “associates with vampires. You are lucky all I did was slap you.” Getting into the limo with the nude Weres, the doors closed and they motored off.

“Come on, come on, come on,” she kept willing herself to shift to her mean and ferocious Druid self. As the moon becomes more, you become more. When it becomes less you become less, she heard Gran say. “Fuck!” she screeched.

“Oh come now. I do not prefer the company of women. So we will not be doing that,” he smiled at her. “There is no one about who can hear you.”

“I was  just wondering who the fuck are you? And what do you want with me?”

“Compton told me Sophie-Anne admired you. And had hired you. He said you came with some mind reading mystical powers. I want your abilities for myself. They will be needful in the days and years to come. At some point, if you please me, I just might turn you.”

“Mind reading abilities? Did Compton bother to tell you I cannot read minds without Eric being in attendance?

Turn me? Turn me to what? Just who the fuck are you?”

“I am the Andre, the Vampire King of Louisiana.”

There was a blast of air!

Sookie could feel the energy radiating off of it. Then it stopped moving and there was still a lot of energy radiating out!

“You are the finally dead cocksucker who is missing in Hell,” Eric replied, grasping Andre by the heart and shaking him around. “And did you do this…this…” he shouted in anger, “to my wife?”

Sookie was having a moment! What? What? What? Were her brains left somewhere on the pavement? Her sorrow gave way to joy! There stood Eric! And did he just call her his wife? So she was brain dead! They were not married! So was he really dead? Was she dead? Dying?

“I really am whacked in the brain…” was all she could think as she began to cry.

At that time, Cedric, Ian, and Samul came screaming in at Mach five.

And then O.I., with Lafayette and Jake on his back!

“I did not touch her, Eric,” Andre gasped out his voice high and his words flowing out of him like a gusher of water trying to appease the desert. “Wife…wife…I did not know! I promise!

Wife! It was not I. It was Judge Brown.  I certainly did not tell him to do this to her. She was to come to me unharmed and in good steed. Brown had promised me that she would.  She was to be perfect,” his voice kept going up in pitch and speed!

Eric tossed Andre to Samuel who now had his hand around his heart as he held him up in the air.

Eric knelt down beside her and carefully cradled her in his arms, listening to her heart beat. The heart that beat that nourished his son! His head resting on the top of hers. Wanting to take her pain into himself as he kissed her repeatedly on the head, tasting her blood…!

“Please Sookie, forgive me,” he murmured.  “I could not stop this, what was done to you,” his eyes searching hers.

“And I had to deal with Were shit before I could see to you! I am sorry to have neglected your pain for this long,” his hands were gently touching her face. “You are bruised, scratched and bloodied? Do you want me to heal you? That would require you drinking some of my blood. Just a small bit. I do not believe this would bond you to me in any way. And you would heal, leaving the pain behind. And, and I think it would ensure good health to our son.”

His eyes were searching her face. Lightly touching the bruises that were already beginning to show. The scratches on her arms and bosom. Her head…he felt the anger rise. Carefully and oh so gently he ran his fingers through her hair. Head woods bled like a motherfucker! Her hair was stuck to her head! But her pupils did dilate. So that was a plus.

“Our son?” she stumbled over the words.

“Yes,” he nodded, a lopsided grin covering his face, the joy reaching to his eyes. “But this…this that was done to you. It enrages me and terrifies me that I can see his hand print on your face!

I am going to torture him for days!” he seethed.

“You, you were dead,” Sookie sobbed, the adrenalin leaving her body as she started to shake. “I saw you…”

“Yes,” he nodded, “I was. But I am back now. And that is a story in the telling.

Pricking his finger with a fang, he held it in front of her mouth.

A small drop of blood oozed out. “Just a taste,” he rubbed his nose against hers.

“Okay,” she nodded as she pulled his finger up to her mouth and licked the drop off.

“Oh,” she sighed. “Better than chocolate,” she relaxed in his arms.

“Excellent,” he smiled at her. “Chocolate. Keep that thought. I must do a little business.”

Eric kissed her lightly on the lips and then turned his attention back to Andre.

“You know what you just did is illegal,” Andrea spit at him. “Sharing your blood with a human! I will have you…”

“Have me what?” Eric’s stare drilled into him. “If I were you, I would not threaten me.”

Andre felt the hand tighten around his heart and nodded in agreement.

“What else did Billy Boy promise you?” Eric’s face was now even with Andre’s.

There was only one hope of him surviving this! He had heard of Eric’s berserker rage! Had laughed it off. What was staring at him out of Eric’s eyes terrified him! Time for the truth! “This overthrow Eric, it was all Compton’s idea. There is a human by the name of Cacius. He is a Druid that is helping him out.  Bill is willing to be queen if I get to be king.”

“Are you kidding me?”  Eric eyed him. “I cannot imagine you sharing anything.”

Samuel shook him around a bit. They all listened to Andrew scream and plead for mercy.

Eric nodded to Samuel who stopped upsetting Andrea with his whiplash style.

“No, Eric, seriously,” Andre was sobbing.  “Bill likes, you know, frilly things. And eye make-up. A lot of it. He really enjoyed being queen. Yes, he is just tacky in so many regards, no decorum or good taste at all. But…but…he knows the right people to make this happen. And I am willing to share the kingdom with the moron. I mean, yes, I will kill him later, but he can get me what I want without a war.”

“And Sookie…” he hissed.

Eric felt her stir in his arms. Bending his head, he gently kissed her on the lips as he surveyed the damage done to her face. It was healing, but he was pissed!

“I am sorry, so sorry! Cacius wanted her. For his wife. I promise.” He was searching for words, any words that would cause the Hell he saw in Eric’s eyes not to be directed at him! “We were not going to sell her into slavery. Everyone knows how you feel about that and…and besides…it is illegal!

I will help you anyway I can,” he pleaded. “You know that I am good to my word,” he was crying. “Please, spare me. And I will tell you where Sophie-Anne keeps her treasury!”

Eric snorted. “You mean behind the false mirrored wall in her sleep chamber?”

“What?” Andre screeched. “So that is where she keeps the crown jewels! No,” his voice became solemn.  “I mean the tax money she keeps aboard the freighter Storm Dancer.”

“Samuel?” Eric smiled. “Pass the piece of Were shit to Ian if you would please.”

 “On that, my brother,” came his reply as he tossed Andre to the King of British Isle.

“Hello, Andre,” Ian’s fangs slipped down. “Has been awhile, has it not.”

Bloody tears rolled down Andre’s face.

 Samuel did not bother to hide his smirk as he took out his phone and started punching in info. “Have it. It is registered to…well now, it says here to a holding company out of France. That is owned by…well, would you look at this, S.A.L., SNC. The boat is presently docked in New Orleans.”

“Where does if off load?” Eric asked, looking into Andre’s eyes.

“What?” Andre stuttered.

“You stopped off in Florida. Where in Florida does the boat off load?”

“Well, no…it does not…” Andre began.

“You are lying to me,” Eric grinned.

“Ian, if you would do the honors.”

“My pleasure,” he bowed his head to Eric.

“You really should not have burned my quarters in Paris,”  and squeezed Andre’s heart to nothingness…and  Andre turned to dust.

“Somewhere in Florida,” Samuel grinned. “I will find it.”

Eric turned his full attention on  Sookie. He carried her over to a bench that was before a tomb.

“Sookie, are you feeling better? The damage is gone to your skin. Can I leave you with Gran? I want to track Brown,” his voice faltered as she began to tear up.

“But not right this minute,” he kissed her lightly on the lips.

“We shall get you home and safely tucked in. I will share my story and never again shall any scoundrel think to hurt you. Your Druid will never again depend on the eclipsing blood moon. Or me, or anyone else.”

Letting go of a sigh of relief, she nodded. “Thanks. I feel better, but still…I want my family with me.”

“Of course,” he kissed her on the forehead.

“Jake, is there someplace we can drop you?” Eric asked.

“Ah-h-h-h! Wow! Not everyday you get to ride on the back of a dragon! Mm-m-m-m, can I hang out with you?” he asked.

“Perhaps. But not now,” Eric countered. “We have family business to discuss. Lafayette can always hook up with you later.”

“Come my big mans,” O.I. smiled. “Let us get this fine fellow home.”

“Yous gonna glamour him?” Lafayette mouthed.

“Just this parts,” O.I. mouthed back.

“Let’s gets us airborne!” Lafayette wiggled his eye brows at Jake and climbing onto O.I.’s back, they were gone.

Sookie sat leaning against Eric’s arm. “Oh geeze,” she sighed. “Just look at my dress. It is ruined. And where are my shoes? And,” she put her hands around her neck, “I was wearing some jewelry…and” she started crying. “A baby, Eric? Really, a baby?”

Eric pulled her in close and held her while she cried. “Yes, my Sookie. A baby. A son.”

“But…but how?” she hiccupped.

“My penis in your vagina and I ejaculated. That makes…made our baby.”

“You sure,” she sniffled looking up at him.

“Oh yes…very sure. This man does not lie. Not even to save himself.

Now let us to home. I have a story to tell and presents to hand out.”

Sophie-Anne was standing on an upper balcony watching her party go to Were shit! They were leaving. Of course they were leaving! In the rain! Some were running! In the rain. Like they could not get out of here fast, enough! Someone or ones had started fires! Hating to agree with Eric, she was betting it was Compton.

“Just roll ye dumb fucks in your autos, just roll!”

“Hey,” she heard a familiar voice address her in such a rude manner it could only be one person. Rolling her eyes, she  looked down toward the West gate. There stood Pamela! “A curse…” she muttered. “She is here! Of course she is! My home is on fire!”

“Hey, I am supposed to meet Eric here.”

“Come on up,” Sophie-Anne called out.

Pam floated up and was all business as she approached. “My queen,” she bowed.

“Stop with the Were shit,” Sophie-Anne sputtered. “It looks tacky on you. And tarnishes your otherwise sterling reputation.  Oh ha ha. A silver joke about a vampire. Not very original but fuck, I am past that.”

“Well someone is in a foul mood,” Pam responded. “And, the cause of this…my maker is not down there burning, is he?  I can see why this would upset you. He would be oh so unfuckable.”

“Seriously, my residence burns and you think Eric is someplace in the inferno and my biggest regret is not fucking him! Were shit, for all I know he started it.

But I know better,” she arched her eyebrow at Pam.  “We both know better. I told him earlier that you were cursed. You pass by and things fall off of walls, statues crumble, dogs howl in the distance and my marble floors gets tracked up with Were shit that stains them permanently and fleas spread throughout my home like dysentery in Napoleon’s army.

Now you appear and my residence is on fire. Cursed!” she flung up her hands. “And you cursed me! I give up! Just fuck me in the ass and lets call this quits.  I never should have bet you and not paid up! I never should have taken your date for the evening and not returned her! I never should have told Eric I wanted the Chanel outfit you were wearing…and yes, it looked so horrible on me I destroyed it when I ripped it off.

So here I am and there you are. Let us do this. If Nero can play the violin while Rome burns, you can certainly fuck me while my residence goes up in flames!”

“Do you remember that night in Paris?” Pam crooned to her.

“Were shit,” she mumbled. “Worse night of my life.  Pierce my labia and let’s get this started.”

Dear Readers,

This story was to be finished right before Easter. Just a couple of chapters.  Apparently not.

During the Creation Dance, the fjords were a part of Eric’s joy; what he could see with his heart! Of what he wanted to share with others.

Several of the characters that I have written about have seen this piece of Heaven. This does seem to be a favorite hang-out place. Hey, what is not to love? Dragons, dogs running to meet you, old friends…

The reason I started this story was so Eric could die and  have his glimpse of “home” as well.  Mission accomplished. Moving on!

As always, thanks for reading!

Be blessed and be the blessing,