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Chapter 15

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The Curse of the Eclipsing Blood Moon

Chapter 15


“I’m a mess,” Sookie looked down at her dress. “I can’t let Gran see me this way. I’m afraid it would give her a heart attack. And,” she ran her fingers through her hair, “I am a bloody mess.”

“Good point,” Eric nodded. “We’ll go to Pamela’s room first. You can shower and change clothes. Gran won’t be pleased that you were harmed but maybe she will not stake me if  you look presentable and undamaged.”

“Good point,” Sookie agreed with him.

“Okay, my fellow henge fighters, I will fill you in on a few things bout the other side. Sookie, if you don’t mind leaving the bathroom door open, I’ll talk while you shower.”

Eric gave the condensed version of his after-death story. There were a lot of very big looks going his way. They mostly consisted of WHAT THE FUCK!

All Cedric could do was shake his head in disbelief. “They actually let you in,” he kept repeating. “And you have your own piece of real estate. And they actually let you in…”

“That’s the short version,” Eric blew him a kiss looking very pleased.

“Made from a piece of your heart,” Sookie came out, wrapped in a bathrobe and a towel around her hair. “So, your spirit and that of the boys here is that of a warrior,” she nodded, “that explains a lot about you,” she said kissing him on the top of the head. “Me too, I guess. Now, how about some clothes and lets give Gran the briefing.”


The family landed on the balcony with Gran there to meet them.

“Is everyone alright?” she kept asking as she checked them over carefully. “And…and Sookie, what happened to your dress?”

“I had a shower and changed clothes,” she smiled at her grandmother and hugged her. “There is a lot to tell, Gran.”

“’Tis true, His La La Fineness says. Eric was dead, Sookie was injured and His La La Fineness has perhaps found the love of his life,” Lafayette announced as he threw his hands up in the air. “And a great big hallelujah! And thank you Jesus, literally,” he nodded. “We has gots us Gran, some day walkin’ vamps, the righteousness thats is God and stories to tell. You needs to starts with Miss Sooks,” he grinned. “I am pourin. No need to tell me when to stop because I thinks we all needs a great big glass of somethin’ spiritual and upliftin’. I feels an Ole! moment comin’ on!”

“Sookie…injured,” she looked her grand-daughter over again. “Oh my,” she said eyeing the vampires.

“And you are okay?” Her focus was back on Sookie.

“Yes,” Sookie nodded, and turned around slowly in the dress she had borrowed.

“You all look…well…different. I’m not sure how different, but different.   Sookie looks the same,” she said peering at her closely. “And you said she was hurt?

And they can daywalk?

Bring me a glass of something tall, Lafayette. And you know I don’t drink wine. Now you all just come on in, sit, and tell me.”

“Well, first,” Sookie began, “you are going to be a great grandmother. A baby boy. Eric is taken with Erikr Ericsson Northman. He says the middle name is non-negotiable. As well as the last name. There might be some wiggle room on his first name.”

Eric dropped his lower lip and with very sad eyes a tear slipped out. “Or maybe not,” she laughed as she took his hand.

“Oh my goodness Sookie!” Gran said jumping up to hug her.

“And Eric comes bearing gifts. Some…” she paused, “of great historical, personal, and religious value.

But first, we shall give you the blow by blow for the party. It will be just like you were there! And with all the bits and pieces, we can put together the entire evening and maybe…” she shrugged, “maybe know for sure who started the fires.”

“Fires?” Gran sat up.  “Just put that bottle of Jackhere on the table in front of me, please, Lafayette.”

“Let’s put the blueprint of the area up on wall and fill in the key players,” Samuel said going to get his laptop.  Opening the case and pulling up S-A’s residence, he projected it up on the wall.  “Let us start with the first arrivals. That would be me,” he grinned. “Oh look, there is a photo of me looking very charming with that drink tray. Now, let’s start adding in principle players and deleting those that are not. As we scan the crowds, we just might find one or two someones who should not be there.”



They each told their part of the evening. Who they had talked to and who had been talked trash about and where different people were standing in the rooms

“Oh my goodness, Sookie,” was heard multiple times from the matriarch of the family. “Really, all those public figures  doing wrong? Imagine that!” she made a gagging sound and rolled her eyes.  “And look at that asshole! I voted for her and she is not there with her husband whose money she used to get elected! Does not seem to have any problems putting her hand on that young man’s ass, though,” she huffed. “Speaking of good-looking young men,” her focus went to Lafayette.

“And yes he does come withs his own very fine ass,” he smiled at her.

“I know your charming ways,” she shook her finger at him. “Good to hear that someone is talking you into going back to school, Lafayette,” she arched her eyebrow at her favorite grandson. “You have the money now to make that happen. And Sookie will be busy raising the next generation of Stack…” her voice trailed off. “Of Northman’s,” she corrected herself.

“Yes,” Eric had only eyes for Sookie. “And my wife is not taking herself and my son and working for anyone.”

Samuel cleared his throat.

“Well, a select few,” he glared out into the crowd. “But do not think to take advantage of our friendship,” he made a point of squinting at each of one his vampire brothers to help make his point.

“So,” Samuel was carefully scrutinizing the last photo. “Everyone but Compton and Andre are here.  I did not smell smoke on Andre at the cemetery. That leaves Compton. He was hovering around, behind the scenes after doorman duty. Telling the kitchen staff what needed to be done and giving the wait staff advice on how to carry a tray. He did not even bother to change into dry clothes.

Did not see him again until we were outside in the cloisters. He smelled of smoke then, but so did we all.”

“Billy Boy would have high-tailed it out of there at the least mention of fire,” Eric said. “Him moving vamp speed would have fanned the flames.”

“So he was part of it,” Cedric growled.

“Would bet on that,” Eric’s fangs dropped and then he righted himself. “We can continue on this path later, but for now I have gifts! And a story.”

“Oh,” Sookie clapped her hands in joy, “the good stuff!”

“Eric comes with gifts,” Samuel smiled at Gran.

“Gifts?” Gran looked perplexed. “From the fight?”

“You could say that,” Eric smiled.

They settled in and Eric began… “I saw the arrow coming right toward Sookie. I stepped in front of it…then, I was home.”


Gran sat wrapped up in the wonder of it all! Her hands visibly shaking from time to time as Eric talked about the fijords, his dogs, the dragons in the air.

“Mo fo’n,” O.I. chuckled. “So yous done and took the big leap and saw your heart. Mighty damn proud to say I knows you,” he grinned. “And my brother, S.I., that rascal, blowing smokes and still thinking he is the officials welcomin’ home committee.”

“Well,” Eric grinned. “I did get a bit more official than that. Jesse appeared and we chatted. He was the one that told me Sookie was pregnant and did I wish to stay or come back.  That answer is obvious.”

“You mean Jesus?” Gran asked.

Eric nodded. “Before the revolt in Heaven, he was Jesse. I do not know him as Jesus, only Jesse.  When we spoke, I called him Jesse. He did not seem to be offended.”

“I am the root and offspring of Jesse and the bright Morning Star,” Gran was thoughtful. “Revelation 22:16. That gives that passage a whole new meaning,” she mused.  “Just fine, then. Start from the beginning. Do not,” she shook her finger at Eric, “leave out anything. And be prepared for interruptions! I am sure we all have questions.”

Eric began…

“I knew dogs went to Heaven,” Ian punched Cedric in the arm. “I just knew it. Jack and Jamie, those good boys, they  will be there to greet us,” Ian was smiling as tears ran down his cheeks.

“I do so miss my Jack,” Cedric blinked back tears.

“So what,” Gran asked, her voice trembling a bit, “did Jesse look like?”

“That would be my question oh greatest ‘o Grans,” Lafayette nodded.

Eric shrugged. “Like me, only different. Tall, blond, blue eyes.”

“Makes sense now,” Gran nodded. “I always wondered how they picked him out of the crowd. You know, wherever he went. Also, that night in the garden. Thousands of people and Judas could find him there in the dark. And the Romans would have had some type of general description of him.” Gran was lost in thought. “So the tribe of Judah was blond and blue-eyed. Lots of ancint texts that says so,” her eyes went to Samuel.

“Yes,” Samuel nodded in agreement. “The tribe of Judah. The tribe of kings. Red heads and blonds. Light complexions.”

Gran took a deep breath and settled back into her chair. “Docs would say your brain as you were gasping out your last imagined all this. Of course, you are a vampire so there would be no gasping.”

“All true,” Eric smiled. “But you cannot imagine this. I brought back something other than memories.”

“I have a coin for everyone,” he said, passing them out. “Jesse supercharged them. I broke one into four pieces and we swallowed it. This enables us to day walk.

Sookie,” he gave her one. “This will activate your Druid so that you will not need anyone but yourself and this coin to protect yourself. Gran,” he handed her one, “Lafayette,” he bowed to him, “and I have one for Pamela.

O.I.,” Eric wiggled his eyebrows at the dragon, “he said this would give you bragging rights.”

“Mo fo’n,” O.I. wiggled his eyebrows back. “Never gonna pays for another drink when I throw that down. His royal baddest  o’ the asses is mighty good to me.”

“Really,” Sookie regarded O.I.

“The Lamb hung on the cross. When he walked into Heaven and tooks his place at the right-hand o’ God, well…” O.I. nodded sagely, “when we fights the final war, he will be warrior to the extreme and leading the troops.  He wields a sword and lightning bolts like nobody’s business.”

They all sat in silence, lost in their own thoughts and admired their coins.

Then Sookie had a moment. “Silver coins…” she took a deep breath.

“Yes,” Eric nodded, “some of the original thirty.”

Everyone blinked and stared at the coin.

“There is nothing there,” he pointed to the coins, “to be concerned about,” Eric said gently. “He blessed them. Just think on that.

And Samuel,” Eric smiled at his brother.  “One more thing, and I quote:  Please tell Samuel that his repentant heart and his love for his God has not gone unnoticed. All that time he spends in sack cloth and ashes, he is putting me to shame.

Samuel,” Eric sighed as his brother began to cry and went over to the fireplace. “Your heart is pure. God knows this. I don’t think you need to do…” he stopped as Samuel knelt down and retrieved ashes from the fireplace and placed them on his head.

Eric grinned at his brother and blew him a kiss. “Let’s finish this part up so we can move on. We have a couple of bad guys to find.

One last story, as I was falling back into my body, I could see me battling at the North gate of Heaven with Abhartach.  I was that one that pushed him into the ether as we were fighting and did not damage him so he could be tracked and shackled. Sadly, I cursed him to our blood line. Or whatever,” Eric sighed.

“You probably told God you would handle this,” Samuel grinned. “Just get me into a body, Father-God, and his ass is mine.”

“Sounds rights ‘bouts that,” Lafayette arched both eyebrows. “Has nots known the big blond for very long, but, sure ‘nuff, that sounds like our Viking,” he said with a snap of his fingers and a twirl of his hand.

“Does, doesn’t it,” they all said together and then laughed.

Eric chuckled and then his concentration was back on Sookie. “We were standing back-to-back, your sword making as many hits as mine. And I saw the face of the soon-to-be- fallen. It was Compton.”

“Well that explains a lot,” Ian snickered. “Compton was always lower than Were shit.”

“Birds of a feather,” Gran said, nodding her head. “The good guys find their way to each other and the baddies do as well.”

“So…” Sookie began, looking a little anxious. “This is a lot to process…especially, me, you know,” she paused, took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “Being there at the beginning.”

“Why would you doubt that?” he asked her. “You are a good person. Doing what is right even when you do not understand it. What you did in the henge,” Eric’s voice was soft and gentle. “You sacrificed yourself on that altar, Sookie. You put yourself in harm’s way for no other reason than believing it was the right thing to do.

And apparently,” Eric smiled at her, “you have always had my back. Even the fiercest warrior will be dead if there is not someone there defending his rear flank. Battles have been won and lost by those who forged ahead with the fight and left their rear wide open.”

“Amen,” Ian nodded. “My brother Justus died on the battle field because of that truth. Dumber than Were shit Floyd was his commander. I hope he is burning in the pit of Hell, with all the others who knew nothing about the tactics of war but wanted to play in that sand box. Bought their position, instead of learning the craft on the battlefield,” he said with disgust.

“Amen,” was said by all as they blew Ian a kiss.

“Rant over. Let me put my stiff upper lip back in place,” he grinned at them.

“You rants and rages all you likes,” Lafayette nodded. “Stupidity is never a cause to celebrates and mostlies it cannots be cured. And it always deserves a good cussin’. Done seens stupid too many times at the bar to count and never been blessed by it. Mosts of the times, it is not even funny. Just sad.”

“Amen,” Sookie nodded in agreement.

Now,” he let out a deep breath, “let us move on to our coins and the big bad or bads. Daylight is comin’ on. I knows our vamps are embracers of the light, now, but His La La Fineness needs his beautifulness sleeps.”

“Any other messages from beyond the grave we should know about?” Gran asked.

“I think that is it for now. Miss Adele, if your grimoire is available, I believe I would like to go through it with my friends. Perhaps between all of us, we shall be able to decipher the different languages.”

“Most excellent,” she replied getting up. “It is in the safe. One moment, please.”

When she brought it out, she placed it on the table. “First page,” she sighed as she opened it, “I hope you one of you can translate it.”

“How about,” Sookie held up her coin, “I just tap this on the page and  say speak to us in English…”

Hercules on the front of the coin opened his eyes and began to speak.

“I don’t know that language,” she addressed the coin. “Give it to us in English.

“This language is Ancient Norse,” his face became animated and took on flesh tones. “Old Norse derived from this language as through the ages the Vikings…”

“At the moment,” Eric interrupted. “We do not need a history lesson. Just translate for us.”

“Nice,” Sookie grinned as she admired the coin.

“Mistress of the Light,” the head on the coin bowed to her. “A pleasure to be called from the depths of time when all could speak. And to wake to be surrounded by those who are ancient and knew the beginning of time. Shall I begin?”

“Yes please. But I have a question. This is the silver talking, correct? You are just using Hercules’ mouth.”

“Of course,” he sounded puzzled. “I merely am using the vehicle with which you are the most familiar.

Now, to the words. An introduction is in order. It is written in a feminine hand. Her name is Hale.

Blessed is the fruit of this land.

Blessed is the fish of the sea.

Blessed is the man who walks this land

And to my heart holds the key.”

“Vikings wrote in Runes,” Eric said.

“Much later,” Hercules replied. “It became a coded short cut in your race. But Hale was fresh from Father and carried in her memory the correct way of doing things. Her glow from this page says as much. She imprinted herself in her words. I can feel her love for this man and warms me and causes me to rejoice. What a blessing to one as old as I to know that goodness and mercy lived in her.”

Samuel lifted the coin and turned the pages. Eric said nothing more as he looked at Sookie and their eyes locked. Putting his arm around her and taking her hand, while they listened to the poetry and observations, they said nothing, but their eyes said everything.

Birger is evil, he uses the Ways of the Land to disguise himself. He is not like me. He does not ask the Light for what needs to be done, but instead pulls from the darkest nights when the wolves hunt their prey into the ground and the foxes scream from lust and being devoured.”

Eric and Sookie looked out into the crowd. “So it begins,” he said softly.

Hercules told them of how Birger had also climbed up the stairs to follow his malicious master to escape his own doom on earth.

“Stop there, please,” Sookie said sitting up. “So what happened to him? Is he still alive in some sort of quasi-human spirit form? And could he be the judge that had me? Come back to spread his cheer around and open the portal for his master? And who in the hell is  Cacius? Now there is an evil mo’ fo’er if I ever saw one!”

“Should I continue?” Hercules asked.

“Wait there, we will let you know,” Sookie replied. “We are going to talk this point out. And oh,” she smiled at the coin, “thanks for all the great info so far. You rock.”

“Yes,” there was happiness in the voice. “That is how I started out my life. Ore in rock. Now I am just ore. I miss the companionship of the rock and the many voices that resided there.”

Sookie looked at the coin and had a moment… “I…I can hear people’s voices, also,” she said cautiously.

“My sister!” Hercules said with joy and smiled. “Born of the earth and of the mind of our Creator you are. It is good to be with family once more.”

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h kay,” she responded. “Thank you for that compliment.” Sookie looked at those around her who were grinning and blowing her kisses. “Now, let’s get started,” her voice was serious as the smiles got bigger. Shaking her finger at them and rolling her eyes, she glared at them and then finally grinned.

“We know that Birger made it up the stairs because Hale has recorded it as so. And we know that in our henge Abhartach did not make it back up the stairs. Is that right? Or did I dream that? He was going up and then he was still standing there when the stairs faded out and the stars faded in.”

“Yes,” they all nodded in agreement.

“So just where the fuck are these two? And who is this fucking judge? Corrupt human or something more? As much as Birger wanted to be king of anything, and if his body did not survive that transition, we know his spirit did. Could he be the one in the judge? And where is that worm Cacius? Now there is a willing donor for evil if I ever saw one. Yes, please demon-ize me. I want it fucking all! And pleazzzzzze, no work required on my part!” She fumed. “You asshole,  hit me. Let’s just see you try that again,” she spit out. “You are now on the top of my shit list!

And I am pregnant,” tears rolled down her face as her hands lay protectively across her tummy. “A baby,” she sobbed in joy as Eric wrapped his arms around her and tried to pull her into his body. Keeping her safe and willing her to know what he was feeling inside: the rage that she had been taken and hurt…and the love that flooded him and poured out! It engulfing him and him willing it to consume her as well!

“I can feel it,” she pulled back a bit and smiled up at him. “The energy radiating out from you! And the warmth,” she said softly, her hands in his hair. “And the love…it has planted itself inside of me as well and with Erikr, will grow and mature every minute.

There is power there. This is more than what I felt when that cursed blood moon crested the horizon. This is old…before my time…and even before yours, Eric. This is more than knowing right from wrong, this is knowing good from evil. This is who I was as I stood at The Gate and guarded your back.”

A very small smile traveled from Eric’s lips to his eyes.

“It is not for me to judge folks, that is God’s call.  But I will now do what I must to keep my family safe. All my family,” she said smiling at everyone in the room.   “So, all you warriors in the room, what would be their next move?”

“Easy,” Ian’s voice was serious. “They would storm the castle.”

“Yes,” the men folk all nodded in agreement.

“Okay, clue me in. Where would that be?”

Fangtasia,” Eric replied. “Time to wake up the magics.”

“What?” Sookie squeaked. “You mean like the guys in the boat on the front door?”

“Did the welcome you?” he asked, smiling.
“Yes,” she grinned. “They were most polite.”

“Good, I will no have to melt them down.

There are other things that I have collected over the years. They all speak to me. Occasionally Pamela will catch a glimpse of one or it will sneak up behind her and scare the human back into her.”

“Those gargoyles really do their thang,” Lafayette asked with reverence in his voice.

“Indeed,” Eric smiled. “Time to put the club on alert.”


“Will you stay with me forever?” Sophie-Anne sobbed, as Pam got dressed.

“Blah, blah, blah, fuck no,” Pam replied as she pulled on herJimmy Choo’s  and stood up. “You are a once in a hundred-year fuck on my worst day as human or vamp. And believe me, there are a lot of miserable fucking days in that mix.”

S-A pulled herself up out of the sheets and said haughtily, “I will call Eric and tell him to command you!”

“Do you see this?” she said pointing to her face. “This is me rolling my eyes. Eric is just looking for any excuse to let me end you.”

“I have died at your hands,” the queen was back to sobbing. “And I find I must greet each day as thus,” she wept.

“Buy a fucking vibrator and name it Pamela because that is as close as you are going to get,” she snarled. “Now,” she said applying her lipstick, “I have places to be and friends to fuck over before sunrise. And seriously, do something with your haircut. It dates you to the, hell, I don’t know, 1960’s. Jackie Kennedy’s look is lost on you. Just makes you look like a sad, friendless, easy piece of ass instead of a lady.”

“I will send for you,” S-A snarled, “and have you brought back to me in silver chains!”

“Look,” Pamela walked back over to the bed. “Oh damn,” she held her hands up, “I have chipped my nail polish…well fuck, I am going to need a manni first.

Look,” she lowed her hands and shook her head at her queen. “Your place of business is probably still burning. If I were you, I would be more concerned about all that gold melting down and being found by the fire fighters. Oh, now there is an idea. I could forgo the nails and admire those First Responders in action.”

“I thought you only did women?” came the snarky reply.

“Who the fuck starts those rumors about me?” she sighed with her hands over her heart. “HRM,” she bowed regally and then the door was pulled closed from the draft she created when she exited.

“Yes! I have left the building!” she crowed as she picked up speed. “Perhaps there are first responders that needed my help! I am very experienced at helping them out of those uniforms and into  a welcoming Pamela! Thankyouverymuch!”


Cacius stood outside the henge, with Leroy standing in the circle.

“What do you mean there is no altar stone?” Cacius said for the third time. “Leroy, look around again. It has to be there.”

“Stop,” the judge hissed, “calling me Leroy. I fucking hate that name.”

“I am going to call you a tasty snack if you do not find that stone. When I stepped down, I could smell the blood. There was a sacrifice made on the top of it and I want it.”

“Look Cacius,” he began. “You need me. That body limits you. For instance, entering this circle. That is a very big no-no! So I am looking and I don’t see it. Now, where else might it be? Fuck, you were here. As spirit and in that body. So make me a believer, again, in your greatness. Dig through that worm’s memories and let’s get this done. You can be the new god of this world and I can rule. But information  and knowledge has got to happen.”

“Being here on Earth has made you very brazen, speaking to your god in such a way,” he snipped.

“I have been in and out of  more bodies than there are blow flies on a bloated corpse. Living here makes you self-sufficient. I have had to be as I only get any kind of guidance from you when the Blood Moon rolls around. This last body was a Judge. Useful. And I made contacts and I used them. And here we are. Now, where else do I need to look for this stone?”

“This body and I, we have been to Fangtasia. They held a meeting there. Supernaturals of all types in attendance. That is where they laid the plans to defeat me. Those that fought that night came from there.

We begin there. Perhaps there are worshipers there as well. I could use a willing blood sacrifice so I can bring global conflict to this world and put you in the ruling business.”

“About fucking time you have finally said something  I want to hear,” Leroy said as he began his walk out of the henge. “I will drive and you just tell me what you know about those law-abiding citizens at Fangtasia. I need to know what we are up against and what it is going to take to kill them.”





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